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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Sat 11/25/2017 1092
Fri 11/24/2017 1091
Thur 11/23/2017 1090
Wed 11/22/2017 1089
Tue 11/21/2017 1088
Mon 11/20/2017 1087
Sun 11/19/2017 1086

Sat 1092  11/25/2017

New vulnerability uses antivirus software to infect systems with malware



Amazon Just Revealed Its Cyber Monday Deals and Offers



Everything You Need to Know About Intel’s CPUs Getting Hacked



Adobe Scan now uses AI to surface docs, business cards, and receipts in your camera roll

You can then turn them into PDFs



How to Set Up a Shared Network Printer in Windows 7, 8, or 10



6 Reasons You Should Replace Your ISP’s Router



Intel’s New Core i5-8250U is a Huge Upgrade Over Older 7th Generation CPUs



Microsoft developing a foldable tablet for digital note-taking



How to make Windows Defender Antivirus scan external drives for malware



Resetting Forgotten Windows Password 



[Tip] Hide/Remove Pages or Sections from Windows 10 Settings



The Best 3D Printers of 2017

Whether for personal, professional, or educational use, 3D printers are more affordable than ever. Here's what you need to know to get started along with our top performers in testing.



5 fun things to do with your digital photos



Plex now streams the news for free, with no media server needed

The media server mainstay branches out with personalized news from the web.



Switching to LED lighting to save energy has created a new problem for the environment



How to Factory Reset Your Xbox One Console



Ecobee adds Google Assistant support to its smart thermostats



How to Blink Your Lights When Someone Rings Your Doorbell



How to Reduce Distracting Notifications on Android



Samsung’s Z-SSD Uses New NAND Design, Threatens Intel’s Optane



Google announces partnership with Raspberry Pi Foundation



Relieve stress and anxiety with this top-rated meditation app



Have You Been Phished? Category: Security



[Fix] Some Pages or Sections are Missing in Windows 10 Settings



The Best Wireless Routers of 2017

Keep all of your gadgets cruising along with a top-notch Wi-Fi router. Here's what you need to know to optimize your wireless network, along with our highest-rated recently reviewed routers for all budgets.



Print pages off the web without all the ads



The Amazon Fire TV just got a lot more annoying

A Fire TV software update makes banner ads more intrusive. And you can't get rid of them.



This might be our first look at Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 design



How to Easily Remember Linux Commands



Apple’s latest iOS update fixes iPhone X screen responsiveness in cold weather

iOS 11.1.2 is available now to download



How to Add Tabs to Ubuntu’s Terminal



7 Risks of Dual Booting Windows and Linux Operating Systems



Intel Patches Major Flaws in the Intel Management Engine



Windows Bugs Could Be Much More Serious



Surface Book 2 13-inch review: A good thing made great



How to Unlock a Fixed or Removable BitLocker Drive in Windows



How to easily share USB devices using USB Network Gate

Sharing USB devices over a network doesn't have to be a challenge. Jack Wallen shows you how to use this app to make your device available to other network-attached machines.



The Best VPN Apps for the iPhone

Your iPhone may be well protected against malware, but it can't protect your data as it travels the internet. Using a VPN keeps your information safe and private, even when you're connected to the web through an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot.



Hack-proof your life: 5 key steps to boost your safety online



The FCC gives 4K, next-gen TV the green light

Broadcasts in the new format are expected to start in 2018, but there are worries some homes could lose programming



Smellable VR is coming whether you want it or not



6 of the Best Sandbox Applications for Windows 10



Facebook made an app just for video creators



Should You Use Windows’ Full-Drive Compression to Save Space?



Best Black Friday Deals NOT Found on Amazon



Intel: A Raft of Good Things Starting Next Year, Says Barclays



Google Tracked User Location even when GPS Turned Off



HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset review: I'm a believer



PowerShell Scripting - Run a Script from Shortcut



VIDEO: How to solve IPv6 network problems



Epson WorkForce ET-4750 EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printer



Incognito mode isn’t really private, Are the Black Friday TV deals worth it? and Talk to your family about online security



Amazon is offering a $40 discount when you buy two of its new Cloud Cam

Right now, you can get two Amazon Cloud Cam devices for $200.



Some iPhone X units suffer from crackling speakers at high volume



Google investigators find hackers swipe nearly 250,000 passwords a week


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Fri 1091  11/24/2017

[Tip] Disable Download Notification Animation in Mozilla Firefox



How to change drive letter using PowerShell on Windows 10

If the a new drive is missing on your device, it could be a letter assignment issue – Here are the steps to use PowerShell to quickly assign a new letter.



The best Chromebooks you can buy right now



Best home security camera: Keep an eye on the home front

A boom in wireless security cameras is inspiring a movement in DIY home surveillance. Follow our buying guide and read our reviews to find the best option for you.



The Best Android Apps



3 easy ways to stop your gadgets from spying on you



How to pin more than 3 contacts to the taskbar on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update



Should You Buy Gray Market Goods? 



Microsoft's Surface Book 2 has a power problem

We didn't expect the Surface Book 2 to drain its battery while plugged in, but it did when we played 3D games.



The new Skype for Desktop 8 is here...



Twitter says it will judge verified users’ offline behavior

What losing a badge really means



Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Toys Pose Hacking Risk, Group Warns

A stranger would have to be within Bluetooth range, or about 32 feet, of the toys. But UK-based Which? is urging toy makers to secure their products.



How to Clear Your File Explorer “Recent Files” History in Windows 10



How to Automatically Disable WiFi When Connected to a Wired Connection



I only needed a minute to ruin my iPhone X, and you probably ruined yours too



Sonos One smart speaker review: Sonos and Alexa, a match made in heaven

Okay, it’s not quite all puppies and rose petals, but this union is strong.



The Best Audiobook Apps for All Types of Listeners



How TVs are getting bigger and bigger



Groupy for Windows 10 delivers a tabbed File Explorer experience



Forgot Your Windows 10 Password? Category: Windows-10



iPhone 8 Plus vs. iPhone X: Which one should you buy?

Which is the better iPhone on paper—the one that costs more paper? You might be surprised.



Possibly everyone in Malaysia has their records for sale on the Dark Web



LG’s excellent OLED TVs are getting steep discounts for Black Friday



Microsoft Surface Book 2



How to Disable Ads and Notifications in Windows 10’s File Explorer



5 of the Best Online PDF Editors to Edit Your PDF For Free



Dear Google: Integrate Android and Chrome OS, or stop making $1,000 Chromebooks



Nest Cam IQ Outdoor: First look

Nest's new Nest Cam IQ Outdoor matches some of the image recognition smarts from Nest's indoor sensor and a more sturdy housing.



8 Free Excel Add-Ins to Make Visually Pleasing Spreadsheets



Easiest way to eliminate dangerous distractions while driving



Bluetooth quick pairing feature in the works for Windows 10



Early Qualcomm Server CPU Benchmarks Could Mean Big Trouble for Intel



Asus ZenBook Flip (UX360CA-DBM2T) review: A sleek, affordable 2-in-1 for everyday tasks

This modestly priced convertible offers solid performance.



How employees with disabilities can fill tech skills gaps and drive innovation

People with autism or other disabilities are often overlooked in company diversity efforts. But this population represents a pool of untapped talent that can help fill tech gaps.



Siri Siri on the wall, is this smart mirror society’s downfall?

An iHome for the modern Snow White



Feds Warn of North Korea-Linked 'Fallchill' Malware

North Korean hackers have been targeting the private sector including the aerospace and finance industries.



What’s the Difference Between Sleep and Hibernate in Windows?



Record and Share Terminal Session with Showterm



Google cracks down on apps that misuse accessibility features



Nest Hello: First look

Nest Hello is coming in early 2018 and is the first video doorbell from the smart home company.



Ubuntu: A Beginner’s Guide



Hundreds of free music tracks for your projects



Why Black Friday deal hunters NEED to pay attention to Thrifter



Microsoft promises fixes for several long-standing Surface problems

A series of official comments on the Microsoft Answers forum give hope to those with bad batteries, pens and Type Covers, but opinions are divided whether they represent a real change in Microsoft’s support — or just wishful thinking and smoke and/or mirrors.



Acer Chromebook 14 review: You can brag a little about this laptop's luxury details

A brushed-aluminum chassis and high-resolution display make it stand out among other affordable Chromebooks.



Video: What is multi-stage malware?



Microsoft unveils big Xbox One game discounts for Black Friday



22 Ridiculously Expensive Tech Gifts

Unless you're the 1 percent of the 1 percent, you're probably not going to buy any of these items. But that doesn't mean you can't digitally window shop.



How to Scan Documents to PDF with Your Android Phone’s Camera



iOS or Android – Which Camp Are You in and Why?



Microsoft's Black Friday deals include a $189 Xbox One S



This 13.3-inch MacBook Pro is down to $1,199 for a limited time

Today may be the day to buy your next laptop!



Microsoft Bringing Fonts and Language Packs for Windows 10 to the Store



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1087 (Mon 11/20/2017):

Twitter Testing New Tweetstorm Feature

Well yes, there is potential for abuse. But also for good uses.


Yes, You CAN Watch TV Online Legally & For Free

Actually, yes and no. You cannot pause or rewind live TV, and some channels are not available to stream over the Internet.


New revolutionary technology saves you money on ink and paper

I don't see where these EcoTank printers actually use less ink or less paper than other printers. Their selling point is that since you don't have to buy individual cartridges, they can sell you the ink for less. But brand-name inks are several times more expensive than generic inks, so with specially keyed nozzles which prevent use of third-party substitutes, I don't see the cost savings there either. Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't this violate the court judgments which settled the class action lawsuits about being held captive to Epson Inks?


How to Fix Overscan When Using Your TV as a PC Monitor

My monitors (HDTVs) can turn over scanning on or off at will. They also automatically turn off over scanning at certain resolutions or aspect ratios. I've also used the Intel Graphics Control Panel and Windows controls, but they are more complicated to use.


Can Solus Replace Your Current Linux Operating System?

No way! This OS has way too many quirks where it diverges from Debian distros. It doesn't allow installation of rpm or DEB packages (the vast majority of Linux Debian family distros use these) and it doesn't work with GRUB, but uses its own, very unstable boot manager, which also would cause problems with the Windows bootloaders. They also do not use standard software repositories, which is a huge problem, especially considering that neither rpm nor DEB packages are compatible. When a distro decides to go its own way at such a fundamental level, it becomes totally incompatible with other OSes, even other Linux distros. I do not need to get stuck in a backwater.


How to Delete a Directory in Linux

Very basic stuff -- really doesn't need a whole article to explain it. I don't do this sort of thing in the Command Line because Permissions and the need to do things recursively complicate those operations, and I can't see exactly what I'm removing. Also, Remove in CLI can bypass the Trash, which is a potential problem. Deleting anything as Root will bypass the Trash in Ubuntu.


You Can Now Use Google Home as an Intercom

And after all, this is what we really paid those big bucks to have -- an intercom.


Tech companies pushed for net neutrality. Now Al Franken wants to turn it on them

They sowed the wind, now they may reap the whirlwind.


Access your PC remotely using any browser

Three Red Flags -- Free, Free VPN, and Browser Extension. Meaning, in all likelihood your sessions are anything but private. Logs and tracking are definitely possible.


Re FYI#1088 (Tues 11/21/2017):    

How to disable Pocket on Firefox

I didn't disable it -- I just don't use it.


How to Reset an App’s Data on Windows 10

This is necessary more often than I would care to admit. When Store Apps won't update properly, this is one of the times when resetting the app's data can be handy. I just had to do this on my phone with Android, due to the fact that the Photos App failed to do sync and backup, due to some photos being stuck in the cache or a queue. Resetting the app's data (very similar to what the Windows Store Apps are doing) got things back on track, and I could backup the photos and clear them off my phone.



I should try this sometime.


How To Customize The Ubuntu Boot Splash Screen & Logo

What I customized were the GRUB splash Screen (its background image), the font and size of the GRUB Menus (both with Grub Customizer) and the Ubuntu Greeter (login) screen, which I have customized per user (although this really means there's a different login screen if the Guest Account is used). I used a variety of techniques (including changing the Plymouth Themes) to do the Greeter Screen customizations. Most involved modifying some system files to point to the desired images. All images I used are stored in my Main User's Pictures folder. GRUB prefers locations which can be accessed easily. My Ubuntu desktops for each user are also customized.


How to Keep Your Windows PC and Apps Up to Date

Fro third-party software updating, I use SUMo Lite and manually fetch the updates it recommends, ignoring Betas and Driver related updates. For drivers, DriverMax will do the job nicely, but I seldom download drivers from them. I go to the manufacturer sites, so as not to be updating components, but whole packages. This is the preferred way to manage drivers these days, and is made necessary by SoC and UEFI systems.


Re. FYI#1089 (Wed 11/22/2017):    

Apple served with warrant for Texas shooter’s iCloud data

I doubt they can resist this request, though anything on the device not synced to iCloud would remain out of reach. I also doubt much new and useful information will show up.


Logitech Bricks Devices, Offers Free Replacements

They had to be dragged into this kicking and screaming, but at least now they are doing the right thing.


5G will be a convenient but expensive alternative to the NBN

Who cares about Australia? The US has no such network.


[Firefox Tip] Remove Search Box from Options (About:Preferences) Page

Why would someone want to hide the search box? It's very handy and doesn't take up much space.


How to Shut Down a Windows PC Without Installing Updates

I once recently had a Windows Update change without finishing its installation. I had to shut down without installing updates, reset everything in Windows Update, and try again. It was a painful waste of my time, but things eventually got back on track. Except for my Update History, which to this day says the one update still needs a restart to finish installing. This is wrong information now.


How to Get the Most Out of Google Drive for Android

This is my go-to app for storing my photos from my phone. I then download what I need into my Linux NUC PC.


What Is the $WINDOWS.~BT Folder, and Can You Delete It?

This is one of the things which after ten to thirty days, can be deleted by doing a Disk Cleanup of the Windows System Files.


3D-printed Mouthpiece Promises to Floss Your Whole Mouth in Just One Bite

Too automatic for me -- I just do this manually, one space at a time.


5 Useful Chrome Extensions to Discover this Week

I use Click and Clean, but not the others.


Does a Login Page on an Open Wi-Fi Hotspot Mean it’s a Secure Connection?

The sub-title is true, but the title's answer is -- maybe. But most likely, not.


How to Turn an Old Hard Drive Into an External Drive

Done this a few times. Not that I use all those drives, but they are there, in case I might ever need them.


Is your smart TV spying on you?

Many smart TVs are doing what Google Home Assistant and Amazon Echo do -- listening and sometimes watching for cues to wake up and start assisting. This seems creepy, but not all these devices actually transmit and store anything.


How to Fix the ‘No Space Left on Device’ Error on Linux

I can't say I've had such errors in Linux in some time. Windows used to have an issue where you could delete files from an external USB drive, but the space would not be freed up for Windows to reuse. That problem went away for the most part with Windows 7, sp1.


Re. FYI#1090  (Thurs11/23/2017):

Key Windows 10 Anti-Malware Tech Critically Broken

A patch is currently in the works.


Wi-Fi vs. Z-Wave: What’s the Difference and Where Does It Matter?

Mesh, Z-Wave and Zigby are the same technology, implemented by different groups or manufacturers. If implemented properly, it's better than WiFi. But it does have the potential to be spoofed, hacked or tracked in ways to which WiFi is not so vulnerable.


How do I connect my laptop to my TV?

I use Miracast, WiDi or Wireless HDMI.


Avoid Thanksgiving traffic thanks to new data at Google Maps

I did pretty well with Google maps on Thanksgiving here around Boston. I only made one wrong turn, and it wasn't Google’s fault. And I did save a lot of time, especially outbound mid-afternoon toward the Boston area's South Shore.


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce friends and family to VR

Yeah, now we can virtually feast with virtual friends and family and not get bloated or sleepy afterward. Our doctors will love us! Saves on car travel and air fares, too. And you're not stuck with tedious relatives -- you can virtually switch to other virtual gatherings.


BTV brings local TV to your phone and desktop for free

This service is nearly identical to Aereo, and is illegal without contracts with every station whose content is being streamed. Channels are therefore limited to the very few local independent stations which are willing to enter into individual agreements with the parent company, Dijda. Not a promising venture.


Top Free Antivirus Apps without Nag Screens and Bloatware

Correct about nags and bloatware, if these are perceived as an issue. BitDefender is also a decent AV program by any measure, but Avira if it didn't have a growing list of nags and ads, would top all of the others combined.


Surface Book 2 power issues under heavy load working as intended, Microsoft says

Even my underpowered tablet does something like this -- under heavy loads or with lots of USB power being used, the charging unit can't keep up with the power demands. But it seldom if ever fully discharges while the charger is connected.


Will Philo Replace Your Cable TV Subscription?

Philo's subscription price will rise if it gets widely adopted. There is no free lunch, even with "skinny bundles". As an avid OTA network and PBS watcher, I don't find this to be an option for me. No local news available with Philo either.


US iPhone users will spend $US88 per year on apps by 2020

Let's see -- in the nine or ten months since I got my Android phone, I've spent -- let me see -- ZERO on apps.


The Future of Everything as a Service

Probably this is mostly true. But I still pay nothing in subscriptions presently, except for Cable TV and the ISP itself. I also subscribe to cell phone and data services. The home phone with Comcast’s virtually free.


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Help for the family Tech Support Person

Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:12 pm (PST

Do you represent the tech support team for your entire family? Are you the one everybody calls on to fix the mess they've made of their system? If so this advice may be helpful to you.



Customizing Firfox Quantum's New Tab Display

Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:21 pm (PST

Are you using Firefox for your browser? Have you received the latest update (57)? If so there are a number of changes that have been made. Here's one and how to deal with it.


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Thur 1090  11/23/2017

Website User Tracking 'A Major Security Risk'



Key Windows 10 Anti-Malware Tech Critically Broken



Hillary Clinton: 'We are totally unprepared' for the rise of artificial intelligence



Wi-Fi vs. Z-Wave: What’s the Difference and Where Does It Matter?



How to take a screenshot on the iPhone X

The home button may be gone, but taking a screenshot is just as easy as it used to be.



Amazon's Black Friday SanDisk sale discounts microSD cards, flash drives, and more

These prices are incredible, and won't last long!



How to Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge



How do I connect my laptop to my TV?



One small backflip for a robot is one giant leaping backflip for humankind



Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: November 22



Netgear Arlo Pro 2 review: This already impressive indoor/outdoor security camera gets better

The second-generation Arlo Pro comes with higher resolution, improved motion detection, and more flexible installation options.



Top AirPod Alternatives: The Best True Wireless Headphones of 2017

Apple started the trend with AirPods, and now completely wire-free earphones are starting to pop-up everywhere. But how do they sound? And are they worth the premium? Here's what you need to know.



Avoid Thanksgiving traffic thanks to new data at Google Maps



What To Buy On Black Friday On Amazon



Please Beware This New Netflix Email Scam



Why virtual assistants are the ‘killer app’ for wearables

‘Hearables’ and smart glasses will keep us in range of our virtual assistants everywhere, all the time.



Thanksgiving is the perfect time to introduce friends and family to VR



Are M-Discs More Reliable Than Other Forms of Storage?



The A to Z of low-light photography

Follow our tips to become a creative night photographer



How to get Face ID on the iPhone X to try again when it misses your face

Do a little finger waggle



Windows 10’s Upcoming Sets Feature to Bring Tabs to UWP Apps



Roku Express review: Cheap, decent, and probably still not the streaming box for you

The least-expensive Roku is much faster now, but the best Roku still doesn’t cost much more.



How to Build a Wall-Mounted PC

Our step-by-step video guide takes you through the challenging process of building a PC in an open-air case meant for wall mounting.



Buy these hot holiday gifts now!



Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Edge, shell, and input improvements



Best Laptops Under $1,000



How to Copy Startup Key of OS Drive Encrypted by BitLocker in Windows



How to enable 'Controlled folder access' on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update



How to Set “Active Hours” So Windows 10 Won’t Restart at a Bad Time



Geekly Update - 21 November 2017



Apple’s HomePod delayed until next year



Apple addresses KRACK exploits in iOS and macOS updates



BTV brings local TV to your phone and desktop for free

A new streaming service bundles antenna channels for free and plans to expand nationwide



15 Pricey Tech Gifts That Are Worth the Splurge

There's overpriced, there's ultra-cheap, and then there's a sweet spot for tech quality in the (still expensive) middle.



7 unexpected Amazon Alexa abilities



The 3 Black Friday deals people are searching for most



Top Free Antivirus Apps Without Nag Screens and Bloatware



How to Unlock an OS Drive Encrypted by BitLocker in Windows 10



Surface Book 2 power issues under heavy load working as intended, Microsoft says



How to Adjust Your Mac’s Volume in Smaller Increments



Will Philo Replace Your Cable TV Subscription?



Lenovo Yoga 920 review

Flippin’ out



US iPhone users will spend $US88 per year on apps by 2020



Pre-Friday Deals: Amazon's Highest Rated Tech Deals Under $25 - Deal Alert



The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017

Here's what you need to know to build a smart home security system you can monitor from anywhere, along with our reviews of top DIY and full-service alarm and surveillance packages.



Get cash back without even trying when buying gifts this year



Bill Gates firm puts $80 million behind ‘smart city’ in Arizona



AWS S3 Misconfiguration Exposes Pentagon Surveillance



Black Friday deals: Best smart-home discounts

Upgrade your home with these deals on speakers, thermostats, light bulbs, security cameras, and more.



The Future of Everything as a Service

Software as a Service has set off a revolution in the way companies consume services on-demand. We look at how it's spreading to other IT services and transforming IT jobs.



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Wed 1089 11/22/2017

10 incredibly useful Excel keyboard shortcuts

Here are 10 ways to make Microsoft Excel work harder for you, without taking your fingers off the keyboard.



Mozilla’s speedy new Firefox Quantum browser drops tomorrow (and it uses way less RAM than Chrome)



Here's Why Intel Corp. Is Building Discrete Graphics Processors



Apple served with warrant for Texas shooter’s iCloud data



Logitech Bricks Devices, Offers Free Replacements



Newegg Tips Black Friday Gaming, PC Deals

The tech e-retailer is planning to offer more than 5,000 deals between Nov. 20 and 30, making this its biggest Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale yet.



How to close apps on the iPhone X

Closing apps without a home button is just a little different.



How to enable Cortana new immersive (floating search bar) on Windows 10 (next Spring)

Cortana is getting a new interface that floats above the desktop, and here are the steps to activate it on Windows 10 (build 17040).



The Best Photoshop Alternatives for Mac in 2017



5G will be a convenient but expensive alternative to the NBN



Google Daydream View 2 vs. Oculus Go — which will be the better VR experience?



[Firefox Tip] Remove Search Box from Options (About:Preferences) Page



This Doesn’t Need to Happen

Another day, another story of data loss. The frustrating thing is that it doesn't have to happen.



How to Shut Down a Windows PC Without Installing Updates



Things you shouldn't purchase on Black Friday



Apple Face ID reportedly fooled by $150 mask



iMac Pro will reportedly have an A10 Fusion coprocessor for ‘Hey, Siri’ support and more secure booting



UberEATS Now Lets You Rate Restaurants



AOL Waves Goodbye to 'Alto' Email Service

You'll have until December 10 to use AOL's smart email service before Alto takes the plot next to AOL Instant Messenger.



Five hidden features of Android 8.0 Oreo you should be using

Not all the cool features get top billing.



Windows 10 may get floating Cortana search experience similar to Apple’s Spotlight

Microsoft is testing a new Cortana interface that floats on the desktop, just like macOS Spotlight.



How to Get the Most Out of Google Drive for Android



Russian hackers silently threaten global financial organisations

A new bankrobber Trojan has been identified by researchers at Kaspersky Lab, quietly stealing money direct from the banks themselves rather than targeting customers.



Chromebook Holiday Gift Guide

Chromebooks make great gifts! Here are the best choices for everyone on your list.



[Firefox Tip] Enable “Offline Web Content and User Data” Section on Options Page



How Do I Get an Email Address for Life?

Want an email address that won't have to change for a long time? There's really only one approach that's completely in your control.



What Is the $WINDOWS.~BT Folder, and Can You Delete It?



Secret airline passenger rights you don't know about



Here’s a Rundown of Amazon’s Best Black Friday Deals'



Germany bans smartwatches for kids and asks parents to destroy them

‘prohibitive listening devices’



The Windows Backup and Restore Guide



3D-printed Mouthpiece Promises to Floss Your Whole Mouth in Just One Bite



Uber paid hackers $100,000 to keep data breach quiet

What’s worse than being hacked? Covering up a hack.



How to change ‘Near Share’ default transfers location on Windows 10

You can specify exactly where transfers will arrive using Near Share on Windows 10, and in this guide, we show you how.



5 Useful Chrome Extensions to Discover this Week



Android Will Finally Show You Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery



How to Enable or Disable Automatic Maintenance in Windows 10



Does a Login Page on an Open Wi-Fi Hotspot Mean it’s a Secure Connection?

If you connect without a password to an open Wi-Fi hotspot and can see anything at all, it's not a secure connection.



How to Turn an Old Hard Drive Into an External Drive



Is your smart TV spying on you?



All the Best Black Friday Deals Happening This Year



Polaroid wants millions in royalty from Fujifilm for copying its trademarked white border film

IP trolling at its finest



Setting a Strong Alphanumeric Passcode and 16 Other Ways to Secure Your iPhone



10 Essential Steps for Protecting Your Identity

Having your identity stolen can be a real nightmare. Here are some simple steps that can thwart identity thieves.



Vigilante or bug hunter?

“False alarm,” declares CityPost as it takes its website down.






6 of The Best Free Clipboard Managers for Windows



Could this be our first look at Intel and AMD's new chip?



How to Move Users Folder to another Location in Windows 10



VPN Security: What You Need to Know



Everything You Need to Know About “Reset This PC” in Windows 8 and 10



Best times to buy this Thanksgiving weekend, Shopping scams to avoid and Your Monday Security Tip



Amazon already has big Black Friday discounts on our two favorite Chromebooks



How to Fix the ‘No Space Left on Device’ Error on Linux



Fry's Black Friday deals include $98 Samsung Chromebook, $244 iPad, $788 MacBook Air

You'll need to sign up for the regional electronics retail chain's email list to get access to many specials, but the savings could be worth the trouble.


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Tue 1088 11/21/2017

The Best Earplugs for Every Situation (Airplanes and Screaming Babies Included)



The best 2-in-1 laptops you can buy



How to Build a Wall-Mounted PC

Our step-by-step video guide takes you through the challenging process of building a PC in an open-air case meant for wall mounting.



How to Encrypt and Decrypt Files on an Android Device






AMD Ryzen Threadripper X399 motherboards compared: Specs, prices, and features

Here's a look at every X399 motherboard available for AMD Threadripper's CPUs.



How to disable Pocket on Firefox

Pocket isn't for you? Here are the steps to remove it from Mozilla Firefox.



How to Reset an App’s Data on Windows 10



How to Fix: Disable Google Drive / Backup and Sync Popups when Inserting USB, DVD, or Smartphone



Windows 10: A guide to the updates

What you need to know about each update to Windows 10 as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for KB4048955, released Nov. 14, 2017.



How to Use VirtualBox: User’s Guide



One setting anyone running Windows 10 needs to change now



GE launches $50 hub to connect its Bluetooth smart lights to Alexa and Google Assistant



Best Buy's Best Black Friday Doorbusters and Deals 2017



The Best 3D Printers of 2017

Whether for personal, professional, or educational use, 3D printers are more affordable than ever. Here's what you need to know to get started along with our top performers in testing.



How to Edit the Context Menu in macOS






HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift vs. Windows Mixed Reality: What's the difference?

Windows PC owners have three virtual reality platforms to choose from. Here's how they compare, compete, and overlap.



Windows 10 Redstone 4 (version 1803): All the new features and changes

UPDATE 11/20: Windows 10 Redstone 4 is due in 2018, but here are all the new features and improvements Microsoft has been working for the new version.



How to Find and Remove Malware With Windows Defender Offline



FBI and Apple May Again Clash Over Encrypted iPhone After Texas Shooting



Android security audit: An 11-step checklist

Android security doesn't have to be a source of stress. These easy-to-follow steps are all you need to keep the boogeyman at bay.



How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Cloud Backup Services



Protect your home with strategically placed security cameras



The Amazon Echo now comes in red to benefit (RED) and fight against AIDS

$10 to charity for each Echo sold



3 Upgrades to Expect in Apple Inc.'s 2018 iPhone Lineup



Re:scam Bot Has One Goal: Waste the Time of Email Scammers

Send your spam emails to Re:scam, which will engage with and waste the time of scammers trying to dupe you.



Why You Should Use Safari Instead of Chrome on a Mac



Safety commission recalls more hoverboards after another fire

The same brand of hoverboard is behind two fire incidents, one of which was fatal.



Black Friday deals: The cheapest gaming PC you can build

A FreeSync-ready PC for under $375 is pretty sweet.



How to manage toolbar’s Flexible Space on Firefox

Flexible Space allows you to customize Firefox's toolbar, and here's how you manage this feature.



How to Open Tabs from Your Last Session Whenever You Start Your Browser



How to Mute and Unmute a Tab in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10



Student allegedly used a keylogger to change his grade more than 90 times



How to Make Your Mac Announce the Time at Specified Intervals



New clever plan to stop robocalls is coming



This $800 Alexa-powered robot isn’t human-sized, and that’s wrong



Is the Surface Book 2 a worthy sequel to the original? Here’s how it compares



9 Things Not to Buy Before Black Friday

Never pay full price. Here are some products you don't want to buy before Black Friday.



Here are Some Hacks to Get More Out of Windows Live Tiles



Feds reveal technical details of North Korea's cyber attacks

NK has apparently been using a malware called FALLCHILL to infiltrate aerospace and telecom networks.



Astropad Studio review: Use your iPad Pro as a digitizer for your Mac



The Significance Of Sen. Al Franken's Call To Impose Net Neutrality On Google, Facebook and Amazon



How to Periodically Scan Your Computer With Windows Defender While Using Another Antivirus



How to Turn On or Off Game Mode in Windows 10



Intel sign up AMD to give Nvidia a run for its money



How To Customize The Ubuntu Boot Splash Screen & Logo



3 sure-fire ways to save big money online shopping this holiday season



The Justice Department is suing to block the AT&T–Time Warner merger

The biggest deal in mobile content just got a lot more complicated



9 hot deals on smart home devices that automate, control, and protect your home



How to keep mooches and spies off your Wi-Fi network and files



10 Simple Ways To Spot A Fake Amazon Review



How to Keep Your Windows PC and Apps Up to Date



PrivateVPN Review



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Latest edition of CyberHeist News

Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:33 pm (PST

CyberheistNews Vol 7 #45 [HEADS-UP] Skeleton in the Closet: 17-Year Old MS Office Flaw Allows Malware Install When User Opens File


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Mon 1087 11/20/2017

Think you deleted that embarrassing WhatsApp message you sent? Think again



Robin goes all in on robotic lawn care and focuses on franchising



How to Protect Against Ransomware with Controlled Folder Access in Windows 10



How to Supercharge iPhone X Videos With Apple Clips 2.0

Apple's super simple Clips 2.0 app allows for dazzling effects and polished short video productions.



Twitter Testing New Tweetstorm Feature



A Boeing 757 was hacked remotely while it sat on the runway



Smart Watches for Children Are Dangerous Garbage



Best Black Friday 2017 tech deals: Microsoft, Amazon, other retailers (updated)

Black Friday is one of the best day of year to buy to new electronics — Here you'll find the list with the best tech deals from Microsoft, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and others.



Yes, You CAN Watch TV Online Legally & For Free



How to: Fix that annoying iOS 11.1 ‘I’ bug



Amazon Echo (2017)



Intel Will Bring Additional Facilities Online to Improve Coffee Lake Shipments



Get cash back without even trying when buying gifts this year



How to Prevent Firefox from Exiting When You Close the Last Tab



Counterfeiters are using AI and machine learning to make better fakes



Quick & Easy Ways to Convert Vinyl to MP3



11 Great Tech Gifts Under $100

Sticking to a budget doesn't mean your gift has to be boring.



Microsoft Adds a Few New Features in Latest Windows 10 Redstone 4 Release



US Government issues alert about North Korean “Hidden Cobra” cyber attacks



The Garmin Speak Puts Alexa In Your Car (No New Car Purchase Required)



Hands-on video review with Windows 10 build 17040 (coming next Spring)

In-depth look at Windows 10 build 17040 new features and enhancements, including Settings app, input, and more.



How (Not) to Upgrade to the Latest Windows 10 Version



Two-thirds of businesses 'stuck on Office 2007'



4 ways to protect your iPhone X

It's VERY expensive to get Apple's new phone repaired. Here's how to minimize your risk of damage in the first place -- and get cheaper insurance.



Tesla Semi: 500-Mile Range, Cheaper Than Diesel, Quick to Charge



New revolutionary technology saves you money on ink and paper



How to Limit OneDrive’s Allowed Transfer Speed



AI’s latest application: wasting email scammers’ time



How to Fix Overscan When Using Your TV as a PC Monitor



The Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2017

Here's what you need to know to build a smart home security system you can monitor from anywhere, along with our reviews of DIY and full-service alarm and surveillance packages.



Apple Fixes iPhone X’s Unresponsive Display in Cold Temperatures



Using bots to scam the scammers

Don’t waste your time baiting email scammers. Get a bot to do it for you instead.



How to Enable or Disable NTFS File Encryption in Windows



Apple fixes iPhone letter 'i' bug

Apple has addressed a glitch that caused some iPhones to unexpectedly start auto-correcting the letter "i" to a capital "A" and a question mark.



Can Solus Replace Your Current Linux Operating System?



8 things you’ll want to try first with your iPhone X

If you are one of the lucky 9-12 million people who will get an iPhone X this week, you’ll want to explore these eight features first.



Could your kid's face unlock your iPhone X?

A family posts a YouTube video showing a 10-year-old unlocking his mom's new iPhone with Face ID.



Boston Dynamics Robot Is Done Being Pushed Around, Learns to do a Backflip



How to load up with free movies to watch while traveling



How to Snap and Dock Windows to the Sides of Your Chrome OS Display



A dedicated AI chip is squandered on Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro



How to Delete a Directory in Linux



You Can Now Use Google Home as an Intercom

Just say 'Ok Google, broadcast its dinner time,' for instance, and a dinner bell will ring on all your Google Home devices.



The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best VPN



10-year-old kid succeeds in unlocking his mum’s iPhone X, with just a glance



How to Change Windows Defender Controlled Folder Access Settings in Windows 10



Tech companies pushed for net neutrality. Now Al Franken wants to turn it on them



7 Fantastic RetroPie Game Stations You Can Build This Weekend



Life after the Home button: The iPhone X gestures guide

If you are one of the few million people who managed to pre-order an iPhone X when it was briefly available, you will be one of the first people lucky enough to need this guide to the new gesture controls on Apple’s next-generation smartphone.



Forever 21 clothing stores hit by credit card data breach after encryption failure



[Tip] Make Mozilla Firefox Faster by Disabling UI Animations



Access your PC remotely using any browser



How to Customize and Tweak Your Mac’s Dock



Equifax lays out hack-related costs



How to Automatically Turn on a Porch Light When Motion Is Detected



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1086 (Sun 11/19/2017)

How to Update Your Router's Firmware

If you rent your gateway from a Cable or phone company, you won't be able to do this. But checking the firmware version and determining its probable date may be important. All routers need firmware updates to deal with recent security issues.


Facebook: Send Us Nudes So We Can Fight Revenge Porn

As I posted before, this idea may work in Australia, because their Internet regulations allow government monitoring of all communications. So if anyone hacks an account, the content is traceable. Not at all the situation we have in the USA, where such monitoring would be seen as a privacy violation. 


Is Microsoft's Windows Signature Edition Worth It?

I buy Signature Edition when there isn't a huge price markup and the item is essentially the same as the current manufacturer's model. There's also the advantage that if I need to bring the item into the Microsoft Store for some reason (like an updates or upgrade issue) the techs there will usually be able to help.


How to Secure Your (Easily Hackable) Smart Home

Easiest and maybe the best way -- get a security appliance like BitDefender's Box, and let it configure the restrictions which are appropriate for the IoT part of your home network. A single subscription buys a year of protections for all your devices, whether they are IoT, PC or mac, mobile or whatever. 



Actually, this was a security awareness test. Some students thought they were getting something for nothing, and now they want Ryerson to pay up. That's not the way security education works!


Next Microsoft Surface Could Be Foldable, Make Calls

Two more reasons I would not buy a Microsoft Surface.


Malwarebytes blocks Program or Website – Add Exclusions

This is the paid version with active protections. All antimalware programs will block things which are benign. Learning to make exceptions is necessary for any of these programs.


This should kill any lingering doubts about Face ID on the iPhone X

Apparently it did not kill all doubts. Researchers already think they have made masks which fool Apple FaceID, and there will be more hacks to come.

Just say “No!” – how to stop the DDE email attack [VIDEO]

Most home users should turn off DDE AUTO in Word.


From My Own Reading:

BTV brings local TV to your phone and desktop for free

A new streaming service bundles antenna channels for free and plans to expand nationwide



Didja [the company offering this service] is getting permission from each TV station it carries to avoid the same fate [as aero TV which operated in New York City and was shut down for copyright infringements], but that means the big-name stations aren’t included for now.

“We’re missing the 10 major networks, and lining up some other independent stations,” the company’s CEO, Jim Long, told me. “It’s a matter of getting the deals done.”

So for now, viewers will find secondary digital networks and other local stations.


In other words, this type of service is still illegal and will not be going live with network affiliates (or PBS stations) anytime soon (or ever). So, enjoy your old reruns adn local news-only stations. And only in two or three urban markets. 

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Sun 1086 11/19/2017

Toshiba's 'breakthrough' battery can charge in six minutes - Roadshow



LG's mobile business can't stop losing money



HP's Anniversary Sale Takes 50 Percent Off Laptops



You Never Thought of Using Your Windows Start Menu Like This!



How to Adjust the Motion Sensitivity on the Ring Doorbell



How to See Your Battery Percentage on iPhone X



Russian groups made 1,100 YouTube videos during 2016 US election



How to download and install macOS 10.13.1 on your Mac

How do you install macOS High Sierra? Here's how!



Dark Overlord hackers reveal plans to leak 'Hollywood database stolen from top studio'



Surface Pro 4 screen shake/dead Type Cover problems fall on deaf ears

Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged well-documented problems with the Surface Pro 4, much less offered a solution. SP4 owners are angry, they're getting gouged, and there's a lot of bad 'official' advice.



Colorado voters really want city-run broadband service

Nearly half of Colorado counties have voted in support of municipal internet.



Disable iTunes Helper to stop iTunes from opening automatically in Windows 10



The Ultimate GPU Buyer's Guide



What You Need to Know About Chrome Extension Permissions



These Kitchen Gadget Makers Want to Avoid a Juicero-Level Fail

To truly succeed, smart kitchen gadgets need more than Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and some speakers. They need to improve over time, or risk being relegated to a back shelf or landfill.



Google's sentiment analysis API is just as biased as humans



Here Are Dell's Best Confirmed Black Friday Deals



Movies Anywhere: What It Is and Why You Need It



How to Update Your Xbox One Controller’s Firmware Without an Xbox One



How to Update Your Router's Firmware



Samsung’s browser comes to all Android phones and gets an ad-tracking blocker



The new, clever way hackers can get into your bank account



Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attack Was Hiding A Spear Phishing Campaign



Security (and other) Improvements in Google Chrome



Conductive thread stores data in clothes without built-in tech

You can read it with any basic smartphone.



Windows was unable to complete the format – SD card, USB drive, External disk



The ultimate Windows 10 Fall Creators Update resource guide



How to Easily Access Netflix Secret Categories to Watch More of Your Favorite Movies



Facebook: Send Us Nudes So We Can Fight Revenge Porn

The social network is asking people in Australia to preemptively send their nudes before angry exes post them. What could go wrong?



Microsoft Surface Phone rumors and news leaks



Is Microsoft's Windows Signature Edition Worth It?



5 Ways to Print Folder and Directory Contents in Windows



What Is “Runtime Broker” and Why Is It Running on My PC?



How to Secure Your (Easily Hackable) Smart Home



Microsoft kills off Outlook.com Premium, bundles features into Office 365



OUCH! Shopping Online Securely 



2018 Is Likely To Be A Worse Year For Ransomware Than 2017






The checkout line’s death knell | The Future IRL

Machine vision AI is going to change everything about shopping.



Mz RAM Booster for Windows 10 tweaks system settings to improve PC performance



This $27 iClever ultra slim keyboard can fold up and fit in your pocket (note the discount code)

Unfold, connect, and get to work.



How Do You Deal with Tech Fatigue?



Email Scam Targeting Millions of Netflix Customers



Apple is nuking the most innovative iPad app in years



Next Microsoft Surface Could Be Foldable, Make Calls



Windows Mixed Reality: What It Is and How to Try It Now



Google to punish sites that use intrusive pop-over ads

If ads interfere with the mobile experience, it'll spell bad news for the site.



Your Router's Security Stinks: Here's How to Fix It



Pretending to give a robot citizenship helps no one



[Review] What’s New in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update



EU to Declare Cyber-Attacks “Act of War”. USA likely to follow



Survival of the Fittest: Why Locky Ransomware is Back



Office 365 Missed 34,000 Phishing Emails Last Month

Nearly 10% of emails delivered to Office 365 inboxes were spam, phishing messages, and known or zero-day malware.



Malwarebytes blocks Program or Website – Add Exclusions



How to Install LineageOS on Raspberry Pi



How to get started with Story Remix in Photos on Windows 10



The Best Password Managers of 2017

A password like "123456" or "monkey" is easy to remember, but it's also easy to crack. With the help of a password manager, you can have a unique and strong password for every secure website. We've evaluated two dozen to help you choose.



This should kill any lingering doubts about Face ID on the iPhone X



How to Use Windows 10



Just say “No!” – how to stop the DDE email attack [VIDEO]



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1084  (Fri 11/17/2017):

Amazon Key Lets Amazon Open Your Door, But Do You Really Want That?


AT&T Should Drop DirecTV, Not CNN

The Justice Department should divest itself of Donald Trump. Problem solved. (I'm referring to interference in the regulatory process, not anything anyone has said or tweeted specifically about CNN. Sorry, it had to be said.)


Is Downloading Torrents Legal or Illegal, And How Safe Is It?

There's no one clear yes/no answer here. Torrents of non-copyrighted or public domain materials are perfectly legal, the same way Usenet is of itself not illegal, and Kodi is of itself not illegal. What wrecks these efficient file sharing technologies is when people get greedy or stupid, and start uploading illegally obtained content. That's when the entire platform gets a black eye, and ISPs start banning it. Nevertheless, the only content which can't be illegally shared or copied, is content which cannot be heard or seen.


WikiLeaks Says CIA Impersonated Kaspersky Lab

Well, this explains a lot. But not everything.


What is Windows.old folder and how to delete Windows.old folder in Windows 10

This is something to do about a month after a successful Feature Update is applied. Not sooner. You may need to roll back. Windows is supposed to do this automatically, but frankly, I have never seen Windows delete Windows.old on its own.


A look into the global ‘drive-by cryptocurrency mining’ phenomenon 

I block cryptominers with browser extensions. I do have plenty of system resources overhead on my NUC, but the privacy concerns are still an issue.


Switch to Firefox 64 bit to take advantages of its features

My tablet can only run 32-bit software. This is why I recently had to dump all Java dependent apps including PDFSAM from the tablet. I don't want to have to start dumping browsers because their developers are lazy.


Re. FYI#1085  (Sat 11/18/2017):  

Must Have Products That Went Viral in 2017

This looks like a screen-scraping ad-paid website selling junk. Except for the Huddy, all these products are scams and will not perform as advertised. Stay away from this and similar ad-supported websites.


How to add Group Policy Editor to Windows Home Editions

This is a widely advertised Windows trick. Trouble is, it does not work. Without the underlying snap-in code, you will get nothing accomplished by setting up Group Policies on Windows 10 Home. Even the Registry Values themselves will have absolutely no effects in Windows 10 Home. If you need the Group Policy Editor, the only way to have it work is to pony up the cash and go to Pro. Which I do for all devices which can run Pro (which is pretty much everything these days).


Microsoft issues blueprint for ultra-secure Windows 10

Meaning of course, Windows 10S with Store Apps only. That is the most secure form of Windows, but no one wants it.


[Tip] How to Restore Classic UI in Mozilla Firefox (Sort of)

Yeah, "sort of" is about the size of it. Since Web Extensions (which now includes Themes) do not have access to the Firefox GUI, this is about as good as it gets.


6 of the Best Google Maps Alternatives You Should Try

Except for specific mass transit info, I'm happy with Google Maps. Boston's "T" (The MBTA) has its own app.


One setting anyone running Windows 10 needs to change now

Battery recalibration is unnecessary in Windows 10 with modern batteries. But choosing the best two power plans (one for battery, then other for plugged in) and tweaking these is still a worthy pursuit. I use a third-party battery monitor (from Osiris = Battery Bar). I find it more reliable, but it never gets wear on my tablet right, due to Connected Charging which really messes with the percent to which the battery will charge or discharge. The native Windows battery health reports aren't any better with Connected Charging devices.


What Is Mono and How Does It Help Windows Switchers New to Linux?

Mono is cross-platform in theory, but in practice, developers don't use it much in Windows. Pinta last I knew had no Windows version, as Paint .NET has no Linux version. These two programs are in no way connected, having entirely different development teams. And so it is with nearly all Mono based Linux programs -- no one is interested in porting these programs to Windows. KeepassX is one of a handful of exceptions.


Jon Von Tetzchner: let's retake the web with regulation

Better yet, let's not. Regulation almost never solves a problem without creating many more new problems.


How to Play DVDs in Windows 10

VLC Player is an excellent alternative to the Windows DVD player, and will play more types of DVDs than Windows.


Do You Trust Your Browser to Manage Your Passwords?



Online Privacy Guide

19 Actionable Steps to Protect Online Privacy

20. Disconnect entirely from the Internet and go live in a cabin in the woods with no connection to the power grid. Unless you really are Edward Snowden, the Government is not out to get you.


Micron Launches New NAND-based DIMMs, Intel Announces Optane DIMMs

Non-volatile RAM caching is nothing new (think Windows Page File or Linux Swap Partition). The trouble is, if you have a non-volatile cache anywhere in your system, there is some of your data stuck in there and potentially available to hackers. As for speed, the newer technologies seem to offer much lower latency than using true physical disk caching. 


How to Fix: WPA2 Vulnerability using DD-WRT Firmware

This is really mostly an issue for people who own older routers which no longer receive manufacturer firmware updates. Not really an option if you have a Gateway with its own router, rented from a Cable Company or Teleco. I did however, check the firmware version of my Gateway, and compared this with the last vulnerability posts and recent Comcast customer postings in their forums about other issues. Everything points to the last update being Sept. 2017 or Oct. 2017, which should be as up to date as my Android 7.0 phone's firmware version. All of which points to probably being patched for this vulnerability during this Fall season. No manual check for or download firmware updates options with Comcast Gateways.


Re. Pinta For Windows -- I stand corrected. It does exist! But I would stick with Paint.NET anyway. Adding Mono to Windows is just adding one more attack surface I don't otherwise need.

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