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Sat 850  3/4/2017

Review: The TarDisk doubles a MacBook’s storage in about 30 seconds (+video)

While simple to use, the tiny SD card carries a hefty price for convenience’s sake -- and it won't work with the newest Apple laptops. (With video.)



The FCC just gave you a reason to hold off on buying a 4K TV



Lenovo's latest Yoga 2-in-1 packs uncommonly fast graphics

The Yoga 720 may be the speediest convertible in its category.



Intel isn't yet done with x86 smartphone chips

Intel's still open to the idea of making smartphone chips, and partner Spreadtrum is showing a smartphone with an eight-core Atom variant



PLUG THE USG INTO YOUR PORT BEFORE YOU PLUG IN THAT NEW USB FLASH DRIVE (Interesting, if anyone gets one, let the rest of us know you views)



How to Set a Custom Color for Taskbar and Title Bar in Windows 10



Google plans to release new Pixel smartphone in 2017

Not just an experiment: Google's hardware boss says Pixel will stay premium.



Don't Touch That Dial...



Apple very quietly launched a brand-new iPhone model



GoPro's deal with Huawei gives it a foothold in smartphones

The P10 and P10 Plus will ship with GoPro's video editing app.



Android struggling in tablets as Windows 10 2-in-1s come on strong

At MWC, Windows 10 2-in-1s are getting more attention than Android tablets






4 Surprising Linux Security Issues You Should Be Aware Of



New Mac ransomware, backdoor threats emerge

Despite the macOS-based malware being paraded around the internet, researchers are finding it hard to score samples.



Google Chrome, Ungoogled?



Google exec hints that Google Assistant is coming to the iPhone



Google Assistant comes to recent Android phones

You won't need a Pixel (or Allo) to use Google's AI helper.



New Windows 10 feature blocks desktop apps, points to Windows Store instead

The mainstream release of Windows 10 may soon have a setting that prevents installing anything but Windows Store apps.



Even Google's latest budget phone has a fingerprint sensor

The GM6 is part of Google’s budget Android One initiative, but still has some not-so-budget features



How to Fix Your Mac’s “kernel_task” High CPU Usage Bug



Google and Mozilla are right: AV firms do need to stop breaking HTTPS security

A supporter of the antivirus industry has defended the practice of intercepting encrypted traffic for malware analysis, but admits vendors need to clean up their act.



Tricks You Didn’t Know Google Chrome Can Do



Google’s Assistant AI is available for all modern Android handsets right now



Solar-powered drone switches from helicopter to plane mode

Cells lining its long wingspan will extend its flight time.



Qualcomm details plans for Windows 10 PCs with Snapdragon 835

There's a chance that Snapdragon 835 could support Windows Holographic, but there's no announcement if the chips will be used in Windows-based VR headsets



Google reveals another education-focused Chromebook, this time from HP



How to Create a Bootable Multiboot USB for Windows and Linux



Raspberry Pi Zero W: The smart person's guide

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W, the latest tiny computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.



You Want Faster and Safer Internet?



AMD vs Intel: Does Ryzen give Intel something to worry about?



Sling TV launches new Extra channel bundles

For cord cutters who need a little more variety.



Microsoft Says World Needs Digital Geneva Convention On Cyber Attacks

Microsoft president, Brad Smith, has called for a new international body to protect civilians from state-sponsored government hacking.



Fixing Windows 7 and finding lost data



LINUX: Unity Explained: A Look at Ubuntu’s Default Desktop Environment



Video: How to set up your Raspberry Pi Zero W



[POOF] What if Google Disappeared?



T-Mobile will give a free iPhone 7 to anyone who switches from another carrier



Best PC Motherboards


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Fri 849  3/3/2017

Microsoft Admits High Cost Of Windows 10 Upgrades



Netgear's R6300v2 dual-band 802.11ac router is down to $70 today

It's a pretty solid Wi-Fi router with gigabit ethernet, beamforming, USB peripheral support, and remote access for well under $100.



11 annoying problems with the iPhone 7, and how to fix them



Complete list of laptops that support Windows Hello



Why Facebook is overhauling video (again)

Facebook wants to become a premier outlet for video and it's making a series of aggressive moves to attract bigger audiences and drive more revenue.



De-anonymizing web-browsing histories may reveal your social media profiles

Researchers from Princeton and Stanford explain how linking social media profiles to web-browsing activity may threaten the anonymization of browsing histories and lead to a cyberattack.



University Network Crippled By Its Own Hacked Vending Machines

Hackers flooded the network with a botnet-style attack.



A Trio of Apple Security Flaws



Draft 5G specs lay the groundwork for a real standard

You should reliably get 100Mbps downloads and extremely low lag.



How to Customize the Send to Right-Click Menu in Windows 10



Apple’s newly redesigned website shows you how to use HomeKit



The truth about Apple's new iPad ads, Microsoft Surface and Windows



First impressions of Samsung's Galaxy Book with Windows 10

Samsung’s latest hybrid tablet device promises better performance and design than last year's Galaxy Tab Pro S. We go hands-on with the Galaxy Book for a first look.



4 handy iOS 10 Phone app tips and tricks

From saving voicemails to creating custom vibration patterns on a caller-by-caller basis, iOS 10 is chock-full of new features for the Phone app. Don't miss these must-read iOS 10 tips.



EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free – The Definitive Free Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free: Recovering lost or broken data quickly and efficiently.



What's YOUR Backup Strategy? (I'll show you mine...)



Six Flags' new VR roller coaster is both breathtaking and broken

Nothing makes a rough ride worse than bad VR.



The Right Way to Rename Notebooks in OneNote



Make the most out of Google with this list of ‘OK, Google’ voice commands



Windows 10 Cloud will run Win32 apps, but only from the Windows Store



Good news: A third-party screen repair won’t void your iPhone warranty

Apple won’t punish you for getting your cracked display fixed by an unauthorized repair shop.


Video: Tech company in Indiana builds tools for conducting experiments in space



Low-Tech Scam Reaching Bizarre Numbers Of Victims

Tactic is particularly successful with older or less tech-savvy victims.



Should You Backup Everything?



BlackBerry's KEYone is an exciting return to form

The phone formerly known as 'Mercury' launches in April for $549



How to Install Linux Mint’s X-Apps on Ubuntu



AMD vs Intel: Does Ryzen give Intel something to worry about?



Xbox Game Pass is a new subscription service providing access to over 100 games

Following the runaway success of EA Access, it seems Microsoft itself is now keen to get in on the action.



Porsche Design's Book One looks to outrace Microsoft's Surface Book

Porsche Design's Book 2-in-1 is a detachable and a convertible computer with a starting price of around $3,000



Responding to cyber threats in the terabit era

Prepare for a new wave of cutting-edge cyber attacks linked to emerging technologies like networked IoT devices. Deloitte vice chairman Paul Sallomi explains how hacks are evolving in the terabit era.



Popular iPhone Apps May Lead To Data Breach

Security expert’s report highlights over 70 app vulnerabilities.



Why Backup? 9 Good Reasons (and YOUR backup questions answered)



Recommended Reading: AI and the future of music

The best long-form writing on technology and more on the web.



20+ Websites Every Apple Fan Must Bookmark



Apple might unveil a new iPhone SE this month



The Lenovo Yoga 720 is the 15-inch GTX 1050 convertible you didn't know you wanted



WD ships 256GB Lightning-attached storage for iPhone and iPad

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick also doubled its previous capacity



How to use the Delay feature in Windows 10's Snipping Tool

The Delay feature in the Windows 10 Snipping Tool comes in handy when you need to take complex screen shots on the fly. This walk-through will show you how it works.



MacOS Threat Proves You Can Teach An Old Virus New Tricks

New macOS malware exploits old Windows tricks to get into your system.



New Apple iOS Releases Have A Great Secret Feature



Augmented reality may save you from road rage

A heads-up display would let other drivers know your situation.



7 Superior Windows 10 Mail Features You Probably Didn’t Know About



Exclusive: This is the Galaxy S8



What's the fastest Linux web browser?

Firefox is the default web browser for most Linux distributions, but is it the fastest choice?



Windows 7 share decline stalls, hinting at tough transition to 10

A majority of Windows PCs still run the 2009 operating system with less than three years until its support retirement



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Old Windows malware may have tampered with 132 Android apps


This has to do with Developer Tools for Android. I have some of these tools in my Ubuntu Linux (Linux versions, of course), and they do not update or expire when new versions of Android or the tools themselves are released. 

IMO, no one should be able to post for any online Store consideration any App which can be identified as having been developed on an expired developer platform like this. Maybe after this embarrassment, Google will consider making this their policy.

Cleaning Up After Multiple Failed Windows Updates

At the West Side CCS meeting Thursday evening, a member brought up an issue. He had a large number of failed attempts to upgrade his NUC to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (AU, or v.1607). Then the PC mysteriously got upgraded. But now Windows Update has a huge number of failed install listings in the Updates History list. This list itself cannot be cleaned up as far as I know, but there are good reasons to clean up the local logs and other components of Windows Update after such an event. 

For one thing, these logs are scanned each time new updates come in. This can take a long time. Also, when the PC goes through the Restart, the WU Logs are updated, which can add to an already huge backlog of entries. This can introduce instabilities into the updates mechanism, and this is not good. 

So, a bit of cleanup is in order. 

There are actually three levels of cleaning up and resetting Windows Updates. And since this was a Feature Upgrade, there will be a large amount of Windows.old files lying around. After ten to thirty days, these old files will no longer be of use to roll the upgrade back. 

The first step to clean up Windows Update is to run Disk Cleanup on the System Partition.

Be sure to check off Clean Up System Files, which produces a second checklist of things to clean. Cleaning up any Windows.old files may also be useful, if you're past the rollback period. (This is listed as Old Windows Installations in Windows 10.) Definitely check off the box in the list to clean up Windows Update. (This process can take a long time, and sometimes does not fully complete. I have often had to close or cancel the first run, then try again. By that time most if not all the WU Cleanup has happened. This is due to a bug known to exist in Windows 10 for the WU Cleanup function. I'd give this case an hour to complete the cleanup, then if still stuck, stop the first run and try again.) All told, you may also notice a significant amount of disk space made available. But our purpose here is not to recover space -- it is to clean up the large accumulation of obsolete WU data. 

Normally, resetting Windows Update will clear up the most common remaining issues. 


Or use this script:


(It's OK to use this script, as it does come out of the Microsoft Technet Community.)

If you have deeper issues with Windows Update, there is a downloadable tool for doing a more thorough reset and other troubleshooting for Windows Update.


Once all of this has been done, Windows Update may become quicker and more stable. And the risk of future failed downloads and installations will be reduced. You may lose at least temporarily the entire Updates History -- this is normal after a full reset of Windows Update. Don't worry -- more entries will soon begin to pile up. 


From My Recent Readings

13 reasons not to use Chrome


I don't agree with most of this article, but it's out there, so let's read it and decide for ourselves. 

Shake, rattle and roll: We test 3 rugged tablets (with video)


Before you rush out to buy one of these, look at the price tags for the amount of computing power and the size of these tablets. My whole NUC cost half these prices or less.


Netgear's R6300v2 dual-band 802.11ac router is down to $70 today


Other configurations, including ones with cable modem features, are listed, but currently not available. So look here before you buy: 


The shipping time is one to two MONTHS. If they even have any. Nearly all the listed options are currently unavailable, which makes me think they may never ship at this price.

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Thur 848  3/2/2017

Turn off those pesky location requests in your browser

Tired of sites that insist on knowing where you are? Here's how to disable the prompts in Chrome, Firefox and Edge.



Amazon Targets Microsoft’s Office Megalith



Is This Amazon's Skype Killer?



New Hacking Method Goes After Hardware, Not Software

A Dutch team discover a new hacking method but are the big tech companies listening?



Microsoft Office 365 review

Does Office in the cloud send productivity sky-high?



Yahoo confirms 32M accounts breached in 2015-2016 forged cookies attack

In a recent annual report filed with the SEC, Yahoo confirmed that forged cookies were used to hack 32 million accounts. Here's what it means and why your company should be aware of such attacks.



This New Phone Charger Will Get You to 100% in 20 Minutes

Life changing.



Would killing Bitcoin end ransomware?

Bitcoin and ransomware seem to go hand-in-hand, but experts explain that doing away with the cybercurrency would just force cybercriminals to find another anonymous way to extort money.



Microsoft's Surface phone should be much more than just a 'phone'



How to Switch Between Linux Distros Without Losing your Data



Google is improving its Safe Browsing features to protect MacOS users



Beware Fake Tech Support Scammers



YouTube To Stop Lengthy “Unskippable” Ads

“Unskippable” ads will be ditched on YouTube – great for viewers but not so good for YouTubers!



21 landscape photography tips you'll never want to forget

The secrets of great landscapes



Despite privacy concerns, Trump will not reform FISA 'to protect the security of the nation'

The Trump administration plans to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, despite criticisms from Congress and privacy advocates, who say it allows unnecessary spying on citizens.



Google Assistant begins huge expansion across Android devices today

Coming to millions of Android Marshmallow and Nougat phones



Tips for negotiating with cyber extortionists

Whether you are opposed to it or not, enterprises need to have a plan for negotiating with people who take their data hostage.



Windows 10 on the Surface 'coffee table' works surprisingly well



How to Set Up and Use Google Docs Offline Easily



The Apple TV under development when Steve Jobs called it a 'hobby' is now obsolete



Yes, You Need Image Backups (and here's how)



Yahoo Announces Breach Due To Forged Cookies

Yahoo customers are left defenceless as hackers bypass passwords thanks to forged cookies.



How my new laptop illustrates one of the best things about Linux

Follow-up: I've been using this low-priced, ASUS X540S laptop for over a month now. Here's what I've found.



How to use OverSight to track when hackers access your webcam

Certain Mac malware can access a user's webcam to spy on them undetected. Here's how you can use the free tool OverSight to protect yourself.



AMD Ryzen 7 1700 vs. a 5-year-old gaming PC, or why you should never preorder

Can a Ryzen 7 1700 system replace a 5-year-old PC? For PC gamers, the answer isn't straightforward—and the results might surprise you.



Eleven-year-old root flaw found and patched in the Linux kernel

The vulnerability is in the kernel code supporting the Datagram Congestion Control Protocol, which is enabled on many Linux distributions



How to format a new hard drive on Windows 10

You should never use a hard drive without formatting it first, and in this guide, we show you how to do it.



How To Diagnoise and Fix Driver-Based BSOD Errors



Oculus Just Slashed Rift Bundle Price by $200



New Features of Windows 10 Safe Mode



US Government Hacked With Its Own Spyware?

Former National Security Administration tech expert tells all.



This old ransomware variant is back - with sneaky new tricks

It's been quiet since 2015, but TorrentLocker has suddenly returned. And this time it wants to steal your passwords too.



Your computer's hard drive LED can be hacked to transmit your personal data



7 Mistakes You’re Making Every Day on Your iPhone



Google Pixel 2: I’m excited for this device more than any other phone



Windows 10 Cloud is a good idea and here's why



The Greatest Gaming Myths You Need to Know About



Brave dude tries to use Windows 98 for his daily life, gets a big surprise



Apple is reportedly going to change the iPhone charging cables ... again


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Wed 847  3/1/2017

To all; sorry about the lack of postings.  There was no medical condition, just appointments, rehab and other work I had to do. I also lost the source materials "more FYI's" are created from.  Then I lost the actual machine and had to replace it.  I think I managed to reconstruct most if not all of the sources and added at least one.  So with a small bit of luck, I should be getting back in business.


Windows 10 32 or 64 bit – Which is the Right Architecture for You?



Samsung’s Staedtler stylus is roughly 5,000 times more awesome than the Apple Pencil



With Galaxy S8 release imminent, new Samsung ads promise its phones won’t explode anymore



Mozilla buys Pocket, an app for saving articles

It'll give the Firefox developer a bigger stake in the mobile world.



How to Copy Task Manager Details to Notepad



Huawei asserts global ambitions with impressive P10



5G is (almost) here – but why should you care?

What’s 5G for? 4K & 8K AR, VR, and much, much more



Best Window and Workspace Management Tools for macOS



Dig deep into your PC’s hard drive to re-discover lost files.



Nokia returns with 3 Android smartphones to challenge Apple, Samsung



Here's what you need to know about motherboard CPU sockets



Samsung’s New 'Galaxy Book' Tablet Takes On Laptop Market



Comcast X1 boxes will get a YouTube app later this year

YouTube clips will be included right next to video on-demand content.



4 Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Completely Private



$10 Raspberry Pi Zero W Launches

It's double the price of the Pi Zero, but in return adds wireless LAN and Bluetooth.



iPhone 7S release date, news and rumors

Painting a picture of Apple's next flagship



How to Share Your Internet Connection Between Two Windows PCs



New Chrome Malware Is The “Snipe Hunt” Of Scams

Imaginary font message fools the unwary…



Dual Monitors: Good Reasons to Upgrade



Samsung takes a swipe at Apple iPads with a Windows tablet that comes with keyboard and stylus



Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard for iOS review: A FAR better typing experience on iPhone



Windows 10 Creators Update will let you control which apps can be installed (this is the 5th version of Windows 10, a major update (replacement), so make sure before the update is install to have a verified full disk image backup and up to date recovery media.  Later this year will be another, as yet undefined as to what changes, security updates and new feature it will contain.)



Jolla's Android alternative is coming to Sony Xperia phones

Officially, that is.



YouTube Is Killing Unskippable 30-Second Ads



Kingston's 2TB 'world's highest capacity USB flash drive' costs almost as much as a MacBook Pro

Kingston has unveiled the price of its 2TB USB flash drive, and it definitely falls into the category of "if you have to ask what the price is, it's not for you."



iPhone 8 Plus release date, news and rumors

Two large-screen iPhones?



Choosing the Best Linux Filesystem for Your SSD



Russian Military Announces Significant Cyber War Effort Increase.  

Russia has announced plans to increase spending on its armed forces, and the creation of a new branch of its armed forces to focus on information warfare, the country’s defence minister has said.



How To Eliminate 94% of Windows Vulnerabilities Easily



7 universal rules of threat intelligence



How to create a custom Outlook email signature



Op-Ed: Smartphones as we know them will be dead in five years



AT&T's smart streetlights can smooth traffic, detect gunshots

It's teaming with GE to install intelligent sensor nodes into existing lighting.



What Are Levitating Speakers and Should You Buy Them?



Google: We're puzzled Windows 10's Edge, IE flaw hasn't been patched by Microsoft

Google's Project Zero security researchers express surprise at Microsoft's failure to patch this bug before it reached its 90-day deadline.



Do U2F Security Keys Really Keep You Safe?



Windows 10 Privacy Still Cause For Concern, Says EU  

New update changes are welcome say European Union privacy watchdogs, but still do not go far enough



Geekly Update 02 26 17



Here’s a new way to prevent cyberattacks on home devices

The Dojo is due out in April for $199



Best Laptop Docking Stations



Change to Dolby Vision HDR means it may come to a wider range of equipment



Exclusive: Amazon Developing Advanced Voice-Recognition for Alexa



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Seen at AskWoody.com:

Fascinating Study of Tech Support Scams.



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

CyberSecurity starting at Printer Security

Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:22 pm (PST

Excellent video about cybersecurity--more specifically printer security. This short video is well done and demonstrates the need for strong tech security throughout an organization.


Latest edition of CyberHeistNews

Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:06 pm (PST)

CyberheistNews Vol 7 #9 Survey: Most Hackers Break in Within Six Hours



Google and Microsoft Vulnerabilities

Wed Mar 1, 2017 9:20 am (PST)

Google finds security flaws and then notifies manufacturer. If problem isn't fixed within 90 days they make the flaws public. The idea is to put pressure to get the flaws fixed. Microsoft missed the 90 day deadline for February so expect to hear about the security flaws andbe careful.


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Tue 846 2/28/2017


Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Seen at AskWoody.com:

Samsung mulls iris scanners on smartphones to log into Windows PCs


It seems Windows Hello is trying to connect with Android devices for the Continuum Experience. 

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Mon 845 2/27/2017


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Sun 844 2/26/2017


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