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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Fri 2015 07/24/2020

How to enable Firefox WebRender for faster page rendering

If you're looking to speed up Firefox page renders, Jack Wallen shows you how to enable the new composite engine, WebRender.



Thinking of a Cybersecurity Career? Read This



Kiss Dropbox goodbye with iCloud folder sharing on iPhone, iPad and Mac

iCloud folder sharing may not sound like a big deal, but... it's a game changer if you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac.



To fight online child sexual abuse, tech companies turn to a nonprofit startup

Thorn, a nonprofit co-founded by actor and investor Ashton Kutcher, has already put its tools in the hands of many tech companies including Imgur and Slack.



Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google CEO hearing rescheduled to Wednesday

  - The antitrust hearing — set to feature Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai — was originally scheduled for Monday.

  - The House Judiciary Committee and the Antitrust Subcommittee confirmed the hearing would now begin on Wednesday at noon ET.

  - Lawmakers intend the hearing to be the culmination of an extended investigation into competition between the four technology giants.



How to make your printer more secure

Printer security often goes neglected - but here's why you need to make sure your devices stay safe.



T-Mobile Tackles Spam And Scam Calls



Browse Privately With Fast New VPN From Mozilla

Firefox? More like Private-fox



Beware of Counterfeit Network Equipment



How To Build a One-Click Toolbar To Switch Virtual Desktops



7 Risks of Dual Booting Windows and Linux Operating Systems



Twitter Says Hackers Accessed DM Inboxes in Recent Attack



Here's How Spammers Get Your Email Address



Tech tips: Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro? Here's how to decide what's right for you



Oh God, Please Let Me Unlock My Mac With My Face



Instagram promises to fix bug after being exposed by always accessing the camera on iOS 14



New leaks reveal Galaxy Buds Live name, noise cancellation, battery life, and $169 price

More details on Samsung’s new headphones straight from its own app



Scientists finally figured out what makes the coronavirus so dangerous

  - Scientists have a new treatment idea for the novel coronavirus that came about after they figured out what makes the virus so dangerous to our bodies: The pathogen camouflages itself after infecting cells to prevent a swift response from the immune system.

  - Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center identified an enzyme the virus produces that tricks cells into believing the viral RNA belongs there.

  - This mechanism would delay the immune response and allow the virus to replicate inside cells.

  - Therapies targeting the enzyme could prevent the coronavirus from hiding in plain sight.



Pokemon GO Fest 2020: A Warning About Opening Gifts During Friendship Hour



Amazon Caught Selling a 16TB External Hard Drive With 8TB Drive Inside

The drive was an Amazon Warehouse Deal, and the previous owner had swapped the drive out before returning it.



Remove your name, address and more off this site now!



NY Charges First American Financial for Massive Data Leak



How to listen to Taylor Swift's surprise album, Folklore

When coronavirus ruins your summer, shake it off with Swift's hot new album.



U.S. says China backed hackers who targeted COVID-19 vaccine research

The indictment said that the hackers operated both for their own profit and also for the main Chinese intelligence service, the Ministry of State Security.



Why Intel’s pain is AMD’s gain

  - Chipmaker AMD rose over 15% on Friday as its primary rival, Intel, fell over 15%.

  - Intel’s stock fell after it said its latest-generation chips would be delayed, preventing so-called “7-nanometer” chips from appearing in computers until 2022 and servers until 2023.

  - Meanwhile, AMD’s 7-nanometer chips are currently shipping inside laptops. That’s because AMD outsources its manufacturing to TSMC, while Intel still runs its on factories.



How to make your printer ink last longer

Some top tips to get the most out of your office printer.



Smart Devices May Be Governed by Laws (this may include your smartphone)



Avoid Fake Images With Google’s New Fact-Check System

Make sure that wild image is real before you share it with all your friends



The Past, Present and Future of Attribute-Based Encryption



How to Do a Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade



The 7 Best Apps and Sites to Check Air Quality Anywhere



Garmin Outage Raises Fear of Ransomware Attack



[VIGILANCE] Is it Safe to Click That Link?



The best wireless routers for 2020



Sling TV Owner Dish Is Doing the Dumb Thing



Galaxy Watch 3 app reveals new gestures for calls, taking photos



An Instagram bug showed a ‘camera on’ indicator for iOS 14 devices even when users weren’t taking photos

The company says it’s fixing the issue



A Harvard doctor just shared a frightening coronavirus prediction

  - Harvard doctor Ashish Jha believes that the coronavirus pandemic will get a lot worse this fall once the flu season begins.

  - Especially in southern states that are already seeing a record number of new coronavirus cases, Jha says that hospitals may soon be overrun and unable to take care of all patients who need care.

  - The number of coronavirus cases in the United States recently surpassed 4 million.



Google will replace Nest thermostats affected by 'w5' WiFi error

The 'w5 error' is a known issue affecting remote connectivity, the company said.



Apple Acquires More AI Startups Than Any Other Tech Company

Apple is leading the AI arms race by acquiring more artificial intelligence companies than Google or Amazon, but does that equal long-term success?



Inbox suddenly filled with malicious spam? Here’s why



Twitter Hacking for Profit and the LoLs



Why Apple says don't cover your laptop camera



Twitter bans 7,000 QAnon accounts, limits 150,000 others as part of broad crackdown

The company will classify QAnon as coordinated harmful activity in part because of a rise in harassment targeting high-profile critics of the president.



Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google CEO hearing rescheduled to Wednesday

  - The antitrust hearing — set to feature Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai — was originally scheduled for Monday.

  - The House Judiciary Committee and the Antitrust Subcommittee confirmed the hearing would now begin on Wednesday at noon ET.

  - Lawmakers intend the hearing to be the culmination of an extended investigation into competition between the four technology giants.



How to build a beautiful PC

Mix power and beauty



Android Hit By New Banking Malware



Acer’s Rugged Enduro N3 is a Glimpse Into Another World

This laptop can handle dust, water, and your 20-year-old serial technology



Why Microsoft Teams Will Be the De Facto Standard for Video Collaboration



How to Turn On or Off Search online and include web results from Bing in Windows 10



7 Tips for Typing Faster on Your Android Phone



Twitter Says Hackers Accessed Dutch Politician's Inbox



Geekly Update - 22 July 2020



Protect you home computer from hackers with this secret weapon for deflecting scams



What a WWII Typhus Outbreak Can Teach Us About Stopping Coronavirus



Hands-on with Eufy’s HomeKit Secure Video camera that costs less than an Apple dongle



T-Mobile will reportedly dump some phones from its network — and even sooner than AT&T

VoLTE will reportedly be required on T-Mobile starting in 2021



Best Buy’s huge summer sale ends Sunday – here are the 10 best deals

  - Best Buy just kicked off a massive summer sales event with savings on so many popular products across all of the website’s categories.

  - There are definitely some deals in this big sale that you won’t want to miss, but you only have until the end of the day on Sunday to sop and save.



Photogrammetry with your phone



Corning Launches 'Toughest Gorilla Glass Yet'

Gorilla Glass Victus can survive bigger drops compared to Gorilla Glass 6 while offering better scratch resistance.



Did you order groceries online? Your info could be for sale on the Dark Web



Who’s Behind Wednesday’s Epic Twitter Hack?



The US wants to develop a quantum internet

It will "usher in a new era of communications," the Department of Energy says.



Inside the surveillance software tracking child porn offenders across the globe

The Child Protection System helps police triage child pornography cases. But as the system expands, it's facing growing privacy concerns.



States probe Apple for potential consumer protection violation

  - Texas is among a group of states whose attorneys general are probing Apple over a potential consumer protection law violation, according to a document obtained by the Tech Transparency Project through an open records request.

  - The document, first reported by Axios, says Texas’ attorney general office “anticipates litigation in this matter.”

  - The document does not detail the scope of the investigation, and the Texas Deceptive Practices Act covers a wide range of potential harms.



PS5 and Xbox Series X-ready TVs: enjoy next-gen console games at their stunning best

Is your TV ready for the PS5 and Xbox Series X?



Windows 10 May Get Key Security Boost



Plan Your Next Bike Ride With Google Maps

No bike? Your local bikeshare is there for you



Windows 10X to Eliminate Onboard 32-Bit Apps: Report



How to Specify Target Feature Update Version in Windows 10



15 Multiplayer Brain Games to Play With Friends



Chinese Drone Giant DJI Responds to Disclosure of Android App Security Issues



A quick and easy way to lock down SSH

Anxious to get your Linux server SSH access locked down? Jack Wallen shows you one more step you can take--one that will only take seconds.



Quantum loop: US unveils blueprint for 'virtually unhackable' internet



These New Apple ARM Benchmarks Might Not Be What People Think They Are



Concept imagines overhauled iPad mini with iPad Pro-like design and Face ID



The Verge’s 10 favorite shows to binge this summer

Staff picks for great series



CDC guidelines say these 7 things are crucial to fighting coronavirus – so stock up

  - New CDC guidelines include important coronavirus tips that everyone needs to follow in order to protect themselves and their families from contracting COVID-19.

  - With new coronavirus cases skyrocketing across most of the country right now, you would be wise to stock up on the products recommended by the CDC before they start selling out once again.

  - Face coverings like Amazon’s best-selling face masks and powerful hand sanitizers are obviously the most important items, but everything the CDC recommends is crucial.



Dell XPS 17 review (2020): So. Much. Screen.

The 17-inch XPS makes a glorious return.



Intel: Sorry, But Our 7nm Chips Will Be Delayed to 2022, 2023

In an earnings call, Intel CEO Bob Swan said the company identified a 'defect mode' in the 7nm process that resulted in 'yield degradation' when manufacturing the chips.



Inbox suddenly filled with malicious spam? Here’s why



‘Wormable’ Flaw Leads July Microsoft Patches



Robots, QR codes and bluetooth: Businesses turn to tech as they reopen

As some technologists have worked to create state-of-the-art contact tracing systems, others have embraced existing technologies to make simple solutions.



Best ways to beat tax scams in 2020

Scammers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to get their hands on your details



This wildly popular Roku media player is on sale for just $24 on Amazon


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Thur 2014 07/23/2020

New Gorilla Glass is wildly better, and more tech news today



Kernel-panic (you should read this if you own and use a credit card)



Amazon just took $250 off this next-level Samsung phone, today only



Why You Should Offload Your iPhone and iPad Apps



What Laptop Would You Buy for $1500? My Choice, and My Recommendation for You

This is a question I generally avoid answering, but I will anyway. The problem is I can't really tell you what to purchase, since your needs are undoubtedly different than mine.



Fortnite maker: ‘Apple has locked down and crippled’ the App Store

  - Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that Apple’s App Store is a “absolute monopoly” on CNBC’s Squawk Alley on Friday. 

  - He also criticized Google for its store policies, including “user interface barriers and obstruction” that make it hard to install software on Android phones without Google PLay. 

  - Sweeney’s comments are some of the loudest from a prominent developer publicly criticizing Apple and Google’s app store practices ahead of a congressional panel where Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai will likely face questioning about their software store policies. 



Microsoft releases some 'optional, non-security, C/D Week' Win10 patches. Avoid them.

In a return to its boorish behavior, Microsoft released several Windows 10 patches, presumably to preview non-security fixes as well as another .NET preview. Microsoft had stopped releasing these confusing middle-of-the-month patches in March, citing “the public health situation.” The patches are back anyway.



Garmin knocked out by ransomware attack

Will fitness tracker manufacturer be able to step up its security?



Galaxy Tab S7 specs leak weeks before Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

Galaxy Tab S7 specs leak reveals hardware



Intel delays its 7-nanometer chips for PCs

The tech giant discovers a defect in its 7-nanometer process.



How to Use Google Maps Cycling Directions

Use the Google bike route planner to find the best bicycling routes



Factory recovery - Create a Custom Recovery Partition 



How to connect Google Calendar to Outlook web

Microsoft brings Google Calendar integration to Outlook on the web, and here's how to set up the feature.



How to Do More With Windows 10 Using PowerToys



PS5 is becoming a must-have console — and Xbox Series X isn't

The PS5's focus on exclusivity may work in its favor



Politician Amongst Those Who Had Their Direct Messages Accessed During Twitter Hack



Upgrade to a pixel-packed 4K display for only $229

Amazon is selling a 60Hz AOC 4K monitor for $228.75.



What Did People Use Before Google to Search the Web?



Roku's 'neutral platform' days are over

Framing itself as an open platform was great for growth, but not so much for making money.



Website Security Breach Exposes 1 Million DNA Profiles



Did you order groceries online? Your info could be for sale on the Dark Web



NBA Taps Microsoft to Place Fans Virtually Into Basketball Arenas

No physical fans, no problem. Microsoft is helping the NBA to beam in fans virtually into the basketball arenas when the season restarts next week.



Could your Fitbit or Apple Watch detect early COVID-19 symptoms?



Lost Outlook’s Search Tab? Here’s How to Restore It



Are You Ready for Your Computer to be Stolen?

You might lose your hardware and any un-backed-up data on it, and possibly give a thief access to it all! I'll cover a few of the basics. A stolen computer or lost computer can open the doors to all sorts of havoc if you're not prepared.



States probe Apple for potential consumer protection violation

  - Texas is among a group of states whose attorneys general are probing Apple over a potential consumer protection law violation, according to a document obtained by the Tech Transparency Project through an open records request.

  - The document, first reported by Axios, says Texas’ attorney general office “anticipates litigation in this matter.”

  - The document does not detail the scope of the investigation, and the Texas Deceptive Practices Act covers a wide range of potential harms.



Advisories and mitigations, oh my! Critical updates for Windows this July

July's Patch Tuesday update round-up deals with 123 separate security vulnerabilities, including an urgent issue with Microsoft Outlook and a very serious flaw in Windows CVE-2020-1350.



UK Government chose not to investigate if Russian hackers interfered in Brexit referendum, report reveals

No-one in Government knew if Russia had interfered in the EU vote, and they actively avoided any effort to ask questions to find out…



Microsoft Surface Duo -- another clue alludes to a fast-approaching launch date

More proof points to Microsoft Surface Duo's imminent launch



Apple and Verizon partner on robocall protection

Silence Junk Callers is designed to automatically send spam calls to your voicemail without ever ringing your phone.



The 10 Best Kid Coloring Apps of 2020

Coloring pleasure for kids or kids-at-heart



How to Enable or Disable DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in Google Chrome



How to fix network discovery on Windows 10

If network discovery isn't working on Windows 10, you can try these five solutions to troubleshoot and fix the problem.



The Fruitiest Pi Yet: Raspberry Pi 4 8GB Is As Smooth As Cream



Coinbase stopped scammers from stealing an extra $280,000 during Twitter hack



Your next smartphone will be a lot harder to scratch

Corning's Gorilla Glass Victus is a significant improvement in scratch prevention.



Get a brand-new iPhone SE for just $5 a month and half off activation at Verizon

Save $300



Your Phone Is About to Charge a Lot Faster, but That Might Not Be a Good Thing



Ecobee SmartCamera review: If you can tolerate a subscription, this security cam has more features than most

This combo camera/Amazon Alexa-compatible smart speaker can also serve as a security system hub, evidence that Ecobee has greater smart home ambitions than most.



Vulnerability in Cisco Firewalls Exploited Shortly After Disclosure



How to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge to remember your passwords



Singaporean Man Working for China Used Social Networks to Recruit Spies

Dickson Yeo admitted to using various social media sites to help him identify Americans—including US military and government officials—who had access to confidential information.



Google reportedly scraped data on how competitors' apps are used on Android — and the revelation could complicate looming antitrust investigations into the company



How to Stop Safari From Launching Apps on iPhone and iPad



“This Device Is Working Properly” – When Device Manager Lies, and What to Do Instead

"This device is working properly" is a often a lie. I'll review what it really means, and where you need to look instead since it's not telling you what you really want to know.



Microsoft’s slowdown in search advertising could spell tough news ahead for Google

  - Google parent company Alphabet is less diversified than Microsoft.

  - Alphabet Class A shares were trading lower on Thursday after Microsoft reported second-quarter results that showed double-digit search declines.



Outlook went down for four hours Wednesday. What happened?

The version of Outlook that runs on Windows PCs suddenly stopped working worldwide on Wednesday. The outage wasn’t caused by a bad patch. It wasn’t restored by an update. Microsoft isn’t saying much, but there’s a plausible explanation - and it’s disconcerting.



Mitre, the creepy company checking your fingerprints on Facebook for the US Government



Intel delays 7nm CPUs — and that's great news for AMD

Intel's 7nm CPUs will now arrive in 2022 or 2023



Best projector for home theater in 2020

From portable projectors to 1080p home theater models to 4K HDR light cannons, these are the best projectors for the money.



Properly Label Your Smart Plugs With the Google Home App

New update will separate the lights from the fans and TVs



How to Link Android Phone to Windows 10 PC



Microsoft Launcher version 6 releases with new codebase and features

Microsoft Launcher version 6 arrives for Android users with a bunch of features and improvements – here's all you need to know.



How to Speed Up Your Amazon Fire TV Stick



What is Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus?

Gorilla Glass Victus launched: Here's everything you need to know about it. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 could be the first device to sport the new aluminosilicate glass.



Why Are Digital Console Games More Expensive Than Physical Copies?

Ever wonder why digital games are more expensive than physical copies? Find out why digital copies rarely go down in price.



Add a gigabit ethernet port to your Thunderbolt MacBook for just $23

Stream Zoom calls with confidence.



How to Create the Perfect Two-Computer Setup



Asustor AS5202T (Nimbustor 2) NAS review: Media storage and streaming that's a cut above

Ramp up your home network performance with this dual 2.5GbE NAS box. It's fast and even boosts throughput on mere gigabit networks.



Multi-Platform Malware Framework Linked to North Korean Hackers



9 brilliant things to do with that old cellphone you have lying around



'Kernel Panic' Episode 2: How Brett Johnson Turned Credit Card Fraud Into a Business

On the latest episode of Kernel Panic, find out how the internet turned credit card fraud into an industry.



Best Wireless Chargers for Your Smartphone



5 Tips for Building Your First PC



How to Protect Data on a Laptop – The 4 Most Important Steps

You REALLY need to protect your sensitive data if your laptop runs even the slightest risk of being stolen. It's critical that you protect it (and yourself) with these four appropriate security steps.



Why everyone is talking about the A.I. text generator released by an Elon Musk-backed lab

  - A new computer system that can generate entire songs, stories, and essays on its own has taken many people by surprise. 

  - The software, known as GPT-3, was developed by a team of researchers and engineers who work at OpenAI in San Francisco. 

  - However, it’s proving controversial as it sometimes produces offensive content. 



When will Apple break up iTunes for Windows?

One year on and Windows users are still stranded with iTunes.



Career Notes podcast – Have to be able to communicate to everybody



Windows 10 Your Phone could pick up these awesome new features to manage your smartphone

Your Phone is a must-download for Android users on Windows 10



Instacart user data for sale on the dark web, report says

The data appears to involve more than 270,000 accounts.



Protect Your Android From BlackRock, the Latest Password-Stealing Malware

If that sudden Google update looks fake, it probably is



How to Automatically Turn Off Wi-Fi Upon Ethernet Connect in Windows



How to restore Registry from its secret backup on Windows 10

Windows 10 secretly makes a backup of the Registry in a RegBack folder, and you can use it to manually restore your computer to a working condition – Here's how.



5 Time-Saving Websites & Apps for the Best Shortcuts



This new Windows 10 tool could make your next video call much less awkward

"Eye Contact" wants to make video calls on Windows 10 less awkward - but there's a catch



Music Is Better Than Ever! It’s Just Harder to Find

Some people will always loudly declare that things aren't as good as they used to be, but that's anything but true when it comes to music. You just need to be willing to dig a little deeper.



Sabrent's ludicrously fast 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD plummets to $170 (if you don't have a very recent computer, you don't have PCIe 4.0, so ignore this)

A third-party retailer on Amazon is selling Sabrent's PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD for $30 off.



Yes, You Should Still Change Your DNS Settings for Better Internet



Plex is targeting channel-surfing cord-cutters, adding 80-plus channels to its free streaming TV service

Reuters, Fubo Sports Network, The Bob Ross Channel, Kidoodle TV, and more are now streaming on Plex, and they’re all free (though ad-supported).



Researchers Disclose New Methods for Replacing Content in Signed PDF Files



Amazon Prime scam: This phone call is conning people



How to Protect Yourself Online With Disposable Credit Card Numbers

Scammers can’t steal your real credit card number if they never see it. We offer four options that help you protect your bottom line by using disposable credit card numbers when you make purchases online.



I've been using Apple's big new iPhone update for a full week — here are 8 of the most useful features I've found so far



How to download Windows 10 1909 ISO after 2004 releases

It's possible to download the Windows 10 November 2019 Update ISO file if you must downgrade from the May 2020 Update, and in this guide, you'll learn how to complete the process.



How to recover an accidentally deleted Spotify playlist

Did you just zap a Spotify playlist you’ve been working on for years? All is not lost.



Save up to $350 on the Apple iPad Pro (2018) at Woot


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Wed 2013 07/22/2020

Russian hackers are targeting coronavirus scientists with phishing and malware attacks

Advisory from the UK's National Cyber Security Centre warns of an active spear-phishing campaign by APT 29 - a hacking group associated with Russian intelligence services - in an effort to steal research data.



Energy Department watchdog finds research labs fail to secure 'peripheral' devices like USBs (this could put our electricity in jeopardy down the road)



Pluto TV Goes Live On Verizon In Biggest Free Streaming Distribution Deal To Date



AT&T's scary email tells customers they need new phones now

A confusing email from AT&T doesn’t mention that this won’t be necessary until February 2022.



China aims to dominate the biggest technologies in our lives

Generation China is a CNET series about how the country is staking out positions in big areas of tech, from 5G to social media, with players like Huawei and TikTok.



We tracked down the cheapest 2-in-1 convertible laptop right now

But it has one rather unfortunate flaw



Download individual Microsoft Windows files (exe, dll, sys) from Microsoft with Winbindex



Adobe fixes 12 critical bugs in second round of July patches



Turn Your TV Into a Digital Art Gallery With This Free App



How to Enable Backspace Key to Go Back a Page in Microsoft Edge Chromium 



COVID-19-Related Attacks Exploded in the First Half of 2020

COVID-19 as part of a cyberattack increased by more than 3,900% between February and June.



How to Clear Cache on Android (And Why You Should)



Wattpad data breach exposes account info for millions of users



It’s Worse Than You Thought: Remote Employees Interaction with Unsafe Websites is Up 50%



The Cybersecurity 202: Twitter breach is another warning shot for election security



Dangerous New Mac Ransomware Spreads Through Torrent Sites

The malware masquerades as a legit network traffic monitoring app



7 essential smartphone maintenance tips



Microsoft Uses AI to Make Our Eyes Look at the Webcam

Automatic gaze adjustment means we can finally see eye-to-eye on video chats without even thinking about it.



Apple could launch a new iPhone in 2022 with a big camera feature that rivals like the Galaxy S20 Ultra already have



The Galaxy S10e is cheaper than ever on Amazon today

Get an SD card, headphone jack and waterproof rating for $500.



Peacock free vs. Premium vs. Premium Plus: Is the no-ad plan worth it?

Find out the difference between the three Peacock plans and whether spending $10 a month to go ad-free is a good idea for you.



Samsung OneConnect box is still a marvel, so why do so few Samsung TVs get it?

What happened to the Samsung OneConnect box?



QText is a note taking program that supports tabs, TXT, HTML and autosave



COVID-19 accounts for most 2020 cyberattacks



How to Get Rid of Google Meet in Your Gmail



How to Minimize and Restore App Window in Windows 10 



DDoS Botnets Are Entrenched in Asia & Amplification Attacks Set Records

China, Vietnam, and Taiwan are top sources of DDoS botnet activity, but the top data floods use a variety of amplification attacks, a report finds.



Is the Apple iPad Pro Worth It? 6 Factors to Consider



IRS updates annual Dirty Dozen tax schemes for 2020



Ragnar Locker Ransomware Attacks Energy Company, Potentially Stealing 10TB in Data



Workplace COVID-19 lawsuits increasing 'exponentially,' Fisher Phillips says



Google Makes Sweeping Privacy Changes

Google follows Apple in asserting that your stuff is safe



What you should know about the toxic substance sold as a ‘miracle cure’



AT&T Apologizes for Alarming Email About 3G Network Shutdown

The message failed to mention the 3G phase-out will take another 18 months.



Adding an external GPU to your Mac is probably a better upgrade option than getting a new one



Lenovo's first gaming phone has a camera on the side and two batteries

It also includes the latest Snapdragon processor and a 144Hz display.



T-Mobile, Metro customers: Here's how to get free scam-blocking call protection now

You can opt into free spam call protection called Scam Shield today. A dedicated app arrives later this month.



These are the most popular websites in the world - and they might just surprise you

Netflix and Amazon are up there, but not the outright winners



Never-Consent refuses GDPR consent requests automatically



Dacls RAT’s goals are to steal customer data and spread ransomware



Should You Worry About the Instacart Data Leak?



Hyper-V Quick Create - Setup Ubuntu Linux virtual machine



The State of Hacktivism in 2020

Activism via hacking might not be as noisy as it once was, but it hasn't been silenced yet.



5 PC Parts That Tend to Die: How to Extend Their Lifespans



AutoTux Review: A Linux Distro That Fully Automates Installation Process



[Heads Up] Twitter Employees Fall For Social Engineering Attack And The Bad Guys Get "God Mode"



Backdoors Identified in Tens of C-Data Fiber Broadband Devices



Stop Avoiding Backup

We’re as afraid to talk about backup and data loss as we are death



Beware! This PDF file steals your passwords after you download it



Report: Instacart Customer Data Is Being Sold on the Dark Web

Instacart denies there has been a breach of its servers, so where is the personal data coming from?



Could your Fitbit or Apple Watch detect early COVID-19 symptoms?



Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3 is on sale starting at $800 right now

You can save hundreds on even the higher-end configurations.



T-Mobile will require new devices to support VoLTE

Internal documents obtained by Android Police say that the requirement starts Aug. 4 -- and in January, older-gen devices might not work at all.



How to use the PS4 DualShock 4 controller on a PC

Use the PlayStation 4 controller in Windows



Thunderbird 78.0.1 has been released



Twitter hackers accessed direct messages for 36 accounts



How to Remove 'Undeletable' Windows 10 Bloatware



How Turn On or Off OneDrive PC Folder Backup for Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders in Windows 10 



US Indicts 2 Chinese Nationals for Stealing IP & Business Secrets, Including COVID-19 Research

Pair working on behalf of themselves and China's Ministry of State Security, Justice Department says.



8 Essential Email Security Tips You Should Know by Now



How to Prevent Hearing Loss in Kids from Headphone Use



Do users put your organization at risk with browser-saved passwords? (or any place you go on the internet)

When your users save passwords in the browser, it makes it easy for the bad guys to hack into your network. 



Who’s Behind Wednesday’s Epic Twitter Hack?



Apple is Leveling Up on Privacy

Apple’s new privacy tools button down access for everyone, even itself



Don’t click this phony Google Chrome update



Cooler Master's New Raspberry Pi Case Promises Passively Cooled Overclocking

The aluminum shell offers rugged protection and enough passive cooling potential to allow for overclocking without blocking any of the board's connectors.



Veritaseum Accuses T-Mobile of Gross Negligence Over $8.6M SIM-Swap Hack



Deepfake used to attack activist couple shows new disinformation frontier



Protecting your remote workforce from application-based attacks like consent phishing



AutoTux -- A No-brainer for Newbies? MAYBE, but it is MICROSOFT Linux!


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Tue 2012 07/21/2020

[PRIVACY] Are You Over-Sharing?



Password Meter - How Secure is my Password? Free Online Tool



Audials Radio

An online radio player that provides access to hundreds of stations of all genres, enabling you to enjoy your favorite music with a modern Windows 10/8.1 app



8 Ways to Make Your Mac Boot Faster



How to make Edge or Chrome PWA run at Startup in Windows 10



Peacock streaming: Prices, free trials, shows, movies and devices (still no Roku)

NBC's Peacock app streams free movies and TV shows, or you can unlock originals and more content if you pay. But you still can't watch with a Roku or Amazon Fire TV.



How to Enable or Disable Spatial Sound for Headphones in Windows 10



Demand for video surveillance cameras expected to skyrocket

Video cameras can be used in a variety of situations beyond simple surveillance, says research firm IDC.



TV settings explained: picture modes, motion enhancers, sharpness and more

Get picture perfection with the best picture settings for your TV



How to Reduce Google Chrome’s Memory Usage and Free Up RAM



Twitter confirms one elected official had DMs accessed in hack

But it wasn’t Barack Obama or Joe Biden.



Xfce Review: A Lean, Mean Linux Machine



AMD Ryzen 4000G Desktop Chips Could Finally Deliver on the Promise of APUs



Samsung's $2,000 foldable phone is reportedly getting a successor, and we just got our first look in a major leak



Best cheap iPad deals in July 2020

The best cheap iPad deals from every retailer



8 Signs of a Smartphone Hack

A rapidly dwindling battery life or sudden spike in data usage could indicate your iOS or Android device has been compromised.



How to stop your smart TV from spying on you



Apple Is Giving Hacker-Friendly iPhones to Researchers Hunting for iOS Bugs

The iPhones have been designed to offer security researchers greater access to run computer code on iOS, which should make it easier to find bugs in the software.



Awesome Screenshot: Screen capture, Annotate for Chrome

Capture an entire web page, just the visible part of it or a selected area, then upload it online or save it locally with this handy Google Chrome extension



How to Scan with Microsoft Defender Antivirus on Windows 10



Fix Search failed error when running Chrome Malware Scanner



iPhone 12 rumors: Everything we think we know about price, design, features

Here are eight standout rumors about the upcoming iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.



How to Change IPv4 and IPv6 DNS Server Address in Windows



Tech to make your staycation more luxurious and lasting than a vacation

There are probably more ways to design a luxury staycation than most realize, with better options than replication because these products and features enhance a home past staycation.



How to change your Outlook password or reset it

Your Outlook account is vital for emails and more



How to Create a Pivot Table for Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel



AT&T's scary email tells customers they need new phones now

A confusing email from AT&T doesn’t mention that this won’t be necessary until February 2022.



The Ultimate Guide to Windows 10’s Task Manager



Microsoft May Stream Win32 Apps to Windows 10X from the Cloud



6 Credit Card Scams and How to Avoid Them



Adobe Photoshop can be hacked — how to protect yourself right now

Emergency updates pushed out to fix five critical Photoshop flaws



Surge in Consumer-Grade IoT Devices Undermining Enterprise Security

Individuals and business groups are connecting everything from Amazon Echo devices to data-sampling sensors on networks with sensitive systems with little regard to safety, two reports show.



Tech-how to: Make phone calls to friends and family from Facebook



Slack to Microsoft: Bundling Teams With Office Is an Antitrust Violation

Microsoft denies any wrongdoing, but the accusation from Slack echoes the antitrust case Microsoft faced two decades ago in the US over bundling Internet Explorer with the Windows operating system.



Windows 10 Tip: Try Task View and Virtual Desktops



Smart Defrag (if you still have a spinning had drive (not and SSD ir eMMC drive) this is grear for defragging with optimazation of files on the drive)

Keep your hard disk running at peak performance, defragment the selected partitions and optimize as well as to protect your system



Watch Out: 99.9 Percent of Hacked Microsoft Accounts Don’t Use 2FA



How to enable or disable Clipboard Sharing with Windows Sandbox in Windows 10



4 simple steps to choosing the best at-home blood pressure monitor

Not every blood pressure monitor is a good one. Here’s how to find the right one for you.



How to Create a New Pool and Storage Space in Windows 10



How to add hyperlinks to a Word document

Hyperlinks are everywhere, and you can take advantage of them in your Microsoft Word documents to help navigate your reader to websites or other places in your document. Here's how.



Death Stranding on PC almost hits 60fps at 8K – all it takes is a $2,500 Nvidia GPU

Comes at a cost



What to Do With an Old Nintendo Wii: 12 Fun DIY Ideas and Projects



Microsoft's Xbox and Surface business keep growing amid the pandemic

And of course, its cloud business continues to boom.



How to Completely Block Internet Access for Specific Android Apps



DDR5 Memory Specification Finalized: Up to 6400GT/s, 2TB LRDIMMs



Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit that alleges an iTunes gift card scam has swindled $1 billion from customers, with $300 million of that landing in the company's pockets



Walmart Plus: Price, launch date and everything you need to know

Walmart Plus will soon challenge Amazon Prime



North Korea's Lazarus Group Developing Cross-Platform Malware Framework

The APT group, known for its attack on Sony Pictures in 2014, has created an "advanced malware framework" that can launch and manage attacks against systems running Windows, MacOS, and Linux.



Is it time to replace your Android battery? Signs, symptoms and fixes



Cooler Master's New Raspberry Pi Case Promises Passively Cooled Overclocking

The aluminum shell offers rugged protection and enough passive cooling potential to allow for overclocking without blocking any of the board's connectors.



Microsoft Safety Scanner

A standalone on-demand computer scanner that performs quick, full, or custom analysis on your computer to detect potential threats



How to Disable Google Meet in Gmail on iPhone, Android, and iPad



The BitLocker encryption on this drive isn’t compatible with your version of Windows



Twitter hack is another wake-up call about security ahead of the election

The Twitter accounts of high-profile politicians were caught up in a massive hack.



How to Create a Recent Items Shortcut in Windows 10



9 tech tools designed to make online learning better for students and teachers

Upgrading the e-learning experience starts with addressing the online learning tools and tech students and educators have access to during the virtual school day. Here are nine of our favorites.



Best free games 2020: the top free games to download on PC

Gaming can be pricey, so we've rounded-up the best free games on PC



How to Change Your DNS Settings to Increase Speed



Apple will provide 'hacker-friendly' phones to security researchers



Using The Windows 10 Factory Reset Cloud Option



Microsoft Working to Sunset Windows Control Panel



Scary new hacking scam targets work from home employees — here's how to protect yourself



Best cheap laptop deals in July 2020

Today's best laptop deals



Ripple20's Effects Will Impact IoT Cybersecurity for Years to Come

A series of newly discovered TCP/IP software vulnerabilities pose a threat to millions of IoT devices. Undiscovered since the early 1990s, they highlight the need to improve security in an increasingly precarious IoT supply chain.



5 best budget smartphones under $400



LG Recalls 60K OLED TVs Due to Overheating Problem

Power board components can drop in performance, which in turn increases current and may lead to overheating.



A-Tools Free Edition

Manage Excel data on the network, share data on LAN or Internet, query functions and do much more by turning to this Excel add-in



Beware the ATM Skimmer Scam



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Mon 2011 07/20/2020

If any of you use CloudFare DNS ( & is was down but for most people it is working again.  Check this article near the bottom of the list.

Cloudflare System Status



Microsoft investigating Windows 10 2004 'No Internet' bug, how to fix



How to Use BleachBit on Linux



Microsoft to launch Windows 10X as a web-first OS without local Win32 app support

Windows 10X takes aim at Chrome OS as Microsoft plans to ship without legacy app support.



How to use your camera as a webcam: from Canon DSLRs to GoPro action cams



Lock down your Twitter security settings now (use this on any sensitive accounts including Gmail account bad people love to take over and use for bad things)

There's no time like a high-profile Twitter hack to make sure you're doing this right.



7 hobbies to take on for the summer

Forget antiquated stamp, bottle cap, matchbook or doll collecting. Here's a list of hobbies to take on that will last well beyond the initial setup.



Windows 10: Did You Know...?



Crucial P5 SSD review: Excellent bang for the buck

It's not the drive for pros writing very large data sets, but for the average user it's a great deal.



How to Enable or Disable Real-time Protection for Microsoft Defender Antivirus in Windows 10



Microsoft reportedly building variant of Windows 10 like Chrome OS

Microsoft is building a new web-focused experience of Windows 10X to complete with Chrome OS, according to report.



How to use and get rid of split screen on your iPad, so that you can multitask more efficiently



UK, US, Canada Accuse Russia of Hacking Virus Vaccine Trials



Apple releases macOS 10.15.6 update

New features for the News app, and bug fixes.



Wyze will try pay-what-you-want model for its AI-powered person detection

The feature will be free unless you decide to donate a little extra to Wyze



Apple’s first laptops with iPhone-like chips are coming sooner than we thought

  - Apple will reportedly release its first ARM-based MacBook Pro and MacBook Air later this year.

  - A new supply chain report says that parts and components for a 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2020.

  - Apple already confirmed that the first Mac with Apple silicon will ship before the end of the year.



The Best Remote Control Apps For Android [July 2020]



Scam warning: 11 apps you need to delete right now



Google's AI Starts Answering Verizon Support Calls

Verizon taps Google Cloud Contact Center Artificial Intelligence for a 'more natural' support experience.



Windows 10 Store 'wsreset' tool lets attackers bypass antivirus



How to “Alt+Tab” to Switch Windows on a Mac



Microsoft to launch Cloud PC service powered by Azure, according to report

Microsoft's cloud efforts could come together in the form of a Cloud PC subscription.



iOS 14 tips and tricks: how to make the most of Apple's latest iPhone software

Fourteen tips to get the most out of iOS 14



Best smart home devices that aren't made by Amazon or Google

We took Amazon and Google out of the running (just this once) to see what other great smart home products are out there.



How to add a drop down list to an Excel cell

Drop down lists can greatly facilitate data entry. Here's a look at how to use Microsoft Excel's data validation feature to create handy lists within your worksheets.



Geekly Update - 15 July 2020



How to get rid of old files and clean up your PC with Windows' Storage settings

We can show you how to find some hidden storage already on your PC, to make room for massive new games like Microsoft's Flight Simulator reboot.



How to Reset Password of Local Account or Microsoft Account in Windows 10




You can now browse the internet more privately with Mozilla VPN. It cost $4.99, and it's available in six countries.



This Samsung tablet is the first real alternative to the iPad—and it's on sale



Iran-Linked Hackers Accidentally Exposed 40 GB of Their Files



Getting WARMer: Everybody’s moving to ARM



Facebook suspends anti-mask group for spreading COVID-19 misinformation

It’s removed a group called Unmasking America that had more than 9,000 members



Tons of iOS apps are crashing right now due to an issue with Facebook

  - An issue with the Facebook SDK on Friday morning is causing dozens of iOS apps to crash.

  - Facebook says that it is “aware and investigating an increase in errors on the iOS SDK which is causing some apps to crash.” No timeline has been offered for a fix.

  - Some of the apps affected by the outage include Spotify, Tinder, Pinterest, and Venmo.



The Best Podcast Apps For The IPhone [March 2020]



Update Windows now! Patch fixes 17-year-old bug hiding in your PC



'BadPower' Attack Can Rig a Fast Charger to Melt Your Devices

On some fast chargers, an attacker can exploit the read and write ability over the USB port to send malicious code to alter the charger’s firmware, according to researchers in China.



Emotet-TrickBot malware duo is back infecting Windows machines



How to Organize Your Mac’s Desktop Icons



Microsoft might move to once-a-year updates for Windows 10

Windows 10 could see a major shift in its update schedule to help development of Windows 10X.



How to build a gaming PC powerful enough to take on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

This won’t be cheap



Step up to a Linksys Wi-Fi router that expands into a mesh network for $150

This AC2200 router can be configured and controlled from a mobile appl, and stays current with automatic firmware updates.



Phishing attacks aim to steal sensitive data by prompting people to renew Microsoft subscription

The initial scam emails claim that the recipient must renew their Microsoft Office 365 subscription, says Abnormal Security.



Windows 10 Hard Drive Cleanup



Reports: Windows 10X will remove Win32 support as focus shifts to a 'Cloud PC'

This "Cloud PC" could compete with Chromebooks.



How to Recover Deleted Files with Windows File Recovery app in Windows 10



Windows Package Manager version 0.1.41821 releases with changes

Microsoft pushes the first update for its Windows Package Manager, and here are all the details.



New mobile phone plan offers massive savings on monthly bills — no strings attached



Experts Say Twitter Breach Troubling, Undermines Trust



How to check your iCloud media to see if it remains in place

It’s possible to change settings on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac so that it can’t download all images, but they’re still secure in iCloud.



Wemo’s new WiFi Smart Plug is smaller, cheaper, and available now

Works with Alexa, HomeKit, and Google Assistant



Apple’s latest iPhone software has a bug that’s driving people crazy

  - iPhone users who recently upgraded to iOS 13.5.1 are noticing a huge battery drain on their devices on account of Apple Music.

  - Even when Apple Music isn’t open, the app is reportedly draining the battery via background activity.

  - While some potential fixes have alleviated the issue for some users, a universal fix may not arrive until a subsequent iOS release from Apple is pushed out.



The Best Kodi Add-Ons [July 2020]



From the vault: Top 10 keyboard shortcuts you didn’t know about



7 VPN Services Found Recording User Logs, Despite 'No-Log' Pledge

The single open server also exposed names, passwords, email address, and home addresses for users on VPN services based in Hong Kong, according to security researchers.



Microsoft will disable insecure TLS in Office 365 on Oct 15



How to Clear Your PC’s Cache in Windows 10



Best Inkjet Printer for Under $100 in 2020 (if your looking, don't forget to check the ink prices before you buy)



How to test password strength using these free tools

Keep your passwords safe and secure



China has big ideas for the internet. Too bad no one else likes them

Political and technological problems might sink China's New IP plan, but China could reshape the internet in subtler ways.



How to install Linux

If you think Linux is hard to install, Jack Wallen puts that concern to rest.



Here's How to Extend Laptop Battery Life



Why it's an awful time to buy a graphics card

Next-gen graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia appear right around the corner, and you don't want buyer's remorse on an $800 purchase.



How to Clear All Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows




Some of the Microsoft Surface device are getting new firmware update in July to improve reliability.



Never forget your passwords again with this secret weapon for outsmarting hackers



Alleged Ripoff Report Hacker Extradited to United States



Don’t keep your Mac laptop charged to 100 percent all the time. Here’s why

Lithium-ion batteries don’t age well.




Get the most out of Google’s email app



An old piece of Android malware is back and more dangerous than before

  - An old piece of Android malware called FakeSpy has resurfaced and is now targeting users across the United States and Western Europe.

  - The app is capable of stealing a user’s text messages, banking information, and app data.

  - The malware spreads via a text message that seemingly comes from a local post office and instructs users to download an app disguised as a legitimate post office app.



The Best Nanny Cams [March 2020]



How to remove viruses from your iPhone or iPad



Pixel 4 XL Glass Backs Are Peeling Off

The problem is being attributed to the battery swelling and the battery connectors being brittle.



Office 365 adds new security configuration analysis feature



Give dumb devices brains with these killer deals on Kasa smart plugs and switches

Amazon is selling a three-pack of Kasa smart switches and a two-pack of Kasa smart plugs at excellent prices.



Find the Top College Degrees Online

Welcome to College Degrees Online



Teaching Degree Programs


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Sun 2010 07/19/2020

Windows 10 May Get Key Security Boost



How to Check Your Devices for Stalkerware

You deserve privacy. Here's how to check your phone, laptop, and online accounts to make sure no one's looking over your shoulder.



I've been using Apple's big new iPhone update for a full week — here are 8 of the most useful features I've found so far



7 macOS Tweaks to Boost Your Productivity



Turn your old phone into a security camera for free

Give your outdated phone new life.



This Doesn’t Need to Happen

Another day, another story of data loss. The frustrating thing is that it doesn't have to happen.



Chrome update promises to make it stop devouring your Mac's battery

Dramatic improvements to performance and battery life are coming



If your iPhone feels slow or dies fast, you may need a new battery — here’s how to check

  - It may be time for a new battery if your iPhone feels like it runs a bit slower than it used to, or if you notice that the battery life doesn’t seem to be as good as when you bought it.

  - Apple software may notice that your battery is getting old and, if your phone shuts off unexpectedly, will slow your phone down in an effort to prevent it from turning off and preserve battery life.

  - Here’s how to see if it’s time for a new battery.



Modernize Windows 10 with these free tools and tweaks (video)

Here's how you can modernize your Windows 10 desktop today.




Allows you to see, hear, chat, and share files with anyone, anywhere in the world alongside thousands of video chat rooms and meet millions of friendly members



How to Search in File Explorer in Windows 10



Inside the surveillance software tracking child porn offenders across the globe

The Child Protection System helps police triage child pornography cases. But as the system expands, it's facing growing privacy concerns.



3 Apps to Help Golfers Get Into the Swing of Things



How to Clean Up Your Windows Desktop Once and For All



How to watch Major League Baseball online

Watching Major League Baseball without a cable subscription can be as difficult as hitting a hard slider. Our cord-cutting guide will help you find the sweet spot.



Apple releasing iOS 13.6 today with Apple News+ Audio, Car Key feature, more



U.S. Government Agencies Instructed to Patch Wormable Windows Server Flaw



The one reason you shouldn’t turn to YouTube with your health concerns



FCC Votes to Make '988' a Nationwide Suicide Prevention Phone Number by 2022

The commission is giving all telecommunication carriers, including internet-based VoIP phone service providers, two years to implement the change.



How to connect your computer to a TV



How to Sort by Date in Microsoft Excel



FCC passes rule to make 988 the national suicide prevention hotline

The older 1-800 number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline will remain operational.



How can I make a computer “Crash Proof?”

Do I have to say it? The only crash-proof technology is a good and recent backup!



New Google Meet update blocks intruders -- say goodbye to videobombing

Google Meet puts its foot on videobombers' necks



Russia’s Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear hacking groups are under the spotlight

  - Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear are both linked to Russian intelligence agencies. 

  - On Thursday, Cozy Bear was accused Cozy Bear cyber spies of trying to steal coronavirus vaccine information from the U.S., Britain, and Canada. 

  - Russia denies the allegations. 



Beginner's guide to Windows Security on Windows 10

This is how you get started with Windows Security to keep your computer and files secure against malware and hackers.



Portable WIA-Loader

Automate the picture transfer from the camera to your PC and set quick editing rules by creating action sequences with this application



How to Optimize the Performance of Windows 10



After Twitter breach, lawmakers and experts concerned private messages were accessed

Concern about access to direct messages stems in part from broader worries that they could be leaked as part of a campaign to influence the U.S. election in November.



Samsung Reveals 6G Vision



New PC? 15 Must-Have Windows Applications You Should Install First



The best second-screen apps for watching Major League Baseball

Geek up the grand old game with data feeds, social media, and other interactive enhancements.



This week’s top stories: iOS 13.6 released with Car Key, Apple previews new emoji, more



Apple Patches Multiple Code Execution Flaws in Audio Components



Watch out! This fake Amazon email is an incredibly convincing scam



BlackRock Malware Steals Data From 337 Android Apps

Financial, social, news, shopping, lifestyle, dating, and productivity apps are all targeted by this new malware.



The Apple Watch is finally getting 1 major feature it's been missing that Fitbit has offered for years. Here's everything we know about the next model so far.



How to Make Text Bigger or Smaller in Google Chrome



Twitter says hackers got access to internal tools for hijacking spree

The social network is dealing with a massive security flaw that's allowed scammers to take over accounts belonging to prominent users.



Can’t I Just Copy Everything Instead of Using a Backup Program?

It's tempting to just use file-copy tools to back up what you think you need. But you can easily miss something very important.



Windows 10 update won't install on some PCs — and nobody knows why

Surface laptop and tablet owners are affected



Google will ban ads from running on stories spreading debunked coronavirus conspiracy theories

  - Google next month will begin preventing content about health crises that contradicts scientific consensus from running ads through its platforms. 

  - The company already prohibits ad and publisher content that makes harmful claims about disease prevention and unsubstantiated cures, including anti-vaccine promotions or content that encourages users to forgo treatment.

  - Google is now taking it a step further and updating its policies for advertisers and publishers to prohibit claims like “The Covid-19 vaccine is an attempt to genetically modify the population.”  



How to create a Windows 10 account using any email address

Yes, you can use virtually any email address to create an account on Windows 10, including a Gmail address, and in this guide, we'll help you complete this task.



Excel Mobile

This simple to use Store App for Windows 10 allows you to open Excel spreadsheets, view their contents, as well as display comments



How to Download and Install Microsoft PowerToys in Windows 10



FBI leading investigation of high profile Twitter hack



AI Advantages in the Wake of the Pandemic



Ultimate Windows PC Mastery: 70+ Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for Everyone



AutoTux is a Real Distro With a ‘No Hands’ Linux Installer'



Comment: Castro’s Inbox/Queue feature is game-changing functionality for heavy podcast users



Kremlin Denies UK Claims of Vote Meddling, Vaccine Hacking



6 practical reasons to use Incognito mode in your browser



The Best Free Google Chrome Extensions

Extensions let you customize your web-browsing experience by adding functionality with the click of a mouse. Here are 90+ of the best add-ons you can get for Google's Chrome browser.



NVIDIA Faces a Tough New Rival in Artificial Intelligence Chips



How to Make a Poster Using Microsoft PowerPoint



Watch Insta360's AI edit my skate video



Is the internet directly responsible for our economic problems?

Economic change is actually nothing new. I feel pretty strongly that you can't blame the internet for the economy - find out why!



Best cheap MacBook deals of July 2020

Don't pay full price for your next MacBook



The pandemic-fueled boom in TV streaming has paid off in a big way for ad tech firm The Trade Desk

  - The Trade Desk has been a rare bright spot in the ad-tech space for investors in recent years, in part because of the company’s connected TV investments.

  - The stock price is up 64% this year, while the S&P 500 is about flat.

  - The Trade Desk said it’s making a few key promotions and new hires in preparation for its next stage of growth. 



Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has a physical version with 10 discs

If you really, really want a physical version, it's possible.



Mail Password Decryptor

Recover lost or forgotten passwords from email clients and other similar apps, provided that they're saved on the computer, and export data to file



How to Turn On or Off Show OneDrive Cloud-only Content in Windows 10 Photos app



How a massive database is helping law enforcement track child predators



How to Solve WiFi Speed and Connection Problems



Screen Sharing 101: Share Your Desktop Using Native Windows Tools



Music Is Better Than Ever! It’s Just Harder to Find

Some people will always loudly declare that things aren't as good as they used to be, but that's anything but true when it comes to music. You just need to be willing to dig a little deeper.



Everything we know about the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro so far



Zoom's Vanity URLs Could Have Been Abused for Phishing Attacks



6 common tech myths and misbeliefs debunked



Mozilla's Paid VPN Service Now Available for $5 Per Month

Mozilla VPN subscribers get access to servers from 30+ countries and protection for up to five devices.



Apple's iPhone 12 is expected to bring major changes like a new design, 5G, and 3D cameras — here's everything we know about it so far



'Winky Face' Email Takes Control of PCs



First Look: Windows 10X Preview



Twitter breach exposes one of tech's biggest threats: Its own employees

Cybersecurity professionals broadly agree on a central problem: Computers and code are fixable, but humans are not.



Hackers targeted Twitter employees to hijack accounts of Elon Musk, Joe Biden and others in digital currency scam



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