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Fri 12/29/2017 1126
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Sat 1127  12/30/2017

Yuletide Phishing: Attacks And Clicks Are On The Rise


EVGA Z370 FTW Motherboard Review,5352.html


Apple Cuts Battery Replacement Costs, But Won’t Stop Throttling iPhone Performance


The “Troubleshooter” Malware Scam and How to Fix It


How to Block Emails in Gmail


Study Finds Disturbing Rise In Cyberespionage, Ransomware Attacks


eBay is selling AirPods while they’re still sold out elsewhere


Nissan Finance Canada Suffers Data Breach — Notifies 1.13 Million Customers


How much have you really spent on Amazon this year?


Paul Thurrott’s Short Takes: December 29


Windows 10 build 17063 for PC: Everything you need to know


8 fun Raspberry Pi projects to try

We've collected 8 particularly interesting Raspberry Pi projects people were playing with in 2016.


How to See if You Followed Russian Propaganda on Facebook

Facebook's new tool will quickly show you whether you liked or followed pages linked to Russian groups that used the social network to spread political propaganda.


This Galaxy X foldable smartphone concept seems smart, but it’s never going to happen


Taipower First With Next-Gen SMI NVMe Controller,36187.html


New Details on Intel’s Goldmont Plus, the CPU Architecture Inside Gemini Lake


7 of the Best Alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint


Google Chrome Will Start Blocking Ads in February


Man Threatened Company with Cyber Attack to Fire Employee and Hire Him Instead


You can now send your Amazon Echo Look selfies for crowdsourced fashion advice




Organize and save all of your pictures and documents in one weekend


Kodi Releases Its Official UWP App for the Xbox One


Apple wants to unify iPad, iPhone, and Mac apps – but will it work?


10 open source alternatives to Minecraft

Interested in a free Minecraft alternative? Here's a quick look at some clones and derivatives out there that you really ought to check out.


With Tweaks, Edward Snowden's 'Haven' App Helps Track Intruders

It's not a foolproof way to prevent someone from stealing your stuff out of your hotel room, but the Haven app can give you a little more peace of mind—if you set it up right.


At $60, the mini espresso machine that can fit on any counter can also fit in any budget


FCC Approves WattUp Long-Range Wireless Charging,36183.html


Why Modern Computers Struggle to Match the Input Latency of an Apple IIe


6 of the Best Linux Distros of 2017


Bitcoin Explained: Why Is It Worth So Much Money?


XBL IP Blacklist Grows 50% Because of Andromeda and Satori Botnets




Exploiting ROBOT like Mr. Robot


Best Android hidden tips and tricks


Armed robbers steal $1.8 million worth of cryptocurrency

Such crimes will become "increasingly common," said New York County's DA.


Turn On or Off Write with Fingertip in Handwriting Panel in Windows 10


SSH into your Christmas tree with Raspberry Pi (OK, Christmas is over, but don't be short sighted.  SSH is use to remote to just about any computer or SBC)


How to Buy, Sell, and Swap Gift Cards

Get a gift card you can't use or don't want? Sell it or swap it on these sites.


This wire-free home security camera is almost as good as Arlo, but it costs half as much


SilverStone Announces TP02-M2 M.2 Heatsink Kit,36186.html


Non-Profits Want DMCA Exception to Preserve Abandoned Online Games


What Do You Feel Was the Most Disappointing Tech Product of 2017?


Not All VPNs Are Made Equal, Avoid These Ones!


Russia's Fancy Bear APT Group Gets More Dangerous

Encryption and code refreshes to group's main attack tool have made it stealthier and harder to stop, ESET says.


PSA: here’s how to put your old Amazon shipping boxes to good use


Warning after parents are conned out of THOUSANDS by hackers who send fake school bills using a Google app

  - Schools left themselves vulnerable after moving to Google for Education 

  - Hackers don't need to penetrate secure school networks to access the data 

  - They can steal sensitive information by obtaining usernames and passwords

  - Criminals then send out fake documents based on the school's templates


See what’s taking up your hard drive space with this freebie


Former US CISO on Why Awareness Training Is Priority Number 1

Gregory Touhill on the Best Way to Lower Risks


Add or Update Security Questions for Local Account in Windows 10


Do You Wish You Were Smarter? Bill Gates's Discovery Is Proven To Double Your IQ And Will Be Banned From The Public


How to Connect Amazon Echo Dot to an External Speaker

You can pump up the sound on your Echo Dot with an external speaker.


Why bother with the SNES Classic when this $41 console plays every SNES game ever?


G.Skill Speeds Up 64GB SO-DIMM Memory, Claims ‘World’s Fastest’,36184.html


Top 100 Worst Passwords of 2017


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Apps are Listening to your TV watching preferences

Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:49 pm (PST

Over 1000 apps are listening to your TV viewing habits through the microphone when you're not expecting it.

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Fri 1126  12/29/2017

AI in 2018: Google seeks to turn early focus on AI into cash (this will impact us all that use computers.  Amazon is another.)

Alphabet has spent billions injecting machine learning into all aspects of its business, though returns will be hard to track


Kodi comes full circle with a return to the Xbox


Q Acoustics M2 Soundbase review: This no-frills speaker delivers

There's nothing fancy here, but this box delivers a great performance every time.


How the 'Grinch bots' stole Christmas

When 'take my money' just isn’t enough.


Review: NVIDIA Titan V, The Best You Shouldn’t Buy


[Tip] Automatically Free Up Disk Space in Windows 10


Microsoft pulls Google Chrome Installer from the Microsoft Store


Library Of Congress Abandons Twitter Archive


This $48 home security cam has the best feature from Nest’s $300 home camera


Chrome Extension Hacked to Secretly Mine Cryptocurrency

The Archive Poster Chrome extension has, for weeks now, been secretly mining the cryptocurrency Monero via users' computers.


The Nokia 9 will have 5.5-inch OLED display and run Android 8.0 Oreo

As revealed by the FCC


20 Essential Accessories for Any Photography Beginner, Amateur, or Professional


How to Configure Linux for Children


11 things to tweak when setting up a Windows 10 laptop

Got a new laptop? Start out by checking or changing these settings.


Reports of IE 11 failing to start linked to icon font size

A remarkable series of coincidences leads me to believe that there’s a bug in the September-to-November cumulative updates for Win 7 and 8.1 that, under certain circumstances, prevent IE from starting. Microsoft hasn’t yet fixed the bug.


Some mobile games are listening to what children watch


Some LG 4K LCD TVs still deliver only 2.8K resolution

Replacing every fourth RGB subpixel with a white one increases brightness—it also lowers resolution.


Microsoft patent points to folding dual-screen notebook

It looks a lot like its old Courier concept.


Amazon Pushes Further Ahead of Apple, Google and Microsoft with Alexa


[Windows 10 Tip] Enable Hidden “Diagnostics” Options on “About:Flags” Page in Microsoft Edge


Microsoft testing more design tweaks for Skype on Android


How to Fix: Run Batch Script as Administrator (Without Password)


Comcast accused of signing thousands up for a protection program without their consent


The Pentagon is using AI to fight ISIS but it's not quite the 'Terminator'


What happens when Facebook doesn’t tell you a friend has died?


How to Hide and Unhide Worksheets in Excel


6 Necessary Apps for Mac You Should Download Right Now


10 tips for your new Xbox One X

Get your new Xbox One X working great with these tips.


HP stealthily installs new spyware called HP Touchpoint Analytics Client

It isn’t clear how the spying driver gets installed — Microsoft and HP both stand accused — but if you have an HP machine, locating and deleting the offending “service” takes just a few minutes.


Future versions of Chrome OS won’t pause Android apps when switching windows


Amazon Echo Spot review: This Alexa speaker is as sharp as it is smart

Excellence marks the Spot.


Chrome OS will finally run Android apps in the background

One step closer to living up to the feature's true potential.


Fall Creators Update Usage Soars


Set Data Limit for Wi-Fi and Ethernet in Windows 10


Researchers fool Windows Hello face recognition on older versions of Windows 10


Ukraine kidnappers release hostage after $1m bitcoin ransom paid

Male employee of UK-registered cryptocurrency exchange ‘safe, but stressed’ following capture by gunmen


The best accessory for any Samsung flagship phone just dropped to its lowest price ever


Top Windows 10 questions: How to install, secure, upgrade, get it for free

In 2017, Ed Bott answered hundreds of questions about Windows 10. Here are the topics that readers found most interesting.


Chinese clothing brand sues Apple for stealing its logo for the App Store


Did You Know You Can Search Within a YouTube Video?


Microsoft Finally Introduced Long-Delayed Timeline Feature


How to make the most money from old gadgets

Making way for a new tech purchase? Here's how to get the best deal when reselling your old gadgets.


Patch alert: Microsoft acknowledges printer bug; forced 1709 upgrades continue

Patch Tuesday problems roll out, with a new acknowledgment from Microsoft about a dot matrix printer bug, continued reports of Win10 1703-to-1709 upgrades, one unconfirmed report of a forced 1607-to-1709 upgrade, and a memory violation error with CDPUserSvc. Welcome to the jungle.


With lineup widening, Apple depends less on iPhone X


Foobot Home Air Quality Monitor review: A pricey way to keep an eye on indoor pollution

This smart appliance examines the air you breathe, but do you need that analysis?


Google will continue to let sites opt out of showing in search results

They can legally scrape those sites now, but the tech titan promises that it won't.


Apple iPhone X Review

Apple iPhone X Review -


Restrict Background Data Usage for Wi-Fi and Ethernet in Windows 10


The 2017 Jezzy Game Awards: Worst. Game awards. Ever.


Essential Apps You Should Install on a New PC Running Windows or macOS


Renders show the Galaxy S9’s ‘confirmed’ design


Edward Snowden Reveals Shocking Facts About Mass Surveillance in 2017


Facebook is introducing new tools to help curb harassment

You can now read messages without the sender knowing


6 Most Powerful Search Engines for Social Networks


How to Add More Games to Your NES and SNES Mini Classic Edition


How to improve TV streaming quality on Netflix, Hulu and more

Don’t suffer through annoying pauses or blurry, low resolution. Here's how to get better streaming from your smart TV, streaming box or game console.


What is Windows Hello? Microsoft’s biometrics security system explained

Windows Hello gives Windows 10 users an alternative way to log into their devices and applications using a fingerprint, iris scan or facial recognition. Here’s what the technology does, who uses it and the hardware required.


Intel Corp. Cancels Coffee Lake-X Gaming Chip

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Thur 1125  12/28/2017

[Tip] Automatically Free Up Disk Space in Windows 10


How to keep your smartened-up home safe from hackers


Bracing for EV shift, NGK Spark Plug ignites all solid-state battery quest


Ghostery 8 improves anti-tracking and ad-blocking functions


10 iPhone texting tips you'll wish you'd known all along

These are the not-so-obvious tips iPhone pros use.


Microsoft confirms stalled downloads, bogus errors in Win10 FCU update KB 4054517

Microsoft just confirmed two major bugs in this month’s cumulative update for Win10 Fall Creators Update, KB 4054517 — which we described earlier this week. We also have confirmation of bugs in the November Excel 2016 patch and in this month’s Exchange Server patch.


Britain’s spy agency can’t stop losing cyber talent to major tech companies


Coinbase halts Bitcoin Cash transactions amidst accusations of insider trading


Why turning off your startup items will make you so much happier


How to Work With Worksheet Tabs in Excel


The best laptops of 2017: Ultrabooks, budget PCs, 2-in-1s, and more

Our top picks feature the best tech advances in portable PCs, from new CPUs and GPUs to new materials.


Amazon Echo Spot


Everyone hates cable TV, not just young people


Edward Snowden's Haven app uses your phone to detect intruders

And it works as a super-secure baby monitor, too.


Get ready for a 2018 cryptocurrency crime wave


Microsoft removes HEVC codec in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, adds it to Store


Here's Apple's huge apology for slowing down your old iPhone

Apple will offer $29 battery replacements that should speed things up again, through 2018.


Office as a malware delivery platform: DDE, Scriptlets, Macro obfuscation

Powerful behind-the-scenes features in Office have suddenly stepped back into the malware limelight, with an onslaught of mostly macro-less attacks starring jimmied Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.


Thousands of major sites are taking silent anti-ad-blocking measures


High-speed broadband will be a legal right for homes and businesses in the UK

Of at least 10 Mbps by 2020


How to back up all your digital devices


How to Only Print an Area in Microsoft Excel


HP Spectre x360 13t (late 2017) review: An 8th-gen CPU leads a raft of upgrades

Packing a quad-core 8th-gen Core i7 and a ton of improvements, this is easily the best convertible laptop you can buy today.


Technology Is Killing Me (And Probably You, Too)

There are a million reasons I'd like to destroy my smartphone, and a million reasons why I can't.


Samsung just launched a budget phone that brings good news for the Galaxy S9


As online ads fail, sites mine cryptocurrency

Bubble? What bubble?


With Net Neutrality Gone, Here's How To Build Your Very Own Internet


Vivaldi launches build for ARM-based Linux devices


As online ads fail, sites mine cryptocurrency

Bubble? What bubble?


Powerful free video editor you’ll use time and time again


Ubuntu MATE vs. Mint: Which Linux OS Should You Choose?


Brinkmann: Win10 1709 group policy setting incorrectly blocking cumulative updates?


The 100 Best Android Apps of 2018

These are the essential Android apps you need, whether you're outfitting the latest Pixel phone or plugging along with a much older device.,2817,2393097,00.asp


Use Alexa to control nearly anything in your house with this $15 box


Eve V review: The wisdom of the crowd mostly pays off

Forget design by committee -- the Eve V embodies design by community.


Apple Inc. Wins Holiday Smartphone Sales, But Older iPhones Top iPhone X


CyberSight RansomStopper anti-ransomware for Windows


The 25 best battery life laptops for 2017

If you're shopping for a holiday laptop or hybrid, these are the models that offer the longest battery life.


Retro Start menu star Classic Shell heads out to pasture

Long a mainstay of the old-fashioned Windows interface fan club, Classic Shell’s developer Ivo Beltchev has thrown in the towel, releasing the code to SourceForge


View App Permissions in Windows 10


Twitter broke the only bit of joy I’ve found in its Android app, but you can get it back

Highlights technically still exist ...for now


5 security mistakes you’re probably making


Best Vlog Camera and Setup for Under $1,000


Microsoft yanks buggy November rollup KB 4049016 for .NET Framework on Win7 and Server 2008 R2


AI-Enabled Self-Order Kiosks Recognize Frequent CaliBurger Customers


Cable companies are limiting password sharing as cord-cutting picks up speed


What do made-for-AI processors really do?

Will a dedicated “neural processing unit” really affect you?


Apple got a bummer of a Christmas present, cuts iPhone X expectations




AI in 2018: Apple is acquiring knowledge, but results may take a while


Amcrest ProHD Outdoor 3-Megapixel (2304 x 1296P) WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera - IP67 Weatherproof, 3MP


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Wed 1124 12/27/2017

Our predictions for Microsoft in 2018


Trader's big bet on Bitcoin


How augmented and virtual reality will reshape the food industry


Bond review:

Bond smartens ceiling fans so you can lose that remote for good


North Korea hackers steal bitcoin by targeting currency insiders

The state-backed group tries to trick workers into compromising their PCs.


Install and use Teamviewer 13 for GNU/Linux remote access and support


Best smart thermostats to cut heating costs


What Do I Do if I’m Being Harassed, Bullied, or Stalked Online?

Online harassment is common problem, and exceptionally prevalent among children. I'll review some of the issues and steps to be taken.


First Lawsuits Filed Against Apple for Slowing iPhones




Amazon Retiring Music Storage Subscription Plans

If you uploaded your (non-Amazon) music library to Amazon's Music Storage service, you might want to retrieve it soon.


Nokia is about to launch a true iPhone killer, and the FCC has all the details


The Best Linux Software


Comcast is giving its employees $1,000 bonuses because net neutrality is dead

Celebrating the death of consumer protections


Dual-screen clamshell devices will kill the tablet

When a phone is also a laptop, who needs a tablet?


Apple slows some older iPhones because of flagging batteries


Pixel art coloring book apps are the newest App Store craze


Fooling Amazon and Google's voice recognition isn't hard

If your roommates sound like you, they might be able to use your smart speaker to access your info or make purchases. Here's how you can protect yourself.


California advises against keeping your phone in your pocket

Whether or not anyone accepts the advice is another matter.


Microsoft releases ProcDump tool for Linux


5 hacks the pros use time and time again


How Do I Change the DNS Used By My Computer?

Sometimes using a DNS service other than that provided by your ISP makes sense. I'll show you how to make the change.


Whistleblowers: The FBI’s Fingerprint Analysis Software Contains Russian Code




How to Use iOS 11's One-Handed Keyboard

You’ll find some surprises on the iOS 11 keyboard, including Key Flicks on iPad.


The results of this iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 battery test might surprise you


How to Use Gmail Offline: The Complete Guide


iPhones start slowing down after a year of use, and that’s way too soon


Tips for new tech devices

Tips, tricks, apps and advice for getting the most out of iPhones, Android devices, Macs, Windows 10 PCs, Alexa devices and more.


Commentary: 4 Apple Products You Probably Wasted Money on This Year


Amazon acquires connected camera and doorbell startup Blink


Apple HomePod: Everything we know about the launch date, specs and price

Despite self-inflicted leaks, delays and stiff competition, the HomePod remains intriguing


Google Chrome beta delivers mute tool for autoplay videos

Among other improvements, like a better pop-up blocker.


How to enable Strict site isolation mode in Google Chrome


4 notable open source projects at local maker faire

Raspberry Pis, Arduino boards, and open source-powered projects are common at the annual Rochester Mini Maker Faire.


Is Mobile Broadband More Secure than Wi-Fi?

Mobile broadband is a popular internet connection alternative. As with any connection, it's important to understand the security ramifications and tradeoffs.


How to Add, Delete, Enable, or Disable Startup Items in Windows 10


The Restored $7,500 Tax Credit Helps the US, Not Just EV Buyers


The 26 Best Amazon Fire Tablet Apps

Amazon's Appstore has an ever-growing list of apps; here are the ones you need now.


Stunning MacBook Touch concept shows off the hybrid machine Apple will never make


7 Things Apple Needs to Improve on iPhone X




A Ryzen-based HP Envy x360 is $575 right now

The Ryzen 5 variant of HP's mid-tier convertible laptop is going for its lowest price yet.


Tested: the best smartphone cameras compared


The tech industry needs to move towards responsible innovation in 2018


Eve V has the chops to battle the Microsoft Surface Pro

Designed by a committee, the 2-in-1 hybrid PC proves that lots of minds can think alike to make a great product.


Facebook tackles the question of whether social media is bad for us

Its research suggests it all depends on how you use it.


ProtonMail Bridge: encrypted email for Outlook, Thunderbird, and other email clients


Create custom wallpaper slideshows in GNOME

With simple XML, you can set GNOME to display a custom slideshow instead of its stock options.


Apple Admits: Older iPhone Models Purposely Slowed Down


List of Commands to Open Control Panel Items in Windows 10


Apple Wants to Combine Mac and iOS Apps. Can it Succeed Where Microsoft Failed?


Can CryptoKitties Teach the World About Blockchain?

The game lets you collect, raise, and breed unique digital cats on the Ethereum blockchain. No, that's not a joke.


A single $23 device lets you stream 1080p video from any iPhone or Android to your TV


9 Ways to Save Streaming Shows to Watch Later


ESPN and NBC announce they’ll stream NFL games on smartphones

A direct result of Verizon losing exclusivity on mobile streaming


Google attacks Android fragmentation, pushes use of newer API, OS versions

In an attempt to reduce fragmentation of its Android OS, Google is requiring developers of new and updated apps to comply with its most recent APIs.


Edward Snowden unveils phone app, Haven, to spy on spies


Sleek 3D concept brings Microsoft's recent folding tablet patents to life


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Latest Edition of CyberHeist News

Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:39 pm (PST)

CyberheistNews Vol 7 #50 The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Deploy New-School Security Awareness Training in 2018


List of 100 Worst Passwords of 2017

Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:52 pm (PST)

Is your password on this Top 100 list of Worst Passwords? If it is you may want to consider changing it.

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Tue 1123 12/26/2017

Slow iPhone? Apple Admits to Sucking Speed from iPhone 6s and iPhone 7


How to Disable Power Throttling in Windows 10


Twitter starts enforcing tougher anti-hate rules

It could push many hate purveyors into darker corners of the internet.


Exclusive: Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 8 Beat iPhone on LTE

In an apples-to-Apples comparison of modem performance, the top Android phones easily beat the latest iPhone.


Extended Validation (EV) Certificates Abused to Create Insanely Believable Phishing Sites


How and where to replace your old, depreciated iPhone battery


Amazon’s New Cloud Cam Is Like the Nest Cam, But a Whole Lot Cheaper


Why 4K isn't enough: The case for higher resolutions

A 4K TV gives you more than 8 million pixels. You might think that's plenty. But other tech needs even more.


6 mistakes you make that shorten the life of your gadgets


DuckDuckGo: The privacy-conscious search engine taking the fight to Google by NOT tracking you


Nokia is about to launch a true iPhone killer, and the FCC has all the details


The Microsoft Store has changed into a home for powerful apps


Bypass paywalls with Anti-Paywall for Firefox and Chrome


Warning over new Android virus which can physically melt phones


6 of the Best Kodi Alternatives You Should Check Out


Amazon faces record fine from French fraud watchdog

The $10 million penalty would be a "strong, unprecedented action."


Security in 2018: Buckle Up, This Isn't Getting Any Easier

Security experts discuss the trends to watch next year, from cryptocurrency hacks and ransomware to potential vulnerabilities in IoT devices and connected cars.


MoneyTaker Hacker Group Steals Millions from US and Russian Banks


Windows 10’s face authentication defeated with a picture

Attack isn’t as easy as it sounds


How to reset Chrome browser to its default settings on Windows 10

If Chrome is getting slow, or it keeps freezing or crashing, use the reset option to fix any issues — Here's how.


How to set up your new TV

Got a new TV? Setting it up correctly isn't hard, but it helps to know where to start. We've got you covered.


5 ways to free up space on Windows


Fujitsu equals quality and performance


Apple confirms that iPhones with older batteries will have worse performance


Why Microsoft could very well revive the Courier in 2018


Monitor web pages for changes


Microsoft pulls Store app that lets you safely install Google’s Chrome browser


Protect Yourself from Surveillance with Guardlock


Hackers shut down plant by targeting its safety system

It's the first known attack of its kind.


The Tech Stories That Shocked, Vexed, and Amazed Us in 2017

These are the stories that truly captured our imagination and set Twitter ablaze.


Face ID on the iPhone X: Everything you need to know about Apple’s facial recognition

Apple introduced Face ID with the iPhone X, a new way to secure the phone. You have questions and we'll have the answers in this FAQ.


Netflix updated to support HDR on Windows 10


How to Restore Classic Paint App in Windows 10


Amazon Echo Spot review:

Alexa's touchscreen misses the sweet spot


3 ways to find the real deals on Amazon




One Senator makes a good case for breaking up Comcast-NBC


How to reduce the size of Windows 10's footprint on your PC


Changes to Opera’s VPN service


The best browsers for surfing the web


How To Create a Custom Google Docs Template Without GSuite


Windows 10 included password manager with huge security hole

Or, why bundling third-party apps can create risks.


August Doorbell Cam Pro


14 essential tips and tricks to master the iPhone X

With no home button and a status bar split on either side of The Notch, using the iPhone X is a little different than you're used to.


Facebook allows employers to target job ads based on age, and that might be illegal


How to Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10


Asus Chromebook Flip C101 review:

A cute and compact Chromebook for less


Be a hotshot pilot with this free flight simulator




New Galaxy S9 leak shows a design that’s so much better than the Galaxy S8


Everything you need to know to find the right CPU for a custom PC


HP releases Synaptics driver update that removes disabled keylogger


iPhone X Skeptics May Be Underestimating Demand


Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1107 (Sun 12/10/2017):

With Windows 10 'Sets,' Microsoft takes aim at Chrome OS

If I wanted a Chromebook, I would have bought a Chromebook. Microsoft still does not get it. Windows is a desktop operating system, and if Apple kills off MacOS, it will be only one of two remaining in this category. (Linux is the other.) Why can't Microsoft learn to make money off its strengths? By the way, I am going to buy a real Chromebook pretty soon. And I hope to use Crouton to put Ubuntu Linux onto the same Chromebook. This one's Intel core-i3 based, and has 64GB storage, so it should be up to the task. See it:

I wouldn't be spending money on such extravagant specs for a Chromebook if I were not totally fed up with Windows 10. My current ASUS TransformerBook is destined for the scrap heap (recycling). It had a good run, but it's ATOM, WIMBoot and 32-bits, so it won't be supported for much longer.


Re. FYI#1108 (Mon 12/11/2017):

Magnesium batteries could be safer and more efficient than lithium

Not to mention that magnesium unlike lithium, is available from the US and our allies.


Are Cheap Android Phones Worth It?

That depends on how cheap you want to go. My Moto G4 was not really cheap, but ti's still running and did get security updates as recently as September 2017.


Beat Your ISP's Modem Rental Fees By Buying Your Own

I wouldn't do this right now. With ATSC-3 and DOCSYS 3.1 on the way in less than two years, you will never see a return on your investment.


Re. FYI#1109 (Tues 12/12/2017):

Mint 18.3: The best Linux desktop takes big steps forward

I hate fanboys. Especially when they're dead wrong. GNOME Classic or MATE with any debian family distro is the best desktop. Period.


Re. FYI#1110 (Wed. 12/13/2017):

How to Shut Down the Computer in Windows 10

How very sad that we need a full-page tutorial, just to shut down our PCs. And we thought in the 1990's that it was strange that to turn off a PC, we had to click on "Start"!


The Most Important Skill You Can Improve

Search! I have been told I have a real knack for this skill set. Actually, I have over fifty years of experience searching, starting long before the Internet even was a thing. Those years in libraries and digging around in encyclopedias and other reference works taught me things which now everyone is in awe of. Would that I had known!


The best Linux laptops you can buy

I like the Litebook.

The all-SSD (120 GB) design is also $249.00 now. Sweet!

Their ad copy plays way too heavily on Play on Linux, which assumes the same thing in reverse that the Ubuntu BASH Shell assumes about Linux under Windows 10. Disappointments will abound for folks who are expecting full compatibility on either side. AlphaOS (not ElementaryOS -- which is insecure -- as Yahoo printed) and OnlyOffice are relative unknowns in the Linux or Windows worlds. I would wipe and replace with Ubuntu and its suite of apps immediately. (A Clonezilla Live backup should prevent any disasters in doing this.)  But there is absolutely no cost to do so. This is an Intel system, so there's no ARM problem here. I don't like the wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, which is Realtek. That company has notoriously buggy drivers. 


What’s the benefit of Windows on ARM for the Enterprise?

Don't you just love articles which ask a question in the headline, then fail to answer the same question in the entire article? Complete waste of time.


Re. FYI#1111 (Thurs 12/14/2017):

How to Block Adblock Detection on Any Website

Ad Blockers are controversial. But so is deliberately or passively hosting malicious code. When ad co-ops clean up their act, maybe I might let my guard down sometimes. 


Re. FYI#1112 (Fri 12/15/2017):

UPS Loses Family’s $846K Inheritance, Offers to Refund $32 Shipping Fee

That got sorted out after the CBC TV network intervened. But the bank employee should never have suggested an unsecured, no trace required, no signature required method of sending that much money in the first place. And the company which owns the bank says it never trained the employee to give such advice.


How to disable Windows 10 fast startup (and why you'd want to)

Two words: Dual Boot. Linux cannot alter files on dormant NTFS partitions which have been detected by Windows during shutdown if fast startup is enabled. 


Re. FYI#1113 (Sat 12/16/2017):

T-Mobile to launch pay TV service to end your pain

Aside from being available in only a very few markets, Layer3 TV engages in the same deceptive sales tactics as the big Cable and Teleco bundle TV service providers. There is not declaration of pricing, no upfront listing of fees, and no place to look at terms of service before signing up. No guarantee that the prices offered upfront are long-term lock-ins. No thank you! BTW, if they do not own any cable or teleco infrastructure, where does Layer3 get its transmission lines? Cell data is not a valid answer.


How to Make Calls and Texts From Your Smartphone Without Cell Service

A WiFi only phone? Doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of having a mobile device?


How an LTE filter works

OK, I'm game. Ordered one from Amazon. See if it helps with Channel 60.5 (NBC-10) OTA signals in Waltham, MA. I'll report back when I receive this item. 


How the Major Intel ME Firmware Flaw Lets Attackers Get 'God Mode' on a Machine

I already got the new firmware image a few weeks ago.


Re. FYI#1114 (Sun 12/17/2017):

[FIN] Is This the End of Siri and Alexa?

Shark lives down to its name. No surprise there.


Re. FYI#1115 (Mon 12/18/2017):



Re. FYI#1116 (Tues 12/10/2017):

Net Neutrality isn't the only thing the current FCC is screwing up

It would be a shame to end the Lifeline program. This is not going to help with the problems which got American politics messed up so badly in 2016 in the least. 


[LEGAL?] Record Streaming Video and Music

Leo is wrong if he thinks the scenario presented by PlayOn is legal. It is not.


Google Chrome Lands on the Microsoft Store As a Download Link

Not for long, it didn't.


How Your Amazon Fire TV Stick and Kodi Could Cause Legal Issues

Kodi is not illegal, and no device has a monopoly on Kodi installs. Some channels which Kodi can install are illegal however, and they do not always give fair warning. That's what can get you into trouble.


Re. FYI#1117 (Wed 12/20/2017):

How to manage Power Throttling on Windows 10

Yet another thing about Windows 10 which tries to suit everybody and ends up only frustrating serious Windows users.


Looking to Expand Your Mind? Here are Some Android Apps That Will Make You Smarter

No, apps do not make you smarter. They do not slow ageing. This has been debunked in several recent studies. What you do is practice specific skills without improving overall mental functioning. In the end, this does not stave off Alzheimer's or any other form of dementia. You might just as well be taking those jellyfish pills.


The Four Best Free Email Services

This article is way out of date. Either these services are no longer free, or as in the case of Yahoo, the article was wrong about POP3 and IMAP access for free users from the day it was first published.


Channel Master's Stream+ is an Android TV box with a built-in TV tuner, but no Netflix

Just add an antenna to get subscription-free over-the-air DVR.

This box is very slim on broadcast origin content. No local news stations in most markets at all.  And the DVR functions are not enabled by default.


How to create a Linux virtual machine on Windows 10 using Hyper-V

The way things are going, I would recommend a virtual machine housing (containing) Windows inside a good, secure, leak-proof Linux environment. It only makes sense. Better yet, dump Windows altogether. Apple too.


Apple Set to Combine iOS and Mac Apps As It Looks to Build a Unified Platform

The big tech companies are sure making it easier and easier for me to justify going all-Linux all the time on the desktop! I'm even hedging my bets on my next portable, which will have both Chrome OS and Ubuntu Linux on it.


Why Your Linux OS Ships With a Default Desktop Environment

You would perhaps prefer a Linux distro which ships with no desktop environment?


Samsung’s Stunning 49-inch Gaming Monitor First to be DisplayHDR-Certified

There's been some talk of getting HDR into even smaller displays. HDR, unlike UHD, will make a difference in the viewing experience on screens which don't take up a whole wall of your living room.


New Always Connected PCs are expensive, but here's why it won't matter

The only world in which this does not matter is a world in which Windows 10S does not matter. No enterprise or small business will adopt a walled-garden, tabbed-browser inthe place of a real desktop operating system. And running desktop applications on ARM is a disaster from a performance point of view. Even Linux does not run well on severely underpowered ARM architecture. 


Re. FYI#1118 (Thurs 12/21/2017):

Android apps must have 64-bit support by August 2019

Google will also require that apps target Oreo in 2018.

It seems everyone is abandoning 32-bit hardware. That's Reason Number Two why I'm changing my tablet out for something else. Reason Number One is the forced Windows 10 feature upgrade last month which evaded wushowhide detection on both of my Windows devices. I've wasted enough time and energy on that nonsense!


These are the Chromebooks that can run Android apps from Google Play

This is not much of a concern for me, but any decent (and recent) Chromebook above the $300.00 price point should be able to run Android apps. 


Best Mini PC: HP, Intel, and More with Windows, Android or Chrome OS

Heading the list is my favorite mini-PC, the Intel NUC. Mine is now a bit older, but it's still speedy, capable and compact. I could take it on the road to anywhere I can plug it in. With Widi/Miracast or Wireless HDMI, anything from a monitor to a projector is a screen, and keyboards are cheap and portable. The other types of mini-PCs are also fascinating. If you are considering anything as small as a compute stick, don't bother. Those things are underpowered, overpriced and run very hot. 


Walmart is developing personal shopping services and cashier-free stores

Quite possibly I would not shop at such stores. Also, I will not patronize businesses which do not take cash.


Re. FYI#1119 (Fri 12/22/2017):

Major New Windows Insider Build Introduces Timeline, Sets

And I am out of here!!


Download this to make your computer good as new!

Yeah, Speccy is still a good utility.


Bitcoin and almost every other cryptocurrency crashed hard today

I had a feeling this was due or overdue. Expect more bad news for the Cryptos in 2018.


Time to Try Apple iBundles

Yet another case of trying to turn the operating system and the major software titles into a never-ending subscription gravy train.It isn't a winning strategy for Microsoft, and it will fare even more poorly for Apple. The world does not need yet another streaming media service provider.


Yes, old iPhones do slow down, but it’s not what you think

If they didn't do something to throttle background apps, battery life would drop off dramatically at about the two-year point.


Re. FYI#1120 (Sat 12/23/2017):

More dead commenters appear to come out against net neutrality

Must be Chicago Democrats! (Or, Naperville Republicans!)


Uber Ruling Could Affect Other Tech Companies

Uber has been allowed to slide between the cracks for way too long. A taxicab by any other name is still a ride for hire. Regulations should follow this principle. Same applies to AirBnB -- it's a hotel by another name. Zoning and regulations should apply accordingly. Kind of the way food carts are subject to the same regulations as restaurants.


Best Travel Surge Protectors for Gadgets Big and Small

I try to use surge protectors whenever I plug in any device, at home or when traveling. So far, nothing has gotten fried since I've been doing this. 


Proposed net neutrality bill would ban blocking and throttling

But that's pretty much the only difference between it and the FCC's order.

So tell me how "paid prioritization" differs from "blocking and throttling"?? This is not the bill which defenders of Net Neutrality want passed. And in fact, passage of this bill would possibly prevent passage of a real Net Neutrality bill.


Opera 50 with Crypto Mining Protection

Chrome and Firefox already have extensions for this.


Open Garden wants to give you tokens for sharing your internet connection

Comcast customers by default are already sharing our Internet connections, and in a much safer way. We don't get a break on our bills for this, but it is already the ISP's practice. 


Apple will allow apps built from templates

Novice users and small businesses can now position themselves in the App Store.

This is a welcome reversal of a previous rule in the Apple Store.


Nvidia ends support for 32-bit operating system drivers 

Another "I am out of here!" moment. Given this vendor's attitude lately, I would not touch their products with a ten-foot pole. Them or Realtek.


How to stop ads from following you online

I have about four browser extensions to help with this issue.


How to Clear Virtual Memory Pagefile at Shutdown in Windows 10

I'm not so sure you should do this. It will hurt startup time and system performance for very little benefit.


Windows 10's most recent update getting stuck? Here's how to fix it

How to fix anything in Windows 10 version 1709 -- uninstall Windows and reinstall version 1703 from a backup copy. (you did make a backup, didn't you?). Then set Feature Updates to deferred for 365 days and wait four more months. The Fall Creators Update should be about half-baked by then. In Pro, you can also Pause (most) Updates for up to a month. Just about the right timing for the same reasons. 


Re. FYI#1121 (Sun 12/24/2017):

Adware Maker Tries to Intimidate Security Firm with Cease and Desist Letters

I suspect they picked the wrong bear to poke. That company may hide out in Israel, but if they sue in an American court, they can probably be counter-sued for SLAPP practices. (Strategic Legal Action to Prevent Participation)


A single $25 device lets you stream to your TV from any iPhone or Android

OK, so I ordered this. It's Fulfilled By Amazon and reasonably cheap, even without free shipping. But Android 7.0 says explicitly that it does *not* support Miracast. We shall see if this device gets returned as incompatible with my Moto G4 Android phone. If so, there's always Chromecast, which definitely does work. 

This device's description on Amazon Marketplace says it goes through the router. Miracast does *not* go through a router. So this is *not* Miracast, but uses Android Cast like a cheap knockoff of a Chromecast dongle. That makes more sense. I'll still try it. 


OSArmor monitors and blocks suspicious processes on Windows

Linux AppArmor copycat! But Windows needs this kind of process control much more than Linux does. I use AppArmor in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I also have activated the UFW (Linux Firewall). 


How to Turn On or Off Pause Updates in Windows 10

And don't forget to be on CBB and defer Feature Updates for 365 days if those Advanced Updates Settings are available in your Windows 10 edition. Wushowhide is no longer useful in blocking feature updates (formerly known as version upgrades). 


That time I got locked out of my Google account for a month

So, I use a desktop email client, download important gmail messages daily, I have gmail on my Android Phone so it's linked to that phone number, and I have my password. A password manager is definitely the best way to go. Same applies to Yahoo for their services. And keep multiple copies of your password manager's encrypted database in multiple locations, including at least one Cloud Storage place. Also, test these copies periodically, as Dropbox in particular has been accused of munging encrypted files which are uploaded to its servers.


Re. FYI#1122 (Mon 12/25/2017):

HEIC Image support for Windows

This is the first new image format I've seen in years. Good to know someone's supporting it for Windows. 

Your cable company is going to be so angry when you get this $40 box

And you're going to be sooo angry when your cable company does what Comcast is doing with its new XFi replacement gateways -- introducing DOCSIS 3.1. These modems are two year away from being totally obsolete.


Variation of 19-Year-Old Cryptographic Attack Affects Facebook, PayPal, Others

These companies should have known long ago that RSA is insecure.

Was it really necessary for Apple to slow down old iPhones?

Apple checked the iPhone speed so the battery wouldn't wreck itself

The term "wreck" can mean a lot of things. Here it means more dire consequences than shortened battery life. Worn-out LiIon batteries can overheat when charging or discharging, and can leak or even catch fire and explode. Not good!


The Best Windows 10 Apps

I have only used two of these apps. Xodo handles PDF documents pretty well. VLC in its UWP incarnation is a hollow shell of itself. Web sites are not apps -- I use them exclusively in the browser, usually Chrome.


Facebook Wants to Make Sure No One Is Using Your Pic to Catfish

Facebook will notify you if someone uploads your photo but does not tag you, or if someone posts your image as their profile photo.

Well, it's about time!


From My Own Reading:

Microsoft's Edge browser is in serious trouble

Analytics firm Net Applications revised its methodology to cull bots from its browser share numbers and found that as much as half of the traffic to Edge on Windows 10 was artificially inflated.


HP patches hundreds of laptops to remove hidden keylogger

Your touchpad can listen to your keyboard.

MSI Trident 3 Arctic review: Looks like a console, runs like a high-end desktop


How hate speech crowdfunding outfit Hatreon crept back online

The anatomy of the shell game for redirecting online funding is what interests me here, not so much this specific example.


Facebook slams former exec Palihapitiya, saying it 'was a very different company back then, and we've grown'

Palihapitiya told CNBC earlier that "the tools that we have created today are starting to erode the social fabric of how society works."


Why Windows 7 updates are getting bigger


[ATSC 3.0] What is Next Gen TV and when will it launch?


Canary brings person detection to its cameras to help avoid false positives


The difference between good and bad Facebooking


Autonomous helicopter completes Marine resupply simulation


Pied Piper’s decentralized internet is planned for Dubai, courtesy of startup Moeco


AT&T’s power line-mounted internet service is back for more tests

Could be too little, too late, as AT&T has slashed their video and Direct TV Now content beyond the point where most customers have fled to other ISPs.

How the 'Grinch bots' stole Christmas


A New Kind of Soft Battery, Inspired by the Electric Eel

Weird Science! But true, apparently.



This advice also applies to those attending tech group meetings where some users are more advanced than others. "I know that" implies that there's a level of knowledge which everyone in the group must have to participate. New members especially find this language very off-putting.


Marketing triage

I wish I could cc. copies of this article to all those telemarketers and spammers who think everyone is a good target for their sales pitches. Junk mailers actually pay good money to send out mailings, so they tend to do a triage of sorts based on their market metrics and demographics. Targeted (Internet) ads are also based on something like marketing triage, though the results of relying on computer algorithms instead of human judgment can be hilariously off-target. Soon, broadcast television (ATSC-3) may have the ability to do targeted advertising too. (It's one of the perks of having an Internet Connection associated with the broadcast. This is what "interactive television" is really about.) IoT devices (Google and Amazon personal assistants) can also use their interactions to target online ads. That's where things can get a bit creepy.


Amazon is selling the Acer Chromebook 14 for its lowest price yet

(The price is now back up to $299, but that's still OK for a Celeron-N based 14 inch laptop which can be set up to run full Ubuntu Linux or left with Chrome OS as a perfectly good Chromebook.)


How to install Linux on a Chromebook

(I haven't yet done this, so don't ask me any troubleshooting questions unless I post a successful try of my own.)


The 'always-connected PC' is coming, but its full cost remains unknown

(Not my choice for an operating environment, but for some people this might be worth considering -- once the full costs are known.)


Windows 7 update guide: How 'security-only' and 'monthly rollups' differ


Sorry, Apple Watch Series 3 LTE users: If you want to stop and start service it'll cost you

(I won't comment on my opinion of such fees.)


Ella brings smart searching to home security cameras


Stitch Fix is crashing after its first-ever earnings report

"Stitch Fix, a personalized apparel company that ships a box of recommended items that users can buy or send back..."

Remember Time-Life Books, or those magazine of the month clubs? This is not a new concept, and it has failed repeatedly over the years in every category from CD recordings to food clubs. What made these folks think they were not subject to the same issues? (Unwanted deliveries, billing issues, returns not acknowledged, etc., etc....) For that matter, what makes Amazon and Staples think they will drum up new business with their automatic repeat ordering schemes? (Well, maybe Staples will succeed, as offices do tend to reorder the same stock at regular intervals.)


Dating app Hinge rolls out a new feature to reduce ‘ghosting’

If you need a push-notification to remind you to call back a date, how well could it have gone? Just asking...


Firefox for Amazon Fire TV debuts with ‘full web’ browsing and YouTube support

Well, if you call viewing You Tube Videos in a Firefox Browser window "You Tube support"...


Karma's anonymizing LTE hotspot arrives January 15th

I'll be sure to use this with my Mobile Tor Browser, my paid VPN service and my fully encrypted Linux Phone. (Kidding, sort of.)


Apple will reportedly unify iOS and Mac apps in 2018

Oh joy! Another dumbing-down and vendor locking-in of a proprietary operating system. Well, I have my Linux for now at least.


Get 3 Years of NordVPN Service for Just $2.75 Per Month - Holiday Deal Alert


Apple responds to accusations of performance throttling with older iPhones

As I understand this, it's a power saving mode which kicks in when the phones detect battery wear to the point that battery life is seriously shortened. Since these batteries are not replaceable, this is the time to buy a new phone. Old, worn LiIon batteries not only don't hold much charge and have short runtimes, they pose significant fire or explosion hazards.


How to securely erase an iPhone in just 3 steps


How to securely erase your Android device in 4 steps


Safe’s app answers the question ‘Have you been tested for STDs?’

This app and its "telemed consultations" is rife with abuses which may rise to the level of outright insurance fraud. We are all paying for such abuses through higher insurance premiums. People who "need" frequent STD tests should not be covered by insurance for this. Period. 

(Related, here in MA, and in my previous experience in IL, we also have a serious problem with optometrists dispensing prescriptions and "playing doctor", which infuriates the real ophthalmologists when patients use optometrists to "manage" such chronic and treatable eye diseases as glaucoma. The results can be preventable blindness, not just insurance practices which should be considered outright fraud by the optometric practices which are doing these things.)


NVIDIA is gearing up to end 32-bit OS support

This is mostly yet another issue between NVidia and the Linux community. These two entities have never gotten along, and this change could end Linux support for NVidia graphics hardware.


Dual-screen clamshell devices will kill the tablet

When a phone is also a laptop, who needs a tablet?

This is not a new concept. And it is still impossible to achieve. The keyboard is useless in tablet mode, having no tactile feedback. And the screen size even of a twofold phone is still only half or less the size of a useful tablet screen. There's no way the prices will be reasonable either. And repairs will be nearly impossible. 

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Mon 1122 12/25/2017

[Windows 10 Tip] Enable Hidden “Diagnostics” Options on “About:Flags” Page in Microsoft Edge


Fyusion is bringing 3D vision technologies to a device near you


9 Privacy-Friendly Android Apps You Should Be Using


Your cable company is going to be so angry when you get this $40 box


HEIC Image support for Windows


Buy 3 Months of Wireless Service, Get 3 Free with Mint SIM


10 ways to be more secure online


“The most thrilling nose-controlled game ever”


Got an iPhone X? Do these 10 things first!

Before you even peel the plastic off your new iPhone X, read this setup guide.


Variation of 19-Year-Old Cryptographic Attack Affects Facebook, PayPal, Others




Tea, juice, and vape companies add ‘blockchain’ to their names to profit on bitcoin mania


How to Switch to a New Password Manager

If you're already using a password manager, bravo! Ready to try a new app? Switching isn't as hard as you might think. Just follow these simple steps.


The Untold Story of Facial Recognition Authentication


A new polymer could make phone screen repairs a thing of the past


5 Electron Apps for Linux You Should Try Today


There’s a $14 gadget that adds SD and microSD slots to any iPhone


Windows 10 Fall Creators Update includes (optional) OpenSSH Client and Server


HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality system requirements


5 ways to free up space on Windows


New MacOS malware steals bank log-in details and intellectual property


Got an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? Do these 10 things first

After you inhale that new-iPhone smell, follow this setup guide to be up and running faster than you can say A11 Bionic.


Here's How to Enable the Built-In Windows 10 OpenSSH Client




Was it really necessary for Apple to slow down old iPhones?

Apple checked the iPhone speed so the battery wouldn't wreck itself


5 Arrested for Spreading Ransomware in US, Europe

CTB Locker and Cerber are notorious ransomware strains that have been sold to other hackers in the digital black market.


8 of the Best Android Screen Recording Apps


Tesla discourages commercial cars from using Superchargers


A Short Guide to X299 Motherboards and Intel Core i9s


$40 device adds gigabit Ethernet to your house without having to install anything or run cables


Mozilla’s AMO Extensions store has a spam infestation problem


Microsoft Edge crosses a million downloads on Android


New Report: Apple admits to slowing down old iPhones


Tech Q&A: Unexplained PC activity is probably malware


Best after-Christmas sales: 7 deals worthy of your gift cards

Most of the crazy holiday deals are over, but you can still find a few gems out there if you look around.


Best Micro SD Cards for All Your Devices


Hilton plans to offer a smart hotel room system next year

You'll be able to control your lights, temperature and even artwork from your phone.


Can renewable power offset bitcoin's massive energy demands?

Some miners are going green, but will that be enough?


Apple Does Slow iPhone Speeds, But For Battery Reasons (Not Sales)

Apple introduced a software feature last year that will crank down iPhone CPU speeds to address crashes that can come from aging batteries.


8 of the Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio


Chinese Tesla-Killer Electric SUV Is Way Cheaper


The Best Windows 10 Apps


Keep cell phones away from your body, warns the California Department of Public Health


Totally awesome Cinnamon ‘Spices’ you need, now


How to choose and use an Xbox One external hard drive


Q&A with Kim: Bitcoin, Net Neutrality, Mounting TVs, and More


New Galaxy S9 Leak Confirm Samsung's Massive Disappointment


iPhone X: Learn all the new touch gestures and commands

Now that there’s no Home button, how do I…?


Why Qualcomm, Inc. Isn't Building 7-Nanometer Chips

It's not what this one report claims.


iOS HomeKit bug exposed smart locks to unauthorized access

Apple has already put a fix in place.


This crane machine is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi so you can play it from home

And it’s all for charity


Facebook Wants to Make Sure No One Is Using Your Pic to Catfish

Facebook will notify you if someone uploads your photo but does not tag you, or if someone posts your image as their profile photo.


How to Add, Remove and Switch Google Account on an Android Phone


Seagate speeds up data access on its hard drives, but they won’t match SSDs


Internet giants told: Accept cyber curbs to be welcome in China

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Sun 1121 12/24/2017

What does revoking Net Neutrality mean for security?

Revoking Net Neutrality could mean sweeping changes for cybersecurity


Google Assistant on phones now offers a choice of hotwords


Coinbase halts Bitcoin Cash trading as price briefly hits $8,500


Magic Leap Finally Unveils a Mixed Reality Headset

A lightweight headset, belt mounted processing unit, and force control haptic wireless controller launches for developers in early 2018.


GlassWire 2.0 unveils major redesign, adds more network monitoring and protection tools


Adware Maker Tries to Intimidate Security Firm with Cease and Desist Letters


This $30 APC UPS can protect your electronics and charge them on the go


Don’t Bother with Smart TV Software, Use a Streaming Stick or Set-Top Box Instead


Windows 10 Pro: Windows Defender Application Guard support coming


Privacy-touting Mozilla caught shoving Mr Robot add-on into Firefox

Users who allowed Firefox to run its studies feature found an unwelcome add-on installed over the weekend.


How To: Switch From Apple iPhone To Google Android


Azulle Byte 3 Review: This Tiny, Fanless Mini PC Does Everything


What is Layer3 TV and why is T-Mobile buying it?

T-Mobile’s big TV push starts here


Sprint is the worst carrier money can buy, Consumer Reports says


Kaspersky sues US government over federal software ban


Google’s mobile-first search index has rolled out to a handful of sites


Top Cable Management Tips for Your TV and Home Theater

You don't need to deal with tangles of cables and piles of remotes for your home theater. These (mostly inexpensive) products help you keep everything neat and organized.




3 easy ways to stop your gadgets from spying on you


Fluently Calendar for Windows 10 Review: A nostalgic throwback to wall calendars


5 tips for your new Amazon Echo

A new Alexa speaker can be a tad overwhelming. These five tips will help you get started and make the most of it.


Windows 10: Microsoft retires HomeGroup


Touch-based identity faces an uncertain future after Face ID

Touch ID eased smoothly into the iPhone user interface and worked like magic when it debuted. Now that Apple is moving away from fingerprint reading, fingerprint sensors are searching for a new home on the phone.


The best gadgets of 2017

All the usual suspects, plus a high-tech Cadillac.


How to Build a Great Media Center PC


Live trivia app HQ is coming to Android

You can now pre-register to get the app


What I hate most about Apple slowing down iPhones with bad batteries


A single $25 device lets you stream to your TV from any iPhone or Android


The AI chip startup explosion is already here


Did You Accidentally Friend a North Korean Hacker on Facebook?

North Korean hackers have been creating fake personal Facebook accounts and friending random people, so be careful not to accept requests from randos.


Starbucks free Wi-Fi caught secretly mining cryptocurrency


Cryptojackers Found on Starbucks WiFi Network, GitHub, Pirate Streaming Sites


How to use System Restore on Windows 10


A close look at the Windows 10 Timeline feature


Nokia's Astonishing Year Of Smartphone Success


Change Password of Account in Windows 10


Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9: Three Samsung Phones To Look For In 2018


101 Guide To Solid State Drives


iPhone X users can’t use Face ID to approve family purchases

Something to be aware of if you get one for Christmas


Get ready for iPhone X deals after Christmas


I traveled for weeks with an iPhone X as my only computer — here's what I loved, and what Apple needs to improve (AAPL)


Check now to see if you liked any Russian troll accounts on Facebook


How to Access Your Contacts in Windows 10

Here's how to access your contacts in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.




Hidden iPhone features that could save your life


Windows device share on the rise in the education market


Google continues poaching Apple engineers as it ramps up work on in-house chip development


OSArmor monitors and blocks suspicious processes on Windows


How to Turn On or Off Pause Updates in Windows 10


5 Apple Predictions for 2018


Add a Pleasing Background Light to Your TV With These Ambilight Kits


Edward Snowden made an app to protect your laptop

Wait, Snowden built an app?


People are suing Apple over ‘Batterygate’ for the wrong reason


That time I got locked out of my Google account for a month


‘Overwatch’ proves everyone hates their family with weirdly popular Twitch stream

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