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Sat 976  7/22/2017

Google’s AI can now lip read better than humans after watching thousands of hours of TV

The AI system annotated TV footage with 46.8 percent accuracy



Android Circuit: Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 8 Launch Date, Leaked Nokia 8, Microsoft Loves Android



Search Indexing was turned off in Windows 10



Google Assistant Vs. Bixby: Does Samsung Have Any Hope?



[Windows 10 Tip] Restoring Classic Control Panel Shortcut in Win+X Menu



29 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Chrome has a ton of hidden little tricks that you may not know about.



Windows 10 Creators Update: Step by Step to Upgrade Your System With the Media Creation Tool



Zero-Day Exploit Surfaces that May Affect Millions of IoT Users

A zero-day vulnerability dubbed Devil's Ivy is discovered in a widely used third-party toolkit called gSOAP.



V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless Review: Premium Earbuds for a Premium Price



MakerBot will connect Chromebooks to cloud-based 3D printers



Confirmed: Windows 10 may cut off devices with older CPUs

Microsoft's policy puts all older hardware at risk.



Segway MiniPro patched to stop hackers hijacking remote control from hoverboard riders



Adjust Android Font Size & Style



How to Stop Pop-ups on Android Devices



Is There a Keyboard Shortcut to Pause the Output of a Running CMD Window?



Unhandled Exception Access Violation error in Windows 10/8/7



10 Reasons Why You Should Store Your Data on a FreeNAS Box



[Tip] Hidden Secret Hotkey to Put Apps in Full Screen Mode in Windows 10



LA Children's Hospital Fighting Disease With Tiny Robots, Big Data

From IVEY the assistive robot to an AI-enhanced intensive care unit, Children's Hospital Los Angeles is betting big on technology.



Review: The Windows 10 Creators Update (its coming, its almost here)



'AVPass' Sneaks Malware Past Android Antivirus Apps

Researchers at Black Hat USA will release a toolset that studies and then cheats specific Android AV apps.



The New Google Feed: What It Is And How It Works



Microsoft wants OneNote to be the go-to classroom app



Android O: The Reddit AMA's 8 most interesting reveals

It won't be called Ovaltine.



Millions of IoT devices at hacking risk due to flaw in open source software library



Mac Spotlight 101



What Do You Do When You Encounter Fake News?



Add a Hidden Gesture to Your Mac That Shows All Windows for Any Application



ProtonMail review: Secure Email Service Provider from Switzerland



How to Recover Any Unsaved or Overwritten Microsoft Excel Files



[Windows 10 Tip] Disable Automatic Driver Updates Installation via Windows Update



How to Set Up and Use Windows Speech Recognition

You don't need Cortana to run commands and launch programs in Windows using your voice.



You have a public Amazon.com profile page that others can see



How to Change Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10



Google Glass 2: Everything We Know So Far



Anki's Cozmo gets a free update aimed at helping kids learn to code



Network Television Stations Speed Up TV Shows to Fit in More Ads



So You Think You Can Spot a Skimmer?



Man Arrested For Posting Movie On Facebook



How to Get the Old Windows Defender in Windows 10 Back



How to Block (or Allow) Certain Applications for Users in Windows



The 3 Best Tablets For Senior Citizens



Petya Ransomware/Wiper’s modus operandi is old wine in a new bottle



[Firefox Tip] Disable New Compact Menu (Photon UI) and Restore Classic Main Menu



Amazon Echo Show



Woman sues Apple for $75,000 over defective phone



Windows 10: UUP to ISO - Create Bootable ISO from Windows 10 Build Upgrade Files (One problem we have had with prior versions of Windows (exclude Windows 10 for now) is like Windows 7 and all the updates and having to reinstall Windows and then all the updates (something Windows 10 doesn't have due to all the upgrade versions))



Apple is already preparing for the iPhone 9



Facebook reminds you Messenger video chat exists with new effects



Leak Suggests a Real Nokia Flagship is Coming Soon



Facebook Mobile: How To Save Posts



Got Robocalled? Don’t Get Mad; Get Busy.



5 Wonderful Museums You Can Visit Online



How to Get a Notification When Caps Lock or Num Lock Is Enabled in Ubuntu



Harden Windows Defender protection to the highest levels on Windows 10



SG Security Scan



How the first iPhone blew the BlackBerry away with an amazingly accurate on-screen keyboard

 - By early 2006, the iPhone keyboard still didn't have the accuracy Apple needed.

 - Former Apple executive Scott Forstall tells The Wall Street Journal he knew the phone would be compared to the BlackBerry.

 - The team put all focus toward the keyboard, making it more accurate using artificial intelligence, he says.


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Fri 975  7/21/2017

U.S. officials say Russian government hackers have penetrated energy and nuclear company business networks



Disney experiments look to make kid-robot interactions more natural



20 Hidden Roku Tricks for Streaming Success

We help you discover hidden features in your favorite streaming device.



How to Mute Tweets with Specific Words on Twitter



MTE Explains: How DDoS Protection Works



3 ways to check your phone for malicious Android apps

Google's new tool makes it easy to quickly verify you haven't installed a suspicious app.



How to get rid of hum and eliminate other noises from your audio and video systems

Don't let buzz, hum, or hiss ruin your AV experience. We'll show you how to solve common electrical faults so you can ditch the noise.



Qualcomm, Inc. Reportedly Powering New Oculus VR Headset

The top mobile chipmaker has reportedly scored a high-profile win inside of Facebook's upcoming low-cost standalone headset.



Fix Your Internet Speed With These Windows Tweaks



How to setup Avast Internet Security for Maximum Protection (2016 Guide)



Where to Pre-Order Xbox One X



[Tip] Different Ways to Open Control Panel in Windows 10



Windows SmartScreen can’t be reached right now



Turn Off or Disable Browser Extensions (you can also use Incognito mode which disables them until you return to normal mode)



Lyft adds pickup suggestions for smoother ride routing



10 New Apple Photos Features You'll Want to Check Out




How to Speed Up, Disable, or Rebuild the Windows Search Index



9 Easy Ways to Speed Up Firefox in Less than 10 Minutes



Would you like fries with your KFC phone?

Huawei has produced a finger-lickin' special edition phone for KFC in China.



Emerson Sensi thermostat review: A traditional thermostat with some smart features

The Sensi is like your old thermostat with the addition of some excellent Wi-Fi features.



Yandex NV: The Russian Search Engine Takes a Bite Out of Google

The company has seen its stock double in the past two years, and now that it has settled its differences with Google, the future looks even brighter.



7 of the Biggest Myths About Kodi, Debunked



How to Back Up All of Your Online Accounts Offline



Best Big Phones: Top Picks 5.5 Inches or Larger



[Guide] How to Reinstall All Default Built-in Apps in Windows 10



Protect your computer’s Master Boot Record with MBR Filter



Don’t Click On This Trick



Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube and Twitter form Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism



The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017

No matter your budget or installation skill level, these smart alarm and surveillance packages will keep you safe and let you monitor what's happening at home from afar.



How to Fix an iPhone or iPad That Doesn’t Show Up in iTunes



How to Make Use of Console Messages to Troubleshoot Your Mac



Online harassment is plaguing more victims

A new study finds that four in ten Americans have been harassed online.



How to Read Event Viewer Log for Chkdsk (Check Disk) in Windows 10



Router Security



32 Genius DIY Hacks for Phones and Tablets



[Guide] How to Remove All Built-in Apps in Windows 10



How can I have a Very secure Ubuntu Desktop system [closed]



What to Do If Your Phone Is Lost or Stolen



How to forward email or disable unauthorized forwarding in Outlook.com



How Tech Education Leads To Success



Windows is trying to escape the PC, again

Windows 10S and Windows on ARM see Microsoft looking beyond the standard PC again. Can it succeed this time?



The Internet of Cars Will Ruin the Roads

For safety's sake, it would be better if self-driving cars were kept totally autonomous, as in unable to chat with other cars or any system outside the car.



How to Fix an iPhone or iPad That Doesn’t Show Up in iTunes



5 Apps that Help You Block Spam Calls on Android



Microsoft Kills Windows 10 Feature Updates For Older CPUs



How to Create and Restore a System Image Backup with Macrium Reflect



Welcome to ShieldsUP!

If you have not visited for some time, please note that:



How to Make Netflix Better by Changing a Few Settings



SamSam ransomware now demands $33,000 from victims

Attacks have increased, and so has the blackmail.



How to Fix: Windows 10 Disable Password Expiration



[Tip] How to Uninstall Modern Apps in Windows 10



Troubleshoot OneNote problems, errors & issues in Windows 10



Four Ways To Make Your Phone Last Longer & Work Better



MIT's new drones switch between flying and driving for optimal urban transport



Ubuntu Kylin, a Linux Distribution with a Microsoft Windows Experience




Comments by – Joe Nowak

Top 5 Strategies to Prevent Ransomware

Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:13 am (PDT

Registration form for Live Webinar on July 25.

Top 5 Strategies to Prevent Ransomware



FBI warns about IoT Toys

Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:49 am (PDT

If you or your children/grandchildren have any toys connected to the Internet in some way, there is real danger.

FBI Warns About Security Risks From IoT-Connected Toys in Your Home


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Thur 974  7/20/2017

Microsoft's Never-Ending Optimism As It Updates Windows 10 Mobile



Disabling hyperthreading may be the best way to avoid newly discovered Intel bug



Why Does My iPhone Display “Security Recommendation” for a Wi-Fi Network?



How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad

Is the storage full on your iOS device? Here's how to figure out what's taking up the most space so you can decide what to delete.



[Tip] Hide or Remove All Apps List in Windows 10 Start Menu



Kaspersky's Ties To Russian Intelligence Questioned Once Again



Magala trojan hijacks Internet Explorer, then commits click fraud



Avast hardening modefor new users virus scanner



What Is Email Bombing and How to Protect Yourself from It



BT And KPMG Warn Businesses Against Cyber Security Traps - Investing In IT Security Products Alone Is No Silver Bullet In Battle Against Cyber Crime



How IT Can Save Our Healthcare System



FBI Warns: Smart Toys are a Security Risk



CNET asks: How do you avoid hacking and fraud?

With the rise of the internet come the dangers of fraud and hacking. What steps are you taking to protect yourself?



Fun For Young Nature Photographers



How to run Chrome browser in Incognito Mode or Safe Mode



Uptime, YouTube's experimental app for watching videos with friends, opens to all



How to Install Windows on a Mac With Boot Camp



The Best Ransomware Protection of 2017

When ransomware turns your most important files into encrypted gibberish, and paying big bucks to get those files back is your only choice, you're in big trouble. One of these top-performing anti-ransomware utilities is your best bet to stay safe.



[Tip] How to Disable Windows Defender SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10



Gigabyte Responds To Intel ME Updates With New Motherboard BIOS



Data Breach hits California Association of Realtors



All Your Accounts Are Belong to Us



How to Add Custom Gestures on Android



New Ransomware Threatens to Send Your Internet History & Private Pics to All Your Friends



Windows 10 tip: More secret shortcuts to your favorite settings

Using commands that begin with the ms-settings prefix, you can create shortcuts that take you to specific Settings pages with a single click. Here are 31 of the most useful such commands, arranged by category.



Microsoft Rethinks Windows 10 Updates



Al Franken: Net neutrality protects your rights, so protect it

Sen. Al Franken says that if the FCC ignores millions of Americans and guts net neutrality, the courts will step up to protect the First Amendment.



Taking Sharp Photos



Office 365 Periodic Table makes it easier to understand Office 365 ecosystem



At this month's WWDC, Apple unveiled refined accessibility tools



Surge Protectors vs. UPS: Do You Really Need a Battery Backup for Your PC?



A Peek Inside T-Mobile's Massive LTE Growth

T-Mobile has come a very long way since 2014. Check out our exclusive data on how comprehensive its LTE network is now.



[Windows 10 Tip] Restore “Open Command Window Here” Option in SHIFT+Right-Click Menu



Logitech's Big Promises For Gaming Mice: Wireless Charging And Superior Connectivity



How to Enable or Disable Search History in Windows 10 File Explorer



Almost 12,000 Records Compromised in Two New Ransomware Attacks



7 Chrome Flags You Should Enable for a Better Browsing Experience



Verizon Data of at Least Six Million Users Leaked Online



Apple’s AR is closer to reality than Google’s



New ransomware threatens to share your private messages, images and browsing history with friends and family



Gene treatment to kill cancer moves a step closer to market

An advisory panel says it's time patients had access to gene-altering treatments. If approved, the first to make it to market would take on a stubborn form of leukemia.



Printing Multiple Photos In Windows 10



Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app



Autodesk Generative Design takes in constraints and makes its own 3D models



How to Find Out Why Your Windows PC Crashed or Froze



Limited Edition ThinkPad Planned for 25th Anniversary

Lenovo will release a special ThinkPad laptop with "throwback features" to celebrate the 25th anniversary in October. Butterfly keyboard, anyone?



[Tip] Restore Command Prompt Shortcut in Win+X Menu in Windows 10



MSI X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Motherboard Review



How to Enable or Disable Cortana showing Cloud Content in Search Results in Windows 10



LeakerLocker ransomware threatens to dox Android users as extortion

Digital threat spotted in two apps on Google’s Play Store.



Nox App Player: A Beautiful Android Emulator for PC and Mac



Harden Windows 10 - A Security Guide



Developer uses code to get revenge on tech support and IRS scammers

One potential victim decided to use a bit of code to exact their revenge



10 incredible things you didn't know your Android could do



Can GIFs help save net neutrality? Reddit’s going to find out

In support of the “Day of Action” for net neutrality, one Reddit community is using the best tool available: high-quality GIFs.



Windows Error Codes: Definitions For All 16,000 Of Them



Windows 10 Creators Update not installing



Sony to demo 3D face biometric running on an Xperia smartphone



Honolulu May Soon Ban Texting While Crossing the Street Like a Dumbass


Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Update on f.lux trial:

   I rate f.lux as a failure in Linux. I can't stand the color changes which this utility imposes on the screen. Colors which aren't true to the original make reading more difficult for me, not easier. I have no difficulties sleeping due to any screen effects, and light during sleeping hours does not wake me up. So maybe I was not the ideal candidate to test this AppIndicator. 

   In Ubuntu Linux 16.04, the entire graphics stack is all messed up to begin with. There are internal kernel-level conflicts which the Ubuntu developers had not resolved. Without going into details, there are competing platforms which keep overriding each other. This makes Ubuntu graphics unstable to begin with. For f.lux, as implemented in X.flux, this means that the attempt to use X-org and/or Randr to control the colors of the desktop, the browsers, app windows, etc., all have to conform to very different standards, which ends up with the screen colors reverting to the app-dictated colors more often than not. Every refresh, every new window, the colors revert. This renders any attempt at centralized color calibration impossible. Maybe Ubuntu has progressed from this mess, but I have not read of any resolution of these graphics rendering conflicts in Ubuntu 16.10 or 17.04.

   To add to the mess, the geniuses who wrote this Python based version of the AppIndicator made it impossible to remove except by invoking Root privileges with a file navigation utility (I used Nautilus as Root). Sending items to Trash as Root makes emptying the Trash impossible (or maybe as Root, trashing items makes them permanently deleted). I ran Bleachbit and Bleachbit as Root afterwards just to make sure I had done all I could to get rid of this mess. It turns out, the Python version used was way out of date, and this complicates cleanup.

   (I later found a more recent, normal .DEB distribution of f.lux-gui. Normal Ubuntu and third-party Apps -- including Chrome and Firefox browsers -- working under Unity Desktop do not respect its settings either. But at least removal was a simple apt-get remove operation.)

   So, my experiment with f.lux in Linux is over. Until Ubuntu developers get serious about graphics, and all other developers of apps and utilities get together on a single graphics standard, nothing can improve in Linux graphics rendering. 

   This is yet one more in a series of failures in Linux development which have resulted from too many developers going their own separate (and conflicting) ways, leaving the OS in a shambles. If all you want to do is day to day productivity, these issues aren't too overwhelming. But if you get down to the dirty details, you quickly expose how much disarray Linux is in. The problem is with Linux development, and it is systemic. Too many cooks make for a spoiled result. 

   Graphics is not the only area of Linux where this has happened. But this rant has gone on long enough.

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Wed 973  7/19/2017

Avast Free Antivirus settings you need to change now



Google is 'replacing' Gchat today — here's what that means



Turn Your Chromebook Into a Gaming Laptop with Android Apps and a Gamepad



Bitdefender Home Scanner scans your Home Network for vulnerabilities



[Tip] How to Use Game Mode in Windows 10



Atari to Make its First Console in Decades, but What the Heck Is It?



CPU Overclocking Guide: How (and Why) to Tweak Your Processor



Top 5 cybersecurity facts, figures and statistics for 2017
Predictions and observations provide a 30,000-foot view of the cybersecurity industry



8 of the Best Windows 10 Apps to Get When Switching from a Mac



AR iPhone App Rapidly Takes Photos and Leaves Them Hanging in the Air



Is the Office closed? Microsoft announces new AI research incubator



Microsoft Presses Forward with the New Skype



Does a Lapsed Anti-malware Tool Leave an Open Door for Malware?
Letting your anti-malware subscription lapse is never a good idea. I'll look at why that is, and available alternatives.



The Best Wireless Routers of 2017
Keep all your hardware cruising along on your wireless network with a top-notch Wi-Fi router. Here's what you need to know to find the right router, along with our highest-rated recent reviews.



Beware This Google Docs Scam



Atari gives fans a peek at new Ataribox gaming console
The company releases pictures of the much-anticipated Ataribox looking resplendent in black and neon red.



Apple TV’s new firmware is available for adventurous watchers



How to Run Your Mac’s Boot Camp Partition as a Virtual Machine



Scan your LAN with Slitheris Network Discovery for Windows



[Tip] Use “Win+Shift+S” Hotkey to Take Selected Area Screenshot in Windows 10



Latest AMD Ryzen BIOS Updates Really Boost Game Performance



Intel Core i9-7900X Review: Meet Skylake-X



Business Braces for More Ransomware Assaults



How to Disable Wallpaper Image Compression in Windows 10



Ashley Madison Parent Company to Pay $11.2 Million to Data Breach 'Victims'



5 hacks the pros use time and time again



Atari Goes Full Retro with New Console



Restoring an Image Backup Using Windows 10’s Built-In Backup
We've backed up an image, and we've created our recovery drive -- it's time to restore an image using Windows 10's built-in backup program.



How iOS 11 Brings Steve Jobs's Vision for the iPad to Life
Three features coming in iOS 11 could change the way I work on the road, and bring to life a vision Steve Jobs had for the iPad back in 2010.



How Hackers Use Subtitles To Get To You



LinkedIn wants Windows 10 users to stay better connected
Seems only fitting that the Microsoft-owned professional network make it easier for Windows 10 to use it, right?



'Secure' Windows 10 S Hacked Wide Open in 3 Hours



What File System Should I Use for My USB Drive?



Fix Bluetooth LE Devices connectivity issues on Windows 10



[Tip] Use “Win+Alt+PrtScn” Hotkey to Take Program Screenshots in Windows 10



Intel May Respond to AMD Ryzen With Six-Core i5, i7 CPUs



Never Trust Yellow Fruit



Enterprises face 3,680 potential phishing emails each week



What Are Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?



Answers to common security questions - Best Practices



How to Move Users Folder to another Location in Windows 10



Explained: Most 'PC Support' Contracts Are Scams



Supreme Court: Social Media Essential for Free Speech
The court decided that a registered sex offender should not have been banned under a 2008 North Carolina law that forbids people on the sex offender registry from interacting with minors online.



My Windows 10 Beefs



The net neutrality fight is on: Where do we go from here?
Ultimately, the rules governing the open internet may head to the courts or Congress. We break down how the issue could play out.



Google Earth comes to the classroom with new educational tours and lesson plans



How to Check Your iPhone or iPad for 32-Bit Apps That Won’t Run on iOS 11



No Cursor movement, Mouse Cursor moves erratically or slowly on Windows 10/8/7



[Tip] How to Use Game Bar in Windows 10



Can a Smart Headband Cure Depression?



Google wants you to stop using its SMS two-factor sign-in
SMS isn't secure, so Google will start pushing its users across to its prompt-based 2-Step Verification.



Teaching Your Computer



Beware of These Top 10 Phishing Emails. Would You Fall for Them?



How to Use Emojis in Linux



Google taught A.I. to make pro-level photos out of Street View panoramas — check out the results



How to Reset Windows Update in Windows 10



Some Windows 10 PCs Could Lose Security Updates



When Tech Drives You Crazy, Don’t Make the Problem Worse
Impatience leads to frustration. Frustration leads to desperation. Desperation often leads to more problems than you started with.



What Are Virtual Assistants and What Can You Do With Them?
Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant execs discuss what voice-activated contextual artificial intelligence (AI) can do for business, and how the digital assistant landscape is evolving along with AI.



Why Pay For Malware Protection?



Feds continue crackdown on annoying robocalls
The FCC wants to make sure unscrupulous companies and individuals can’t trick you into picking their unwanted automated calls.



How to use Google to store all your important files in case your computer dies



REVIEW: Amazon's newest Echo speaker is not for everyone





Comments by -- Bob Primak --
Re. FYI #971  (Mon 7/17/2017):

Windows 10 Creators Update fails to install on Intel Atom Clover Trail

   FWIW, my tablet from at least three years ago runs the next-gen beyond Clover Trail (it's called Bay Trail, and begins with the Z3000's series). So I'm good for probably a year or more into the future. Adn it is possible, though unlikely, that the older Atom chipsets will get new SoC Firmware at some point and be able to upgrade after all. By this time next year (or the Fall of 2018) I may be in the market to replace that tablet anyway, even though it still runs fine. Some friends of my family would love to have a tablet like mine.

   I have to admit that with the new Digital Entitlements from Microsoft and other vendors, there is little need to back up any programs or the OS these days. With apps like O&O ShutUp 10 and readily downloadable Registry or Group Policy files for making the Updates Mess more tame, most of your important settings (including the File Type Associations and Open With... changes we all make) can be backed up like data. This makes reinstalling Windows much less scary than in the past when Activation and License Keys were of greater concern.


6 things you should know about backing up your PC

Is it time to rethink the old ways of archiving your data? Maybe all but one of them...

I'm a "belt and suspenders" type of person -- you can never have too many layers of redundancy in your backups. So all of this, but also either Aomei Backer Upper or Macrium Reflect for a true system backup which can be restored from self-booting media. (Macrium Reflect Free has not been upgraded to match the current paid version in over six months -- time to start worrying.) 


To list all Programs installed on your system:


To include the Windows store Apps in your List and get it in Text format:



   All this said, I do back up with Macrium Reflect Free, and only do Data Backups of My Files and a few other critical areas which I change frequently. For those backups, Copy/Paste is usually sufficient. Cloud Storage isn't big enough for my data backups, given that I have quite a few PDFs and photos to curate. A phone or a tablet can be backed up to The Cloud, but not my whole data archives. I say this as someone with no Media Libraries or downloads.

   Cloud backup which syncs (change something locally and it changes in the Cloud) must have Versioning in order to preserve the original versions in case you change or delete smoething you might regret later. Local data backups can include Versioning, even without Windows Shadow Copies or File History, both of which are going away soon.

   Also, offline availability of data is important in the event of serious system issues and repairs. Local backup archives are the only way to have that safeguard.


With this $7 malware, anyone can be a hacker for cheap

Proofpoint security researchers examined the Ovidiy Stealer malware, which steals credentials and operates primarily in Russian-speaking regions.

I'll remember this the next time I want to steal anything from the Russians.


Virgin Media tells 800,000 customers to change passwords after routers found vulnerable to hackers

I've never heard of this company or this router -- must be an IoT hub, part of a Mesh Network router, or somesuch.


How to find out Windows Downtime, Uptime and Last Shutdown Time

These methods are best used for troubleshooting, not logging computer usage.

Only the Event Viewer among these methods, logs boot, restart and shutdown times over a period of time like days, weeks or a full year. And I would not use these numbers for reporting computer usage for different tasks, as in business use tax deductions. 


4 lightweight image viewers for the Linux desktop

There are only two image viewers I use in Ubuntu Linux -- Shotwell and XnViewMP. XnView does what IrfanView for Windows does. It si not a full-fledged image editor like The GIMP or a lightweight editor like Pinta. XnView does allow format conversions and some editing.


Ubuntu uses the .DEB version. The current version is 0.86. Once installed, the program has its own update reminders, and is not updated via the Ubuntu Updater or the Software Center.


Five WiFi Security Mistakes

I finally got the security setup updated for my Comcast Gateway here. They do leave these things pretty wide-open, don't they? But there's one phantom Ethernet device listed online which at some point seems to have been connected to my Home Network. All else now have Names and Groups to which they belong. I wonder what that could have been... well, it's not listed as active, so I'll just have to use my tools to monitor things. BTW, the Comcast DVR does not have a specific listing for itself. It's tied to the Gateway very directly. The Second Room box is listed as a separate device.


Amazon dreams of putting a giant drone beehive in your city

Just don't go poking around in there looking for honey!


How to download songs from SoundCloud

This site if it operates as outlined in the article, is completely illegal. This is unpaid file sharing of copyrighted materials, and it violates DMCA. If your ISP catches you doing this activity, you will receive at most one warning before being banned from the Internet and possibly hearing the FBI knocking down your door. It is the person uploading the song who violates the law, but try telling that to the Men in Black!


Stop Facebook from listening to everything you say

Kind of hard stopping an app from doing something it does not do in the first place, isn't it? More FAKE NEWS.


Linux for Everyone--All 7.5 Billion of Us

In spite of the ridiculousness of the headline (probably not the author's fault) this article is actually about establishing Digital IDs for everyone on Earth. While this could have very dark consequences (especially under certain Regimes) the concept is that you can't do much of anything in banking, health care or business without proving your identity. But a centralized worldwide database controlled by the UN? I am not enthusiastic about this. Their leadership has been pretty dodgy in the past, and not very upstanding today. I wouldn't want to hear about an ethnic slaughter based on finding people through their Digital IDs.


How To Eliminate 94% of Windows Vulnerabilities Easily

That figure is wildly exaggerated. But this is a good practice anyway. And make it a LOCAL Standard User Account in Windows 10.


Ultimate List of All Kinds of User Restrictions for Windows

In Pro and Enterprise versions, the Group Policy Editor can do a lot of this for you without risking corrupting the Windows Registry. 


Microsoft admits it disables anti-virus software in response to Kaspersky's EU complaint

Poor parsing of the headline, but yes, Windows has always disabled third-party security software during system upgrades. So what else is new?


Listen to Me Cheaply

Audible is a pretty nice service, even if you pay for it. Not expensive, either.


Ten Stupid Things You Can Do To Mess Up Your Computer

Windows does not need a third-party firewall. I use a firewall on my Ubuntu Linux, even though it is not turned on by default. This sometimes makes scanning with a network scanner pretty interesting, but it still works.


Awful home Wi-Fi? Don’t get a new router before trying this

Same principle that I have to apply to my OTA TV antenna. Fortunately, my Comcast Gateway does not have dipole antennas -- that thing would be a real bear to mount upside-down on the ceiling at a 45-degree angle!


How Corporate Citizens Can Do Their Part In The Fight Against IoT Cyberattacks

What the Mirai DDoS attacks proved is that unless someone is dying, or the business is being bankrupted, most companies do nothing to test and safeguard the security of the products they push out. Especially consumer level IoT devices.


Re. FYI #972 (Tues 7/18/2017):

How to Change the Background on the Windows 10 Login Screen

I change the background to make it different and instantly recognizable for each user on the device. Also, to distinguish the Login Screen from the Lock Screen. Slide shows as backgrounds can degrade system performance and battery life, so use them sparingly. 


Windows 10 Clock Time wrong? Here is the working fix!

CMOS batteries are not much of an issue in modern EUFI boot devices. But all these things work. The other thing which may need a Registry fix is to take Windows off Local Time and put it onto UTC. I dual-boot with Linux, and both OSes have to be one way or the other. Otherwise the one adds an hour and the other takes out an hour at nearly every switch. I changed Linux to Local Time, because that's easier, both coming and going if I decide to reverse it later.


How to Reverse Look Up a Phone Number

This does not always work. It won't work for mobile phones, which have no listings in paper phone books. And often, as in my case, the number leads back to someone who no longer lives at the address and who no longer owns that number. My old U-Verse phone number showed at least four people claiming it as theirs. All are imposters. At least one Google listing shows my current Comcast phone number as belonging to someone else. Fortunately, that online website allowed me to delete the number from their listings. Or so it appears. White Pages is a little more reliable than a random Google hit, but not always accurate either.


What’s The Best Tablet For An Avid Reader?

The days of buying dedicated Reader Tablets are long gone. Apps on any decent tablet will satisfy all but the most voracious readers.


SECURITY TIP: Lock Down Your WiFi Router

Other than manually upgrading the firmware (although I can check on my TV to see if Comcast wants to upgrade me) I have done most of these things. Renaming your SSID is actually a better defense than trying to hide it. It's very easy to uncover a hidden SSID these days if you know how. But by changing the SSID, you send a signal to hackers and casual drive-by freeloaders that you are serious about network security and the low hanging fruit lies elsewhere. Then follow through and do the other stuff, and also disable WPS in both modes (PIN and direct) when you aren't connecting a new device or reconnecting a device.


New iPhone case looks and feels like an actual butt

"I can't believe it's not buttocks!"


Get started with the Windows Subsystem for Linux

This is for developers only. This is not Linux inside of Windows. Full Linux environments cannot work inside of Windows due to many fundamental and unresolvable differences in how the two OSes interact with hardware. There is only so far this line of development can go. If you want a virtual Linux environment inside Windows, use a Virtual Machine.


One secret only tech pros know to recover data from your smartphone

Nothing in the free part of this article is known only to pros. I have alll these backup settings on my Android phone already.


How to Move Off-Screen Window back On-Screen in Windows 10

This is a useful tip. I have this issue when I do demos or use an external display, either wired or wireless (Miracast). Now I can get my windows and icons back in place quickly and without closing the apps.


FreeDOS Is 23 Years Old, and Counting

FreeDOS plays well with the Linux bootloader, GRUB2, but not so much with the Windows 10 bootloader, which does not like having Secure Boot turned off. So, this is not something to run with or within Windows 10. Previous Windows versions (especially Windows 7) and most Linux distros, will not object. Since this is native DOS and is still being developed, some programs which have problems in DOSBox inside Windows may work better under FreeDOS.


Dropbox’s new Security Checkup Tool

First Google, now Dropbox -- everybody's starting to ask firmly that users review our online security setups these days. And with good reasons.


EasyCMD lets you execute basic CMD commands from a UI on Windows PC

Whether in Windows or in Linux, the best way to deal with the Command Line is to just jump in, in their native environment. Command Line is text based -- you cannot get away from this. So the sooner you learn to deal with it, the better.


avast! 17 Protection Tweaks

Although it was not the intent of this post, this sums up in one article the main reason I dropped Avast (other than interfering with my work and slowing one of my PCs to a crawl) -- look at all the hoops you have to jump through to make this little beast behave!


How to disable Avast popups

Like I say, so many hoops -- blech!!


RIP USB: These Are Ports and Connectors to Care About in 2017

Well, technically, USB-C and Thunderbolt are still USB...


f.lux for Windows warms up the screen at night & helps reduce eye strain


I should try this. Except I work mostly in Linux. Maybe there's something like this for Linux, and easy to set up. Most Linux display tweakers are a real bother to set up and maintain. Updates frequently break these tweaks.


Why Do CPU Cores All Have the Same Speed Instead of Different Ones?

The concept of using GPUs to accelerate some threads or hyperthreads seems to be how the issue of needing faster processing of these threads is being handled lately. With cores reaching a wall in terms of increased speed per core, this seems the best option at the moment.

Re. FYI #972 (Tues 7/18/2017): Correction

I posted too soon about f.lux not being available in Linux:


You have to install the latest Python dependencies to run this, but its installation is otherwise only slightly more complicated than sending a .DEB package to the Software Installer.

This becomes a little AppIndicator on the top panel. I set it in Startup with my latitude, longitude and a couple of flags about light temp (sunlight = 5000K) and info about how my graphics setup needs to be controlled. After a system cleanup and reboot, the AppIndicator was there and active. It can be paused, and for late-night, turned down to a lower light temp (halogen = 3400K. I find full-incandescant = 2700 to be too yellow for my taste). And if I want true color, I can use Sunlight or Pause f.lux altogether. In Linux, due to the X.org graphics environment, we call this app X.flux. 

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Tue 972  7/18/017

Smart Homes' Basic Setup: 5 Devices You Need, Prices And Risks Involved



Microsoft's USB Type-C connector patent could bring reversible USB to Surface range



The Best Online Photo Printing Services of 2017

Your pictures deserve a better showcase than the screen on your phone. We've tested the top web services to see which ones are your best bets for printing photos.



Facebook Purity: No Ads, See Only What You Want To See



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3 great hacks for your Android device



How IT Can Save Our Healthcare System



5-Point Tuneup For Hacker Defenses




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There's a reason Microsoft is patching Windows XP again this month

June's Patch Tuesday release is eerily similar to the one last month



How to Change the Background on the Windows 10 Login Screen



Install only the driver for Nvidia graphics cards



Windows 10 Clock Time wrong? Here is the working fix!



How to Reverse Look Up a Phone Number



YouTube’s mobile app will adjust to display videos of any size



EU Court: Pirate Bay Liable for Copyright Infringement

European copyright law applies to any entity that communicates with the public, and that includes the Pirate Bay, the European Court of Justice ruled.



What’s The Best Tablet For An Avid Reader?



[Fix] Start Menu and Taskbar Icons Not Working in Windows 10



How to get Android Auto in your car (and why you want to!)



Oculus Working With Qualcomm on Wireless Rift, Slashes Price in Half



SECURITY TIP: Lock Down Your WiFi Router



New iPhone case looks and feels like an actual butt

HandL's unique iPhone "Butt Case" case is almost here. But will anyone feel comfortable using it in public?



Get started with the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Here’s what WSL is all about: getting the tools you need to do cross-platform development and management on your PC



How to Turn Off Notification and System Sounds in Windows 10



Windows Defender Antivirus: Controlled Folder Access



Privacy Cleaner Chrome extension monitors permissions granted to connected apps



How to Run PC Games at Resolutions Higher Than Your Monitor with Supersampling



Apple’s new iMac Pro will probably blow your mind



400 Burger Per Hour Robot Will Put Teenagers Out Of Work (kiss that $15.00 per hour job goodbye)



Use A VPN To Browse Privately On Your Mac



[Tip] Disable or Remove “Mixed Reality Portal” App in Windows 10



One secret only tech pros know to recover data from your smartphone



How to Move Off-Screen Window back On-Screen in Windows 10



Most Insurance Won't Cover the Expensive Electronics in Your Checked Bags



A massive botnet was tweeting you porn for months

Security researchers say the Siren botnet of almost 90,000 Twitter accounts was one of the largest spam campaigns on social media.



FreeDOS Is 23 Years Old, and Counting



Amazon Alexa Guide: Tips, Tricks and How-Tos



Dropbox’s new Security Checkup Tool



EasyCMD lets you execute basic CMD commands from a UI on Windows PC



How to Stop Facebook Messenger Videos From Autoplaying



Google's neural network is a multi-tasking pro




We tested data speeds on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless in 30 US cities. Find out which network is the fastest where you live.



Quick Phone Recharging Tip



[Tip] How to Disable Game Mode and Game Bar in Windows 10



avast! 17 Protection Tweaks



How to Burn Disc Image from ISO or IMG file in Windows 10



RIP USB: These Are Ports and Connectors to Care About in 2017



Shopping mall lets wives leave husbands in gaming pods

Commentary: In China, reluctant spouses can be shoved into little glass boxes and play Tekken while their significant others enjoy shopping.



Android Candy: Landing on the Moon, with your Thumbs



8 Cheap Smartphones (Under $200) Ranked From Best to Worst



How to disable Avast popups



f.lux for Windows warms up the screen at night & helps reduce eye strain (I've been using this for years)



Why Do CPU Cores All Have the Same Speed Instead of Different Ones?



'Secure' Windows 10 S Hacked Wide Open in 3 Hours



Advanced Micro Devices Is Surpassing Intel in the Race for Chips


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Mon 971  7/17/2017


Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Redstone 3) Coming in September 2017



What is Net Neutrality, why does it matter and how can you fight for it?



Windows 10 Creators Update fails to install on Intel Atom Clover Trail (this is the CPU chip in some products.  Go to the Start button and right click it for the alternate menu and click System which display the version of Windows, the CPU and speed and the amount of memory installed)



6 things you should know about backing up your PC

Is it time to rethink the old ways of archiving your data? Maybe all but one of them...



How to Track Sales and Price Drops on Amazon



PC Market Shipments Slip Again, Macs Mostly Flat



See Which Mac Antivirus Protects Best (and Worst)



OneDrive blocks all non-NTFS locations



With this $7 malware, anyone can be a hacker for cheap

Proofpoint security researchers examined the Ovidiy Stealer malware, which steals credentials and operates primarily in Russian-speaking regions.



Virgin Media tells 800,000 customers to change passwords after routers found vulnerable to hackers

Ethical hackers carried out research on the Super Hub 2 router and found it could be used to take control of Internet of Things devices.



How to find out Windows Downtime, Uptime and Last Shutdown Time



How to power a music server with Armbian

Step-by-step instructions for replacing a no-longer-maintained Linux music server distro with Armbian.



How Do I Get a Program to Auto-start When I Sign in to Windows?

I'll show you how to locate the Startup folder and put a shortcut to your program there.



Microsoft yanks bad Outlook patches of patches KB 3191849, 3213654, 401042

If you have Auto Update turned on, the patches are still doing their dirty work



[SHOCKER] Internet Security is Getting Worse



How to Change the Name of a User Profile Folder in Windows 10



Apple's iMac Pro may end up being even more powerful than we thought



Here's the brutal reality of online hate

Death threats. Mutilated animals. Damnation. The victims of online hatred share their experiences.



How to Mute (Most) Spam Accounts and Trolls on Twitter



Sony PlayStation 5 Arriving in 2019, Linked to 4K TV Adoption: Analyst



How to Get Classic Solitaire and Minesweeper in Windows 10



Import lists of URLs in Firefox



Raspberry Pi: Everything you need to know

How to get started with this $35 mini-PC that's beloved by makers and DIY enthusiasts.



As EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looms, tech vendors ready pitches

Enterprise technology vendors are lining up automated tools and artificial intelligence to land customers looking to comply with GDPR by May 25, 2018.



How to update a Shared File on Dropbox without breaking its link



4 lightweight image viewers for the Linux desktop

When you need more than a basic image viewer but less than a full image editor, check out these apps.



How Do I Create a Shortcut that Bypasses UAC to a Program Needing Administrative Access?

User Account Control, or UAC, requests confirmation when a program needs administrative access. If you know it's safe, we can bypass UAC with a shortcut.



Microsoft releases 15 Office patches for July, but some June bugs still stink

Embarrassing Office 2010 fix—KB 4011042—doesn’t make the main listing



[WARNING] Five WiFi Security Mistakes



How to Add or Remove Homegroup in Navigation Pane of File Explorer in Windows 10



Amazon dreams of putting a giant drone beehive in your city



For the disability community, tech is the great equalizer

Welcome to Tech Enabled, a new series chronicling the role tech plays in providing new kinds of accessibility.



How Try Chrome OS in VirtualBox Before Buying a Chromebook



[Tip] How to Use Night Light (Blue Light) Feature in Windows 10



Here's What Microsoft's Canceled Surface Mini Looked Like



The Complete Guide to Unrooting an Android Phone or Tablet



DARPA Is Funding Brain-Computer Interfaces to Treat Blindness, Paralysis and Speech Disorders



How to download songs from SoundCloud



Microsoft, Google Back Strong Net Neutrality Rules

 -AT&T, Comcast say Congress should act to replace FCC rules

 -FCC Republicans are moving toward gutting Obama-era rules



Stop Facebook from listening to everything you say



Creating a Backup Image Using Windows’ Built-in Backup

I don't think much of Windows' backup utility--but any backup is better than no backup. Let's take a look at how to use it.



Linux for Everyone--All 7.5 Billion of Us



How To Eliminate 94% of Windows Vulnerabilities Easily



How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade



How to memorialize someone's Facebook account

Take the reins of your loved one's memorial page.



How to Get Android Apps to See External Storage on Chromebooks



Ultimate List of All Kinds of User Restrictions for Windows



What You Need to Know About the Net Neutrality 'Day of Action' [Updated]



The Differences Between Multiverse, Universe, Restricted, and Main Repositories on Ubuntu



Microsoft admits it disables anti-virus software in response to Kaspersky's EU complaint

Microsoft disables old anti-virus software 'temporarily'



How to fix Missing DLL files errors on Windows 10/8/7 PC



Study Suggests Route to Improving Rechargeable Lithium Batteries



Win10 Creators Update will not install on some Atom/Clover Trail computers



Listen to Me Cheaply



Ten Stupid Things You Can Do To Mess Up Your Computer



How to Reset and Re-register Windows Spotlight in Windows 10



Awful home Wi-Fi? Don’t get a new router before trying this



For the blind, smart glasses offer a clear path ahead

New designs and applications are helping doctors, soldiers and the visually impaired see the world in unexpected ways.



How Corporate Citizens Can Do Their Part In The Fight Against IoT Cyberattacks




Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #965 (Tues 7/11/2017):

This Company Wants Easy, Secure Software Updates for Your Car

It's about time someone started thinking about updating auto software and firmware. But this ahd better come with good security and signing of updates.


Which CPU Should You Buy? Intel Core i5 vs. i7

I have never felt the need for the extra features and performance gains of the Intel core-i7 chipsets. Core-i5 has served my needs quite well. But then, I don't do gaming or a lot of video transcoding. 


Google to Stop Scanning Emails for Advertising Purposes

But they still have many, many other ways to connect your activities to you. EMail scanning was only one in their vast array of tracking and data collecting methods.


The Differences Between Multiverse, Universe, Restricted, and Main Repositories on Ubuntu

I've been known to install apps from any or all of these sources. Drivers, too and recently, Intel firmware patches.


How to Use Gmail Like a Desktop Email Client in 7 Simple Steps

Or, you could just install and set up a real desktop email client. Real clients have advantages like offline availability and archiving of copies.


Change Maximum Days Limit to Pause Windows Updates Installation

This feature may already have been severely restricted for Home and Pro users before the Fall Creators Update was even released.


Re. FYI #966 (Wed 7/12//2017):

How to monitor, measure, and manage your broadband consumption

I wish Tech Postings would be updated once in awhile! Networx has not been available for Linu8x in a long time, and it has not been free for Windows for a few years now. That's why I replaced it on my Windows PCs a long time ago.


Before installing Windows 10 Creators Update you will need to review your privacy settings

O&O Software's ShutUp 10 is still working as of the Creators Update. you can just save their Config file and use this as the baseline for your upgraded Windows settings.


Amazon Adds Intercom Feature to Alexa and Echo

That's one expensive intercom!


Need Robocall Relief? Here's How to Fight Back

I use NomoRobo on my Comcast phone line. One ring is all the telescammers get. Tjhey quickly get the message -- usually. Some then spoof unblocked numbers. They get dispensed with the old-fashioned way -- hang up.


Microsoft Pushes New Privacy Interface to Older Windows 10 Versions

I don't need the hassles of picking my way through the Microsoft "privacy" screens. One app all in one place -- O&O ShutUp 10. Saves a Config file in case things get reset somehow. (I'm talking about you, Microsoft Updates!) I'm thinking about doing the same sor of thing for the Registry settings for File Type Associations (open with...). Those keep getting reset too.


What You Need to Know About WannaCry Infecting Linux

Ubuntu recently patched SAMBA to overcome the main causes of its own vulnerabilities. It was this lack of updating which had been causing some enterprise users of Windows not to disable SMB-1 on their end of things. Now they can do so safely, in most networking environments.


Movie Maker Photo Slideshow: Part 2

I didn't know Windows Movie Maker had been revived. Or is this a "sideloading" project like shoehorning Windows Media Center into Windows 10? With no security updates from Microsoft, I wonder how wise it is to do such things? Especially when there are more powerful, but still fairly easy to use, programs available which are made for use with Windows 10 and are updated regularly.


Sprint doesn’t want you to buy your next phone

So now they want to hide the price and make you lease a phone the way you might lease a car? Unbelievable! And not in a good way.


HDHomeRun and Emby DVR review: Power to the cord cutter

So they finally got their DVR App working on Windows 10? Just in time for the next app-breaking upgrade.


Tech News This Morning - Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

That teen did not die from the phone. She touched a frayed extension cord.


Technology's Impact on Our Memories

Yep, AR can play a role in jogging memory. Maybe even in folks with age related declines? Who knows -- worth a try, I bet.


Is It Too Late For Firefox?

I think there will always be a core group of die-hards who will never give up on Firefox. I say this as a chronic Chrome user.


How to Automatically Clear Private Data When You Close Your Browser

Firefox lets you do this natively. Chrome cleanup is best handled with an extension. IE and Edge aren't very good at cleaning up after themselves, but CCleaner can be set up to do this job due to the close integration of the Microsoft browsers with the Windows OS. I don't use Opera, so cannot advise.


How to detect a virus on your Android

Nowhere does Komando mention that there is good antivirus for Android and we should be using it. Bit Defender can cover all your devices for one subscription. Free Android AV which works well includes offerings from AVG, Avast, Avira and ESET (the free version). I even use antivirus on my Ubuntu Linux now (ClamTK).


Internet Companies Boost Anti-Terrorism Collaboration

Prominently missing are AOL and Yahoo. Notice that?


Samsung made a giant 34-foot LED TV for movie theaters (I wonder what tickets will cost)

I doubt this would raise prices much if at all, except if there's a 3D version. Concerts don't charge extra for JumboTrons, after all, and those are also giant TV monitors.


How to Make a New Directory and Change to It with a Single Command in Linux

Of course, most GUI navigation utilities can do this too.


Re. FYI #967  (Thurs 7/13//2017):

There's a new and improved 'dark mode' coming to your iPhone this fall

I have a Dark Mode on my phone -- when the battery runs out!


Download Windows XP for Free and Legally, Straight From Microsoft

You have to be running Windows 7 to do this, and Windows 7 will be End of Life before we know it. This is not a full version of Windows XP, BTW.


Are you looking at me? Welcome to the world of facial recognition

To be honest, short of direct DNA sequencing, this is the best security management solution. That is, if correctly implemented with 3D cameras and other safeguards. The cams are less than $70.00 for home PCs and laptops.


New Fingerprint Readers Scan Through Water, Glass, Metal

And they can even read your fingerprint off a piece of cello-tape.


Why Backup? Here Are 9 Good Reasons

All good reasons to do regular backups. If it's true that Macrium Reflect Free is at a dead end, Aomei BackerUpper looks like the next one to try. 


Linear TV is falling apart

   So, for a price, you can skip ads. Record the show and watch it later, and you can skip the ads. How is this new and disruptive? 

   Not everyone will want to pay for substandard FOX OTA content, or for CBS prime-time reruns. As for "dead spaces", there are already things like CW Seed which are starting to offer shorter episodes and extras. Ever see a movie in the "Director's Cut" format? It doesn't add anything to the viewing experience, but it does fill the extra time. 

   Of course, when watching a group of episodes of the same show, it's just as easy to advance to the next episode. Also, a whole evening of TV shows can be condensed into about two hours this way. 

   So, "linear TV" watching is long-since all but dead. What's the difference now? Just the subscription prices, which will rise dramatically as everyone jumps on the bandwagon and the bills actually have to be paid. This on top of our ever-increasing Cable or Internet Access bills.


Play DVDs in Windows 10 for free

Original article reference:


What's a "video version" ripoff of a Windows 10 article doing in Mac World anyway?


Just Say No to Amazon's Echo Show

Creepiest... Idea... Ever.


Forcing Firefox 54, and saving web pages as single files

Chrome has been doing this natively forever.


Microsoft Makes Room for Ubuntu at Windows Store

WARNING! This is NOT the Ubuntu Operating System! It will NOT make Windows capable of running native Linux apps or native Linux file systems. The same applies to the other "Linux" Windows Store Apps.


Net Neutrality: What happened during the July 12 Internet-Wide Day of Action protest

Funny, I didn't notice anything.


IoT Fuels Growth of Linux Malware

Yeah, I can see this happening. It's all the embedded Linux in there, seldom updated and insecure from the get-go.


Alexa calls cops on man allegedly beating his girlfriend

So I'm guessing, if Alexa is on, yelling "Don't call the police!" will bring the police in a hurry. Too bad for the bad guys.


Kiwi for Gmail lets Windows users break free of the browser

If I want to work with email from any Web source, I do not have to pay a subscription. I can use an email desktop client, and I can work offline with the same email. This provides local storage and backup. Thunderbird for Windows or any of several Linux email clients will do the job. All are free and fairly easy to set up. 


Re. FYI #968  (Fri 7/14/2017):

How to Make Your Taskbar Buttons Always Switch to the Last Active Window

This is one trick I might try, in spite of having to edit the Widnows Registry to do it.


Microsoft's Plan to Beam Internet Over TV Frequencies Is So Crazy It Might Work

   The article illustrates terrestrial TV signals incorrectly. They do not curve to get over hills or other obstacles. UHF signals bounce off the F-Layers of the atmosphere, where there are charged ions and free electrons. VHF does a poor job of this, due to its longer wavelengths and tendency to scatter when reflected. If your outdoor antenna does not pick up line of sight signals, it maybe able to pick up signals by angling it at 45 degrees upwards, based on this principle. Again, only UHF signals behave this way. 

   But it is NOT true that TV signals penetrate buildings. I had virtually no indoors reception at my old location, a steel and concrete building. Even in my new place, the antenna has to be in a window or the coat closet, facing the outermost corner towards the exterior wall in the direction where most of the broadcasts originate or are repeated. (We have hills, so there are a lot of Repeaters here. Several nearby hilltops have them. Even with these, the local NBC affiliate's UHF signal has frequent dropouts. It's on Channel 60, UHF. This is close to the frequency of household electrical noise.) Imagine having to do all this engineering for your WiFi!

   Maybe Microsoft has figured out how to overcome all of these limitations, but Google's use of Gigahertz Band signals looks like a stronger contender right now. AT&T and Veizon seem to think so too, as do Comcast/XFinity and Charter/Spectrum. Both want to use this band for "the last mile" of "cable" or "wireline" TV and Internet services.

   Costs will drive up prices so that excpet in "the middle of nowhere" where conventional phone lines and cables are not competitive, prices per Mb/sec will not be competitive for the foreseeable future. That's also a problem for Gigabit Internet services right now in those few markets where such speeds have been introduced.


How to Install and Use ZFS on Ubuntu (and Why You’d Want To)

So basically, Ubuntu Linux gets Windows Storage Spaces.


Securing Your Linux System Bit by Bit

This is basically Secure Erase, not securing the contents of a disk. 

As per one comment, yes, it is best to encrypt the whole disk, then securely erase using any live-boot utility. (DOS or Linux based work best and fastest.)


The Skylake-X Mess Explored: Thermal Paste And Runaway Power

This is a concern for overclockers, not for the rest of us.


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Limit Windows Update bandwidth

   So this is only one small breadcrumb of appeasement to the problem of Automatic Updates suddenly taking over all your available bandwidth anytime it feels like it, and slowing your Internet access to a crawl. What users want and have been SCREAMING at Microsoft about since the debut of Windows 10 is that we do not want ANY automatic updates activity in the background, without our expressed consent EVERY TIME ANYTHING is downloaded. Microsoft is still NOT LISTENING to its users!

   That said, I have set up my Windows 10 Pro on my PC and my tablet to allow updating only when I manually do it. But that's pretty advanced stuff for home users. And most of the time I'm using Linux anyway, where the daily or weekly updates don't generally tie up much bandwidth to begin with. Ironically, I have these updates set up as Automatic, even though this is not the default in Ubuntu Linux.


Re. FYI #969  (Sat 7/15/2017):

How to move windows across Virtual Desktops on Windows 10

I've been thinking of trying Virtual Desktops, and this might be one useful thing to try there.


Access Firefox about:config preferences directly

I like the ability to bookmark preferences or groups of preferences for toggling and other uses. Chrome operates differently, so this is less uselful for me.


How to use HTTPS to improve web security

I installed HTTPS Everywhere into Chrome a longtime ago.


Hacking and Linux Go Together Like 2 Keys in a Key Pair

   I don't like the term "hacking" being used to describe customizing, tweaking or reverse-engineering Linux or parts of Linux. This blurring of definitions makes Linux look shady and criminal. Which is not conducive to more widespread public acceptance that an OS does not have to be dictated from within a Walled Garden. And where you don't have to put up with subscriptions or forced upgrades.

   BTW, most professional Penetration Testing is done on Windows, since this is the dominant corporate OS for Internet-exposed parts of the network. Linux in enterprises is mostly confined to back-room operations. Which of course, makes it a target for criminal hacking.


Bitdefender Home Scanner review

Bit Defender seems to be quite advanced in their concept of protecting all devices across the entire network. It might be worth buying their paid suite just for its broad and comprehensive coverage. This scanner is only a small part of the intended use of this suite. And it covers unlimited devices, including IoT, all your PCs and Android mobile devices, for one subscription price. 


5 Ways To Get Internet On A Limited Budget

The lifeline Program is currently under attack by the new Administration's FCC chief. Time to complain before this program goes away!


How to Enable PUA, PUP or Adware Protection in Windows Defender? (don't bother if you use another AV program)

Well, most active third party AV programs disable Windows Defender totally, so how could we bother?


Windows Defender Gets Better at Preventing Ransomware

And if a freeware program gets a false-positive, I guess we're just out of luck.


Don't Worry About Jayden K Smith

Boy, I'd hate to be the real Jayden K. Smith right now! BTW, Jaden Smith (slight spelling variant, without the K) is actor Will Smith's son, also an actor. This hoax may originally have been an attempt to deprive him of Followers.


Feren OS: A Linux Desktop Game-Changer

As soon as I read "specialized Repository" I started thinking about the security updating issues with Mint and Elementary, which also use unofficial Ubuntu ofr Synaptics repositories. I'd have to see the long-term track record of FerenOS before trying it myself.


Lenovo laptop concept flexes like a yoga mat

Durability has always been an issue with Flexible Devices. And I'd bet there's not one serviceable part inside. No way to get the thing open for servicing.


Re. FYI #970  (Sun 7/16/2017):

Microsoft cuts off Windows 10 support early for some PCs

Here's what really happened: This is just another case where a Windows Upgrade has (so far) left some devices and platforms without the right drivers and firmware to support the upgrade. By the time the Fall Creators Update goes mainstream I expect the manufacturers, the chip makers and Microsoft will work out these bugs. These devices will be supported as promised in almost all cases.


How Exactly Do You Get Rich Off the Hot New Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency mining is like Day Trading -- only do this if you have money you can afford to lose.


Microsoft and the UN to provide digital IDs for undocumented people

Relax, this isn't a ploy by Microsoft to give illegal immigrants in this country IDs.


What Is Email Bombing and How to Protect Yourself from It

Merely attempting to do this will get you banned from most major email providers. They usually catch people who do this sort of thing. And it's the sending accoutn which gets banned from the sending service. Some entire domains have been banned from Yahoo and Google for allowing these practices.


How to Run Programs Blocked by Avast Hardened Mode (for All Users)

This was one of the most annoying things about Avast wehn I used to use it. Too much of my time was taken up making exceptions and tweaking these settings to make Avast worth the effort. Avira offers some of the same sorts of protections, without all the false-positives ruining your productivity.


Echo alerts you to voice or text messages with a yellow light

I would think an alert tone would be more useful, especially if you're not in the same room.


The W5 is a full-blown desktop PC that fits in the palm of your hand

This runs on an Atom chipset. And it needs a monitor and a keyboadrd and mouse to work. The other specs are pretty anemic. There are more powerful nano-PCs out there.


Linux Beginner: Why Is Everyone Mean?

   It's true that it takes a certain kind of person to easily grasp a new OS, or even a new program interface for a familiar offering like MS Office. The Ubuntu Beginner's Forum is a place where someone who is new to Ubuntu can get answers with only a minimum of condescending attitudes from more experienced users. 

   I am not like most people. I easily adapt to new program and OS interfaces, and I am very quick to find whatever is available online through searching sites or searching with Google. It takes a certain mindset to really get good at drilling down to the key terms, learn the Linux lingo, and to solve a problem. Some issues I still haven't solved. A few things Windows can do, Linux simply has never been able to replicate. But when it comes to tyhpical beginner issues, like setting up wireless and bluetooth devices, setting up networked printers and scanners -- stuff like that is pretty well documented, often down to the brand and model. But choose the wrong hardware and you may be out of luck -- not everything is supported in Linux. Once the basic hardware is set up, things usually get easier. 


Microsoft to use TV Airwaves for Internet 'Super WiFi'

"Super WiFi" is a vast overreaching. TV signals do NOT penetrate concrete and steel buldings. And they don't work well in snow, hail, lightning storms or rain. Even heavy clouds can affect TV signals if your signal is bounced off the F-layers of the ionosphere, as most UHF signals are. Solar storms can also wreck havoc. Not much of this sort of thing affects wired (end to end) WiFi. Gigahertz WiFi (used by Google and a few other companies now in some markets) gets through buildings and overcomes a lot of the issues with TV signals, but it only works in straight line of sight, so is used for distances of a few miles or less. Usually much less.


Visual Subst: Create Virtual Drives for your Folders; Map Cloud Storage as Virtual Drives

Interesting concept, but I don't know the company which publishes this software. For me, I have so many physical drives and partitions that there are no more drive letters left for this sort of Virtual Drive. So for me it would fail when I need it the most -- during data and system backup operations. Linux does not suffer from this issue, as it can use at least 99 different devices or virtual devices per drive. And at least 99 drives per computer. (This just about covers me! ;) ) But there are some Windows files which Linux does not copy well, if at all.


Kaspersky Labs Accused of Working for Russian Spies

This is unsubstantiated FAKE NEWS.


Mac mini: Features, specifications, and prices for Apple’s affordable desktop computer

Given the prices, Why is there no pure SSD option? I didn't pay much more to make my Intel NUC pure solid-state.


Do I Need an OUTbound Firewall?

By the time malware is calling OUT, you are already losing the battle. But this is something to consider if you don't like Windows or third-party Telemetry (phoning home).


Harden Windows Defender protection to the highest levels on Windows 10

By all reports, the best way to harden Windows Defender is to replace it.


Technology and internet addiction: How to recognize it and recover from it

Believe it or not, I don't spend all day, every day at the computer and the TV. So no one needs to hold an intervention for me. Just in case anyone was wondering, that is...


Comments by – Joe Nowak

PowerPoint Realtime Translator

Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:47 am (PDT)  If you frequently make PowerPoint presentations to multilingual audiences, you should take a look at this new Microsoft app.


Latest issue of Cyberheist News

Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:39 am (PDT)

#CyberheistNews Vol 7 #28 New. Your Complimentary Customized Automated Security Awareness Program: ASAP!


Turbo Encapslator

Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:16 pm (PDT)

There have been several parody commercials like this one created in the past. This is one I hadn't seen before. The first time I came to a CCS meeting, this is what it sounded like.


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Sun 970  7/16/2017

Microsoft cuts off Windows 10 support early for some PCs
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Microsoft to use TV Airwaves for Internet 'Super WiFi'



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Two British men arrested over Microsoft hacking plot
The duo has tried, time and time again, to break into Microsoft's systems to steal customer data.



Easily Download / Upload files to remote server in within Cinnamon



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Visual Subst: Create Virtual Drives for your Folders; Map Cloud Storage as Virtual Drives



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Kaspersky Labs Accused of Working for Russian Spies



Mac mini: Features, specifications, and prices for Apple’s affordable desktop computer
Need more information about the Mac mini? You’ll find everything you need right here.



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Too many Windows 10 feature updates?



Do I Need an OUTbound Firewall?



Harden Windows Defender protection to the highest levels on Windows 10



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Apple’s Obsession With Secrecy May Be A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
A new report today describes how far Apple has gone (think ex-NSA and ex-FBI employees) to make sure nobody finds out about new products.



How to quickly charge your iPhone



Technology and internet addiction: How to recognize it and recover from it


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