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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Sat 6/16/2018 1295
Fri 6/15/2018 1294
Thur 6/14/2018 1293
Wed 6/13/2018 1292
Tue 6/12/2018 1291
Mon 6/11/2018 1290
Sun 6/10/2018 1289

Sat 1295 6/16/2018

New Windows Build Adds Revamped Snipping Tool and Expands Access to Sets



Folding ‘Andromeda’ device could be Microsoft’s iPhone moment



How Does Election Hacking Work? Everything Explained in Simple Terms



Hackers Find New Method of Installing Backdoored Plugins on WordPress Sites



Gig City: How Chattanooga Became a Tech Hub

The Tennessee city's burgeoning tech sector is built on a vibrant startup ecosystem and cheap, fast internet from its citywide gigabit fiber network.



Google Chrome now lets you sign in to most services without a password



How to Use Your Chromebook



Best Security Podcast: “Smashing Security” up for top award




I wish I could buy Intel's cute little E Ink dual-screen PC

Part e-reader, part 8-inch tablet, the Tiger Rapids prototype is super nifty.



How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade



The most interesting feature in the Pixel 3 leak isn't Google's notch—it's what's inside

Just how many cameras will come on the Pixel 3?






Keep all your data in this $90 Seagate Expansion 4TB hard drive

Gotta put it all somewhere.



Logitech Z323 review: This 2.1 speaker system's boomy bass overwhelms room-filling sound

Finding an acceptable balance between low and high frequencies was an ongoing exercise with this 2.1 system.



Samsung Galaxy X: Everything we know so far



5 New Mobile Browser Alternatives to Chrome and Safari



Backdoor Account Found in D-Link DIR-620 Routers



How to Use Nearby Sharing in Windows 10

Nearby Sharing in the Windows 10 April 2018 update sends files with minimum hassle. No emailing, message attachments, or plugging and unplugging USB drives.



A better metaphor for technology

Think of tech as an instrument, not a tool



How to Restore Chrome OS



The Dark Overlord: Suspected hacking group member arrested in Serbia



Data-stealing router malware bypasses web encryption

It also inserts hostile code and targets devices on the network.



List of Shortcuts to Directly Open Pages in Settings in Windows 10



Watch us build a $360 Intel gaming PC

Yes, you can build an 8th-generation Intel machine with discrete graphics for under four Benjamins.






Small cumulative update brings QuickBooks fix for April 2018 Update PCs

The update includes a single fix for Intuit QuickBooks users looking to run in multi-user mode.



Sound BlasterX Kratos S3 review: A versatile entry-level 2.1 speaker system

The Kratos S3 brings full, warm sound to music, movies, and games.



Apple's Measure app could make the tape measure obsolete



The 10 Best Open-Source Web Browsers



FacePause Chrome Extension Pauses a YouTube Video When You Look Away



Has The Internet Been Good For Society? Fewer Saying Yes

Seventy percent of US adults recently polled said the internet has been good for society, down 'a modest but still significant 6 percentage points' since 2014.



Everything you need to stream TV



All ways to restart and shutdown Windows 10



Man faces up to 35 years in prison for helping hackers evade detection by anti-virus software

What was Scan4You, and why was it called a counter anti-virus (CAV) website?



Amazon return policy abusers sentenced to nearly six years in prison

They defrauded the company out of more than $1.2 million in goods.






The Lian Li Strimer infuses your PC's power connector cable with customizable RGB lights

They did it, the absolute madmen!






How to manage app execution aliases on Windows 10

If you have multiple apps using the same alias name, then use this guide to specify which one should use it to run the right app from a command console.



Q Acoustics Concept 20 loudspeaker review: These gorgeous bookshelf speakers sound positively divine

A box-within-a-box design contributes to a delightfully impressively sonic signature.



Microsoft introduces checkout-free retail



The Windows System32 Directory: What It Is and Why You Can’t Delete It



Spam Botnet Tracked Down to Malicious PHP Script Found on 5,000 Hacked Sites



6 Cool Things in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Continuing its 'Windows as a service' program, Microsoft adds time-saving features, dictation, sharing, and more.



Swatter indicted in Kansas gamer’s death also accused of net neutrality vote bomb threat






Suspected Syrian Electronic Army hackers indicted for conspiracy and identity theft



Google will block Chrome extension installs outside its Web Store

People are apparently less likely to uninstall extensions from the Web Store itself.



Windows 10: Restart Computer in Windows 10 



Asus packs OLED displays into new ROG liquid-coolers and power supplies

The new OLED displays in ROG PSUs and CLCs are for both work and play.



New iPhone Leak Exposes Apple's Powerful Decision



How to enable NTFS support to treat folders as case sensitive on Windows 10

Windows 10 now handles case sensitive files, just like Linux, and here are the steps to enable the features.



Apple and Google harden their smartphones against hackers and governments

As techniques used by criminals and law enforcement become known, the two leading smartphone makers are adapting to protect user data.



Everything we know about Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6



AI edges closer to understanding 3D space the way we do



Fake Fortnite Apps Scamming and Spying on Android Gamers



The Pros and Cons of Building Your Own Linux PC



Apple's iWork update now lets you record, edit and play audio

The office suite gets a whole bunch of new features.


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Fri 1294 6/15/2018

Chrome Browser Theme 'Free Movie' Offer is a Scam



An iPhone X miraculously survived being submerged in a river for two weeks



The New Google News: 6 Striking Changes You Should Know About



BackSwap Banking Trojan Uses Never-Before-Seen Techniques



Xiaomi announces $26 Mi Band 3 with 20 days of battery life



Microsoft to Retire Groove for Android and iOS



8 ways to shut down or restart a Windows 10 computer or device



How to Review and Delete Your Alexa History

Want to review what you've asked Amazon's Alexa (and maybe delete your more embarrassing inquiries)? Here's how.



Apple wins praise for adding 'USB Restricted Mode' to secure iPhones

Amid reports that two forensic companies have been helping law enforcement and government agencies break into locked iPhones, Apple rolled out a new feature in iOS 12 to prevent further intrusions. Privacy advocates applauded the move.



Logitech G513 review: Attractive outside, new Romer-G switch inside

Now you can choose between Logitech's two mechanical-key switch options.



The best Windows backup software

The best programs for keeping your data and Windows safely backed up.



Microsoft's new Windows 10 'Video editor' is really just the Photos app in disguise

Many have noticed a new "Video editor" app preinstalled on their Windows 10 devices over night. Did Microsoft finally make a video editor for Windows 10? Not exactly.






Proposed law would give DHS power to seize and destroy drones

The agency expressed its support for the bill during a hearing yesterday.



Best Buy’s huge Apple sale includes deals on Apple Watch, HomePod, iPhone X, and more



5 Little-Known Book Sites and Apps as Alternatives to Goodreads



Z-Shave Attack Could Impact Over 100 Million IoT Devices



Scientists have 3D printed the most advanced artificial cornea ever using human cells

They’re not ready for human eyes yet, but one day these artificial corneas might help people see



Project Fi Now Supports Three More Phones



How to Restart Windows 10

Five Methods:

 . Using the Start Menu

 . Using the Power User Menu

 . Using the "Shut Down Windows" Dialog Box

 . Using Ctrl + Alt + Del\

 . Using the Command PromptCommunity Q&A



Xbox 360 Gets First System Update Since March 2016

Microsoft may be focused on the Xbox One, but it clearly hasn't forgot about the Xbox 360.



Which Android phones get regular security updates? Here's a hint

A rare clue about the big picture of security update performance across the Android ecosystem.



Hands-on: HP's Envy x2 is a Surface clone boasting 20 hours of battery life

What we know: the HP Envy looks great. What we don't: what will performance and battery life look like, long term?



Tablo Dual Lite DVR review: The all-around champ is cheaper than ever

This is the best over-the-air DVR for folks who aren't tech-savvy.



How to create an unattended installation of Windows 10

You can perform a clean installation of Windows 10 without any user interaction, and in this guide we show you how.






Spinning litter box automatically collects your kitty's poop

It also has cat ears that flash blue. Because why not.



Google’s next major Maps redesign is rolling out, but you can’t have it yet



5 Types of Mobile Apps You Should Stop Installing



Malware Found in the Firmware of 141 Low-Cost Android Devices



AT&T and Verizon both want to run massive ad-tracking networks to rival Facebook

Tracking everything that happens on your phone



How to Take a Screenshot with Screen Snip in Windows 10



Amazon's DeepLens is one smart camera



How to Silence Notifications With Windows 10's Focus Assist

Here's how to tell Windows 10 to leave you alone when you're busy.



20 Best Games for Laptops and Low-End PCs in 2018



ASRock leaks four unannounced 2nd-gen AMD Ryzen processors

Oops (again).



Cyberlink PowerDVD 18 Ultra review: Still the best, and now a little bit better

There is no higher-quality video player available for Windows. It's a bit pricey, but PowerDVD Ultra is also the only software that can play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs on your computer.



1080p vs. 1440p vs. 4K: Which resolution is best for gaming?



Here's why Google is killing off inline installation for Chrome extensions

Google is killing off extension installation anywhere outside official sources: Soon you'll only be able to get them from the Chrome Web Store.



Google suspends election ads in Washington state

It's to comply with recent disclosure law amendments.



New iPhone X Plus schematic suggests we’ll have to wait for the triple-cam iPhone



Why the Raspberry Pi Is More Successful Than Odroid and Other SBCs



Microsoft Will Extend GDPR Privacy Protections to All Users, Not Just Europeans



Smartphone shipments declined for the first time in 2017



How Turn On or Off Use Print Screen Key to Launch Screen Snipping in Windows 10



Microsoft developing Amazon Go-like shopping system, report says



5 Unique Ways to Use a Security Camera

There are more uses for security cameras than just deterring criminals.



How to Emergency Restart or Shutdown Windows 10/8/7



LibreOffice 6 review: The open-source favorite gets an update

This Office alternative gets even better with productivity improvements.



Avast Security Pro for Mac review: Everything a modern antivirus app needs and a little bit more

An all-around champion has strong malware-fighting abilities packaged with worthwhile extras.



Hands-on with the built-for-Windows Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 ARM processor

Thinner, lighter, better performance, and coming to a mainstream PC near you.



Here's why Google is killing off inline installation for Chrome extensions

Google is killing off extension installation anywhere outside official sources: Soon you'll only be able to get them from the Chrome Web Store.



Intel wants to get you excited for PCs with 'Creator' machines

They might even tempt over a disgruntled Mac owner or two.



Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console will reportedly launch in 2020



It sure looks like Google is trying to make Pixelbooks run Windows



How Cloudflare DNS Helps Solve 4 Big DNS Privacy Risks



How to Remotely Troubleshoot Your Relative's Computer

If you're the designated 'tech person' in your family or friend group, here's how to access a computer from afar, Mac or PC, to see what's going on.



Comments by -- Bob Primak --

Re. More FYI Postings Week of June 3-9, 2018:


Re. FYI#1282 (Sun 6/3/2017):  

[Tip] User Color Filters in Windows 10 for Improved Visibility

These filters are for people with specific medical conditions. They are not comfort filters as seen in apps like RedShift, f.lux and Night Light.


How to Disable Sponsored Ads in Firefox

Time to uninstall Firefox on Linux! Mozilla Foundation has sold out. I predicted this as soon as they ended their partnership with Google. I'm only surprised it took them this long to collapse.


Researchers find abundance of legitimate apps used to stalk intimate partners

There is nothing legitimate about stalking. Apps which enable stalking are not behaving legitimately.


The end of Disk Cleanup? Free Up Space Now appears in Windows 10 Settings

I'm keeping my copies of CCleaner and Glary Utilities, and I'm going to continue to do full-scale Disk Cleanup whether Microsoft likes it or not.


How to open a port in the firewall on Windows 10

Before you do this, you should very seriously question why the app needs that port open.


Is Your Router Vulnerable to VPNFilter Malware?

So what is Comcast using? This and whatever competitor there is in your area are the two most used routers. And no one using them has a clue as to how to protect these ISP-provided routers.


How to Disable Windows 10’s Tabs From Showing in Alt+Tab

All of the "Sets" features should be disabled by default. I won't worry about this until I encounter it. Which won't be any time soon. I'm still deferring the 1803 (Spring 2018) upgrade.


Why Even Your Bullshit Accounts Deserve Strong Passwords

I don't give a fig about what is expose in my non-critical sites. Most of them I have to ask to reset the password every time I want to log in.


Explainer: What is IPv6?

IPv6 is not something you as an end user can control. It depends on the sites you visit, whether they support IPv6 or not.


Why Is Your Location Data No Longer Private?

If you own a smart phone, your location data has never been private.


Configure DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox

Lots top get very confused about in there. Hopefully, this feature will become the default in the near future for all browsers.


Low-Cost Android Devices Found Secretly Installing Adware

And that's just one more reason not to go too cheap when buying any type of device.


How to Keep Your Amazon Echo From Sending Your Conversations to Your Contacts

Until there are controls as to who can access what, and I mean very granular controls, it's best never to sync contacts among any devices. Even if this means you have to actually pick up your phone to make a call or send a text message.


Are Smartphone Camera Lenses Worth Buying?

Many smart phones enhance photo and video images by using more than one of their built-in lenses and combining the images for better definition, color range, light sensitivity, or event to identify faces for logins. You are best off not using third party lenses on these phones. However, some high-end phones like the Moto-Z series, are designed to take external lenses, so you can add lenses to these specialty phones.


Satya Nadella: Microsoft will build ethical AI

What does Nadella know about American ethics? He's the one who keeps foisting upgrades on devices explicitly set to defer upgrades. How on earth can we accept the idea that his company even knows what the term "ethical" means, let alone will implement it in their AI projects?


Apply video effects to YouTube Videos in Chrome or Firefox



How to Enable or Disable Auto Arrange in Folders in Windows 10

Sometimes auto arrange is helpful. But it can rearrange folders in ways that make things hard to find. I leave auto arrange enabled and at the default settings in all my operating systems, because I'm used to the way it behaves. But if there were an issue of not being able to consistently find things, I might want to disable the feature, at least for some directories. And note that the methods in the article no longer work in Windows 10, since Version 1703, so the entire idea was not worth referencing here.


How spies can use your cellphone to find you — and eavesdrop on your calls and texts

So now that I know all of this, what do I do?


Mobile Giants: Please Don’t Share the Where

Again, now that I know all this, what do I do?


Freaky Android glitch is revealing your private messages

First of all, this has not been demonstrated to work on a locked Android device. Second, even if this does in fact happen, what can Android users do about it?


Hackers hijack SpamCannibal, spam users with false notifications

This story does point up one long known fact -- using blacklists has its risks. I do not rely on anything which uses blacklists. That includes the most popular ad blocking browser extensions. They slow browser performance without guaranteeing any benefit in return. Spam filtering of email is already done by your email service provider, so you don't need to add anything to this.


How to Protect Your Router From the Latest Malware Attack

This article actually gets its advice right. So many others provided the incomplete information that rebooting the router would protect you. It will not. You have to do a full factory reset. Then disable remote administration. But then you won't be able to use your web browser to get into your router to change settings.


AmpliFi Teleport Makes Your Own Secure VPN (Review and Giveaway)

From this article, I do not understand how this would work, and how to set it up.


Re. FYI#1283 (Mon 6/4/2018):

Tracking Firm LocationSmart Leaked Location Data for Customers of All Major U.S. Mobile Carriers Without Consent in Real Time Via Its Web Site

And we as phone users can do exactly what about this?


5 Ways to Check Who Is Tracking You Online

I'm pretty sure the EFF site is rigged to fail anyone who hasn't installed their own browser extension. Nothing in the article shows how to stop browser fingerprint tracking. Very, very poor article.


A look at Peek screen recorder for GNU/Linux

I'll stick with Simple Screen Recorder. It does a lot more than Peek.


Why It’s Not a Big Deal That Google (and Facebook) Knows A Lot About You

Maybe not a big deal to you, but it is a big deal when the retained data is sold or is leaked to nefarious parties. Which has happened way too often. This article is filed under Bullshit!


Why Are There No Excellent USB-C Hubs?

What are these people talking about? I have two USB-C docks (one much better than the other), and do not need additional USB-C ports. I have non issues with the ASUS dock, and only the issue with the Insignia dock that audio through HDMI does not work with it.


10 Ways to Check the Weather From Your Linux Desktop

None of these works in the Xfce desktop environment, which is what I have on my Fedora-X in my Chromebook. that's where a decent weather app might be useful.


Warning! Chrome users do not click this fake link or your bank account info will be stolen

These are "Themes" which suggest they allow access to pirated content. Anyone who downloads anything like this deserves exactly what he/she/they gets.


Samsung Will Turn Off Millions of Displays at Once as Part of an Ad Campaign

If they were only turning off the displays, this would be an ad campaign. What they really plan on doing is a malicious prank which will likely lose them sales, not make sales.


Is Apple about to kill the SuperDrive on Macs?

I guess DVDs just aren't "cool" anymore.


Two-factor authentication is hackable, so what, everything is

Missing the point totally. The point to telling folks that 2FA is hackable is to move folks to more secure login methods, such as using hardware FOBs, similar to YubiKey.


Will Amazon's Facial-Recognition Tech Enable Mass Surveillance?

The American Civil Liberties Union and 35 other advocacy group are demanding that Amazon stop selling the technology to law enforcement, fearing it'll be abused.

There will be no stopping this. Some forms of facial recognition have been in use by law enforcement since the earliest days of sketches of suspects. Then technology has improved vastly since then, but just because Amazon has upped the quality of the recognition a bit, this does not constitute a new or novel technology. ACLU will lose any case they try to bring about this.


5 of the Best Smartphones for Seniors

These are not the only, nor the most economical choices. The Moto G series is recommended by one of the folks commenting. I am not very old, but I do like the Moto G4 I have. The G6 is supposed to be better, easier to read. And there are launchers which make things bigger on the screen.


Microsoft promises to keep GitHub independent and open

Remember “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish”?

Yeah, sure, we can trust Microsoft. (NOT!) BTW, developers are fleeing from GitHub like rats from the Titanic. They don't want to get their projects locked into Microsoft.


How to Set CPU Process Priority for Applications in Windows 10

On a reasonably modern PC with enough power to run apps, you should not have to adjust this feature. If your device won't run your apps fast enough, or if there are other signs you don't have enough CPU power, you have the wrong device for those apps. It happens to a lot of people. Extreme case -- you can't run full-scale Excel spreadsheets efficiently on an Atom processor.


How to reset Windows Update on Windows 10 to fix downloads and installs issues

There are actually about five ways to reset Windows Update. First, try the two troubleshooters. But if these don't work, there are other methods to try. One that works very well but is technically challenging is to delete the Software Distribution folder(s). This is not easy, as normally, at least two services have to be stopped, and the folders are hidden. Then there are things like DISM and sfc/scannow commands.


Copy text from any Android app with Universal Copy

This app may be spying on other apps. Other than that possibility, it looks like a useful app except for one thing. Once it captures the text, where can you paste the results to transfer to other devices, like a PC?


Password Formulas Don’t Fool Hackers

If you use a password manager, it will generate strong passwords for you. I generate my new passwords online with tools from places like LastPass. There is never any cause to try to be more clever than the hackers. You will not win that contest.


Social Networks Are Great, But They’re a Terrible Place to Get News

Unfortunately, those who need this advice the most are exactly the people who will never read this.


Microsoft is reportedly acquiring GitHub

“Embrace, Extend, Extinguish” – That's what Microsoft always does.


How to Enable or Disable NTFS File Encryption in Windows

That's actually EFS, or Encrypted File System.


Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets

Unfortunately, there is nothing the general public can do about this. We don't decide who copies our documents.


Of software downloads and unique identifiers

Free software is more likely to be doing this than paid software. But let's face it -- all software tries to track everything the user does with it from cradle to grave. Linux is not immune to this


Your Drone May Soon Need a License Plate

This would certainly help identify the owners of those drones which stray into restricted airspace or interfere with commercial aviation.


Why LEDs Burn Out Too Fast

I have rarely had LEDs burn out on me. I have had a few defective ones, and I broke more than one. But burning out is very rare indeed. I don't use dimmer switches, but even in apartments, there is no need to redo the wiring. One caveat -- LEDs do not like to be used in environments where they may be exposed to excessive heat or cold. Learned that the hard way.


Are You Bothered by Product Recommendations for Your Installed Apps?

I actually haven't seen a lot of this. Not through notifications anyway.


Re. FYI#1284 (Tues 6/5/2018):

How to Ditch Google on Linux: 10 Alternative Apps and Services to Use Instead

None of these "alternatives" even comes close to offering what the Google services they "replace" offer. You cannot use obscure social media sites and expect to connect with anyone. And the paid offerings are nonstarters from the get-go.


Detecting Cloned Cards at the ATM, Register

The chip cards were supposed to do away with these sorts of crimes awhile ago. But gas stations in particular have not converted to chip readers. As for gift cards, they have always been a ripoff.


How Do You Feel About Syncing Your Clipboard to the Cloud?

I will disable this feature as soon as it shows up. I have no interest in letting Microsoft store my clipboard contents and do with it as the company pleases.


Windows Defender System Guard in Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

It is not at all clear what effect this change will have on the use of third party antivirus or third party software. I can't even find any articles which pin down exactly which editions of which updates actually have this feature. Some are even saying it isn't a software feature at all, but a hardware feature.


How to listen to what Amazon Echo has ever recorded you saying

If you want privacy, or might need to prevent something from being recorded and/or uploaded, the microphone should be switched off. Yes this disables Alexa, but no it won't record anything you really don't want it to store. It's a tradeoff, like anything having to do with retaining audio or video recordings of any person, place or time.


Think You’ve Got Your Credit Freezes Covered? Think Again.

It seems like a new one of these secret reporting bureaus turns up every other week. There really need to be laws on who can collect, retain and exchange data about US Citizens. There need to be laws covering notifying us when information is collected so we don't have to keep running down these spies. Credit does need to be verified, but only if the accuracy of the information can be verified by us -- or disputed if it is inaccurate.


Chrome Has a Hidden Password Creation Tool, Here’s How to Use It

There are much more private and safer ways to perform this function. I would never link my passwords through a web browser to an online account. That to a hacker is the trifecta of account hijacking.


Would You Like the Ability to Run Mobile Apps on the Desktop as Well?

How many times do I have to repeat this? A PC is not a phone. So don't make me use it as one!


Try Mailspring If You're Tired of Terrible Desktop Email Apps

This is not a Free and Open Source product. Try Claws Mail if you want something which is truly FOSS.


AirTV’s new tuner carries broadcast TV on—and beyond—your home network

There seems to be an evolution taking place at this company. AirTV is becoming linked to Sling TV and the Sling Boxes. There is a recommended HDMI to Composite Video and Audio converter box, which should allow a Comcast DVR to connect to a Sling Box M2 or this AirTV box. Other configurations are offered. The program guide they use is Rovi-TiVo's product, but they use it for free (no subscriptions). As nearly as I can tell, the original box is not the current product. Yes, this is all legal, but only one stream can be viewed outside of your home network. All content can be streamed over the Internet, even content normally restricted by the ISP. So there are different ways this and related products can be set up and used. No indication you can set any of this up with DVR capabilities of its own. Recording or "Cloud DVR" services would be needed for this to be a viable product.


How to Enable or Disable Timeline in Windows 10

This is one thing I will definitely disable as soon as it shows up.


Microsoft reveals Fluent Design changes coming to Windows 10

What’s old is new again. Remember when these same elements were eliminated from Windows 8.0, to give the "Metro" or "Modern" look to the user interface? Well, "Aero Glass Effects" (Windows 7) are back, under a new name. Yet another admission by Microsoft that the changes in the user interface introduced in Windows 8 were a huge mistake.


Flickr is no longer a Yahoo property: acquired by SmugMug

Rejoice! But with caveats. SmugMug is not a free site, and I doubt they have any interest in maintaining a free service. So Flickr is about to be absorbed into SmugMug, and the free tier will disappear. I would allow a couple of years for the "integration" of the two services to be completed.


How to Restore Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

This article was written in 2015. I can't say this hack won't work now, but it is a Registry Hack, and as such, I would avoid it.


WiFi EasyMesh Explained

I'm not sure how this new standard will play out, but it does promise to make using products from different vendors easier.


How to Set Up Your Windows Laptop From Scratch

This article has you do things which reintroduce bloatware and spyware, and set you up so that your laptop needs to be connected to the Internet before you can even log in. It also makes no mention of setting up a Limited User Account. Both the article and the comments are nearly pure hogwash.


Re. FYI#1285 (Wed 6/6/2018):

Don't ignore this alert from Facebook it's your chance to protect your privacy

Four pages to sift through just to know that you have no privacy! Again, tell me why the Chicago Computer Society chose Facebook as its social media platform?


Easily make a Windows bootable USB from within Linux Mint with WoeUSB

Well, we've been making Linux install/live USB drives from within Windows for some time now. Turnabout is only fair play.


Study: Attack on KrebsOnSecurity Cost IoT Device Owners $323K

That IDIoT network protection is easily achieved by adding a Unified Threat Management device (UTM) between the router and the IoT sub-net. BitDefender Box 2 is an example of a UTM box which does much more than IDIot to protect IoT things from outside attacks. It isn't cheap, but it would have stopped Mirai cold in its tracks.


The Meltdown and Spectre Patches Probably Aren’t Slowing Your Computer Down

My computers and their processors are reasonably up to date, so I haven't noticed any significant slowdowns.


CCleaner update introduces Privacy options

A company has always collected user data. Now it admits that the data are collected, and offers an opt-out checkbox or two. The Internet breaks. Americans are so immature! I will uncheck the box and continue to use CCleaner as before, although I would like to be able to clean the font cache again. Maybe Glary Utilities still does that?


Google One is the value-driven online storage locker I want iCloud to be

Google Drive or Google One has nothing to do with iCloud. Totally different services with different goals.


When Your Employees Post Passwords Online

This should never happen. It's grounds for firing people.


How to Change Your Default Credit Card on Amazon (And Clean Up the List)

This isn't difficult to do. I've changed cards and removed old ones several times.


PicPick is a professional screen capture tool for Windows

I was not aware this still had a free version. This is a good program, and does more than the native Windows Snipping Tool.


How to Enable or Disable Secure Boot on Windows 10 PC

I know of very few reasons to disable Secure boot in Windows 10 these days. Most Linux distros will install perfectly well with it left on. I dual-boot Ubuntu Linux with Windows 10 Pro and do not have to turn off Secure Boot on my Intel NUC.


Microsoft Word: How to open or import other file formats

Word can handle a surprising number of file formats, though some may look funny.

If the import looks funny in Word, the process was not successful. Therefore, the claims made in this article are not entirely accurate.


How to Move Tabs Between Android and PC

As long as the sync functions can be isolated to only certain things, I think this might work pretty well. Presumably, there's a way to erase the things you've synced from your Google Account when you're finished.


Re. FYI#1296 (Thurs 6/7/2018):


There are no firmware updates, no patches and no known exploits of this vulnerability as of now. Waiting is the best policy.


How to Enable or Disable Sync Activities from PC to Cloud in Windows 10

Another feature to be disabled if it isn't disabled by default. I have no reason whatsoever to use such a feature.


Exclusive: Charter’s launching a wireless service called Spectrum Mobile, and we have all the details

Comcast also has their own branded wireless service called Xfinity Mobile. I don't know where Charter/Spectrum is available, but it could be available even where Charter is not an ISP.


Record and Share Videos of Your Screen More Easily With Chrome's 'Loom' Extension

Storage is on a Google Drive. This can be a drawback even if the videos are not lengthy. Given that VLC Player can also do screen recording, and the results are stored locally, I see no reason to use a browser extension which does not do local storage.


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Cybersecurity

The trouble with using AI to defend the security of an asset or a network is that those trying to hack into the asset also have access to AI and machine learning. If the hackers and the defenders are of about equal skills and are equally up to date in the field, there might be no benefit in applying AI to security.


MyHeritage Genealogy Site Announces Mega Breach Affecting 92 Million Accounts

While this is a very large number of accounts compromised, the only damages seem to be password hashes (not easy to translate into actual passwords) and email addresses (public information). No DNA or financial information was accessed.


Trolls, fanboys and lurkers: understanding online commenting culture shows us how to improve it

The way user interfaces are designed can impact the kind of community that gathers.

The issues with Facebook and Twitter stem from much deeper problems than the interface designs. Users are allowed to remain anonymous. Users do not have to prove the authenticity of information in their profiles. Users with little history and thin profiles are not restricted from posting anything they want to post. Spoofed accounts are rarely taken down. Reports of harassment, stalking and threatening are almost never taken seriously. Advertisers and sponsored content actually encourage uncivilized behaviors. In short, there is a culture of trying to say and do anything it takes to get the most "eyeballs", regardless of ethics or the tone of the activities. This is not a user culture -- it is the culture of those who founded and still run these social media sites. The only way to change user behavior would be to change who's running the companies. And that is never going to happen.


Amazon has too many ways of watching you now

The cameras are not required to run the systems, except in the case of home security. You don't have to allow Amazon to watch, record and retain everything which goes on inside the place where you live. Even the "always on" listening can be muted.


Security Trade-Offs in the New EU Privacy Law

Not being a lawyer or a security researcher, I can't say what value the soon to be redacted information has had for detection or prevention of cybercrime. I guess we'll soon see how much more or less spam and phishing results from any changes at WhoIs.


Using Windows 10’s New Screenshot Tool: Clips and Annotations

Although this isn't coming very soon, when it does come, it may prove useful.


How to Reduce CPU Temperature by Undervolting

Everything else I've read says that undervoltage is just as damaging to electronics as overvoltage. Neither practice will do anything positive for the life expectancy of the CPU. All overclocking, overvoltage and undervoltage experiments are not supported by manufacturer warranties. In fact, brownouts and undervoltage damages are reasons why people use UPS or battery backup systems in modes which regulate voltage and other aspects of the incoming electricity to a PC.


How to Enable or Disable Clipboard Sync Across Devices in Windows 10

This is one feature I would not enable, or if it's enabled by default, I would disable as soon as it shows up.

FBI: Business email compromise tops $676 million in losses

I can't read this article, as I don't own a business.


Here comes the next Spectre vulnerability (Spectre V4 CPU)

There are no mitigations presently available for this vulnerability. There are also no known exploits in the wild for it. Nothing to do here except know there is a vulnerability and someday maybe there will be patches and possibly a firmware update to deal with it.


Re. FYI#1287 (Fri 6/8/2018):

Watch out for Google's new-look sign-in page: It's not a phishing scam

Google says it's about to update its sign-in page because of Material Design.

I haven't seen this or any other changes in my gmail web pages yet.


Patch for New Spectre-Like CPU Bug Could Affect Your Performance

There are as of yet no patches or firmware updates for this vulnerability.


Why a DNA data breach is much worse than a credit card leak

You can’t change your DNA

What has happened so far is not that DNA and user information have been leaked together. Law enforcement has been trolling sites which collect DNA and, without warrants has been combing the databases searching for matches for criminals or their family members. This is shady at best, possibly unconstitutional. The unfortunate part is, so far few companies have refused police requests.

Why Google Glass Failed, and What to Expect Next


There have been others who have tried to get people interested in AR goggles and headsets. But the fact that all models so far are big and bulky has pretty much made impossible any widespread consumer adoption. Heads-up displays in cars have come farther along, but there is still controversy over how distracting they can be for drivers.


macOS Mojave release date and specs: Apple unveils latest iteration and all-new Mac App Store

It looks like MacOS is starting to move away from desktop applications and into the iOS world of store apps. This is a bad move, but one Apple has committed to doing.


How to Get macOS Mojave-Style Desktop Stacks on Windows

Stardock is not a trustworthy company. Also, this like all of its products, is not free to keep using. Still, it's cheaper than switching to a Mac.


How to Change Network from Public to Private on Windows

The main difference is that on a private network you enable device discovery and printer sharing, among other shares. A public network does not allow these things. Usually a public network will be one you encounter outside of your home, not one your or your ISP set up for you at home. Whenever you connect to a new network in a public place, make sure you are setting it up as a public network.


A look at Spice-Up presentation software for GNU/Linux

If I knew I were going to do a lot of presentations, I would see if I can take this for a spin in Ubuntu. Saving as PDF is a good feature, but being able to do actual slides with only a few features to learn looks like a good setup for someone like myself who doesn't create a lot of slide shows.


Why Won't My Desktop Show Up on My Connected TV?

Sometimes a smarter TV will not show a PC desktop, while an HDTV without smart TV features will show the PC desktop. Another option, though not a pretty one, is to use a screen mirroring or casting dongle like Miracast or Chromecast. My two TV's don't have issues displaying PC desktops in Windows or Linux. (Chrome OS needs to use Chromecast.)


How to Add Safe Mode to Boot Options in Windows 10

If you do this, there are some cautions to observe. If you have set up Macrium Reflect Boot Options, any changes done in these ways may interfere with the Macrium Reflect Boot Option. There are other Windows programs which add or alter boot options, and the same caution would apply. Any Windows bootloader boot options will work in a dual-boot with Linux. GRUB will only allow selecting the Windows Bootloader, but this will in turn trigger the Boot Options screen as described.



One thing is still not clear to me ab out this -- If you installed a third party antimalware program which disables Windows Defender, does this protection also become unavailable? It looks from this article as though the protections remain available. I haven't had a chance yet to go over to Windows in my NUC and see what actually is or is not available with Avira Free installed.


Botnet Authors Don’t Learn Anything From Victims and Secure Databases With Root/Root

Unfortunately, most cyber-crooks aren't anywhere near as stupid as these folks.


Is Facebook’s Anti-Abuse System Broken?

Since the system seems never to have worked in the first place, I'm not sure "broken" is the right word for this revelation.


This crazy device turns any TV into a giant touchscreen

I won't pay $250.00 or more to test this thing. But I have seen write-ups of similar devices, and they run the gamut from not working at all to almost working. This device seems to have limitations in using Android and only a few apps. So this probably will not enable you to run everything on Google Play on a non-touch big screen TV monitor.


How to Find Official Windows Drivers for Any Device

This article pretty much sums things up. But I did find one thing which was not too encouraging about my Intel NUC. When I use the Intel Driver Utility, it will download and install the correct drivers for the NUC, overwriting anything Windows 10 has substituted for them. But then when I try to back up the drivers with DriverMax, that program can't make any backups of those drivers. I discovered that backing up the same drivers will work with Slim Drivers backup utility. I then do a full driver restore from Slim Drivers, and after restarting, all the Intel drivers are there and up to date, and now DriverMax can back them up. I wonder what the Intel utility is doing which makes the drivers impossible to back up with DriverMax? And how is Slim Drivers getting around this when DriverMax fails?

Warning! Slim Drivers is loaded with malware according to most antivirus programs. This is not really true, but you will have to make exceptions with your antimalware programs if you want to be able to use the safe features of Slim Drivers. I am not aware of any actual malware issues associated with backing up and restoring drivers installed by other programs when using Slim Drivers. But I would not use any other parts of the Slim Drivers program. The better solution would be for Intel to stop protecting its drivers from being backed up by DriverMax and other safe programs.


Facebook's Terragraph hopes to replace fiber broadband beginning with 2019 trials

It could replace DSL and cable, or it could lose it all to 5G.

PC World seems to miss the point of Terragraph. This is 5G technology. It's exactly the same tech which AT&T, Google (under a new project) and several others are planning to roll out over the next five years. All of these projects will use intelligent mesh networks, millimeter waves at 60GHz and small antennas mounted at frequent intervals to serve "the last mile" (actually the last 200 feet or so) in making connections with an ISP. Setting up your in-home and cell-phone services would only require renting or buying a compatible gateway or modem, or having a compatible phone or hotspot. No more technician calls, and no setup or reconnect appointments. Set up an account, fire up your device, and within minutes you should be online. Switching ISPs or carriers would also be very simple, as long as eSIM technology is accepted by the major carriers, here and overseas.


Imagine Dining in a Restaurant with Your Meal Cooked by a Robot

Well, at least that settles the question of tipping!


Why you should always read Microsoft's English update notes

I already get my Windows information in English. And I still rarely understand what is being talked about.


Here's Why Amazon Can't Fix Review Spam

I don't even bother with Amazon Marketplace items anymore. If it isn't sold by Amazon under their own banner, I won't touch it. Even if the item is distributed by Amazon, they don't take responsibility for quality issues unless it's got their sold by Amazon stamp of approval.


How to Mirror an iPhone or iPad Screen to a Windows PC

I recall some time ago, two members of the West Side Computer Club tried to get LonelyScreen to work for a demo for the club. They were not able to get it up and running. Maybe the app has improved since then? But there is an indication that the app relies on Apple AirPlay. This is not encouraging, as Apple seems to be getting rid of support for AirPlay in favor of their new Homekit Hub.


How to Do Not Display Last Signed-in User Name on Sign-in Screen in Windows 10

The link didn't work for me. I did a Google Search, and the URL looks the same, but it works. Weird. Anyway, this might be useful if there are several users of a PC and they should not be shown who was the last one to log in.


Feds Ramp Up Investigations Into Online Harassment, Cyberstalking & Threats

The question is, are they stopping cyberstalkers more often, and actually saving people from harm? This article is very thin on details about results.


A Sobering Look at Fake Online Reviews

It's sad that people actually choose treatment facilities based solely on things they read online. Insurance companies should be able to monitor for this sort of thing and refuse to pay for, or refuse to authorize in advance, fraudulent treatments.


Chrome Has a Built In Malware Scanner, Here’s How to Use It

Apparently this is an online scanner powered by ESET. A reputable company, but I don't know what this scanner is really scanning for. I won't be putting this scanner into my Windows defense arsenal until I get some concrete answers, with independent AV lab testing results.


Bitdefender Total Security 2018 review: A solid choice for your PC

Bitdefender is a simple solution that stays out of your way and has all the essential features you need.

This is basically what you would get for all devices which can use it, if you bought the BitDefender Box 2 UTM for your IoT network. It's a good deal on a good product.


The Future of Asus Laptops May Have Been Inspired by Apple’s Touch Bar

I don't understand what the geometry of this thing would be. Is it two screens? Is it a touchpad? How big is the touchpad? All sorts of questions until they actually get at least a prototype out the door.


Apple knocks Google over Android fragmentation yet again

Well, there is fragmentation. But iOS is total vendor lock-in, and it's an expensive ecosystem. I use Android. Also, Google seems to want to cut down on the fragmentation by reining in vendors and requiring them to provide security updates in a timely way.


Re. FYI#1288 (Sat 6/9/2018):

Apple and Google are heading in the same direction but on different paths

Both companies are doing very similar things

In spite of the article's pro-Apple bias, the author is essentially correct. Microsoft could be added to the list, if we only consider where each company has publicly stated they want to go. Trying to make the desktop more like the phone is a major mistake. It will hurt productivity and usability, not help these metrics.

If "unity" were the magic formula, Ubuntu would be the world's most popular operating system today. Clearly, this is not the case. Canonical learned a painful lesson by trying to make the desktop more like a phone. Google will be next to learn this lesson. Followed by Microsoft. Apple may very well simply disappear rather than learn any lessons in time to save the company.


Brace yourself! The age of keyboard-less laptops is upon us

This idea has been floated, and failed miserably, time after time with prototype after prototype. This has never been a successful design paradigm, and never will be. It simply is not how humans interface with machines to maximize productivity.


New iPhone Leak Confirms Apple's Illuminating Surprise

Well, this is new, and potentially useful, especially for subjects which could benefit from highlighting or backlighting. I wonder how exactly they will accomplish this on a phone?


A Year Later, WannaCry Ransomware Persists

A huge swath of Windows machines across the world have yet to install patches that can ward off the attack's infection method, says security firm Kryptos Logic.

This is similar top why if you go to stay in a hotel, you should want to bring a strong lock of your own. Except that you can't. It isn't permitted.


Microsoft Has an AI Bot, Xialolce, that Can Converse with You Like a Human

Passing the Turing Test is coming closer and closer every day.


MIT researchers create wireless transmitter to thwart hackers

Rapid frequency hopping helps protect data.

This is the idea which actress Hedy Lamar invented for the US Navy to use on guided torpedoes in World War II. (The Navy rejected her proposal then, but later used it.)


Hop, Skip and a Jump: Remembering Hedy Lamar



So the method is thought to still work? Wow, someone is owed some royalties!

How to Automate Your Home With Your IFTTT-Supported Router

This is programming IoT devices then hard way. Google is developing a platform which is much easier to use.


Mobile Devs Making the Same Security Mistakes Web Devs Made in the Early 2000s

This also has implications for Intelligent Edge Computing, where AI is pushed out to the edge of a network. The resulting processed data should not be automatically trusted. Unfortunately, as with much of the IoT, vendors are always trying to cut cost sorners, and security features are where costs can be cut with the least end-user awareness that something isn't right. The end result is that consumers trust our devices less and less, and trust some apps and services less and less, and user uptake suffers. This hurts the development of the entire IoT economy.


Nvidia’s ‘infinite resolution’ patent could change gaming forever

By shifting the rendering from data included inside a program to algorithms which have to be run on GPUs, this idea would continue the industry's habit of making users buy more and more hardware to keep up with the software's capabilities. Whatever you call it, this may "future-proof" the games, but it will have the opposite effect on hardware obsolescence. Which is exactly what NVidia and others want.


Drones taught to spot violent behavior in crowds using AI

The work has questionable accuracy rates, but it shows how AI is being used to automate surveillance

Oh lovely, just what we need. Yet another surveillance scheme with "questionable accuracy". Get back to me when you or a loved one gets arrested because of this "questionable accuracy".


How to Enable Microsoft Edge Application Guard on Windows 10

Unfortunately, if you don't use Edge, this will do you no good whatsoever. And Edge is a very poor excuse for a web browser now.


Google Plans to Make Chrome’s Non-Secure Site Warnings More Prominent

This isn't going to stop people from visiting sites we probably should stay away from. And there are still enough false positives to make me consider looking for an alternative browser.


Google is staring down the barrel of another massive fine and a crackdown that could rip the company apart

EU sanctions are in no way going to "rip Google apart". Dream on.


5G laptops are coming soon, and they’ll have Intel inside

"5G" has become synonymous with "always connected". This is not only a misnomer, it is also something I do not want in a laptop. This is exactly why I added Linux to my Chromebook.


Intel teases dual-screen concept PCs as rumors of ARM versions heat up

Another failed paradigm in the laptop redesign craze.


With Android P, Google Stops Playing Catch-Up on Security

Google I/O makes it clear that Google is ready to do more with Android and do it securely. That includes controlling an insulin pump with your phone.

And to think, it only took a life and death situation to force Google to finally do something Apple did many years ago -- take control of vendor versioning of its mobile operating system.


EasyMesh: A New Standard that Promises a Cheaper, Easier Way to Expand Wi-Fi

Folks are right, this could be a game changer for mesh networking. Even in homes with adequate WiFi coverage from a single router, this paradigm could prove useful when applied to IoT networking.


How to Enable or Disable Shared Experiences in Windows 10

Yet another Windows 10 new feature I can easily live without.


Apple is bringing iOS apps to the Mac – sort of

The way Apple is doing this makes more sense to me than Google's way of just importing Android Apps as-is into Chrome OS. That makes for a very awkward desktop experience.



I've installed MinerBlock or NoCoin into both Chrome and Firefox. I can't say whether or not it works, as I don't know of any sites I use which do cryptomining. But I haven't had any of the symptoms of cryptomining in Windows or Linux on my NUC or my Chromebook. Chrome OS already ahs protections built into it which would disable cryptomining as it is currently practiced.


Logitech MK540 Advanced wireless keyboard and mouse review: Snappy typing, no noise

A tactile, quiet keyboard paired with a solid mouse

I do not trust Wireless anything which uses 2.4GHz WiFi without encryption. A Man in the Middle Attack would be only too easy to set up. Remember, I live in an apartment, so there are plenty of folks in close enough proximity to me to pull this off. I use Bluetooth 4.1 or higher, paired. That's much more secure, but more expensive.


How to Change how Apps and Websites Automatically Open for Sets in Windows 10

This is one feature "set" I will have to examine in detail, then decide how or whether I want to use it. I'm leaning toward not using it at all.


Synchronize Your Files Without Giving Them Up to a Third-Party Service With Syncthing

Read the article and the comments before deciding if this is right for your use case. This protocol does not have any always-on server to send things to, then retrieve them later somewhere else on a different device. For that plus security and privacy, try SpiderOak cloud storage. Thier client has to be on both the sending and the receiving PC or device, but that's about the only drawback, other the fact that Spider Oak is not free.


From My Own Reading:

Microsoft re-releases the KB 4287903 Flash zero-day patch 

https://www.askwoody.com/2018/microsoft-re-releases-the-kb-4287903-flash-zero-day-patch/eases the KB 4287903 Flash zero-day patch

As of June 13th we should all be on Flash Player


Zoetrope effect could render Hyperloop tubes transparent to riders



Programmers all over the world are furious about Microsoft's $7.5 billion deal for GitHub — and it's the biggest test so far for CEO Satya Nadella's master plan


Microsoft has in the past done similar things -- first fight a competitor, then embrace it, then smother it out of existence.  (“Embrace, Extend, Extinguish”) This is what most folks in the tech industry believe Nadela's Microsoft is doing with GitHub. Yet another attempt to snuff out open source software. Which raises serious questions about the recent cozy relationship between Microsoft and Ubuntu's parent company, Canonical. Time to find a new favorite Linux distro?


Android malware is infecting Amazon Fire TVs and Fire Sticks

The virus throttles resources as it mines cryptocurrency.



Wells Fargo Bans Cryptocurrency Purchases on Its Credit Cards



Notorious Kindle Unlimited abuser has been booted from the bookstore



Uber applies for patent that would detect drunk passengers


Of course, it all depends on how the feature is to be used. If service is denied, app users could sue Uber. Worse, someone refused Uber service might decide to drive drunk. Again, Uber could be sued if this results in an accident. Then there's the question of the validity of the metrics used by the app.


What to expect now that net neutrality is finally dead: A whole lot of nothing



Microsoft walks away from Windows 7, Office 2013 support forums



RIP Macintosh: 1984–2018

You may still love your Mac, but Apple doesn’t share your passion.



Bitcoin is slipping after a study found signs its 2017 bull run was driven by market manipulation



Amazon now lets you share your custom skills made with Alexa Blueprints









The Boring Company’s Chicago project seems awfully cheap for something so big



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Improving results from Google searches

Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:08 pm (PDT

Improve your search results with these Google search tips.


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Iowa veterans warned of possible data breach



9 internet scams we're still falling for in 2018



How to Stream the 2018 World Cup



Apple Facing Lawsuit Over Sweaty Powerbeats

Battery life is poor, they fail to charge, eventually stop working, and sweat is thought to be the cause.



MnuBot Banking Trojan Tries to Hide Behind Seemingly Innocent MSSQL Traffic



How to Get Started With Usenet, the Best Alternative to Torrents



Building A Workstation With Ryzen Threadripper And Radeon Vega Frontier Edition



How to use Chrome's built-in anti-malware tool

The built-in malware scanner, works in the background to help in your quest to keep your end users virus- and malware-free.



Hacker charged with murder after a worker dies building his underground tunnel system

The tunnels were constructed under extreme secrecy






These 20 deep, absorbing PC games will eat days of your life

These majestic games demanded to be played for days, not hours—and your tenacity will be rewarded.



How to fix Microsoft Office 365 subscription and license problems

Being hit with a license error when you try to use Microsoft Office 365? There's an easy fix.



Wisenet BabyView Eco review: A solid baby monitor hindered by information overload



The US again has the world's most powerful supercomputer

The US just grabbed back the crown from China with the AI-focused Summit.



Intel “forgot” to mention its 28-core CPU demo was bogus



Big Changes Come to Twitter: What You Need to Know



Sony: PS4 Is Entering Final Phase of Life Cycle

The PS4 is fast approaching its fifth birthday, and the focus will surely start to shift to PS5 as we edge ever closer to 2020.



Two Canadian Banks Announce Hacks Over the Weekend



How to Remove ‘mshelper’, The Latest Mac Malware

macOS: Malware called “mshelper” is burning through CPU cycles, possibly as part of a crypto-mining scheme.



Best SSDs of 2018



VPNFilter malware has infected a million routers — here's what you need to know

Malware linked to the Russian government can manipulate your internet traffic, harvest personal information, and serve as a launch point for a broad range of internet attacks.



Apple is focusing on its ad sales business because smartphone sales won’t cut it






Best Buy's selling an Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop for a ludicrously low $600

For $600 you can get a great Acer 1080p gaming laptop at Best Buy.



Best Mini PCs of 2018

Need a PC that doesn't take up much space? Check out these great options.



Logitech Circle 2 review: Second time's the charm for this wired home security camera

The Circle 2 improves on its predecessor is every way



MIT researchers create wireless transmitter to thwart hackers

Rapid frequency hopping helps protect data.



How to download movies from Netflix for offline viewing



Foldable Galaxy X Will Cost Over $1,800 (Report)

With its massive 7.3-inch foldable OLED display, the Galaxy X will reportedly make the iPhone X look cheap by comparison.



Anti-Monopoly Sentiment Flares Up Against Facebook, Google

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin urges the Justice Department to review whether tech companies, including Google, are becoming monopolies.



Windows Start Command Getting A /NewWindow Flag So Apps Don't Start in Tabs



How to Use Sets in Windows 10 to Organize Apps Into Tabs



AMD's Latest Driver Adds Support For Integrated Vega Graphics, 4K Netflix Streaming



Acer Chromebook 11 (2018) review: Simple, dependable, and affordable

Acer's refresh of the trusty Chromebook 11 is the best $270 you'll ever spend on a laptop.



Apple, Microsoft, Google collaborate on new universal standard for Braille displays

The goal is to make using Braille displays a simple plug-and-play process



Windows 10: Macrium viBoot - Create Virtual Machine using Macrium Image  



Norton Security Premium, our favorite antivirus, is $37 for 10 devices on Amazon—a $73 discount

Protect all your devices for $37.



AOMEI launches free backup and partition tools with GDPR compliance

AOMEI's free backup and partition tools now conform to the EU's new GDPR privacy rules.



Review: Windows 10 April 2018 Update shows promise, but ultimately disappoints

Much-vaunted features such as Timeline and the Diagnostic Data Viewer sound highly useful in theory but come up short in the new Windows 10 release.



A 3D-printed house you can actually live in should be ready by 2019

Dutch firm Van Wijnen is building an entire community.



Apple’s MacBook Pro problem will make you want to backup your files ASAP



What Is Xfinity Mobile, and Is It Worth It?



How to Organize Your Browser Bookmarks

Can't easily navigate through your browser bookmark list because it's too long and jumbled? Here's how to fix it on Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge.



Coca-Cola Suffers Breach at the Hands of Former Employee



Google Maps vs. Waze: Which One Is Really Better?



I've Tested Hundreds of Laptops. Here's Why I Bought a ThinkPad X1 Carbon



Microsoft just redesigned Office to make it simpler — here are the biggest changes

  - The simplified version of the ribbon will show up first in the online version of Word and will come to more Office apps and on different platforms later.

  - New colors and icons should make Outlook and the other Office apps more accessible.

  - The announcement comes two months after Google unveiled a Gmail redesign



YouTube is the preferred platform of today’s teens

And Facebook continues to fall, according to Pew Research Center



Windows 10: Enable or Disable Automatic Maintenance in Windows 10 



What an Always Connected PC is, and what to expect if you buy one

The battery life is amazing. And then there's everything else.



Chime in: Do you need 4GB or 8GB of RAM (or more) in your PC?

When it comes to RAM, do you need 4GB or 8GB? That is the question.



Windows 10 April 2018 Update review: Small fixes now hint at better things for later

Timeline and Near Sharing highlight an otherwise modest list of improvements within the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, which feels more like the Windows service packs of old.



Facebook notifies 14M users of a bug affecting their posts’ default privacy

The error made status posts publicly viewable by default.



iPhone Rumor Says USB-C Coming in 2019, Dongles for Everyone This Year



Dell is reportedly working on a dual-screen Windows ARM device

Microsoft is also working on its own Andromeda device



20K notified of data breach at healthcare network Lifespan


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Wed 1292 6/13/2018

(EXTRA:  The first articles are about issues and some fixes/solutions for those having problems with upgrading to Windows 10 version 1803 April Creators upgrade.  For those not interested, scroll down to the equal sign line "====" and after that are the regular posts.  Many, but not all seem due to outdated drivers, apps (small programs you get from the Windows store and some preloaded with Windows) and programs.  In particular is an outdated AV program or missing patches to software like Office (not 365).  If you have not upgraded yet, update the above things and then do a system backup before upgrading to 1803 or any future version.  Solid backups and having a working restore media and know how to use it, is your insurance policy to get back to normal operation.


Understand, unlike older versions of Windows that got Service Pack (SR-) update that fixed some things and may have added some features, Windows 10 upgrades are installing all new versions of Windows 10.  It's like going from Windows 7 or 8 to 10 with each upgrade.  This is also why some settings appear to have been undone by the upgrade because it's a replacement.)


Windows 10: Avast- UI Failed to Load error after 1803 Update 



Born's Tech and Windows World



Problems You've Encountered under Version 1803



Windows 10 update 1803 error loop at 0xc1900101



3rd party startup service may prevents Windows from loading properly



How (Not) to Upgrade to the Latest Windows 10 Version



Solved : Feature update to Windows 10 version 1803 failed to install !!!



Excel 2003 Problem with update 1803



Update error windows 10 build 1803



All the issues of Windows 10 version 1803 you may run into



Windows 10 April 2018 Update common problems and fixes

If you're having problems upgrading to the April 2018 Update, in this guide, we'll highlight the most common issues and the steps to resolve them.



Windows 10 April 2018 Update problems and issues



How to avoid problems installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803)

Use these tips to avoid problems and go through a smooth process installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update coming this spring.



Problem after Windows 10 version 1803 update 



FIX: Windows 10 Update 1803 fails to install (Solved)



Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Known Problems And Their Fixes



Windows 10 1803 Update Failure 





More 'proof' that the 2018 iPhone X Plus may get a third camera

This week's iPhone news begins with a bang.



How to Make an App Open in Full Screen Mode Automatically on Mac



June 'Patch Tuesday' fixes rolling out to April 2018 Update PCs

June's Patch Tuesday updates are now rolling out, including a batch of fixes for April 2018 Update PCs.



GDPR vs. ePrivacy: The 3 differences you need to know

GDPR isn't the end of stringent regulations for privacy in tech.



PillDrill review: A high-tech medication-tracking system

This is a great tool for medication compliance, and it can help you care for your elderly parents, too.



Zomato breach leaves bad taste in mouth of 17 million users






Spanish soccer app caught using microphone and GPS to snoop



Under New Leadership, Microsoft To-Do is Getting new Features in June



Papua New Guinea to ban Facebook for a month




Apple iOS 12: the biggest new features coming to the iPhone

Big new features and a priority on performance



DropBox To Pay 1.6 Million as Part of a California Auto-Renew Settlement



5 Android Messages features you should start using

Add a message subject, archive old threads and more.



You can get this $130 WiFi HD security camera for just $45

The iPM World HD Panoramic WiFi Camera captures 1080p footage, and uses encryption to keep your footage private.



Facial Recognition Expands to Being Used to Follow Endangered Primates



Windows 10 on ARM is here to stay whether you like it or not

Windows 10 on ARM is really good, but lots of people seem to think it's bad and will fail. I'm here to tell you those people are wrong.



How to run Linux commands simultaneously with GNU Parallel

Your data center might depend upon Linux, so why not get the most out of the command line with GNU Parallel?



Ring Floodlight Cam vs. Maximus Camera Floodlight

We compare two of the best outdoor home security cameras you can buy today.



7,000 affected in Bronx Lebanon Hospital Data Breach






Google adds tools for brick-and-mortar stores to boost interest from online shoppers



Xbox 360 Updated for the First Time in Two Years



Donald Trump’s smartphone security: an inconvenient truth




Apple is launching FaceTime group chats with up to 32 people

That’s... maybe 28 too many



Mozilla Makes It Easier to Hide Tabs in Firefox and Unclutter Your Tab Bar



HP's self-cooling Mindframe headset leads a new pack of high-end gaming accessories

The Mindframe gaming headset will feature integrated thermal-electric coolers to keep your sweaty ears cool.



Chrome OS is fixing its app problem with Progressive Web Apps

Chromebook users should get a big influx of much-needed apps.



The Smart Way to Write – Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook, for Less than $20



Best PC Monitors Under $200 in 2018

This is why you should consider the ViewSonic VX2457-MHD if you're after a display for less than $200.



How to easily transfer files between Android and macOS

Here's how make the process of transferring files between Android and macOS incredibly simple, with the help of Android File Transfer.



Best Android antivirus? The top 11 tools

There are plenty of antivirus tools for Android. Here's how the top 11 measure up in protection, usability and features.



Windows 10: Restart Graphics Driver of Display Adapter in Windows 8 and Windows 10  



Build your own L3-37 droid complete with voice interactio



ISP popped router ports, saving customers the trouble of making themselves hackable

SingTel then left them open for a while, because ... well there's no excuse is there?



Smashing Security #079: Mugshots, mobile mania, and back end gurus




Houseparty brings its group video chat app to Mac

Desktop is the new mobile



Police Seize Servers of Bulletproof Provider Known For Hosting Malware Ops



How to add an SSD to your laptop

Adding an SSD to your laptop is the most effective upgrade you can perform.



Facebook reportedly sold user data to businesses in secret deals

Remember folks, you're the product, not the customer.



How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication to Protect Your Firefox Accounts



Nest's outdoor security camera is down to a low price of $149 right now

This outdoor home security cam is wired and weather-resistant.



3 ways to display meaningful information in Excel using budget values

Turning data into meaning information doesn't have to be hard; a few simple expressions and formatting might be all you need.



BenQ ScreenBar review: Why didn't someone think of this sooner?

The ScreenBar is the ultimate "desk lamp" for those with little to no desk space or multiple monitors.



Windows 10: Turn On or Off Windows Defender Application Guard in Windows 10 



New technology can see your body through walls



£120,000 fine for university after details of 20,000 staff and students exposed in data breach

The University of Greenwich has received a fine of £120,000 because of the substantial damage and substantial distress caused by a security breach that exposed the personal information of 20,000 people.



Epyc fail? We can defeat AMD's virtual machine encryption, say boffins

Evil hypervisors can lift plaintext info out of ciphered memory, it is claimed



Nvidia launches AI computer to give autonomous robots better brains

New Jetson Xavier hardware will make it easier for companies to develop robots that navigate the real world



Windows 10 OpenSSH Client Installed by Default in April 2018 Update



The Acer Swift 3 thinks a cool look is worth some extra cash

Acer upgrades this high-end consumer laptop with an all-metal chassis and super-slim bezels.



Volkswagen using quantum computers to build better EV batteries

It'll be a while, though.



The Meltdown and Spectre Patches Probably Aren’t Slowing Your Computer Down



How to use Chrome's built-in anti-malware tool

The built-in malware scanner, works in the background to help in your quest to keep your end users virus- and malware-free.



Apple and Qualcomm’s Multibillion-Dollar Legal Dispute Gets Serious

 IPhone maker has accused chip supplier of illegal bullying

 Qualcomm said Apple using legal tactic to lower payments



Google’s Family Link software now recommends ‘teacher-approved’ apps



How Amazon-Whole Foods has impacted Kroger one year later


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Tue 1291 6/12/2018

Secret iOS 12 features Apple didn't announce will surprise you



Apple killed fun

There was a time when visiting Apple’s website, or one of its stores, was an explosion of color. I recently came across this random page from 2008



T-Mobile’s coverage is miles better than 12 months ago – but only if you have an Android phone



Tuesday Apple Rumors: Apple is Still Working on Waterproof iPhone



VTech VM3251 Expandable Digital Video Baby Monitor review: providing parents peace of mind

With built-in lullabies, room temperature monitoring, and a multi-camera "patrol" mode, this easy-to-use baby monitor is the next best thing to a night nurse.



Google Lens: 6 new features we can't wait to try out

With everything from text recognition to real-time results, Google Lens is leaping into the future.



Amazon’s Echo Look Camera Helps You with Your Fashion Choices



Best Android Phones Without a Notch

You know what is even better than an edge to edge display? Symmetry.



Exclusive: U.S. Government Can’t Get Controversial Kaspersky Lab Software Off Its Networks

The law says American agencies must eliminate the use of Kaspersky Lab software by October. U.S. officials say that’s impossible—it’s embedded too deep in our infrastructure.



Microsoft was right in 2013: This is the always-on generation

Xbox was poised to dominate the eighth gaming cycle.



5,300 University of Iowa Health Care records exposed for two years






Intel claims it can cut display battery use in half with new tech

Intel’s Low Power Display Technology is a welcome innovation in power efficiency



How to Disable Those Annoying Fundraising Notifications on Facebook



Malicious Git Repository Can Lead to Code Execution on Remote Systems



Nikkei report claims orders for Apple’s next-gen iPhone models are way down



Galaxy Note 9 Battery Leak Is Good and Bad News



CloudMounter 3.2 review: Easily access Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive through a single Mac icon

Adds a menu bar icon for your cloud storage accounts.



Microsoft's mobile strategy: Create Windows-like app 'experiences' for smartphones

After Windows Phone's failure, Microsoft is finding other ways to make its way onto mobile devices.



The Difference Between Machine Learning, AI and Deep Learning



Why is it so hard to 'root' a smartphone?

If a phone is just a tiny computer, why is it so hard to be the admin?






Amazon admits to labor violations at Echo speaker factory in China

Foxconn hired too many temp workers and didn't pay them properly.



Data breach at Oklahoma U impacts 30K students






The Asus VivoWatch BP is light for a blood pressure monitor, chunky for a fitness tracker

Ugly but useful



Find Out What's Taking Up Space on Your Windows Computer With Wiztree



Hacker Who Worked With FSB Agents in Email Hacks Gets 5 Years in Prison



Netflix has a secret page to request shows and movies you probably didn’t know about



Apple just gave owners of older iPhones a great reason not to upgrade



Roccat Horde Aimo review: This 'membranical' gaming keyboard explores new territory

Roccat pushes the boundaries with Microsoft's Surface Dial tech and self-adjusting LEDs.



Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 PC chip boosts performance, pushes battery life to a new high

The obstacles are those that the Snapdragon maker can do little about: app compatibility and performance.



Do Smartphones Affect Your Sleep?



Google Releases Chrome OS 67



Malicious Edge and Chrome Extension Used to Deliver Backdoor



Australia task force will protect elections against cyberattacks

The group will make sure foreign entities keep their nose out of Australia's business.



How to Fix: Computer / Network Infected with Ransomware (10 Steps)



How to Enable or Disable Including Driver Updates in Windows Update in Windows 10



Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 850 processor will arrive in Windows PCs this year

More performance, faster data speeds



How to Customize Swipes in Gmail's Android App



Reboot Your Router to remove VPNFilter? Why It's Not Enough



Mini smart plugs that work with Alexa and Google Assistant are only $10 on Amazon today



Check out our list of the best iPhone deals for June 2018



Best surge protector: Reviews and buying advice

Far better than ordinary power strips, these products will protect your expensive electronics from dangerous power spikes. We'll help you pick the right one for your home or small office.



Newegg's selling a 500W Cooler Master 80 Plus Bronze certified power supply for only $17.60

Newegg's got a great deal on a Cooler Master 500W PSU if you don't mind dealing with promo codes and mail-in rebates.



Is Windows Defender Good Enough in 2018?



Microsoft Confirms Xbox ‘Scarlett’ And New Game Streaming Service



Why I just started caring about macOS

In terms of practical, useful new features, macOS Mojave surprisingly outshined the new iOS during Apple’s on-stage demos at WWDC.



Senate bills would make quantum computing a priority

They would give the US a technological edge.



How to Fix: HP Laserjet 1200 Won't Recognize in Windows 10



How to Enable or Disable Phone-PC Linking for Continue on PC in Windows 10



macOS Mojave update announced with dark mode, redesigned App Store, Apple News, and more

Coming this fall



Signal and Whatsapp Are Only as Private as the People You Talk To



Phishing Email Ironically Provides a List of Scammers You Should Avoid



Google Pixel 3 XL: New leaked photos reveal a major design overhaul



Windows 10 upgrade problems: These are the biggest hassles you face

Over half of users in a consumer survey claim they have experienced problems after upgrading to Windows 10.



Opinion: Intel makes it a three-way race with AMD and Nvidia on graphics chips



Comments by -- Joe Nowak

Cheat Sheets for MS Office

Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:04 pm (PDT

If you are a user of Microsoft Office, you'll want to look at this list of the top 10 cheat sheets available for MS Office.



Microsoft Excel: Index Match vs VLookup

Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:17 pm (PDT)




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Mon 1290 6/11/2018

Apple Isn't Your Friend



Net neutrality ends today

Now what?



How the New “Nigelthorn” Facebook Malware Works and How to Avoid It



Six apps, services, and features Apple copied for iOS 12



How to Customize Whether Windows Uses Speakers or Headphones for Each App



CSS Is So Overpowered It Can Deanonymize Facebook Users






Dot-cm Typosquatting Sites Visited 12M Times So Far in 2018



Russian VPNFilter Router Malware Much Worse Than Thought: What to Do



Samsung Galaxy J3 and J7 mid-rangers coming to the U.S. in early June [Update]

The J3 will cost $209 on AT&T.



Almost 5,000 The Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care patient records exposed



Are Phishing Simulations a Replacement For Training? No.



Arbor Instant Video Doorbell review: There are some great features here, but it needs work

Response time and the app need improvement before this battery-powered gadget is launched



Aukey's 8-plug, 6-USB power strip eradicates cable clutter for $30 with this code

One strip to rule them all.



White House confirms its chief of staff was hacked

John Kelly's phone was breached when he served as Secretary of Homeland Security.



8 Tools to Help You Block Content and Websites on Your Devices



Samsung’s Chromebook Plus now supports Linux apps



How to Get Better Recommendations From Apple Music, Spotify, and More



ActiveX Zero-Day Discovered in Recent North Korean Hacks






18 time-saving tips for the Chrome Android browser

Become a mobile browsing pro with these advanced tips for Google's Chrome Android browser.



Comcast outage takes out phone and internet service across the U.S.



Chrome OS to soon offer 'integration' with Android Messages

We've only been waiting forever for this.



Millions of SSN across 10 states leaked in Kansas Commerce Dept. breach






Blink XT home security camera review: An indoor/outdoor camera for basic security needs

The battery-powered Blink XT is exceedingly easy to install and use, though some will find it lacking in features and image quality.



What still isn't clear about the future of Windows after Build 2018

A simple statement of support, or a glimpse into the Windows roadmap, would go a long way.



Microsoft and friends need to explain why always-connected PCs make sense

And hurry up with eSIM already.



There’s a Fix for New CPU Flaw, But It Can Slow Machines Down



Intel teases outlandish 28-core processor for end of year



Is Google One Cloud Storage a Good Deal?



Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Disclosed in Windows JScript Component



Walmart Sues Its Former Head of Tax for Jumping to Amazon



Xiaomi's transparent Mi 8 Explorer Edition is hotness on a new level



13 tiny surprises in the latest Windows update



How to change Maps' suggested locations on iPhone and iPad

Here's how you can go about editing your suggested location data on your iPhone and iPad.



How to Clear Clipboard Data in Windows 10



Ransomware Increases Its Attack On Supply Chains



Asus NovaGo review: The promise and the problems with the Always Connected PC

With 17 hours of battery life in our tests, the Asus NovaGo could be a great laptop—if it solved all the other problems.



Google Assistant: 12 awesome features you should be using

Google's A.I. assistant learned some new tricks while you weren't looking.



Stanford's new lab could make particle accelerators 1,000 times smaller

We could understand the nature of atoms without giant colliders.



4 Easy Ways to Get Out of a Ubuntu Crash



Sprint and Intel say they’ll offer 5G PCs next year

Acer and Asus sign on, too



How Internet Ads Follow You Around



Hackers Increasingly Targeting Gas Stations & Credit Cards at the Pump



Ask Larry: Will Filing And Suspending Increase My Social Security Retirement Benefit?




How to stream YouTube to your TV: 6 tips for enjoying videos in your living room

Take your video enjoyment to the next level.




A top Apple executive unwittingly provided a perfect explanation for why the iPad is a bad computer replacement



How to change Maps' suggested locations on iPhone and iPad

Here's how you can go about editing your suggested location data on your iPhone and iPad.



How to Reinstall and Re-register All Built-in Windows Apps in Windows 10



How a URL shortener allows malicious actors to hijack visitors’ CPU power



Logitech G513 review: Attractive outside, new Romer-G switch inside

Now you can choose between Logitech's two mechanical-key switch options.



Microsoft, Qualcomm ship an SDK to solve the Snapdragon's 64-bit app problem

This should help Always Connected PCs get over a major hangup.



US extends sanctions against Russians over cyberattacks

Five companies and three individuals were included in this latest round.


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Sun 1289 6/10/2018

Don’t Give Away Historic Details About Yourself



Apple introduces macOS Mojave with slew of new features, including Dark Mode



This is the first 7nm GPU, equipped with 32GB of memory

Targeting deep learning applications first, but eventually coming to gaming rigs as well



How to Secure Your Email Now That PGP Is Compromised



Wouldn't it be great if your users had a way to "roll back time" when they forgot to think before they click on a bad link? 

Now they can!



Why Is Windows Taking So Long to Shut Down?



Intel's Loihi roadmap calls for its brain chips to be as 'smart' as a mouse by 2019

Unfortunately, a chip that's as smart as a cat is still years away.



The best smartphone camera accessories

One-up your Instagram friends without killing your wallet.



Yahoo Messenger is shutting down on July 17, redirects users to group messaging app Squirrel



The Week in Ransomware - June 1st 2018 - From Russia with Love and a Facepalm



106,000 Mid-Michigan Physicians clinic patient records exposed



ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker review: This compact soundbar accentuates voices

Say what? This loudspeaker’s hearing-aid technology makes voices easier to hear.






Apple Is Being Sued Over 'Defective' Apple Watch

Apple faces a $5 million class-action lawsuit over the design of the Apple Watch. The plaintiff, Kenneth Sciacca of Colorado, alleges that the smart watches are all defective.



The hot new smartphone Trump tried to ban is now on Amazon for less than an iPhone X



AMD promises 32-core Threadripper processor for later this year

The second-generation Threadripper doubles the maximum core and thread count



Why Are My Parents' iPhones All Synchronized Up?



Surprise! What's The Country Where All The CEO Fraud Gangs Are?



How to Better Track and Limit Data Usage in Windows 10 April Update



The HP Envy 17 is selling speed, thanks to Intel Optane memory and Nvidia graphics

Powerful yet affordable



Choose your own swipe actions with the latest Gmail for Android

You can specify right and left swipe actions in Gmail preferences.



Apple introduces the AI phone



IE Zero-Day Adopted by RIG Exploit Kit After Publication of PoC Code



Silver Cross Hospital vendor exposes information on 9,000 patients



Ulysses 13 review for Mac and iOS: The best Mac minimalist text editor gets even better

Ulysses has long been a dream app for writers, but new support for deadlines and coders make it even better.






Russian VPNFilter Router Malware Much Worse Than Thought: What to Do



ARM’s powerful new chips might finally help Android phones catch up to the iPhone



Amazon’s new all-in-one and laptop designs could get Alexa into even more PCs



How to Get 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' Mode for Any Android Phone



Lawyer: GDPR Will Affect Ransomware Reporting In U.S.



Lithium-ion Batteries Cause Old Cell Phones to Explode in Garbage Trucks and Dumps



The Google privacy conundrum: Why locking down your data is a hard choice

Privacy as a right vs. privacy as a choice.



FCC accused of lying about 2014 and 2017 DDoS attacks

Tom Wheeler's adviser said he didn't cover up the 2014 attack, because it never happened.



These Surprising Walmart Food Facts Will Make You Rethink Buying Your Groceries There



Sigrun Ransomware Author Decrypting Russian Victims for Free



How to Sign out of Windows 10



The massive 1TB Samsung 860 EVO, our favorite SSD, is on sale for $248—over $50 off

Right now, Amazon's selling the 1TB Samsung 860 Evo for $248.01.



Apple Leak Shows Off Massive New iPhone



AT&T is hiking the price of its oldest and best unlimited data plan yet again



Shocker: Hulu’s cheap cable alternative is incredibly popular



DJI is partnering with Axon to sell video-capable drones directly to cops

Drone cops!



How to Automatically Delete (Some) Cookies in Your Browser



“Good Enough” Free AV Software Argues For Security Awareness Training



Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Premium and YouTube Music



How to turn on Gmail's Smart Compose and let Google AI write your emails

Gmail's AI-infused Smart Compose is live in experimental form.



FCC shrugs at fake cell towers around the White House

It’s open season for cell tower spoofing in Washington.



The Most Expensive Mistake You Can Make Regarding Social Security



Amazon Blocks Australian Shoppers From US Site Because of New Tax



How to Search with Bing from Notepad in Windows 10



Intel's limited edition 5GHz Core i7-8086K goes on sale to celebrate the 8086's 40th anniversary

Happy birthday, 8086 and x86!



Intel's Shady Tactics Revealed: PC Enthusiasts Furious Over 28-Core 5GHz Processor



How to remove the background from an image



Everyone loves Tile trackers, but this $12 Bluetooth tracker is better in one important way



Secret Service Warns of Chip Card Scheme



9 of the Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio


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