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 How to join a CCS YAHOO! Group


Select from the following: to create a Yahoo! ID, Join a CCS Yahoo! Group, and update you Yahoo! Profile information

Get a yahoo ID - Required by CCS so we know who you are
Select CCS Yahoo! Groups
Update your Yahoo Profile from member list
Update your Yahoo Profile from My Account
Update your Yahoo Profile for a particular group


Step 1. - Get a YAHOO ID, if you already have a YAHOO! ID, go to step 2
  a. Open a browser and enter http://groups.yahoo.com/
b. Yahoo! Groups screen
        Select - under New user 'Click here to register'
c. Fill out the Sign up form for your Yahoo! ID, Enter the following:
      Make sure you enter your First and Last name
    i.    Yahoo! ID:
ii.    Password:
iii.   Re-type Password:
iv.   Activate Yahoo! Mail: Deselect check box if you do no want a Yahoo! Email address
v.    Security Question:
vi.   Your Answer:
vii.  First Name:  (Required)
viii.  Last Name:  (Required)
ix.   The rest of the fields are optional
  d. Once form is filled out, than select submit this form.
Step 2. Select CCS YAHOO! GROUP you wish to join from CCS Web site
  a. Members only page
    i.   Select 'YAHOO! Groups' from top selection list or from selection list on left side of page
ii.  Determine the YAHOO! Groups you want to join
iii. Enter your E-mail address in the box of the YAHOO! Group you want to subscribe too
  b. Join a CCS YAHOO! Groups page appears
  c.  Enter your e-mail address for the group you want to join. CCSTestYahooGroup will be used as an example with an example e-mail address of xxx.yyy@bigfoot.com
    i. Select button for group that you want to join that says 'Join Now'
  d. Get Confirmation message
    Thank you for your request. To assist you in finding a membership for the group CCSTestYahooGroup, you must confirm that you own that email address. We have sent an email message to xxx.yyy@bigfoot.com with instructions.

Please check for the confirmation email at xxx.yyy@bigfoot.com now.
  e. Open up your e-mail application and look for the following message
    YAHOO! GROUPS  Please confirm your request to join CCSTestYahooGroup
    The following is a sample E-mail message you will receive from Yahoo Groups: follow the instructions
Make sure you have setup a YAHOO! ID using step 1 and use option 1 below.
Hello xxx.yyy@bigfoot.com,

We have received your request to join the CCSTestYahooGroup group hosted by Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use community service.

This request will expire in 7 days.


1) Go to the Yahoo! Groups site by clicking on this link:


(If clicking doesn't work, "Cut" and "Paste" the line above into your Web browser's address bar.)


2) REPLY to this email by clicking "Reply" and then "Send" in your email program

If you did not request, or do not want, a membership in the CCSTestYahooGroup group, please accept our apologies and ignore this message.


Yahoo! Groups Customer Care

Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to http://docs.yahoo.com/info/terms/

  f. YAHOO! GROUPS Screen - Request to join CCSTestYahooGroup
    i. At bottom of YAHOO! Groups request page
   select your membership type  and click on Continue
Yahoo! Groups
Welcome to Yahoo! Groups! Thanks for your interest in the group CCSTestYahooGroup.
Note: All subscription requests for CCSTestYahooGroup need to be approved by the moderator.
Learn about CCSTestYahooGroup
Members: 19
Date Founded: Feb 23, 2004
Mailing list type: Members Discussion
This is one of the several CCS Chapters which meet monthly throughout the Chicagoland area. Beginners and experienced computer users get a chance to meet and share experiences, ideas, problems, and challenges.

Stan Hungness
Eve: (630) 357-4554

visit the CCS website at:

The Westside chapter of the Chicago Computer Society meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Naperville Village Hall 7:00pm.

See the CCSTestYahooGroup group home page

Would you like to join CCSTestYahooGroup?
To join the CCSTestYahooGroup group, please select your membership type below and click on Continue.
Join the group. You will be subscribed to the mailing list, and will have access to all the group's Web tools such as Message Archives, Polls, Files and Photos
(Note: If you select this option you will be asked to sign in or register for a Yahoo! ID.)
Join the mailing list. You will be subscribed to the mailing list.
  g. Welcome to YAHOO! Groups screen
    i.   Enter your YAHOO! ID
ii.  Enter your YAHOO! Password
iii. Select Sign In
  h. CCSTestYahooGroup Join this group screen
    i. Fill out form for the following:
   Yahoo! Profile
   Email address
   Message delivery
   Message format
   Word version
   Enter the key word as shown in box
      If you can't see key word, select click here
   Select JOIN
  i. Membership confirmation page
    i. Congratulations, you are now a member of the group CCSTestYahooGroup
  j. Welcome to CCSTestYahooGroup E-mail

Welcome to the CCSTestYahooGroup group at Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use email group service. Please take a moment to review this message.

To learn more about the CCSTestYahooGroup group, please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CCSTestYahooGroup

To start sending messages to members of this group, simply send email to CCSTestYahooGroup@yahoogroups.com

If you do not wish to belong to CCSTestYahooGroup, you may unsubscribe by sending an email to


To see and modify all of your groups, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups


Moderator, CCSTestYahooGroup



Step 3. Update your Yahoo Profile from member list

  If you do not have your First and Last name as part of your Yahoo1 ID profile, please update.
  a. Open a browser and enter http://groups.yahoo.com/
b. Select Sign In
    i.   Enter your Yahoo ID
ii.  Enter your Password
iii. Select Sign in
  c. Select a Yahoo! Group
  d. Select Members
    i. From the Members list and under Yahoo! Profile, Select on your YAHOO ID
  e. Profile for your YAHOO! screen appears
f. Select Edit Profile Information
g. Edit Public Profile for your YAHOO! ID screen
    i.   Enter your Real Name (Required)
ii.  Enter any other information (Optional)
iii. Select Save Changes
iv. Select Finished Editing
Return to your Yahoo! Profile

Step 4. Update your Yahoo Profile from My Account

  a. Open a browser and enter http://groups.yahoo.com/
b. Select Sign In
    i.   Enter your Yahoo ID
ii.  Enter your Password
iii. Select Sign in
  c. Select My Account
    i.   Verification screen
ii.  Re enter your password
iii. Select Continue
  d. Review My Account Information Screen
  e. Yahoo! ID card section
  f.  Change Password
    i.   Select Change Password
ii.   Enter your Current Password
iii.  Choose a New Password  - at least 6 characters
iv.  Confirm your New Password
v.   Select Save
vi.  Yahoo! password changed
vii.  Select Return to Account Information Screen
viii. Re enter your Password to confirm
ix.   Select Continue
x.    If no other changes are needed in steps f, g or h, Select Finished
   1.   Return to Yahoo! Groups screen
  f. To change Member information
    i.   Select Edit on Member information line
ii.  Update member information
iii. Select Finished
iv. Return to Review My Account information screen
v.  If no other changes are needed in steps g or h, Select Finished
   1.   Return to Yahoo! Groups screen
  g. To change Address/Contact Information
    i.   Select Edit on Address/Contact Information line
ii.  Update Address/Contact Information
iii. Select Finished
iv. Return to Review My Account information screen
v.  If no other changes are needed in steps h, Select Finished
   1.   Return to Yahoo! Groups screen
  h. To change Public Information for your Yahoo! ID
    i.    Select Edit/Create Profile under Public Information area
ii.   Public Profile screen for your Yahoo! ID
iii.  Select Your Yahoo ID! or Edit
iv.  Your Yahoo! profile screen appears
v.   Select Edit Profile Information
vi.  Enter your Real Name
vii.  Enter any other information you wish
viii.  Select Save Changes
ix.  Return to Public Profile screen
x.   Select Finished Editing
xi.   Return to Yahoo! Profile screen
xii.  Select My Account
xiii. Select Finished
xiv. To go back to your Yahoo! Groups, enter http://groups.yahoo.com/
Step 5. Update your Yahoo Profile for a particular group
  a. Open a browser and enter http://groups.yahoo.com/
b. Select Group you want to change profile for
c. Group you selected screen is present
d. Select Edit my membership
    i.   You can change the following
ii.  Email address
iii. Message delivery
iv. Message format
v.  After change has been made, select Save Changes
  e. Return back to group you selected
f. To update your member information for that group
    i.   Select Members
ii.  Select your name under Yahoo Profile
iii. Profile screen appears
   1. Select Edit Profile Information
   2. Edit Public Profile for your Yahoo ID screen
   3. Make changes you want
   4. Select Save Changes
    iv.  Return back to Public Profile screen
v.   Select Finished editing
vi.  Return to Profile screen
vii. Select Sign Out
  g. To return back to your group, enter http://groups.yahoo.com/



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