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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

  Day of week Date News & Tips Number    
Sat 2/24/2018 1183
Fri 2/23/2018 1182
Thur 2/22/2018 1181
Wed 2/212018 1180
Tue 2/20/2018 1179
Mon 2/19/2018 1178
Sun 2/18/2018 1177

Sat 1183  2/24/2018

Consumers prefer security over convenience for the first time ever, IBM Security report finds



T-Mobile sued after porting man's number to thieves who stole his cryptocurrency



Google Rolls Out Mute Feature for Ads That Follow You Online

Mute the annoying 'reminder ads' that trail you on the web.



CloudBerry Backup Review



How to Fix a Black Screen on Your iPhone



Get Free Website Hosting With Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive



How to play DVDs in Windows 10 for free

Windows 10 won't play DVDs natively, and Windows Media Center is gone.



AMD vs. Intel: Two CPU giants are battling it out in 2018, but who will win?

Will it be team blue or team red to come out tops in 2018?



New Zero-Day Ransomware Evades Microsoft, Google Cloud Malware Detection

Shurl0ckr, a form of Gojdue ransomware, was not detected on SharePoint or Google Drive.



How To Use Excel-Style Spreadsheets in Microsoft Word



Epyc Secrets: How AMD Epyc CPUs Could Outmaneuver, Outscale Intel



How to know if someone blocked your number



2018 Winter Olympics Phishing Campaign Hides Evil PowerShell Script In Image



Photos: 10 major automakers using 3D printing today



MyDigitalSSD SBX NVMe SSD Review



How to enable extensions in Microsoft Edge's InPrivate Browsing mode



20 Reasons to Search With Bing

It may seem too late to shake up the web search market, but Microsoft's Bing offers an alternative to Google that may surprise you with some powerful capabilities.



This Character Can Crash Almost All Apps on Apple Devices



5 Essential Tips & Tricks to Personalize Your Amazon Echo



How to Program and Control an Arduino With Python



SnapPower USB Charger 2 review: Double the USB ports and (sort of) twice the power



Why Amazon Music on Windows 10 can (and can't) replace your current music player

The Microsoft Store used to have a dearth of music streaming services; it now has multiple impressive apps to choose from.



OUCH! Newsletter

OUCH! is the world's leading, free security awareness newsletter designed for everyone. Published every month in multiple languages, each edition is carefully researched and developed by the SANS Security Awareness team, instructors and community members.



How to Monitor Your Android Device’s Battery Health



Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with more proactive Windows Update



Take control of your inbox and clean up those annoying emails






Spectre and Meltdown flaws being exploited by more than 100 strains of malware

Researchers have gathered more than 130 samples of malware that try to exploit Meltdown and Spectre, although most appear to be proof-of-concept code.



Asus, HP Debut Snapdragon-Powered Windows Laptops (Update: Also Lenovo, And They're Coming)



Find out why you can't access a website or service on the Internet



How to Rename Multiple Files in Windows

You can rename multiple files in one shot in File Explorer or Windows Explorer, but you may prefer to use a third-party utility.



Yes, Google and Apple Support PWAs Too



Windows Store Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It



You Can Now Use YouTube TV on Your Roku Device



Thousands of Sites Hit By 'Cryptojacking' Scam



Russian Hackers Fooled the Keepers of US Drone Secrets Using the Oldest Trick in the Book



Credential phishing kits target victims differently depending on location



Why Your Facebook Photos Look So Bad (And What You Can Do About It)



New Mission For North Korea’s Hackers: Get Rich

Pyongyang’s hackers, once known for spying and vandalism, have been accused of stealing millions in cryptocurrency in a string of digital heists.



12 texting tips you didn’t know the iPhone could do



New Trend In Phishing: Conversation Hijacking



Windows 10 vs Windows 7: Is the old favorite finally on its way out?

Nevertheless the speed with which Windows 10 has been adopted has been slower than Microsoft initially anticipated.



AMD’s New Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition Improves ‘FFXII’ Performance



How to fix broken USB install damaging your Linux dual boot



7 Black Computer Tech Pioneers You Should Know

These tech pioneers pushed the boundaries of technology and business.



Google Reveals Another Microsoft Vulnerability Before Its Fixed



How to Add Chrome Webpages and Bookmarks to the Home Screen on Android



10 More Hidden or Overlooked Microsoft Word Features to Make Life Easier



Google Exposes Unfixed Microsoft Edge Security Flaw



There's a Reddit Clone Phishing People Who Type Too Fast



Study shows which phishing attacks most successful



Why Does NVIDIA Store Gigabytes of Installer Files On Your Hard Drive?






Ransomware is ‘not a lightning strike’



Fool me once: Insurance coverage for social engineering scams under judicial review

Does the standard Computer Fraud or Funds Transfer Fraud coverage apply?



10 tips to help you get the most out of macOS High Sierra

Here's how you can take advantage of High Sierra's improvements in web browsing, privacy, and AR and VR technologies.



Three Class-Action Lawsuits Target AMD Over Spectre Vulnerability



How to control audio and video autoplay in Google Chrome



Industry Insight: The Secrets to Mastering Online Learning

We sat down with Axonify's Andrea Curry to discuss the ins and outs of how to best train employees using education software.



What is Cryptojacking and Why Is It a Cybersecurity Risk?



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1182  (Fri 2/23/2018)

Retina Display vs. True Tone: What’s the Difference?

"Retina" is meaningless marketing hype. It does not refer to any screen resolution, just the Apple claim about the user experience, which is as subjective as marketing hype ever gets. TrueTone also is meaningless. It's a sort of White Balance auto correction. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. Other manufacturers and other platforms have implemented their own auto correction for White Balance. With NightLight or similar apps enabled, this is also meaningless, as the apps take over color adjustments. Don't pay extra for "features" which are meaningless.


NoBot will detect BOTs, RATs, Keyloggers, Miners and other Malware

I fail to see the benefit of this program, vs. anything else out there. This product has zero independent lab testing. I can't even find out who the vendor is.


How to Run Linux Apps on a Chromebook Without Opening a Full Linux Window

I can see this as being useful for those who want to run Chrome OS, Android and Linux apps in the same session. For that cross-platform experience, Crouton makes a lot of sense, and Xiwi adds to the feel of a fully integrated user experience. But you aren't really running full Linux and you aren't running native Android. This can show up in rendering issues and touch function issues which can get very annoying when trying to integrate apps from diverse original platforms.


Uh-oh. How just inserting a USB drive can own a Linux box

So, KDE's USB security is still stuck in 2010? Good to know.


Flight Sim Labs Fights Piracy by Installing Malware

Deliberately infecting a user's PC or device is probably a Felony in the US. It's malicious hacking, and I smell millions of lawsuits if this "feature" is ever used. Just an aside, but this is one more reason never to store your passwords in your browser. I don't. Also, at the very end of the article, there is a small indication that when they got caught, the company relented and removed the malware from its installer. (sarc) I feel safer already (/sarc).


How to Install New Desktop Themes in Windows 10

I do like to use desktop themes in all my devices and OSes which differ from stock. I have different reasons, but the most common one is not aesthetics per se, but readability of text and numbers. In Linux, I even tweak the GRUB bootloader to make its font more readable.


3P Request Blocker blocks all third-party requests in Firefox

I wonder if this actually works? And what damages it does to user experiences on major websites?


Intel Completes Spectre Fixes For Skylake, Kaby Lake, And Coffee Lake CPUs

My NUC is an Intel product. Intel is the manufacturer. And there is still no updated microcode patch for my NUC since Jan. 3, 2018. So now what do I do? BTW, there is no way to use any of my browsers to post comments at the Tom's Hardware site anymore. So much for them!


Why You Shouldn’t Use Firefox Forks Like Waterfox, Pale Moon, or Basilisk

This article is not entirely wrong about outdated code and security issues. The same issues exist for some Linux distros which are forks of other distros. Elementary and Mint famously do not have the current Ubuntu security updates. Neither does Gallium OS, since it runs behind the mainstream Ubuntu cadence by a major amount of time. So I am considering replacing Gallium OS on my Chromebook with Fedora, which will be current. That is, if I ever ghet the time to actually do that conversion.


Running Windows 10? Here's how Microsoft plans to milk more profits out of its cash cow

These are yet more reasons I no longer use Windows as an everyday operating system.


Registry Live Watch will track changes in Windows Registry live

The last thing I want to do is track each and every Registry change in Windows. Avira recently started doing this, and the number of false positive popups and the amount of unstoppable blocking of legitimate Registry changes is astounding. I would quit using Avira because of this, but what are the better alternatives? In Windows, there aren't any. All Windows AV tries to rack up "detection" points with these sorts of false-positives.


Graphene on Toast Paves Way for Edible Electronics

I don't know that I'd be eating graphene. There may be a cancer risk in doing so. Pencil lead (graphite) is a known carcinogen.


AT&T didn’t waste any time abandoning net neutrality

As long as the favorable treatment remains within the AT&T family of products, I have no problem with this. These AT&T streaming services are trash to begin with, so I won't ever be affected by them, one way or the other. 

The Comcast XFinity App also gets favorable treatment against their cap on the Comcast XFinity Wireless branded cell service. XFinity Mobile is branded Verizon cell service. 

(Not really related, but recently experienced -- WiFi access using the outside access points of XFinity customers can be a life saver if my US Mobile minutes or data allowances expire in the middle of a trip. I had to reload on data allowance but could not get online through US Mobile's cell network, because my data limit had been exceeded. Catch-22 if XFinity WiFi didn't exist.)

"(In Comcast’s case, that’s Verizon’s network coupled with the internet provider’s own Wi-Fi hotspots.)"


What Is Xfinity Mobile, and Is It Worth It?



From My Own Reading:

Veil is private browsing for the ultra-paranoid


I wonder what the lag times are?


Apple devices at a California repair center keep calling 911


If these are "accidents, it makes me wonder how good these repairs are, if the technicians doing them don't even know the basics of how Apple products work.

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Fri 1182  2/23/2018

Encryption keeps us safe. It must not be compromised with ‘backdoors’



Ashampoo Spectre Meltdown CPU Checker checks if your Windows computer is vulnerable



Installing Kodi using Ubuntu based systems



AMD Raven Ridge Gaming Performance Cheat Sheet



How to Use Custom Styles in LibreOffice Writer



Ouch! 8 ways technology is hurting our bodies



Russian nuclear scientists arrested for allegedly hijacking supercomputer to mine Bitcoins




I've Just Launched "Pwned Passwords" V2 With Half a Billion Passwords for Download



How Nokia Is Building Smarter Cities

Nokia announces IoT for Smart Cities and blockchain-based Sensing as a Service ahead of MWC to power smart city services including lighting, parking, and environmental monitoring.



Hard Disk Failure Is Imminent! What Do I Do?

"Hard Disk Failure Is Imminent" is a message you want to take very seriously -- so seriously that hopefully, you'll have planned for it beforehand.



How to Use Skype on a Chromebook



Retina Display vs. True Tone: What’s the Difference?



Do You Prefer to See Targeted Ads Online?



Google Assistant is adding Routines and location-based reminders



NoBot will detect BOTs, RATs, Keyloggers, Miners and other Malware



Disable "What do you want to do with" in Microsoft Edge



Intel H370, B360, And H310 Coffee Lake Motherboards Leaked



How to Run Linux Apps on a Chromebook Without Opening a Full Linux Window



Hack-proof your life: 5 key steps to boost your safety online



Government websites hijacked by cryptomining plugin




The #1 reason Facebook won’t ever change



Cisco Rolls Out Automation Tools for Intelligent Networks

Cisco Crosswork is a suite of self-learning, self-healing network tech employing Big Data, machine learning, and analytics to prepare for the challenges of 5G.



How Do I View the List of BCC’ed Recipients on an Email I’ve Received?

The list of BCC'ed recipients is not included with emails, so there is no way of determining if or who else the email was sent to.



How to Save Images On a Chromebook



Forget Plex and Kodi, Try Emby Instead



Apple HomePod: It Can Read Your Text Messages Out Loud… to Anyone



The FCC’s revamped internet speed map lets you covet nearby exotic broadband



Best Chrome Flags tweaks for better user experience



Apply custom colors to your Windows Explorer folders with Folder Colorizer 2



Everything You Need To Know About AMD's Raven Ridge



How to Sum Numbers Across Different Tables in LibreOffice Writer



5 annoying Android problems and how to fix them



Uh-oh. How just inserting a USB drive can pwn a Linux box



How to quickly free up space using Storage sense on Windows 10

If you're running low on space on Windows 10, you can use Storage sense to quickly remove temporary files to free up space — Here's how to do it.



Flight Sim Labs Fights Piracy by Installing Malware

Company owner tells customers not to worry as they only activate the malware if you are a pirate.



Is Someone Trying to Hack My Facebook Account?

It's unnerving to get "password reset" emails from Facebook that you didn't request. I'll review what might be happening.



How to Install New Desktop Themes in Windows 10



10 Simple Design Rules to Make Word Documents Look Professional and Beautiful



How to Set a Static IP Address in Ubuntu



1Password bolts on a ‘pwned password’ check



Fix Microsoft Edge graphics glitch on Windows 10



3P Request Blocker blocks all third-party requests in Firefox



Intel Completes Spectre Fixes For Skylake, Kaby Lake, And Coffee Lake CPUs



Why You Shouldn’t Use Firefox Forks Like Waterfox, Pale Moon, or Basilisk



Everyday essential shortcuts for your Android



Equifax hack exposed more information than we thought, documents show



Running Windows 10? Here's how Microsoft plans to milk more profits out of its cash cow

PC sales are down. Windows licensing revenue is flat. In its financial disclosures, Microsoft says it's actively looking for new monetization opportunities. Here's where you're likely to be asked to pay up.



Twitter Kills Mac Desktop App

Twitter is ditching its desktop client for Mac and recommending that people use...Twitter.com.



[Windows 10 Tip] How to Remove Old Images from Lock Screen Background History in Settings



How to Add a Signature to PDFs with Mac Preview



These Programs Slow Down Your Windows 10 Boot



How Graphics Cards Works



Microsoft and Xiaomi to collaborate on AI, cloud computing and hardware



Registry Live Watch will track changes in Windows Registry live



Graphene on Toast Paves Way for Edible Electronics



AT&T didn’t waste any time abandoning net neutrality



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1180 (Wed 2/21/2017):

How to get 8 tiles back on the new tab page in Chrome 64

Not something which keeps me up at night. Those tiles are a distraction, as they duplicate recent History items. If I need a History item, I Bookmark it, then purge my Bookmarks when finished with several items. I have a different default Start Page. 


Are you too smart to be scammed? Take this online test to see

I had trouble with the test. I don't use my phone to do any banking or financial transactions. So I wouldn't believe any phone communications, even if my bank really were trying to authenticate something. I simply did not trust any of the examples, because for me, they all would be fraudulent.


How to Turn On Caps Lock on a Chromebook

That you need special instructions to do basic things, says a lot about the inadequacy of Chrome OS and the Chromebook keyboard. In Linux, I can't assign function keys on my Chromebook. I can't be offline, edit or create a document, and insert the current date and time in Chrome OS. There are no offline apps which can do this.


How to Bring Back the “View Image” Button In Google Image Search

I just added this to my Chrome Beta in Ubuntu Linux. It works.


MX Linux 17: An upgraded distro made for beginners

Trying to upgrade or update any Linux with Persistence on a USB stick is a mistake. The whole filesystem is recreated every time you change any system-level file. This makes the drive fill up very fast. But in other limited-resources situations this might be something to consider.


5 tricks to get the best possible reception with your indoor antenna

Per the point about amplified antennas -- I use amplification due to a long coax cable run.

Per interference -- there is some interference from LTE cell phone towers if they are very nearby. A low-pass LTE filter can help with this, electric current interference at Channels 50-68, and some household appliance sources of interference. Most of these sources are pretty intermittent, except around Channels 50-68. I use this type of filter:



Many amplified indoor HDTV antennas already have built-in LTE filtering (but it's not as good as a dedicated low-pass filter):



Most Windows 10 devices across the globe now have Fall Creators Update

...whether they wanted it or not. Nightmares about unwanted upgrades are still pouring in.


BitTorrent client exploits could let rogue websites control your PC

Torrents have always had a reputation for being shady and risky. You really have to trust the source and the client software.


On Social Media, Lax Enforcement Lets Impostor Accounts Thrive

I assume most folks want to remain private while using the Internet. This means verified identity is impossible. So what can social media do to prevent imposter accounts from being followed and influencing users' behaviors (including how and for whom they vote)? Or should the Democrats start using the same fake news tactics so successfully employed by the Republicans?


Re. FYI#1181  (Thurs 2/22/2018):  

Ford Patents Car Doors That Open When You Tell Them To

I hope there's a manual override. Can you imagine what could happen if these ever get hacked?


How to Get the Most Out of Your Chromebook

I think it bears repeating that Crouton is not full Linux. It's more of a Virtual Linux inside of Chrome OS. If your Chromebook is Intel based and has enough storage, you can use chrx to install something approaching a dual-boot into a Chromebook, and there you will have most of the Linux features available. This makes working offline much easier. I also agree there's no harm in upgrading Chrome OS to the Beta Channel. Also true of the Chrome Browser.


Intel ships update for newest Spectre-affected chips\

Still nothing for my NUC's Skylake core-i5 BIOS. The latest updates are from Jan. 5, 2018.


Disable the touchpad of your Windows 10 device when you connect a mouse

This does avoid unwantd mouse jumps for some of us on some PCs.


How to Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Wallpaper

That was easy to do -- one of the first things I did with my Chromebook.


Using LibreOffice as a PDF Editor

There are possible rendering issues when using LibreOffice with Save as PDF. Also, pure image-based PDF files will not be capable of being edited inside of LibreOffice. In fact, these PDFs don't respond well to any PDF editing.


Is this the device that replaces your smartphone?

No, it's not.


LightBulb app adjusts your PC display brightness based on the time of day

For Windows 10, there's built-in Night Light. For Linux I use Redshift. Redshift has to be configured, but it works well. I haven't been using Android or Chrome OS enough to recommend similar apps for those OSes.

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Thur 1181  2/22/2018

Ford Patents Car Doors That Open When You Tell Them To



Strechly reminds you to take breaks and relax while working on your PC



7 Reasons Your Smartphone Has Slow Internet Speeds



Smart TVs: Everything You Need to Know



How to Use Trackpad Gestures to Navigate macOS



How to Get the Most Out of Your Chromebook



Opera Claims Performance Gains Over Firefox Quantum



Smominru! Half a million PCs hit by cryptomining botnet



Intel ships update for newest Spectre-affected chips\



Latest Tech Support Scam Freezes Web Browser



It's time to say 'Welcome to dumpsville Adobe Flash', as new unpatched flaw exploited by criminals




The Best Mac Antivirus Protection of 2018

Despite what you may have heard, your Apple computer isn't immune to malware. We test the top Mac AV programs to find the ones that will keep you the safest.



Disable the touchpad of your Windows 10 device when you connect a mouse



How to Improve Productivity with These Simple Mouse Tweaks in Windows



Block Notifications, Microphone, Camera requests in Firefox browser



How to Fix a Disk I/O Error in Windows



Best iOS Games 2018



How to Change Your Chromebook’s Desktop Wallpaper



How to Add an AirDrop Icon to Your macOS Dock



Cortana Now Available on the IPad



How to use cron in Linux

No time for commands? Scheduling tasks with cron means programs can run but you don't have to stay up late.



Qualcomm launches its premium 820E embedded platform for IoT developers



Report: Youth Abandoning Facebook



One year later, the UK's Active Cyber Defence is seeing good results




The 25 Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail

These Chrome add-ons turn Google's webmail client into an ultra-powerful service.



Using LibreOffice as a PDF Editor



Software Roundup: 6 Password Managers to Help Manage Your Passwords



Google Has Started Selling its Clips Cameras



Is the E-Reader Dead?



Benefits of taking Digital Detox and how to go about it



How to Use Night Shift in macOS



Qualcomm's sample headset teases what's next for mobile VR

Snapdragon 845 will enable features like foveated rendering and roomscale tracking.



Retailers Leak Speeds and Prices on Upcoming Intel Coffee Lake Chips



[Tip] How to Block All Unwanted Website Pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox



Here’s how to make Alexa control a toilet — because why not?



7 Things You Aren’t Using Your Smart Bulbs For (But Should)



How emotions make you easy prey for scammers



Latest Intel Graphics Drivers Configure Games Automatically

Intel removes the hassle of adjusting settings to make a game run well using the integrated graphics in its Core processors.



Watch Netflix in 1080p on Linux and unsupported browsers



7 of the Best Google Maps Alternatives You Should Try



Configure Firefox Quantum browser to disable telemetry and data collection



Basic Portrait Retouching in GIMP: All the Tricks You Need



What Is Sling TV? Everything You Need to Know



How to Use Right-Click in macOS



Is this the device that replaces your smartphone?



Intel Touts New Quantum Computing Breakthrough, This Time With Silicon



10 smartphone camera features that make you feel like a professional photographer



Qualcomm shares details on its vision for the near-future of mobile VR



You won’t be able to afford Samsung’s record-setting 30TB SSD



Pinpoint Wi-Fi issues in your home or office



The Best VPN Services of 2018

A virtual private network is the top way to stay anonymous online and to secure your web traffic. We've tested more than 50 VPNs, and these are our top performers.



Play audio only on YouTube to save bandwidth



How to Clean the Inside of Your Computer



LightBulb app adjusts your PC display brightness based on the time of day



Cheap Gaming Laptop With 6GB GTX 1060 Video Card On Sale Now

A little laptop that could.



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1179 (Tues 2/20/2017):

Samsung patents a flying screen that could be used for hovering video

If one of these things ever does start to follow me on a public right of way, I reserve the right to haul out my BB gun and shoot it down. (Aim at the propellers, not the screen.)


Don't Be Afraid of Huawei and ZTE

Suit yourself, but I would not try to discredit the entire US intelligence community, based on -- well, to use the author's own words -- not a shred of evidence (that these phones are safe).


Google removes ‘view image’ button from search results to make pics harder to steal

So, now I open the image in a new tab with Google Chrome. Or I go to the web site and copy it from there. What’s the difference? I use ad blockers, so no revenue comes out of my visits, either way. Google is simply trying to shift responsibility from itself to end users. Good luck with that.


How to disable OneDrive sync status icon in File Explorer on Windows 10

That really hasn't bothered me that much. But the notifications are a bit of a pain.


How to Force Quit on a Chromebook

and How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook

This is good to know.


How to Record TV Shows on Your PC

This article is outdated in some ways, being a retread of a 2011 article. But the bottom line on screen recorders, and saving personal copies remains the same. It is illegal to copy and retain copies of, any broadcast TV show, unless you have explicit permission from the company which owns the copyright. (Companies which offer devices with passes and guides do have permissions. Kodi itself is not one of these companies.) That aside, none of these methods will work with encrypted Cable signals. Those require a Cable Card, and there are severe restrictions on those.


Ubuntu wants to collect more diagnostic data

Well, maybe it's time to switch to Fedora (which also has some telemetry).


Facebook will verify the location of US election ad buyers by mailing them postcards

Yeah, like no one has ever spoofed a mailing address.


How to install optional updates on Windows 10

There are no optional updates in Windows 10. Only hardware drivers (most of which will wreck your system), Silverlight (who uses this anymore?) and other useless junk. 


People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park

When people first look up after using computer screens for a few hours, they are blind to a lot of things. This is one of them. This also demonstrates why you should never, ever go directly from working on a computer (or a mobile laptop or Chromebook or tablet) to driving.

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Wed 1180 2/21/2018

Distracted driving: Everyone hates it, but most of us do it, study finds

Esurance finds car technology can be a help and a hindrance.



Federal Judge Says Embedding a Tweet Can Be Copyright Infringement



This army of DNA nanorobots journeys through the body hunting down cancer and killing tumours (Star Trek?)



Microsoft Windows 10



Nine Chrome Browser Extensions to improve your productivity



It’s Time to Banish Your Screens From the Bedroom



How to get 8 tiles back on the new tab page in Chrome 64



Are you too smart to be scammed? Take this online test to see



How to Use Kodi on Android Devices



Weekly Digest: Windows 10 version 1809, Microsoft Store PC sale, tech tips

In case your missed, Microsoft releases the first Windows 10 Redstone 5 preview, save up $500 on new PC from the Microsoft Store, and more tips to get the most out of your PC.

(Redstone 5 first looks for what may be coming in the fall release)



How to Turn On Caps Lock on a Chromebook



Here’s what Android apps look like in Chrome OS split-screen view



Guess What? Sonos One Speakers Also Damage Wood



Tinder security flaw granted account access with just a phone number

The problem has been fixed, but it's still a pretty big flaw.



One of Nest’s cameras can now double as a Google Assistant



The Best Graphics Cards for 4K Gaming

You'll need a powerful graphics card (or two) to run cutting-edge PC games at 4K resolution. In our testing, these are the top 10 performing boards for pixel-packed gaming.



External monitor not detected with Windows 10 laptop



How to Customize or Disable Siri on the HomePod



A look at Linux Mint 18.3 KDE – The Last KDE Linux Mint



This new feature on iOS 11 could save your life



How to Watch Live TV on Kodi



Windows 10 on ARM apps, drivers, experience limitations

Microsoft reveals lists of the limitations users can expect on Windows 10 running on ARM-based devices.



How to Switch Between Open Apps in macOS



Apple Inc. Rumored to Be Prepping iPhone SE Upgrade With 4.2-Inch Screen



Serious Blow: FBI, CIA Warn Against Buying Huawei Phones

Intelligence agencies cite "undetected espionage" as major concern.



Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 streams music to multiple Bluetooth devices

Broadcast Audio promises near-perfect synchronization.



AT&T names Atlanta, Dallas and Waco first of 12 US cities to get 5G wireless



The Best Windows Tablets of 2018

Useful at home or work, a Windows tablet with a detachable keyboard can be a more portable and versatile alternative to a laptop. Check out our buying tips, as well as our latest top-rated reviews.



Password Spoofing and How login passwords are stolen



How to Bring Back the “View Image” Button In Google Image Search



Firefox 60: new "not secure" indicator preferences



5 tricks to get the best possible reception with your indoor antenna



4 Projects That Make Your Raspberry Pi Portable



Windows 10 Redstone 5 (version 1809): All the new features and changes

Windows 10 Redstone 5 is expected to rollout around October 2018, and here are all the new features and changes thus far Microsoft has added to the new version.



How to Use Windows 10



Xbox One vs. Xbox One S: Is a mid-tier upgrade worth your money?



Silicon Power Has Two New NVMe SSDs



Shadow virtualizes a high-end gaming PC on your desktop clunker

but it will set you back $35 to $50 every month.



Google debuts AdSense ‘auto ads’ with machine learning to make placement and monetization choices



The Best VPN Apps for the iPhone

Your iPhone may be well protected against malware, but it can't protect your data as it travels the internet. Using a VPN keeps your information safe and private, even when you're connected to the web through an insecure Wi-Fi hotspot.



Edge Browser has disappeared and the icon has gone missing



How to Use and Customize the Windows 10 Action Center



Latest Intel Graphics driver supports automatic game optimization



5 tech things that are a waste of money



5 No-Signup Free Online Video Editors That Make You Anonymous



MX Linux 17: An upgraded distro made for beginners

This powerful operating system's efficient performance, intuitive interface, and exceptional collection of apps make it a top choice for all users.



How to Eject USB Devices and Memory Cards in macOS



Most Windows 10 devices across the globe now have Fall Creators Update



Price Guide: AMD, Nvidia Graphics Card Bundles On Newegg (Updated)



BitTorrent client exploits could let rogue websites control your PC

Fixes are rolling out shortly.



Cognoa’s AI platform for autism diagnosis gets first FDA stamp



Magic Leap One Creator Edition Will Be Priced Like a 'Premium PC'

CEO Rony Abovitz says Magic Leap will launch in spring 2018; a cheap version will be priced like a high-end phone, the Creator Edition will be more like a premium PC.



The Driver for this device might be corrupted or System may be low on memory



On Social Media, Lax Enforcement Lets Impostor Accounts Thrive



ARM unveils processor design with dedicated machine learning capabilities



Apple leaks new iPads in regulatory filing, suggesting imminent release



Protect Your Tables From Apple HomePod With These Tips


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Tue 1179 2/20/2018

Samsung patents a flying screen that could be used for hovering video

It may also be able to adjust its position based on the angle of your gaze.



Android apps now support split-screen in Chrome OS's tablet mode

Available first in Chrome OS's Canary channel.



Don't Be Afraid of Huawei and ZTE

U.S. intelligence officials say they don't want people to use Huawei or ZTE phones, but we don't think their claims have merit. Here's why.



The AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Review: Vega Barrels Into Budget Gaming



How to Close Apps on the iPhone X



How to Disable Annoying MacOS High Sierra Upgrade Notifications



Pixel 2’s Custom Imaging Co-Processor Now Open to All Apps



Here’s how to use recovery mode to fix your Android phone or tablet



Is Now a Good Time to Buy an AMD CPU or Motherboard?



Google removes ‘view image’ button from search results to make pics harder to steal

Better for websites and photographers but worse for users



How to disable and stop Online tips and videos in Windows 10 Settings



Back to Basics Part 3. Installing Third-Party Software in Linux Mint Cinnamon



How to disable OneDrive sync status icon in File Explorer on Windows 10

Windows 10 version 1803 now lets you remove the OneDrive status icons from the navigation pane of File Explorer, and here's how to do ti.



How to Force Quit on a Chromebook



US, UK Blame Russia for NotPetya Ransomware Outbreak

NotPetya was designed to disrupt Ukrainian government institutions and industries, the UK and US claim. The Kremlin calls the accusations groundless.



Graphics Card Price Wars: How to Score a Card (If You Must)



The HomePod Launch Is Officially a Fail, So What Now?



How to Reset Network Settings in Windows



Microsoft to Launch Xbox One S PUBG Bundle



AMD is standing by to help you get that new APU up and running



How to Move to a Dedicated Camera After Using a Smartphone Camera



Microsoft accidentally reveals Windows 10 on ARM limitations

Most modern apps and hardware will work just fine



Fix: api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-1-1.dll is missing from your computer



How to change the Netflix video quality on your computer



How to print web pages clutter-free on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now lets you print web pages without any clutter, including ads, and here's how to use the feature.



How to Use Dropbox on Your Chromebook and Add it to File Manager



How to Spot and Avoid Credit Card Skimmers

Criminals can easily capture your credit and debit card information with small devices called skimmers and their even more insidious cousins, shimmers. Don't fall victim to these sneaky attacks!



Samsung Announces New Notebook 9, Notebook 9 Pen Laptops



Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV vs. Sling vs. Vue vs. DirecTV Now: Face-Off!



How to Record TV Shows on Your PC



Microsoft Confirms PWA Plans for Windows 10 RS4



Facebook’s tracking of non-users ruled illegal again



How to Set Up Whole-House Parental Controls with OpenDNS



MIT Neural Network Processor Cuts Power Consumption by 95 Percent



Windows 10 computer won’t boot after power outage



Ubuntu wants to collect more diagnostic data



Surface Pro and Surface Book February 2018 firmware update release

Surface devices get new firmware update to bring improved system and battery stability.



How to Master macOS: Expert Tips and Tricks



This Indian Character Symbol Can Crash Your iPhone

Text messages that contain the Indian Telugu syllable can disable third-party messaging apps on iOS. Apple is working on a fix.



Newly Discovered Variants Of Meltdown/Spectre Exploit Cache Coherency Across Cores



How to Get Old Snapchat Back (There’s a Catch)



It’s 2018 and Apple Music Still Has an iCloud Problem



Microsoft Looks to Poach Dropbox, Box, and Google Customers with ‘Free’ OneDrive



Facebook will verify the location of US election ad buyers by mailing them postcards



How to Build a $35 Media Center with Kodi and the Raspberry Pi



Apple, fix these HomePod issues ASAP (CNET Top 5)



Backup, Save and Restore Desktop Icon Layouts with ReIcon



How to install optional updates on Windows 10



The entirely unnecessary demise of Barnes & Noble



How to Take a Screenshot on a Chromebook



People Keep Walking Into Glass at Apple Park

Apple likes to use a lot of glass, but employees are walking into glass walls as there are apparently no markings on them.



Google Removed the "View Image" Button From Image Search Results, and the Internet Is Furious



Water purification could be the key to more electric cars

You could mine the oceans for lithium without hurting the environment.



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1177 (Sun 2/18/2017):

Raw sockets backdoor gives attackers complete control of some Linux servers

First, this is on servers, not desktop Linux. Second, the use of passwords to secure SSH is outdated, so companies are getting what they deserve for not being vigilant about updating their security practices. And this type of exploit is nothing new.


Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2018

Any article which give only a single choice in each category, and does not present data on other products tested in each category, is not worthy of my time and attention.


From My Own Reading:

England turns to the church to help fix rural internet



Microsoft inadvertently outlines the limits of Windows 10 on ARM

x64 apps won't work, to start.


Boy, this Windows on ARM effort just keeps getting better and better! (/sarc)


Wikipedia ends no-cost mobile access for developing countries



Re. FYI#1178 (Mon 2/19/2017):

How to Set Up Offline Gmail on Your Chromebook

I just use Linux and a desktop client. And not on a Chromebook.


Stop Windows 10 from deleting Thumbnail cache

If you're not careful with the checkmarks, CCleaner also deletes your thumbnails cache.


This Pocket PC Could Replace Your Desktop

Atom processor. 32GB eMMC flash memory. Sounds like my last tablet. Not a desktop PC by any stretch!


Most Android Security Scares Are Bullshit

Nevertheless, you should apply any security updates offered by your device manufacturer.


Skype Is Vulnerable to a Nasty Exploit: Switch to the Windows Store Version

Does anyone else here smell a conspiracy to get users to switch to the Walled Garden?


Microsoft removing Windows Apps with "Windows" in name is a mistake

First, nothing has been removed. Second, it's a lawsuit, not a policy change. Third, it's about as likely to succeed as the one app maker who sued a reporter for revealing a security flaw. (Actually, there are many such cases, most of which go nowhere, but may have a collective chilling effect on security research:


Lawsuits threaten infosec research — just when we need it most



How to Backup & Restore BCD file in Windows 10

Windows Boot Repair and the Boot Repair option in Macrium Reflect Free will do this and much more. Use these tools.



This author is clearly comparing a Chromebook with a Windows laptop. This is a very unfair comparison. What the author was trying to get the Chromebook to do is simply not what Chromebooks are built for. So of course he comes away disappointed. I run Linux on a similarly equipped Chromebook (same amount of RAM, but an Intel core-i3m processor) and Chrome and three or four background applications in Linux do just fine. It is not like running with weights around my ankles. ChromeOs is for Cloud Applications, so nothing needs to be running in the background. Idle apps can be very unobtrusive. And who runs a music soundtrack constantly while working? Only someone who isn't getting very much work done.


California city to test universal basic income

Rent aside, I could not meet even half of my monthly non-medical expenses on this level of "basic income". What do these idiots base their assumptions on? The official US Poverty Line? That's been out of date since 1967.


Unlocked phones vs. locked phones: Why you should care

My phone is unlocked, and I'm happy with US Mobile.


Guess What? Sonos One Speakers Also Damage Wood

Yep, silicone or fake rubber can do that


Patch My PC Updater 4.0 review

First, automatically and silently updating can be a problem. Second, 300 programs really isn't a very big universe. So I'll keep on using SUMo Lite Free, and download my own updates. I rarely have a monthly session in which more than ten programs need updates. This includes browsers and Java JRE.


How to project your Windows computer screen to a TV

My ScreenBeam from Actiontec does a great job with Miracast. It looks like Microsoft has been changing the location of the settings again. It used to be under Project, which made more sense.


New patent reveals Microsoft’s intent to kill the mouse with its Surface Pen

I can't see this on a desktop setup, but for anything mobile, this would be a good substitution.


How to Encrypt Files and Folders in Ubuntu

Be careful what you do with encryption in Linux. Unlike Windows, you can't access encrypted files or folders in Linux by using a Linux Live CD or USB drive. Keep unencrypted copies somewhere.


How to Get Android Apps, Google Play Store on a Chromebook

My Chromebook has these available now. Not all Chromebooks support Android apps, and not all Android apps will run on a Chromebook.


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Latest Edition of CyberHeistNews

Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:50 pm (PST)

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #8 Scam of the Week: Lowlife Scum Exploits Recent Florida Parkland School Shooting



Security Measures for 2018

Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:48 pm (PST)

10 Online Security Measures Everyone Should Implement in 2018


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Mon 1178 2/19/2018

Google flexed its muscles with new ad-blocking rules, and some smaller players are concerned about its power

  - Google's Chrome browser will now block all advertising on websites that serve particularly annoying ads, like autoplay videos with sound or full-page pop-ups.

  - However, the company's dominance of the online ads business in conjunction with the dominance of its Chrome browser also raises some thorny questions.



How to Set Up Offline Gmail on Your Chromebook



New Intel Graphics Drivers Add Automatic Game Configuration Feature



3D-printed smartphone microscope is good enough for scientists

The clip-on device magnifies up to 1/200th of a millimeter.



How to record phone calls on your iPhone or Android



Stop Windows 10 from deleting Thumbnail cache



This Pocket PC Could Replace Your Desktop

The Ockel Sirius B runs Windows 10 and fits in any standard pocket.



Most Android Security Scares Are Bullshit



Windows 10 'Redstone 4:' The 5 best new features and changes

The latest version of Windows, Windows 10 "Redstone 4," is coming this spring as a free update, with a bunch of new features and changes. Here's a list of our top five.



These are the sneaky ways apps like Instagram, Facebook, Tinder lure you in and get you 'addicted'



Skype Is Vulnerable to a Nasty Exploit: Switch to the Windows Store Version



How to Get Old Snapchat Back (There’s a Catch)



How to Protect Yourself From Extortion Phishing Scams



Scammers Abuse Google Ads to Steal Millions in Bitcoin

The cybercriminals used Google Ads to promote fake Blockchain.info pages that were designed to steal victims' login credentials.



Microsoft removing Windows Apps with "Windows" in name is a mistake



How to Snap Windows in Chrome OS



Gaming On The Couch: Corsair's Next-Gen Wireless Peripherals, Hands On



Samsung has the world's largest SSD, again, at 30TB

Packed full of 512GB 3D V-NAND chips, it has twice the capacity and speed of its predecessor.



Everyday essential shortcuts for your Android



How to Backup & Restore BCD file in Windows 10






California city to test universal basic income



Why Microsoft needs to unify the many faces of Cortana

Microsoft's Cortana is now in more places than ever, but it needs to start looking the part of a future-driven A.I. personal assistant.



Unlocked phones vs. locked phones: Why you should care

In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon breaks down what you need to know about the carrier practice of locking phones.



How to Change the Speed of (or Disable) Windows’ Taskbar Thumbnail Previews



Guess What? Sonos One Speakers Also Damage Wood



10 Best Android Apps for Slow Internet or Bad Network Connectivity



The Best Photo Printers of 2018

Your photos deserve more than a mere digital existence. Here's what you need to know to pick the right photo printer based on your output needs.



Patch My PC Updater 4.0 review



How to Quickly Transfer Images from an iPad to a PC



Intel Docs Confirm Dual-Core Cannon Lake CPUs With And Without iGPUs



Google found another bug in Microsoft’s Edge browser

The Edge team at Microsoft is probably not very happy right now.



Home protection you never knew you needed



How to project your Windows computer screen to a TV



How to Add Safe Mode to Boot Options in Windows 10



Dell XPS 13 9370 (early 2018) Review: Redesign Of The Original MacBook Air 'Killer'



Don't buy a graphics card right now unless you really have to

Rising costs and availability issues are linked firmly to the boom in cryptocurrency mining right now. And PC gamers are the ones feeling the effects.



New patent reveals Microsoft’s intent to kill the mouse with its Surface Pen



Researchers find fresh Meltdown, Spectre exploits in modern CPUs

Hardware design changes are needed to squash the new bugs



How to Close Apps on the iPhone X



How to Encrypt Files and Folders in Ubuntu



Looking for Love? Delete Those Dating Apps

Tinder and Hinge aren't the only place to find a soul mate (or hookup). These people were struck by Cupid's arrow on Twitter, YouTube, and even Twitch.



Encrypt your DNS traffic with Simple DNSCrypt for Windows



How to Get Android Apps, Google Play Store on a Chromebook



Zotac Zbox Magnus EN1060K-U Barebones Mini PC Review



Chrome cleans up messy URLs when you share from your phone

The folks in your group chats will thank you.



Fitness tracker vs. smartwatch, which is better for you?



SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER warning in Firefox browser



How to Move Users Folder to another Location in Windows 10



How to answer 10 common net neutrality questions from users and executives

The end of net neutrality is bound to produce some questions from users and executives. Here are some typical ones you should expect, along with suggested answers you can customize.



Why I'm sticking with Surface Laptop instead of Surface Book 2

I am a Surface user who prefers the Laptop over the popular Book 2. Here's why.



Chris Messina: Alexa leads the ‘god bot’ wars because Amazon gets the most interest from developers



Skype security flaw 'ignored' by Microsoft could let hackers into your computer

If exploited by an attacker, the flaw could give a local unprivileged user full access to the system level rights



Best Phones of 2018



How to Stop Facebook Friends or Pages From Taking Over Your Feed



Porsche Is 3D Printing Classic Car Parts

It's cheaper and much more efficient to print spare parts for increasingly rare classic cars.



CopyQ is an advanced Clipboard Manager



Windows 10 Will Show You Everything Microsoft Has On You



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI#1166 (Wed 2/7/2018):

The next phase of Google's Chrome OS takeover

As the lines continue to blur between Chrome OS and Android, some once-crazy-sounding concepts are about to shake up mobile computing as we know it.

Check this out (TV ad): You Chromebook | If you’re over the old way of doing things


Count 0:05 of 0:30. Frame says, "If you wish computers were more like phones..." (...you Chromebook.") I do not wish this. And I do not Chromebook. I Linuxbook (use a Chromebook for its great hardware, but dual-boot and use Linux most of the time, except for fun and games).


How to Run Windows Software on a Chromebook

This works about as well as running Linux programs inside of Windows 10. Not a real substitute for actual Windows or Linux. But in a pinch...


[SCAM?] Time to Update Your Drivers? (I have seen problems disappear after driver updates, just not everything) 

I agree with both of you. I've seen real disasters from updating drivers from the wrong sources. But I've also solved vexing Windows and Linux issues with driver updates from the right sources. Just be careful the drivers you download are specific to your hardware (and SoC firmware if present).


Screen flickering in ubuntu 16.04 LTS (you'll have to keep watching for added posts)

My Intel NUC and (modified GalliumOS) Chromebook do not have this issue. Both are Skylake based, and do have sound driver and shutdown issues.


Hacker easily bypasses Windows 10 anti-ransomware protection with this trick

I expected something like this. Protections can't be as simple as changing a few file and folder permissions, otherwise we wouldn't have any active malware.


The Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans You've Never Heard Of

US Mobile (Not to be confused with US Cellular or T-Mobile) works for me, and you aren't limited to a TracPhone. I use a Moto G4, not the one from Amazon. 


Report: Microsoft Replacing Windows 10 S with 'S Mode'

and Microsoft to add new Windows 10 Home editions to its line-up

and Microsoft to drop Windows 10 S as a stand-alone product

also, Microsoft tees up Windows 10 support of Progressive Web Apps

Actually, what they're trying to do is make every copy of Windows a copy of Windows S, which is a total Microsoft Store lockdown. This is why I am abandoning Windows 10 forever. And one reason I added Linux to my Chromebook. (I am switching over to Fedora, Red Hat’s free edition, because it stays more up to date, including kernel level security improvements, than Ubuntu and Gallium OS.)


Microsoft is secretly building Polaris, a slimmer, more modern version of Windows

This change is about abandoning legacy software and hardware. Nice folks in Redmond, aren't they!


Why Linux is better than Windows or macOS for security

Yep, it's all about the Permissions. A pain to run up against when copying files between two hard drives (as I just encountered yesterday) but a blessing when avoiding malware attacks. There are also kernel differences, and the absence in Linux of a Registry. Programs in Linux seldom run as Root (Admin).

Windows Chrome users: Tech-support scams try new trick to freeze your browser


Get an ad-blocker if you want to dodge tech-support scammers' latest rapid-download ruse.

Or, just get your tech support from the Microsoft Store or your friendly neighborhood tech person (one you can trust).


Are Location-Tagged Photos Really a Privacy Concern?

People have been stalked and murdered from this metadata. Enough said.


Malwarebytes Update Released to Fix High CPU & Memory Usage in Mbamservice.exe

Now if only they would submit their product to independent lab testing... but that would be too revealing, apparently.


Best Laptops for Seniors in 2018 (do you know any seniors?) 

I have visual-motor skills issues, so I can benefit from this advice too. And yes, in my neighborhood I found three or four groups of seniors who use and understand tech. (Boston is full  of tech industry veterans!) They would love this advice.


Re. FYI#1167  (Thurs 2/8/2018):

Flaw in popular VPN service reveals user location and Wi-Fi name

We keep telling folks, don't trust free VPN services! Now will they listen?


Why ISPs Like Verizon Are Likely Ripping Off Your Older Parents

Comcast XFinity is the same way, especially if you do not own your DVR and Gateway. My price creep this year is about 31%, just like the Verizon second-year creep. So far, this is not enough to justify a downgrade from what I have to a lower speed and fewer Cable channels (and then subscribe to a few that I would lose with paid ala carte upgrades, which is possible now). But in the third and fourth years ... We'll see how the OTA Broadcast ATSC-3 conversion affects all of this math. (I may need to replace my TiVo.)


Intel unveils smart glasses that you might want to wear

A low-powered laser beams images into your eye.

I sure hope they know what they're doing with those lasers!


Hobbyist Demonstrates Amazon Key Vulnerability

Is this a new vulnerability, or a recycled old article?


Why a Big Utility Is Embracing Wind and Solar

Nearly every utility conglomerate is into some form of alternate generation these days. This is nothing new. Exelon, ComEd's chief supplier, has been doing wind energy downstate for years. Xcel is in the best part of North America for wind energy.


Comcast Wireless Efforts to Lose $1.2 Billion in First 18 Months

They'll turn a profit soon enough, I'm pretty sure.


Why Microsoft may gain an upper hand with carriers thanks to 'Always Connected' PCs

This depends on public acceptance of having Microsoft looking over our shoulders every time we log in, to the time we log out. Again, this is one reason I am abandoning Windows and have not taken up Chrome OS in its place.


How Do I Shut Down a Machine with No Display?

This is why power supplies should have externally visible LED indicators. And why laptop indicator LEDs are hooked into the power supply, not the drive or anything to do with the OS. The power button, if held down for a few seconds, should shut down the device cold. If not, it's time to replace the device or the power supply.


What is POP? Or POP3? And what about IMAP and SMTP?

IMAP is used more and more because of its ability to allow syncing across multiple devices from a single account. I am slowly converting most of my services, except GMail, to IMAP. But I copy important messages into Local Folders just in case something goes wrong in the IMAP download process. You only get one chance to archive a message in IMAP before it can disappear forever.


What to Do When Your Hard Drive Fails

Hopefully, you will have backups of your system(s) and data. And hopefully, your backup software or rescue environment will not fail you when you need it the most. A second and third copy of the drive will also lessen anxiety about this type of disaster.


Revealed: How Spectre Updates Will Affect Your PC

Where I've been able to apply fixes, performance is not affected fo what I do with my PC and other devices. But some, including my Chromebook (for its autonomous Linux environment), do not offer hardware BIOS or firmware updates. They remain vulnerable.


Re. FYI#1168  (Fri 2/9/2018): 

Consumer Reports: Your smart TV is tracking you and so are hackers

Roku insists vulnerability is a 'feature,' not a 'risk'

So, I won't be buying anything from Roku anytime soon...


Windows 10: Get ready for more PCs that only run Microsoft Store apps by default

Or, buy a kit and run Linux on it.


How to Rid a New PC of Crapware

Microsoft Store Signature Editions are generally free of crapware.


Intel Releases Fixed Spectre Patch For Skylake CPUs

No one can download these patches yet. At least my Itnel NUC can't. No Intel download site for the patches.


VLC 3.0 adds Chromecast support and more as the best free media player gets even better

There's a Windows installer, but nowhere have I seen a Linux way to get this upgrade. Ubuntu it turns out, has added it to their Software Center, as has the GNOME Software Center. There are other downloads for Debian and other distros, but you really have to search for them. Anyway, I ended up getting hooked into the Nightly Builds for Ubuntu 16.04, so my VLC Player version in Ubuntu Linux is up to 4.x. It works, even if it's a RC version.


The House That Spied on Me

Scary to read, must have been even creepier to live through this experiment.


How Do I Disable Windows Updates in Windows 10 Home?

While you can do this, I would not recommend it. The end result is that when the updates are enabled again, Windows Update gets very messed up. Eventually you end up; having to run the repair diagnostic, and even that plus Disk Cleanup doesn't always restore full updates functionality. And stopping Windows Defender updates and definition updates is a big DO NOt DO THIS.


Why You Should Try Switching Linux Operating Systems

I'll be switching my Chromebook's Linux from GalliumOs to Fedora if that will work in there. It's about staying ujp to date on the OS, the kernel, security and programs. GalliumOs is simply too far behind the mainstream for my taste.


Re. FYI#1169  (Sat 2/10/2018):

Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2018

Neil Rubenking of PC Mag usually does a separate review of free AV offerings, a week or more after the review of paid AV offerings. Wait a little while and this should appear for 2018.


These self-destructing electronics can turn your data to dust on command

In my mind I'm replaying the beginning scenes from the old Mission: Impossible TV show. "This device will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jim."


How to Reset Your Phone or Tablet

I also have learned how to reset or Powerwash my Chromebook, just in case.


4 U.S. States (Representing 1/5th of the Country’s Population) Have Passed Measures Protecting Net Neutrality

As with the EU data privacy breach laws, this may be all it takes to restore Net Neutrality practices to the entire country. If these laws withstand court challenges, companies with nationwide or multistate service areas would have to make their services everywhere conform to the most restrictive States if they wanted to stay in business. Maintaining different parallel infrastructures in different States just makes zero economic sense, and these Companies know it.


Re. FYI#1170 (Sun 2/11/2017):

Google Won’t Take Down ‘Pirate’ VLC With Five Million Downloads

After being outed on Reddit, Google Play has now removed the app. I won't name the app, as it is no longer up there.


Best Tablets Under $200

I would never buy any tablet in this price range. They are usually good at one thing only -- making you shell out money for paid content and paid apps or in-app purchases.


Intel Finally Releases Safe-to-Install Spectre Patches

Yeah, except I can't find the versions for my Intel Skylake NUC anywhere.


Report: Amazon to Roll Out UPS-Like Delivery Service

I've had experiences recently with Amazon's existing in-house delivery system, Amazon Logistics. I can tell you, their drivers especially when delivering on Sundays, can't read house numbers, can't deliver packages undamaged, and scan packages as delivered up to two days before they actually arrive (if they arrive at all). Phone support and ordering package resends is a nightmare from (specific geographic reference deleted -- a portal to Hell). This does not bode well for any bigger rollout by Amazon of any delivery services. I would never use this service even if they paid me to use it.


3 Best Cheap Linux Laptops to Buy in 2018

These are all overpriced, and several contain Linux which is not GNU/Linux. In other words, not FOSS. Why buy something specially built for a non-free Linux distro when you can find used or refurbished laptops for half or less the price, and install your choice of truly FOSS GNU/Linux distros (I recommend Fedora or Ubuntu, or their lightweight X-spins) on the laptop? Why become dependent on a hardware vendor for OS support and limit your software choices, when there are Linux forums and (in some places) user groups and independent techs who work with Linux conversions all the time? None of these Linux laptops will make learning and using Linux any easier. 


Recover lost or forgotten Outlook PST Password with free password recovery tools

If you've upgraded Outlook since 2016, these tools no longer work. Even then (2016) they were unreliable at best. As with any encrypted data, it is best to have one unencrypted current backup stored somewhere (physically) secure.


Free App Fends Off Ransomware, Comes With Cloud Storage

First, Acronis Beta products tend to become non-free very fast. Second, this product duplicates a feature incorporated into all editions of Windows 10 Pro 1709 Fall Creators Update. Exactly the same functionality, executed exactly the same way. Microsoft should be suing for patent infringement.


Facebook Tests 'Downvote' Option for Flagging Abusive Comments

Unfortunately, this sort of crowdsourced policing often results in vendettas among competing products and services, so that the whole system becomes subverted. This happened to McAfee Site Advisor.


We Want These Privacy Sliders In Any Gadget With a Webcam

I'd like to see a single product with global restrictions or filtering which would apply to all our IoT Things. But that would require "illegal collusion" among all sorts of diverse companies which make these Things.


Gogogate2 review: Make your dumb garage door smart

Remember when all those garage door openers were hacked? Want to see this happen again? Just start buying these things.


Windows 10 face-off: Raspberry Pi thin client vs modern laptop

I think these guys have been inhaling too much of their own solder.


Stop dilly-dallying. Block all ads on YouTube

And watch Google star banning ad blockers altogether, unless you pay them for the Premium version.  Mark my words, this will happen soon.


Google's most useful security settings

As with Microsoft, why should we have to go searching over several web pages (whose addresses are not listed in any central location) just to opt out from things Google should never have opted us into in the first place? This company like Microsoft, does not have consumers' best interests anywhere on their radar.


Intel Wants to Leverage Optane to Eliminate Local PC Storage Altogether

"While this concept could absolutely work for some specific use-cases like education and businesses where local storage needs are small and security is paramount, it’s a terrible idea for the general consumer market."


Re. FYI#1171 (Mon 2/12/2018):

A secure web is here to stay

The civilian Web is inherently insecure. No way around this.


How to mirror your smartphone or tablet on your TV

Chromecast and Miracast have worked just fine for me on those devices which support them. I may have less use for Miracast now that I'm dumping Windows out of my life.


How to Turn Off Ads on Amazon Fire Tablets

Didn't Amazon just lose a lawsuit over these exact same practices regarding their unlocked smartphones?


Iris software will help protect your Eyes and maintain Eye Health when using the computer

These are medical claims and are entirely unsupported. Thus, these products violate the Us FDA regulations for false advertising. I find Windows 10's Nightlight and Redshift for Linux to be perfectly adequate. Both can be adjusted to suit your own particular preferences. Just don't make medical claims about screen adjustments or reminders. 


Staples has 12 duster cans for $40

As used by most people, compressed air does more damage than good to the internals of most PCs and laptops. And $40.00 seems a lot to pay for a can of compressed air.


How to Use ReactOS, the Open-Source Windows Clone

Last I knew, React OS had been dead for years, since it was based on piracy of Microsoft Windows code, obtained by illegal reverse-engineering.


Who Makes the Most Reliable Hard Drives?

Some Seagate drives have historically has issue, and this continues to be the case. I also don't see any data on Toshiba branded drives. I usually go for WD Elements or other simple drives which ship without security or backup software preinstalled. Then I reformat and partition the drives myself with third-party tools.


Asus Chromebox Review: Chrome OS Goes Desktop

Chrome OS apps are so cloud-dependent, and local RAM and storage so unfit for even lightweight Linux dual-booting or Crouton Container running, I am surprised anyone is recommending Chrome boxes for anything other than media streaming. (This design doesn't even support Android Apps.) With 4k video not working on these earlier designs, I'd scrap even that as a use case. The desktop is a place for real Linux on a capable PC or mini-PC, not for an always-connected mobile platform like Chrome OS.


Chrome OS 64 Arrives: Here Are the New Features

Still not getting this update on my (brand new) Chromebook.


What to Do When Your Hard Drive Fails

First step -- verify your backup drive(s). Oh, you didn't do that step in disaster preparedness? Too bad. (/sarc)


Intel's New Mini PC Is a Pint-Sized VR Powerhouse

Another new Skull Canyon NUC. Wow. (rolleyes) Too bad this thing is stuck with the same microcode issues which Meltdown and Spectre can exploit. The patches will probably cost this VR rig over 30 percent in performance. Plus, every new Intel NUC design seems to come with firmware flaws which require several BIOS updates before the NUCs become usable. So I hear from bleeding-edge NUC enthusiasts. But if these issues get addressed, the NUC concept is still one of the best in the small form-factor market niche I've seen. The most feature-packed versions are always pretty pricey.

Full Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi thin client: Here's how it compares with a desktop

Like I said, these guys seem to need to ventilate their soldering rooms better.


Re. FYI#1172 (Tues 2/13/2018):

How Does Android Know a Wi-Fi Network Is Fast or Slow Before I Connect?

Oh joy, more crowdsourcing. (rolleyes)

Is there a drawback to using Wi-Fi Calling on an iPhone?

I can think of one -- Wi-Fi is hackable. Much more so than cell phone communications, which are protected by US laws against unauthorized eavesdropping.


6 Windows 10 Registry Hacks to Optimize Your Windows 10 Experience

Number 4: deleting the pagefiles at shutdown -- does nothing to enhance privacy or security, and can lead to significant system slowdowns and booting issues.


How to delete collected telemetry data on Windows 10

If this proves to be true, this is one fewer reason to hate Microsoft. But they are reducing all consumer level Windows versions to the S versions, so this gesture is totally empty and meaningless.


Why ransomware attacks were so powerful in 2017

Remember, Malwarebytes has a product to sell you. Windows 10 version 1709 has introduced ransomware protections available through the Security Center. But these preventions have been hacked, so the arms race is on.


Windows 10 is getting its own effortless Bluetooth pairing for devices

Windows Bluetooth pairing is already pretty straight-forward. Linux pairing could use some simplification, but that's a different story.


How to Install Linux on a Chromebook

Crouton is the only method which works on the ARM Chromebooks. On Intel Chromebooks (like mine) there's also a dual-boot option. (Crouton only gives a VM-like Chroot option. You are still running Chrome OS with a child root of Linux within it, which is more limited than a true dual-boot.) Chrx is the other method, if your hardware supports it. This method requires altering the Chromebook firmware to allow Legacy Boot and USB boot, but it produces a true Linux user experience, almost like a true dual-boot. (Make sure you know how to Powerwash your Chromebook and make your Recovery Media before starting this project!) While you're at it, create a bootable Clonezilla Live USb environment to handle backup and restore operations. (And use gParted from a Live Linux USB drive to examine how the partitions on a Chromebook are named, and get to know how many there are and what they do from online articles.)



(This is about how a Chromebook is typically partitioned and what each partition is meant to do. See the Heading "Drive Partitions". My Chromebook's partitions in gParted showed up in a different order, but they were the same in total number and they had labels which indicated similar functions. The physical locations looked like emmc blocks (/dev/mmcblkxx).) 




How to Handle Meltdown and Spectre on Linux Ubuntu

I've done the best I can currently, and both my hardare and my software and OS test vulnerable to all Meltwdown and Spectre variants according to the recommended testing script. There simply are no effective patches or firmware updates at this time, if there will ever be any. Complete chipset redesign is the only realistic answer.


Ford Wants to Sell You a Mileage Plan Instead of New Car

I don't see many people falling for this obvious scam.


Are We Secure From Spectre and Meltdown Yet?

Without replacing all our Intel chips with new ones which haven't even been designed yet, no we will never be safe from these classes of exploits.


Five Chromebook hacks that give your laptop surprising new talents

I cringe at people referring to Chromebooks as laptops. They don't even run full-fledged desktop applications. (The Linux I have on my Chromebook does this, but that's added on.) Their ads talk about using your laptop like a phone as if that were a good thing. It is not! (Attention, Chromebook ad producers -- Chromebook is not a verb! Neither is Google.)


VLC 3.0 Update Supports HDR10, Chromecast Streaming

I still have to test this with my Chromecast.


Re. FYI#1173 (Wed 2/14/2018):

Chromebook Buyer's Guide

Depending on your needs, Chromebooks can come very cheaply with good performance, as long as you aren't trying to use them for offline desktop applications. For that purpose, a more capable (and costlier) Chromebook like my ASUS flip c302 should be better. Mine runs Linux (converting to Fedora) alongside of Chrome OS.


The Best Windows 10 Apps

I can tell you one thing about VLC Player -- the Windows Store version is garbage.


The Best Linux Software

One photo organizing and editing program not mentioned is Fotoxx:


This is used by several members of the Natick (MA) FOSS user group. (NatickFOSS.org)


Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS Planned For Release 1 March

This is about the same time Ubuntu 18.04 will come out. But since a lot of us will wait a few months for the bugs to shake out, 16.04.4 is a nice update to see coming.


Microsoft to cover Windows 7 with advanced threat service

But this feature is only available in Enterprise Editions.


Re. FYI#1174  (Thurs 2/15/2018):

How to Set Up Google Print on Your Chromebook

This is really the only practical way to use compatible printers with a Chromebook.


How to Export Chrome Browsing History to HTML, CSV, or TXT

This is one way to continue working on a project across devices or OSes.I use this feature and the one for Chrome Bookmarks occasionally. It works best if you can clone your Chrome launcher shortcut or create a new Chrome profile for each project. Then you have only the History and Bookmarks you really need.


Study Finds Top Sites Can Be Impersonated Using Non-Latin Alphabet

If your browser is up to date, these attacks shouldn't work.


Are Frequent Password Changes Actually Good for Your Security?

It turns out, changing passwords frequently does little to reduce hacking, hijacking and impersonation.


HP Elite Slice Review: Mighty and Modular Mini PC

Toto bad they didn't include any Intel NUCs in this teasting. That would have been a useful comparison.


Re. FYI#1175  (Fri 2/16/2018):

Best Chrome extensions you didn't know about but should be using

and 41 Best Google Chrome Extensions

These collections include most of my favorites. Just don't install too many extensions into any browser. This can slow performance.


Exclusive: Many ID-Protection Services Fail Basic Security

Why does this not surprise me?


AMP for email is a terrible idea

This looks like yet another attempt to hold Gmail users captive inside Google's walled garden. Downvote!


10 Cool Chrome Flags You Should Enable

I have Chrome 65 Beta. Half these flags don't exist.


Best Mini PCs 2018

I think they need a new category -- For Home Users Who Want to Ge Actual Work Done. Atom processors just don't cut it for those of us in this category.


Windows 10 is adding an Ultimate Performance mode for pros

This is not available for laptops or tablets. It comes with a price tag, as Windows Workstation is an upgrade from Pro.



The price has dropped again, and they are perfectly good for Android or Apple phones (the ones at Amazon).


Re. FYI#1176  (Sat 2/17/2018):

Spectre-resistant chips are on the way, promises AMD CEO

This is going to be a cat and mouse game for a long time to come. Just buckle up and expect a bumpy ride.


AppCheck Anti-ransomware protects your Windows against ransomware attacks

As of Windows 10 version 1709, you do not need separate third-party ransomware protection.


Researchers discover new ways to abuse Meltdown and Spectre flaws

And chipmakers' hardware changes won't be enough to protect against them.

I think we all kind of expected this to happen.


Document Foundation releases LibreOffice 6.0 with improved GUI, file format support

I upgraded in Linux, and I'm still evaluating the changes. But so far it looks pretty good. There's already been a minor update.


Top 10 Windows 10 Mini PCs to buy

This listing pretty much covers the bases.


Researchers found an easy way to kill the flu virus

I'll be sure to carry a UV lamp in my vest pocket from now on until spring.


From My Own Reading:

Microsoft's free analytics service sniffs out Meltdown, Spectre patch status


This concerns enterprise level servers, not home PCs or workstations.


Top FBI, CIA, and NSA officials all agree: Stay away from Huawei phones


An entire product line of Trojan horses, apparently. Avoid Huawei products at all costs. And this one in the article is very expensive for a piece of Chinese spyware.


U.S. intelligence agencies are still warning against buying Huawei and ZTE phones


Add ZTE to the list.


How Chrome's built-in ad blocker will work when it goes live tomorrow



The search for aliens is struggling thanks to cryptocurrency mania


Remember SETI? Well, the crypto-miners are taking over the computer resources SETI has depended on for a long time. Can this crypto-mania get any worse?


As Stripe backs away from crypto payments, Coin base offers a new solution for e-commerce


Apparently the crypto-mania can get worse.


Please activate the anti-ransomware protection in your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update PC. 



Windows 10 Creators Update provides next-gen ransomware protection


These two references about Windows 10 ransomware protections, apply both to consumer level editions with Windows Defender and enterprise editions with Windows Advance Threat Protection (ATP).


Microsoft to cover Windows 7 with advanced threat service


While this is of interest mainly to corporate network administrators, it does indicate jsut how strongly people and businesses are sticking with Windows 7.


What’s new in Windows 10 security features: The anti-ransomware edition

Here's what you need to know about each security update to Windows 10 as they roll out from Microsoft. Now updated for 1709, Fall Creators Edition.


Susan Bradley's advice for IT professionals in corporate environments. She leads with a synopsis of what Microsoft is doing with Windows Defender to protect users from ransomware. Some of these defenses may find their way downward into consumer editions in some form or another. 


Windows 10 is adding an Ultimate Performance mode for pros

It's built for no-compromise work.



Killing passwords in Windows 10 S is one of 7 big changes in Windows 10 Build 17093



MIT CSAIL’s drone is never quite sure where it is

Somehow, that helps it avoid hitting trees.


Believe it or not, this is also how the most proficient human navigators operate. It's sort of "fuzzy logic" which sacrifices certainty about position for better ability to pay attention to only those landmarks and hazards which are truly important. 


Apple adds live news listings to TV app on iOS and Apple TV

You'll need each channel's respective apps to watch.


As far as I know, it would be possible to add the channels for local news stations, if they have apps.


73 Mind-Blowing Implications of Driverless Cars and Trucks


(Thanks to Larry W. of Lexington (MA) Computer Group for this link.)


Salon asks readers to pick their poison: ads or crypto mining


Salon.com is not my kind of content to begin with. They can keep their content behind a paywall for all I care. Just Say No to online bullies.


The 6 best Android lite apps for saving data, space and time on your device


These "Lite" Apps aren't apps at all. They are APIs in the Chrome Mobile Browser, and include all the risks and issues associated with doing everything from within browser windows. Otherwise, these little applets might actually help save space and resources on Android phones.


Amazon is refunding Prime phone buyers who paid to remove ads

Now that it's dropped the ads, many users paid as much as $50 for nothing.


I don't have one of those phones -- mine was bought from Jet.com because of this premium for ad-free.


Senator calls on Tinder to fix a security flaw that lets randos snoop through your dates


The app does not encrypt data transmitted.


Graphene film makes dirty water drinkable in a single step



Amazon’s Alexa Skills Developer Console gets its biggest redesign since launch



Who should buy a Ryzen APU, and who shouldn't

The Ryzen APU is the best game in town, and possibly the only game, but not for everyone.



AMD Accelerated Processing Unit [APU]



Google removes ‘View Image’ button from image search

It’s part of its settlement with Getty Images.


Well, this is going to cause problems for some of us.


Re. FYI#1177 (Sun 2/18/2017):

A machine literally shocks you into taking 'good' photos

An artist tells Engadget how his device, like Instagram, can turn us into Pavlov's dog.

And this is good ... How??


Win Update Stop: Disable Windows Updates on Windows 10/8/7 with a click of button

I would like to know exactly how this utility is doing its magic before downloading and using it. Some methods of disabling Windows Updates prevent Windows Defender from being updated, and other methods mess up Windows Updates something fierce, often showing the damages only after several months of blocking automatic updates. Repairs short of completely reinstalling Windows are difficult to impossible in some cases.


Be completely anonymous online

There are numerous problems with TAILS or any Live Linux. One is how to store data you want to keep, and how to keep your settings up to date. Others include how to make sure you have an up to date Linux installation. Whenever Live Linux uses Persistence to store data and settings, any changes involving Linux system files require rewriting the entire Linux file system. This fills up the Flash Drive very fast, and there is no remedy. (And the drive will no longer boot.) You'd have to recreate the whole live installation each time you need to update it, losing all saved data and settings and having to reinstall all programs each time. This just isn't practical. Most public computers block all software from running off a USB device, so this will not work on most public computers. USB Boot will not work on most public computers.


How to Mount an SD Card on Your Android Device

I use an SD card in my Android phone for extra storage. But it isn't getting filled. I offload photos to my Google Drive and then delete them from the phone. My offline archives are run from Google Drive through my NUC into external hard drives. Those fill up. 


What Is a Phone “Port-Out” Scam, and How Can I Protect Myself?

This is something to really think about. Making this change seems simple enough and would be a good idea.


How to make a bootable USB Drive using CMD or free software

Those are all good ways. Linux has other ways, and with Linux, you can make and use several partitions on a USB drive. But only one partition can be used to boot.


How to install LibreOffice 6 on Linux

It took a little effort, but I manage to get this onto my Ubuntu Linux. The main issue was it took a while for LO 6 to show up in the software repository.

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Ontario’s Provincial Police reveal a Tesla Model X pursuit vehicle prototype



Windows Defender ATP Comes To Windows 7 And 8.1



10 incredibly useful low-tech hacks for high-tech gadgets you didn’t know existed



LG gram 15Z980 review: Living up to the name

LG's new gram brings improved battery life and a smaller chassis.



How to Stop Facebook from Uploading Low-Quality Photos and Videos from Your Phone



If you receive this message on your iPhone or Apple device do not open it



Windows 10 Is Adding an ‘Ultimate Performance’ Mode



Determine and Troubleshoot the Cause for a High CPU Temperature






Polk Audio Signa S1 soundbar review: This budget speaker is a big improvement over the built-in audio in most TVs

This soundbar and wireless subwoofer comes in super-slim package at a budget price for those wanting to hear what they've been missing from their TV’s built-in audio.



The 12 Most Anticipated Laptops of 2018



Basic Servo Use With the Raspberry Pi and GpioZero



A machine literally shocks you into taking 'good' photos

An artist tells Engadget how his device, like Instagram, can turn us into Pavlov's dog.



20 Rocking Apple Music Streaming Tips

Apple's streaming music service is growing by leaps and bounds—here are a few tips to get the most out of it.



Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV vs. Sling vs. Vue vs. DirecTV Now: Face-Off!



Win Update Stop: Disable Windows Updates on Windows 10/8/7 with a click of button



Be completely anonymous online



Amazon Music shows up in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Amazon Music is now showing up in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.



Hey Microsoft, Stop Installing Apps On My PC Without Asking



Learn to use your tablet like an ace with these eight iPad Pro tips and tricks



Some Ryzen Motherboards With Older Firmware Won’t Boot With Ryzen APUs



How to Mount an SD Card on Your Android Device




The Microsoft Store gains another good app. This time, it's the Amazon Music streaming app.



Best soundbars to improve your TV's audio

TV speakers suck, but not everyone has the room—or the budget—for an A/V receiver and six or more loudspeakers. A soundbar can fit under or in front of your TV, and a good one will knock your socks off.



How To Disable Taskbar on a Second Monitor in Windows 10






Google app beta adds built-in screenshot-editing tools

You'll be able to edit and share screenshots straight from the app.



The Best Home Security Cameras of 2018

If you want to keep an eye on what's happening at home when you're not there, but you don't want to invest in a full-fledged home security system, a Wi-Fi-connected camera is worth a look. These are the top performers in our testing.



Best Indoor HDTV Antennas of 2018



Acronis Ransomware Protection for Windows PC



Living alone doesn't mean living in fear



ASUS ROG GL503 review: Absurdly good value for top dollar performance

This gaming laptop offers high-performance at a really attractive price.



What Is a Phone “Port-Out” Scam, and How Can I Protect Myself?



Apple Watches May Accidentally Dial 911, Causing Problems for Dispatchers



MIT Neural Network Processor Cuts Power Consumption by 95 Percent



Facebook didn’t mean to send spam texts to two-factor authentication users



Windows 10 update KB4074588 (build 16299.248) releases

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update gets a new update KB4074588 that bumps version number to build 16299.248 and fixes a number of problems — Here are the changelogs.



AMD sending out free processors to solve firmware flashing Catch-22

AMD helps out if your new motherboard needs a new firmware to work with your new CPU



Chrome Now Lets You Mute Noisy Sites Forever: Here's How



How to roll your own VPN on Windows

For maximum privacy, only running a VPN on a server you control will do.



Intel currently facing 32 class-action lawsuits for Spectre and Meltdown

They allege Intel's prior security promises are void given the chip vulnerabilities.



The Best Android Antivirus Apps of 2018

More phones and tablets run Android than any other mobile OS, and there's a correspondingly huge variety of malware. These 10 apps are the top performers in testing and our picks for keeping your Android device safe.



How to Get Old Snapchat Back (There’s a Catch)



How to make a bootable USB Drive using CMD or free software



5 stupid mistakes to avoid when buying new tech



Microsoft readies Progressive Web Apps for Windows 10 and the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has today announced that it will be automatically bringing PWAs to the Microsoft Store, and has detailed its plans for PWA support in Windows 10 Redstone 4.



Why Ad Companies Love Google’s Ad Blocker, But Hate Apple’s Privacy Features



How to install LibreOffice 6 on Linux

The latest iteration of LibreOffice has been released, with new features that make it a must-have for business users. Here's how to install it on both Ubuntu and Red Hat derivations.



Exclusive: New Windows 10 Consumer SKU Roadmap Revealed



How ad-free subscriptions could solve Facebook



Intel just put a quantum computer on a silicon chip



Raw sockets backdoor gives attackers complete control of some Linux servers

"Chaos" gives attackers, and follow-on attackers, full control over infected boxes.



How to Select, Copy, and Paste Text on the iPad



5 common MacBook problems and how to fix them

Here are five fixes for what might be ailing your MacBook.



Power Outage Monitor



The Best NAS (Network Attached Storage) Devices of 2018

A network-attached storage (NAS) device is ideal for giving multiple users remote access to large amounts of data. We've tested the top products to tell you which one will work best for your home or small business.



Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2018



How to move files between Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive



3 ways to find the real deals on Amazon



Asus Puts Discrete Graphics In ZenBook 13 Ultrabook


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