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Sigs (Special Interest Groups)

Your Chicago Computer Society has several Sigs which meet monthly throughout the Chicagoland area. Sig meetings provide the opportunity for beginners and experienced computer users get a chance to meet and share experiences, ideas, problems, and challenges.

You are welcome to attend as many SIG meetings as you wish each month. Many CCS members regularly attend the Computer Club meeting most convenient to their home or work place, one or more SIG meetings of particular interest, and also attend other Computer Club and SIG meetings when the topic is of interest.

There is no charge to attend CCS Computer Club or SIG meetings. Guests are always welcome.

SIG Meetings

Please check Monthly Calendar if meeting has been re-scheduled from day stated below or has been canceled

Computing Tips/Fixes Special Interest Group 1st Monday or Computing Tips/Fixes Special Interest Group web page 6:00 p.m.
Computing Tips/Fixes Lake Ville Special Interest Group 1st Monday or Computing Tips/Fixes Lake Ville Special Interest Group web page 6:00 p.m.
North West Senior 1st and 3rd Wednesday 1:30 p.m.

At CCS meetings you'll find a wide variety of interesting features such as:

  • Open Forum - users are encouraged to bring their questions and answers to gain and share from the experience of fellow members.
  • Tips & Tricks - a CCS member offers shortcuts and undocumented features of DOS and Windows applications.
  • Presentation - representatives from leading companies or CCS professionals educate us on the latest in computer hardware, software and services.
  • Member Networking - CCS members enjoy the opportunity to socialize and discuss common interests.

Each CCS Sig meeting has an Open Forum, where you can bring your questions, and help answer the questions of other members. A diverse mix of getting started, how to make it work, and what's happening questions is typical.

Sig meetings include announcements of CCS activities, and often include one or two feature presentations. Meetings typically last two to three hours. Vendor presentations give you a chance to learn about industry trends and advances, see some of the latest software or hardware products in actions, and talk with company representations. Presentations by experienced CCS members allow CCS members to learn from and share with each other.

Each Sig has a Sig Coordinator and a Steering Committee; they select programs of interest to the group, and are the ones who make things happen. The Coordinator is elected each year at the March meeting, by vote of those present and selects a Steering Committee of members willing to help out. The CCS treasury provides a modest budget for rent of meeting space, postage for mailings, and similar approved expenses. Also see the CCS Bylaws.

The CCS meeting times and locations may vary throughout the year. Please confirm the information by calling the Coordinator, or by calling the CCS voice line at (708) 588-0385. All CCS meetings are open to the general public; guests are always welcome.

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