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Sat 822  1/28/2017

Don't Buy a New MacBook. They're About to Get a Lot Better



Samsung expects AI and flexible displays to drive smartphone growth in 2017

Samsung made over $45 billion in revenue last quarter, and that was without the Galaxy Note 7.



How to Limit Bandwidth Usage on Your Roku



Your router isn't as fast as you think it is. Here's why

CNET editor Dong Ngo explains Wi-Fi speeds and helps manage your networking expectations.


Protesters Called To Join Inauguration Day DDoS Attack

Protesters have been invited to flood WhiteHouse.gov ahead of Trump's inauguration to voice their opposition to the presidency.


Get to the bottom of Windows crashes with Reliability Monitor

Windows 10 tip: Largely unchanged since Windows 7, the Reliability Monitor excels at jogging your memory


How to back up photos and videos from an SD card on your Chromebook

If you do a lot of photo work and need to easily sync images and videos to your Google Drive account via your Chromebook, check out this tutorial.


Wait, does Samsung actually want to revive the Galaxy Note 7?



This is what a steel-and-glass iPhone 8 might look like



Android apps will make Chromebooks worth buying this year



My Yahoo Account Was Hacked! Now What?



How to Get Rid of Kaspersky’s Notifications, Sounds, and Bundled Software



How to organize your channels in the new Roku app

Roku's updated app makes some much-needed improvements, but how the heck do you organize channels?


Anonymous Threatens Trump Ahead Of Inauguration

President-elect Donald Trump, a consistent target of the Anonymous hacker collective, was told he will regret the next four years.


Signs point to Microsoft's imminent release of Windows 7 'Service Pack 3'

For the second month in a row, Win7 and 8.1 have no Preview of the Monthly Rollup. Here’s what that means and what it portends for Win7 'Service Pack 3'


Why Cyborg Essentials should be your penetration testing platform

Penetration testing is essential for knowing where your network and systems are weak. Jack Wallen says the right tool for that task is the Debian-based Cyborg Essentials.



Here’s the latest indication that Apple’s next iPhone will have a radically different screen



Someone is trying to sell the stolen Razer triple-screen laptop prototypes (why this, look at this as this is one of three prototypes shown at CES 2017 show of which two were stolen and here is one being sold online.  Hope there is a short trip to jail for this idiot!)


Android apps will make Chromebooks worth buying this year



‘Operation Tarpit’ Targets Customers of Online Attack-for-Hire Services



How to Find Your LibreOffice Profile Folder in Windows, macOS, and Linux



Hackers hit Sundance film fest, shutting down box office

A cyberattack leveled the indie film fest's ticketing systems for less than an hour.



7 Common Reasons Companies Get Hacked

Many breaches stem from the same root causes. What are the most common security problems leaving companies vulnerable?



Reality check: How Windows 10's new privacy controls stack up

A hands-on look at whether Microsoft’s Win10 Creators Update will win back your trus


How to set up two-factor authentication on your Microsoft account

If you use a Microsoft account for work, school, or for Xbox Live this extra layer of security is a must-have. Added bonus: It's super simple to activate.

Pogue’s Basics: Enable Wi-Fi calling for perfect cell service



Apple removes AirPod finder app from the App Store



How to create and restore an image backup in Windows 10

Learn to make an image backup of your entire drive in case disaster strikes.



DDoS, IoT Top Cybersecurity Priorities for 45th President



How to Increase the Size of Text on a Chromebook



Amazon Alexa on a phone: What's the big deal?

Amazon's voice assistant arrives for the first time on a phone next month, which is... cool? Redundant? Here's how it might help you, and how it won't.



Survey Says 66% Of Consumers Won't Work With Breached Companies

Customers are willing to take risks online yet hold businesses responsible for protecting their data.


This new ransomware 'bluff' trick is costing victims big, even though their files are never really in danger

Firms are paying five-figure ransoms after being tricked into thinking they have been hit by ransomware.


Is Google's Partnership With Intuit A Win-Win?

Why did the search giant team up with the 800-pound gorilla of accounting software?



You can try Android’s best new feature right now



With Kaby Lake, Intel finally brings Hyper-Threading to its Pentium-branded processors



3 easy steps anyone can take now to back up a PC

It really doesn't take much to set up a solid backup protocol for your PC.



Researchers Find Fresh Fodder for IoT Attack Cannons



How to Tell Which Application Is Using Your Windows PC’s Webcam



How to fix Google Pixel battery life problems



Shake Shack is giving away burgers if you download its app (for all of February)



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

FYI #821 (Fri 1/27/2017)

The essential guide to anti-malware tools

This is not unrestricted content.


Can I Use Task Scheduler to Monitor My Computer’s Battery?

    Well, this is one way to do the job. It also creates a somewhat permanent record of events. But Windows 10 and at least one third-party freeware tool can also track battery charge levels, issue colored or sound warnings, and log battery wear levels.

     First the easy part -- I use BatteryBar from Osiris Development

( http://osirisdevelopment.com/ ). 

    This little utility has a small floating window, always on top, which can sit in some out of the way place on your Windows desktop or Start Screen. It shows by number, time remaining and color, how far your battery has run down, with stats about runtime, charge/discharge rate, etc., in a popup window when you mouse over the floating window. Hopefully this freeware tool will never go fully commercial (nonfree) as Softperfect Research's Networx did recently. This is the gold standard against which I measure all other battery monitoring software or Windows Tasks and Reports. There is a paid version of BatteryBar which does even more. 


Note: It is exceedingly difficult to monitor performance of today's "connected charge" devices (mostly tablets and 2-in-1's). (Related to Connected Standby Sleep Mode.) These devices dynamically adjust the discharge and charge levels, and never fully discharge or fully recharge, for a variety of hardware specific reasons.


Connected Standby Mode:

How Connected Standby Works (or Why Your Windows 8 PC’s Battery Drains So Fast)


This problem has been fixed a bit in Windows 10 and its updates. But Connected Charging and Connected Standby can wreck havoc with any attempt to monitor battery performance or battery wear. My own BatteryBar installation on my ASUS tablet fluctuates wildly from 20% wear to 5% wear within just a few charge/discharge cycles. This is caused by not fully charging or discharging, in part due to the Connected Standby and Connected Charge features. 


Run a Sleep Study with PowerCfg:

Use the Hidden PowerCfg Tool to Optimize Battery Life on Windows


This may help if battery performance is not what you expect.


Windows 10 has a Command to generate a Battery Report, which shows a LOT of data on battery performance, and can export this report to a HTML or XML File (viewable in most web browsers).



Also useful to know is that most modern LiIon batteries, especially the Ribbon Batteries used in tablets and thin form-factor 2-in-1's, have Reserve Capacity. They can initially charge beyond Design Capacity, thus going beyond "100% Charge". This is normal, and fades as these batteries age. My ASUS tablet, at nearly three years old, seldom even charges better than 90% of original Design Capacity. This would be far worse if there had not been Reserve Capacity at the beginning.


Express vs Custom: Which should you choose when setting up Windows 10?

For the upcoming Creators Update, I would definitely go with Custom Install. This is your only chance to get at some important Windows 10 settings all in one place before anything can be set up in a way you may not like later. 


How to Set Grub to Remember Your Last Selected Entry

Also useful is Grub Customizer (third party utility, run as Root). This GUI utility can make changes in what entries show without removing any of them, can change the default and the order of entries, and allows much customization of the GRUB display screen. Much easier than seeking out and editing configuration files manually. You still need to reboot to see the changes, but this is one easy way to get around a balky Linux Kernel Update or some other item which has caused a black screen or Low Graphics Mode screen to appear on rebooting. Simplifying the GRUB Boot Options makes life a lot easier in a mature Linux installation. GRUB Customizer also makes a backup of the GRUB configuration files for you, so changes can be reverted (provided you can still boot into your user account). GRUB Customizer reminds you to update GRUB before exiting. 


From My Own Reading:

Windows 10 Creators Update could ship March 31, and we're already worried about bugs

We'd rather wait than have a repeat of the Anniversary Update's shenanigans.


I (and Woody Leonhard) could not have said it better. As with any Moral Equivalent of a Service Pack, let's wait for the dust to settle, say about two months or more if there are serious bugs reported. That's what worked for me with the Anniversary Update. And on my NUC at least, there are still Explorer Shell Extension and Bluetooth Connectivity bugs from the AU.


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Possible Solution to Stuck Printer Problem

Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:49 pm

A recurring problem has plagued my computing for a long time. The printer que gets stuck. This stops documents from being printed.

Attempting to delete the print job from the que has frequently been ineffective. The only way to solve the problem was to do a restart of the entire computer system. But there may be hope with this article.

It seems like it might be a lot of work but could be worth it and take less time than a restart of the system. Next time I run into this problem I will give it a try. If you too run into this problem and this works for you, let the rest of us know.

How to Cancel or Delete a Stuck Print Job in Windows


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Fri 821  1/27/2017

The essential guide to anti-malware tools

Admins can choose from a bevy of secondary scanners and specialized tools to clean up infected or infested PCs.



Apple hopes to fix graphics and other glitches in macOS Sierra 10.12.3 update



Can I Use Task Scheduler to Monitor My Computer’s Battery?



Express vs Custom: Which should you choose when setting up Windows 10?



Top 10 Ways to Avoid Joint and Wrist Pain at the Office



Adobe Acrobat Reader DC security update installs Chrome spyware

Adobe says the data collected by the new Adobe Product Improvement Program spyware is anonymous, thus innocuous



Alexa's taking orders for Wingstop chicken wings

I'd tell you more, but my mouth is full.



Shift: The Google email, calendar, and drive client that's almost perfect

If you're looking for a single client with which to work your daily Google magic, Shift is almost there. Jack Wallen shows you what's right and wrong with this handy groupware client.



How to Set Grub to Remember Your Last Selected Entry



5 Great Alternatives to Google Docs You Should Consider



Hotcorner lets you add GNOME-like Hot Corners to Windows



Apple’s new MacBook Pro is on its best sale ever



How to Disable Your Mac’s Touchpad When Another Mouse Is Connected



How to back up your photos on Windows 10



Leaked Screenshots Reveal New Windows 10 Designs



Win10 updates KB 3213986, KB 3210721 have multimonitor problems

Other problems few and far between for the security-light 14393.693, 10586.753, and 10240.17236 patches


Shower Beer lets you chug while you scrub

A beer designed specifically for shower use aims to keep its cool in hot conditions by downsizing the bottle. (for those that can't wait)



How to migrate applications between Macs

Setting up a new Mac, while easier than in the past, still requires thought. Find out the options for simplifying application migration.



Bookmark OS: A Bookmark Manager with the Interface of a File Manager



The 8 Best Websites To Check Out New Music Releases First



Web Notes aren’t available in Edge browser on Windows 10



Microsoft Store now selling entry-level Surface Pro 4 without the Surface Pen



How to Remove Your PC from a Windows HomeGroup



How to add a Gmail account to Outlook.com



Etcher Is the Easiest Way to Make a Raspberry Pi SD Card



Windows 10 beta build 15002 brings real improvement

Beyond the marketing glitz and interminable feature lists, there’s actually a lot to like in this Creators Update



Consumer Reports will retest MacBook Pro battery life

The publication will give the MacBook Pro a second chance after Apple fixes a bug that reportedly led to inconsistent scores.



The Demon Voice That Can Control Your Smartphone

Researchers have created creepy sounds that are unintelligible to humans but still capable of talking to phones’ digital assistants.



Microsoft’s Nadella Warns Against ‘Hubris’ Amid AI Growth



How to Add Extra Stops Along the Way in Google Maps



Add Search with Google to Edge browser right-click context menu



Windows 10 Creators Update brings a new Windows Defender Security Center



How to Always Show Comment Lines in Microsoft Word



How to edit image metadata on Windows 10

You can add, remove, or completely strip metadata from pictures, and in this guide, we'll show you how to do it.



The Tech Trends from CES 2017 That Will Actually Matter



Pittsburgh tech firm searches for bugs in self-driving software (good that some company is watching over the companies making autonomous cars)



VR-ready gaming PC for $499 means this tech is getting affordable

AMD and CyberpowerPC promise a $499 desktop, as part of an Oculus Rift bundle.



New Jacksonville International Airport mobile app helps travelers get to their gates (if it works well, hopefully it spreads to all the other airports)



Changing Alexa's Wake Word



How to Reset Your Lost Windows 10 Password



10 Xbox One Tips, Tricks and Hidden features



Google Voice: First major update in years brings new look, new features



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#820  (Thur 1/26/2017)

Latest edition of CyberHeist News

Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:28 pm

A new ransomware infection can now be delivered by USB stick.

Again, this requires local access to each device infected. But we do need to know where those USB sticks have been before inserting them into production PCs.


Re. FYI#819  (Wed 1/25/2017)

Dynamic Lock aims to keep your PC secure by locking your device when you're no longer present

I prefer to set a good old time-out and go to a screensaver that way. Why reinvent the wheel?


How to open Control Panel in Windows 10

Which control panel? There are three of them. Plus at least two Privacy Control Settings Pages. One of which is only available through a Microsoft Cloud Account. 


Tired of Windows? Switching to Linux Will Be Easy If You Know This

Sorry folks, it isn't this simple. And it isn't easy. 

By the way, there are currently no working antivirus prodcuts tailored for Ubuntu 16.10. This is generally true of all recent Linux distros. AV Products which claimed to protect Linux have become incompatible with recent Linux kernel upgrades. I would not recommend ChkRootkit, RK Hunter, ClamAV or Sophos, as these products scan, then spit out lists of suspicious files, with zero guidance as to what to do next.And none has a good GUI interface.


If Windows 7's security is so outdated, why doesn't Microsoft make it as good as Windows 10's?

   Then same question was being asked as Windows XP was being retired. The short answer is, OS kernels and shells don't accept infinite numbers of patches. Windows XP reached its limit over two years before it was officially retired, and Windows 7 has reached its limits now. 

   There are advances in malware techniques which exceed the defense capabilities of the older versions of Windows. The same has happened to Linux, which is why most of the recent revelations about Linux malware have mostly dealt with vulnerabilities which are very long standing, and should have become rare if Linux servers and PCs had been patched and upgraded.


Enable or Disable Network Discovery in Windows 10/8/7

While you're at it, also consider making Bluetooth non-discoverable when you aren't actively using it.


WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error in Windows 10/8/7

A recent Windows 10 Cumulative Update came at the same time as the Anniversary Update was causing something along the lines of this type of issue. The solution then was to restart the device. This forced devices to acquire new ip addresses and reset other parts of the Wireless Networking Stack. Under Linux, I still sometimes have to reset the network connection or restart the PC to keep my NUC online and connecting at a reasonable speed. So this isn't just a Windows 10 AU problem


Re. FYI#818 (Tue 1/24/2017)

AI can have trouble recognizing diversity and MIT research is finding out why

This is similar to "garbage in/garbage out". If you train software on a limited subset of data, it will process that subset best. What is pointed out here is the bias of tech companies. Not enough diversity in their workforce and the developer communities leads to difficulties in using facial recognition. Which in turn leads to non-white people having greater difficulties accessing devices and passing security screenings. This is not a desirable outcome. 


5 Ways Your USB Stick Can Be a Security Risk

More FUD. Can we get on to serious topics?


Inferring passwords using WiFi signals – Hacking passwords over WiFi

There's a lot of guesswork in this concept. I classify this as more FUD. 


Flashing a peace sign in selfies could lead to identity theft, scientists warn



Re. FYI#817 (Mon 1/23/2017)

5 Ways an Offline PC Can Be Hacked

Pretty far-fetched stuff for the most part.


Re. FYI#816 (Sun 1/22/2017)

10 Questions to Ask Before You Cancel Cable

1) Speed -- 25 MBPS is four times faster than my AT&T U-Verse "broadband" Internet. In fact, only Comcast offers this speed or higher in the Chicago area without requiring bundled services.

2) Sharing logins is sometimes allowed, sometimes not allowed. Check with each provider before doing this.

3) Availability -- Be sure to include OTA stations and apps. 

4) Extra Devices -- This can add considerably to costs. Especially if one or more of your existing devices either doesn't stream or doesn't allow access over the Internet. 

5) Net Neutrality (throttling) -- this is not just based on the source of the streaming content. After a total amount of data, streaming can become slow or unavailable. And these data usage thresholds can be shockingly low -- as little as 22 GB per month with AT&T.

6) Time delays of up to eight days, if the content ever becomes available, and reruns not being available at all.

7) Setup of devices -- I cannot set up three-way wireless devices, and I don't have Android or iOS devices. So there are a lot of devices and services I can't use presently. Setups which use Smartphone Apps are neither simple nor convenient, and often fail for unknown reasons.

8) I've priced out my own habits, and since I do mostly OTA viewing and don't pay for extra channels or per-view downloads, I would definitely not save any money. Local Channels are the breaking point for most people.

9) Switching channels or sources is a real problem without a unified service and interface.

10) Legality -- I am not a lawyer, but only the Kodi reference involves truly pirated content. Roku does not natively support access to pirated content. The biggest change I've seen lately is the nearly total disappearance of the pirate sites linked to services like Project Free TV. It appears that the new Cisco tracers are doing their job and shutting off access to a lot of the easiest pirate sites to locate. Kodi is losing its attractiveness as a provider of access to pirate channels. 

   Conclusion -- cord cutting, with Direct TV, Sling TV or a D-I-Y bundle of services, has definitely not yet come of age. I doubt that we will ever see a level playing fiedld between cord-cutting and bundled services. 


Chrome Browser Autofill feature could be a security risk for users

I never use autofill in any browser. This is one reason. 


Protect IoT Devices from Malware and Hacking using Bitdefender BOX

They lost me when they left Windows out as an available option for setting up this security appliance.  And there are better hardware firewall appliances in the same price and subscription cost range. 


From My Own Reading:

Here's what the Windows Defender Security Center will look like in Windows 10's Creators Update

Here's what the Windows Defender Security Center will look like in Windows 10's Creators Update

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Thur 820  1/26/2017

How to get the most out of Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones



Latest Insider update brings an ebook store and reader to Windows 10



Want to Know Who’s Trying to Unlock Your Phone? Catch Them in the Act



How to Snap and Dock Windows to the Sides of Your Chrome OS Display



The Ask Leo! Glossary - virus


Ransomware Offers Free Decryption if you Learn About Cybersecurity



What is Catroot & Catroot2 folder? How do you reset catroot2 folder in Windows



Don't fall for this new Chrome malware scam



5 Essential LibreOffice Writer Tips to Improve Your Productivity



Here is what's new in January's Windows 10 cumulative OS update (KB3213986) for PC and Mobile



Google Home Is Here To Make Your Life Easier



5 Privacy Protecting Apps You Need to Use Right Now



How to Migrate Your Windows Installation to a Solid-State Drive



What is Event Viewer, and Why Does It Have So Many Errors?



What causes Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10?



WhatsInStartup helps you control what programs run at Windows boot



For driverless cars, a moral dilemma: Who lives or dies?



Why You Shouldn’t Install Multiple Antivirus Programs on One PC



Microsoft launches new privacy dashboard on the web to help you manage your data



Apple’s new 2017 iPad models have reportedly been delayed



5 Privacy Protecting Apps You Need to Use Right Now



How to Modify the Icon of an EXE File



How Do I Get the Password for a Computer I Purchased at a Garage Sale?



Voice Is the Next Big Platform, and Alexa Will Own It

Amazon’s personal assistant is about to stretch beyond the Echo, and get downright chatty with everyone.



How to use Google Keep effectively



5 game-changing things coming to your home theater in 2017

Even if you aren't looking for a new TV, there's exciting stuff happening.



5 of the Best Free File Archivers for Windows



Microsoft details upcoming privacy changes in the Windows 10 Creators Update



Creator of Google's Android Wants To Make A New Smartphone



5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Upgrading Your PC



How to Change the Login Screen Background In macOS Sierra, Yosemite, and El Capital



Should I Accept My Security Software’s Recommendation of What to Remove?



The biggest barrier to Windows 10 success is still Windows 7

The fate of Windows 10 lies in the hands of users that are still deeply in love with Windows 7.



How to password protect documents, files, folders, programs, etc in Windows



Amazon is going to train thousands of veterans for jobs in the tech industry



How to Boost Battery Life in iOS 10 with These Simple Steps



3 features we're most excited about in the Windows 10 Creators Update



Check out these cars GM created in the 1980s with tech decades ahead of its time



5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Tablet



Don't make these common mistakes with your passwords



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Pacemakers and Hackers

Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:36 pm

Pacemakers could become the next target of hackers. A flaw could allow improper access that would allow hackers to harm the user or steal the identity.

Could Pacemakers be the Next Target for Hackers?



Latest edition of CyberHeist News

Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:28 pm

A new ransomware infection can now be delivered by USB stick.

CyberheistNews Vol 7 #4 [ALERT] USB Sticks Could Infect Your Network With New Spora Ransomware Worm


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Wed 819  1/25/2017

Best Android apps for your Chromebook



Both Microsoft and Google are making hardware, though for different reasons



6 of the Best Android Apps for Musicians



WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration error in Windows 10/8/7



The Future of Tech (and Gadgets)



What happened to virtual reality?



How to remove ransomware from your LG Smart TV

And the ransomware devs go home empty-handed!



How to Find Your Phone Number on Android and iOS



Photo Scan, a simple way to extract text from images for Windows 10 PC and Mobile



What You Need to Know About 360 Degree Photography



How to enable & configure PIN Complexity Group Policy in Windows 10



Should You Switch to Project Fi?



Lavabit Encryption Service Used By Snowden Relaunches



It makes good security sense to change Alexa's name - here's how

Shame there are so few options…



How to See If an Amazon Book Is Available at Your Local Library



How to print from Edge for Windows 10

How do I print web pages in Edge?



WiFi vs. Ethernet vs. 4G: Which Should You Use?



Enable or Disable Network Discovery in Windows 10/8/7



Microsoft CEO Nadella: AI should augment human workers, not replace them

At a recent World Economic Forum annual meeting, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke on his company's approach to AI and how it will affect the future of work.



Wirelessly use old wired devices with Aukey Bluetooth transmitter/receiver



Facebook took two weeks to remove video of 12-year-old girl that livestreamed her suicide



How to Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Issues



What we expect to see from Windows 10 in 2017



What Old Tech Are You Hesitant to Give Up?



How to update Graphics Drivers in Windows 10/8/7



If Windows 7's security is so outdated, why doesn't Microsoft make it as good as Windows 10's?

Why can't Microsoft update the 'long-outdated security architectures' it says Windows 7 is based upon?



Microsoft bombards Windows 10 users with popups for its bad Chrome extension



Top tips (not including anti-virus) for protecting your Android from malware

How to defend what Apple’s Tim Cook called “a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities.”



Tired of Windows? Switching to Linux Will Be Easy If You Know This



How to customize privacy settings in Edge for Windows 10



How to Opt Out of the Customer Experience Improvement Program in Windows 10



How to open Control Panel in Windows 10



Avoid motion sickness in VR with comfort ratings!

Here's how to avoid motion sickness in VR before buying!



How to block phone calls on your Android phone



Is your IP security camera making you less secure?



How to Turn Your PC Into a Game Console



Dynamic Lock aims to keep your PC secure by locking your device when you're no longer present



The Belkin Wemo Mini makes your home that much smarter

A question your friendly neighborhood Modern Dad gets a lot is this: Are connected lights worth it? Sure. But there's a great alternative.


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Tue 818/ 1/24/2017

FBI questions Rutgers student about massive cyber attack



New report sheds more light on the iPhone 8’s facial recognition feature



How to easily check if your favorite service has two-factor authentication



Everything You Need to Know About the Windows 10 Creators Update



Here's a neat Chrome + multi-window trick you probably didn't know about



Three New iPads Expected This Spring, Including New Size



Windows 10 protection against Depriz Malware Attacks



Apple's macOS file encryption easily bypassed without the latest fixes

Custom-made Thunderbolt devices can be used to extract the encryption password from locked Macs



OS X El Capitan gets a supplemental security update

The new update corresponds to an update Apple released last December.



Facebook's new public Wi-Fi locator is raising privacy concerns

Facebook wants to help… but what does it want in return?



Meitu App Has Gone Totally Viral But Don't Download It



How to customize the mouse experience on Windows 10

Is the mouse pointer too small? Or is it slow or too fast as you move it around? Then use this guide to customize the mouse experience on Windows 10.



How to Keep Your Kids’ Videos Out of Your YouTube History



Best Chromebook apps

Make the most of your Chromebook with these apps.



Lavabit developer has a new encrypted, end-to-end email protocol

The DIME standard will also be employed on a revived Lavabit email service



Malwarebytes 3.0 Review and New Features: Anti-malware for Windows PC



How to stop macOS Photos from re-uploading all your images and videos

There’s no way to force iCloud Photo Library to recognize existing media, but you can pause or stop the uploads.



Leaked Windows 10 build shows Microsoft filling a major content hole: Ebooks

It's going to be a major challenge for Microsoft to topple Amazon. But keep an eye out for good deals if it does.



WhatsApp vulnerability could allow Facebook and others to read messages

Company debunks claims that issue constitutes a government backdoor.



AI can have trouble recognizing diversity and MIT research is finding out why



How to move files from Dropbox to OneDrive



The Complete Video Editing Course For Beginner



5 Ways Your USB Stick Can Be a Security Risk



10 Reasons People Buy iPhones Instead of Android Phones



Inferring passwords using WiFi signals – Hacking passwords over WiFi



How to make sure Time Machine backs up external drives

By default, Time Machine does not back up external drives, but you can change this.



3 guiding principles for ethical AI, from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

At the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty laid out three principles to guide technologists for responsible AI use as cognitive abilities continue to develop.



Vawtrak malware spread via toxic Word documents is still a thing apparently

Beware poisoned parking tickets!



Instagram Crashing? Try This Fix



Seagate Game Drive Xbox One 2TB hard drive review



What You Need to Know About SafetyNet and Why Android Pay Doesn’t Work on Your Device



Let’s Face It: Amazon Echo’s Alexa Is Stupid



Flashing a peace sign in selfies could lead to identity theft, scientists warn



Microsoft Edge can’t be opened using the built-in administrator account in Windows 10



Four steps to reduce the pain of Windows 7 installations using cumulative updates

If you build and maintain Windows 7 PCs, you've probably experienced marathon installs involving hundreds of updates. Ed Bott offers a better, more efficient route to handling the process.



How to view and edit Word documents from Google Drive with ease

If the inability to edit MS Office files in Google Drive has been holding you back, here's how you how you can easily add this much-needed feature.



Netflix users targeted by credit card phishing scheme

Netflix and unexpected credit card bill.



Amazon Echo Voice Commands Offer Big Benefits to Users With Disabilities



Ransomware extorts Los Angeles school to the tune of $28,000


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Mon 817 1/23/2017

Google wants to make YouTube a better place for advertisers (Ouch! I hope this is in limited areas I don't use)



4 Ways to Help Your Laptop Enjoy a Longer Life



OneDrive for Android takes the hassle out of deleting backed-up photos



Why You Should Wait for the Next MacBook Pros



BullGuard Internet of Things Scanner will check if IoT devices are compromised



Top 10 Must Have Skills for Alexa-Enabled Devices



Hey, Cortana? Everything You Didn’t Know to Ask and More



Amazon Alexa on a phone: What's the big deal?

Amazon's voice assistant arrives for the first time on a phone next month, which is...cool? Redundant? Here's how it might help you, and how it won't.



Google's open-source Tilt Brush: Now you can create 3D movies in VR

Google has released a free set of tools to help developers transform Tilt Brush sketches into immersive animations.



Best Journal Apps for Windows 10



Google finally explained one of the most aggravating problems plaguing Pixel phones



How to Make Chrome Open Your Favorite Pages at Launch



What is Black Hat, Grey Hat or White Hat Hacker?



How to Clear Recent Documents Jump List on Shutdown in Windows 10



5 Ways an Offline PC Can Be Hacked



Amazon Alexa on a phone: What's the big deal?

Amazon's voice assistant arrives for the first time on a phone next month, which is...cool? Redundant? Here's how it might help you, and how it won't.



The cloud's future is vertical

From generic services to industry-specific apps, the cloud is growing up



Kingston's latest USB flash drive offers an astounding 2TB storage

A flash drive with more storage than your desktop.



Microsoft’s Nadella Warns Against ‘Hubris’ Amid AI Growth



Geek Heaven: How to Get Pre-Release Software for Everything


How to remove Chromium malware from Windows 10 (the browser where developers create or debug features the end up in the polished Chrome browser most of us use)



How Do You Get Rid of Old Tech Devices?



How to Disable System Integrity Protection (and Why You Shouldn’t)



Details emerge about Intel's super-small Euclid computer for robots

Intel's Euclid computer for robots operates on a battery, has an HDMI port, 3D RealSense camera, an Atom processor and a range wireless sensors



Apple's EPIC iPhone 8 Detailed In Full: Release Date, Specs & Prices



Everyone's least favourite ransomware is back and testing new infection tactics

After a drop in activity over Christmas, the most prolific ransomware of 2016 appears to be gearing up for 2017.



Windows 10 14393.594 for PC cumulative January 2017 update now out for Release Preview

Although Microsoft employees are just getting back to work today, it looks like some cumulative PC updates are still on track for release.



Watch this disgruntled customer drive her SUV through a T-Mobile store



In 2017, Laptops Are Cool Again



Microsoft Infographic on the changing Threat Landscape and Windows 10 Security



Apple's MacBook Pro Touch Bar Vs. Windows Touch Screen: And The Winner Is



How to See Remaining OneDrive Space on Windows 10



34% off SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 200GB - Deal Alert



Why EVERY Android Fan Should Consider The Huawei Mate 9



Snapdragon 835 debuts with DirectX 12 support, Bluetooth 5, gigabit LTE, and much more (this could just be the beginning)



Samsung Smartcam has a critical remote execution vulnerability, update coming



How to fix a slow or frozen iPhone or iPad



Best Buy knocks up to $300 off MacBooks!


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Sun 816 1/22/2017

Satan ransomware-as-a-service starts trading in the Dark Web (a little something to look forward too!)

Users can expect to share 30 percent of their ill-gotten gains for signing up.



Here's a neat Chrome + multi-window trick you probably didn't know about



Google knows about the Pixel’s audio bugs, and it is working on a fix



How to Get Help in Windows 10



Microsoft Windows 10 IPsec VPN Client: Security, Validation & Administrative Guide



Microsoft to retire original Windows 10 on March 26

Version 1507 -- the debut release of July 2015 -- falls off the patching list in two months

(press and hold the start button and tap R, then type in the box WINVER to know if you are on an old version being discontinued, then you need to update to a newer version like the Anniversary version to prepare the the fifth version of Windows 10 around April)



Make Your Old Games and Software Run in Windows 10



How capacitors on motherboards (and other components) work



Dell takes on the Surface Pro 4 with its Latitude 5285 2-in-1



Android’s biggest strength is driving people to the iPhone



How to Use Chrome to Display All Types of Media In-Browser



Chrome Browser Autofill feature could be a security risk for users



Wait for it: Apple planning 3 new iPads for second half of 2017



How to Automatically Record Calls on Android and Never Run out of Space



What is TCP/IP and how does it work?



How to opt-out the Customer Experience Improvement Program on Windows 10

Windows 10 devices secretly send hardware and software usage information to Microsoft, if you want to opt-out, here's how to do it.



FCC concludes that AT&T and Verizon’s policies violate net neutrality



How to Sync Your Settings in Windows 10



Protect IoT Devices from Malware and Hacking using Bitdefender BOX



Google pushed developers to fix security flaws in 275K Android apps

Over 90,000 developers acted based on alerts issued through the Google Play App Security Improvement program



What You Must Learn From the Big Security Events of 2016



Everything you need to know about temporary files



Acer's insane 21-inch curved-screen Predator 21 X 'laptop' has an insane price: $8,999

It's impressive in every measure, so it's no surprise that the price is also eye-popping.



Apps were more popular than ever in 2016, and it was largely thanks to China



Next macOS Changes Display Settings to Boost Battery Life



What is a VR ready PC? How to check if your laptop is VR ready?



5 Terrible Trends in Smartphones



10 Questions to Ask Before You Cancel Cable



New Raspberry Pi Release Targets Industry, IoT



The ASUS VivoPC X is small and ready for VR



Roku’s updated mobile app lets us see what’s on with a single button tap



Which Laptop CPU is Right for You?



Secure Internet of Things and IoT devices: PDF Guide






Getting Started With Blynk: Simple DIY IoT Devices



Hibernate, sleep, or shut down: what's best for your PC?



Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Could Threaten Apps



YouTube is rolling out in-app chat and becoming a lot more like Facebook Messenger



Move Over, Granny -- 3-D Printers Can Now Knit Sweaters

 We watched a 3D printer make a sweater in less than an hour. Can it help fix retail?



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re: FYI#814 (Fri 10/20/2017)

27,000 MongoDB servers have their data wiped, receive ransom demand for its safe return

    How does an IT pro keep his/her job when caught being so very, very stupid about basic security?


Avast SecureLine review

A fast VPN from a provider you can trust

    Maybe the author can trust Avast, but I would not. I dumped Avast and AVG security products for spying on me. Avira may not be doing anything differently, with their now mandatory "Avira Connect" interface. Way too much like AVG Zen, which is pure spyware. If I want to keep my Internet sessions private, I want them to be private from the VPN provider as well.


The Best Linux Distros to Watch Out for in 2017

    LXLE is not new, but it ap[pears to be under active development. Of the others, Manjaro (mentioned in several Comments) is the only one I'm familiar with. Like so many Linux distros, some of these appear to be relatively new, and keep forking and merging, so finding one which is going to be supported for awhile seems pretty dicey. That's one reason I stick with Ubuntu -- it's been around awhile, and it doesn't look like it's going away or going commercial anytime soon. For less capable hardware, Mint or LXLE look good.


How to use the new Microsoft web-based Privacy Dashboard

    There are also still the offline Privacy Controls inside the Windows 10 OS. (Just a reminder that you don't need to set up Windows 10 as a Microsoft Account.) Also, don't expect to have better information as to what Microsoft does with your data or when and how it's collected. We aren't gaining any controls we didn't have before. We just can see more settings in one place now (as of April 2017 with the Creators Update).


The Best Prebuilt, DIY, and NAS Solutions for a Plex Server

    That System76 Meerkat looks suspiciously like a rebranded Intel NUC Kit, pre-assembled and preloaded with Linux and Plex. I could probably build this from a kit for a lot less money. (Remember, a Linux OS license doesn't add to the cost.) While external, my Micro Center Optical Drive works very well with my NUC under Linux. It's USB-2, but for media I'd use USB-3. The NUC illustrated as a Meerkat has USB-C, but I haven't seen any optical drives which have the full USB-C specs. I also might use Kodi as my Media Center rather than pay for a Plex Pass. Extra USB ports can be useful with a NUC, so a GoRite lid would be a useful and cheap add-on. 

    In the Comments below the article, there's mention of NVidia Shield, which recently underwent a major upgrade. All of these options may be worth researching, depending on your specific situation and needs. 


Man sues Verizon for $72 million, says negligence allowed him to commit ID theft

    "Kelly's apparent grudge against Verizon dates back to 7 May 2015. On that day, Kelly entered a Verizon Wireless store in Highlands County, Florida. Kelly says he submitted a valid driver's license to a Verizon specialist, who pulled up a Verizon account belonging to another James Kelly who had a different middle name. The specialist apparently failed to spot the difference."

    I have been in a running argument for years with companies, including the Micro Center, which do not keep Middle Initials in their customer accounts databases. While in this case I hope the suit is summarily dismissed, I would like to see a customer who has suffered innocent financial damages from ID theft based on failure to keep separate credit records based on different Middle Initials, file and win a massive lawsuit against just about any tech or telecom or Cable company.

    I have also had Rewards Program points stolen because customers can enter a phone number which they do not own into their own accounts and steal someone else's points from the store POS terminals. Walgreens and Office Depot are two of the offenders. Who knows what other ID fraud can be accomplished by such insecure POS practices? 

    Banks and credit card issuers are not so lax in their separation of accounts with small differences in names. I am not so sure about the big three or four credit scoring companies.


The Best Backup Software for Windows

    The article left out two of the best -- Macrium Reflect and Paragon Backup. Aomei is rapidly gaining a reputation as being one of the best for its flexible and expandable WinPE 10 implementation.

    Clonezilla works great for Linux, but its reliance on the Command Line and its Linux/UNIX nomenclature for hard drives and partitions, put it out of the running for most Windows users.


Re. FYI#815 (Sat., 01/21/2017)

What is tablet mode in Windows 10?

Tablet Mode approximates the  original Windows 8/Windows 10 Start Screen. Unless you have a touchscreen, you're better off booting directly to the Legacy Desktop where a mouse and keyboard work best. Even for my tablet, unless I detach the tablet part from the keyboard dock, I use the Legacy Desktop. 

What Roger Hale was demonstrating in January 2017 at West Side was the original Windows 10, which he had never upgraded for some reason. That demo was all in Tablet Mode, old style.


How Advertisers Use Web Beacons to Track You on the Web and in Emails

I don't know how effective they are, but I use privacy extensions in Chrome and Firefox to block as much of this stuff as possible. My browsing is my business, not someone else's.


Use Microsoft’s online troubleshooter to Fix Windows Update Errors

I've used this a couple of times, and it sometimes can fix stuck updates which can't seem to install and block all other updates from being downloaded in Windows 10. This is also useful when updates which are supposedly available don't download and install at all for some reason.


10 Future Technologies You’ll See In Your Home in 3 Years

I don''t expect to see any of these things in three years, if ever. Most are a complete waste of resources.


How to generate app passwords for your Microsoft Account

Account Login Security isn't the only application which uses App Passwords. I use Fastmail for some of my Web Mail. Its client side is IMAP, which constantly communicates with the online server. This type of activity requires extra security, so the email client needs its own App Password on each account and each device from which the client is used. Setting this up inside an email client can be tricky, but once it's up and running, it does work. This is not really two-factor authentication, but rather, it uses the device with its own unique ID as a secondary check to make sure the app and the device it's running on, are both authorized to be used with the service and with the account. The device and the user are authenticated separately, but neither uses a two-factor login. 


This Website Knows Everything About You (Even Your Future)

It doesn't seem to work very well. Especially not for those of us who aren't on Facebook.


Massive Windows 10 Update Has Two Nasty Surprises

Both of these examples can be blocked in the Windows 10 settings. So can Lock-Screen suggestions and Cortana Suggestions. (In fact, all Search Suggestions can be disabled.) What the Creators Update looks like it will do, is to put these controls more in one place than is currently the case, and make the choices more prominent when setting up or changing the settings.


There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later

I think running Windows Update in a Clean Boot system state is a bit radical. Most WU issue scan be resolved with the built-in WU Troubleshooter, or the online Troubleshooter which goes a bit deeper.


How to disable your webcam for an extra layer of privacy

I've seen reports that even using the Device Manager may not fully prevent a webcam from being activated. Thick tape over the cam seems to be the best solution. And don't forget that some systems have two web cam lenses, for things like Windows Hello.


From My Own Reading:

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 ad annoys Chrome users with taskbar pop-ups

https://tinyurl.com/jfn384f l

The good news is you can turn off these and other Windows 10 ads. (But not all those in-app ads in the Universal Apps.)


How to find, view, and delete everything the Amazon Echo and Google Home know about you



27% ASUS VivoStick TS10-B017D Intel Atom Z8350 - Deal Alert


 With the right Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a HDTV, this is a complete Windows 10 Home PC with tablet-like power. You might want to add external USB-3 storage as well.


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