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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Sat 12/092017 1106
Fri 12/082017 1105
Thur 12/07/2017 1104
Wed 12/06/2017 1103
Tue 12/05/2017 1102
Mon 12/04/2017 1101
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Sat 1106  12/09/2017

YouTube Pulled From Amazon Gadgets



Study finds you tend to break your old iPhone when a new one comes out



Nvidia Launches $3,000 Titan V, ‘World’s Most Powerful PC GPU’



How to Manage Your Child’s Android Phone with Google Family Link



The Best (Free) Speech-to-Text Software for Windows



How a hack almost sprung a prisoner out of jail



Bitcoin tops $9,000 mark for first time (as of this post, $19,500)

The cryptocurrency has risen nine-fold since the beginning of the year.



Quad9 DNS promises better privacy and security



HDMI 2.1 specs and features: Everything you need to know

Higher resolution audio and video, faster refresh rates, and more bandwidth will enable better experiences with movies, games, VR, and more.



Hands-on with the HP Envy x2 always connected PC (video)



How to enable Chrome’s Site Isolation security feature

Google releases a new version of Chrome with a new security feature that isolates every website on its own process — Here's how to enable it.



Know when malware or spies turn your webcam or mic on with this free download



MacOS High Sierra 'Root' Bug Can Reactivate

Apple assumed everyone would upgrade, patch, and reboot in the right order, but that's not the case.



GeForce GTX 1080 Ti At 2.5 GHz+: Overclocking On Air, Water, And LN2



Virtual reality gets its groove back



Bitcoin Site Robbed of More Than 4,000 Bitcoins Worth $70 Million (gee, 4000 X $19,500, a coffee tip)



How to Set Up Multiple User Profiles on Android



The 20 Best Free Roku Channels You Shouldn’t Miss



Naked rowers calendar hit by denial-of-service attack following Russia 'ban'

Website struggles to stay up.



Indoor home security cameras to safeguard your stuff



Word, Excel and PowerPoint Viewers are being retired



Best soundbars

TV speakers suck, but not everyone has the room—or the budget—for an A/V receiver and six or more loudspeakers. A soundbar can fit under or in front of your TV, and a good one will knock your socks off.



Yet another foldable device patent appears online from Microsoft



Windows 10 is getting eSIM and power management changes

Microsoft is working to add eSIM cellular technology and new power management improvements with the Windows 10 Redstone 4 update.



5 clever holiday scams you need to know about



15 Tech Gifts for Your Pampered Pet

A new ball isn't going to cut it for your precious pet. Get them a high-tech treat.



Gigabyte Circumvents Nvidia’s Strict GTX 1070 Ti Clock Rates With New Aorus Card



Apple's macOS 'root' bug can be reopened by updating



Now Tesla’s Gigafactory Could Drive a Massive Battery Shortage



The Best Ways to Video Chat from Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android



How to Use the New Lightroom CC: The Basics You Need to Know



Satori botnet rears its head, exploiting IoT vulnerabilities



Dive into home security with these indoor cameras

Whether you're serious about security or simply want to spy on a mischievous pet, these indoor security cameras are vying for a spot in your home.



Windows 10: Here are the big new features to look out for in 2018

Due to the public way in which Windows is tested, we already know about many of the new features headed to Windows 10 next year.



The demise of net neutrality is already hurting cord cutters

The FCC hasn't officially dismantled net neutrality—yet—but it handed an unfair streaming-video advantage to big internet service providers like Comcast months ago.



Hide App and Browser Control in Windows Defender Security Center



19 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need

This collection of keyboard shortcuts for macOS can users get the most from their iMacs, MacBook Pro and MacBook laptops.



7 steps for crafting the perfect password



The Best Shopping Apps to Compare Prices

Here are the best apps to help you scout out deals this holiday shopping season.



Germany's Interior Minister Wants Backdoors In Cars, Digital Devices (gee, hackers will never figure this out making us all safer)



Apple releases iOS 11.2 with ‘I.T’ autocorrect fix, faster wireless charging and Apple Pay Cash



Google Rolls Out New Chrome Security Feature to Combat Microsoft



What Is UEFI, and How Is It Different from BIOS?



How to Add and Remove Words From Your Mac’s Built-In Dictionary



Modern-day “Ferris Bueller” hacks school, changes grades, applies to Ivy League colleges



How to protect your packages from theft this holiday season

Here's how to keep an eye on deliveries, even when you're away from home.



Microsoft Brings OneDrive’s New Look Out of Beta on Android



Awesome tech gifts that cost $50 or less

Please your friends and loved ones with these cool and affordable, tested and approved, tech-centric gifts.



Hide Family Options in Windows Defender Security Center in Windows 10



These are the iPhone X tips Apple wants you to know

Along with extensive product descriptions, Apple is publishing a range of articles, support notes and video to help new iPhone X users learn how to get the most from their brand-new device.



Getting Your Computer Fixed: A Complete FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Computer Service



How to Create an Anonymous Email Account

It's not easy to be anonymous on the internet. Here's how you can stay hidden even on email.



New York Attorney General Releases Fake FCC Comment-Finding Tool



Everything you need to know about getting a VR headset



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1096 (Wed 11/29/2017):

Amazon Key flaw could let a courier disable your Cloud Cam

Yet another case of, what could possibly go wrong?


How to Upload Paint 3D Creations to the Remix 3D Community

If I had a 3D pritner, or access to one, this community sounds like something which could help me a lot with creating projects which come out as they should.


What Is HDR (High Dynamic Range) for TVs?

(HDR does not need 4k resolutions or content to make picture quality improvements. It does rquire a new HDMI standard, HDMI 2.0a or higher (HDMI 2.1 is the highest standard currently being marketed). 


HDMI 2.1 released: 10K resolution, dynamic HDR, and FreeSync-like game smoothing


You will need new cables for this standard, if your monitor and your device(s) support it.

Dolby Vision vs HDR-10: Which is best?

Round 2 of our HDR video comparison sees Dolby Vision come out way on top.


(Round 1:)

Dolby Vision versus HDR-10 TV: A format war and more


Unfortunately, like many previous format wars, it looks like manufacturers are leaning toward the less-good standard (HDR-10). Content providers may have the final say, and the online (streaming) format choice will probably drive the market. Right now, the Dolby standard will display the HDR-10 standard, but within a year, everything could change again.


Amazon reportedly nixed plans for its own live TV service

Amazon decided that it couldn't make money with bundling of TV services. Not even "skinny bundling" like SlingTV or other streaming services now offer. But Amazon still has hopes for ala carte streaming services, including broadcast channels:

Your Amazon login can sign you into HBO Now and Showtime apps

Amazon is giving Channels subscribers more freedom.



Microsoft forces Win10 1703 customers onto 1709, and other Patch Tuesday shenanigans

I sure wish I had read this article before applying the November MS Updates patches! I got burned on both my NUC (which I had to roll back) and my tablet (which I was able to intercept, retroactively apply a wushowhide block, and prevent from succeeding in the upgrade). Both devices got their Updates History and MS Updates components (caches and Registrations) messed up, and had to be extensively repaired. The Updates Histories still show failed upgrades. And wushowhide still does not show the 1709 upgrade as an available MS Update! Fortunately, if deferral for 365 days and pausing MS Updates (I have the Pro edition) as well as being on CBB status all hold the line, I have access to the Update Assistant to do the 1709 upgrade the right way, when and if it becomes stable enough for "business" users. On the NUC I ahd to use Macrium Reflect to get back up and running (system image Restore). So I now know that Macrium Reflect Version 7.1 does work on my NUC. One bright spot in an otherwise very dark updates session. 

I am now actively searching for a suitable Chromebook or a small, inexpensive but capable laptop which can be converted to (Ubuntu or something similar) Linux for my mobile use. (Some folks still call these small laptops "netbooks".) I am just about exasperated to the point of dumping Windows completely.


How to set Google as your default search engine on Microsoft Edge

I did this just for Flash Player testing. I don't use Edge, IE or Windows 10 much now. Even my Store Apps were still set to Chicago until last week.


Powerful free video editor you’ll use time and time again

Looks interesting. I wish I had time to start using programs like this one.


How to quickly fix sound problems on Windows 10

There is a link to advanced options, some of which I might be wise to try on my Intel NUC. But since it has sound issues affecting system shutdowns in both Windows and Linux, I suspect a deeper hardware issue which would require a specific firmware fix. That's beyond my pay grade.


How to Find Your Location History in Google Maps or iPhone

I should clean up my Timeline in Google Maps. There's too much stuff in there, I'm pretty sure.


Which CPU Should You Buy? Intel Core i5 vs. i7

I've been sticking with the core-i5 processors, as I don't need heavy video transcoding or advanced gaming capabilities.


Apple reluctantly agrees to help India solve its phone spam problem

So, it's not just Americans they're spamming?


Re. FYI#1097  (Thurs 11/30/2017):

"Spectacular' Apple Flaw Left Macs Wide Open for Attack


Huge MacOS bug lets anyone login as root without a password: what you need to know

God-like powers are just a click away.


Apple fixes root password bug: 'Install this update as soon as possible'

Well, that was fun while it lasted…

Then there's this:

And It Just Roots: New MacOS Security Flaw Emerges

Other puns include "Your Roots are showing", etc.


If your iPhone started crashing at midnight on Dec. 2, iOS 11.2 will fix it

Another day, another embarrassing bug.


Just so you know, it's not just Windows 10 which is having issues.


Apparent Google update glitch disconnects student Chromebooks in schools across the U.S.


So even ChromeOS has been having issues.


5 ways to free up space on Windows

6) Remove Windows and install Linux with a Linux filesystem. Both the Linux OS and its native filesystems take up far less space, and do not fragment files, compared with Windows on NTFS. Also, with no Registry and no Side By Side components, Linux doesn't expand the use of disk space the way Windows does. No Updates Components and far fewer caches to clean up, too.


We couldn’t connect to the update service in Windows 10

I had to try all of these steps on both of my Windows devices after (during) the forced upgrade mess this during November. Unfortunately, nothing worked on the NUC, and I rolled back with Macrium Reflect. Then I updated successfully, but still hadn't caught onto the new settings required to prevent the forced upgrade from tryi8ng to install. Lots of bandwidth and time wasted, but the installation upon restarting, failed to perform the upgrade. (Sigh of relief.) I since have adjusted the Windows Update Advanced Settings for both the NUC and the tablet.


SSD vs. HDD: What's the Difference?

SSD prices have come down, and reliability has improved to then point where I would use SSD wherever possible. Note that while prices have come down from several years ago, presently SSD like all flash memory products, is experiencing price spikes, which are expected to continue for some time.


HDMI 2.1 is here with 10K and Dynamic HDR support

See my previous post about this new standard. You will need new cables, especially if expecting to get HDR-10 or higher to work. 


How to Stop Blue Light From Disturbing Your Sleep

I find the Windows 10 Version 1703 Night Light feature to be useful and not annoying like f.lux which I've also tried. Both my NUC and my tablet are set up to use Night Light.


How to Install Software Via the Command Line in Various Linux Distros

In Ubuntu, I can use the Command Line, the Software Center, Software Update, or the Synaptics Package Manager (GUI or Command Line) to install packages. Sometimes you need extra control over parameters, dependencies, or multiple parts of packages, as well as possibly only extracting what you need to install from within a tarball. These and other reasons keep me sometimes using the Command Line instead of the easier GUI Package Managers. A downloaded RPM or DEB package from outside the official Repositories can be installed using a variety of these methods.


Just how fast is Firefox Quantum?

So Firefox is a bit faster now than Chrome. Next month it may switch around again. I prefer to use Chrome. The speed difference is not enough on my NUC to worry about.

Deleting This 1 App Can Literally Double Your Phone's Battery Life


This article does a better job of presenting the less drastic options than the article posted in FYI.


Re. FYI#1098  (Fri 12/1/2017):

How to connect Android phone or iPhone to a PC on Windows 10

This depends on installing Edge onto Android or iPhone. I won't do that.


Top 10 best tech stocking stuffers under $20

Google Cardboard is basically a stereoscope for a phone. Pretty neat, being able to view 3D content with such a simple device. May not work on all VR content sources. There are better examples of this type of product, at slightly to significantly greater prices.


Amazon Echo and Google Home were vulnerable to Bluetooth exploit

Well, thank heavens that's patched now. Updating firmware is as necessary in IoT devices as with PC updates.


How Location Tracking Works Over the Internet

IP Address or Gateway based location tracking can be wildly off. In Illinois, when I lived in Willowbrook, I could be "located" as far away as Elmhurst, which is a great distance away. Here in Eastern Massachusetts the distances are considerably shorter, but I am rarely "located" over the Internet in Waltham, unless the browser or app already got some input of my address.


What is Screen Mirroring?

I use Miracast (also known as WiDi), Wireless HDMI and could soon be casting using Chromecast. Both my phone and my tablet have small screens, and if I want to view content or web pages with small print, a bigger display is often the best answer. All protocols have their own strengths and weaknesses. One problem with Miracast is that neither Android (most devices) nor Linux supports it. Linux works with wireless HDMI, but this needs a transmitter attached to the HDMI out port of the device, plus a receiver attached to the monitor. And it has short range and uses the 2.4GHz band, which has some interference issues. Chromecast needs a router as an intermediary, so isn't very useful on public networks. For presentations with projectors, I like Miracast best, but I can use Wireless HDMI as well. My Screen Beam devices are Miracast.

See every open and hidden device that’s connected to your network in seconds

Now you have the problem of identifying which device matches which MAC Address. Sometimes you see names which are recognizable. But often you don't. Then the detective work begins. I have one or two "unknown devices" on my comcast network most of the time. I'm not sure what they are, but the Comcast Gateway maintains extra MAC addresses for different functions it enables on its network. These "devices" are always there, even when nothing is connected to them.


How to Enhance Blurry and Low-Res Photos

Without using a web site, you can get an offline free program to do much the same job. It's called A Sharper Scaling:



Why You Should Try to Fix Your Computer Problem Yourself

Fixing your own computer is almost always the better idea

Emphasis on "almost always". I have had a few PC issues which proved so vexing I decided to let professional technicians solve them. One was a Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 upgrade issue with my tablet, which is WIMBoot, among other complications. (I got upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for my troubles then. As an upgrade issue with a free upgrade, all services were free from the Microsoft Store on this one.) The other was when my NUC's RAM did not work out of the box. For different reasons I decide not to tackle these issues myself. (RAM testing was a prelude to a return, so I wanted an "official" assessment of the RAM, as well as the whole NUC assembly I had done.) 


How to stop ads from following you online

4) Use an extension which blocks tracking. These are not full ad blockers, so won't get you locked out of many web sites. I use these, as well as Ghostery, and I clear my history and caches frequently.


New Google Tool Makes Snoopers Vomit Rainbows

This concept still has some technical issues to overcome.


Re. FYI#1099  (Sat 12/2/2017):

Microsoft sets a cutoff date for free Office app viewers

Well, this is unfortunate. These will be replaced with more Windows as a Service (paid) subscriptions, no doubt.


When Should You Charge Your Smartphone?

I don't like the idea of recharging any battery which is not mostly run down, so I hold off when possible.


In Win10 1709, Windows Defender continues to pull down definition updates even if Windows Update is stopped

This is a good thing, and it's the way this feature combination should work.


Does Next-Gen TV spell doom for over-the-air DVR?

As I have pointed out before, this article misreads what DRM is in the broadcast signal. We already have flags, one of which prevents recording of content. So we already have DRM capable of stopping DVRs. And look how seldom the "broadcast flag" is invoked. No broadcaster wants to lose droves of viewers because time-shifting becomes impossible or very difficult (or expensive) to set up.


HDR is the most used term in consumer tech but you don’t always need it

The important thing is, when it would be useful, it's nice to know which displays and which devices are capable of using this standard, and which version they can use.


Why Does Restarting Seem to Fix Most Computer Problems?

Powering down or unplugging devices resets software, firmware and settings. In Windows, it also cleans up some of the caches, among other housekeeping. Hardware which is powered down will reset itself before being started up, if all power is drained from the hardware. This can take several seconds to several minutes, depending on the device.


How to Limit Bandwidth for Windows Update in Windows 10

For users with automatic updates enabled, this option is a welcome addition. But it does not defer or pause updates completely. Metered Connection (wired or wireless) does help with keeping updates from happening at all when you don't want them.


Microsoft Patch Alert: November’s forced upgrades, broken printers and more

As I posted before, November saw two forced upgrades on my devices. Not pretty! And as I also posted, I'm actively looking for a way to have a small mobile "netbook" running on Linux. Or a Chromebook.


Facebook's AI-Driven Suicide Prevention Program Goes Global

This is getting a bit too much like a Nanny state, if we're talking about adult users. Even for younger users, this area is really in the realm of parental controls, and does not belong in the general feature set of a social media platform.


Best DVR for cord cutters

Which of these option (if any) is best for any one individual depends on what you want to watch. If you stream mostly, one option is best. If you mostly watch Cable-only channels, you may or may not save by cutting the cord. If you are like me and mostly watch OTA broadcasts on time-delay, TiVo is still a good choice (for now). Each household should do an inventory and keep a watch log for a while, to make sure you will actually save money and that you will be getting the right device for your viewing habits.


Re. FYI#1100  (Sun 12/3/2017):

FCC says Twitter is "part of the problem" when it comes to open internet

No. The Trump Administration is most of the problem. Actually, only a symptom of deeper problems. It's almost impossible currently for Twitter and similar platforms to distinguish fake news from real news. And users don't seem to want to get news from reliable content providers who actually vet stories and do fact checking before publishing or posting or broadcasting. That "death of broadcast journalism" happened even before FOX News Channel became what it is. Net neutrality has nothing whatsoever to do with what has gone so terribly wrong and now threatens the very foundations of American democracy.


How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently

You may be able to delete an account with Google or Yahoo, but if you do delete the account, your user name becomes available for someone else to use. Which means they can impersonate you. It's usually best to only log in to unused accounts or accounts with untrusted services once in a while, clear the inbox, clean out spam and trash, and leave the accounts open. Especially if they are free.


Windows 10 tip: Take full control over how your PC shuts down

There have been a few occasions when I have had to use the Shutdown command and its switches. Also of interest is that you can create desktop shortcuts which will allow full shutdown with restart or a full shutdown. This totally resets your hardware, among other things, in case an update needs a fresh start. In my dual-boot NUC, I have to use a Windows 10 setting to disable Fast Startup, which makes a full shutdown happen during restart and during shutdown. Without this setting, my Linux could not access shared NTFS partitions with Windows 10.


4 Ways Open Source Software Is Not Good Enough

Mostly true, but the gaps are closing, especially on mobile devices and 2-in-1's. 


Creative way to make your computer stand out

I use themes in Windows and just background images in Linux and on the GRUB Boot Manager startup screen. My original purpose was to make different user accounts look immediately recognizable, but my appearance tweaks grew from there. Now my Windows users have slide shows rotating through in the background. These can be paused if necessary.


Re. FYI#1101 (Mon 12/04/2017):

Why Rebooting Your Router Fixes So Many Problems (and Why You Have to Wait 10 Seconds)

This is similar to the article (from a previous FYI posting) on why restarting a PC solves a lot of issues. Same principles apply.


Re. FYI#1102 (Tues 12/05/2017):   

When The FCC Kills Net Neutrality, Here's What Your Internet Could Look Like

This is an alarmist and distorted article. But the exact scenario (which is totally false) aside, it is never a good thing to tell corporations they can do something, even if common sense dictates that they should never exercise that option.

How to convert JPG and PNG images to SVG

I had to look this up, but Irfanview says it will do this conversion:

"The formats which are supported by Irfanview are: TGA, BMP, RAS, JNG, PSD, EPS, ICO, JPG, JP2, JLS, LBM, RGBE, TIF, PBM, WMF, PS, ECW, SVG, HPGL, WEBP, and YUVN., SGI, XPM, PGM, PPM, EMF, PDF, PNM, GIF, JPM, PCX, PNG, and DXF."

If that isn't good enough, Inkscape will do the job:





Re. FYI#1103 (Wed 12/06/2017):

Protect Your Google Accounts With This Official Extension

Then there are those of us who don't store passwords in our web browsers. This extension would not help us. Also, this extension only works after the fact of having already entered the password. Why can't it work proactively, identifying the page as a fake before we type anything onto the page? Most antivirus programs these days claim they can do this.


What Are Progressive Web Apps and How Do They Compare With Native Apps?

I see nothing progressive ab out using old and insecure technologies to force us to use all our apps in the Cloud, only available when we have an Internet connection. Javascript these days is as vulnerable to hacking as Java Apps were a decade ago.


Thanks, Microsoft, but I’m still saying no to Windows 10

The OS does have its fans, but Win10 is merely good, not great.

Not even good. Evil, pure evil. I am actively looking to convert my mobile OS to ChromeOS or Linux.


Proposed New Legislation: "Security Awareness Training For Your Users Or Go To Jail"?

The legislation would do no such thing. It only proposes penalties for companies which conceal data breaches. The bill says nothing about training employees in anything.


Bitcoin Mining Now Uses More Power Than 159 Countries

Not to mention slowing PCs and imposing security risks without user consent. This is the cyber equivalent of theft and trespass.


How to Prevent Google Deleting Your Android Backups Without Warning

So, if no one uses the account in the specified period of time, the deletion warning will appear -- only in the account! Catch-22 anyone? I should watch my phone for this warning. The key number is about two months. After that, don't expect your Android Backup to still be there. I wonder if this applies to my Motorola branded backup of my Moto G4 phone? 


Why Hackers Love Cryptocurrency Miner Coinhive

Cryptocurrency miner Coinhive is becoming a hacking tool for cybercriminals, according to security researchers.

Just as I predicted. There is no such thing as a safe background process in a web browser, and this one is purely money-motivated in the first place, with no obvious user opt-out.


The politics of the Linux desktop

If you're working in open source, why would you use anything but Linux as your main desktop?

Well, among other non-Linux alternatives, FreeBSD has a following. Linux snobs need not apply for my attention if they take on this kind of attitude.


Run userchrome.js scripts in Firefox 57 or newer

I would not do this. You are compromising the sandboxing of processes which is the main underpinning of Firefox 57 enhanced security.


This might be the end of iPhone jailbreaking

The popularity of jailbreaking has declined sharply in recent years. Being an Android user, I don't know why this has happened. But this is why the app repositories have been shutting down.


How to Reset Windows Update in Windows 10

I just went through this process on both of my Windows 10 devices after an attempted forced upgrade from Version 1703 to Version 1709. On my NUC these methods failed and I had to use Macrium Reflect Free to restore the PC and start over.


This lawsuit could shut internet Nazis down

With their leaders now going off the grid, there is no hope of shutting down trolls. "Doxing" is still alive and well and so is "SWATting". 


Re. FYI#1104  (Thurs 12/07/2017):

Right to be Forgotten: 75% of employees likely to exercise rights under GDPR

The EU has laws about this, but the USA does not have any such laws. Without every major market having laws to allow removal of posted information from search engines, what has already been posted will live forever, and can easily be accessed by using proxy or VPN tactics.


Mozilla plans to add breach warnings to Firefox

These warnings should respect the age of the breaches. Anything over two years ago should be retired. The linked database site is not doing this type of filtering. Anyone who doesn't pay attention to their password security for years and years is not going to change their behaviors because of this "feature", er, annoyance.


Microsoft reveals 'Always Connected PCs' from HP and ASUS with Windows 10 on ARM

This is pretty much the opposite of what I would want in a traveling companion PC.


Windows 10 on ARM PCs with all-day battery life officially a reality

The emulation in these devices is painfully slow. So is the entire device after an an upgrade to "real" Windows.

Stop Complaining That You’re Browser Uses Lots of RAM: It’s a Good Thing

This is only good if you have lots of RAM overhead, as I have in my NUC. My tablet struggles with RAM-intensive software, including browsers.


What Is Google Lens and How Does It Work?

I don't like things which are too automatic. They often make too many assumptions about what I intend to do at any given moment. This feature will break home network security. No thanks.


Find out if your Intel system is vulnerable to Intel Manageability Engine vulnerabilities

I ran the test on my NUC. It was vulnerable. It took two tries, but I updated the BIOS to get the new, secure firmware in there. Then I ran the test tool again and was no longer vulnerable. The test tool works.


How to enable First-Party Isolation in Firefox

This feature requires Firefox 58 to work. Firefox 58 is not mainstream yet.


A Windows 10 alternative: Microsoft should embrace, extend Linux on the desktop

No. Microsoft should keep their grubby mitts off Linux forever.


LibreOffice vs. WPS Office: Which Office Suite Should You Use on Linux

WPS Office takes fewer resources than LibreOffice, and has closer compatibility with the formats used by Microsoft Office. That said, this is a company which is based in China and uses "telemetry" (spyware) extensively in its products. So do the math and decide for yourself. I use LibreOffice, but on my Windows tablet, I do use WPS Office, sparingly.



This is one of those online-only apps. I don't have any use for an app which maynot be available when I may need it the most -- where I don't have Internet access.


Re. FYI#1105  (Fri 12/08/2017):   

Websites use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency even when you close your browser

Resource-draining code hides in pop-under windows that can remain open indefinitely.

All the more reason to block these monsters actively.


Load cached website copies in Chrome when loading fails

I had to do this to find some FYI articles from the links posted. And one case where a download page had an invalid security certificate.


No Escape: Your Car Is the Next Major Entertainment Hub

I do not get into my car to be entertained. In fact, I don't even play the radio while driving.


New code injection method avoids malware detection on all versions of Windows

Word has it that there will be ways to detect and block this breed of malware. For now, it's difficult to actually do this type of injection, so it's nothing to try to do anything about, even if we could mitigate the risks.


Microsoft shows off Windows PCs that run on Qualcomm chips

It's Windows 10S. It does not run desktop apps natively. Emulation is slow and buggy. Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro makes the whole device run slowly. Send these back -- they are not ready for Prime Time.


From My Own Reading:

Archaeologists Sent an Ancient Egyptian Mummy Through an Imaging Scanner—Here's What They Saw


Argonne National Laboratory did this study. Interesting what advanced imaging can find.


Wi-Fi in 2018: What will the future look like?



Cop Purged Dead Girl’s Texts at Scene of Her Death, Prosecutors Say


What's interesting about this story is that then police or prosecutors were able to unlock the phone and were able to access supposedly deleted text messages and Snapchat messages (which are supposed to delete themselves after a specified time). The story is light on details about which type of phone this was, who password protected it or how, and whether phone company records were used to recover the texts. But there seems to be a claim here that deleted messages can be recovered from a phone and that even a password protected (but presumably not encrypted) phone can be opened and looked into.


AMD quietly made some Radeon RX 560 graphics cards worse


You have to really read the specs closely when selecting from these Radeon models. And getting a cut-down model won't even save you money.


Windows by the numbers: Windows 7's recalculated share shows faster-than-thought decline


I wonder how much of this decline is due to unexpected forced upgrades?


Why Amazon and Google just can't get along



Microsoft quietly repairs Windows Defender security hole CVE-2017-11937


"On Wednesday, Microsoft posted a Security Alert that describes a nasty remote code execution bug in the Malware Protection Engine, mpengine.dll."


New Windows Snapdragon laptops: 

[Notice -- all of these will be running Windows 10S and will use emulation for non-Store apps (desktop apps). This slows down performance and slashes battery life. Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro will also slash performance and battery life. I am awaiting reports on how well Linux can be adapted to these laptops, and whether their price justifies doing anything with them.]

Qualcomm invades Intel's turf with Snapdragon PCs that push battery life over performance



Windows PC feels predictably 'good enough' [ASUS Nova Go



Hands-on: HP's Envy x2 is a Surface clone boasting 20 hours of battery life


That's 20 hours at about half the screen brightness needed to work indoors.


And not to be outdone, new (Android) phones with new Snapdragon chipsets:

Five ways the Snapdragon 845 chip will impact 2018 Android flagship phones




Comments by -- Joe Nowak

10 Excel Tips on how to customize Excel at Startup

Fri Dec 8, 2017 11:36 pm (PST

This link to 10 Excel tips comes from one of our members, Harry Nelson, and has some great ideas from modifying the startup of Excel.


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You Can Charge Your iPhone in Half the Time with a Fast Charger



Cybercrime selling like hotcakes: Ransomware sales soar 2500% in one year



Blockchain browser Brave makes push to reward content makers and YouTubers



Cure your smartphone addiction with 'Substitute Phones'

A designer sees his art piece -- plastic blocks embedded with stone beads -- as one answer to phone obsession.



What Is Bitcoin, and How Does it Work?



2.4GHz vs. 5GHz on a Router: Which Is Better?



Google Doc’s Voice Typing: A Secret Weapon for Productivity






One Minute Review: Ring Video Doorbell 2

You can... (I'm really sorry for this)... Ring my bell.



Websites use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency even when you close your browser

Resource-draining code hides in pop-under windows that can remain open indefinitely.



Windows 10: Here are the big new features to look out for in 2018

Due to the public way in which Windows is tested, we already know about many of the new features headed to Windows 10 next year.



Microsoft is giving away Invoke Cortana speaker with Surface purchase

The Microsoft Store is now offering a free Harman Kardon Invoke speaker with the purchase of a new Surface device. Offer ends soon.



Study: Reddit Users Tend to Vote Without Reading (millenials and generation X use Reddit)

A new study from researchers at the University of Notre Dame suggests that most Reddit users vote on content based on headlines.



Load cached website copies in Chrome when loading fails



10 sneaky hidden cameras that will fool you, which ones could you spot?



4 more of David Pogue’s cheap and unexpected tech gifts



How to cancel a recurring subscription in iOS

Unless you know exactly where to look, it's extremely challenging to find the cancellation option.



How to Get the Simple, Lightweight YouTube Go App in Any Country



How to Remove the 3D Objects Folder from Windows 10 File Explorer



Learn These Tips to Solve Battery Issues on Apple and Windows Devices






Raspberry Pi clone Libre Renegade: $35 gets you Android, USB 3.0 and 4K video

The Renegade takes Raspberry Pi's form but offers a few hardware updates.



Researcher discovers classified Army intel app, data on open public AWS bucket

Failed intelligence system, with data labeled "Top Secret," left open by contractor.



These 8 banking apps left millions of users vulnerable to getting hacked

Researchers have discovered a flaw in a commonly-used security mechanism that allows an attacker to steal login information. This left many popular banking apps vulnerable.



Microsoft Whiteboard inking app for Windows 10 hits the Store

The new Whiteboard digital inking app from Microsoft is now ready for download in the Store as a public preview.



No Escape: Your Car Is the Next Major Entertainment Hub

If you like driving without the constant content consumption that's invaded every other aspect of our lives, enjoy it while you can.



Waterfox 56 is out



5 tech things that are a waste of money



Apple is planning to launch a 6.3-inch iPhone with same s...



Holiday shoppers ditch tablets, want phones, CNET survey uncovers

CNET's annual shopping study reveals how 2017 has changed what you buy (headphones!) and how you buy it, plus how demographic changes are reshaping holiday shopping norms.



Chromebooks Are More than “Just a Browser”



How to Change Your Password on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian OS)



How Easy Is It to Crack a Wi-Fi Network?






New code injection method avoids malware detection on all versions of Windows

Evil twin software hides inside other programs



Criminals look to machine-learning to mount cyber attacks

Cyber-criminals will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to outwit IT security and mount new forms of cyber-attacks, according to predictions made by McAfee.



Strong and stable: The iOS security guide

Apple’s smartphones are highly secure, but if your private or enterprise data matters to you, it’s essential to ensure your iPhone (or iPad) is as secure as possible.



Hide Device Performance & Health in Windows Defender Security Center



The Future of IoT Depends on 'Software Defined Radio'

To help us unpick the future of smart radio, PCMag met up with Professor Linda Doyle, Professor of Engineering and The Arts in Trinity College Dublin



Add some window drag space to Firefox



Best things to buy before and after Christmas



Comcast’s xFi Advanced Gateway modem is now available nationwide



GE's Door in Door fridge isn't worth it

Like other fridges with a door-in-door compartment, the GE GFD28GELDS runs warm, and you aren't getting any other features for your money.



HP Just Installed Bloated Telemetry Crapware on Your PC. Here’s How to Remove It



How Loud Should Your Headphones Be?



12 Excellent, Free Screen Sharing & Remote Access Tools You Haven’t Heard Of Yet



How to use your Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point



How Do I Get My Computer Fixed?

Don't Want to Fix Your Computer Yourself? Here Are Your Options



Senate GOP campaign arm stole donor data from House Republicans

Former NRCC aides used their old passwords to break into a database of highly valuable information on contributors.



Lock it down: The macOS security guide (updated)

Apple’s systems are highly secure, but if your private or enterprise data matters to you, it’s essential to ensure your Mac is as secure as possible.



Hide Virus and Threat Protection in Windows Defender Security Center



Apple Is Ready to Ditch the Mac

History and advertising highlight how iOS is poised to replace macOS.



Microsoft Security Faux Pas: ASLR implementation issue on Windows 8 and 10



How to check if someone has read your email



Microsoft shows off Windows PCs that run on Qualcomm chips



Blockstack Counterattacked a Phishing Attempt on Its ICO



Raspberry Pi Internet Weather Station


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Thur 1104  12/07/2017

Right to be Forgotten: 75% of employees likely to exercise rights under GDPR



TEH 003: The Chatbot Will See You Now



Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi: Mortal enemies, or best friends?



How will you be notified if North Korea strikes?



Here's the brutal reality of online hate

Death threats. Mutilated animals. Damnation. The victims of online hatred share their experiences.



Mozilla plans to add breach warnings to Firefox



Microsoft renews Surface deal with NFL for another year



Can I Password Protect a Folder?

Keeping data secure is important. Being able to password protect a folder seems an obvious approach. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.



Can I Password Protect a Folder?

Keeping data secure is important. Being able to password protect a folder seems an obvious approach. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.



How to delete files older than X days automatically using PowerShell

You can use PowerShell to free up space and keep things organize by only deleting files that are older than a certain number of days in any folder — Here's how to do it on Windows 10.



If Willie Sutton were working today, he'd be stealing cryptocurrency, not wasting time on banks



Microsoft Testing Cortana Notebook Redesign in Windows 10



[Guide] Things to Do After Installing Feature Update in Windows 10



How to Take a Screenshot on Any Device

No matter what your platform, here's how to take a picture of what's on your screen.



How to Pin WhatsApp Conversations to the Top of the Chat List



How to Detect and Remove Malware from Your Mac



3 Excel Dashboard Tips You Have to Try



Android Oreo for low-powered phones launches today



The revolutionary printer you can trust



How the internet helps spread hate, Nazi views

Editor's note: A New York Times profile is being criticized for normalizing a Nazi sympathizer's views and failing to explain why he thinks that way. But it's no mystery. We blame the internet.



How to zoom YouTube Videos



Microsoft reveals 'Always Connected PCs' from HP and ASUS with Windows 10 on ARM



The First Dozen Changes to My Newly Reinstalled Windows 10

A peek into my priorities as I install apps and make changes after a Windows 10 reset.



Windows 10 on ARM PCs with all-day battery life officially a reality

The first Windows 10 on ARM devices with support for x86 apps using emulation unveiled by Microsoft and Qualcomm. Though, they won't be available until 2018.



What Is AIDA



Gmail Now Lets You Use Your Outlook Account on the iPhone



[Software Update] Google Chrome 63 Stable Release Now Available for Download



The Best Laptops for Kids

An inexpensive PC can be a powerful educational tool for your child. Here's what you should consider when shopping for a kid-friendly laptop.



Stop Complaining That Your Browser Uses Lots of RAM: It’s a Good Thing



What Is Google Lens and How Does It Work?



What Is the Most Secure Mainstream Browser?



A guy who reviews gadgets for a living spent a week with the iPhone X and Pixel 2 — the winner was clear



3 essential privacy settings for your Amazon Echo



Feit IntelliBulb Switch-to-Dim 60W-Replacement LED review:

No dimmer switch? No problem! This LED can dim on its own



Find out if your Intel system is vulnerable to Intel Manageability Engine vulnerabilities



ASUS NovaGo hands-on: Your laptop is now a smartphone



How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade



This breakthrough quantum encryption tool could make the web "hack-proof"

Researchers have doubled the speed at which quantum distribution keys can be transmitted.



New CyberThreat Survey Confirms: Biggest Security Obstacle Is Low User Security Awareness



Facebook Launches Chat For Kids - But is it Safe?



8 great gifts for Apple MacBook/MacBook Pro users

We've already looked at gifts for iPhone users. It seems appropriate to also grab a glance at a few great gift ideas for notebook Macs.



Americans Are Still Skeptical of Chatbots for Customer Service

Everyone hates contacting customer service. Data provided by Helpshift and Propeller Insights reveals customer service chatbots are no exception.



Four Alternatives to YouTube Kids (That Aren’t Full of Creepy Fake Videos)



5 Useful Web Apps You Should Start Using Now



9 New Settings Features in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update



How hackers might target you in 2018



Powerful free video editor you’ll use time and time again



Apple applies for patent for a foldable phone

Samsung expects to release a foldable phone in 2018. Is Apple next?



How to enable First-Party Isolation in Firefox



A Windows 10 alternative: Microsoft should embrace, extend Linux on the desktop

I get it. The PC is too expensive to replace and you don't want Windows 10. Let me suggest another solution.



Hide Firewall & Network Protection in Windows Defender Security Center



Symantec selects AWS to power its cloud security

The cyber security company uses AWS as a part of its "cloud first" strategy.



Study: 90 percent of top cryptocurrency apps carry security and privacy risks



New Windows 10 Laptops 'Could Run For Weeks'



10 great gifts for Apple iPhone users

A quick and easy guide to some of the best iPhone-related accessories you can get for the Apple user in your life this season.



Senators Threaten Jail Time for Data Breach Cover-Ups in New Bill

Uber's belated reporting of a 2016 data breach is an example why the law is needed, the US senators say.



How to Monitor (and Reduce) Your Data Usage on Android



LibreOffice vs. WPS Office: Which Office Suite Should You Use on Linux



Which of These 5 Linux Shells Is Best?



10 of the worst Android Wear problems, and how to fix them





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Wed 1103 12/06/2017

How did an 8TB external hard drive get a discount this deep?



Google vs Amazon Goes Nuclear: YouTube Yanked From Fire TV



10 Great Gifts for Cord Cutters

Know someone who canceled cable? These gifts will help them embrace the cord-cutter life.



Protect Your Google Accounts With This Official Extension



What Are Progressive Web Apps and How Do They Compare With Native Apps?



New Mirai variant back on radar after new exploit code published



Thousands of Serial-To-Ethernet Devices Leak Telnet Passwords



Thanks, Microsoft, but I’m still saying no to Windows 10

The OS does have its fans, but Win10 is merely good, not great.



Proposed New Legislation: "Security Awareness Training For Your Users Or Go To Jail"?



Disable the transparent Terminal background in Linux Mint



Bitcoin Mining Now Uses More Power Than 159 Countries



Speed up your PC using this free program



Apption Meater review:

Can you trust this wireless meat thermometer?



Australia may offer facial recognition data to telecoms and banks



Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV vs. Sling vs. Vue vs. DirecTV Now: Face-Off!



Flying American Next Month? Might Want to Check Your Flight Status

Hundreds of flights scheduled in December do not have a pilot, first officer, or both due to a computer glitch that allowed too many staffers to take off for the holidays.



How to Prevent Google Deleting Your Android Backups Without Warning



AMD Radeon Settings – What Do They All Mean?



How to: Set up an Amazon Echo and solve setup and Wi-Fi problems



Even Highly Skilled Cyber-Thieves Make Stupid Mistakes, or Do They?



10 (more) iPhone X gesture tips

iPhone X is attracting lots of interest and changing how we use the device. Here are ten more usability tips to help you turn yourself into an iPhone X pro.



Your Cybercrime Insurance Policy May Not Cover You For Social Engineering Fraud



Windows 10 version 1709 blocking security updates?



Mega Memory: Crucial Introduces Massive 128GB LRDIMMs



Which is better, Amazon Echo or Google Home?



Tech companies ask FCC to keep net neutrality rules

Letter signed by 200 companies argues that scrapping the rules will hurt the US economy.



Upgrade your home Wi-Fi to handle all the new gadgets you just bought during Black Friday sales



Amazon Fire TV vs Fire TV Stick: What Should You Buy?



Why Hackers Love Cryptocurrency Miner Coinhive

Cryptocurrency miner Coinhive is becoming a hacking tool for cybercriminals, according to security researchers.



The Complete Facebook Privacy Guide



NVIDIA MAX-Q Laptops: High Performance Gaming on Laptops



PowerShell Scripting - Create USB Install Media for Windows 10



The politics of the Linux desktop

If you're working in open source, why would you use anything but Linux as your main desktop?



The new Apple iPhone X troubleshooting guide

Apple’s new iPhone isn’t having too many problems, but everybody needs to know what to do if a problem strikes.



10 tips to optimize security during the holidays



Run userchrome.js scripts in Firefox 57 or newer



Google Blocks YouTube on Amazon’s Echo Show and Fire TV



Be a hotshot pilot with this free flight simulator



How to scrub hate off Facebook, Twitter and the internet

The internet has become a cesspool of cyberbullying, bigotry and hate speech. Here’s how tech is trying to clean it up.



This might be the end of iPhone jailbreaking



Best Indoor HDTV Antennas of 2017



Graphene Balls Reduce a One Hour Battery Recharge to 12 Minutes

Samsung's graphene ball breakthrough makes recharging lithium-ion batteries 5x faster and increases their capacity by 45 percent.



How to Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer & Get Free Stuff



5 Useful Mobile Apps to Help You Manage Anxiety and Relieve Stress



How to Reset Windows Update in Windows 10



Nvidia, GE Healthcare announce deal to bring AI platform to hospitals



Google puts a little of Apple’s Swift in its future OS

The never-ending Apple/Google story takes a new turn on claims the Android maker wants to put a little Apple inside its new OS, albeit the Open Source Swift language.



Tizi backdoor rooted Android devices by exploiting old vulnerabilities



How to protect yourself from Session Replay tracking



Ryzen 5 2500U Review Roundup: Can AMD’s New APU Take On Intel?



3 router tweaks to speed up your Wi-Fi



This lawsuit could shut internet Nazis down

The victim of a troll attack takes on the neo-Nazi who runs "the top hate site in America." The result might prompt trolls to think twice before they post.



42% of Medicare Beneficiaries Will See Their Part B Premiums Rise by 23% in 2018



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Latest Edition of CyberHeistNews

Tue Dec 5, 2017 11:39 pm (PST

CyberheistNews Vol 7 #47 Your Cybercrime Insurance Policy May Not Cover You for Social Engineering Fraud


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Tue 1102 12/05/2017

Microsoft Office is now available for all Chromebooks



When The FCC Kills Net Neutrality, Here's What Your Internet Could Look Like



Facebook publishes ad rules in wake of Russia revelations



Fake Symantec site spreads OSX.Proton password stealer

A security researcher using the Twitter handle @noarfromspace last week spotted a fake Symantec blog spreading a new variant of the OSX.Proton password stealer.



Have a Specific Purpose for Your PC? Use This Linux OS



Brave browser opens users' wallets to YouTube content creators

Brave Software has opened its 'Basic Attention Token' digital currency-based reward system to YouTube content creators.



Comcast denies plans to offer internet 'fast lanes'

The nation's largest broadband provider says it has no plans to offer fast lanes on the internet once the FCC rolls back net neutrality rules next month.



How to Use Android without Google Play Services



10 practical (and boring) tech gifts people will use time and time again



Why Microsoft could very well revive the Courier in 2018



AMD is more than the Threadripper. Here are the best AMD CPUs on any budget



How to Stop Incoming Phone Calls from Ringing On Your Mac and iPad



Firefox 58 to block top-level data URL navigation



YouTube Pulls Exploitative Child Videos as Advertisers Flee

The company is also working to fix an issue with its autocomplete feature that returned 's*x with kids' on a search for 'how to have.'



Quantum encryption is now fast enough for voice calls



Tech firms launch last-ditch effort to stop net-neutrality roll-back

Over 200 internet firms have penned a letter to the FCC.



Font-Pairing Strategies and Tools for Perfect Font Combinations



iPhone X drives Apple's ‘best ever’ year for smartphone sales

Apple has just begun its best ever year for iPhones, setting new records over the holiday quarter, according to IHS Markit analyst, Ian Fogg.



Get an HP Pavilion Wave desktop PC for $269.99

This striking system will raise your home decor, not ruin it. Plus: The lowest price ever on the Samsung Gear VR 2016.



How to Fix the Cellular Data Not Working on Android



How to find hidden spy devices in your home or rental



How to forget a Wi-Fi network on Windows 10

You no longer want to connect to a Wi-Fi network? Use these steps to tell Windows 10 to forget the connection details.



You could buy a MacBook. Or you could buy this laptop — and 137 lattes



Is Wireless Charging Slower Than Wired Charging?



Skype: no more Facebook sign-ins



Samsung App Adjusts QLED TVs to Suit Color Blind Viewers

If you have color vision deficiency, Samsung just gave you a good reason to buy a QLED TV (and Samsung Galaxy smartphone).



Here’s the real reason why your iPhone X will arrive a lot sooner than expected



9th-gen Intel Core i CPUs to feature up to eight cores

And it looks like everything will be hyper-threaded.



The Windows Backup and Restore Guide



Apple's iPhone users are running to Bitcoin

As Bitcoin mania goes mainstream, the Coinbase iOS app has become one of the most downloaded App Store items.



All cameras, all the time



How to Stop Outlook and Gmail from Marking Emails as Read



5 security mistakes you’re probably making



How to Fix: Gracefully Close Thunderbird using Batch Script



PowerShell Scripting - The Basics



Why You (Probably) Don’t Need a Crazy-Powerful GPU Like the GTX 1080 Ti



HP installing HP Touchpoint Analytics Client Telemetry service



Secret US Army Data Possibly Found on Public Server

Some of the files were marked Top Secret or NOFORN, meaning no foreigners should read it.



Hacker in massive Yahoo breach expected to plead guilty



Ryzen 5 2500U notebook benchmarks revealed

First Ryzen laptop performance details show up via HP Envy x360 laptop.



10 Websites All Linux Users Should Have Bookmarked



Apple apologizes, issues Mac login security patch

‘We greatly regret this error and we apologize to all Mac users, both for releasing with this vulnerability and for the concern it has caused.’



5 ways to still score deals after Cyber Monday

Just because Cyber Monday is over doesn't mean the discounted products come to an end.



Facebook Isn’t Spying On Everything You Say



Did you fall for Russian propaganda?



Google Unveils AI-Powered Camera Kit for Raspberry Pi



How to Verify if System Files and Drivers are Digitally Signed in Windows



What’s the Difference Between Microsoft Office’s Desktop, Web, and Mobile Apps?



How to convert JPG and PNG images to SVG



The Best Security Suites of 2017

Most entry-level suites include antivirus, firewall, antispam, parental control, and additional privacy measures such as protection against phishing sites. Advanced suites typically add a backup component and some form of system tune-up utility, while others throw in a password manager and other extras. But what do you need really need to keep your PC safe? We tested, rated, and reviewed nearly four dozen security suites, and these 10 get top marks and our highest recommendation.



FBI failed to warn officials about Russian email hackers






Most Medical Checkups Miss a 30-Second Test That Could Save Your Life

You can increase your odds of stopping a heart attack before it happens.


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Mon 1101 12/04/2017

Security: Making yourself a hard target for hackers is easier than you think

Even following the most basic advice can provide a barrier to stop hackers and cyberattacks.



Apple releases iOS 11.2 with ‘I.T’ autocorrect fix, faster wireless charging and Apple Pay Cash



A Quick Guide to OneDrive in Windows 10



Cut the Cable: A TV Guide to find what you want to watch



FCC Chairman: Twitter, Celeb Net Neutrality Criticism 'Utterly Absurd'

Ajit Pai is pushing back at critics, including Silicon Valley firms (and even Cher), that oppose his proposal to end net neutrality rules.



Apple Rushes iOS 11.2 Release As New iPhone Crashing Bug Emerges



Free Windows 10 upgrade path disappears on Dec. 31



Glossary of Common Texting Abbreviations and Web Jargon

A dictionary of modern text message terms



Why Rebooting Your Router Fixes So Many Problems (and Why You Have to Wait 10 Seconds)



The Ultimate Starter Pack for Cord-Cutters



Google AI tech alerts you when strangers peek at your phone

Google researchers demonstrate a new feature that could protect you from snoopers looking at your phone over your shoulder in public.



HDMI 2.1 arrives with 10K support, making your 4K TV obsolete



The time-saving typing trick every Android user should try

Little things can make a big difference, as this handy productivity hack illustrates.



Microsoft releases Web Media Extensions for Windows 10



Snips lets you build your own voice assistant to embed into your devices



Avoid Falling Victim to Card Skimmers With This Android App



This year’s most hackable holiday gifts



The Best Robot Vacuums of 2017

Want to keep your floors clean without lifting a finger? Robotic vacuums are more capable and affordable than ever. These are our top performers.



Microsoft Delivers First Driver and Firmware Pack for Surface Pro LTE



Thurrott: You can still clean install Win10 with a Win 7 or 8.1 key



Drone Safety Tips: 9 Do's and Don'ts When Flying Drones

Drones are everywhere these days. Here's how to handle them



Is Facebook’s New “Messenger Kids” App Safe for My Kids?



Every Instagram Fanatic Needs to Get These 5 Instagram Apps\



NSA breach spills over 100GB of top secret data

The US spy agency is supposed to be all about secrecy, but once again its secrets have leaked out into public view.



Horrendous Apple security flaw lets ANYONE log in to a High Sierra Mac: How to keep yourself safe



WifiInfoView is a great Wi-Fi utility for Windows

WifiInfoView from Nirsoft is a free, portable Windows app that provides a ton of useful information about your Wi-Fi environment.



Vivaldi lands Sync functionality in latest browser snapshot



Surprise: This $20 home monitoring camera actually doesn’t suck



You Can Now Play StarCraft II for Free



5 ways to keep your PC secure



Garmin Speak



How to Add Boot to UEFI Firmware Settings Context Menu in Windows 10



The lax computer security of British MPs - as detailed in their own tweets

Shared passwords, unlocked PCs, porn everywhere.



Which Amazon Echo Should I Buy?



How to Stop Your Mac From Automatically Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network



Spotify vs. Google Play Music vs. Apple Music: Which Should You Use?



Cyber Monday sets mobile shopping record in US

US shoppers spent $1.59 billion using their phones on Cyber Monday, a new record. Overall online shopping also hit a one-day US record, at $6.59 billion.



100GB of secret NSA data found on unsecured AWS S3 bucket



Windows 10 update (and retirement) calendar: Mark these dates

Microsoft is releasing new versions of Windows 10 on a set schedule – and just as regularly retiring older versions from support. Here are all the dates you need to know about through Windows 7's retirement in 2020.



AV Test’s October 2017 ranking: surprise at the top



Samsung's W2018 flip phone has a variable aperture camera



Is Out-of-Date EFI Firmware Putting Your Mac at Risk?



3 ways to find the real deals on Amazon



How to Manage Amazon Echo With the Alexa App, Website

Having trouble controlling your Echo device? You can turn to the Alexa app or site for help.



How to Synchronize Clock with an Internet Time Server in Windows 10



Smashing Security podcast #055: Uber, net neutrality, and website hacks

Industry veterans, chatting about computer security and online privacy.



Samsung: Graphene Balls Boost Battery Charging Speed by 500 Percent



What Is DirecTV Now, and Can It Replace Your Cable Subscription?



With All the Hacks Lately, Do You Still Trust Saving Your Files to the Cloud?



7 cool Alexa devices not made by Amazon

Alexa is everywhere these days. Here are some gadgets we think are worth keeping an eye on that aren't made by Amazon.



Wireless data tracking case to decide if US citizens have privacy rights

'An individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed' is the premise being taken to the US Supreme Court Wednesday, to clarify if law enforcement must obtain warrants to access wireless data.



How to move data between your Android phone and computer

A few simple swipes, and you're on your way to accessing the files and folders on your Android phone from your PC or Apple computer. JR Raphael walks you through these easy steps.



TLDR summarizes Linux commands



Facebook is trying to make it easier to be a better person



pfSense: Not Linux, Not Bad


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Sun 1100 12/03/2017

NSA, Army Breach Exposed 100GB of Highly Classified Data



Apple buys the creator of a 'seamless' mixed reality headset



FCC says Twitter is "part of the problem" when it comes to open internet



8 Premium Movie Streaming Services

Embrace your inner movie buff by trying out these streaming sites



Nest Secure



How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently



Use Google Drive for collaboration



Windows 10 Mobile? No new features but a new phone: Wileyfox Pro is out December 4

At least the new $250 handset will be getting security updates from Microsoft.



Get Windows and Office patched – but watch out for creepy-crawlies

Patch Tuesday brought horrors for some admins, but those problems are gone and others have abated somewhat. Still, be careful when updating this month.



Sony MDR 1000x headphones



You Can Now Google Restaurant Wait Times



Fix Excel 2016 opening a blank document



Toshiba Levels Up The XG5-P NVMe SSD



Does Apple purposefully slow down phones to force you to buy a new one?



Samsung may offer a peek at the Galaxy S9 at CES in January



AMD releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.11.4 driver



What to Do When Your Home Internet Connection Underperforms

Tips for solving slow internet connections at home



How to Manage Amazon Echo With the Alexa App, Website

Having trouble controlling your Echo device? You can turn to the Alexa app or site for help.



What Firmware Is and How It Differs from Software



What problems are you seeing with Win10 Fall Creators Update?



Windows 10 tip: Take full control over how your PC shuts down

The most common shutdown options are available on the Start menu. For additional options, such as restarting and configuring firmware options, use the Shutdown command.



Mingis on Tech: Thumbs ups (and downs) for Win 10 Fall Creators Update

If you don't yet have the latest version of Windows 10, you eventually will. Preston Gralla details what to look for – and look out for – in Fall Creators Update.



Firefox challenges Apple with 4K-friendly video tech

You can now try AV1 video compression in a browser. Video files are at least 25 percent smaller than Apple's preferred format, Mozilla says.



Chrome Supports the MacBook Touch Bar: Here’s What You Can Do With It



Google launches Datally data saving app for Android



Intel Z370 Motherboard Roundup



7 steps to make more room on your Android phone



Want the best MacBook for your money? You can forget the Touch Bar



Android Apps that Mod Your Device without Root



How to Work from a Coffee Shop or Free Wi-Fi Hotspot

Productivity and security tips for working remotely in public locations



The Best External Hard Drives of 2017

Whether you're running out of space on your laptop hard drive, or you want to back up your photos and videos, portable storage has never been cheaper. Here's how to get the right drive.



15 things Apple will definitely* be making soon**



Whatever TV You Buy Next, Make It a 4K One



How to Enable or Disable Enhanced PINs for BitLocker Startup in Windows 10



Microsoft previews 'Near Share,' an AirDrop clone for nimble Windows 10 file transfers

The new ad hoc file-sharing service – similar to Apple's AirDrop – is included in the latest Windows 10 Insider (Build 17035) and is likely to be available for non-Insider users next year.



Microsoft wants you to test its latest Windows feature

The software giant has a potentially radical new idea for how to use Windows. So it's going to see if we like it.



Google Drive vs. OneDrive: Where to Back Up Your Windows Files



Microsoft reaches 3/5 of its 1 billion Windows devices goal



Thermaltake Releases Corner-Shaped Core C90 Open-Frame Chassis



Late Amazon Prime Delivery? Here's what you can get for free!



I've been an iPhone user for 10 years — here's what happened when I switched to the Google Pixel 2 for a week



Case for the defence: Eugene Kaspersky - not a spy?



13 Video Websites You Need to Know About

It's true. This site isn't the only video resource on the internet.



Nest Secure



Manage Your Email Using Artificial Intelligence with Astro



Eight Advent Calendars for Every Taste



How to Create a Desktop Shortcut of Website in Google Chrome



Reports of IE 11 failing to start linked to icon font size

A remarkable series of coincidences leads me to believe that there’s a bug in the September-to-November cumulative updates for Win 7 and 8.1 that, under certain circumstances, prevent IE from starting. Microsoft hasn’t yet fixed the bug.



You may soon be testing Microsoft's next software

The debut of Windows 10's Sets feature is the latest example of the tech industry asking us to be guinea pigs.



4 Ways Open Source Software Is Not Good Enough



Windows Sets is more than a tabbed interface for programs



MSI Details Infinite X U.S. Desktop Models



Creative way to make your computer stand out



Intel's latest Core processors have serious security flaws



Banana Backups


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