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Leadership Help

How to Enter the Leadership area to add and update meeting information

    1. Select the Members only selection
        a.        Members Section login (Figure 1)
        b.       Enter member last name
        c.        Enter member ID
        d.       Select Login
Figure 1

    2. Members only area screen (Figure 2
    3. Select the Leadership
Figure 2
    4. Leadership Administration screen appears  (Figure 3)
        with the following options:
            Meeting Schedule Add
            Meeting Schedule Change
        a.  To add a new meeting, Select meeting Schedule Add and  go to step 5
        b.  To update a Meeting Schedule, Select Meeting Schedule Change and
             go to step 6
Figure 3
    5. Meeting schedule add 
        a. Meeting Schedule Add form screen appears (Figure 4)
        b. Select Meeting Name:
            1. Left click on drop down menu selection
            2. Highlight your Chapter or Sig name
        c. Enter Meeting Date in format of MM/DD/YY
        d. Enter Speaker name optional
        e. Enter Topic Enter a brief meeting topic
        f. Enter Topic Description Enter a brief topic Description

        g. Enter Company name of presenter (Optional)
        h. Enter Phone number of presenter (Optional)
        i. Enter E-Mail address of presenter (Optional)
        j. All fields entered See (figure 5)
        k. Select Submit
        l. Form Confirmation screen appears See (figure 6)
        m. Review and select Return to Form
        n. Meeting Schedule Add form re-appears (Figure 4)

        o. Exit or enter more information
Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

    6. Meeting schedule Change 
        a.  Meeting Schedule Change form screen appears (Figure 7)
        b. Enter your meeting location from the following list:
               Lake County
               North Shore
               North West Ind
               North West Suburban
               South Side DuSable
               South Suburban
               West side
               Access Developers
               Digital Imagery
               Internet Downtown
               Internet North West Indiana
               Internet South Suburban
               Microsoft Server Tech
               Northwest Seniors
               Office Suite
               Web Design/Promotion
               Web Development
               Windows NT North
               Windows South Suburban
               Word South Suburban
        c. Select submit query (Figure 8)
        d. Meeting Schedule Change Form comes up with the latest 
            meeting available (Figure 9)
           1. If not the correct meeting, press the arrow button to take you to the
               prior meeting and do so until the meeting date has been reached that is to
               be changed.  
        e. Enter the changes needed in the appropriate field. (Figure 10)
        f. Select the Update button
        g. Meeting Schedule Change screen appears (Figure 11)
        h. Select Return To Meeting Schedule Change button
        i. Return to Meeting Schedule Change Form (Figure 9)
        j. To make more changes to the same chapter or Sig,
            repeat steps 7d thru 7i
        k. If done, check your Chapter or Sig web main page and prior web page
             to see if changes are correct.
Figure 7

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

Figure 11

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