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A Bold New Undertaking in 1997

Spring is in the Air!

At the CCS, there is a sense of spring in the air. Some new ideas have been forming. It started last fall and has grown steadily over the winter. Now that spring is here, we are ready to go!

One of the most visible change at the CCS this spring is the creation of a brand new SIG (Special Interest Group) whose mission is to move the features of the CCS BBS (Bulletin Board System) to the Web and to expand and enhance the CCS Web site in the process. This new SIG has been dubbed the CCS Web SIG.

A Web Site Undertaking...

But what is so unusual and remarkable about this project is the way we are going to do it. Most sizable software projects are developed by a small group of people working closely together. They generally all work for the same company or client and frequently work in the same geographic location. And they usually get paid for what they do.

The new CCS Web site, however, will be developed by a group of CCS volunteers with little or no experience, who work for completely different companies which are located in many different geographical locations across northern Illinois and Indiana. These people will have different amounts of time, different goals and skill levels, and few common resources.

How Will We Do It?

How will we do it? Through cyberspace, of course. This electronic medium is a perfect way for a disjoint group of people working at different times and places to communicate and build a cohesive Web site.

By the way, we still need lots of help, so read on. Then, pick out an area you'd like to help with and contact us and get involved!

Its now the year 2000 and a complete redesign of original web site is taking place

The same concept as stated above is still in place. An upgrade from FrontPage 97 to FrontPage 2000 is the new tool. The new design will no longer use frames and will also use a new navigation design. Our members know have a test server to build all new pages. 



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