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Sat 836  2/11/2017

How to build a solid workflow for updating mobile apps

The mobile app update process can be convoluted. Learn some workflow techniques to help smooth the process.



Drive cloning in Windows 10 with free tools

In workplace practice, disk cloning supports multiple valuable uses. Learn how to clone a drive in Windows 10 using two free tools.



Fujitsu's Newest Laptops Are the Lightest on the Market



Got a New Mac? Do This First!



How to Get Rid of McAfee’s Notifications and Bundled Software



Seagate plans 16TB drives for 2018, 20TB by 2020



Matte Black iPhone 7 Casing Unexpectedly Chipping

Chips appear on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple says cosmetic damage isn't covered under warranty.



Etcher Is the Easiest Way to Make a Raspberry Pi SD Card



How to manage your saved passwords in Edge for Windows 10 (bad practice, targeted by hackers)



Amazon's Echo is bringing the eighties back, and not always in a good way



AT&T, Verizon catch a break under Trump FCC (possible bad news for most consumers)

The new Republican-led FCC will take no action against companies the previous administration said violated net neutrality rules.



Save All Open Chrome Tabs for a Future Browsing Session



If You Use Messenger, Prepare to Start Seeing Ads



The Best Cheaper Alternatives to Photoshop



Pioneer Ultra HD Blu-ray burners pack 4K playback, but good luck meeting the PC requirements



FCC Limits Broadband Subsidies, Abandons Prison Call Caps

Low-income customers of nine ISPs won't be able to get reduced-priced broadband service. (question should be who is paying this prison rate)



Bible Verses Are Easy to Guess, So Don't Use Them As Your Password



How to use Windows 10 Task Manager to kill processes that drain resources

If your PC is slowing down or apps stop responding, this guide can help find and terminate the processes that are causing the problem, using Task Manager on Windows 10.



Google Pixel XL is finally back in stock, with one model shipping right now



Why Comcast's new Roku app fee will infuriate you

Commentary: Comcast will let customers get TV service on additional sets without a set-top box -- but it'll probably charge them for it.



How to Use Chrome to Display All Types of Media In-Browser



How to Auto-Generate a List of Installed Programs (The Easy Way)



What’s New in Windows 10’s Creators Update, Arriving Spring 2017



Intel releases specs for first Optane SSD, new drive should pack a wallop






Verizon Will Cut Off Unlimited Data Users Who Average 200GB a Month



Using an iPhone in the Microsoft ecosystem



Samsung's Chromebook Pro is the best Chromebook yet



South Korea steps in to monitor battery safety

In the wake of its investigation into the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fires, the government puts stricter oversight in place for lithium-ion battery makers.


Next macOS Changes Display Settings to Boost Battery Life



How to Watch Your Local News Channels Online



Don’t Be Fooled: The Mac App Store Is Full of Scams



How a poker-playing AI could help prevent your next bout of the flu






Remains of the Day: Leaked Screenshots Reveal New Windows 10 Designs



Microsoft asks Trump administration for exceptions to immigration ban



Forget Jet Black, it looks like the matte black iPhone 7 is ruined almost as easily



Vizio to pay $2.2 million for tracking your shows

The TV maker settles FTC charges that it installed software to collect viewing data without consumer consent.



Three New iPads Expected This Spring, Including New Size



2017 MacBook Pro Update: One Thing Matters (Besides Release Date)



Simple way to add wireless charging to your iPhone

Waiting for Apple to add wireless charging to the iPhone so you can be like your Android buddies? Here's how to add the feature for yourself.


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Fri 835  2/10/2017




Can’t Uninstall a Windows 10 Modern App? Here’s a Nifty Workaround



Fix your Mac with these simple troubleshooting tips

Got a Mac that's not behaving itself? Here are some simple things you should try before taking it to a Genius at your nearest Apple Store.



Fire Breaks Out at Samsung Factory in China

Another battery fire debacle is not what Samsung needs right now.



The iPhone 8 will likely have wireless charging — but that could make it prone to overheating



Microsoft launches digital skills program in the UK with free training for thousands



You Can Try the New Windows 10 Game Mode Now



How to enable two-factor authentication on your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn can be just as essential as Facebook if you need to network for business. Here's how to keep your account safe with two-factor authentication.



How to Find Out Which Version of Microsoft Office You’re Using (and Whether it’s 32-bit or 64-bit)



Chrome OS Coming to Tablets and 2-in-1s Soon



Microsoft Explains Why Windows Drivers Are Dated June 21, 2006

The drivers are regularly updated, but that timestamp never changes. Why?



How can you fix Windows 10 driver problems? Microsoft solves issue with this bizarre solution



How to find out if you can upgrade your laptop



Hands-On with Windows 10 Dynamic Lock



Is Your Left Mouse Button Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It



Beware: Don't be scammed by bad links in Google search results

A recent ad for retail giant Amazon in Google's search results directed users to a Windows support scam. And it might not be the first time this has happened.



How to Rotate a Video on Android



How to Use Windows 10 (links to lots of articles on Windows 10)



Intel Coffee Lake Processors Arrive 2H'17

The 8th generation, 2nd 14nm process refinement chips before Intel moves to 10nm.



Target’s big Apple Watch sale is still happening right now



Will Samsung beat Microsoft to market with an ultimate mobile device?



How to Fix Common iOS VPN Issues



How to Make the Taskbar Transparent in Windows 10



Apple's iCloud Keychain: The smart person's guide

This is a comprehensive guide to iCloud Keychain, Apple's cloud-based version of its iOS and macOS password, private key, and certificate management software.



How to Control Which Websites Can Use Flash in Any Browser



15 Cool Smartphone Camera Tricks You Should Know



Is your system booting slowly? Here’s how to flush out clogged startup apps



#AskDanWindows Episode 20 – Foldable phones, Windows 10 Mobile and more



Up-and-Coming Wearables to Keep an Eye Out For



ChaletOS 16 Review: The Easiest Way to Switch From Windows to Linux



ET deals: 256GB solid-state drive for $99.99 with a $50 Dell gift card



How to install Linux

OK, you've settled on which version of Linux you want to load on your old PC. Here's how to make it happen.



How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10



Report: Security Flaw Lets Hackers Snoop on 76 iPhone Apps

Only sending sensitive data over a cellular connection should reduce your risk, according to a security expert.



Surprising New Leaks About 2017's MacBook Pro


Smart TV Maker Spied on Viewing Habits, Sold Data



Google Fiber 2.0 targets the city where it will stage its comeback, as AT&T Fiber prepares to go nuclear

As Google Fiber is sorting out its next moves, ground zero in the gigabit wars has emerged in Louisville, Kentucky, where AT&T Fiber has talked big but signed up very few gigabit customers.



Review: HP’s Elite Slice is a cool possible future for the desktop

This little PC doesn't quite live up to its promise, but it's a neat idea.



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #834  (Thur 2/9/2017)

How to Take a Screenshot of an Entire Webpage

The article has a point that sometimes a PDF printout is not going to preserve all the content and links in a web page. Saving it as an Offline Web Page takes up a lot of storage space, so sometimes a screen shot might be the best compromise. 


LeakedSource data breach website goes offline following alleged police raid

The only surprise to me is that anyone ever defended exposing cracked use credentials obtained from stolen databases. Although it's not like the Dark Web hasn't been doing this forever...

There are better ways to inform people when breaches occur. 


Shortcut Scanner will Detect and Delete dangerous Shortcuts in Windows

This so-called article is a scareware ad. I would not use this product. Glary Utilities and other reputable programs will do this and other PC maintenance tasks for free. 


No, disabling your anti-virus software does not make security sense

Good article. And I told you so.


What's YOUR Backup Strategy? (I'll show you mine...)

Mine is Macrium Reflect before and after major update cycles, file copies with just copy/paste, and for Linux, Clonezilla Live. Multiple external hard drives, three copies of each backup set and each data archive. Exceptions are media downloads, but I don't do many of those to the PC. 

See also below, Should You Back Up Everything?



I rarely have to do this manually. Any action involving anything not in Quick Access crashes Windows Explorer on my NUC. This is the Win 10 AU Shell Extensions bug. Let's hope the Creators Update will address this bug.


#AskDanWindows Episode 21What's all this fuss about 'Windows 10 Cloud'?

Point Number One -- Windows Cloud is NOT replacing Windows 10 on the desktop or on tablets or 2-in-1's which can run Win32 (traditional desktop) Applications. And Windows Cloud will NOT be locked into the Microsoft App store. Other sources will still be able to load and run apps. Due to the Continuum and Centennial platforms, some Win32 apps will be ported to the ARM friendly UWP app platform. 

Point Two -- Windows Cloud is not going to succeed buy trying to compete head to head with Chromebooks. With Android apps abel to run on Chrome OS, Google has this market pretty much locked up, for those who simply cannot justify the cost of an iPad or a MacBook.


How To Repair Windows 10

I would not call reinstalling Windows 10 repairing it.


Finally, a Linux laptop worthy of KDE

For the price you could have a MacBook. And be happier. These are priced in Euros and are preorders. Shipping to the US is not included in the price. And on one in the US services these things.

My whole purpose in using Linux is not to spend as much as I would spend on a Mac, and not to use Windows when I can avoid doing so. I believe in spending only what tech is worth, not overspending on the "Wow" factor. 


Should You Backup Everything?

    If you customize Windows a lot, you should back up the OS as well as the data. But whatever you do, make sure you have offline (not up in the cloud) backups of all data which change regularly, as well as anything you might need to reference if all Cloud data were wiped out. Two external hard drives will suffice, and for data, most people won't fill up even one Terabyte, the smallest size I've seen lately.

    For the OS, an Image is a compressed copy of everything on the drive or in the partition. Combined with a bootable Restore environment, like Win PE 10, this is sufficient and very flexible. Images can often be restored to new drives and partitions which aren't the same size, order or location on the drive as the original. Very handy if the drive itself fails. Clones are the exact copy, the exact size, and must be restored to the exact location of the same drive from which they came. Not flexible. 

    In Linux, when Clonezilla is used, it really only makes clones, not images. This program has no ability to restore a partition to a different location or a different position or size area of a drive. And it cannot restore to a different drive unless it's a full drive image and it's being restored to the same size and type of drive.

    Data backups separate from image backups allow files and folders to be restored without using special software. Also, it's a lot harder to search through a Macrium Reflect archive for example, than to search through and restore from a normal file system.


From My Own Reading:

How can you fix Windows 10 driver problems? Microsoft solves issue with this bizarre solution


So now we know how we keep getting messed up drivers in Windows 10.


Microsoft hasn't moved the Windows 10 needle in months



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Email Tips & Tricks

Thu Feb 9, 2017 11:35 pm (PST)

12 Tricks to Help you Appear Smart in Emails Free Tips & Trick Guide Limited Time.


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Thur 834  2/9/2017

Mac malware is still crude, but it’s slowly catching up to its Windows rivals

A tale of two attacks that both target MacOS users.



How to Take a Screenshot of an Entire Webpage



6 tricky Huawei Mate 9 problems, and what to do about them



How to Set Tabs Aside in Edge Browser



LeakedSource data breach website goes offline following alleged police raid

The end of a controversial history?



LibreOffice Update Offers Fresh Experience



Windows 7: Unsafe at Any Speed?






Intel Core i3, i5 and i7: Which processor is best for you?



Shortcut Scanner will Detect and Delete dangerous Shortcuts in Windows



How to Display Extended Tips When You Hover Over Buttons in LibreOffice



Pogue's Basics: How to end a call on your iPhone



How to Change the Target Folder in Windows 10 File Explorer



No, disabling your anti-virus software does not make security sense

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.



Asus Tinker Board Joins Raspberry Pi on the Bargain Table



What's YOUR Backup Strategy? (I'll show you mine...)






#AskDanWindows Episode 21 – What's all this fuss about 'Windows 10 Cloud'?



How to set a default Folder View for all folders in Windows 10



The Complete Guide to Creating Symbolic Links (aka Symlinks) on Windows



Google Docs just got a whole lot more powerful on iOS and Android



How To Repair Windows 10



It makes good security sense to change Alexa's name - here's how

Shame there are so few options…



Finally, a Linux laptop worthy of KDE

Have you longed for a KDE-driven Linux pre-installed ultrabook? If so, look no further than the KDE-branded Slimbook.



[HELP] Windows Troubleshooters






How to manage Windows 10's many 'optional features'



Who Is My DNS website lets you check DNS Hijacking online



How to Create a Home Inventory for Insurance Purposes



You can finally get Touch Bar shortcuts for Microsoft Office



How to Get to Windows 10's Advanced Startup Options Menu



MacOS removed battery time remaining. Here's how to bring it back

Percentage? We don't need no stinkin' percentage. Despite a recent change, you can still see how many hours and minutes of use remain on your MacBook.



Hasta la vista, Vista

Microsoft to retire Windows Vista on April 11, ending support for troubled OS



Should You Backup Everything?



Tipit raises $2.5 million to bring user-generated AR to all



4 things we want in a Surface 4 powered by ARM



Microsoft’s Council for Digital Good Program will assess security threats teenagers face



How to contact Apple Support if you can't access the files on your Mac


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Wed 833  2/8/2017




University Student Gets 3 Years' Probation in Cybercrime



This Raspberry Pi Powered Robot Arm Beat Its Kickstarter Funding Goal in 2 Days



How to Check If Your Computer Has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Chip



Some popular iPhone apps might be secretly leaking your information



Ford device lets older cars connect to smartphones, become Wi-Fi hotspots



Sophos snaps up machine learning tech firm Invincea to fight modern malware

The anti-malware provider has been acquired in a deal worth $100 million.



What Does the Windows 10 “Creators Update” Do for Security?



Mac malware, possibly made in Iran, targets U.S. defense industry

The malware has also been found targeting a human rights activist



The five biggest headaches for software developers

From unrealistic expectations to hunting hidden bugs -- developers reveal their biggest gripes.



How to view and check Security Certificates in Chrome browser



How to Change the Icon for a Certain File Type in Windows



Apple's new Beats headphones, which use the same wireless tech as AirPods, will arrive this week



Apple's new patent is a hi-tech vaporizer

Is Apple gearing up to enter the vaping industry even though we already have the 'iPhone of vaporizers'?



This modular backdoor malware is now the most common threat to Android smartphones

For the first time in a year, Hummingbad isn't the most prolific form of malware on mobile devices



OnlyOffice: An Open Source Microsoft Office Contender Worth Your Time



How Google made 'zoom and enhance' a reality



How to use Cortana to perform file management tasks in Windows 10

Make Cortana do some real work in Windows 10--like finding files, launching programs, and opening folders (if you know the trick).



Microsoft Edge is the most secure web browser says Microsoft: Is this true?



How to Tell Which Graphics Chip Your MacBook Is Using (and Switch It)



Apple could finally add Intel Kaby Lake to the MacBook Pro in 2017



Lawsuit claims Apple broke FaceTime to force iOS 6 users to upgrade

The plaintiff at the heart of the class-action case says iOS 7 made older iPhones hard to use.



This 'invisible' memory-based malware is infiltrating organisations across the globe

Cybercriminals are using legitimate software to collect enterprise passwords and other credentials.



The 6 Most Annoying Windows Features and How to Fix Them



27 Can’t-Miss Chrome Extensions You Need on Your Computer



Google kills support for Gmail in these Chrome versions: Check if you're affected

Google will no longer support Gmail on Chrome version 53 and below, leaving the popular service more susceptible to security risks.



We can’t sign into your account message in Windows 10



What’s New in Windows 10’s Creators Update, Arriving Spring 2017



Apple leaks details about the upcoming MacBook updates



The future of iOS is 64-bit only: Apple to stop support of 32-bit apps

If you’re using a 32-bit app, you’ll need to upgrade it or you won’t be able to use it.



Samsung QLED vs. LG OLED TV: What's the difference?

Analysis: Samsung's upcoming QLED TVs are aiming squarely at LG's OLED models for the picture quality crown. But despite the similar-sounding names, they're actually as different as chalk and cheese.



KDE Explained: A Look at Linux’s Most Configurable Desktop Interface



How Linux Helped Me Become an Empowered Computer User



Terahertz wireless could help cover the planet with internet that's 10X faster than 5G

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has developed a new transmitter that can achieve data transfer speeds 10 times faster than 5G.



Best Gmail Search Tips and Tricks that let you find emails quickly and accurately



How to Enable Full-Disk Encryption on Windows 10



Google Badly Needs to Swing a Deal for a Chinese App Store

 Launching Google Play in China would let the search giant take part in a booming local app store market, and provide a means of distributing its apps.



How to Make ‘Quick Look’ in Mac More Powerful with Plugins



How to perform a secure disk wipe with Windows 10's Format command

No need to track down a third-party hard drive wipe utility. Windows can handle the task natively.



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #830 (Sun 2/5/2017)

Why Backup? 9 Good Reasons (and YOUR backup questions answered)

With 2TB of storage going for under $60.00 these days, I doubt that anyone is so poor they can't afford two such drives, not just one. That's just a silly excuse. 


Welcome to the brave new world of Android apps on Chromebooks

This is probably one of the biggest advances in mobile Operating Systems in years. Although I have other priorities right now, this development makes Chromebooks more tempting than ever. Now if only they could make phone calls and handle text messages... 


Re. FYI #831 (Mon 2/6/2017)

3 easy-to-build mini PCs that can save you money

While I saved even more money by building a Swift Canyon NUC, it's nice to see these little PCs getting positive press again.


Hotspot Shield review

Don't bother with this or any "free VPN" -- they are all useless and actually make your privacy less secure. This is one place where you get what you pay for.


How to Dual Boot Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Ubuntu

I did this on my Intel NUC. There is no need to disable Secure Boot to install Ubuntu. But it is best to install Windows first, so as not to mess up GRUB, the Ubuntu Bootloader. Also, Windows can wreck other partitions when installing. I worked from a Ubuntu Live DVD, since I had an external drive already, and the NUC has at least one available USB port for this purpose.


Re FYI #832 (Tue 2/7/2017)

AMD Ryzen Threat: Intel Price Drops And Hyper-Threaded Core i5 Coming?

I think they mean Pentium. Core-i5 already has hyper-threading.


From My Own Reading:

The best consumer antivirus products of 2016 are Avira and Norton, test labs say


Take Note: Symantec (Norton) and Malwarebytes, among others, are refusing to share code with independent testing labs. This is becoming a more and more widespread problem for independent testing. So we really do not have complete data sets to guide our evaluations of these lab test results anymore.(Labs won't even test Malwarebytes anymore, and haven't tested this product in over two years.)

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Tue 832 2/7//2017

AMD Ryzen Threat: Intel Price Drops And Hyper-Threaded Core i5 Coming?



How to Fix Apple Mail Sending Emails From the Wrong Email Address on Your Mac



Microsoft explains how Artificial Intelligence will shape our future



Make Google Chrome faster, reduce how much RAM it uses, and be more productive

Google Chrome is my browser of choice, but it does have a habit of consuming a lot of system RAM. And sometimes it feels a bit sluggish. Fortunately, these problems are easy to fix.



Ransomware soars in 2016, while malware declines

IoT exploits continue to be a threat, SonicWall says



The Dangers of Shortened Links and How to Stay Safe



Apple iPhone 7S and 7S Plus rumors and news



Five tips to speed up your Mac

Boost your Mac's performance and reclaim hard-drive space with this handful of tips.



Chrome, Firefox start warning users when websites use insecure HTTP logins

HTTP connections have their place, but not on login screens.



What Is Graphene? 7 Ways It Will Soon Revolutionize Tech



How to Show and Hide the Rulers in LibreOffice Writer



Social Engineering Attacks and how to detect and prevent them: Download eBook



Lenovo's Windows 10 contenders: New pro laptops even include ThinkPad for VR

Lenovo has unveiled three new P-series Windows 10 ThinkPads, one of which is aimed at people making virtual-reality content.



Windows 10 Redstone: A guide to the builds

Now that Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here, Microsoft is already working on the next two major updates. We track all the new builds here.



These 10 cities have the worst malware infection rates in the US

Tampa, Orlando, and St. Louis top the list of US cities with the highest rates of malware infections in 2016, according to a new report.



Amazon's Echo is bringing the eighties back, and not always in a good way



Password-stealing security hole discovered in many Netgear routers



Tim Cook: Apple may take legal action over immigration restrictions

Apple is against Trump's executive order.



Handbrake Reaches Version 1.0: Here’s What’s New and Awesome



How to Change the Unit of Measurement in LibreOffice Writer



Project strongSwan: IPsec based VPN solution for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac



Lenovo's budget Windows 10, Chromebook rival: But is $299 A12 an Android tablet or laptop?

Lenovo's new Android device features its Yoga Book haptic feedback touch-based keyboard.



iOS Vulnerability: 76 Apps With Millions Of Downloads Found To Be Vulnerable To Data Theft



5 shocking new threats to your personal data

I don't mean to alarm you, but these trends make panic sound like a good idea



Everything you need to know about using a MicroSD card on Android



AMD Ryzen Processors Will Support Windows 7



Buggy Pentagon systems a dream come true to attackers, says researcher

Potentially a national security matter for the United States.



Enable Speech-to-Text and Voice Control by Setting Up Speech Recognition in Windows



Everything You Need to Know About Using HomeGroups in Windows



Block adverts, delete Flash, kill Java: ASD

The Australian Signals Directorate's award-winning Top Four cyber threat mitigation strategy has become the Essential Eight. They're based on data, they're essential, and they'll upset vendors.



Windows Privacy Tweaker hardens Privacy settings & stops collecting of data



macOS 10.12.4 New Build Missing From Apple’s Beta Releases This Monday; watchOS 3.2, tvOS 10.2 Second Betas Now Out



9 accessories that’ll help you get more out of your MacBook



Apple iPhone 8 Production To Start Earlier Than Expected



Logitech adds Amazon’s Alexa skills to its ZeroTouch voice-control smartphone mount

You won't need an Echo at home to control your smart-home devices with voice commands.



Cerber eclipsed all other ransomware over holiday season, says Microsoft

But Windows Defender claims to be fighting back.



The Worst Windows 10 Blunders of the Past Year



How to Rearrange Your Roku Channel Icons



Google, H&M partner to design you a dress based on your daily habits

The deal aims to offer consumers custom clothing based on their habits and history.



New Mac malware discovered using antique code to spy on users



Investors Are Flocking to Nokia Because It May Soon Unveil a New $900 Smartphone



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Computer Security

Pew Research Survey results concerning computer security and data breaches.



Fake Netflix App Targets Mobile Users



Don’t Fall for This New Gmail Phishing Scam



3 Sneaky Security Threats You Need to Know About



Latest edition of CyberheistNews

CyberheistNews Vol 7 #6 [IRS ALERT] Scam of the Week Blends CEO Fraud and W-2 Phishing


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Mon 831 2/6/2017

Apple issues security patches for … just about everything



How One Company Is Cashing In on Emoji-Crazed Consumers

 Yes, there is such a thing as the emoji company.



How to Get Notifications for Only the Emails You Care About in Gmail



Google is killing one of the best Android launchers



How to recover files in Windows 10 with File History



Are the Bad Guys Winning the Malware Wars?



The hated cable box won't disappear any time soon

Don't be fooled by Comcast's new Roku app; the cable box isn't going anywhere.



The 7 Types of Computer Viruses to Watch Out For & What They Do



How to skip the Start screen in Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows

How do I disable the Start screen in Word 2016?



How do I know if my Computer has been Hacked and what to do next



The LG 5K monitor Apple sells doesn't work near WiFi routers

LG support acknowledged the issue but doesn't have a fix just yet, aside from moving your display.



The Best Chromebooks You Can Buy, 2017 Edition



5 accessories that will make sure you never lose your AirPods



Asus Chromebook Flip review

The premium Chromebook is finally affordable



Windows 10 Makes Privacy Concessions



How a single SMS can break your Samsung Galaxy Android phone



7 Features You Will Love When Switching to Mac



3 easy-to-build mini PCs that can save you money



How to fix 100% Disk Usage message in Windows 10/8



Walmart kills its Amazon Prime-style shipping service

Instead, it's offering free two-day shipping with a lower $35 spending threshold.



How to Turn an Old iPad Into the Ultimate Kid’s Tablet



New Skype available: All Windows and Mac users have to update by 1 March



Samsung Galaxy S8: release date and everything you should know



Telemarketing firm leaks 17,000 recorded calls, many containing credit card details

As if telemarketers weren’t bad enough!



Apple to start assembling iPhones in Bangalore by April

The company aims to lower the cost of its phones by making them locally.



13 Bargain Websites That Are Cheaper Than eBay



How to become an Alexa developer: The smart person's guide

Alexa has evolved beyond the Amazon Echo into one of the hottest new platforms in tech. Learn how developers and businesses can leverage the technology.



Prevent Webcam Hacking attacks with Who Stalks My Cam software



Here's Apple's Plan to Fix Sir



How to Take a Screenshot on Your iPhone or iPad



Android Wear 2.0 is coming, and it’s bringing 2 new smartwatches with it



Hotspot Shield review

A well-known VPN service that offers a free account



Hotel guests locked in their rooms by ransomware? It doesn't make sense

Make up my room please, not a media story.



How to Dual Boot Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Ubuntu



How to Disable Microsoft’s Settings Experiments in Windows 10



Apple collaborates with rivals to advance AI research

Apple joins the Partnership on AI, which also includes Google, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon



What do Keyboard F1 to F12 Function Keys do



How to Get YouTube Red For Free



Lost Your Roku Remote? It Can Make a Sound Until You Find It



Trustwave Exposes Authentication Bypass Flaw In Netgear Routers



Critical Cisco security hole could lead to hackers seizing control of thousands of home routers


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Sun 830 2/5/2017

LibreOffice Update Offers Fresh Experience



Web apps are about to integrate a whole lot more deeply in Android



How to Access Hotmail and Outlook on Your Android Device



Avoiding Online Tax Scams



How to set up a VPN

Getting the best from a virtual private network



Google is finally making web apps first-class citizens on Android



How to Type Long or Complex Phrases with a Few Keystrokes Thanks to macOS’ Text Replacement



Using a YubiKey to protect your Google account, Facebook, GitHub, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more

YubiKey offers a quick, cost-effective and simple way to protect your data, both online and offline, whether for personal use, business, enterprise, or even developers.


Walmart Just Gave Shoppers a Big Reason to Drop Amazon



Employment scam targets college students and their bank accounts

Nothing says “scam” like a counterfeit check…



Apple is preparing an updated MacBook Pro for later this year



4 Places Where You Can Download Premium PC Games Free & Legally



Why Backup? 9 Good Reasons (and YOUR backup questions answered)




How to remove ransomware

Stop ransomware in its tracks, and rescue your files if your PC has already been infected



Windows 10 Cloud is Microsoft’s fresh Chrome OS alternative



How to Change What You Have Shared with a HomeGroup in Windows



Microsoft gives Windows device makers their 2017 marching orders

Microsoft has some specific ideas about the types of Windows 10 devices it wants its partners to build for holiday 2017. Here's what to expect if Redmond has its way.



Google Chrome iOS App Update: How To Scan QR Codes, Use 3D Touch For Voice Search



Apple May Have Made Life Easier for iPhone Thieves



Scammers target firms with W-2 phishing/CEO fraud blend

“One of the most dangerous email phishing scams we’ve seen in a long time.”



New Dell XPS 13 and 15 now available with fingerprint scanner, Windows Hello



Revive Your Old PC Raspberry Pi-Style With PIXEL



Hey, Is This Your Money?



GE 60W Equivalent HD Light LED review:

Great colors, not-so-great compromises from these HD bulbs



Massive Microsoft Leaks Reveal 'All New' Windows Version


How to Convert a VirtualBox Virtual Machine to Parallels Desktop for Mac



Microsoft's browsers return to losing habits, fall to 25% share

Chrome continues march towards 60%; Firefox slips under 12% again



Lego launches a safe social network for kids to share their creations

There's a Lego emoji keyboard too.



Not lovin' it! Researcher finds way to steal McDonald's users' passwords

If only more responsible disclosure had been his next order…



BlackBerry BBC-100-1 news and rumors



Arduino Programming For Beginners: The Traffic Light Controller



Should You Encrypt Your Email?



How to choose a Linux distro for your old PC

Looking to resurrect or transform a laptop or desktop? There are lots of versions of Linux to choose from, all of them free (and awesome). Here's how to decide which one is right for you.



How to kick out Windows malware for free

Like it or not, your PC is susceptible to malware. These videos will teach you how to locate the bad stuff, then remove it from your system



What Is Adobe Lightroom, and Do I Need It?



Welcome to the brave new world of Android apps on Chromebooks

Android app support for Chromebooks is now a reality. Here's what you need to know about this exciting new feature.



Yale's liquid metal material can shed light on magnetic fields

Scientists can also use it to recreate other phenomena seen in planets and stars.



If you’re going to use Windows, it makes security sense to use Windows 10



The ‘Flappy Bird’ creator is back with an addictive new game




Plextor’s PCIe SSD provides an upgrade path for enthusiasts on a budget



Pew: Americans Know They're Getting Hacked, Do Nothing About It



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #828  (Fri 2/3/2017)


Why Can’t I Get Free E-mail Without Ads?


For less than the price of ad-free Yahoo Mail, Fastmail has a Basic Option, although you do have to use IMAP instead of POP-3 if you have an email client. No Domain at the basic price, so if you want these features, upgrade to Standard or better. Right now, as they are eliminating their Guest Accounts (used to be free), the prices are half-off the listed prices from the article. Also, storage limits have been raised. Like Google, Fastmail accounts have some limited storage space for files. I have a small website set up there.





As for the Comment suggesting using ad-blocking extensions, good luck getting these to work when Microsoft and others stop allowing logins if these extensions are present,even if they're turned off at the login page. (Yahoo Web Mail does this already for free customers.)


Is your system booting slowly? Here’s how to flush out clogged startup apps


CCleaner is also useful in flushing out startups. Process Explorer (Sysinternals) can show in more details what's using up Windows resources, and the Windows Resource Monitor gives details beyond the Task Manager. CCleaner can also fully remove even the built-in Windows Store Apps, which can save on resource usage. But do NOT remove the Windows Store App itself! That would need to be reinstalled in a lengthy and risky process involving a visit to a Microsoft online troubleshooter page.


Amazon's Echo is bringing the eighties back, and not always in a good way


As yet, no one has put together the Editor or the Compiler for Echo. If someone does that, it will be a pleasure to bring back the 80's. As in, we can once again control our own tech!


How to Disable LibreOffice’s Startup Splash Screen on Windows and Linux


Not a good idea. The Spalsh is just acting as a placeholder, showing you that the program is firing up. Without it, you would never know if it's just taking a long time, or if it really failed to fire up. In Linux, the difference isn't always obvious.


How Do I Disable Cortana?


The answer still is, you can't completely disable Cortana. At least two processes continue to run, no matter what you do. 


New copper catalyst could close the carbon cycle, making ethanol from atmospheric CO2


Well, I guess that means we'll never run out of beer!


How to Create and Use Symbolic Links (aka Symlinks) on Linux


This is a bit different from creating a desktop launcher shortcut, as we do in Windows. As with Windows, Ubuntu has both CLI and GUI ways to get things done. I prefer GUI tools, not the CLI commands used in the article. I did not know at the time of the ctrl-shift Nautilus option for creating a new Shortcut (transferrable symlink).


I found out the differences between symlinks and desktop launcher links the hard way when I loaded Shotcut into my Ubuntu Linux. The program is self-contained (not installed), so it does not create a proper launcher with a transferrable symlink capability. So I had to download a utility, open the utility, and create a desktop shortcut to the real program main module, and select an icon for the desktop launcher shortcut from another download. The icon had to be edited and converted, and the whole thing hinged upon getting just the right Launch Command, with the right Location (Directory Path). That took another hour of Command-Line testing before I got things just right. 


Symlinks are great for what they can do, but you may need to know a bit more before they can be applied to a particular issue.


How to solve most of your network problems with a single button


Because I use Linux a lot, I don't have a Reset Button like this. That's why I sometimes have to reboot the modem at the hardware level. But usually, just restarting the PC, or logging out and back in again, or simply disconnecting and reconnecting from the network, all can work the same magic. This seems to be the case in Windows and in Linux. I don't do iOS or Mac, so I don't know if there's something similar in those OSes.



Re. FYI #829  (Sat 2/4/2017)


The Malwarebytes Report: The 2016 Malware Threat Landscape


This comes from a company which has not submitted its antivirus products for independent testing in over four years.


Microsoft: Windows 10 will stop a ransomware epidemic when antivirus fails


This does not apply to Home and Pro Editions. ATP is only available in Enterprise Editions.


How to Permanently Delete Data From a Flash Drive


"For example, the Gutmann method run 35 different passes over the drive to maximize coverage and ensure that data is as unrecoverable as possible. It works for HDDs, SSDs, and USBs. However, it takes a long time to run 35 passes and is thus overkill for anything but the most sensitive bits of data (e.g. government secrets)."


This is not true. The article by the way is a paid ad, and not a real tech article. 


SSD and Flash Media are only truly wiped of their data if they support a special Trim Command, which sends a small electric charge over every data cell on the media, effectively writing all-zeros. This can wipe out SSD Firmware, rendering the drive useless. But on Flash Drives which support this command, it is the only way to securely and completely erase data. Most Flash Drives do not support this command, and therefore must be physically destroyed to completely wipe their data. Nothing else will render Flash Drive data non-recoverable.


AT&T to Offer 5G in Austin, Indianapolis This Year


Too little, too late. AT&T will never catch up with FiOS and Comcast's new Gigabit Internet service offerings. AT&T is five years behind everyone else. But 5G speeeds will not guarantee profitability. Google recently dropped further plans to roll out its own Google Fiber, as costs proved too much to offer the service nationwide. Comcast may find the same grim reality soon.


Microsoft's mysterious 'Windows Cloud' could be the second coming of Windows RT


Why would any sane corporate executive try to revive a model of Personal Computing which has been overwhelmingly rejected by consumers? Oh yeah, this is Microsoft. They still think there's hope for the Windows Phone.


How to Clear Your Cache on Any Browser


Actually, the Click and Clean extension will do this with one click. You have to select what to clear, but from then on, just click the icon and everything's gone. Firefox has a built-in panel which does much the same things.


Delete your antivirus, says ex-Firefox developer — who claims it’s worthless


This is coming from a tech guy who has just lost his job. And from someone who has worked for the company whose browser has fallen the farthest behind of any major browser in recent years. Whenever some "tech expert" says to remove your antivirus -- especially if they are saying to only use Microsoft products -- run the opposite direction!


Chrome 57 Will Permanently Enable DRM


This is designed to bring Netflix to the Chrome Browser on all platforms. It's not as scary as some people make it sound.


Workplace AI makes it all too easy to track you on the job


Who says you have privacy rights on the job, on the employer's premises?


8 Things That Keep You Coming Back to Ubuntu


Point 1. and Point 2. are hard to argue with. I agree about people at least knowing of the existence of Ubuntu (although Red Hat Fedora and SUSE Linux are also familiar to a lot of folks) and the software availability, in the official Repositories and elsewhere, is excellent. 


3. Ubuntu Is Easy to Troubleshoot


That depends on what your issue is. Like all of Linux, there is some hardware which is not supported, and graphics driver troubleshooting is a real mess.


4. More Computers Have Ubuntu PreInstalled


Buyers Beware! Many preinstalled Ubuntu configurations do not support the full Ubuntu Repositories, and most are limited in the way they update and upgrade. If you did not install Ubuntu yourself, wipe it off the PC and instqall the genuine article from your own download. Dell is a limited edition of Ubuntu. System76 has a reputation for offering the Real Deal.


5. You Like Unity


Actually, most Windows users will hate Unity. It isn't anything like Windows 7 or Windows 10, and programs don't launch the same way. Even those programs which exist on Windows, like LibreOffice and the GIMP, do not work the same way in Unity as on the Windows GUI.MacOS users would find the interface more familiar, but the Launcher is on the right instead of the bottom or the top. GNOME 2 was a much better interface.


6. You Can’t Function Without the HUD


In the several years and two PCs on which I've used Ubuntu, I have never once used the Heads Up Display. This is of use mostly to tablet users looking to make the transition to Linux.


7. Ubuntu Is on Phones and Tablets


Not really. there has not been even one successful release of anything using Ubuntu touch anywhere in the world. China seems to be the only source for such devices, and they do not use Canonical Linux, but rather, a Chinese knockoff which does not deserve to be called Ubuntu.


8. You Want Your Phone to Be Your PC


"Convergence" is vaporware, and will remain so for many years to come. Linux not only does not support anything like Microsoft Continuum, but it has zero support for Wireless Display (Miracast) which is a key feature of MS Continuum. Windows 10 is miles and miles ahead of Ubuntu 16.10 on this front. Linux support for Bluetooth 4.0 and up is practically nonexistent, and very unstable even where it does exist.


So what keeps me coming back to Ubuntu?


1) Lower maintenance overhead. Less of a problem on a fast Intel NUC than a slow Toshiba laptop, but still nice not to have to scan with three AV scanning engines for a half-day before backing anything up. And backups, while they use ancient CLI bootable CD media (Clonezilla Live), run faster and take up less disk space than for Windows 10. 


2) I just want to get basic work done. I don't need the ads and push-notifications which infest Windows 10, and I don't need the extra lock-screens and account switching which Windows 10 forces. From boot to desktop is half or less of the time, and Ubuntu doesn't leave the PC half-on, half-off, with all the NTFS Partitions locked so that nothing can be changed without booting up again.


3) Updates and even upgrades are more stable and much faster with Ubuntu than with Windows. Also, fewer reboots. And when there's an update-related reboot, there isn't a lengthy delay while something gets installed or the OS cleans itself up. 


4) I like the way Ubuntu handles email clients better. No proprietary .pst files to contend with. Thunderbird can act as a bridge between Windows and Linux, and any Linux email client will know what a .MBOX file is and how to import it. 


5) I also like the simplicity of the GUIs of many Linux apps or Linux versions of these apps. Some Windows users miss the richer Aero Effects, but I like simplicity better.

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