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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Sat 3/24/2018 1211
Fri 3/23/2018 1210
Thur 3/22/2018 1209
Wed 3/21/2018 1208
Tue 3/20/2018 1207
Mon 3/19/2018 1206
Sun 3/18/2018 1205

Sat 1211  3/24/2018

Face ID will only come to Android phones next year, but it won’t be the same as the iPhone X



7 Reasons Cord Cutting Might Not Work For You



Get your old PC running like new



Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+: An insider’s guide (free PDF)



The Best Google Search Cheat Sheet: Tips, Operators, and Commands to Know



New web security standard promises safer, faster browsing

A lot has changed in the four years it was in development.



Cambridge Analytica Isn’t Facebook’s Fault



Cambridge Analytica controversy: Was there a Facebook data breach?




The 8 Most Important Changes in the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update



Why you might (and might not) want a PC with LTE

Definitely not for everyone...yet.



List of Apps that work with Cortana Voice Commands



How to Find the Best Alternative DNS Server



Secunia retires Personal Software Inspector (PSI)



Looking for a New Gig? How About Cyber Crime Spy School?

Facebook is hiring a digital forensic team to audit Cambridge Analytica. How does that work? We talked to two USC professors about how to get started in computer and digital forensics.



If You Used Android, Facebook Probably Has Years of Your Phone Call and Text History



How to shoot great videos with your drone



Intel to make all future CPUs Meltdown- and Spectre-proof

While currently deployed products are being updated through a patchwork of software and microcode updates, the company outlined designed safeguards for future CPUs.



The 5 Best Microsoft Office Password Recovery Tools That Actually Work



Apple's Tim Cook calls for tougher regulation of personal data

He doesn't think Facebook's violations should have been possible.



HP Envy x2 (Qualcomm) Review Check-In: Performance



MSI Is Saying Some Crazy Things About AMD Graphics Cards



Alphabet Company Launches Free VPN Software for Windows and Android



The difference between SIM and eSIM (and what the future holds)

eSIM is becoming more common, and you should know how it differs from traditional SIM.



Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word Online: Which one is better?



8 Ways to Maintain a Clean, Lean Ubuntu Machine



Things you’ll need when seeking GNU/Linux support online



How to Set Up Your Speakers

Whether it's a single wireless speaker or a multi-channel home theater setup, the way you position your speakers can have a big impact on how they sound. Follow these tips for the best audio quality possible.



Ever Wonder How Much Facebook Knows About You? Here’s How to See



Recover deleted photos, videos and documents



How to set up two-factor authentication in Linux

Two-factor authentication should be considered a must-use. Jack Wallen walks you through the new method of adding this security layer to your Linux desktops and servers.



How to Fix a Slow External Hard Drive in Windows 10



Sony's 2018 OLED TV starts at $2,800

They're decidedly more affordable than last year.



Opera VPN Review: Free, But Constrained



Why Nothing Is Going To Happen To Facebook Or Mark Zuckerberg

You got mad, but Facebook chugs on.



Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal: How We Got Here



Why it's time for PC makers to embrace 3:2 displays

If PC companies don't start adopting Surface-like display ratios, consumers might start passing on their products.



Check if your Intel or AMD processor supports Hyper-V using these tools



How to Read macOS Crash Reports to Troubleshoot Your Mac



A look at KDE Neon – a minimal mini-distribution



MIT's Robot Fish Swims Alongside, Studies Real Fish

Dubbed SoFi, the robot can operate at multiple depths, swim in a straight line, turn, dive, and even maneuver its way underneath corals.



What to Do if Your Facebook Account Gets “Hacked”



Quick ways to stop phone snoops in their tracks



Apple fixes Safari exploit that let attackers create tracking supercookies

Apple has eliminated a flaw in WebKit's implementation of HSTS that left the door open for cross-site tracking abuse in Safari.



How to Fix Issues in Chrome and Firefox With a Browser Reset



Apple Has Big Plans for Its March 27 Event



How to Protect Your Identity, Personal Data and Property



Apple Tries to Win Back Students and Teachers With Low-Cost iPad

  - Company holding rare education-focused event next week

  - Lower-cost and Pro models have recently reignited iPad sales



DeepMind’s Psychlab Heralds Dawn of Artificial General Intelligence



Linux Mint announces Mintbox Mini 2 tiny desktop PC with Intel inside

Due in June, the new Mintbox moves from an AMD CPU to a rival Celeron processor, which should provide a performance boost while maintaining a similar price point.



Windows 10 suddenly deactivated itself after Update



A Smartphone Battery Lasting a Month? 5G Could Make It So



Ghostery: open source and new business model



How to Link Your Calendar to Amazon's Alexa

Alexa can tap into an existing calendar to add events and list upcoming appointments.



How to Turn Off Annoying Mac Notifications


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Fri 1210  3/23/2018

Tiniest Raspberry Pi Gaming System Possible?



7 clever ways to use that USB drive again



Big Tech-Supported 'CLOUD Act' Is Yet Another Warrantless Surveillance Bill



Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller review: New tricks from the market leader

With onboard controls and cleaner connectors, this sprinkler system is better than ever.



How to Quickly Delete Lots of Old Facebook Posts



How to import Sticky Notes from Windows 7 to Windows 10



Mozilla wants to do something about annoying in-page popups



Facebook can still track your deleted account



The Quick and Dirty Facts About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica



How to Fix: OpenVPN SMB Not Working; Can't Resolve Names



Facebook and Cambridge Analytica hit with first state lawsuit

An Illinois county is accusing the two of fraud for misusing private data.



In Case of Emergency: How to Set Up Medical ID on Your iPhone Now



What Is First-Party Isolation and How to Enable It in Firefox



Report: VPN Slip Reveals 'Guccifer 2.0' Is Russian Officer

The hacker, who breached the DNC and masqueraded as a 'lone' Romanian hacktivist, made a key mistake: forgetting to activate his VPN client before logging on.



Corsair H60 Gets New Look, Better Fan



Airthings Wave review: Real-time radon detection



Windows on ARM Doesn’t Make Any Sense (Yet)



Make tab switch faster in Firefox browser with Tab Warming feature



Configure Telemetry settings on Windows 10 devices



9 handy things you probably don’t know Netflix can do






Report: Russian Data Miner Worked Closely With Facebook



LG Releases webOS Open Source Edition Optimized for Raspberry Pi 3



Samsung is 'looking into' Galaxy S9 touchscreen issues

S9 and S9+ owners have reported "dead spots" in varying areas of the display.



15 Power User Tips for Tabs in Firefox 57 Quantum



How to Switch to Xorg from Wayland in Ubuntu 17.10 [Quick Tip]



Ransomware Attack Strikes Atlanta City Government

Reportedly, the hacker is demanding the city pay $51,000 to unlock all the infected systems.



Is Nvidia Not Being Forthcoming About Lower-Speed MX150 GPUs?



Best smart speakers: Which delivers the best combination of digital assistant and audio performance?

With models based on Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and others to come, we’ll help you find just the right model for you.



How to Stop Facebook Giving Your Data to Third Parties



How to use Voice Dictation Tool in Windows 10



Firefox 59: Firefox Screenshots gets image editing functionality






Facebook’s Zuckerberg: 'We're Sorry This Happened,' Here's What We're Doing



Apple could be announcing a new cheap iPad



Don't expect many AMD chips in our products, says Dell

Dell EMC CTO says an Intel-AMD duopoly is a long way off



The Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know



How to Upgrade the Storage of your PS4



Create Your Own VPN Server With Outline

The open-source software from the Alphabet-owned company Jigsaw can run over a Windows or Linux server, or over a cloud platform.



Geil Super Luce RGB Memory Allows Aura Sync Installation With Non-Asus Motherboards



Maximus Camera Floodlight review: Brand X is trying harder

It’s been around for years, but now it's doing more to earn your attention.



How to Open HEIC Files on Windows (or Convert Them to JPEG)



How to use Choose a Star feature with Photos app on Windows 10



Save and restore Firefox tabs with Session Boss






Apple Pushing Two-Factor Authentication: What to Do




Microsoft releases a new update for Windows 10 version 1709 to address a number of issues with the Fall Creators Update. Here are the changes and download links.



Reduce your Windows footprint with Auslogics Windows Slimmer

Win the battle for storage space



How to Clear the System and Internet Caches on a Mac



Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token: Putting You in Charge of the Attention Economy



YouTube to 'Frustrate and Seduce' You Into Paying for Music

A YouTube-branded music subscription service is about to be launched, and ads will be used to frustrate you into subscribing.



Crucial MX500 SSD Review: Challenging Samsung on SATA



Bitdefender Box (2018) Review: Flexible Protection



Craigslist pulls personal ads after passage of sex-trafficking bill



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #1209  (Thurs 3/22/2018):


(Note: That ASUS Transformer Book tablet of mine barely made the Windows 10 Pro 1709 upgrade, and it took nearly 12 hours, start to finish, until I had a usable desktop in there. Not counting reinstalling the OEM SoC driver for most of its features, including sound and the touchscreen. All the other Microsoft updating has been done, but a few details, like detaching the digital entitlement -- license -- from my Microsoft Account, remain to be done before I hand the tablet over to someone else. If you ask me, this is not worth the effort for such an old and slow tablet.

My Intel NUC was updated to version 1709 and ready to go, except for a few third-party software updates, in less than one evening. It really is the hardware which makes the difference.)


[Nightly Update] Firefox 61.0 Comes with New “Home” Section in Options Page

What if I want a browser which by default has NOTHING selected? Just a blank page, and I can choose to ADD features like Search.


BleachBit 2.0 adds drag-and-drop file shredding to open-source disk cleaning tool

The first update in over two years

I like Bleachbit as it is. But only in Linux. I use CCleaner and Glary Utilities in Windows.


Iris software will help protect your Eyes and maintain Eye Health when using the computer

I've heard of special glasses for this purpose, and they probably offer better protection. And there are blue-light filters (gamma shifters) like Red Shift and Night light for evening and early morning use. But this is unusual software in that it works all the time and filters colors for user preferences. Just don't try to edit any photos or videos with these filters on!


Inside Target's Trippy 'Open House' Smart Home Demo

Target's Open House in San Francisco is a transparent showroom for smart home devices.

So, IoT Things have finally hit commodity status! I guess this means IoT is here to stay. Get your security appliance now -- seriously, these Things need protections. BitDefender is out with Gen 2 of their appliances.


You won’t believe this tech gadget is still in use

Floppy disks!! Man, if I had known about this guy when my Dad passed, I could have had him set for life. Dad had hordes of these things, many in good, seldom-used or never-used condition. Opportunity lost.


Ask Graeme: 802.11ax explained

This is one of the advanced technologies proposed for deployment with 5G wireless communications. Another technology is 802.11mc Wi-Fi for pinpoint tracking of people and other stuff indoors:


How 802.11mc Wi-Fi Will Be Used to Track Your Location Indoors


The idea is to have mesh networks of femtocells outdoors and indoors, and then use the "mc" standard to enable tracking using frequency bands within the same range or outside the current WiFi bands.


How to disable Auto Arrange in folders in Windows 10

Follow the link to the batch file's author's post, then read carefully to see what this change will do. Then decide if you really want to do this.


Lumen Privacy Monitor monitors Android apps tracking

And who's watching the watcher? What does this app do with the data it collects from other apps? Are we sure this is all the app is doing?


Google Chrome’s next update will finally block autoplay videos that have sound

No more unexpected sound blasting out of your speakers

This feature has not worked very well so far.


How to Cleanly Extract Text From Images on Your Computer Screen

OCR is another feature which has not worked very well in Windows so far. You really have to have a clear image and a suitable font. Maybe this software offers an improvement, but I'd have to see it to believe it.


How to remove drive letters in Windows

I keep wanting to add drive letters to drives which are mounted but don't show letters.


Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Deleting multiple Facebook Posts

Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:01 pm (PDT)

With all the press about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, you may have decided to remove some of your FB posts. The problem is how to delete multiple posts from the past as a group instead of one at a time.


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Thur 1209  3/22/2018

US Blamed for Sophisticated Router Malware



Chrome can finally block those annoying autoplay videos

I feel like we've done this before



Facebook’s Zuckerberg: 'We're Sorry This Happened,' Here's What We're Doing



Gigabyte X299 Designare EX ATX Motherboard Review: Solid OC, Plus Thunderbolt 3



YouTube on Apple TV Sucks Now Because Google Is Pushing One Interface on Every Platform



Recover lost or forgotten Outlook PST Password with free password recovery tools



Alphabet’s Outline lets you build your own VPN

The easiest way to control your own VPN server



Intel To Release Most Powerful Mainstream Processor Ever To Beat AMD



The Best Headphones of 2018

Fan of sweet-sounding tunes, but not of sticking things in your ears? We test scores of on- and over-ear headphones each year, and these 10 are our current favorites.



[Nightly Update] Firefox 61.0 Comes with New “Home” Section in Options Page



What Android data is automatically backed up



BleachBit 2.0 adds drag-and-drop file shredding to open-source disk cleaning tool

The first update in over two years



How to Force Restart an iPhone and Enter Recovery Mode



Use DISM to fix issues SFC can't



Report: Russian Data Miner Worked Closely With Facebook



Seagate Demos World's Fastest Hard Drive, Doubled Performance, HAMR Progress



How to Stop Facebook Giving Your Data to Third Parties



Iris software will help protect your Eyes and maintain Eye Health when using the computer



Internet Association wants in on the lawsuit challenging net neutrality repeal



Select AMD And Nvidia Graphics Cards Hit 60-Day Low Prices



Inside Target's Trippy 'Open House' Smart Home Demo

Target's Open House in San Francisco is a transparent showroom for smart home devices.



[Software Update] Opera 52 Now Available for Download



You won’t believe this tech gadget is still in use



Ask Graeme: 802.11ax explained

Graeme looks at the new Wi-Fi standard, just announced, what it will bring for you, and when you need it



The New AMD Ryzen Vulnerabilities Are Real: What You Need to Know



Save In: use multiple download folders in Firefox or Chrome



The Quick and Dirty Facts About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica



Nvidia's GeForce Partner Program: What Is It?



How Bad Are the AMD Ryzen and Epyc CPU Flaws?



How to disable Auto Arrange in folders in Windows 10



First impressions of the $199 Oculus Go VR headset



The Samsung Galaxy X Might Not Arrive In 2018



Car Enthusiasts Tackle the 'War on Driving'

Alex Roy's Human Driving Association wants to give people the choice to drive or not—and keep steering wheels in cars.



[Fix] Mozilla Firefox Crashing Problem on Windows



What is SATA? Here’s everything you need to know about it

Here's everything about SATA, the connection that helped rid the world of ribbon



Samsung's new Exynos chip boosts photo-taking in mid-tier phones

It supports deep learning image processing and 480 fps slow motion recording.



How to Download, Install, and Update DirectX on Your PC



Lumen Privacy Monitor monitors Android apps tracking



Apple Pushing Two-Factor Authentication: What to Do



A Budget VR Option? Testing AMD's Ryzen 5 2400G With Windows Mixed Reality



How to Clone Your Raspberry Pi SD Card for Foolproof Backup



Best Windows File Explorer Tips and Tricks for Windows 10



Google Is Making It Easier For Apps to Tell When You’re Driving



Google Chrome’s next update will finally block autoplay videos that have sound

No more unexpected sound blasting out of your speakers



To Save Some Cash, Netflix...Developed Its Own Font?

Dubbed Netflix Sans, the font will reportedly replace the similar Gotham font the streaming giant currently uses, and possibly save it a few million per year.



‘Exotic’ Batteries, Data Analysis Led Police to Austin Bomber



Lithium metal batteries could triple EV ranges, and they’re getting closer



Facebook gave researcher anonymized data on 57 billion friendships

The dataset included every friendship made on Facebook in 2011.



How to Cleanly Extract Text From Images on Your Computer Screen



How to remove drive letters in Windows



Facebook's Security Chief May Be Out, and That's Bad for All of Us



Vivaldi browser taps privacy-first DuckDuckGo search

As your personal information leaks out through Facebook, one web browser offers a new option to keep a lid on it -- for private browsing tabs, at least.



Amazon Echo vs Google Home vs Apple HomePod: Which is right for you?



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #1208 (Wed 3/21/2018):     

 (Even as I compose and post -- compost? -- these comments, I am watching the ASUS Transformer Book Tablet I bought three or four years ago as it is slowly transformed, first back into its OEM self with the Windows 10 Pro, 32-bits Version 1703 and no accounts or software, and now into Version 1709, out of the box experience -- except for adding back the necessary Atom SoC Driver Package from the ASUS website. So far, no hiccups or big surprises. I'm doing this because I no longer want to fuss with that tablet -- it cannot be converted to Linux -- and my sister is still on Windows XP on an Acer Netbook from the early 2000's. She's in for a real culture-shock if she decides to keep this tablet!)

(Update mid-afternoon, after about 7 hours of waiting for things to happen at various stages -- the upgrade failed on that tablet through MS Update. Trying again. Probably not worth the effort.)


Google Bids $300M for Paywall Support, Combat Fake News

So, Google is going to start filtering our news, deciding what is "fake" or "real. What could possibly go wrong? And, Google will act as a portal, trying to funnel users into paid sites and thereby tricking users into paying money to see news which can be viewed for free elsewhere. So very helpful, Google is! Google might in this scheme become the next AOL, a web portal which does not let users go out onto the real, scary Internet. And we get charged unlimited numbers of subscriptions, just to see the news.


Microsoft is killing off its Outlook Web App for Android and iOS

This makes sense, as the apps give more of the user experience which Microsoft intends, across all platforms. Actually, this reduces technical issues so there will be fewer glitches. Users will probably like that.


How 802.11mc Wi-Fi Will Be Used to Track Your Location Indoors

Be sure to follow the links, including the one in the Comments (the one about what could possibly go wrong):


(Still not much about privacy safeguards.)


(Among other things which can go wrong...)


Microsoft’s Next Windows Update Will Include a Much Faster Reboot Phase

True, but it's really robbing Peter (slowing system performance while doing background tasks before restarting) to pay Paul (faster black-screen or colored-screen time with the spinning progress wheel).


We need to talk about tablets

‘What’s a computer?’

A computer is any device which takes input, processes it and produces output. A whole lot of things qualify as computers. What the article meant to ask is, What is a Personal Computer, What is a Laptop Computer, and What is a Tablet Device? Those are much more subjective categories, and except for market analysts, no one needs to get too caught up in the semantics.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that's all.”

(– Alice Through the Looking Glass).


Convergence brings us very far down the Rabbit Hole.


The best-selling smartphone accessory we’ve covered so far in 2018 is on sale for 6 hours only

First, this is still showing as available now, more than a day later. Second, this is a chain-discount. You only get that price if you also buy up to three more items from this same vendor, and the other two are about the same price range as this item at its final discount. Only go for this tricky deal if you are prepared to argue endlessly with the vendor and Amazon.


CompactGUI will compress installed Programs and save Disk Space on Windows 10

Where you are most likely to run into low disk space is either in an older, smaller SSD, or in a device with limited onboard storage and a slow processor. If it's just the SSD which is limited, compression will not be a problem for system performance and stability. But where the storage is limited and the processor is weak, compression comes at a heavy performance price. It can even cause instability on some devices not meant to run compressed programs. The issue arises because to run a program or a program segment, it has to be decompressed, run and then recompressed which takes time and processor power. Powerful multithreading processors can get away with these delays. But less multithreaded, slower processors in systems with limited RAM which can't use Paging Files as efficiently, the results of trying to compress programs can be disastrous. So don't say you weren't warned.


Windows 10's S Mode Is Coming: Microsoft Explains Why

That was the most contorted non-explanation I have ever read in my life! The real reason for S-mode is to lock users inside Microsoft's Windows Store walled garden, then make them pay subscription fees to use Windows Store Apps. The OS may be free, but the apps will not be free.

In some contorted sense, this is Microsoft's way of competing with Google over Chromebooks. But the analogy is thin, and quickly breaks down. Windows has nothing like Chrome OS or iOS (Apple) to offer. I'm talking about OSes designed for mobile devices and mobile apps, not to even begin to talk about the vastly superior app store offerings from Apple and Google vs. Microsoft.

The horse manure from Redmond is as always, completely free. Though you can subscribe to it -- or not.


Browser stored personal information there for the taking: Report

I've said this for a long time. Don't store any personal data in your browser. Clean out anything which ends up in there anyway.


Ever Wonder How Much Facebook Knows About You? Here’s How to See

As with Google or Microsoft, now that we know what they remember, how do we make them completely forget? Better yet, stop collecting our data in the first place?


AMD Responds to CTS Labs Security Allegations, Resolutions Incoming

One thing seems clear -- this is not anything on the scale of Meltdown or Spectre over at Intel. What else is going on is anyone's guess at this time.


Windows 10 'Spring Creators Update' Coming Soon

Depending on what happens with my tablet (which is now stalled trying to finish the 1709 download and/or start installing the upgrade -- wait! it just finished and is back to installing the prerequisite 1703 upgrades!) I will download the 1709 install media using Media Creation Tool for my Intel NUC before the end of March, then see if I can get some time to install the upgrade after making sure all the March 2018 MS Updates are working -- or not. In other words, download while 1709 is still available, but set it aside for later installation after doing the recent 1703 updates.


Explainer: What is a default gateway?

Not surprisingly, for my Comcast home network, this turns out to be (maybe another .0 in there).


Yi Discovery: The Best Budget Action Cam for Beginners (& Giveaway)

I don't know much about cameras, but the still shots in the article seemed to suffer badly from lens distortion ("fisheye effect"). Maybe this is correctable, but it looks a lot worse than GoPro stills I've seen.


Always Connected PCs and eSIM are for your kids – not you

I do not belong to the generation who want to use the phone as a computer and the PC as a phone. Many reasons.


Asus ZenBook Flip 14 Review

Overpriced for what it offers. Also, tries to offer too much for a laptop.


Just How Secure Are Blockchain Elections?

This doesn't seem ready for real-world applications yet.


Dear Companies: Stop Putting Voice Control In Everything

I'm not a fan of voice control either. I need the option not to use voice controls, just like I prefer the option not to funnel all my searches through Cortana or any other feature which collects and retains data on what I do.


Protect Your Computer with This One Simple Trick

The security advantages of a limited user account are still significant, but much less than they used to be. Definitely not a good defense all by itself.


How to Multitask in Windows 10 like a Pro

I've never gotten into using multiple workspaces, neither in Windows nor in two distros of Linux. But the other tricks are useful, and I have used most of them at times.


Siri won't be reading hidden notifications out loud for much longer

Do I need to provide further proof that these voice assistants can be more trouble than they're worth? Totally apart from the privacy issues.


Private browsing isn't that private after all, but MIT researchers have an answer


Problems include latency (which is significant, according to the stats in the article); Do we trust the people running the remote Veil server?; can communications between ourselves and this server be trusted not to leak?; too many moving parts -- and the need for website operators and designers to craft special versions of their sites to fit the requirements of Veil; and, who is going to pay for this, and does paying for it give someone control over its trustworthiness?... but wait! There's  (probably) more!


(My tablet's Version 1709 upgrade's second attempt through MS Update is still running. I'll report on this when it finishes or fails, probably tomorrow. Second attempt this way failed. Trying the Update Assistant. Things look ready, so see if this method works. Again, I'll report further later.)

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Wed 1208 3/21/2018

Google Bids $300M for Paywall Support, Combat Fake News



Microsoft is killing off its Outlook Web App for Android and iOS

Users will be encouraged to use the dedicated Outlook app for iOS and Android from April 2018.



5 Easy Tips to Extend the Life of Your Headphones

Keep your headphones working longer and improve the way they sound with these simple tricks.



E-filing taxes? Watch out for fraud



9 Essential Details You Must Know About Your Mac



How 802.11mc Wi-Fi Will Be Used to Track Your Location Indoors



Microsoft’s Next Windows Update Will Include a Much Faster Reboot Phase



We need to talk about tablets

‘What’s a computer?’



The Quick and Dirty Facts About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica



The best-selling smartphone accessory we’ve covered so far in 2018 is on sale for 6 hours only



5 tips to make your iPhone speakers louder



CompactGUI will compress installed Programs and save Disk Space on Windows 10



Google makes Pixel 2's driving awareness available to Android apps

They can understand your context without requiring your help.



Windows 10's S Mode Is Coming: Microsoft Explains Why



Browser stored personal information there for the taking: Report

Researchers have found that browsers like Chrome and Firefox store a great deal of visitor information, much of which can be easily discovered and taken by cyber-criminals.



Neato Botvac D7 Connected



Free tool to edit PDF files



Chromecast Ultra vs. Apple TV 4K vs. Roku Ultra vs. Amazon Fire 4K: Which Is Best?



Ever Wonder How Much Facebook Knows About You? Here’s How to See



AMD Responds to CTS Labs Security Allegations, Resolutions Incoming



iOS 11.3 is coming: Get your iPhone and iPad ready for the upgrade

Here's what you need to do to make sure that your upgrade goes smoothly and you don't lose any data.



How to Stop Facebook From Sharing Your Data



T-Mobile, Verizon, and everyone else lost to Google Fi for the most popular cell network



MicroLED vs. OLED: Two hot TV technologies battle for your dollars



Best speech recognition software for Windows 10/8/7



Mozilla pulled its Facebook ads and others may follow

A major UK trade body has demanded answers from the company.



Windows 10 'Spring Creators Update' Coming Soon



Explainer: What is a default gateway?

We show what a default gateway is and how to find its IP address.



The Best Video Editing Software of 2018

Whether you're a weekend GoPro shooter or a full-time video professional, you need editing software that's powerful but easy to use. Here's how the leading options stack up.



Software Roundup: 6 Cool Apps to Enhance Your Netflix Experience



Yi Discovery: The Best Budget Action Cam for Beginners (& Giveaway)



Consolidate Movie Collections in Kodi with Movie Sets



Always Connected PCs and eSIM are for your kids – not you

Microsoft and Qualcomm are bringing full PC power to the cellular roadmap via Always Connected PCs, ARM-based devices, and potentially Microsoft's rumored Andromeda device. But a lot of people don't see the point.



Facebook Messenger Now Has Admin Tools to Manage Your Unwieldy Group Chats



Essential Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked



Cambridge Analytica's Facebook game in politics was just the beginning, the enterprise was next

The controversial data company's product lead spoke to TechRepublic to clarify the firm's role on the Trump campaign and outline a vision for the future of enterprise analytics.



HP Envy x2 (Qualcomm) First Impressions



How to insert Multiple Blank Rows in Excel at once



China's hospitals turn to AI to make up for doctor shortage

AI could help make doctors' workload more manageable.



Asus ZenBook Flip 14 Review



How to: Master Facebook

If your relationship status with Facebook reads “it’s complicated”, spruce things up with these tips.



Nest Cam IQ Outdoor



Just How Secure Are Blockchain Elections?



NOOBS vs. BerryBoot: Which Is Best for Installing a Raspberry Pi OS?



Dear Companies: Stop Putting Voice Control In Everything



Everything you need to know about the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

The next feature update for Windows 10 is coming soon, here's everything you need to know about the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.



A “tamper-proof” currency wallet just got backdoored by a 15-year-old

Backdoor allows attacker to recover private keys stored on Ledger hardware wallets.



Protect Your Computer with This One Simple Trick



Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+: An insider’s guide (free PDF)



HP Envy x2 (Qualcomm) Review Check-In: Battery Life



How to Multitask in Windows 10 like a Pro



Siri won't be reading hidden notifications out loud for much longer

The bug will get fixed in an upcoming update.



MacBook with OLED Keyboard Shown in New Patent



Private browsing isn't that private after all, but MIT researchers have an answer




Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #1206 (Mon 3/19/2017):   

WiFi Routers Riddled With Holes: Report

This report lacks details on which routers from which vendors have which unpatched vulnerabilities. Also note well -- this is not happening because Linux patches have not been distributed. It is happening because router vendors have not updated their closed-source firmware and open source components. There's a world of difference between pointing fingers at "Linux fragmentation" and pointing the fingers at fragmented vendors who generally could not care less about security updates.


List the trackers that apps use on Google Play

The problem with apps which look into the behaviors of other apps is that the selling its collected findings to advertisers? Who's watching the watchers?


Fileless Malware: What Is It and How Can You Protect Yourself From It?

The key here is behavioral analysis. Also, real-time AV scanning of RAM and paging files. This could slow performance, but it's worth the hit if done in an intelligent way. Many antivirus active shields have the necessary characteristics where they could be doing this sort of scanning and detection, but few have actually implemented the protections because of the hit on system performance.


In security, free isn't always easy

I haven't had too much difficulty with using free antivirus products, but setup may take a bit of doing, and finding and copying update and scan logs seems to be disappearing from the user interfaces. These same issues are found with the paid antivirus solutions. 


Asus NovaGo (TP370QL)

Significant app incompatibilities were cited here:


For a $600.00 always-connected laptop or 2-in-1, this should not be happening.


Help Me, Laptop: My PC Knows My Credit Card Number!

Not much help in this article, but the browser cache and the websites themselves do account for the majority of saved credit cards. However, Chrome and Firefox both offer by default to save credit card numbers and autofill them by default, and these saves are like saved passwords -- they are not cleared when the browser cache is cleared. I use Click and Clean for Chrome and eCleaner Forget Button for Firefox. And I don't let other extensions save credit card numbers automatically.


How to Stay Safe Online Without the Latest Security Patches

Android is a particular problem in this regard. If we're talking about unsupported versions of Windows or desktop OSes, then nothing will save you, not even staying offline. The advice to avoid free version of paid products is generally not valid, and looks very self-serving.


How to open Windows Store apps on startup in Windows 10

Why would you want to do this? Aren't these store apps annoying enough when they appear without the user even asking for them?


Microsoft Eliminates Windows 10 S Upgrade Fee Ahead of S Mode

Windows S -- another lead duck hits Puget Sound. "S Mode" will soon follow. PC and laptop sales will suffer. Again. Rinse and repeat.


CAM software will monitor your PC and keep it running optimally

It looks like this app is web connected and spies on you.

https://camwebapp.com/ Note the Sign Up button on this page.


Avast: CCleaner hackers planned to infect victims with third-stage Chinese hacking tool

This is old news now that the hack has been patched. Avast offers a competing product.


Windows Spectre Patches Are Here, But You Might Want to Wait

I patched my NUC, and other than improving my InSpectre report, the system notices no other effects.


Dell's Budget Laptop Drops to Just $129

This event has ended before I ever saw this post.


Firefox's Password Manager has a flaw, but it will be fixed

As I keep saying, your web browser and your email client are the two worst places to store passwords.


Re. FYI #1207 (Tues 3/20/2018):

Uber Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian Crossing Street

Check this out:


Video: The driver of the autonomous Uber was distracted before fatal crash


So the human element hasn't been bred out of these "self-driving" cars yet?


Why containers could finally bring Linux apps to Chrome OS

Crouton already allows Linux to run inside of a Container in Chrome OS.


A 15-year-old hacked the secure Ledger crypto wallet

See Also:

Bitcoin Will Become a Powerful World Currency, Says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey



Teenager hacks crypto-currency wallet



Coinbase bug could have let anyone give themselves free ether



From My Own Reading:

Peer-reviewed study shows Cardiogram and Apple Watch can accurately determine atrial fibrillation


This one is peer reviewed, so I have some confidence in these findings.


Best Buy has 'ceased ordering' Huawei smartphones



Mark Zuckerberg is sorry


That's nice. (/sarcasm) Now where do we go to get our democracy back?


Subscription-free DVR: All the best options for cord cutters


(These all have severe limitations, but they are very cheap to reasonable.)



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

What Facebook Knows About You

Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:27 pm (PDT)

Worried about what Facebook knows about you? Here's how to find exactly what that is.


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Tue 1207 3/20/2018

Uber Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian Crossing Street



How to Re-Use Your Old Hardware Like a Pro



AMD vows to fix newly-disclosed processor vulnerabilities

The company was given just 24 hours' notice before the flaws were made public.



Google parent's free DIY VPN: Alphabet's Outline keeps out web snoops

Alphabet's Jigsaw unit has released a new VPN service for news organizations to protect writers from prying eyes.



The Top 5 Laptops with the Best Battery Life



The complete Google Chrome audio muting guide



Groupy update adds saved tab groups, improved Office integration

Groupy's latest update brings the option to save prebuilt groups of tabs and more.




Microsoft reveals the improvements that it has been making to install new features update of Windows 10 a lot faster than before.



10 spring safety tips for your home



Nokia and Windows Phone back from the dead with new models at MWC 2018

HMD announced five new Nokia phones and the Lumia 950 briefly returned to Microsoft's online store during Mobile World Congress.



How to Prevent Facebook From Sharing Your Personal Data

Don't consent to Facebook sharing data about you—or your friends—via websites, games, or apps. Here's how to stop it.



RasPad is a Raspberry Pi tablet for makers that looks like a fat iPad

Who ate all the Pis?



Sketchfab lets you import 3D models into your favorite 3D software



Facebook Is Working Like It's Supposed To (And That's the Real Scandal)



Can iPhones Get Viruses? Here Are the Facts



FordPass dongle adds LTE, WiFi and app control to older cars

Also provides smartphone control, vehicle health, security alerts and vehicle location tracking



Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: Act fast to delay this big upgrade

Each time Microsoft rolls out a major upgrade to Windows 10, you have the option to wait a few months before you install it on PCs running Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise. But you have to act quickly.



Understanding the Difference Between a Disk, Drive, Volume, Partition, and Image



How to update the Microsoft Edge web browser



Best Monitor Calibration Tools

The Spyder5Pro is our favorite monitor calibrator with some excellent features without breaking the hefty price tag.




Microsoft Surface Pro gets UEFI update to mitigate Meltdown and Spectre security bugs.



Cambridge Analytica fiasco - How to check if any sketchy apps have access to your Facebook profile



Why containers could finally bring Linux apps to Chrome OS

The move could make Chrome OS a more powerful tool for developers and enterprises.



I'm Stuck in the Facebook Trap

Facebook is destroying us through a diet of noise and anger. But it doesn't need to be subject to regulation: it needs a conscience.



Is Apple developing its own MicroLED screen technology for a future iPhone?

Apple is working on its own MicroLED technology for upcoming devices.



A 15-year-old hacked the secure Ledger crypto wallet



Facebook's Security Chief May Be Out, and That's Bad for All of Us



Sony May Owe You $65 for Your Old PS3



Google is reportedly acquiring Lytro for around $40 million

The light field camera/VR company had been valued at $360 million.



Raspberry Pi with a side of AI: These powerful new boards come with NPUs

Developer board makers like 96Boards are homing in on CPUs aided by neural processing units.



Camera Not Available or Working on Mac? Here’s How to Fix It



Mozilla Firefox 59.0.1 is a security release



GestureSign makes Windows 10 even more touch-friendly

You can save some precious clicks by using programmable gestures with GestureSign.



How to enable or disable Cortana on Microsoft Launcher

If you're using the Microsoft Launcher on Android you can now customize or disable Cortana completely from the experience, and in this guide you'll learn how to do it.



Find out if programs are recording your every keystroke



Apple Takes Two-Year Lead Over Android Makers With Face ID



What the Russian Power Grid Attack Can Teach Every IT Professional

The wholesale exploitation of company data by nation-states and cybercriminals is opening up a whole new level of risk for your organization. Here's how to keep your data and network safe.



Chinese hackers building a botnet out of five million compromised Android devices

RottenSys malware used to create army of bots.



How to enable Wi-Fi switching in Android



What Is Google Authenticator (and How to Use It)



Google Lens Is Now Available on iOS



Researchers create robotic fish that can swim underwater on its own

The soft robot could be used to observe marine life in its natural habitat.



Securing Facebook: Keep your data safe with these privacy settings

Facebook privacy settings explained: Don't let your personal information get in the wrong hands.



Bitdefender BOX 2: Twice the Power, Speed and Features of its Predecessor



Private Internet Access releases software as open source



How to properly set up a used Windows 10 PC

Did you get a used PC? In this guide, we'll help you to set it up the right way to have a piece of mind and keep your information secure.



First Ryzen 7 2700X And Ryzen 5 2600 Review Hits The Net



7 clever ways to use that USB drive again



HP Envy x2 (Qualcomm) Preview: Here Comes the Future



23 Things You Didn't Know Your Chromecast Could Do

Bring out new and hidden features with these tips for Google's streaming dongle.



Common passwords shared across brands leave smart home tech open to hacking

Israeli security researchers claim it just takes a quick Google search to find login details.



The Asus NovaGo laptop uses the same chip found in the Samsung Galaxy S8



How Netflix Stays Ahead of the Stream



7 Cool Projects You Can Build With a Teensy



Raspberry Pi 3, Model B+



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #1205 (Sun 3/18/2017):   

The Best Ubuntu Linux Alternatives and Why You Should Switch

I did switch on my Chromebook from Gallium OS (a Ubuntu derivative tailored to the hardware of a typical Chromebook) to Fedora (the free version of Red Hat). My main reasons were to keep up with Meltdown and Spectre patches, and to have a more up to date kernel in general. (Gallium OS has not yet gotten up to the version level of Ubuntu 16.04.) I chose the Xfce desktop because it uses fewer resources and less storage space than GNOME.


Changing Your DNS Server: Why You Should and How to Do It

I've been using OpenDNS since I was with AT&T UVerse. Now that I'm with Comcast, the speed of loading web pages is less of an issue. But it is nice not to be stuck using whatever Comcast uses by default. I am not trying to prevent ad serving or tracking of my activities.


APT Hackers Infect Routers to Covertly Implant Slingshot Spying Malware

Why couldn't the author of this article just say that APT refers to State-Sponsored hacking? That would have saved me the two minutes and thirty seconds to scan the article, then Google search for what the heck APT means.


Zenis Ransomware Encrypts Your Data & Deletes Your Backups

Another badly written tech article! How does this malware "delete your backups"? What does the article mean by "your backups"? Oh yeah, this is about Corporate Networks, not home users. My backups are offline and not connected to my PC or my network. And by "backups" I mean both data copies and system archives.


The End of the Attention Economy

Yet another badly written article! I don't use Dollar Shave Club, and I don't know any man who admits to using it. I don't use Uber or taxicabs. This piece of Biz-Speak is totally out of touch with consumers. Maybe that's why the person being interviewed thinks that "digital media" is "dead" -- whatever any of those word-salad terms really mean.


How Should I Back Up My Computer Before an Operating System Upgrade or Reinstall?

According to Microsoft, there are no upgrades anymore. Just Feature Updates. Seriously, this article does offer very good advice on how to handle these Feature Updates. They are in all but name, full version upgrades. And like any upgrade, if one of these fails, you may have to go back and restore from an image backup, reset or reinstall.


What’s the Difference Between Cloud File Syncing and Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup almost always refers to file and folder backups, seldom to full system image backups. The biggest reason -- way too much data must be uploaded over very limited upstream bandwidth (except for Verizon FiOS, but they have strict monthly limits). The process of uploading is extremely slow, and downloading is also not fast. Not to mention busting through monthly data caps. Also, at the moment when a PC or device fails, you probably won't have immediate access to the Internet for that device. So no, Cloud Backup for an entire system is not a real thing. Not for home users, anyway.


21 Ways to Check Gmail You Probably Never Considered

More like five ways to check, and 21 apps scattered over these five categories. I have used Thunderbird and Claws Mail. You don't often see Claws Mail in a tech article aimed primarily at Windows users, but both Thunderbird and Claws Mail are cross-platform. You can take the same UNIX Mailbox formatted exports from either client and use the mailboxes in Windows or Linux, with either client (with some caveats). Themes and Settings are much more difficult to export and import.

Why Is the Mac App Store So Bad?

Why is the Windows App Store so bad? Why is the Android App Store so bad? Your opinions will depend on what you are looking for in an app and whether your preferred apps are in each app store. The only thing most folks agree on is that there are far fewer apps in the Windows App Store than the others, and the Windows apps are less well-constructed.


If you ever took a Facebook quiz you need to read this

Whether or not you spell it out, appending the acronym "AF" anywhere outside of social media posts is very poor writing. Komando should know better. Seriously, this was a very disturbing breach of trust, and the people who did this are entirely unapologetic. I do not hold Facebook blameless in allowing this to happen.


How to Alphabetize Your Documents in Google Docs

One major issue with Google Docs and Sheets add-ons -- they aren't available offline. This is one reason I installed Linux on my Chromebook. I need features I can use when I can't connect to the Internet.


Apple Watch's heart rate sensor can detect diabetes, Cardiogram study finds

85 percent accuracy when you're talking about a life-threatening medical condition is nowhere near ready for mass-marketing. This is not a medical device!


Does Bounced Email Mean All the Recipients Didn’t Get My Message?

This is an issue with sending emails to multiple recipients -- how do you know for sure who did get the message and who didn't? I've seen this issue in meeting notices emailed to members of user groups. And I haven't seen any really great ways to verify.


Alert! 260,000 portable power chargers recalled for fire hazard

Wow! I hadn't realized just how many of those Amazon Basics power banks were out there. I did consider getting one of those at one time. I'm glad I resisted the temptation.


What Is Fuchsia, Google’s New Operating System?

Convergence is the Holy Grail of operating systems. But to date, no one has succeeded in this endeavor. It is not ironic that Linux is the closest to a universal OS to date. Being derived from UNIX, Linux has been around for a very long time. And being open-source, it is designed to have the fewest barriers to adoption on hardware from any different vendors.


Mozilla Working on Getting Rid of In-Page Popups

If they succeed, this would be a major improvement! Chrome has some pretty effective extensions for this purpose. But I am not surprised the browser itself is not doing this -- Google would be cutting off some of their own ad revenues.


IBM working on ‘world’s smallest computer’ to attach to just about everything

I suppose this could be called a computer, though it is mostly aimed at a very narrow range of applications and has very limited capabilities.


Firefox Master Password System Has Been Poorly Secured for the Past 9 Years

If I were looking for a secure way to manage passwords and a secure place to store them, the web browser and the email client would be near the bottom of my list. There is no way that any continuously web-exposed program is going to safely store passwords for very long.


If you ate here recently, hackers have your credit card number

Unless there's been a further breach at Applebees, this is old news.


How to Download Your Photos from Facebook

Google (Drive or Photos) sure makes this type of process easier! But if you've been posting to Facebook a lot, this is a good one-stop way to get everything downloaded and available offline. I do download my photos from Google Drive and keep local backup copies. (Which reminds me, I am a bit behind on doing that -- something to do this weekend or if tonight's expected Nor'easter snowstorm materializes.)

 From My Own Reading:

Microsoft shrinks Windows 10's upgrade downtime


So now we get the whole story of just what the changes are in the upgrading process. Microsoft is robbing Peter (by running upgrade processes in "online mode" as background processes while the device remains "usable") to pay Paul (shorter time from restart to a once again usable desktop). Ever watch really closely as someone plays you in a game of Three Card Monty? I'm just saying...

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Mon 1206 3/19/2018

How to delete your private Facebook data without deleting your account



WiFi Routers Riddled With Holes: Report



The Quick and Dirty Facts About Facebook and Cambridge Analytica



Cortana gets new Outlook email integration on Windows 10 and Invoke

Cortana can now check your email for you on Windows 10.



How to Set Up and Use a VPN

There's more to setting up a virtual private network than just signing up and activating the service. Our guide can help you get the most from this critical privacy and security tool.



Russian hackers are after your tax return, how not to get hacked



How To Upgrade and Install a New Hard Drive or SSD in Your PC



Here is how to delete Facebook



5 things you can do in Apple Maps that you can't in Google Maps

Flyover and more.



How to Search a Second Hard Drive in Windows 10



Fileless Malware: What Is It and How Can You Protect Yourself From It?



7 of the Most Useful iPhone Settings You Aren’t Using



How to calculate Sporadic Totals in Microsoft Excel



List the trackers that apps use on Google Play



In security, free isn't always easy

If you can't dedicate the time to meet your free tool halfway, then it may be best to look to an alternative solution.



Best Password Managers 2018 (there are free versions of these, one of which I have used for years)



How to disable adaptive contrast on the Surface Pro and Surface Book

If your Surface Pro or Book display suddenly shifts brightness at night time this simple registry trick will solve it.



Asus NovaGo (TP370QL)



How you are being tracked on your laptop, phone and fitness tracker



How to Transfer Photos from Android to Your Windows PC



Google Play Instant lets you try games without having to install them



RISC reward: Turing Award goes to computer chip inventors

Stanford's John Hennessy and Berkeley's David Patterson win the $1 million prize for unlocking processor power that's key to today's computers and phones.



Help Me, Laptop: My PC Knows My Credit Card Number!



Settings App Not Working in Windows 10? Here’s How to Fix It



How to Stay Safe Online Without the Latest Security Patches



How to open Windows Store apps on startup in Windows 10



Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon will open apps a lot faster



Firefox Quantum 59 boosts page loading times, adds options for blocking intrusive website requests

Mozilla has released Firefox Quantum 59.0 for desktop, along with Firefox for Android 59.0 rolling out imminently.



When Can I Stream It? Movie Download, Rental Dates



Windows sees U.S. education market growth among low-end devices

According to FutureSource's latest quarterly report, Windows saw its highest share in four years among devices under $300 in the U.S. education market.



Two-Factor Authentication: Who Has It and How to Set It Up

Everyone is concerned about online safety. Whatever you use, keep it secure with two-factor authentication (2FA).



Get the best phone battery life with some quick adjustments



How Is The HTC Vive Pro Better Than The Original Vive?



The Internet Archive Just Uploaded a Bunch of Playable, Classic Handheld Games



How to make sure your Android device is using the strongest network signal

If your Android device suffers from network signal strength dips, you can boost that with a WiFi switcher. Jack Wallen shows you how on both a OnePlus and non-OnePlus device.



Microsoft Eliminates Windows 10 S Upgrade Fee Ahead of S Mode



7 of the Best DLNA Streaming Apps for Android



Why Your Kids Must Learn How to Code



CAM software will monitor your PC and keep it running optimally



Washed out colors in VLC Media Player? Try this fix



Avast: CCleaner hackers planned to infect victims with third-stage Chinese hacking tool

The hackers who injected malicious code into a version of computer maintenance app CCleaner last year may have been preparing to deliver third-stage malware to some of the 2.27 million computers that had downloaded it.



What to Do If Your Social Security Number Is Stolen



Best Business Laptop in 2018



How to Wirelessly Transfer Photos From Your Phone to a PC

Microsoft's Photos Companion app transfers photos from a mobile device to Windows 10 PCs over Wi-Fi.



Create fun and surprising videos to share with family and friends



Windows Spectre Patches Are Here, But You Might Want to Wait



Google Maps Is Tentatively Rolling Out the Most Useful Shortcuts Yet



How Honeywell hopes to train tomorrow's factory workers with an AR/VR simulator based on Microsoft HoloLens

A new AR/VR simulator from Honeywell uses Microsoft HoloLens to help train industrial employees and could even aid companies in closing the skills gap.



Dell's Budget Laptop Drops to Just $129



How to Stream Video or Audio From VLC to Chromecast



NASA Needs You… to Take Photos of Clouds



How to Annotate Webpages and eBooks in Microsoft Edge



Firefox's Password Manager has a flaw, but it will be fixed



500 new cyber threats emerge every minute

McAfee: Mac malware and healthcare attacks are also on the rise.



Essential Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked



The OnePlus 6 may cost $749 for the 256 GB option



Here's what I'll miss most about my iPhone as I transition away from Apple


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Sun 1205 3/18/2018

The Best Ubuntu Linux Alternatives and Why You Should Switch



Changing Your DNS Server: Why You Should and How to Do It



How to use Xbox One copilot to link two controllers

Here's how to use two Xbox One controllers as one, using the console's "copilot" feature.



How to create a cron job with Kubernetes on a Raspberry Pi

Find a better way to run your scheduled tasks efficiently and reliably.



APT Hackers Infect Routers to Covertly Implant Slingshot Spying Malware



Facebook plans all-staff meeting on Cambridge Analytica scandal

But it's only going to last 30 minutes.



Zenis Ransomware Encrypts Your Data & Deletes Your Backups



The End of the Attention Economy

Machine learning, big data, and consumer exhaustion with traditional ad formats are re-writing the rules of digital media—and there will be casualties, says Huge CEO Aaron Shapiro.



Microsoft: "Phishing still number one method for cyber-attacks"



Watch your home for cheap with this deal on a simple, affordable security camera

The Blink XT camera and sync module are available for $100 on Amazon right now.



How Should I Back Up My Computer Before an Operating System Upgrade or Reinstall?

Step one to an operating system upgrade? Create a full system image backup of up your entire machine! Step one to a reinstall? The same.



Breach! Walmart exposed personal data of 1.3 million U.S. shoppers



What’s the Difference Between Cloud File Syncing and Cloud Backup?



21 Ways to Check Gmail You Probably Never Considered



Why Is the Mac App Store So Bad?



Chime in: Is Microsoft Edge reliable enough to be your go-to browser?

Is Microsoft Edge reliable enough to be your main internet browser? That's a question causing some debate in our forums right now.



5 open source card and board games for Linux

These popular games offer a rich, satisfying gaming experience for open source enthusiasts.



ISPs Caught Injecting Cryptocurrency Miners and Spyware In Some Countries



World's largest SSD capacity now stands at 100TB

You won't be stuffing one into your home PC any time soon.



DHS warns of new Russia hacks as US sanctions Russia over election interference

DHS alert warns of Russian government malware targeting critical infrastructure.



FTC Shuts Down Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scammers

The defendants allegedly claimed they could turn the equivalent of around $100 into $80,000 in a month. In reality, most victims weren't even able to recoup their initial investment.



Scam Of The Week: Phishing Madness!



Get a 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for $700 off

Pick up this powerhouse MacBook Pro with 512GB of storage and an i7 chip from B&H at a massive discount.



If you ever took a Facebook quiz you need to read this



How to View (and Monitor) Your Credit Report For Free



How to Choose the Best Version of Kodi for Raspberry Pi



How to Alphabetize Your Documents in Google Docs



AskDan video series aims to answer all your Microsoft and Windows questions

Our #AskDanWindows video series on YouTube is going steady with weekly releases. The video shorts are designed to let Windows Central Executive Editor Daniel Rubino answer readers' questions in video format.



How to manage your passwords with Bitwarden, a LastPass alternative

Learn how to set up and use open source password manager Bitwarden.



Cybercriminals launder money through mansions, private islands and crypto currency



Culture issues creating open season for phishing

Customer gaps in instilling security in daily culture is leaving the channel continuously tangled in phishing lines



The GandCrab Ransomware Mindset



Report: Apple Is Trying to Make its Own Displays

If successful, Apple will no longer have to rely on another company for its screens.



Phishing scam targets Orange County mayor, residents



Apple Watch's heart rate sensor can detect diabetes, Cardiogram study finds

Another way Apple Watch can save your life.



Does Bounced Email Mean All the Recipients Didn’t Get My Message?

When an email message comes back to you because of a problem, exactly who did or did not get the message depends on the error and where it happened.



Alert! 260,000 portable power chargers recalled for fire hazard



What Is Fuchsia, Google’s New Operating System?



Continuity Alternative: 5 Best Windows Programs for Android



Mozilla Working on Getting Rid of In-Page Popups



Microsoft said to be working on timeline feature for Windows 10 Photos app

Microsoft appears to be working on a timeline feature that will let users quickly zip through images in the Windows 10 Photos app.



IBM working on ‘world’s smallest computer’ to attach to just about everything



Healthcare industry: Attacks outpacing investments in personnel, education and resources



A Cyberattack in Saudi Arabia Had a Deadly Goal. Experts Fear Another Try.



KnowBe4 on Youtube



11 Female Sci-Fi Authors You Need To Read



Comodo Global Malware Report 2017: Malicious Cyber Activity Surges Coincide with Geopolitical Events



Firefox Master Password System Has Been Poorly Secured for the Past 9 Years



4 Ways to Look Better On Conference Calls and Streaming Video



If you ate here recently, hackers have your credit card number



How to Download Your Photos from Facebook



The Best Free Solitaire Games to Play on Your Smartphone



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI #1204  (Sat 3/17/2018):

Get a $250 9.7-inch iPad with Best Buy's Tax Time Tech Sale, along with other Apple goodies

iPads, MacBook Airs, Apple TVs, and Beats headphones are all on sale at Best Buy for the next three days.

Expired before I saw this post.


Get a 2016 128GB iPad Pro with Wi-Fi and cellular at Costco for just $400

It's only available in gold or rose gold, but the previous-generation 9.7-inch iPad Pro remains an impressive device for work and play.

Sold out by the time I saw this post.


5 Search Features Google Removed (And How to Bring Them Back)

I used a Chrome extension to restore View Image.


Browser stored personal information there for the taking: Report

This article only told half the story. They do not report how much of this information is still available when the cache is cleared. Extensions like Click and Clean and apps like CCleaner may clear out even more retained data. From the article, we have no idea how effective these methods are.


How to troubleshoot Time related errors on secure websites for Firefox

I have had this happen both in Firefox and in Chrome, but only rarely. It's usually temporary, but may require making an exception in carefully selected cases.


Do You Think that Violent Video Games Can Do Harm?

Scientifically, this idea has been debunked many, many times. But that doesn't stop the current Administration from using this Fake News to deflect attention away from their refusal to push for better gun controls.


From My Own Reading:

Microsoft: Windows 10's installation time will be short enough for your lunch break


Don't believe this for even one minute! Just getting the files to download from MS Update takes longer than this! Also, calculate in there the time it will take post-update, to reset all your settings and to update and reconfigure all your third-parrty software. That is, unless something breaks due to the update. Then you'll have to find and fix the errors, or else replace your third-party program with something else.


Apple’s next big display innovation could be microscopically small



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Latest edition of CyberheistNews

Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:56 pm (PDT

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #12 A Cyber Attack in Saudi Arabia Had a Deadly Goal - Experts Fear Another Try


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