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The Web SIG Steering Committee


As you have been reading along, you may have been wondering who has been behind scenes, making this all happen.

The core group of organizers has been the Web Site Steering Committee. Here are the some of the people most actively involved:

Web SIG Position Responsible Person
Web SIG Coordinator

Like any other SIG Coordinator, this person is responsible for organizing the group, setting meeting dates and times, sending announcements, locating resources, assigning tasks, and establishing goals.

Jerry Sass
Web Content Coordinator

This is a Board-level position. This person is responsible for reviewing the content of the Web site prior to each publication.

Jerry Sass
Web Site Liaison

This person is the primary contact between the CCS and Internet Service Provider in all manners relating to the server. He or she coordinates efforts to resolve problems

Pete Tinaglia
Web System Administrator

This person is responsible for coordinating the installation and configuration of the Web server hardware and software.

Tim Kekeis
Web Interface Designer

This person is responsible for defining and coordinating the "look and feel" of the Web site. As such, he/she will design the hierarchical structure of the pages in the Web site, the page layouts, and the aesthetic guidelines to be followed when creating pages. This will help ensure that the Web site, though built by many different people, will have a consistent appearance throughout.

Jerry Sass
Web Configuration Manager

This person is the Web site development architect. He or she is responsible for developing and documenting the procedures for creating an efficient maintainable structure for the Website.

The Website architecture will be designed to take advantage of the resources of the Internet, the tools, and the team and will allow a diverse group of people to work together efficiently.




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