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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Sat 1288 6/9/2018

Apple and Google are heading in the same direction but on different paths

Both companies are doing very similar things



Brace yourself! The age of keyboard-less laptops is upon us



14 big announcements from Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC 2018



New iPhone Leak Confirms Apple's Illuminating Surprise



Speed tests show that iOS 12 is significantly faster than iOS 11




A $399 Alexa-enabled soundbar for the streaming era



Eye on Cybersecurity

From Mega Breaches to Ransomware, We're All In



A Year Later, WannaCry Ransomware Persists

A huge swath of Windows machines across the world have yet to install patches that can ward off the attack's infection method, says security firm Kryptos Logic.



The best CPUs for gaming

Game on with these picks for every budget.



Microsoft Has an AI Bot, Xialolce, that Can Converse with You Like a Human



Deleted Facebook Cybercrime Groups Had 300,000 Members



How to Uninstall AMD Drivers



MIT researchers create wireless transmitter to thwart hackers

Rapid frequency hopping helps protect data.



How to Automate Your Home With Your IFTTT-Supported Router



Mobile Devs Making the Same Security Mistakes Web Devs Made in the Early 2000s



Nvidia’s ‘infinite resolution’ patent could change gaming forever



The biggest announcements from WWDC and why they matter



The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets

This New Phone Looks Pricey But Is A Relative Bargain



iOS 12 is Apple’s most boring update in years, and I’m totally OK with that



Drones taught to spot violent behavior in crowds using AI

The work has questionable accuracy rates, but it shows how AI is being used to automate surveillance



19,000 Medical Oncology Hematology Consultants, PA records exposed in ransomware attack



How Google's .App Domain Makes Your Site More Secure

Google this week formally launched the .app domain name, which it says will make for memorable and—more importantly—very secure web addresses.



The best SSDs of 2018

The best SSDs can supercharge your PC. Here are our picks for the best SSDs, what to look for in an SSD, whether you even need an SSD, and more.



How to Enable Microsoft Edge Application Guard on Windows 10



When Identity Thieves Hack Your Accountant



Google Plans to Make Chrome’s Non-Secure Site Warnings More Prominent



MSI’s 25-inch gaming display is absurdly fast

The Oculux NXG251 packs a 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5 millisecond response time.



How to Set Up Your MacBook From Scratch



The VPNFilter Botnet Is Attempting a Comeback



Google is staring down the barrel of another massive fine and a crackdown that could rip the company apart 



Apple to bring iOS apps to macOS



New MacBook Pro Leak Reveals Apple's Innovative Failure



5G laptops are coming soon, and they’ll have Intel inside



Intel teases dual-screen concept PCs as rumors of ARM versions heat up






With Android P, Google Stops Playing Catch-Up on Security

Google I/O makes it clear that Google is ready to do more with Android and do it securely. That includes controlling an insulin pump with your phone.



What to expect with Microsoft's Windows 10 'Redstone 5' release this fall

As Microsoft continues to roll out its Insider builds of Redstone 5, there's still more to come.



EasyMesh: A New Standard that Promises a Cheaper, Easier Way to Expand Wi-Fi



Apple might cut new-model iPhone production by 20 percent this year

The company has reportedly asked parts suppliers to make fewer components.



How to Enable or Disable Shared Experiences in Windows 10



Arlo cameras are getting person detection and e911 services

Of course, these new fancy features aren't free.



Make Sure You Take Work Breaks with the Mac App 'Time Out'



Apple Releases Security Updates for macOS, iOS, Safari, More



Apple could make MagSafe a reality on USB-C MacBooks if it really wanted



It turns out TechCrunch writers have really strong opinions about Apple’s new Walkie-Talkie feature



Galaxy Note 9 Leak Reveals Samsung's Significant Upgrade



Apple is bringing iOS apps to the Mac – sort of



This tiny ruggedized 4G smartphone has a fingerprint scanner and works underwater






Equifax Admits Passport Numbers Were Stolen in Breach

An Equifax spokeswoman told PCMag that the company 'manually reviewed' the images stolen from its dispute portal and found 3,200 photos of passports or passport cards.



Logitech MK540 Advanced wireless keyboard and mouse review: Snappy typing, no noise

A tactile, quiet keyboard paired with a solid mouse



How to Make Your Excel Workbook Read Only



Why Mac users don't really matter to Apple

Sorry Mac users, but you're not a high priority for Apple these days. The iPhone changed all that.



How to Change how Apps and Websites Automatically Open for Sets in Windows 10



PCs are actually exciting again

Computex proved that computer makers aren't completely out of ideas just yet.



Synchronize Your Files Without Giving Them Up to a Third-Party Service With Syncthing



OMB Releases Damning Report on U.S. Govt's Inability to Counter Cyber Threats



The best MacBook Pro you can buy is on sale for $1,000 at Best Buy



 Online Courses - Learn Anything, On Your Schedule | Udemy (onliine education special)

Be able

Get skills in business, tech, and personal development

Special Offer!Top Courses from $9.99



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. FYI Postings Week of May 28-June 2, 2018:


Re. FYI#1275 (Sun 5/27/2017):

5 Useful Tools to Help You Spot Fake News

Great find! I "enjoyed" playing the games, and the browser extensions may prove useful moving forward. I prefer a database approach over an AI approach or a crowd-sourced approach, so I chose the MediaBiasFactCheck Chrome Extension. We'll see how I like this Extension as the mid-term Election Cycle progresses.


Apple and Valve, which run two of the world's biggest stores for buying video games, are feuding with each other — and iPhone users could end up losing out

So what else is new?


FastStone Image Viewer 6.5 supports video import

What the article does not say is that you can't do anything but view images and videos in this free Viewer. To edit or transcode to other formats, you would have to pay for an upgrade. Which is unnecessary with the other free tools referenced in the review.


Crypto mining with JavaScript in an Excel spreadsheet


This form of malware was in fact very predictable. Woody Leonhard has been decrying this feature for this reason and others since it was announced. And he was not alone.


13 Kodi Repos You Need to Uninstall and Why

Kodi in itself is not illegal, BUT... If you have been stupid enough to add illegal channels and apps to Kodi, this is your little reward. Be thankful you haven't been infected already -- or have you??

Meet North Korea's AV tool: SiliVaccine

Well, it's not like they ever exported an English-language version. So where's the beef? Everyone knows that North Korea does not respect intellectual property. For that matter, neither does China.


Weekly Digest: Windows 10 updates, Variant 4, tech tips

In case you missed it, Microsoft fixes problem with Intel and Toshiba SSDs for Windows 10 version 1803, Variant 4 CPU flaw disclosed, Redstone 5 preview rolls out to testers, and more tech tips to get the most out of your PC.

I'm posting separately about the 1803 upgrade issue with Avast Antivirus, as this deserves a more in-depth treatment. This article is about the fixable issues. Third party use of undocumented APIs is not fixable by Microsoft.


Here's what it means when an item is marked 'Amazon's Choice'

I never knew what this was about, but I suspected much of this. The Alexa tie-in is interesting. I wonder how many fake reviews go into the product ratings?


'Google One' Simplifies Internet Storage With New Plans, Perks

Most of us casual home users won't notice much of a difference -- except maybe more storage and definitely some sort of crazy interface changes.


Spectre Next Generation vulnerabilities affect Intel processors

Still nothing out in the wild about any of these vulnerabilities. But something to keep an eye on. There will be many, many more like these.


Police Dept Loses 10 Months of Work to Ransomware. Gets Infected a Second Time!

So, backup to an off-site location was never an option in all that time? Someone's tax dollars at work!


3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a VPN With Kodi

All of this is predicated on the assumption that you are circumventing copyright or regional block rules in your use of Kodi. If you aren't doing anything illegal, your chances of encountering Kodi malware or being targeted by your ISP or law enforcement drops precipitously. I'm just saying...


Net Neutrality comes to an end on 11 June

Legislation is still pending which could reverse or modify this. But it needs the House and our President to approve it, which is unlikely and extremely unlikely.


OnePlus 6 Reportedly Has Exciting Feature Turned Off

And there are other issues:


The OnePlus 6 could have been nearly perfect if only...


I would prefer the Moto gG6 if I were upgrading:


Moto G6 revealed: Dual cameras, 18:9 screen, no notch for $250


Although I probably would not go for the Play model reviewed there. Plain vanilla is good enough for me.


Email Encryption With PGP May Have a Serious Flaw

This threat has been blown out of all proportion. Derivatives of PGP are already being patched. The developers of PGP itself are waiting for a standards upgrade. That I believe is a crock, but they are entitled to do or not do as they please. Most people will never encounter a situation where we need to stop using encrypted email due to this flaw. EFF is being overly alarmist.


How to Fix the No Sound Issue in Ubuntu

I've had this happen from time to time, and also in Fedora on my Chromebook. Usually the issue has to do with a (pulse audio or alsa) "dummy output" instead of a real sink device profile. Online, a Google Search usually solves that issue with an updated output sink device profile, and I'm back in business. In the Chromebook the issue is more serious -- there isn't support for internal audio for Skylake Intel hardware in Linux. (There I use USB-C with an inline DAC, or else a dock with support for audio while charging or HDMI audio output to a TV or projector system.)


FreeFileSync 10.0 updates removes ads from installer

Well, I guess someone forgot to inform Microsoft of the change so they could delist the program from their definitions for Windows Defender and Smart Screen Filter. This also happens with SUMo Lite, which is also ad free.


How to Share Large Files Over the Internet

I use Cloud Storage on Google Drive. Easy, free and doesn't force anyone to download to a client an enormous attachment.


What Is The Reason Why The Ransomware Threat Is Not Going Away Any Time Soon?

Just because social engineering is more frequently successful does not mean we can throw away our traditional antivirus. I just want to be much more clear than this article was on this point.


What's The Difference Between USB 3.1 Gen 1 And USB 3.1 Gen 2?

The speed ratings especially of peripherals are what to look at. One slow peripheral will slow an entire hub or dock. And all the ports attached to the same bus.


Review: The C64 Mini



How to Create and Restore a System Image Backup with Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect's own support tutorials are all you really need. I don't like articles which essentially screen-scrape from there.


New Vega Stealer shines brightly in targeted campaign

If you don't store passwords and other credentials in your browser, this will never bother you. Hopefully, browser makers and security companies will soon root out this threat.


(Posted separately -- Microsoft and Avast Finally Track Down The Avast Antivirus Windows Version 1803, Spring Update, Black Screen Issue. The results are not encouraging for folks using third party antivirus on Windows 10 Home Edition.)


Re FYI#1276 (Building) (Mon 5/28/2018):

(Apparently, this issue went out to me before it got posted to the CCS web site.)]


Symantec Stock Plunges After Firm Announces Internal Probe

The issue here is financial reporting. The company's products are still safe, and the company is not going bankrupt.

iOS users are 18x more likely to be phished than to download malware

Probably similar stats for Windows users. But don't abandon your antivirus products yet.


7-Zip 18.05 update: performance improvements and security patch

So, still no resolution of the ASLR issue or the SSL issue? Still has OpenCandy in the installer, depending on how you download it.


Vermont passes first law to crack down on data brokers

What is not clear is whether the law covers residents of Vermont, or companies registered to do business in Vermont. Anyway, I'm not moving up there just to be covered by this. Medical facilities are sparse up there, as are specialist doctors and nursing facilities.


How to Remove Viruses and Malware on Your Windows PC

A thinly disguised ad for Malwarebytes paid edition, to run alongside Windows Defender. While some folks swear by this combo, there is zero independent testing verifying the effectiveness of this vs. any other single or combo solution. Avast is having issues with Windows 10 now, but next upgrade it could be anyone else.


Avast blames Microsoft for Win10 1803 upgrade blue screens, nonsensical options

Avast says it has fixed the problem that triggered Win10 April 2018 Update installation blue screens and dysfunctional 'boot to another operating system' options.

So have they stopped using undocumented APIs? If not, this issue will return someday. Mark my words.


Apple could be secretly working on an ARM-based, touchscreen computer

Interesting... And it will use their own chips -- self branded and maybe self designed.


Twitter to Hide Troll Tweets

The company will use 'new behavioral signals' to identify the internet trolling and prevent it from intruding on your Twitter experience.

And just who decides what behaviors constitute Trolling? No system is foolproof, and if history is any guide, AI systems are the worst fools out there.


How to: Install Kali Linux on Windows 10

This link did not work for me, but a Google Search produced what looked like the same link, and it worked (Chrome 67 beta under Ubuntu Linux on a Comcast network). Anyway, this is another Windows Store App. It is not a Virtual Machine running the full Kali Linux, and thus may have many limitations. This is significant for a Linux distro which is focused on security penetration testing (ethical hacking).


How To Enable Offline Support in the New Gmail

I already get my Gmail offline. It's called a desktop email client.


Acer’s Got Game: New Predator, Nitro PCs Inbound

I got a 404 error from clicking on the link. But in Google Search the same address comes up from their link and it works.


iPhones will reportedly get the power to unlock doors using NFC

The Information says Apple will announce its NFC's new features at WWDC in June.

Just what I need -- yet another way someone could break into my apartment.


How to Share Large Blocks of Text With Someone Over the Internet

Pastebin has been around for awhile, and it has a good reputation. But the contents of whatever is stored there may not be secure in any way. So be careful what you put on their servers.


Firefox 59.0.3 fixes Windows 10 April 2018 compatibility issue

Firefox 60 is the current version. It also contains this fix.


5 reasons why your next light bulb should be a smart bulb

These things are still an expensive novelty. I see little benefit in them.


12 Simple Things You Can Do to Be More Secure Online

Follow these easy tips to protect the security of your devices, your data, your internet traffic, and your identity.

The link is a garbage link from a Referrer. A direct link was obtained from a Google Search. There's also an extra dot (in the original link) after "www".



Security Task Manager review

There's something not free about this program. And I would not trust the opinion of any third party program of this type, as it is looking for behaviors based on algorithms which may not be keeping pace with Microsoft Updates to Windows 10.


Can You Get Sued for Leaving a Bad Review?

This is America -- anybody can sue anyone over anything. The question is whether the person suing can demand your real name and address, and whether they can actually collect damages. In a few particularly egregious recent cases, yes the business did win and got a judgment. So don't leave fake reviews just to get back at a business.


How to Get Windows Experience Index (WEI) Score in Windows 10

The WEI is not very meaningful. I can't remember when the last time was that a tech expert included this information in a product review.


12 things you should be organizing with Command Hooks

This is not a story about a computer term. These are actually little hooks with adhesive backings, nothing more technical.


5 Popular Security and Privacy Apps You Should Uninstall and Replace

There is no sane and rational reason to uninstall CCleaner. Bleachbit is great for Linux, but not easy to use for Windows. And not as good as CCleaner. The CCleaner Uninstall can remove even the built-in Windows Store apps. Bleachbit can't do that. Neither can Glary Utilities.


The One Router Setting Everyone Should Change (But No One Does)

I wouldn't say no one does this, but the router manufacturers and ISPs sure don't encourage users to go inside the Administrator pages and change things. Not even the default passwords.


Apple Car Has a Flat and Samsung Must Pay Up

A well placed comma would have saved me a few minutes here. These two half-sentences have nothing to do with each other. Call the Grammar Police!


New Rowhammer Attack Can Hijack Computers Remotely Over the Network

This does not (yet) affect home networks. We lack the network cards which allow this attack, and our networks aren't fast enough. (Home networks peak at about 1GB/s while the attack requires at least 10GB/s. That's known in the math business as an order of magnitude difference.)

Privacy Plugins

Privacy Badger is now superseded by Privacy Possum:


However, this is not an extension sanctioned or maintained by EFF.

Ghostery and Blur do much the same tricks as uBlock Origin, and do not bog down while trying to contact a server to load the latest blacklists.

Chrome will soon make HTTPS Everywhere its default mode. And NoScript simply blocks too much and is difficult to manage.


Re. Comments by -- Joe Nowak


Facebook Privacy

Mon May 28, 2018 10:25 pm (PDT)

Facebook will be coming out with a Clear History Tool in the next couple of months.

It's about time they did this!


Google and Facebook Data Collection

Tue May 29, 2018 1:48 pm (PDT)

Lots of folks have been getting upset about the data collection of Google and Facebook. It's not a real big thing to be concerned with as this article explains. Every time you take one of these "What character would you be...." or "only 1 out of every 500 Mensa members get these answers..." you're providing information to data collection services. Read what Google and Facebook do to protect the data and why they need to collect it. Then keep calm and surf the net.


It may not be a big deal to you, but the way Facebook and Google collect data even when you are not explicitly using their services has raised serious privacy concerns. It is no big deal to you until you are denied a job, get called into HR, get fired or suspended, or lose a TV show (ala Roseanne) due to collected and shared data you never authorized anyone to collect in the first place. There have been folks who thought they were using a DNA database to reconnect with long-lost relatives, only to be fingered by unscrupulous police departments as murder suspects. No big deal indeed!!

The US needs to adopt an opt-in by default law, much like those in the EU. Even that may not be enough in the wake of several scathing revelations about Equifax (e.g., a CBS 60 Minutes expose a couple of years before the massive security breach) refusing to remove or change proven false information, even after losing and paying out lawsuit settlements.

There need to be criminal consequences for ruining people's lives -- even for corporations. If a corporation is a person (according to recent Supreme Court rulings), then he/she/they can be sued (a civil matter) for reckless distribution of unverified and damaging false information about people. This is in addition to possible criminal charges. We also need legislation to reverse the recent Supreme Court ruling about mandatory arbitration and removal of class action remedies. As for who the real persons are who will pay the criminal penalties for the fictitious corporation-person's misconduct, that's going to be a very thorny issue. High ranking execs who make a living by ruining people's lives would not hesitate to throw their low ranking underlings under the bus to CTA (cover their ****s).


Re. FYI#1277 (Tues 5/29/2018):

OnePlus 6

This phone is placed in an awkward market niche. It isn't half or less of an iPhone price, like my Moto G4 was (and the G6 is now). But it doesn't quite measure up to the real iPhone or the real Samsung Galaxy flagship.


Archimedes: The AI Robot Owl

A wearable robotic owl familiar. Archimedes judges your emotions, via Google AIY.

If you're going to go to all that trouble to build this, why not go all the way and make a softer external appearance layer? Make him look and feel more like a real owl.


How Graphics Cards Work

More than I ever wanted to know. But an interesting read, if only for the fun of it.


Google Maps vs. Waze: Which One Is Really Better?

The two apps actually serve different purposes. Maps is for planning out a route before hitting the road. Waze works best if you engage it only after you're on the road, and maybe hit unexpected traffic. Then Waze finds alternative routes and drives the local residents of the side streets it chooses for you crazy with the sudden increases in traffic in their sleepy neighborhoods. This provides revenue for Twitter, where the residents go to vent their frustrations. That's how the New Economy works! ;)

Microsoft pushing Win10 version 1803 to PCs specifically set to avoid it

While it hasn't happened to me (yet) this is totally in line with how Microsoft was pushing people to the 1709 feature update. Apparently this type of practice will continue to escalate with the 1809 update, as the option to defer updates in Windows 10 Pro version 1803 is no longer available from within the updates settings page. Now you have to use Group Policies and/or a Registry hack, and even this is not guaranteed to work. Who knows what will happen in 2019? I do not need this kind of hassle, so I went over to Linux over a year ago. I do look back, but never longingly.



Windows 10 Pro is a dead end for the enterprise, Gartner says

Recent changes by Microsoft to the Windows 10 support schedule underline why Windows 10 Pro is an ill fit for most companies.



Amazon Prime Members Will Get 10% Off Sale Items at Whole Foods Starting This Summer

As I posted before, this was inevitable when Amazon bought the grocery chain.


The simplest way to make a LiveUSB from within GNU/Linux

As written here, these instructions will not produce a bootable USB flash drive. You need to use (in Ubuntu, Fedora or many other distros) your distro's Media Creator tool (or whatever your distro calls it), usually available within the operating system. Use this tool to create bootable USB Live/Installer media. Just dd-copying an ISO does not put boot information onto the USB drive.


Galaxy Note 9 Could Boast Whopping 512GB of Storage

That's a LOT of photos or videos!


Playing on Your Phone While Watching TV? You're Not Alone

What are people doing with their phones while in front of the TV? Looking up details about actors or chatting with friends, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Many TV shows encourage Live Tweeting and Live Chatting while watching the show. ATSC-3 TV shows will have even more interactive options. Of course, what this does, is it makes some viewers who got caught up in the chats time-shift and rewatch the show without the distractions. Then again, most viewers don't really pay close attention to a TV show -- they are doing lots of offline things, from eating to doing dishes to (allegedly) doing homework while the show plays on. And they miss a lot, but don't seem to really "miss out" on anything they care about. Welcome to the world of ther Lowest Common Denominator.


What is the New EasyMesh Wi-Fi Standard? (and Why It Doesn’t Matter Yet)

True, this is a standard for the future of intelligent networks and IoT networking. It does make sense to get out ahead of the curve and read up on this before it hits us full-on in a few years. Don't buy anything based on this yet, but do make sure you know what it's all about.


The Best Laptop Docking Stations for Every Laptop

Many times a manufacturer makes a dock which is tailored ot a range of models from that same manufacturer. This is how I got my ASUS dock for my flip c302 Chromebook:


Better price: https://www.cdw.com/product/ASUS-Universal-Dock-docking-station/4353756?pfm=srh

(Amazon is out of stock and BH Photo has back-ordered this dock.)

I have had very good results with this dock. However,it is not a travel dock. For travel I use jsut a mini-dock from Best Buy:


But this one will not push out analog sound to headphones (at least not while charging). For that I have an adapter cable and a DAC:


(Requires a USB-C to Micro-USB cable, and these are readily available.)

Don't get an adapter cable with its own internal DAC. These cables tend to break easily. If I break the cable leading into my DAC, the DAC can be reused with a new cable. Much cheaper and more reliable. This DAC has decent sound, but it is definitely not high-end.


Millions of Android and iOS users at risk of Roaming Mantis malware

This one is different from the VPN Filter router infection. Not clear is how to prevent or remove it from a router. My Android phone just got a security update. This may be unrelated, but then again...


MailStore Home 11.0 is out

I use Linux, so my Claws Mail mailboxes and configuration folders, as well as its mail cache (for IMAP accounts) all live inside my Home Directory. I copy those folders and others to my data partition, then to external storage, and I have everything backed up. If I do anything which disrupts these folders, I dd copy or just copy them back from the backups.


What the GDPR means for Facebook, the EU and you

One thing to know is that Facebook, unlike a lot of other companies, is not extending the EU privasacy rules worldwide. Users inside the US will not receive the EU protections. We will have to wait on our Congress to pass protections, if that ever happens.


7 ways to finally end robocalls

On both my old AT&T UVerse and my new Comcast phone services (home phone) Nomorobo didn't cost me anything. For Android or iOS (iPhone) the price is low, but not free.


How to Create a System Image in Windows 10

I have no objection to people using the built-in Windows 7 backup tools. But for a more flexible and reliable method, as well as being able to boot into WinPE if the main Windows partition won't boot, I prefer Macrium Reflecrt Free. What's important is that (1) your chosen method will successfully restore your system -- test this before a disaster strikes; and (2) that the method is automatic or so easy to use that you actually make monthly backups before Microsoft Patch Tuesday.


Monitoring a Greenhouse with Ubuntu

There's a lot Linux and Raspberry Pi can do. This is actually one of the many IoT applications which can be made.


[Tip] How to Set or Change Security Questions for Your User Account in Windows 10

You still can't choose only questions whose answers are not spread all over the Internet where anyone can find the answers.


Amazon’s Checkout-Free Store Is Coming to Chicago and San Francisco

Someone might want to check this out when it arrives and let all of us know how the shopping experience is.


US Postal Service wants you to smell its new stamps

Yeah, this'll make me want to run out and mail some letters right away! ;)


How to Use Google Drive Access Checker for Smarter File Sharing

To use this feature you have to be using GSuite, the business (paid) Google Drive option. I use the free option, which does not have this feature.


How to Create Elevated App Shortcut without UAC Prompt in Windows 10

There are only a few applications which should need such high-level security clearance. Use this setup sparingly!


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Is Now In The Microsoft Store

This does not allow you to run Ubuntu Linux inside of Microsoft Windows. It only updates the BASH Shell commands.


[Tip] How to Reset Forgotten User Account Password in Windows 10

These security questions require the login to be through a Microsoft Cloud Account. The answers to these questions can be found with a simple Google search in most cases. I would not fill in the correct and real responses if I were you. And I use local logins, so this might be of limited use to me. If you do lie about a security question, try to keep track of your fake answers somewhere. Otherwise you may be doing yourself more harm than good.


6 things you should know about FreedomPop's Unreal Mobile service

I do not trust this company, period. They have a long history of offering deals only to yank the rug out from under their customers. Attempts to resolve billing or service issues go unanswered. "Free" is not free with this company. And on and on...


Why You Shouldn’t Bother Repairing Damaged Charging Cables

A "repaired" cable is a dangerous cable. Replacements aren't all that expensive. I have yet to break a charging cable for any device.


How AI is being leveraged for social engineering attacks

This is becoming more and more of an issue. AI bots are very difficult to detect, so getting any enforceable laws about this sort of activity will be very difficult also.


Re. FYI#1278 (Wed 5/30/2018): 

How to Listen to and Delete Everything Your Alexa Has Recorded

On the other hand, if it has ever been recorded and uploaded, it's still out there, and has been copied and used by third parties. This is how Alexa makes Amazon money.


What Are Hot-Swappable and Cold-Swappable Devices?

There are situations when supposedly hot-swappable devices become "busy" and cannot be safely removed without shutting down the whole system. Be aware of this. And of course, always use "safely remove" in any OS before yanking out SD cards or USB flash drives. Failure to do so has wrecked file systems and whole devices in more cases which have been brought to me than I care to detail. It's always sad to have to tell someone that their photos will not be recoverable because the SD card or the flash drive is either unreadable or destroyed.


27 Things You Didn't Know Your Chromecast Could Do

Bring out new and hidden features with these tips for Google's streaming dongle.

A lot of these features also work with a Chromebook running Chrome OS and Android Apps. My Chromebook does support Android Apps. It's better for some things like seeing which content you want to cast, but it will never replace your TV's remote the way a phone might. Or use the TV remote and not need the phone.


Motorola May Be First with a 5G Phone

Intriguing... BTW, my Moto G4 is finally up to the April 1, 2018 security level. (Android 7.0)


Hate the Gmail Redesign? How to Switch Back to Classic Gmail

I haven't been switched to the new format yet. So I'll reserve judgment about switching back. Yahoo used to offer Classic View also, but this may no longer be available.


Fixing Windows 7 Boot Problems

Your Windows 7 Setup disc can help you repair many types of boot problems.

If a Linux dual-boot with GRUB was involved, you might want to try gParted or a FixGRUB utility disk first.


FCC asks Amazon and eBay to stop selling fake pay TV boxes

These guys are giving Kodi, Amazon and eBay a bad name. This has got to stop. Kodi must not be thrown out with the bathwater! BTW, it isn't too difficult these days to build your own Kodi Box and add whatever apps and channels you feel comfortable with. Hacking a Firestick should be flagged by Amazon as it hurts Amazon's reputation both for their marketplace and for their Fire line of streaming devices.


Avoid Google Maps with GNOME Maps on GNU/Linux

I haven't tried this yet, but it makes more sense to use Google Maps as there are apps both on the desktop, in a Chromebook and on an Android phone. GNOME Maps isn't on anything except GNU/Linux. I might try GNOME Maps when I upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04, which ises a GNOME desktop environment.


The alluring danger of in-app mobile transactions

Or, how I fell into the trap I once ridiculed.

Like any street drug, online gaming operates on the basis of the old paradigm -- the first taste is free. Then you get hooked. Then everything starts costing money. This is why I avoid anything which says up-front there are in-app purchases.


How GDPR Will Impact the AI Industry

This could break two ways. Trust could be restored if we know beforehand what will be collected and how it will be used. (Get out your magnifiers, folks, and be prepared for some long reads!) Then again, once people start getting into those TL;DR agreements, trust may be so thoroughly destroyed that people will sharply curtail our use of social media (including DNA based ancestry research sites), hoping to avoid having so much of our lives documented and shouted from the mountain tops.

I do believe that if everyone knew everything about everyone else no one would need to be afraid. (That's called Mutually Assured Destruction = MAD, from the Cold War era). But if anyone is left with less access to other people's data than other people have, this becomes a source of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt = FUD. Then AI technologies might be held back or even banned.


Why I'm using multiple web browsers

Unless a site isn't working in Chrome, I only use one browser across all devices and all platforms. I find this gives me a consistent user experience no matter where I go or what I am doing online.


Recover deleted photos, videos and documents

These tools are not 100 percent effective. Keep this in mind, and make backups frequently, on a different drive and/or a different device. And/or in the Cloud. Devices fail, or we don't wait long enough to safely remove them. Be prepared for this.


Oval is a tiny all-in-one smart sensor that monitors your home, alerting you as conditions change

A dinky informant that sticks around.

If sensors like this one can tie in with IoT thermostats, dehumidifiers, etc. the effectiveness of remote controls greatly improves. You would have a much better chance of having a comfortable house to return to, and having your outdoors plants and lawn watered only when conditions require it. Also useful for security and distance caregiving (of young and old people, or someone who's disabled).


Man Convicted for Helping Hackers Beat Antivirus Products

The cat and mouse game never ends.


5 Ways to Generate a List of All Installed Programs in Windows

Geek Uninstaller gives a very complete listing. CCleaner is next-best, and between those two, they don't miss much. Both list MS Store Apps and driver related software which the Windows Control Panel may not list completely. Windows itself can list added Windows features, which can also be helpful if you have to rebuild the OS from scratch. None of these methods will list stand-alone (non-installed) or portable apps. Make sure to include these in your inventory. KC Software's SUMo Lite will list everything, but it also has multiple listings for some of the same programs. SUMo listings can also be exported.


How to Update Your BIOS to Protect Against Vulnerabilities

Especially with the Patch of the Week coming out so frequently for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, and with some documented botched BIOS updates from Intel, I would be very reluctant to advise people to do BIOS updates for any reason other than that something on your PC is not working. Just like drivers -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Remember, there are no exploits -- zero -- of Meltdown or Spectre out in the wild at this time.


Reminder: It’s Really Easy to Buy Fake Facebook Accounts

More good news for the Oversharing Generation.


Open command window here as administrator - Add in Windows 10 

In Linux it makes sense to have something like this. In Windows -- eh, not so much.


How to dual-boot Linux and Windows

Set up your computer to boot into Windows 10 or Ubuntu 18.04 as needed.

I have had my best success when I created all the partitions first, either with gParted or with Minitool Partition Magic.

There's a reason to install Windows first, then Ubuntu (or any Linux). If you install Linux first, Windows Installer tries to make Windows the boot manager. This demotes GRUB2 to subordinate status as just another bootloader. This often does not work well, making Linux unavailable. If Windows is installed first, GRUB2 sets itself up as the boot manager, which Windows is just fine with. Then GRUB finds the Windows bootloader, and all is well.

The Ubuntu installer can even resize the Windows partition on the fly, which the Windows installer is not equipped to do. Most Linux Install and Live Media have gParted right there on the media, which is handy. If GRUB needs repairs, there's a bootable media image for that, too. (I think it's called Boot-Repair.)

So that's how my experience has taught me to proceed. A Chromebook is a bit different, but that's beyond the scope of this article.

Rescatux and SuperGRUB Disk:


Etcher (for making bootable USB drives):



Tomorrow’s laptop will work more like your phone, and you’re going to love it

Speak for yourself! I will not touch any laptop which has to be connected to the Internet to be useful. If it won't run Linux, it can rot in the store. Also, I do not run phone apps on my laptop or my PC. Very inefficient!


Everything you knew about Chromebooks is wrong

You still won't have full functionality of apps if you are not connected to the Internet. This is why I have Linux on my Chromebook.


How to Enable or Disable Built-in Elevated Administrator Account in Windows 10

The main use case for the built-in Administrator Account is to accomplish multi-step elevated privilege operations. UAC interrupts you before the additional steps can execute, making these operations sometimes fail. So without the restrictions of a normal Administrator Account (including but not limited to UACs) you can execute the chain of commands which you need to accomplish the intended task. After doing what was needed, the Hidden Admin Account should be disabled. Also, unlike msot of the commenters, you should set up a limited (standard) user account and use this when you are not performing system maintenance. Most system maintenance does not require the Hidden Admin Account.

As for login methods, you should always have at least one ordinary Administrator account which uses a local password login. This at least allows you some access if other methods fail. NEVER set up a PC to use a Cloud login (Microsoft Account) as Administrator as your everyday user account! The Microsoft Store Techs always set up PCs this way, and so do most manufacturers. It is absolutely INSANE to set up users for problems from the outset like this!

The best recovery method is to have a system image archive which has been tested with USB boot media and definitely is restorable. Test before failure is the rule! Any restore media with a WinPE setup will do -- I use Macrium Reflect Free, but Aomei Backer Upper and EaseUS ToDo Backup have this option as well.


Mining Cryptocurrency Guide

This is a very risky business. Don't invest money you cannot afford to lose.


New InSpectre release reveals if microcode updates are available

Well this is useful. Sadly, we need all the guidance we can get these days.

Also note that if Microsoft turns off your protections with an update, InSpectre will show this. InSpectre has a tool which can then restore the disabled protections, if they were originally installed at the hardware (BIOS Update) level.


Re. FYI#1279 (Thurs 5/31/2018):   

Apple Watch Alerts Man to Serious Heart Condition

These anecdotes keep coming out. But smart watches also have issues with a lot of false positives, sending people to doctors' offices and emergency rooms, only to find there was nothing medically wrong with them. This results in insurance companies refusing to honor claims, and this results in huge expenses for people who trusted these smart watches instead of seeking competent medical advice. An alert from a smart device is only a warning. Very seldom is this warning a cause for alarm, let alone a call to 911. Alerts should be discussed with a doctor before deciding to do something drastic.


Why Restarting Your Phone Makes it Perform Better and Fixes Common Issues

Just today my Android phone froze up and had to be restarted. It wasn't easy to shut it off either, as something was thrown into an endless loop in there. This doesn't happen very often, but it can happen. In all fairness, sometimes either Linux or Chrome OS in my Chromebook will do something similar.


LA's Street Lights Get a Futuristic Overhaul Ahead of the Olympics

Without a full rollout of Edge Intelligence and 5G communications, this will quickly overwhelm 4G LTE centralized systems. They are jumping the gun if 5G isn't fully deployed in LA yet (and it isn't). But by the time the Olympics is held in LA, most if not all of these technologies should be well advanced.


Q&A: Should you reboot your router like the FBI says?

What does it cost you to do this? Granted, a firmware update is a bit more effort, and may not complete the cleanup. And what could it cost you not to do this? Seems like a brain-dead decision to me.


New Google Lens features are now live on Android phones

I don't know if this will work on my current phone, but this is an interesting peek at the future world of "ambient computing", also known as "ubiquitous computing".


iOS 12 Could Cure Your iPhone Addiction: Here's How

First Facebook, now Apple -- they created tech addiction and now they want to cure it. How kind of them (end sarcasm). Interesting that Microsoft is not trying to offer habit breaking features. Maybe this is because no one has gotten addicted to Windows apps? (Insert additional smart-aleck comment here.)


How One Recalled SUV Destroyed $45 Million In Cars, Burned A Massive Ship, And Sparked A Legal Battle Between Ford And BMW

In Massachusetts, we have mandatory annual vehicle inspections. You can't get your plates and title renewed without passing inspection. This does not prevent lots of drivers from driving around Boston with one headlight or tail light burned out for months on end, but eventually, within a year's time, repairs must be made. Notifying the certified repair shops which have contracts under these rules would at least make recalls known to drivers, and with their license plates being held hostage, they might get the repairs done. It is up to dealers to decide how to handle the question of loaners during recall repairs. Most are very generous about this as they don't want to mess with future sales. Mass. also has very strict consumer protection laws, so no one is going to get away with scamming people about alleged mandatory recall repairs or costs. Can you imagine the effects of unrepaired defects in self-driving cars?


Security alert: Watch out for password-stealing malware says FBI

While this attack appears to be mostly a threat to corporate networks, home networks can be protected with a Unified Threat Management (UTM) box like BitDefender Box 2, and there are security routers which may be helpful. The added cost of $250.00 plus an annual subscription to the antimalware components is not too much to expect from all but then poorest households. Which are not the targets of this attack.


7 genius new gadgets to make your home smarter

The machines are going to be everywhere in the future, aren't they?


Google may contractually require OEMs to perform regular patching

This is for Android. There are many exceptions and asterisks to this policy.


CloneApp: backup Windows program settings

Why wouldn't I want to use a full system backup to roll back unwanted program changes? It only takes ten minutes with Macrium Reflect Free. OK, twenty minutes if I verify the image archive before rolling back. Even Windows System Restore takes almost as long from start to finish, and it often does not restore the system completely to a stable operating condition. The trick is to block whichever update caused the mayhem, from Microsoft or another company, from reinstalling once you are stable again.


Amazon's physical bookstores are coming to 3 more US cities

The Boston area already has a few of these.  They offer more than just books, and any Amazon purchase can be shipped to one of these stores.


5 Feature-Rich iPhone Voice Recorder Apps

Make sure you notify people if you are going to record phone conversations.


Essentially Gone: Not Even Andy Rubin Can Build an Android Company

The article is wrong. Motorola (Lenovo) and several others are still going strong. Android is still an open market. The issue with Essential One was that it offered nothing unique in hardware or features.


Corsair’s New 1000D Chassis Holds 2 PCs in 1 Enclosure

I can see why if you are capturing streaming video and transferring it to a second motherboard, you would not want to use external connections. But that is a rare use case. For most of us, two different PCs would be just fine. And much cheaper. I'll leave the copyright and piracy issues of copying from video streams or live gaming sessions for another post.


Chrome 67 is out: Password-free logins get closer, plus bug fixes, better AR-VR support

I don't use any of the advanced features, but I had this version on my Ubuntu Linux PC in Beta. (It’s Chrome 68 Beta now.) My logins still use passwords.


Move over Silicon Valley, Japan is still light years ahead

It is not accurate to say anyone in Japan puts individual people first in anything. Their culture does not recognize the individual the way Western cultures do. All that "personalization" is really stylized and superficial. While not a centrally controlled State Mentality like China, Japan's culture is very conformist compared with anything in the West.


Catfish File Search for GNU/Linux

This tool is suited well for XFCE Linux environments. Another tool, better suited to GNOME desktops (like the one now in Ubuntu 18.04 and always the standard in Fedora) is Beagle Search, which also uses indexing:


Enable Beagle Searching in GNOME


Both Catfish and Beagle have evolved over the years, and both are supported and updated regularly.


Best free email backup tools

My email backup: (Claws Mail, Ubuntu Linux) Download most recent email. Open the Home Directory. Show Hidden Files. Copy and paste the email folders I want to back up, plus the hidden .claws and .cache folders, to wherever. Rinse and repeat for failsafe copy. Backup complete. Just one more advantage of Linux over Windows. BTW, Thunderbird backups follow almost the same simple protocol. It's just Microsoft which is so weird with Outlook.


Reboot Your Router, But Don't Stop There

Rebooting and updating firmware will do enough. But if you really want to be safe, go ahead and reset and rebuild.


How to reset Windows Update on Windows 10 to fix downloads and installs issues

There's also a third, manual technique involving deleting the Software Distribution Folder. It isn't easy to do, and is seldom necessary. But I have had to go to such lengths once or twice in Windows 10 Pro.


Public DNA Databases Are Now Crawling With Law Enforcement and We Better Get Used to It

This is the last thing people usually think of when they are searching for long-lost relatives. But it is something anyone could have anticipated. Privacy is not respected when the people asking for access start to flash their badges.


Credit Freezes Are About to Become Free

Filed under closing the barn doors after the horses have run off.


Use a USB drive to lock and unlock your PC

If you go this route, you'd better make very sure you never lose that USB Key. There usually is a password fallback, but it may or may not work.


StalinLocker deletes data if you don't enter the right code in time

Still haven't backed up your data today? Do it now -- I'll wait.


DoNotSpy10 4.0: new privacy settings and PUP offer

I prefer O&O ShutUp 10. It does not include PUP offers.


Brother's New and Improved All-In-One Laser Printer Is Cheaper Than Ever

Monochrome laser printers are so yesterday. But if you are running a small office, I suppose you might still need one.


Re. FYI#1280 (Fri 6/1/2018):

This Tool Can Hack Your Accounts Even with Two-Factor Authentication

Not all hashes and all passwords can be cracked with tools like this one. A good strong password properly hashed and salted will still offer good protections. Not as good as a USB Key, but good enough for most uses.


Qualcomm, Facebook to deliver high-speed internet for 'a fraction' of the cost of fiber

The companies plan to deliver lower-cost connectivity with Facebook's Terragraph tech and Qualcomm's 60GHz technology.

This is not available yet. Remember when Google said it was going to become a high-speed Internet service provider? Well, Google went broke on the project. The same fate probably awaits Facebook. Even wireless ISP rollouts are much harder than tech CEOs seem to think.


Here's Where You Need a Band 71 Phone to Boost T-Mobile Coverage

Except for New York where dense masses of tall buildings have caused reception issues, very few of us in major cities will ever need to use this technology.


The Caveats of Owning Connected Smart Home Devices

All valid points. Additionally, I received a report that an IoT hub which went down in a power outage around here, came back up in a funky state which would require a hands-on device reset to get it back up and running. So the owner who was on vacation, could not access his IoT network until he returned home. Devices need to be able to switch over to a preprogramed mode independent of the Internet if the power goes down for an extended period.


PDF exploit built to combine zero-day Windows and Adobe Reader bugs

Thank heavens I never use either one of these two vulnerable pieces of software.


Basic Home Maintenance Tasks That Most People Overlook

Even in an apartment, many of these things may still need to be done. The landlord's maintenance team will do some of these things occasionally, but you really should do your own interim preventive maintenance. This also includes keeping excessive amounts of hair and food residues out of the plumbing.


Did Google Fake Its Duplex AI Demo?

No, they did not. (Company and personal names probably were edited out.)  It really is that good. Get over it.


Avast Secure Browser review

I would never use a browser branded by Avast. No way is it private and secure!

How to Easily Convert Your iPhone's HEIC Images in Windows

Wow! Apple sure has created a problem for themselves, haven't they? Kinda reminds me of when Microsoft introduced XPS to compete with Adobe's PDF format. They never held even one percent of the market, and recently had to relent and support PDF in MS Office.


Teen phone monitoring app has thousands of passwords stolen, highlighting need for secure servers

An app designed for parents to keep an eye on their teenagers' smartphone use was storing plain text passwords on an unsecured AWS server.

Oh, lovely! And I suppose none of the parents ever read even one review of the app before installing it. These facts must have been known to the tech community long before the giveaway of data occurred. I won't even call it a security breach, as there was zero security in this whole app. The affected teens probably want to sue their parents for negligence.


What is Windows 10 in S Mode?

Something you do not want. Period. Upgrade before the free Pro offer expires!


Equifax Operates Another Credit Bureau, and You Can't Freeze Your Report Online

You can call them. And it will not cost money once the new laws go into effect, depending on the State where you live. But how many others like this are there out there, about which the public as yet knows nothing?


[Fix] Windows 10 Feature Update Not Showing on Your Computer

This article is about the 1511 upgrade, not about the current upgrade. Things have changed a lot since then. As for the 1803 upgrade, if you're not getting it offered, consider yourself lucky!


The Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans (Under $40 per Month)

I use US Mobile with far less data. It costs me (after a slight upgrade) about $13.00 per month.


SoftMaker FreeOffice 2018 promises full Office 2016 compatibility, debuts optional ribbon interface

They have a little way to go to be fully competitive with Office. But they are free.


The Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Linux PC

While I didn't build it from parts, my NUC has given me good use and is still going strong. I may have saved some money building it myself, and the biggest cost which I didn't have to spend was on a Windows 10 Pro license. Dual-booting with such a powerful PC would not have been affordable if I hadn't done some of the assembly myself.


8 Windows 10 Registry Hacks to Optimize Your Windows 10 Experience

I see no reason to run the many risks of messing with the Windows Registry just to deal with these alleged annoyances. Deleting the Pagefile at shutdown is just stupid and invites instabilities. There is no benefit to this user-defined behavior.


Country Plans to Ban Facebook for a Month

Uganda also has decided to replace Facebook with a government controlled site. These are not governments which are noted for their love of free and open discourse.


Re. FYI#1281 (Sat 6/2/2018):  

Man pays $930 for Apple 'iPhones,' but gets a surprise when he opens the boxes

Using phone apps to make purchases, expecting to pay ridiculously low prices, and getting totally ripped off (he's lucky he didn't get mugged or shot) is a totally logical progression. Don't expect something for (almost) nothing. At the least, it's stolen merchandise. At worst...


Virustotal launches Android Sandbox Droidy

What about this service is a sandbox? It does nothing but scan and report. Well, at least it's (apparently) free.


4 Easy Ways to Get Out of a Ubuntu Crash

I tried doing an in-place upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 on my Intel NUC. The login could not get into the GUI. I don't know it was trying to run X-org, since Wayland is now the default graphical session manager. Nothing I tried, including most of these things, could get me past the login screen. I gave up, rolled back with Clonezilla Live and haven't tried to upgrade since. When I do try to upgrade, I'll be using the Live USB installer, and if necessary, blow the whole thing away and start over with a clean install of Ubuntu 18.04. In most cases of a failed Ubuntu LTS upgrade, this is a far less time-consuming approach than trying to debug the in-place upgrade. Too many things may be broken to bother fixing anything. This is especially true in LTS to LTS upgrades.


Windows 10 With S Mode Enabled, Everything You Need to Know

The only thing you need to know is that this is extreme vendor lock-in -- you can't run anything except MS Store Apps and you will need to always use the device connected to the Internet and logged with an MS Cloud Account sign-in. Upgrade to Pro immediately, before the free offer expires.


Cracking 2FA: How It's Done and How to Stay Safe

SMS messaged second factors are going the way of the password. Good and bad. Hardware USB keys are next, but these can get lost or corrupted. The fallback is the same insecure 2FA now being used, with possibly a modification to the "push" method to get around the weaknesses of SMS messaging. Once USB is corrupted or infected, all bets are off on how to secure accounts, devices and networks.


Half a Dozen Uses for OneDrive

For most of this, substitute Google Drive or something truly private and secure, and I'd agree mostly.


Will Apple play nice with others to make Siri smarter?

Apple's Siri is the least likely of the personal assistants to appear on anyone else's products, services or apps. The (Apple) company just does not play nicely with others.


Exploding hoverboard case shows how hard it is to beat Amazon in court

If something comes from the Amazon Marketplace, even if it ships from Amazon, the only company liable for anything is the manufacturer. Amazon is only acting as a reseller. It's like buying cheap junk from a dollar store. Imagine if you could sue Best Buy for an issue with a Lenovo or Samsung battery? The manufacturers have been held accountable -- never the resellers. Amazon Marketplace merchandise is sold as-is with no liability protections. Now you know -- act accordingly. This said, I still buy consumables like cables and such from the Marketplace. Or maybe a hat or other relatively low-risk items.


Google Container for Firefox to isolate Google

What a change there! Firefox used to depend on Google for its revenue.


What Are DNS Leaks and How to Fix Them

The DNS Leak Test determines the IP Address only of your router, not of your device. This is a bit disingenuous. The VPN is not inside your router -- it is associated with the device.



Water-Based Battery Could Boost Solar and Wind Power

This battery is actually a sodium-ion battery. It is only practical if you can afford a huge size and need a lot of storage capacity. Read this to mean these batteries are by most measures, terribly inefficient, but very cheap to make and maintain. PBS Nova included this tech in their program a few years back about making a "super battery".


What Is Terrarium TV? (and Is it Legal?)

Why do you keep posting links to illegal services like this one? By posting you are spreading the knowledge that these offenders exist, and this aids and abets piracy. BTW, if these apps are sideloaded, they void device warranties and can harm devices with malware. I know several of the domains the app links to, and they are loaded with malicious links. If you ever get caught with illegal content on any of your devices, good luck defending yourself in court. With luck, soon the FBI will either seize the servers of this company, or else block the URLs for North America. And ISPs and cell carriers will start cutting off service to users.


List of Commands to Launch Specific Settings Page Directly in Windows 10

This is not crazy to use -- one command can often replace many clicks of the mouse, and the GUI screens don't have to load one at a time. I use the God Mode Control Panel for a similar shortcut table listed alphabetically. This extended control panel uses a GUI and is searchable.


VeraCrypt: Free Open Source Industrial Strength Encryption

This is the de facto successor to TrueCrypt for Windows and Linux. It beats Bitlocker for most consumer versions of Windows, as you don't need to use your Microsoft Account to use VeraCrypt, and the keys stay on your own PC. Just don't forget to back up your encryption keys!


Facebook kills off trending topics in battle to stop 'fake news'

"Breaking News" or "trending topics" -- labels don't matter. Any time priorities are set by an algorithm, someone can take advantage and start spreading Fake News.


How to Handle Email Spam From Yourself

This article doesn't really solve the problem. The issue is seen most often in GMail and Yahoo accounts (can't speak for other providers, haven't used them). Someone gets hold of a genuine email address and spoofs a boatload of spam to use your email address as the From line. Your account then gets accused of sending spam to people not even in your address book. Only google would be able to stop spoofing, and they have done little or nothing to stop it. Same for Yahoo. For your own accounts, filtering is easy. But for people who think it's you when it isn't, there are few remedies if any.


How to detect Zero-Width Characters fingerprinting

There's an extension which shows an alert so you don't have to request it from the icon. Much more effective at notifying when there are zero-width characters in highlighted text:


Also, I have a lot of add-ons in my gEdit in Ubuntu Linux. If I copy and paste most of the zero-width character containing examples into gEdit, the characters show up as funny ASCII characters. Nothing is hidden. So I guess my favorite copy-paste method is safe. I also copy and paste into LibreOffice Writer, where the grey spaces and slashes show up in place of the zero-width characters.


10 commands every Linux user should know

It's hard to choose just 10 CLI commands, but these are pretty basic.


FBI, DHS share intel on RAT and worm linked to North Korea

This isn't something which affects home users or our networks, and even if it did, we have no tools available to fight this attack. This in no way affects political negotiations about nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula. It's jsut North Korea being North Korea as usual.


Can You Plug Surge Protectors and Extension Cords Into Each Other?

Extension cord into a surge protector -- OK. Surge Protector into extension cord -- Not OK. Surge protector into UPS (Battery Backup) -- not OK. No one in their right mind would plug a UPS into an extension cord, but this is also not OK.


Use SetupDiag to diagnose Windows 10 upgrade issues

This tool may work fine for technicians. But for most of us mere mortals, the output of this diagnostic is as cryptic as the original error messages themselves.


How to: Spot and stop false positives in your PC's security

Each security tool has its own ways of identifying and defining exceptions, but this is what you are looking for. In Avira it's Allow and Ignore in future scans from the Quarantine. Malwarebytes just uses Restore and Ignore. There are other variants. I don't know how to tame Windows Defender.


Google quits selling tablets

Well, if they were detachable, the touchscreens of Chromebooks would be tablets in all but name. There are other 2 in 1 devices like that. So no, tablets are not dying, and no, Google has not stopped making them.


10 incredibly useful ways to use a USB drive you didn't know

Ready Boost is dead. You'd need an incredibly low-latency flash drive and port to use that feature today. One thing not mentioned is that USB Flash Drives support bootable rescue media for various repair and reset features. And they make good install media for Windows, Linux or anything else.

HTTPS Everywhere: ruleset updating without extension updates


With Firefox and Chrome (and presumably Edge) moving over to alerting users if sites aren't using HTTPS, this extension looks like it's going to be sunsetted. Privacy Possum is an extension which is displacing Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere in one extension.


From My Own Reading:

United Airlines Just Gave First Class Passengers Something Truly Outlandish (Economy Passengers Won't Be Happy)



Apple just made a convenient change to iMessage — but there's a key reason you may not want to switch it on



This is a clever email scam, described by Susan Bradley at AskWoody.com:


Too bad she didn't provide an image of the original email message.


Forget Stuxnet, Even Simple IoT Hacking Can Disrupt



What an Always Connected PC is, and what to expect if you buy one

The battery life is amazing. And then there's everything else.



Microsoft plans to bring native 64-bit apps to Qualcomm-powered PCs, but it'll take time



Gartner: Enterprises should demand 2 full years of Windows 10 support

Two analysts said corporate users should push Microsoft to turn a temporary 24-month Windows 10 support lifecycle into a permanent fixture.



Don’t believe the hype: We’re a long way from 5G

There’s a host of reasons why we won’t see 5G roll out in production anytime soon.


If you ask me, 2023 is not that far off. Five years is an eternity in high-tech, but one blink of an eye in a 60 year old's life. ATSC-3 TV conversions will take place over a similar timeline. That gives my TiVo a lot of use before it becomes obsolete. And my Moto G4 smart phone.


Apple introduces iOS 12



iOS 12 will help you fight your phone addiction

More considerate notifications and screen time management are on the way.



Artificial Intelligence Can Help Pick Voices Out of a Crowd


This tech was originally developed to improve then performance of Home Assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and whatever Google calls their assistant. The idea is to be able to tell one family member's voice from another, and to respond only to authorized account holders, not guests or the television.


Apple's Health Record API released to third-party developers; is it safe?


This is not available yet for Android. One reason for not putting this type of app onto an Android phone is the lack of the kind of device encryption Apple puts into every iPhone. Even putting health data onto servers which third parties might access seems pretty risky to me.


The Asus Project Precog is a pioneering dual-display laptop, due in 2019


If you still need further proof of how ridiculous this concept is, look at the article and the included video.

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Why adding letters and symbols isn’t your friend



iOS 12 will help you fight your phone addiction

More considerate notifications and screen time management are on the way.



How to Try Out Google Assistant's New Voices Now



How to Hide and Unhide Anything You Want in Microsoft Excel



New Spectre Variant Discovered That Affects AMD, ARM, and Intel



How to: Keep a laptop secure when you're on the go

Strong passwords aside, we take a look at the best, and cheapest, tools available for protecting your files.



Apple Announces macOS 10.14 Mojave With Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop, Stacks, More



Henry Ford Health System data breach compromised data of nearly 20,000 patients



The 10 best new iOS 12 features that Apple didn’t announce at WWDC 2018



Patch for New Spectre-Like CPU Bug Could Affect Your Performance



Intel and Micron announce QLC dies, which means SSDs are about to get a lot bigger

The first QLC dies will be 33 percent denser than TLC, enabling 1 terabit of density.



All Those Privacy Emails in Your Inbox: How Does GDPR Affect You?



Thunderbird 52.8.0 security update released



Why a DNA data breach is much worse than a credit card leak

You can’t change your DNA



Lego is basically building AR ‘Sims’ for its playsets

The first apps are due out later this year.



This App Turns YouTube Into Curated TV Stations For Mindless Viewing



How to Use Pandora on Linux



Why Google Glass Failed, and What to Expect Next



macOS Mojave release date and specs: Apple unveils latest iteration and all-new Mac App Store

Apple moves away from mountain moniker and presents range of OS tweaks during WWDC keynote



Microsoft Adds Post-Quantum Cryptography to an OpenVPN Fork



6,000 Atlanta Public School employees possibly compromised



How to downgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11.4 without losing any data



How to Get macOS Mojave-Style Desktop Stacks on Windows



Nvidia launches a 3GB GeForce GTX 1050 for PC gamers on a budget

It's faster in some areas and slower in others.



How to Change Network from Public to Private on Windows



A look at Spice-Up presentation software for GNU/Linux



Uber is launching its bike-share company Jump in Europe

But not everyone’s on board



This guy attached a telephoto lens to his Game Boy Camera

The adapter should work with any Canon lens.



Why Won't My Desktop Show Up on My Connected TV?



The Beginner’s Guide to Comments in Microsoft Excel



How to Add Safe Mode to Boot Options in Windows 10






Botnet Authors Don’t Learn Anything From Victims and Secure Databases With Root/Root



Is Facebook’s Anti-Abuse System Broken?



This crazy device turns any TV into a giant touchscreen



How to Find Official Windows Drivers for Any Device



Facebook's Terragraph hopes to replace fiber broadband beginning with 2019 trials

It could replace DSL and cable, or it could lose it all to 5G.



Imagine Dining in a Restaurant with Your Meal Cooked by a Robot



Why you should always read Microsoft's English update notes






Fitbit shipped 1 million Versa smartwatches in six weeks

Its second smartwatch is faring much better than its first.



Here's Why Amazon Can't Fix Review Spam



How to Mirror an iPhone or iPad Screen to a Windows PC



How to Do Not Display Last Signed-in User Name on Sign-in Screen in Windows 10






Feds Ramp Up Investigations Into Online Harassment, Cyberstalking & Threats



A Sobering Look at Fake Online Reviews



iOS 12 fixes the most annoying iPhone X gesture



Chrome Has a Built In Malware Scanner, Here’s How to Use It



Bitdefender Total Security 2018 review: A solid choice for your PC

Bitdefender is a simple solution that stays out of your way and has all the essential features you need.



The Future of Asus Laptops May Have Been Inspired by Apple’s Touch Bar



Enable Chrome's new Picture-in-Picture mode



iPhone 9 / iPhone XI rumors: Release date, specs, price, and features!

When is iPhone 9 being released? Will Apple have an iPhone X2? What will the specs be? Will it have special features? Here's everything we know!



Apple knocks Google over Android fragmentation yet again


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Thur 1296 6/7/2018

This is what people miss most when they switch from Android to iPhone



Firefox Finally Offers Two Factor Auth to Protect Your Passwords



Washington State Sues Facebook and Google Over Election Ads



15 Useful Spotify Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Spotify Account



We're building a budget Intel PC live next week!

Our last two builds have been very AMD-centric, so Gordon decided to spec out a budget Intel build costs under $360 and rivals the Ryzen 3 2200 G!




A new CPU vulnerability has been found, and it's labelled Speculative Store Bypass. Firmware update is in the works, but it cause performance problems.



"Dad, I'm not wasting my time on Xbox, I'm studying to be a cyber pro"



Don't Give Out Your Information in a Facebook Meme



How to Enable or Disable Sync Activities from PC to Cloud in Windows 10



Windows by the numbers: Sanity returns as Windows 7 sheds user share

Migration watch: Windows 10's user share is rising again, and Windows 7 resumed shedding users in May.



Valve Says It Will Now Allow 'Everything' On Steam, Unless It's Illegal Or 'Straight Up Trolling'



Windows 'Double Kill' Attack Code Found in RIG Exploit Kit

Microsoft issued a fix for the remote code execution zero-day vulnerability in May, but research shows businesses have slowed their patching processes post-Meltdown.



The Torrent Guide for Everyone



Configure Two-Step Authentication for Firefox Accounts



Exclusive: Charter’s launching a wireless service called Spectrum Mobile, and we have all the details



How to Enable Copy and Paste Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10’s Bash Shell



Firefox Experiment Lets Users Customize Browser's UI Colors



How to Build an Amazon Echo with Raspberry Pi



How to use, modify, and create templates in Word

Plus, creating custom interactive templates for special projects



How to reset Windows Update on Windows 10 to fix downloads and installs issues

Here are two techniques to reset the Windows Update components to fix stuck updates trying to download and install on Windows 10.



SSM Health call center agent with access to records allegedly violated patient privacy



Record and Share Videos of Your Screen More Easily With Chrome's 'Loom' Extension



This cryptocurrency phishing attack uses new trick to drain wallets

Campaign uses automation to empty cryptocurrency wallets and produce lucrative returns.



What is the 'not optimized for your Mac' warning message?

Macs running the latest OS version now warn users that any 32-bit app they launch is not “optimized for your Mac” and needs to be upgraded.



macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode Puts Windows 10’s to Shame



Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Cybersecurity

The ability to learn gives security-focused AI and ML apps unrivaled speed and accuracy over their more basic, automated predecessors. But they are not a silver bullet. Yet.



Google Forms vs. SurveyMonkey: Which Survey Tool Is Right for You?



Why you should always use YouTube's Privacy-Enhanced Mode



Google will reportedly release not two but three new Pixel 3 phones



How to Check Your MacBook’s Battery Health



MyHeritage Genealogy Site Announces Mega Breach Affecting 92 Million Accounts



How to Add a Watermark to your Word Documents



Acer Chromebook Spin 13 hands-on

Acer's Chromebook Spin 13 brings an Intel Core i5 processor and a 360-degree hinge to a category filled mostly with small, modestly powered, plasticky clamshells. But we don't know how much more this premium Chromebook will cost.



Trolls, fanboys and lurkers: understanding online commenting culture shows us how to improve it

The way user interfaces are designed can impact the kind of community that gathers.



ET Deals: Refurb Dell Latitude 12 5289 12.5-Inch Two-in-One Laptop for $700



The Best Way to Unmute Web Games and Apps Silenced by Google Chrome's Latest Update



“Like stealing candy from a baby,” arrested teen says of his phishing efforts

Police say that "10-15" students' grades were changed, but not the suspect's own.



Apple’s Siri, HomePod and the voice assistant showdown

The battle of the smart assistants is intensifying, and while people seem to want to get more from using Siri, people want to turn Cortana off, and Google Assistant isn’t far behind. How can Apple exploit its advantages to push HomePod higher?



Amazon has too many ways of watching you now



Security Trade-Offs in the New EU Privacy Law



7 Types of Ransomware That Will Take You by Surprise



Swift Selection Search: run quick searches in Firefox



Every real Apple fan should have this great accessory



Using Windows 10’s New Screenshot Tool: Clips and Annotations



Intel Announces the Intel Core i7-8086K 5Ghz Limited Edition CPU



How to Reduce CPU Temperature by Undervolting



The Samsung T5, our favorite portable SSD drive, just hit its lowest price ever

Grab a Samsung T5 portable SSD from Amazon for $150 today.



b is a Bluetooth breathing tool designed to restore your inner calm

Takes your breath away...



Trump Reportedly Ignores Smartphone Security Because It’s ‘Too Inconvenient’



Keep Track of Everything on Your Clipboard With the Clipy App for Mac



How to Enable or Disable Clipboard Sync Across Devices in Windows 10



Meet the ethical hacker: Bug hunters profiled

Young men predominate as ethical hackers, many of whom are gamers, work in IT or security, and have studied computer science.



FBI: Business email compromise tops $676 million in losses

Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report indicates an increase in ransomware while the FBI's Internet Crime Report shows a downward trend, with business email compromise on the rise.



Transcription Service Leaked Medical Records



The 3 Best Ways to Scan Your Old Photos (And Why You Should)



Here comes the next Spectre vulnerability (Spectre V4 CPU)



Apple is going to have to make a touchscreen MacBook if it wants to keep up with the competition


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Wed 1285 6/6/2018

YouTube Livestreamer Arrested for College Bomb 'Prank' That Sent Panicked Bystanders Fleeing



Don't ignore this alert from Facebook it's your chance to protect your privacy



Easily make a Windows bootable USB from within Linux Mint with WoeUSB



Dozens of Vulnerabilities Discovered in DoD's Enterprise Travel System

In less than one month, security researchers participating in the Pentagon's Hack the Defense Travel System program found 65 vulnerabilities.



Explain How to Fix Computer Problems Easier By Recording Your Screen



Avast Finds Pre-installed Android Malware on Hundreds of Phones You’ll Never Use



5 reasons why Apple's next-gen 7nm A12 chip could be the best feature in the 2018 iPhones

A smaller chip is a big deal.



This Exclusive Social Security Benefit Won't Be Around Much Longer



Nvidia CEO: No next-gen GeForce GPUs for a 'long time,' but G-Sync BFGDs are coming soon

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times



Study: Attack on KrebsOnSecurity Cost IoT Device Owners $323K



How (and Why) You Should Be Cleaning Your Phone and Other Electronics



The Meltdown and Spectre Patches Probably Aren’t Slowing Your Computer Down



4 Practical Tips for Speeding Up an Old and Slow iPad



Apple gives users control of Siri with new Shortcuts tool



Breach! Cellphone company gave everyone access to your personal information



CCleaner update introduces Privacy options



Hacker Sentenced to 5 Years in Yahoo Credential Theft Case

Karim Baratov given prison time and seven-figure fine after guilty plea in the massive Yahoo data breach



This App Helps You Curb Your Smartphone Addiction 



Sony Confirms PlayStation 5 At Least 3 Years Away



Google One is the value-driven online storage locker I want iCloud to be

It's not just about gigabytes.



Vietnamese hackers trigger software trap after Australian sale of newspaper in Cambodia



Asus claims its ROG Phone is the world's fastest

Asus jumps into gaming phones with the ROG Phone, which uses cherry-picked Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chips to achieve ultimate performance.



When Your Employees Post Passwords Online



How to Change Your Default Credit Card on Amazon (And Clean Up the List)



How to Make Your Excel Workbook Read Only



The 10 Best Open-Source Web Browsers



Apple Watch gets Walkie-Talkie mode



3 ways scammers are using ATMs to steal from you



PicPick is a professional screen capture tool for Windows



Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803) download using ‘Update Assistant’

The Update Assistant has been updated to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803).



This Site Helps You Find Cheap Items to Hit Amazon's Free Shipping Threshold 



How to Enable or Disable Secure Boot on Windows 10 PC



Tripp Lite TLP1008TEL review: Good protection for 10 outlets at a bargain price

This is the right choice for a 10-outlet surge protector with spacing that allows maximum deployment of plugs.



APWG Report: Cloud Storage and SaaS Increasingly Targeted by Phishers

APWG researchers see continued abuse of HTTPS green-lock protocol to fool consumers



Microsoft Word: How to open or import other file formats

Word can handle a surprising number of file formats, though some may look funny.



FTC Punishes Children's App Company for Not Playing by the Rules



Facebook Upgrades Two Factor Authentication: Here’s How to Set It Up



How to Rotate a Video in VLC (And Save It)



How to Move Tabs Between Android and PC



Walmart sells 80% of its Brazilian operation to Advent Intl, will record $4.5B loss as a result



North Korea is spying by using your Google Play apps



The fight of Manjaro Budgie



Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Getting started with biggest features (videos)

Microsoft releases a series of videos to get everyone started with best features included in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.



How to Deal With mshelper, the Latest Mac Malware



How to Reset Windows Update in Windows 10



How Assistant could help Google take over your living room

Android TV is just along for the ride.



How can Office 365 phishing threats be addressed?



The Acer Chromebook Spin 13 is a classy product rising above a mob of cheap clamshells

It's aimed at business users, a Chromebook market that's still unproven.



Ransomware Is Only Going to Get Worse: Four Trends to Watch



PassProtect Tells You If Your Password Is Compromised



30 Run Commands Every Windows User Should Know



How to Stop Apps From Disappearing on Your iPhone or iPad



Apple introduces watchOS 5



11 useful ways to repurpose your old cellphone



How to use a smartphone as a mobile hotspot

Here's everything you need to know about Wi-Fi tethering.


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Tue 1284 6/5/2018

Warren Buffett: Cybersecurity risk 'is uncharted territory. It’s going to get worse, not better'

  - Warren Buffett is concerned about the cybersecurity threat to the insurance industry.

  - "Cyber is uncharted territory. It's going to get worse, not better," he said at the Berkshire Hathaway 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting Saturday.



Malspam pushing Trickbot malware on Friday 2018-05-11



Get Firefox Share back with Share Backported



Motiv Ring review: a stylish fitness tracker wrapped around your finger



How to Ditch Google on Linux: 10 Alternative Apps and Services to Use Instead



Best soundbars to improve your TV's audio

TV speakers suck, but not everyone has the room—or the budget—for an A/V receiver and six or more loudspeakers. A soundbar can fit under or in front of your TV, and a good one will knock your socks off.



When nothing's on TV this site will save you!



10 super useful Mac Finder tips

Short, sweet and useful -- here are 10 really useful Mac Finder tips you should know about.



New iPhone Leak Reveals Apple's Exciting Design



Detecting Cloned Cards at the ATM, Register



Amazon's huge one-day PC hardware sale has graphics cards you can actually afford, and more

Get 'em while they're hot.



T-Mobile Online Tool Let Anyone Get Customer Info With a Phone Number



How Big Are Gigabytes, Terabytes, and Petabytes?



How Do You Feel About Syncing Your Clipboard to the Cloud?



How to Stop Accidentally Quitting Your Mac Apps



Windows Defender System Guard in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update



Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac review: A performance jump makes it far more reliable

Version 6.2 is a huge improvement over the previous release in malware blocking, but the software still has room to grow on ransomware detection.



How to Increase Storage on Your Raspberry Pi



Nightingale Premium Edition review: This sleep system blankets you in soothing sound

White noise and nature sounds are specifically tuned to the acoustics of your bedroom to mask disruptive noises.



How to listen to what Amazon Echo has ever recorded you saying



Everything you need to know about Apple's GDPR privacy upgrade

Included in Apple's update to comply with the EU's GDPR, customers will be able to download all the information Apple keeps about them.



Galaxy Note 9 Leak Exposes Samsung's Radical Upgrade



Think You’ve Got Your Credit Freezes Covered? Think Again.



The WD Black 3D, our favorite NVMe SSD, drops under $100 in an unprecedented sale

The Western Digital Black 3D is our favorite NVMe drive and it's 25 percent off during Amazon's one-day PC hardware sale.



Microsoft Fixes Issues With Windows 10 Update on Intel, Toshiba SSDs



Chrome Has a Hidden Password Creation Tool, Here’s How to Use It



Would You Like the Ability to Run Mobile Apps on the Desktop as Well?



Try Mailspring If You're Tired of Terrible Desktop Email Apps



Firefox Notes get a big update with multi-note support



Shortcuts looks like the killer Siri feature we've been waiting for

In iOS 12, Siri can perform multiple actions at once with phrases you choose.



The Simple Guide to Annotations: How to Annotate PDFs, Ebooks, Images, and Websites



AirTV’s new tuner carries broadcast TV on—and beyond—your home network

Dual tuners let you distribute two channels within your home, and you can stream one channel outside it.



7 genius new gadgets to make your home smarter



Facebook Must Patch 2 Billion Human Vulnerabilities; How You Can Patch Yours

The situation Facebook is in should be prompting all security teams to evaluate just how defenseless or protected the people in their organizations are.



How to Enable or Disable Timeline in Windows 10



Microsoft reveals Fluent Design changes coming to Windows 10

Forget macOS, Microsoft is bringing Fluent Design changes that will make Windows 10 and apps even prettier.



EVGA moves its motherboard drivers to reusable flash drives, finally leaving DVDs behind

Hopefully this is the start of a trend.



Fact vs. Fiction: Understanding the Future of Connected Car Security



How To Change Your Gmail or Google Password



What Is “VSync,” and Should I Turn It On or Off?



How YouTube's New Music Streaming Service Stands Up to the Competition



Flickr is no longer a Yahoo property: acquired by SmugMug



Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement program: Everything you need to know

All of your questions answered.



6 Apps to Find What Facebook Knows About You (And How to Block It)



Best surge protector: Reviews and buying advice

Far better than ordinary power strips, these products will protect your expensive electronics from dangerous power spikes. We'll help you pick the right one for your home or small office.



New malware will suck up your power and overheat your device



6 Security Investments You May Be Wasting

Not all tools and services provide the same value. Some relatively low-cost practices have a major payoff while some of the most expensive tools make little difference.



How to Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10




Microsoft is building a new experience to open a window into your phone from your PC.



WiFi EasyMesh Explained

TechHive | May 17, 2018


There's a new WiFi standard called EasyMesh that aims to simplify the creation and expansion of home mesh networks.



An Examination of Russian Cyberattacks on Critical Infrastructure: What to Do Now



Modern macOS Is Now Older Than Classic Mac OS Was In 2001



The Game Booster Is a Lie! How to Really Improve PC Gaming Performance



How to Set Up Your Windows Laptop From Scratch



Prevent Hard Drives and External Storage from powering down



Reimagining the Data Center Memory and Storage Hierarchy

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Represents a New Class of Memory and Storage Technology Architected to Extract Further Value from Data

(now this is for big business, but read it is intriguing and one day my come down to consumers)



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Latest edition of Cyberheist News

Mon Jun 4, 2018 9:22 pm (PDT

CyberheistNews Vol 8 #23 [Heads-Up] Ransomware Insurance Expert: "Bad Guys Do More Damage Than They Used To."


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Mon 1283 6/4/2018

Tracking Firm LocationSmart Leaked Location Data for Customers of All Major U.S. Mobile Carriers Without Consent in Real Time Via Its Web Site



China is Using This, Not Renewable Energy, to Replace Coal



Apple introduces iOS 12



5 Ways to Check Who Is Tracking You Online



Facebook’s being sued over a tool being used to screen out older job seekers



Facebook to Build Its Own Silicon for Real-Time Content Filtering



11+ Mac keyboard skills to learn today

In this guide, you'll learn how to unlock the most useful hidden keyboard characters on your Mac.



Ten Best Practices for Outsmarting Ransomware






A look at Peek screen recorder for GNU/Linux



Apple’s About to Make Your iPhone Cooler (And Help You Use It Less)



T-Mobile Employee Made Unauthorized ‘SIM Swap’ to Steal Instagram Account



Facebook Simplifies Two-Factor Authentication Setup

You can now set up two-factor authentication without registering a phone number.



Organize Your Excessive Browser Tabs with 'Toby'



Why It’s Not a Big Deal That Google (and Facebook) Knows A Lot About You



Why Are There No Excellent USB-C Hubs?

What is USB–C?



Nvidia makes big push into artificial intelligence, Amazon stock to hit $2K: Analyst, Bayer to retire Monsanto name



Apple says CarPlay will now support third party navigation and mapping apps



10 Ways to Check the Weather From Your Linux Desktop



Warning! Chrome users do not click this fake link or your bank account info will be stolen



Samsung Will Turn Off Millions of Displays at Once as Part of an Ad Campaign



Is Apple about to kill the SuperDrive on Macs?

Apple has decreed death to 32-bit apps on Macs. But with DVD player, QuickTime 7, and CD/DVD authoring apps stuck there, what's the future of the Mac SuperDrive?



Two-factor authentication is hackable, so what, everything is



DHS unveils long-stalled cyber strategy



How to use instant search in Opera on the desktop



Threat Intelligence Shows Tried and True Techniques Continue to Work for Hackers



Tracking Firm LocationSmart Leaked Location Data for Customers of All Major U.S. Mobile Carriers Without Consent in Real Time Via Its Web Site



Will Amazon's Facial-Recognition Tech Enable Mass Surveillance?

The American Civil Liberties Union and 35 other advocacy group are demanding that Amazon stop selling the technology to law enforcement, fearing it'll be abused.



Create Your Own Live Wallpaper for Your Android Device With 'KLWP'



How to Listen to Spotify With Just Your Web Browser



5 of the Best Smartphones for Seniors



Automate your life with Apple Workflow, the most powerful app you’re not using



Microsoft promises to keep GitHub independent and open



The Definitive Guide to Backing Up Your iPhone or iPad



5 books Bill Gates recommends you read this summer



How to Set CPU Process Priority for Applications in Windows 10



How to reset Windows Update on Windows 10 to fix downloads and installs issues

Here are two techniques to reset the Windows Update components to fix stuck updates trying to download and install on Windows 10.



What to look for in a used Chromebook



DOE Lays Out How Power Sector Could Win the Cybersecurity Battle

DOE Lays Out How Power Sector Could Win the Cybersecurity Battle


Copy text from any Android app with Universal Copy



Shadowy Hackers Accidentally Reveal Two Zero-Days to Security Researchers



Open Bug Bounty Offers Free Program For Websites

Non-profit says it will triage and verify certain kinds of Web vulnerability submissions at no cost for those who sign up.



Yubico Brings Security Keys to iOS

The YubiKey NEO now works with applicable iOS apps, thanks to Yubico's new SDK.



Password Formulas Don’t Fool Hackers



Social Networks Are Great, But They’re a Terrible Place to Get News



9 Alternatives to Whatsapp that Actually Respect Your Privacy



Apple showcases Measure app



Microsoft is reportedly acquiring GitHub



How to Insert a Checkbox in Google Sheets



8 reasons you should buy Apple's most basic iPad instead of an iPad Pro



How to Enable or Disable NTFS File Encryption in Windows



How to fix microphone and camera after upgrading to Windows 10 version 1803

If you're not able to use your microphone or camera after installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, then use this guide to fix this issue.



Two big MacBook fails that Apple should fix at WWDC



Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets



Of software downloads and unique identifiers



"Wicked" Variant of Mirai Botnet Emerges



Judge Tosses Kaspersky Lab Suits Against US Government Ban

A US judge dismisses two lawsuits filed by Kaspersky Lab, which argued the US government ban on its products was unconstitutional and caused undue harm.



Your Drone May Soon Need a License Plate

The FAA intends to require all drones to have an always-visible government-assigned ID.



Why LEDs Burn Out Too Fast



Water Leak Sensors: The Most Overlooked Smarthome Device You Probably Don’t Have



Are You Bothered by Product Recommendations for Your Installed Apps?



Switching from an iPhone to an Android device


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Sun 1282 6/3/2018

[Tip] User Color Filters in Windows 10 for Improved Visibility



We're liveblogging Apple's WWDC 2018 event tomorrow at 10AM PT

Coming to you live from the San Jose's McEnery Convention Center.



How to Set Specific Download Folders for File Types in Chrome and Firefox



How to Disable Sponsored Ads in Firefox



Researchers find abundance of legitimate apps used to stalk intimate partners

Researchers from Cornell Tech, NYU, Technion, Cornell University, and Hunter College conducted what was described as the first large-scale study of apps used by stalkers to track their intimate partners.



The end of Disk Cleanup? Free Up Space Now appears in Windows 10 Settings



The OnePlus 6 Is Good, but It Won’t Kill Any Flagship Android Phones



How to open a port in the firewall on Windows 10

If you have an app getting blocked by the firewall, here are the steps to create a rule to allow the app network access through an specific port.



10 Apple accessibility solutions everyone should know

The great thing about the accessibility tools inside Apple products is that they make those products better for everyone. Here are some accessibility solutions every Apple user needs to know.



Is Your Router Vulnerable to VPNFilter Malware?

Below is a list of routers vulnerable to VPNFilter, malware that can brick your device.



Will the Real Joker’s Stash Come Forward?



New AR app lets you step into a portal to the NBA Finals



How to Disable Windows 10’s Tabs From Showing in Alt+Tab



RAT campaign targets Koreans with phishing lures featuring U.S.-North Korea summit



Why Even Your Bullshit Accounts Deserve Strong Passwords



8 Adobe Illustrator Tips to Help You Design Faster



5 Browser Extensions to Customize Your Facebook Experience



Explainer: What is IPv6?

IPv6 may seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be.



Receive call and message notifications from select Android contacts only



Review: Living With the Nuheara IQBuds Boost



How to allow apps through the firewall on Windows 10

Sometimes the firewall will block trusted apps from accessing the internet, but on Windows 10 is super easy to change the settings to manually allow apps through the firewall — Here's how to do it.



Apple’s iPhone strong as industry enters replacement cycle

Android smartphone manufacturers continue their struggle for share in the value-driven market, while Apple’s iPhones 8, 8 Plus, and X maintain their position.



Malware That Can Brick Wi-Fi Routers Hits 500,000 Devices

UPDATE: The FBI recommends that everyone with a small office and home office router or NAS device reboot them immediately.



Why Is Your Location Data No Longer Private?



What you need to know about the latest iOS upgrade before you download it



How to Check or Update Your HomePod’s OS Version



Europol forms new Dark Web Team to combat online criminal marketplaces



What's the Deal With GDPR and Your Online Privacy?



Opera Touch Is a New One-Handed Mobile Browser



The Beginner’s Guide to Touch Typing



Instagram now lets you mute people from your feed and Stories - here's how

You can now stop someone's Instagram posts appearing in your feed without having to unfollow them.



Configure DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox



How to Backup and Restore Sticky Notes app Settings in Windows 10



Telegram: Apple Has Blocked Updates since April

Telegram founder and chief executive Pavel Durov claims the messaging service has not been able to make technical updates anywhere in the world.



Woman hit with defamation lawsuit by doctor over negative Yelp review



Low-Cost Android Devices Found Secretly Installing Adware

Avast found the 'Cosiloon' threat on over 140 different Android models, most of them tablets from lesser-known vendors.



3 Charged In Fatal Kansas ‘Swatting’ Attack



Best routers to fix your Wi-Fi using the new mesh networks



CARROT, the Hilarious Misanthropic Weather Robot, Is Finally on Android



'Cyber incident' leaves Eventbrite-owned Ticketfly offline, ransom demanded.



How to Keep Your Amazon Echo From Sending Your Conversations to Your Contacts



Are Smartphone Camera Lenses Worth Buying?



USB 3.1 Gen 2 vs. USB 3.1 Gen 1: How Are They Different?



Satya Nadella: Microsoft will build ethical AI

Microsoft chief says ethics must be taken seriously as AI begins to change society



Apply video effects to YouTube Videos in Chrome or Firefox



How to Enable or Disable Auto Arrange in Folders in Windows 10



How spies can use your cellphone to find you — and eavesdrop on your calls and texts



Cybercrime Is Skyrocketing as the World Goes Digital

If cybercrime were a country, it would have the 13th highest GDP in the world.



GDPR Begins Today! What You Need to Know

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will dramatically impact how data is managed far beyond the borders of the EU. Here's how it will affect your US business.



Mobile Giants: Please Don’t Share the Where



Freaky Android glitch is revealing your private messages



How to Turn Any File Into a Template in macOS



Hackers hijack SpamCannibal, spam users with false notifications



How to Protect Your Router From the Latest Malware Attack



AmpliFi Teleport Makes Your Own Secure VPN (Review and Giveaway)



Atari VCS throwback console attracts $2m in pre-orders




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