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Hi Terry,
   Thank you for the meeting announcements.
I'll disseminate the information at my meetings.
         Regarding getting the information to local newspapers:
   I'll try to get a volunteer from my chapter to handle this in the future.
CCS needs a central Publicity Chairperson - who will be responsible for getting information the local newspapers - with or without committe members.  Using committee members can make the job easier.  I'll do my part to get a committe member - a Lake County Chapter Publicity Chairperson for my chapter information - with instructions to include other CCS information, when possible.
    One way to make the entire process of disseminating information about all Chapter, SIG and other events easier is to get all Chapter and Sig leaders to use the CCS web site.  It took diligent, persistent work by Jerry Sass to accomplish this with me - now my job is easier as a result of his work.  It takes me very little time and effort to post meeting information, including changes and updates.  I post the information, then copy the information to "the clipboard" and paste it into the mailings I send to CCS members on our chapter emailing list. 
    This same Lake County Chapter information is available from our web site to our CCS Publicity Chairperson - and to all other Chapter and SIG leaders.  I try to keep meeting presentation information posted for three and more months in advance, specifically so the information can be placed into local newspapers. 
    Jerry Sass created the means on our CCS web site to provide information to CCS members.  Thouugh he hounded me until I started using it, for which I'm very grateful, it shouldn't be his responsibility to instruct and hound chapter and SIG leaders into usin! g this method of communication.  It is my view it is the repsonsibility of the BOD to get someone (the Hounder) to handle this stage of helping CCS.  I'm sure Jerry will be happy to train The Hounder on how Chapter and SIG leaders can post thier information onto our web site. 
   Tom Tepper




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November 09, 2013

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