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Sat 808  1/14/2017


Comments by -- Bob Primak --

From My Own Reading:

The clumsy & shocking truth about computer-related injuries!



Here's what you look like when you're trying VR (Slide Show)



One more Thing about OTA  (Broadcast) TV Reception

I also discovered that our local Channel 50 (CW and Independent programming) seems to have a frequency very close to AC electricity wiring. This means that even a fairly well shielded coax cable run indoors can experience electrical interference with the broadcast TV signal as it travels through the cable. I haven't figured out how to overcome this issue yet. So I can switch to an indoor antenna (with a shorter cable run) for Channel 50 with my TiVo. But then I don't get some other channels I would be using at the same time. Other than investing in a second DVR, I haven't figured out how to make this issue less difficult.

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Wed 807  1/13/2017


Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Dish's AirTV combines 4K streaming with an over-the-air antenna

    I've done some reading about this alleged "cord cutting" service, and there are several red flags. One is, the broadcast receiver does not record. This is a deal breaker. 

    The other is that the whole thing is tied to Sling TV, which is a ripoff. (In all fairness, so is Plex Pass. I won't mention by name the free alternative everyone mentions in Comments below these articles.) The whole device is operated by DISH (the Satellite TV provider), which is a dying company. And it doesn't end there.

    Don't make the mistake I've made (by choosing U-Verse, which is now moving over to Direct TV, another dying Satellite TV company) by tying your fate to a dying service provider, then sinking money into hardware to try to overcome that provider's shortcomings with alternatives. 

    Remember also, with any "cord cutting" solution I have seen, you will still need an ISP with serious bandwidth and no third-party throttling for your streaming needs. Without a TV or "Triple Play" bundle, you will get gouged (and throttled) on stand-alone Broadband Internet bandwidth (and data caps, even for hardwired providers) and pricing in the Chicago Area. There are only two regional players, with pockets of third players in the City and (maybe) WOW in some Western Suburbs. The two Big Providers really gouge on stand-alone Internet Services. 


Some footnotes on OTA Broadcast Reception 

    I just gained access through my bedroom wall to the outside of my apartment, including a small shed. My new outdoor antenna (a cheap, compact one from RCA) gives me 84 channels including three sets of CBS Channel 2 for my TiVo OTA to use. But today (Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017) it was windy and rainy. There went the glitch-free OTA signals no matter what I did with the outdoor antenna! So cord-cutting for local channels is still not a simple matter of getting the right antenna in the right location and the right orientation. 

    I used an old abandoned Comcast Second Room Access which had its outdoors coax cable cleanly cut by an uninstall technician when that service went out of style. Comcast now allows whole-house wireless streaming to devices, and most folks can figure out how to add devices with wireless displays or screen mirroring -- like my Intel WiDi dongles, or Chromecast with apps or browser-based extensions -- for second rooms of small apartments like mine. I've checked my connections and reduced the number of connectors, which does help. 

    The effect of high winds is not on my own antenna, which sits safely inside the shed on a high shelf. It's the broadcast antennas and even tall buildings, swaying and gyrating in the wind, disrupting the line of sight needed for DTV reception. Then there was a live broadcast overrun, but that was high wind of a different kind! Still, they bumped some shows out of their announced time slots. Overruns can be hard to calibrate for recording purposes.  


Dashlane teams up with Intel SGX for hardware-based password security

Remember when Intel teamed up with McAfee for hardware-based security? That sure worked out well -- NOT! Security will improve when more hardware supports non-password authentication. Windows Hello can be both software and hardware implemented. 


Dish brings Alexa and multi-room music to Hopper DVRs

And planned obsolescence to millions of unsuspecting customers. 


How to reset the icon cache database on Windows 10

    I have been reading of all sorts of Windows 10 File Explorer issues, some causing Explorer to crash while navigating, which can be really annoying when drilling down into multiple partitions on several drives. (Get the idea I've directly experienced some of these issues?)

    In addition to the Icon Cache and the Thumbnails Cache, corruptions of the Windows Shell Extensions have occurred, sometimes without any obvious fixes. Microsoft claimsd that the April 2017 Creators Update will address the Shell Extensions bugs, but this is further evidence that Windows 10 is still, nearly two years after the initial public releases, very much a work in progress. Instead of making up excuses why they need to focus on mobile apps, maybe MS should fix the fundamental issues with their OS core features.


How to create a shortcut to Windows Update in Windows 10

    Carrying coals to Newcastle. Windows 10 updates are automatic. They should never need to be run manually. 

    What you need on a Windows 10 desktop is a way to block (really, postpone) untimely updates, which I have done. If the group wants me to demonstrate, I can show at least one method which is fairly safe and mostly effective on most systems over many WiFi networks. (There is a second, more risky method, which I have not tried myself, but which can work even over wired networks.)


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

A Couple of Security Suggestions

Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:49 pm (PST)

3 Ways to Safeguard Your Credit and Debit Information

12 Tips to Keep You Safe Online in 2017

Latest copy of CyberHeist News

Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:38 pm (PST)

CyberheistNews Vol 7 #2 Heads-Up! Massive New Locky Ransomware Attack Is Coming

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Sun 806  1/9/2017

India’s Call-Center Talents Put to a Criminal Use: Swindling Americans (I think this has been going on for a few years now)



What Does 2017 Hold for the Internet of Things?



5 Problems With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus



Why China and Russia Should Fear What Comes After the F-35 Stealth Fighter



LeEco wants you to ride its Android-powered smart bicycles (remember China)



The Norton Core is a beautiful Wi-Fi router that protects your digital home



How to change the registered owner and organization info on Windows 10



Nest Protect can turn off GE's ovens when you burn dinner



10 Amazing Roku Games You Should Be Playing



New Amped Wireless Helios range extender promises extreme 

Wi-Fi coverage, no speed loss



LG is bringing its own version of the Amazon Echo to CES



11,000 people bought an adapter to give the new MacBook Pro the same features as the last one



Green Screen of Death will soon replace blue for Windows Insiders



Dish brings Alexa and multi-room music to Hopper DVRs



5 Ways a USB Stick Can Improve Your Security



Acer made a Chromebook even your kid can't kill



Wireless AirPod-style earbuds coming with the Samsung Galaxy S8



Dell’s Latitude 5285 2-in-1 is a hybrid workhorse for users on the move



How to create a shortcut to Windows Update in Windows 10



Dish's AirTV combines 4K streaming with an over-the-air antenna



Hack Your Chromecast Experience With These Tricks



Send cooking instructions to your GE oven through this recipe app



Microsoft Surface Book i7 review'



The Apple Watch Series 3 could launch with two major improvements



How to reset the icon cache database on Windows 10



Dish brings Alexa and multi-room music to Hopper DVRs



8 Easy Ways to Supercharge Your LastPass Security






How to protect yourself online in 2017



Dashlane teams up with Intel SGX for hardware-based password security



Gigabyte's new BRIX GT packs phenomenal cosmic power in an itty bitty living space



GEAR & GADGETS / Product News & Reviews ( a lot articles of possible interest and don't forget the readers responses to add to you knowledgeable base)



5 Things That Make Smart Wi-Fi Routers Worth Buying






52 photography projects: A photo idea to try every week of the year



Family Sues Apple Over Fatal Crash Involving Facetim



The latest ASUS Chromebook Flip is $500 and all USB-C



10 Secrets to Shopping at the Apple Store



This $99 gadget gives your MacBook a touchscreen 22

The AirBar is now available for MacBook Air 13-inch models



mRansomware on smart TVs is here and removing it can be a pain

This Christmas brought one of the first documented cases of an Android-based smart TV being infected with ransomware



GeniCan launches smart garbage can to automate grocery lists



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#804 (Tues Jan 3, 2016)

The LG Levitating Portable Speaker plans to go airborne at CES

OK, this is pure CES marketing hype, so I won't ask any of the obvious questions, including How much money would people really spend on this?


Samsung's new washing machine will save you time and aggravation

This is from the same company whose washers have been "exploding" and have a massive recall pending. And whose phones have caught fire and exploded. (I am not making any of this up.) Seems like their engineers have been watching too many of those old "Mission: Impossible" reruns lately. ("This device will self-destruct in five seconds...Good luck, Jim.") (OK, I made up that last part.)


How to Perform Comprehensive File Searches in Linux

   This is basically the Everything Search Engine for Linux. But it does not have a Linux specific installer. So installation is basically script-driven, which is prone to causing errors based on differences in specific user configurations in Linux. 

   If you frequently need very detailed searches, or have many very similar file names, I suppose this would be a useful tool (and worth the effort to set it up), and it is nice to see it made available for Linux. 

   In Windows 10 there are nowhere near as many things to set up for the related Everything Search Engine. (But that tool only works well if you go through a LOT of setup, dismantling Cortana and gutting its remnants from the Windows Registry among other things.) Unless you have a LOT of similar files scattered over a LARGE disk or storage array, this approach is a lot of work for very limited benefit. 


There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later

FWIW, many of those Error Messages occur if the Internet Connection is interrupted or other Network Issues occur during the Windows Update process (any part of the process before Restart). The Error Messages are very unhelpful, so Troubleshooting is almost always needed. This is similar to the Windows Store error message: "Something went wrong". I would have suggested the old Moon Mullins line: "Somewhere, somehow, something went HORRIBLY wrong". Anyway, I have spent many frustrating hours fixing these two types of Windows 10 updating mechanisms. As with the exploding Samsung devices: "Good luck, Jim". 


Re. Amazon Alexa

   My Comments about FYI #802 and FYI#803 are posted at the CCS WestSide Yahoo Groups Message Board.

   I included a concern about the fact that Alexa is always listening and always recording and storing everything it/she hears. 


Re. FYI#805 (Wed, Jan 4, 2016)

Year 2016 Sees Record Deployment Of HTTPS By Firefox, Chrome

I've been using the HTTPS Everywhere Extension in all browsers which support it for over a year. Kind of a pain if you run into sites with no HTTPS address, but otherwise quite useful. What is not useful is Firefox declaring that a site is using inadequate security, and then refusing to offer any option to go there anyway. For many sites with no logins, a secure connection is not really an issue.


My Yahoo Account Was Hacked! Now What?

Finding out about a security breach three years after it happens, the damages are already done. Nothing can prevent or repair damages to your online security which have been circulating around for years. We all know who the CEO of Yahoo was during the years both major breaches occurred and were not reported.


Accused hackers make millions off insider trading info

This almost rivals the "fast tracks" which some firms set up a couple of years ago to leapfrog over the trade orders being transmitted by the big brokerage firms. Thus pretty much rigging the whole stock market for a long time until countermeasures were introduced. (Reported awhile ago on CBS 60 Minutes.)


How to troubleshoot your printer

   For troubleshooting many problems, Windows lacks make and model specific diagnostics. My Epson 3 in 1 has its own diagnostics. Even these are mostly only useful to report the issue to a trained repair facility technician. Not someone at an Office Store or a Big Box multi-brand retailer.

   Most printers aren't expensive enough to justify repairing when things beyond the print head go wrong. They can practically give away the printer, hoping to make money off the ink cartridges.


How to Replace Windows Essentials 2012 After Support Ends in January

   There are some recommendations in the article about keeping Windows Live Essentials after it goes out of support. As with other Windows components, once support ends, so do security updates. This can make future issues which no one would want to deal with. And given that Live Essentials was designed for use with Web access, that part of it is going to go away sometime. Then these tools won't look so attractive anymore.

   The Comments in this article also mentioned that in Windows 10, you can't create a Child Account without using an email address, using or creating a Microsoft Account, and having a credit card actually billed (a small amount) to be able to set up Parental Controls. Microsoft's argument that they are required by COPPPRA to do these things is totally bogus. They would not have to do anything with the Cloud Account, including linking it to an active credit card and an active email address, if the Child Account could be a Local Account, as it was under Windows 8. 


From My Own Reading:

Intel's new NUC mini-desktops get Kaby Lake, Optane and Thunderbolt 3

Intel's new NUC mini-desktops get Kaby Lake, Optane ...

A lot of cool technologies are coming to Intel's latest NUCs, which are mini-desktops that have been upgraded with the company's latest Kaby Lake chips.


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Scam of the Week via CyberHeistNews

Fri Jan 6, 2017 11:48 am (PST)

Scam of the Week: PDF Phishing Attack.



Four Generation Survey Results about Work and Technology

Wed Jan 4, 2017 6:14 am (PST)

Where do you fit in these survey results about work and technology?

How Four Generations View Tech and Work


Consumer Electronics Show

Wed Jan 4, 2017 7:18 am(PST)

Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. What to look for.

Story Lines That Will Be the Most Relevant at CES 2017



Teaching Kids to be Skeptical of Internet

Wed Jan 4, 2017 2:49 pm (PST)

We have seen all sorts of fake news in the last several months. Some we have recognized as false while others have slipped by our fake news radar. Now think about our children and how do they know when Internet info is false.

We Need to Teach Kids How to Be Skeptical of the Internet


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Wed 805  1/4/2017

How to balance security and usability with data analytics



Hands on: Dell's superb XPS 13 laptop twists into a 2-in-1 convertible



Delight or Horrify Your Friends By Cramming a DIY Alexa Into a Teddy Ruxpin



The best apps every Windows Phone user should have



Raspberry Pi Brings Pixel Interface to Mac, PC



How to Disable Your Webcam (and Why You Should)



15 Apps for Your New iPhone



Macau Resident Held For Hacking, Insider Trading Charges In US



Got problems with your home network? Here’s what you can do to fix them



Quick Tip: How To use Windows Maps App to Track Traffic Conditions



Linksys Velop Wi-Fi system aims to be the Eero killer



Shift Is a Desktop Email Client That Easily Switches Between Gmail Accounts



The big Windows 10 update we’re all waiting for is reportedly coming in April



Should You Buy a Refurbished Laptop? (I have gone this route before and been very satisfied with what I got)



How to Replace Windows Essentials 2012 After Support Ends in January



The Best Tools to Grab Screenshots in Windows



China’s Cybersecurity Law Seeks Scrutiny Of Technology



How to troubleshoot your printer



Out with the Old & In with the New - Windows 10 in 2016 and 2017



Accused hackers make millions off insider trading info

Three Chinese men allegedly hacked two New York law firms and made more than $4 million from the information they stole.



The Cars People Regret Buying Most, According to Consumer Reports



How to Turn Chrome into a Simple Note-Taker



Samsung's Family Hub 2.0 is a refrigerator you can talk to



Change How macOS Handles ZIP Files With These Hidden Preferences



My Yahoo Account Was Hacked! Now What?



Major Cyberattacks On Healthcare Grew 63% In 2016



Lenovo enters smart glasses fray, targets business, augmented reality, June availability



Lenovo Updates Its ThinkPad Lineup Just Prior to CES 2017



Child uses sleeping mom's fingerprints to buy Pokemon gifts



Quickly Merge Together a Bunch of Finder Windows with the Merge All Windows Option



Google teams up with Fiat to make Android as prevalent in cars as it is on mobile



8 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Phone



How to tell if your Snapchat has been hacked, and how to get it back



Holiday Inn Parent IHG Probes Breach Claims



Year 2016 Sees Record Deployment Of HTTPS By Firefox, Chrome



Blink, First Take: Good-value security camera system for homes and small businesses



Smart Assistant is Lenovo's Alexa-powered Amazon Echo clone



Smart gadgets need security. Startups, that's your cue

CES will feature lots of companies making "internet of things" products -- and shaping the future of IoT security.



Car Hacking Is a Thing, but Are You Really in Danger?



Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone could run a PC



3dRudder Wireless lets you control VR games — with your feet



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Latest CyberHeist News

Tue Jan 3, 2017 11:12 pm (PST)

CyberheistNews Vol 07 #01 The New Scary Thing Warning for 2017: Ransomworms


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Tue 804 1/3/2017

The ultimate utilities list: Windows 10 Edition



The LG Levitating Portable Speaker plans to go airborne at CES



Samsung's new washing machine will save you time and aggravation



Google’s highs and lows in 2016



The Beginner’s Guide to Scripting on Linux



How to open a disk image’s Library folder



Xtra Drive Lightning Flash Drive with 16GB Micro SD Card (really for iPhone and iPad)



Protect your phone from secret spyware



2016's hacks, attacks and security blunders



Avira Password Manager generates, saves and encrypts passwords



26 Hidden Features You Probably Haven’t Found in iOS 10



Transferring files between your smartphone and PC — the easy way



What to expect from Microsoft in 2017



How to Run iPhone Battery Diagnostics on Mac



The 29 best reviewed Mac apps of 2016



Use This Trick to Disable Ads in Mobile Games



Microsoft, Intel era at CES gives way to rising star Nvidia



Handbrake's video conversion app update was 13 years in the making



How to remove Facebook Contacts & Birthdays from Calendar in Windows 10



12 Messaging Apps You Have to Try for Android or iOS



AirPods might not be impossible to find for much longer



From Note 7 to AirPods: the biggest tech fails of 2016



How to Perform Comprehensive File Searches in Linux



Apple's macOS file encryption easily bypassed without the latest fixes



How to Scan Printed Photos Onto Your Phone With Minimal Quality Loss



WTF is a VPN



AskBob's Best of 2016 - Part One



There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later



What Actually Makes Apple’s Macs So Good



10 must-have apps for your new Android phone



10 tech firms to watch in 2017



The 10 must-have utilities for macOS Sierra



The shocking failure in how the FBI warned the DNC that it had been hacked



People Break Their iPhones to Justify Upgrades



Dell is making a convertible 13-inch XPS laptop with its edge-to-edge display



AskBob's Best of 2016 - Part Two



End-of-the-year cleanup checklist for Macs\



Will Alphabet's New Internet of Things Platform Be a Boon For NXP Semiconductors and Intel?



New MacBook Pros Fail to Earn Consumer Reports Recommendation



Calm, cruel and connected: 2016’s year-end best and worst of IoT



CES 2017: Tech preview of Las Vegas's biggest launches



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

A potentially fatal blow against patent trolls


Forcing law firms to pay defendants’ legal bills could undermine the business model of patent trolls


What Not to Put on Luggage Tags


Unfortunately, the alternatives in the article are not very useful to me. I'd rather have the luggage or carry-on returned to me, even though there are risks in putting your address and phone number so nearly out in the open. Their point is, people skim information from a lot of unexpected places.


11,000 people bought an adapter to give the new MacBook Pro the same features as the last one


How clueless does a tech company have to be not to include at least an HDMI port? Then again, this is the same tech company which has yet to offer a 2-in-1 with a touchscreen.


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Voice Commands and Computer Privacy

Mon Jan 2, 2017 8:34 am (PST)

You have your new Alexa and you're busily providing it with commands like turning lights on and off. But did you know the microphone is always listening--to the television, your family arguments, etc. And did I mention it is also recording at the same time.

Just How Dangerous Is Alexa?


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Mon 803 1/2/2017

(Everyone have a Happy New Year  i apologizes for the lack of publication, but I ended up in the hospital for the third time over Christmas and New Years.  Hope to be working on getting out more as soon as I can.)


OnePlus 3T Nougat beta now available, stable rollout for 3 and 3T begins 'tonight'



How Not To Lose Your AirPods: Apple's Wireless Earbuds Fit Into Earring Holes?



A top Microsoft exec says he regrets 'getting too aggressive' over the free Windows 10 upgrade



6 Google Chrome Extensions You Need to Download



Top 5 VPN services for personal privacy and security



All about Kodi: What it is, how to get it, and which boxes have it pre-installed



Forget Your iPhone 7 Plus, Ignore The Galaxy S7 Edge, Here Is Your Smartphone of 2016






Four Options for XP Die-hards (always read the comments after "Ask Leo" articles)



Samsung's Focus app wants to be your all-in-one productivity machine



Careful! Don’t Ever Download Android Apps From These 3 Places



Mirai Botnet Descendants Will Lead to Even Bigger Internet Outages



Google hits the reset button



Amazon's Alexa Won't Be Great Until It Gets This Feature






Backup and Restore the Registry Using System Restore



Amazon sale chops $50 off Powerbeats3, Apple’s only W1-equipped earphones other than AirPods



Why the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8’s Design Hype Is Pointless



Encrypted messaging app Signal uses Google to bypass censorship



6 Disruptive Technologies to Watch in 2017



New iPhone 7S Leak Will Anger Everyone



Barnes & Noble removes malware from $50 Nook tablet, but you still shouldn't buy it



Get Rid of Cortana Completely



Samsung to Introduce Quantum Dot Curved Monitor at CES 2017



7 Worst iPhone Updates That Apple Has Ever Released



The top tech stories of the year: Tech Today



Google to fight Apple Watch head-on with its own smartwatches



Microsoft Admits Serious Windows 10 Upgrade Error



4 easy Linux projects for newbies and intermediate users



The Ask Leo! Glossary - registry, Windows



This year Microsoft, not Apple, built the hardware we didn’t know we wanted



70 Things to Ask Google Assistant for a Hilarious Response



The only true 15-inch MacBook Pro alternative is about to get even better



Huge Windows 10 Update Changes Upgrade Rules



[Tip] How to Disable or Block Auto-Update Feature in Opera Web Browser



Why Google Might Be Getting Ready to Dump Its Fiber Internet Service



Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel



Uber turns your friends into destinations (They steal your phone contacts and some may not like any advertising by Uber)



How to troubleshoot a flakey Windows 10 system with the Memory Diagnostics Tool



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

5 signs we're finally getting our act together on security 

Despite all the bad news in information security in 2016, some positive developments may finally shift momentum

5 signs we're finally getting our act together on security

Re. FYI#801 (Sat. 12/17/16)

Adobe fixes actively exploited critical vulnerability in Flash Player

Everyone not actively blocking MS Updates and browser component updates should have gotten this new Flash Player version, unless you have removed Flash Player completely (recommended). We should all be on Version or (the latter is Beta). At least until the next update, in about two weeks. If Chrome has not updated automatically, enter into the address bar "chrome://components" (no quotes) and find the Adobe Flash Player plugin, then manually update it and test at the Adobe site. 

Most Linux Firefox versions now also use the current Flash Plugin version. 


US DOT proposes V2V mandate to make roads safer

"In five years, 100% of all new 'light-duty' vehicles could talk to each other..."

Unfortunately, many drivers keep their cars for much longer than five years, meaning roads might not be safer for over fifteen more years from now. And that's only if the new Administration in Washington doesn't scuttle the mandate. 


British TV giants to launch US streaming service next year

I'd have to see their pricing and whether a totally new box is needed before deciding on the value of this. (Probably it will be just a new Channel to add to any streaming box. It does look interesting, though. 


How to check if your Yahoo account has been hacked and what to do next

I got the email weeks ago, and have not been required to change my password. But then again, I had two months of login issues, requiring a dozen or more password updates, from September to December of 2016. Yahoo has really gone downhill lately!


Re. FYI#802 (Sun 12/18/16)

How to Create a Guest User Account in Windows 10

So it's there, but you just can't name it Guest. Well, I guess that's something.


Use the Middle Name Field to Track Websites That Sell Your Info

Read the Comments after this article. This trick is useless.


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

High Tech Solution for Misplaced Keys

Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:33 pm (PST)

Do you frequently misplace your keys, wallet, checkbook? Microsoft may have a high tech solution for you.

Microsoft thinks AR could help you find your lost keys



Collections of stock photos

Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:46 pm (PST)

Finding the perfect photograph or image for your presentation is never easy. Even using 41 collections of public domain or creative commons images. Some sites do have free images while others provide free
photos as part of a trial (limited time) offer. Then there are the search tools. Each collection has its own unique search method. Don't confuse these with Google Image search. Google provides mostly copyrighted images. Some are creative commons or public domain but many are not. It will always take some time to find just the right image but well worth the effort.

41 Epic Sites With Breathtaking Stock Photos You Can Use For Free



Latest edition of CyberHeistNews

Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:21 pm (PST)

It's a sad state of affairs but it seems like anytime a beloved celebrity dies the dark side decides to turn it into a scam. This will most likely happen with George Michael and probably with Carrie Fischer as well.

Scam of the Week: George Michael Dies at 53. Watch out for Phishing Attacks



Typo Squatting Scam

Thu Dec 22, 2016 9:32 pm (PST)

This is another scam. It is frequently actively promoted but can also be passive in that it just sits and waits for someone to make a typo while entering a URL.

The Common Typo That Can Steal Your Computer


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Sun 802 1/1/2017

Nab a Free Phone at Verizon With New Trade-In Deal



A firm making fingerprint sensor that could fit on Apple’s next phones raises $10 million



Skype introduces new bots from Expedia, UPS and more



The best sensors could be made of Silly Putty (and graphene)

Together, they make a material that is so sensitive it can detect the footsteps of a small spider.



How to Move Installed PC Games Between Hard Drives



We Read the Security Bulletins So You Don't Have To



Microsoft Patches Dangerous Backdoor In Skype For Mac OS X

Vulnerability would have let attackers record calls, intercept and read messages, and siphon out all kinds of data, Trustwave says.



Overview of Processor Thermal Parameters and Their Meanings



Microsoft’s new plan is to flood your entire life with artificial intelligence



How to Get More Accurate Results from Spotlight on macOS



These are the 5 best phones you can buy right now

From high-priced pocket-busters to our favorite budget beauties.



How to bring back the old volume control to Windows 10

If you don't like the new volume control on Windows 10, here's a trick to bring the classic volume slider.



How to Create a Guest User Account in Windows 10



Why Google, Microsoft and Amazon Love the Sound of Your Voice



The Internet Of Things: When Bigger Is Not Better

What happens when 10,000 companies add programmability and connectivity to their products, and we increase the Internet's attack surface by a million times or more?



Rivvr brings wireless VR to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive



Supply channels hint that ARM-based Windows 10 machines are due in 2017



Jump Between Sections of Windows 10’s App List by Clicking the Letter Headings



Sprint has hidden a secret turbo boost in your phone

The wireless company plans to unlock a capability in many of its flagship devices next year that's designed to amp up connection speeds.



Windows 10 build 14393.576 rolling out on PC and Mobile for Release Preview and Production rings



How to Check Package File for Malware Before You Install It in Mac



AMD’s new Radeon Chill feature manages frame rate to cut power consumption, boost responsiveness



Global Cybercrime Sweep Targeted Young DDoS Attackers

European Cybercrime Centre and EU nations conduct five-day operation and arrest 34 on distributed denial-of-service attack charges.



CORSAIR Announces Forces Series MP500 SSDs



Ransomware spiked 6,000% in 2016 and most victims paid the hackers, IBM finds



How to Restart Chrome in One Click Using a Bookmark



With all the excitement over Windows on ARM, don't forget about Google's Andromeda



The most anticipated tech of 2017

Nintendo Switch



How to Properly Back Up and Wipe Your Android Device Before Selling It



Use the Middle Name Field to Track Websites That Sell Your Info



91% Of Cyberattacks Start With A Phishing Email

Phishing remains the number one attack vector, according to a new study that analyzes why users fall for these lures.



14 eyebrow-raising personal details Google knows about you

Some are fascinating, others are frightening -- but here's how to find out what Google has on you.



5 acquisitions for Apple to consider in 2017



How to Take Good Landscape Photos



Buy an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and get $100 back with the latest 12 Days of Deals promo



Verizon changes its mind and will kill the Note 7 after all



Lenovo Yoga 910 review:

A hybrid laptop you won't want to put down



2016: The year Microsoft regained its mojo

2016 marked a turnaround for software stalwart Microsoft. Once again, it's a company worth following by IT leaders.


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