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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Thur 2115 12/03/2020

5 Reasons You Need to Stop Using Free VPNs Right Now

Free VPNs are very tempting, but hold on. If you're thinking of signing up to one, you should read this article first. Here are the biggest risks with using a free VPN service.



Apple brought back the familiar startup chime with macOS 11. It might seem like a small change, but it's actually a big deal.



Unmanaged Devices Heighten Risks for School Networks

Gaming consoles, Wi-Fi Pineapples, and building management systems are among many devices Armis says it discovered on K-12 school networks.



How to speed up BlueStacks for faster Android emulation



Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti: 3440x1440 ultrawide benchmarks

Awesomely immersive, awfully more affordable



Why am I suddenly getting spam in my inbox?

It can be very frustrating if it suddenly seems like spammers have found you. There is one thing may help your email provider catch up and slow the deluge.



How to Access an Android Phone with a Broken Screen



Google Chrome will let you search through your open tabs



Raspberry Pi 4: This new official Case Fan will help keep your kit cool

The ultimate gift for Raspberry Pi fans?



Apple may put (self-developed) 5G modems in iPads next year

Apple’s world-class silicon design teams may be close to introducing internally-developed 5G modems inside iPads as soon as 2021.



How to Prevent Windows Update from Updating Specific Device Driver in Windows 10



8 Cool HTML Effects Anyone Can Add to Their Websites

You don't have to know CSS or PHP to build a fancy site. Use these cool HTML tricks to generate awesome effects.



Office 365 phishing scam uses legitimate Oracle and AWS services

A new sophisticated phishing scam uses legitimate cloud services



TeamViewer Meeting

A collaboration platform that can host secure video meetings where any participant can share files or their screen, perform VoIP calls and chat with others



What Are Private 5G Networks?

5G makes private networks much more appealing




Another great option for 1440p gaming



Samsung Galaxy S21 could get a massive price cut — here's why

A new Samsung Galaxy S21 rumor claims there's a big pricing change coming



How To Convert HEIC To JPG [Simple Way]



6 secrets to spot fake news or scams



Google Docs Just Got Much Better at Converting PDFs

Image imports, text and style formatting, and layout conversions are all improved.



The Trump administration in a new lawsuit accused Facebook of reserving over 2,600 high-paying jobs for foreign workers instead of hiring Americans



Inside North Korea's Rapid Evolution to Cyber Superpower

Researchers examine North Korea's rapid evolution from destructive campaigns to complex and efficient cyber operations.



How to disable new URL Copy and Paste feature in Microsoft Edge



The Windows Feature Experience Pack is a curated collection for beta testers

Microsoft offers a selection of features to test that is separated from the timing of Windows 10 builds.



I’m Drowning in Spam. What Can I Do?

Sometimes, it seems like spam is a tidal wave of junk that threatens to make email completely unusable. While you can't stop spam, you can manage it very well with a good spam filter.



Android Personal Safety Features You Should Know and Use



Sophos alerts customers of info exposure after security breach



Microsoft Teams will no longer support Internet Explorer 11

Teams is no longer supported by IE11 as Microsoft phases out its legacy web browser.



Why Android apps on Windows will be an uphill battle

Microsoft supposedly has a plan for a new kind of Android-Windows marriage — but it isn't quite as simple as it seems on the surface.



Add or Remove Map Network Drive and Disconnect Network Drive from This PC Context Menu in Windows 10



How to Set Up Email Filters in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook

Here's how to filter emails in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook so you can better organize your inbox and stay productive.



Windows 10’s next big update is reportedly in testing – but don’t expect it any time soon'

Microsoft is supposedly running in reverse for updates in 2021



Glary Utilities

A set of powerful utilities that aim to increase your PC performance and maintain your system in shape, giving you full control over its resources



Is the iPhone Waterproof or Not?

Apple’s warranty avoidance is watertight



Amazon adds webcam support to the Fire TV Cube

Call any Alexa-enabled device with a screen, including smartphones, Fire tablets, and the Echo Show



Forget the PS5 — Xbox Series X can run old PlayStation games

Xbox Series X can run PlayStation 2 games when the PS5 cannot — yes, really



Why Do New PCs No Longer Have DVD Or Blu-Ray Drives Any More?



Delete this messaging app now! Your photos are at risk



Amazon Starts Filling Its AWS Data Centers With Mac Minis

You don't have to buy a Mac anymore, just rent one in the cloud from Amazon Web Services.



Foldable tech is finally here: Will you bend toward the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G?



Security Slipup Exposes Health Records & Lab Results

NTreatment failed to add password protection to a cloud server, exposing thousands of sensitive medical records online.



Your files, apps and settings can’t be kept – Windows 10 in-place Upgrade error



Black Friday 2020 deals: The cheapest gaming PC you can build

This year's cheap gaming build sets you back just a little over $250—including the Windows license. But it looks a little different than expected...



How Do I Stop All this Spam?

Sometimes, it seems like spam is a tidal wave of junk that threatens to make email completely unusable. While you can't stop spam, you can manage it very well with a good spam filter.



How to Unlock Your iPhone If You Forgot Your Passcode



Google Chrome now lets you execute commands via the address bar



Why MX Linux reminds me of old-school Linux--in the best ways

If you're looking for the next Linux distribution to hop to, Jack Wallen thinks MX Linux is the perfect blend of old, new, and fast.



How to protect Windows 10 PCs from ransomware

Ransomware is running rampant these days, but there are several ways Windows 10 users and admins can protect their PCs. Here’s what to do.



Hyper-V Quick Create - Setup Ubuntu Linux virtual machine



What Is Parler? Why This Alternative Social Network Is Growing

Parler is gaining popularity as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. But what is Parler?



Zyxel UTM and VPN series of gateways impacted by vulnerability

Security flaw could lead to memory corruption issues



Draft by Slite

Quickly draft notes and ideas directly in Chrome's New Tab page, as well as save and share them with your team in the Slite workspace



Back to School: 9 Ways to Help Your Kids Survive Distance Learning

Online lessons don't have to be a win-or-lose battle



This incredible exploit could have let hackers remotely own iPhones without even touching them

A Google Project Zero researcher found a stunning vulnerability



Some PS5 consoles have a noise problem — what you need to know

Your PS5's noise level depends on its fan



How To Create A Windows 10 Recovery Disk



How to create and host a simple website for $20 a year



During the Pandemic, Everyone Is Gaming More, Not Just Kids

Cooped up inside during stay-at-home orders, many people have turned to video games to blow off steam, with those over 65 spending 45 percent more time gaming than they did a year ago, NPD Group says.



Why is my laptop hot? How to troubleshoot and cool down an overheated laptop



Call Fraud Operator Ordered to Pay $9M to Victims

Indian national will serve 20 years in prison for running a large call center fraud operation.



How to disable Sponsored Top Sites in Firefox web browser



Best webcams: Upgrade your video calls with higher resolutions and better features

Ditch the terrible built-in webcam on your laptop for one that takes video chatting seriously.



Why can’t we catch scammers?

Scammers are an international problem and that makes it extremely difficult to stop. In the end, it's all about the money.



Use nnn as a File Manager for Linux Terminal



How to disable Microsoft's new 'Meet Now' feature in Windows 10



2021 will see the spread of AI and automation in the workplace

Enterprises are already interested in how to automate invoicing and expensing procedures, says SAP Concur.



Amid the new COVID-19 ‘normal,’ the laptop and smartphone need to merge

Smartphones and laptops may be good at what they do, but combining some of their features would be more helpful for remote employees stuck at home.



How to Reset and Re-register Windows Spotlight in Windows 10



POCO M3 Is Official and It's Putting Other Budget Phones to Shame

The specs of this phone are absurd for the price.



Windows 10 patch cures bug that plagued PCs with Thunderbolt ports

KB4586853 is an optional update available now



WinReducer EX-100

Easily create your own customized Microsoft Windows 10 bootable image containing exactly the applications and the settings you need



Surprise! Smartphones May Make You More Impulsive



Apple’s $129 MagSafe Duo charger is now available

Don’t forget the power brick



Snapdragon 888 unveiled — meet the Galaxy S21 chip ready to fight iPhone 12

Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon 888, its latest system-on-chip for 2021 Android flagship phones



How To Switch Out Of S Mode In Windows 10 (its free)



Tech Tip: Back up your data before it’s too late



Apple Went Too Far With iPhone's Water-Resistance Claims, Says Italian Regulator

The Italian Competition Authority fines Apple 10 million Euros for misleading claims about how it determined iPhone water resistance.



6 ways to cool down your computer when it overheats



Why Is It So Important to Use Different Passwords for Everything?


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Wed 2114 12/02/2020

Want Your Internet Faster and Safer?



Adjusting to the New Normal



There's nothing new about the 'new normal'. Here's why

  - 'The new normal' must not be the lens through which we examine our changed world.

  - 'Normal' has not worked for a majority of the world's population, so why would it start working now?

  - We should use our discomfort to forge a new paradigm instead.



Privado gives you fast search results and prevents others from finding your searches



How to fix the 'untrusted_cert_title' error when reinstalling macOS

This problem appears to be one of the past, but readers keep encountering it.



How to reset settings to default to fix problems on Microsoft Edge

It's possible to reset your settings on Chromium version of Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, and here's how to complete the task.



How to transfer a Windows 10 license to a new PC or hard drive

Yes, it's possible to transfer a Windows 10 license to a new device, and in this guide, we'll show you how.



Outlook and other apps won’t remember login details on Windows 10



Why Isn’t Outlook’s Junk Mail Filter Stopping More Spam?

Outlook is doing the best that it can with spam, but your expectations that it can block spam based on the From addresses is a tad off the mark.



How to protect Windows 10 PCs from ransomware

Ransomware is running rampant these days, but there are several ways Windows 10 users and admins can protect their PCs. Here’s what to do.



How to add a code block to Google Docs with this free extension

If you struggle to add well-formatted blocks of code into Google Documents, check out this easy-to-use free add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.



Crooks impersonate US govt agencies offering financial aid



How to Use Zoom on Chromebook



Antivirus alone is no longer enough to keep your devices protected

For complete protection, you’ll need to expand your armory of tools



6 AI Tools That Add Color to Old Black and White Photos

If you have old, black and white photos you want to add color to, use one of these AI tools to bring the past to life.



Tile Tabs

Organize your tabs horizontally, vertically or in a grid with the help of this Mozilla Firefox extension that should be a godsend if you are a multitasker


How to Use a TV as a Computer Monitor

What you need to know about using your TV as a monitor



Samsung may discontinue high-end Galaxy Note smartphones - sources



Pinterest shareholders sue over ‘toxic’ work culture

Top executives ignored allegations of discrimination, complaint says



How To Remove An Echo In Audacity



5 quick and easy tips for better Google Search results



ASRock Launches World's Thinnest AMD Ryzen Desktop PC

It's only 26mm thick and offers a choice of Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 APUs.



How to erase an encrypted Mac volume if you don’t need its contents

You don’t need a password if you’re just trying to erase a drive.



How to change copy and paste link format on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now includes a feature to paste links you copied from the address as hyperlinks or plain text, and here's how to use the feature.



Microsoft Teams picks up new calling features, including a streamlined calling experience

Teams calling is gaining features across the board to make it more useful for businesses and organizations.



Allow OneDrive to disable Windows permission inheritance in the synced Read-only folders



Why Am I Being Labeled a Spammer?

Possibly being labeled a spammer is another reason not to forward jokes and urban legends. Do it enough and your normal email may not get delivered.



The New Normal: When work-from-home means the boss is watching

The rise of remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred faster adoption of employee monitoring software by companies who want to boost productivity — and keep an eye on workers outside the office.



Google Forms email surveys: Check this box to get more responses

Improve your response rate to short, single-section Google Form surveys by letting people respond without ever leaving email.



Hands on with Microsoft Edge's Smart Copy feature for tabular data



How to Run Chromium OS on Your Laptop with ChromX



Best Linux distro for privacy and security in 2020

Pull a Keyser Soze on the snoopers



How to Calculate Weighted Average in Excel

Weighted averages are great when some numbers more important than others. Here's how to find a weighted average with Excel.



Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome

Enjoy fast and safe Internet browsing with the help of this neat Chrome extension that adds protection without affecting performance



Twitter Scams: How to Identify Them And Protect Yourself

Not everyone is your pal. Learn to identify scam tweets



Should You Buy Apple's MagSafe Charger?



Wyze announces $20 smartwatch with nine-day battery life

With heart rate and blood oxygen saturation tracking



How To Enable ActiveX On Chrome



How to text a question to Alexa when you can’t (or don’t want to) use your voice



Raspberry Pi 4 Official Case Fan Launches

Run your Pi 10 degrees cooler in the official case by spending $5.



Apple ID adds recovery key option, but it’s not yet ready for you to use

Apple adds back in an option for your Apple ID that can deter hijacking. However, the company hasn’t yet updated its password-recovery websites. Avoid for now.



How to use Smart Copy to preserve formatting on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now lets you copy content from the web and paste it on another app maintaining the original formatting, and here's how to use the feature.



Microsoft acquires Smash.gg esports tournament platform

The company has announced it's joining Microsoft, bringing a suite of management tools for esports events to the Xbox platform holder.



How to open and read Small Memory Dump (dmp) files in Windows 10



Why Am I Getting (or Sending) Emails that Contain only a Link or Spam from My Contacts?

Email account hacking is on the rise. One of the signs is the amount of spam being sent to contacts from those hacked accounts.



The best way to transfer files to a new Windows PC or Mac

Using a cloud storage service removes the hassle of transferring files to your new computer via utilities or external drives — and it also supports mobile devices.



Broke your smartphone? 'Right to repair' rules just took another step forward

'Right to repair' calls on manufacturers to make it easier for consumers to fix their own devices and to be more transparent about the lifespan of their products.



New WAPDropper malware stealthily subscribes you to premium services



How to Switch from Chrome to Vivaldi



There's no longer a one-size-fit-all SSD. Here's why.

No dearth of choices, and for good reason.



6 Android Apps That Really Clean Up Your Device (No Placebos!)

These phone cleaner apps for Android help you clear out junk files taking up space on your device.



Raindrop.io for Chrome

Have access to all of your favorite web pages by creating organized bookmarks which can be accessed from various devices through a web interface



The next big MacBook upgrade might be coming sooner than we thought

  - Apple will reportedly launch a big MacBook upgrade next year, with manufacturing set to start in the second quarter.

  - A report from Asia says that the M1 MacBook Pro will get a mini-LED display, which would mark a first for the Mac line.

 - The first mini-LED iPad Pro should arrive in the first quarter of 2021, giving the world the first taste at Apple’s mini-LED screen tech.



Amazon's Fire TV Cube can now handle two-way video calls



Microsoft Teams gets an overhauled calling interface, CarPlay support, and more

Microsoft Teams will soon let you transfer calls easily between desktop and mobile



How To Automatically Delete Chrome History After Closing



5 ways to stop porch pirates from stealing your packages



The US Is Number One for Data Theft

Uswitch’s data-breach report names the US the data theft capital of the world, outranking China, India, and the UK.



How to fix the M1 Mac’s most disappointing feature: iOS apps on the Mac

Both Apple and app developers have work to do.



How to take webpage screenshot on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge introduces a screenshot feature to capture webpages, and here's how to use it on Windows 10



Microsoft highlights how Vietnamese hackers used crypto-mining software to fly under the radar

It's better to be safe than sorry as Microsoft points out the threat potential of crypto coin miners.



Power Supply Calculator to calculate the Power Supply Wattage



Why shouldn’t I post my email address in a public forum?

Spammers and internet trolls harvest email addresses via a variety of means. One of the most common is to simply surf the web and look for anything that might look like one.



Fast forward: What's coming in future Chrome updates?

Every time Google updates its browser, it publishes release notes aimed at enterprises to highlight upcoming additions, substitutions, enhancements and modifications. Here's a sneak preview of what's coming.



AI automation promises to have a big, and not always positive, impact

Commentary: Just as telephone operators struggled with the automation of switching, AI promises to change global economies for the better, even as it wreaks havoc on individuals' jobs.



Over 300K Spotify accounts hacked in credential stuffing attack



7 of the Best Text Expansion Tools for Windows



This Chrome update should help with annoying Windows 10 antivirus issues

Windows 10 antivirus has been playing havoc with Chrome bookmarks and more



How to Find Out If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

With Facebook harboring so much data, you need to keep your account safe. Here's how to find out if your Facebook has been hacked.



Raindrop.io for Firefox

Neatly organize all your bookmarks into collections with the help of this Firefox extension that is also able to store other media, such as photos, videos, and tracks



Microsoft is trying to figure out why PS5 games outperform Xbox Series X games

  - In early testing, PS5 games look better and run more smoothly than Xbox Series X games.

  - Microsoft says that the Xbox Series X is “the world’s most powerful console,” but many multiplatform games are performing better on the PlayStation 5.

 - Microsoft is working with its Xbox development partners to address these discrepancies.



Qualcomm taps Samsung to make new flagship 5G smartphone chips



Microsoft’s new Windows Feature Experience Packs are smaller updates to Windows 10

Microsoft is testing these smaller Windows updates with insiders first



How To Send And Receive Text Messages On A PC Without A Phone



3 super useful websites you’ll use all the time



Report: Android App Support Coming to Windows 10 With 'Project Latte'

Android app support could soon be coming to Windows 10 by way of a special software-based solution. It would eliminate the need for Android emulation or phone mirroring.



How to fix your network when you see ‘Another device is using your IP address’

Your local network or your Mac may have the wrong addresses configured.



Geekly Update - 27 November 2020



Less Common Reasons Your Computer May Slow Down


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Tue 2113 12/01/2020

The best Linux apps for Chromebooks

Make your Chromebook even more capable with this carefully selected set of Linux apps for expanding Chrome OS's potential as a business tool.



NVIDIA may have already killed off the 12-pin power connector on the RTX 3070 Founders Edition (at least you may not need a new power supply just for the 12-pin power)



Smart Device Life Cycles Can Pull the Plug on Security



Smartphone Addiction Not Habitual, Says Study



How to Kill Zombie Processes on Linux



Why Shouldn’t I Forward this Email Asking Me to “Forward to Everyone I Know”?

Every few days, we get forwarded email warning us about everything from lost children to free money. They're mostly bogus, and known as urban legends.



The return of the Mirai botnet



How to make OneDrive continue syncing when Battery Saver Mode is turned on



How to Run Chromium OS in Windows 10



Windows 7 and Server 2008 zero-day bug gets a free patch



Configure Microsoft Edge's Paste behavior when copying URLs from the address bar



Covid vaccine maker AstraZeneca targeted by North Korean hackers

The attempted hack involved several fake job offers



Use This Mac App to Manage and Improve Your Wi-Fi

NetSpot lets you visualize, optimize, and troubleshoot your wireless networks.



Microsoft Office Links Silently Added in More Windows 10 Apps

Microsoft is working hard on connecting all of its apps and services, and on Windows 10, the company is trying to make this integration as seamless as possible.



Twitter’s Audio Spaces test includes transcriptions, speaker controls and reporting features



How to stop Google from tracking you on any device



How to Use iPhone Back Tap Controls for Shortcuts and More

Tap the back of your phone to access this iOS 14 accessibility feature



Apple M1 Macs: What you need to know about buying a new Mac with Apple silicon

Shopping for a new Mac, but you have questions? We answer them in this FAQ.



25 Simple Stress-Relieving Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk

These easy stretches don’t take up much time and can be done even while sitting in front of a computer. The benefits are worth it!



Warning: This Zoom invite is a clever phishing scam



Sony: More PlayStation 5 Units Are on the Way

Sony is only selling the console online through the major retailers, so you’ll have to act fast to secure your order. Expect more units to go on sale during Black Friday.



Comcast to Impose New Broadband Data Caps Nationwide



Why You Should Delay Your macOS Upgrades



Why You Should Never Blindly Trust an Online Recommendation (Even Mine)

A reader left a snide remark about one of my recommendations, but it actually raised an important point about recommendations you might find online – there are many opportunities for abuse.



Is the user the weakest link in security?



SysInternals Process Explorer tutorial: How to use it



How to Use Microsoft Office on Chromebook for Free



Tesla Model X key fobs could be hacked to steal cars, fix released



You can now play Flash content on the Internet Archive using emulation



The Raspberry Pi 400 isn't the only keyboard computer with a Raspberry Pi inside

Retro computing with a Raspberry Pi twist



What Is the Desktop Window Manager (DWM.exe) and Do You Need It?

Is the Desktop Window Manager hogging your RAM? Here's why you shouldn't disable it.



Modern Windows 10 File Explorer Coming in the Fall of 2021

We’ve known for a while that Microsoft is working on a modern version of File Explorer for Windows 10 users, but as we can all see already, this is still nowhere to be seen.



Review: Sketchboard Pro for iPad



Cyber crime spikes as online holiday shopping picks up



Apple's M1 Challenges All Competition

Price is a PC's only advantage



Unrole models: The loudest developers aren’t always the best



10 Useful Amazon Prime Video Tips You Should Really Start Using

Take advantage of these cool tricks and features to boost your Amazon Prime Video experience to the next level!



5 ways to boost your iPhone’s signal strength



Amazon Partners With US Government to Curb Online Counterfeiters

Amazon's Counterfeit Crimes Unit will use evidence to hold bad actors accountable 'to the fullest extent of the law.'



Google Tightens Chrome Extension Privacy Rules



How to Mute Fleets on Twitter



Do Desktop or Laptop Platforms Really Matter any More?

As platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux have all matured, the differences in fundamental capabilities are getting smaller – in many cases, small enough that which one you choose can often boil down to simple personal preference.



5 tips for safer online shopping



Windows 10 Apps or Programs open and close immediately



How to Use Virtual Desk in Chrome O



Here's how to enable Google Chrome's new modern PDF reader



How to disable Sponsored Top Sites in the Firefox web browser



Best external hard drives of 2020: Top Cyber Monday 2020 portable hard disks deals



How Social Media Is Making You Sad, According to Science

Numerous studies have shown how too much social media use can negatively impact your mental health.



IBM Security Trusteer Rapport

Prevent online fraud committed by dangerous malware with the help of this streamlined and unobtrusive piece of software that is perfectly suited for banks and enterprises



Raspberry Pi Foundation releases case fan to prevent overheating



Belkin’s new wireless charger tries to do what AirPower promised



The M1 Mac Mini May Be All the Mac You Need

Incredible power, itty bitty package



How to turn your phone hotspot into a home broadband network

But you should read the fine print before you do so.



5 Key Benefits of a VPN for Gaming (And Why You Should Start Using One)

If you aren’t using a VPN, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to all kinds of risks… and missing out on several useful perks!



How to get an alert if you were near someone who has coronavirus



How Much Is Your Personal Data Worth?

Because there are fewer men than women, data for men commands a slightly higher price. And 18- to 24-year-olds command top data dollars.



Google Makes Bold Chrome Claims



How to Insert Outlook Contact Information in Microsoft Word



If I Had to Do It All Over Again…

It may not be fair, it may not be politically correct, but the practical reality of the internet is that speaking and writing English well, matters.



Boost your application security knowledge with this guide



Windows 10 keeps changing default browser



How to Install Firefox in Chromebook



How to boost your Windows 10 experience with PowerToys



Expect even more ads on YouTube soon



Microsoft Teams will no longer be available to certain users from tomorrow

Microsoft Teams drops support for Internet Explorer 11



Kodi Remote: The 10 Best Ways to Control Kodi From Your Couch

Here are all the different options available for a Kodi remote control, allowing you to control everything at your convenience.




A stylish and fast web browser that provides a complex set of features and tools to help you get the most out of surfing the Internet



US Fertility says patient data was stolen in a ransomware attack



Vava’s 4K ultra short-throw projector is $840 off at Amazon



Why Echo Frames Could Be a Privacy Nightmare

These frames keep Alexa close (All the time!)



Imagining the possibilities with Apple silicon

What other features could Apple silicon enable on Apple's computers?



TV Streaming Sucks Now: Why “A La Carte” TV Is a Disappointment

Be careful what you wish for, even when it’s TV. Because you just might get it.



Inbox full of junk? 5 simple ways to stop spam for good



Solid Copper Raspberry Pi 4 Case Costs $250

The 785 gram case looks fantastic and keeps the Pi cool even when overclocked to 2.1GHz.



MS Pushes Edge with Full Screen Ads in Win10



Find and delete the locations your iPhone has been tracking



Remote-controlled delivery carts are now working for the local Los Angeles grocer



Apple HomePod Mini review: Apple’s $99 smart speaker needs to be either better or cheaper

If the HomePod Mini were $50 rather than $99, we’d really have something.



This 98-inch Samsung TV is $50,000 off for Black Friday and yes that’s a comma not a period (who what's to buy me one?)



Don’t Call Yourself Stupid


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Mon 2112 11/30/2020

FireEye Predicts Ransomware Will Evolve and Expand in 2021



The UK created a secretive, elite hacking force. Here’s what it does

The National Cyber Force is part of the UK's future defence plans. It's been operational since April and is on the attack



If you don't use 5G on your iPhone 12, do yourself a favor and turn it off. Here's how

We'll also show you how to control when and how much 5G data your new iPhone uses.



How to Disable Wallpaper Tinting in Windows on Mac



Use This Website to See What Software Runs on M1 Macs



SSD is in BIOS, but Windows 10 won’t boot from it



Why backups are not a cure-all for ransomware attacks



How to Use Sound Recognition Alerts on iPhone



Don’t Call Yourself Stupid

Some people call themselves "dumb" or "stupid" when it comes to computers. There's little that frustrates me more.



Microsoft gives Linux a security boost with these new attack detection tools

Linux endpoint detection and response will help Microsoft Defender customers secure Linux servers and networks against security nasties.



How to hide the extension icon (jigsaw) in Google Chrome



Malsmoke operators abandon exploit kits in favor of social engineering scheme



Logitech's Folio Touch iPad keyboard is cheaper and more versatile than Apple's

But Apple still offers a better typing experience.



The worst passwords of 2020 show we are just as lazy about security as ever

Can’t we do any better than “123456”?




An application that enables you to take notes and set up reminders directly on your desktop screen, thanks to the integrated calendar



Zoom nightmare come true: New Jersey school board member resigns after streaming bathroom break during meeting



The 10 Best Working From Home Tips in 2020

The essential tech advice to make remote work effective



Review: iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini final thoughts [Video]



How to use Smart Copy to preserve formatting on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now lets you copy content from the web and paste it on another app maintaining the original formatting, and here's how to use the feature.



Which CPU Should You Buy? Intel Core i5 vs. i7

Shopping for a laptop or desktop? Figuring out which CPU it should have can be the hardest part. Let's take a look at two of Intel's most popular processor lines and unravel the differences.



Why you should Google yourself now



iPhone 12's Lightning port may be the next thing Apple kills

Commentary: Going by iPhone 12 naming standards, it's possible that the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max would be portless, while the iPhone 13 Mini and regular iPhone 13 would keep their Lightning port.



How to Change Kerning in Microsoft Word



Parler Wasn't Hacked, but That Doesn't Mean It's Safe to Use



SFC Failed to Repair and DISM shows error 0x800f081f in Windows 10



GoDaddy scam shows how voice phishing can be more deceptive than email schemes



How to Protect Your Eyes When Using a Smartphone



Is it Safe to Delete Duplicate Files?

Programs that identify identical files can be useful, but simply deleting the duplicates they find can cause more harm than good.



Best tablets to give as holiday gifts in 2020

These tablets from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, and Lenovo are sure to satisfy anyone on your gift list this holiday season.



WizFile 3.00: massive update for fast file search tool



Report: Facebook Credit Card Scam Exposed Via Huge Data Leak



Twitter will warn you if you 'like' misleading tweets

The website only used to show a 'disputed tweet' prompt when you try to retweet posts.



The ransomware landscape is more crowded than you think

More than 25 Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) portals are currently renting ransomware to other criminal groups.



Pale Moon

Firefox-based web browser that offers fast browsing speed while retaining a traditional user-friendly interface adopted by earlier versions of Firefox



Use Google? 5 new ways to secure your account



Twitter Scams: How to Identify Them And Protect Yourself

Not everyone is your pal. Learn to identify scam tweets



Never pay for Mac cloud storage again with a lifetime pCloud account (75% off for Black Friday!)



How to disable driver signature enforcement on Windows 10

If you need to install unsigned drivers on Windows 10, you first have to disable the default enforcement of signature, and in this guide, you'll learn how to complete this task.



Xbox Cloud Gaming App for Smart TVs Could Arrive Next Year

Currently, Microsoft's xCloud is only available for Android mobile devices as a Game Pass Ultimate feature. But Xbox chief Phil Spencer says he wants the cloud gaming service on smart TVs too.



Is someone listening to everything you say? Look for this clue



Using Windows 10? Here's how to run Android apps on your PC

Access multiple Android apps side-by-side on your Windows 10 device, thanks to an update to the Your Phone app available for Samsung Galaxy phones.



How to Disable the Welcome Experience After Windows 10 Updates



Use 2FA to Stop This New WhatsApp Account Attack



How to Install Office on Linux using WinApps



Why backups are not a cure-all for ransomware attacks



What Is a Chromebook, and How Does It Differ from a Laptop?



Less Common Reasons Your Computer May Slow Down

Your computer may slow down for many reasons; these are some of the less common ones still worth looking for.



The 7 best microphones to help you sound better in your next video meeting

There's plenty of technology available to help improve the quality of our virtual calls. A top-of-the-line microphone is a great start.



Change the color scheme of websites permanently with Midnight Lizard for Firefox



LinkedIn phishing scams most clicked with a 47% open rate in Q3 2020



Roku adds AMC+ to its streaming channel

Catch up on 'The Walking Dead' and other AMC content for $9 per month.



2020 Global Security Attitude Survey: How Organizations Fear Cyberattacks Will Impact Their Digital Transformation and Future Growth



Brave Browser

Make your Internet surfing sessions more enjoyable by avoiding annoying ads and intrusive trackers using this appealing and intuitive browser



Sluggish Wi-Fi? Here's how to find out who – or what – is hogging your bandwidth



How to Use iPhone Back Tap Controls for Shortcuts and More

Tap the back of your phone to access this iOS 14 accessibility feature



Making the Grade: Clips is Apple’s most under-appreciated app in K-12



How to rollback previous version of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now includes options to rollback to a previous version, and here's how to complete the task on Windows 10.



What Is 5G?

All of the US carriers have now launched some form of 5G cellular network. But what exactly is 5G, and how fast is it compared with 4G? Here are the facts we know so far.



5 router admin settings you need to change to keep hackers out



Android vs. iPhone: 6 stellar features Apple fans wish their phones had

From more customisation controls to split-screen apps, Android phones can do a lot that iPhones simply can't.



Can You Run Windows Software on an M1 Mac?



Use This Website to See What Software Runs on M1 Macs



What is the difference between RAM memory and Hard Drive?



GoDaddy scam shows how voice phishing can be more deceptive than email schemes



How to Tighten Up Your Privacy on a Chromebook



Why Is It So Important to Use Different Passwords for Everything?

Using different passwords on different sites is not only good practice, it's necessary to keep your accounts safe. I'll review why, and how best to handle a plethora of passwords.



It's time for banks to rethink how they secure customer information

Jack Wallen thinks banks and credit card companies need to start considering radical ideas to increase their security. In fact, he goes so far as to share such an idea.



EmuOS: run retro games and apps right in your browser



Ransomware top loss cause for small, medium business



How to make sense of Logitech's universal remote lineup

We also took a look at a model from Sideclick.



Robot Vacuums Suck Up Sensitive Audio in ‘LidarPhone’ Hack




Optimize your computer, clear registry entries, uninstall, change or remove programs and manage startup applications with this program



By Typing Captcha, you are Actually Helping AI's Training



How AI Photo Editing Could Impact Photography

A gift or a curse?



Apple Silicon Macs still to come: Redesigned iMac, new MacBook Pro, and more



How to change copy and paste link format on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge now includes a feature to paste links you copied from the address as hyperlinks or plain text, and here's how to use the feature.



Comcast to Institute 1.2TB Data Caps for Xfinity Users in Northeast US

Naturally, customers are upset. But the company says the vast majority of affected subscribers—95 percent—never use more than 1.2TB of data in a month.



5 tricks to manage your email: Labels, Kim’s 1-minute rule, sync up



iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11: All the differences and whether you should upgrade

Here's exactly how the iPhone 12 compares with the iPhone 11 in terms of screen size, battery, cameras and price.



Microsoft Teams is adding these consumer-friendly features to desktop and web



Nearly Half of Spear Phishing Emails Bypass Security Filters



How To Back Up in 5 Easy Steps! 


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Sun 2111 11/29/2020

In the giving mood? How to spot charity scams before you donate



FBI warns of criminals spoofing its website domain names



Demon's Souls looked ugly as sh** on my PS5 — I finally figured out why (interesting as it applies to video settings)

Don't make the same mistake I made



Microsoft Safety Scanner

A standalone on-demand computer scanner that performs quick, full, or custom analysis on your computer to detect potential threats



How to Use the App Library on iPhone



How to Send a Disappearing 'Fleet' on Twitter



When a hurricane blows out your internet, a drone can drop an instant Wi-Fi network

New technology like instant Wi-Fi networks and body monitoring sensors are helping first responders in the field save more lives.



Windows Taskbar icons or buttons not working



How to Create Your Own Start Menu in Windows 10 with Open-Shell



Vivaldi Mail, Feed Reader and Calendar can now be tested



How phishing attacks are exploiting Google's own tools and services

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of Google's open and accessible online tools to skirt past the usual security filters, says Armorblox.



Cybercriminals use Facebook ads to shame companies, confuse messaging to customers



Be Very Sparing in Allowing Site Notifications



Chrome extensions will have to show how they use your data

There are also limits on how extensions can use that data.



7 Time Management Apps & Extensions for Your Web Browsing

Set web browser time limits and minimize distractions with these tools



What's in the latest Edge update? Automatic IE redirection and custom content on the new tab page

Microsoft's Edge 87 debuts automatic IE-to-Edge redirection for some sites and beefs up the new tab page with customizable feeds.



Facebook Experiments With Being Less Awful, Says Not to Get Used to It or Anything



Apple is reportedly moving iPad production out of China for the first time ever because of Trump's trade war



Capcom Has Been Hacked in Possible Ransomware Attack

The Japanese games company has reportedly had sensitive information stolen from its servers.



Inbox full of junk? 5 simple ways to stop spam for good



Google Is Limiting How Chrome Extension Developers Can Use Your Data

From January, extensions must clearly state what data is collected and how it can be used is being restricted.



AVG Antivirus Free

Top-grade antivirus application with basic protection against all forms of malware, in addition to email, identity and web browsing safety



PSA: Turn Off RCS Before Switching to a New Phone



How to Restore Your M1 Mac if macOS Won't Reinstall



Zoom review: The video meeting service became a verb in 2020

There's so much more to Zoom than just changing your background.



How to Clear, Reset or Delete Windows Media Library WMDB Files



The Beginner’s Guide to Btrfs



Configure Microsoft Edge's Paste behavior when copying URLs from the address bar



How to use the new Google Calendar event add tool

Google Calendar has a new event add interface and Jack Wallen is here to show you how easy and efficient it is to use.



Microsoft, chipmaker giants to release security processor to battle speculative attacks



Ransomware Group Turns to Facebook Ads



New Jersey law bars doxxing campaigns against judges, prosecutors and police

Potential victims can demand that content gets pulled.



Why Apple's New Pricing May Not Be Sinister

Sometimes, it is just business



Windows 10 recovery, revisited: The new way to perform a clean install

Windows 10 version 2004 removed the “start fresh” recovery option, but the functionality still exists. Here’s how to perform a clean install in newer versions of Windows 10 — and some workarounds if it doesn’t work.



A Grant Will Help a Tribal-Owned and Managed ISP Better Bridge the Digital Divide



Amazon suffers serious technical outages



5 Ways to Check If Your Android Device Is Hacked

If your Android phone is slow, shows popups, or freezes, it might have been hacked. Here's how to check and what to do next.



Don’t fall for this gift scam on Facebook



You Can Buy These Cheap Webcams on Amazon Right Now, But Are They Any Good?

In this new work-from-home world, name-brand webcams from Logitech and Razer are either sold out or on back-order, but there's no shortage of lesser-known models available on Amazon. We bought six of them ranging in price from $13 to $59; here's how they measure up.



Avast Free Antivirus

Powerful anti-malware solution delivered in a user-friendly and free package, featuring multiple scanning modes and extra tools to ensure all-round PC safety



How to Use an Apple HomePod as an Intercom



Video Games Can Be Beneficial to Your Mental Health



Yes, you should absolutely bring Alexa outside. 3 best uses for Amazon Echo outdoors

There are several benefits to bringing Alexa outside your house. Here's what they are.



Uninstall Notepad using PowerShell, Command Prompt or Settings app in Windows 10



How to Capture a Scrolling Screenshot in Windows 10



Be careful when you install Microsoft Edge extensions from the Microsoft Store



How to disable the Brave Rewards feature

Brave is a browser that should be on your radar; however, it does include the Brave Rewards feature that some users might want to disable. Learn how to turn off this option.



Popular apps in Google store leak data that adversaries could use to spy on targets



Convicted SIM Swapper Gets 3 Years in Jail



Twitter fixing 'fleets' bug that showed messages after they disappeared

Your vanishing messages weren't really gone.



How to Break Your iPhone 12 Screen

Snap, crackle, pop



Microsoft, it's time deliver these four Windows wishes

When is a "major" OS upgrade not really a big deal? And just what would constitute big changes in Windows 10? Herewith, a few thoughts and wishes.



Twitter Brings Back Public Verification For The Accounts It Deems Worthy



How to stop Google from tracking your computer and limit its data collection of your online history



5 Ways Hackers Use Facebook to Steal From You

Thought privacy was the only thing at risk when using Facebook? Here are five other ways Facebook can compromise your security.



5.9M trucks and SUVs added to the biggest auto recall in history



Asus Announces Tinker Board 2 and 2S Single-Board Computers

The Raspberry Pi gets some fresh competition from Asus' new boards with 1.5x performance promised.



Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Firefox (available in Chrome and all Chromium based browsers like Edge Chromium via the Google Chrome Web Store or search for "Install Malwarebytes Browser Guard and ther is a blue link in there to bring up the Chrome Web Store.  In Edge Chromeium you will have to give permission to install from other than the Microsoft Web Store.)

A security browser add-on that promises to prevent malware from reaching your computer and block unwanted content and advertisements



Should I Keep Using My Password Manager?



Google's antitrust battles: Here's what you need to know

The latest: Seven states plan to file a lawsuit next month and combine their case with the DOJ's complaint.



Microsoft adding Office shortcuts to the Mail app in Windows 10



FBI and CISA Warn of Vishing Phone Scams



Each Chrome extension has to reveal which data it collects and how it processes it from 2021 onward



How to use the built-in GPG feature for Thunderbird

As of release 78, Thunderbird no longer requires a third-party extension to work with encryption. Learn how this new feature works.



Ransomware gangs hunt for tax software to ratchet up pressure on victims



GoDaddy Employees Used in Attacks on Multiple Cryptocurrency Services



FDA clears emergency use of lab-made antibodies to treat COVID-19

It's a breakthrough for medical tech, if only for limited situations.



Why It’s Important to Talk About 6G Now

Get them started early



How to migrate to a new Windows PC

All your files, apps, and settings are on your old computer. Here’s how to move them to your new Windows PC, from either Windows or macOS.



Comcast Prepares to Screw Over Millions With Data Caps in 2021



Comcast is hiking TV and internet prices in 2021



7 Easy Windows 10 Tweaks That'll Make Your PC Feel Like Home

Windows 10 looks fantastic. But you can make Windows 10 look truly unique with these uncomplicated tweaks.



Change this privacy setting in Google to share less of your data



Cord-Cutting for Live TV Is More Expensive Than You Think

A new study looks at live TV streaming prices over the past five years and finds that services are gradually getting more expensive.




An efficient and user-friendly application created to assist you in carrying out transcription tasks, enabling you to complete your job in less time



Forget the Samsung Galaxy S21 — the A12 with 5 cameras and a big battery is coming

Samsung Galaxy A12 is headed our way in 2021


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