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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Thur 05/06/2021 2240
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Thur 2240 05/22/2021

The Problem With Passwords is People



Geekly Update - 28 April 2021



Apple Called Out by Epic Ally as Too Controlling Over Apps



How to Opt out of Google FLoC in Chrome



What’s the Difference Between “Save” and “Run” When Downloading?



The 7 Best Budget Chromebooks



Patch your Macs against this attack



Ransomware attack hits Washington, D.C. police department

The attack was reportedly pulled off by the Babuk gang, which has already leaked screenshots of some of the stolen data.



This company is making immersive spatial audio available to everyone

Music just as the artist intended



Linux Running Too Slow? Here’s How to Find the Cause



New Microsoft Teams feature helps students practice reading in a secure environment

Microsoft's new features for Teams help improve student engagement.



Apple’s next Mac chip is on the way—here’s how much better it could be

There are higher-performing Macs with Apple Silicon on the way, but how fast will they be?



Outdated Windows Users Flout Computing Safety



How to enable or disable Aero Shake on Windows 10

Windows 10 gets a new option in the Settings app to enable or disable Aero Shake, and here's how to configure it 



Exciting new battery technology could extend the life of your next phone



Scammed by Wowser E Services? Here's What to Do




The official Dropbox client for Linux, designed to let users share and store their files online



Apple AirTags' anti-stalking features come with a dangerous loophole

You can be stalked using AirTags unless you're using a fully updated iPhone



Do We Need Net Neutrality? Experts Think So

It's the only thing keeping ISPs from controlling internet usage



Department of Homeland Security email accounts exposed in SolarWinds hack

Reports suggest Russian threat groups accessed DHS emails during the SolarWinds fiasco.



Broadband Providers Revolt Against New York Law That Forces Them to Offer $15 and $20 Plans



COVID-19 contact tracing apps found leaking sensitive info



Starlink: Here Are the Download Speeds You Can Expect Across North America

In the US during Q1, the median download speeds for Starlink users ranged from 40Mbps to 93Mbps depending on the location, according to data from Ookla's SpeedTest.



Ford is betting that solid-state batteries will cut EV costs



What Is Google’s FLoC, and How Will It Track You Online?



Where Do Downloads Go?



What Is an Ethernet Cable and How Does It Make Your Internet Faster?

Here's what connecting to your network with an Ethernet cable offers compared to Wi-Fi, and how to start. 



What Apple's iOS update means for digital privacy and identity



Nokia takes 5G underground with successful tests of private networks in mines in Russia and Chile

Mine operators will use private wireless networks to run machinery by remote control and monitor safety and overall operations.



Apple M1X chip: performance, specs and release date

Apple's next generation of in-house silicon



AlmaLinux vs. CentOS Comparison: Is AlmaLinux Up to the Challenge?



Adobe Flash was already dead, but an upcoming Windows update will kill it some more

Adobe Flash will be removed entirely from Windows with an update this July 



macOS Big Sur 11.3 is now available with a major security patch

Improved support for iPhone and iPad apps on M1 Macs, new Safari features, and more 



Autonomous Cars + IoT, and Life or Death Decisions



How to install network camera on Windows 10

Do you have a camera connected to the network? Here's how you can add it to Windows 10 to stream, record, and capture images.



Leak may spoil exciting new features coming to Apple Watch Series 7



Facebook Slammed For Teen Ad Targeting




Make storage easy with this openSUSE-based distribution of Linux that deploys a NAS server



LastPass password manager review

LastPass is still the best password manager out there



Why You’re Getting So Much Spam

And what to do about it



Phished Healthcare Provider Takes Legal Action Against Amazon



Why You Should Use a Physical Key to Sign Into Your Accounts



Hidden setting to help you clean up junk in your camera roll



Don't Try to Pirate Movies on SpaceX's Starlink

One Starlink subscriber was curious if it was possible to torrent copyrighted content over SpaceX's satellite internet service.



School utility apps are sharing your kids' data



How to Annotate Screenshots with Windows 10’s Snip & Sketch



Searching precisely



5 Ways to Charge Your Laptop Without a Charger

It's frustrating when your laptop runs out and you've forgotten the charger. Try these ways to recharge your laptop without the adapter. 



Understanding scraping in the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse data leaks



Microsoft may be cooking up a new Windows 10 Store app

Reportedly scheduled to launch in the fall, the overhaul would offer a new design and allow for a much wider array of apps.



Microsoft should kill off Windows 10 and start again

Opinion: Reboot Windows



Facebook Suggests It Could Start Charging Because of ios 14.5



New Spectre attack variants leave AMD, Intel, and Arm processors exposed [Updated]

Spectre's not done causing trouble.



Apple releases critical iOS 14.5.1, macOS 11.3.1 security updates

Apple fixes an active exploit in Safari.



Cybercops Scrub Botnet Software From Millions of Computers



How to make Windows 10 virtual machine full screen on VirtualBox

Yes, you can make a VirtualBox VM full screen or stretch based on the window size, and here's how to complete the task.



Facebook threatens to start charging for apps if people block iPhone tracking



Android Phones Hijacked For Ad Scam



Microsoft Edge Will Let Users Send Links to Android Devices

Microsoft Edge is a browser that keeps evolving, and the most recent update for the Canary build has introduced new functionality that those committed to using this app on all platforms would find very helpful.



iPhone 13 release date, price, specs and leaks

Apple's iPhone 13 is coming this fall — here's what we know so far



Why We Still Don’t Have Face ID on the Mac

Will we see it one day? Never?



Apple AirDrop Flaws Could Let Hackers Grab Users’ Phone Numbers and Email Addresses



60-Member Ransomware Task Force Has a Plan to Crack Down on Ransomware Criminals



Battery problems after upgrading to iOS 14.5? Here’s how to fix it



Not Even Google Employees Can Unlock Their Own Personal Gmail Accounts

There is no support for personal Gmail accounts that get locked, not even for Google staff.



Apple is working on a massive iPhone display upgrade, and this is proof



How to Turn off Snap to Maximize in Windows 10



The Most Searched-for Term on the Internet



The 20 Top Passwords You Should Never Use: Is Yours on the List?

If one of your passwords is on this list of easy-to-guess combinations, you need to change it right now! 



Video: Daring to be different in a world that expects you to fit in



How to unlock your iPhone with Apple Watch while wearing a face mask in iOS 14.5

Unlocking your iPhone while wearing a mask and using long passcodes requires patience. iOS 14.5 tries to fix this issue by allowing authentication via a paired Apple Watch instead of Face ID.



Microsoft offers glimpse of new non-subscription Office products

But these Office packages are only for select users, suggests Microsoft



How to Make Facebook Private



How to remote shutdown computer on Windows 10

Yes, you can remote shutdown or restart one or multiple computers, and in this guide, we'll show you two ways to complete this process on Windows 10 


Apple is fighting an epic legal battle—just how much will it give up?

The pressure is on Apple to address accusations of anticompetitive behavior 



Open Source Joins Efforts to Create Gene Therapies for Rare Diseases



How to install and configure VirtualBox on Windows 10

You can use VirtualBox to run different OSes alongside Windows 10, and in this guide, you'll learn the steps to install and configure the virtualization software 



If you have a Dell computer, there’s a big security flaw you need to patch now



Apple, Facebook Fight Over Ad Tracking



Iriun Webcam

Use your phone camera as a webcam in order to have access to a better or more complete chat experience when you actually need it, for home, work, school or any other use



Apple AirTags have been ready for years — here’s the proof

Dates on AirTags’ packaging hints at 2019 design



Why Chrome OS Updates Are Encouraging

Affordability, accessibility, and longevit 



Google will automatically enroll users in two-factor authentication soon

Google hates passwords, so it's trying to replace them with two-factor authentication 



Etsy-Owned Music Sales Site Reverb Hit With Data Breach



Do you qualify for $50 off your internet bill? Check this list



SpaceX: Over 500,000 People Have Placed Orders for Starlink

Amid high demand for speedy internet service in rural areas, orders for SpaceX's satellite internet system skyrocket.



This month is your last chance to upload to Google Photos for free



The Facebook Oversight Board proved it’s not Mark Zuckerberg’s puppet — now it’s his move

  - Facing its first major case since its creation in October 2020, Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld the company’s decision to restrict former President Donald   - Trump’s access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

  - The ruling is reminiscent of the monumental 1803 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in Marbury v. Madison, a case that established the judicial branch’s powers of accountability over the executive and legislative branches. 

  - By agreeing with Facebook’s decision to restrict Trump but criticizing the company’s processes and policies, the board is cementing its power while signaling to the public that it truly aims to operate as an independent body 



Microsoft Edge Coming to Linux

Microsoft is bringing it’s new Chromium-based Edge browser to Linux.


How to Reinstall Windows 10 Without Media


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Wed 2239 05/21/2021

Apple’s AirTag trackers made it frighteningly easy to ‘stalk’ me in a test

Apple knows its tiny new lost-item gadgets could empower domestic abuse but doesn’t do enough to stop i



Apple just issued this urgent warning to iPhone users and you need to read it



How to Enable (or Disable) Password Suggestions in Microsoft Edge



Install iOS 14.5.1 to Patch These Two Big Vulnerabilities



We Followed Clickbait Internet Ads: Here's What We Found

We wanted to find out more about scammy clickbaity online ads by doing what no one means to do: clicking on them. 



What Good is Incognito Mode?



How to Use Nvidia FreeStyle to Enhance Your Game’s Visuals



Microsoft Teams will soon allow you to schedule meetings for automatic recording

Microsoft Teams is about to get a little more automated 



Founder of ChekMarc: New social media platform is all about human connection

It's different because it's not about scraping data or selling ads; it's about authentic connection between people, founder says.



New Spectre attack once again sends Intel and AMD scrambling for a fix

A new transient execution variant is the first exploit micro-ops caches 



VPNs have been around for decades, but have never been more relevant

The VPN is celebrating its 25th anniversary



How to Re-register Microsoft Store app in Windows 10



Dark web child abuse image site with 400,000 members taken down in global police sting

The three main suspects are accused of founding and maintaining the site, as well as giving members advice on how to avoid arrest, German police said 



The collective problems with videoconferencing

Though videoconferencing platforms have grown and improved a lot over the last year, the devil is in the details when it comes to getting the most from them 



Wise Care 365 Free

A complete PC tweaking and optimization suite that can help you find and fix errors, clean junk files and increase the performance of your computer



You May Have to Wait Longer for Your New iPad or Mac



Google rolls out its Android earthquake alert system to countries outside of the US

Android Earthquake Alerts System out for Greece and New Zealand



How Rideshare Apps Fuel Traffic Jams

Is convenience really that worth it 



Scammed by Wowser E Services? Here's What to Do



Desktop Raspberry Pi case



Use Gmail, Google Drive or Google Photos? Make this change or you’ll lose your files



Intel's NUC 11 Essential Desktop PC Leaks

The tiny desktop PC will be powered by a choice of Pentium Silver or Celeron processors.



One scary way that Apple’s new AirTag trackers can be abused



How to Run a Diagnostic Scan on your Chromebook



How to Customize Windows 10's News and Interests Taskbar Feed



The Best Free Email Accounts Worth Considering

Gmail isn't always the best free email account to use. Here are some of the best free email services worth considering. 



What Do I Do About Websites Bugging Me About Notifications?

Make them go away — even if they just want to be helpful.



How to Take Screenshots With Mouse Cursor on Mac



Explained: How Sensel's radical trackpad technology is better than Apple's

Get ready for the next evolution of the laptop touchpad.



ChekMarc: A global community based on helping each other achieve goals



Goodbye again, Flash—Microsoft makes removal from Windows 10 mandatory

Windows "Update for Removal of Adobe Flash Player" becomes mandatory this July.



Microsoft Teams for macOS is getting some love

Upcoming Teams update will enable native notifications in macOS



How to Turn On or Off Core Isolation Virtualization-based Security for Memory Integrity in Windows 10



In nod to Trump, Florida is set to ban 'deplatforming' by tech companies

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube could be fined for banning political candidates under a bill passed by Florida's Legislature. Critics say it's unconstitutional.



For Windows, it’s ‘squirrel away time’

Sometimes Windows updates just don’t work, and a Microsoft-recommended “sfc /scannow” or DISM command won’t help. So what’s a prudent Windows user to do?



Chromebook Sales Skyrocket Because of Obvious Reasons

The global health issue has forced people to begin working remotely, and as a result, sales of tablets, PCs, and 2-in-1s skyrocketed in the last 12 months or so.



Hackers Leak Data on D.C. Cops as Part of Extortion Scheme



Google Assistant just got three big upgrades — and you can try them now

Google Assistant is now better at pronouncing names, setting timers and understanding context



Flash Will Be Removed from Windows 10 in July

The legacy format will also be removed from other Windows versions



Facebook Slammed For Teen Ad Targeting



A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16



An easy way to spot fine-print ‘gotchas’ before you agree to online terms of service



Charmin 'BRB Bot' Keeps Your Video Chat Bathroom Breaks Under Wraps

Need to answer nature's call during a video chat? The BRB Bot uses machine learning, natural language processing, and tone analysis to mimic your facial expressions if you step away from your desk.



Apple is going to court with ‘Fortnite,’ and it could forever change how apps work



How to Download and Install Multiple Apps Quickly on Mac



How to Automatically Set Your iPhone Screen Orientation for Every App in iOS 14.5



6 Ways to Keep Your Spotify Account Private and Secure

Want to remain anonymous while listening on Spotify? Here's how to protect your account. 



What’s the Difference Between the Web and the Internet?



What Is Bluetooth and How Does It Work?



Best Free Antivirus Software 2021



Apple iOS 14 cheat sheet: Everything you need to know

Features and enhancements in iOS 14 include App Clips, Picture in Picture video mode, translation support in Siri, widgets, and COVID-19 Exposure Notifications.



Study: Using Apple’s Night Shift to improve your sleep? Don’t bother

The test was done with iPhones, but many gadgets have a similar feature.



Hackers are using Telegram as a hub for malicious activities

Malware authors are using Telegram as a ready-made command and control (C&C) system



How to Turn On or Off Two-step Verification for your Microsoft Account



Pro-Trump web forums are abuzz with directions to forge Covid vaccine cards

Some states put templates online, spurring pro-Trump and anti-vaccination forums to start spreading tips for how to create fake cards.



Skimping on drive space means Windows 10 update woes

Too many users have encountered the dreaded “Windows needs more space” message when trying to update Windows 10. Here’s the bare minimum drive space business and IT professionals should shoot for.



Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Version 21H1 RTM

Microsoft is getting ready to finalize the work on another feature update, and this week, the company confirmed that it has picked a final build for this new release.



A Cloud-Based Google Chrome Sounds Neat, but Consider Upgrading Your Hardware Instead



T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling just got killed for these phones

Wi-Fi Calling 1.0 shuts down in May — time to upgrade if your phone is on this list



Why Chrome Users Should Try Microsoft Edge

A way to save resources



Android Phones Hijacked For Ad Scam



‘I scrounged through the trash heaps… now I’m a millionaire:’ An interview with REvil’s Unknown



You won’t believe how much these companies make every minute



Facebook Tells iOS Users Tracking Keeps the Social Network 'Free of Charge'

Instagram iOS app users are being told the same thing.



This big change just made it easier to find great iPhone apps in the App Store



How to Exclude Folders and Files from Mac Spotlight Search



How to Cast YouTube TV From Your Phone or Laptop to Your TV



How to Use Data Validation in Excel

Learn how to use Data Validation in Excel to improve data accuracy in your spreadsheets. 



You can now cast to a Microsoft Teams Room from iOS and Android

Microsoft Teams Rooms now support casting content from iOS and Android devices.



Apple's macOS 11.3 fixes a zero-day exploit and includes M1 improvements

The latest update to Apple's Big Sur includes critical security patches, which is why Cory Bohon advises upgrading your macOS devices now.



Severe vulnerabilities in Dell firmware update driver found and fixed

Dell firmware update driver 2.3 can be exploited to gain kernel-level privilege.



Malware smugglers have settled on a new technique for evading detection

The use of encrypted protocols makes malware communications virtually undetectable



How to Add or Remove "Processor performance increase threshold" from Power Options in Windows



Government, industry push bitcoin regulation to fight ransomware

A panel of experts is expected to call for far more aggressive tracking of cryptocurrencies.



6 fast fixes for common Google Docs problems

Knock down distressing Docs issues in no time with these easy-to-implement, expert-approved solutions.



Vivaldi 3.8 Released with a Cookie Warning Blocker You’re Going to Love

Browsing the web from a European Internet connection has become a huge pain in the neck for so many people, and it’s all because users are bombarded with cookie warnings whenever they load a new website.



Google Plans to Automatically Enroll Users In Two-Factor Authentication Soon



Update Google Chrome now to fix these three urgent security flaws

Google's browser gets fourth security fix in two weeks



Why You May Want to Try a Cloud Browser



Apple, Facebook Fight Over Ad Tracking



Biden's cyber executive order to include new rules for federal agencies, contractors



Simple way to free up space on your smartphone



Adobe Flash Will Finally Be Removed From Windows 10 in July

It's definitely going to disappear this time, no really...



Beware: Scammers can hack you using nothing but a phone number



The Great OS Replacement: How to Find the Best Linux Distribution



Foldable iPhone with a screen larger than an iPad mini coming in 2023, top Apple analyst predicts

  - A top Apple analyst predicted Monday that the company will likely launch a foldable iPhone in 2023.

  - TFI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that based on an industry survey, he believes the foldable iPhone will reach 15 million to 20 million units in 2023.

  - The foldable model is now a “must-have” for major smartphone brands, according to Kuo 



10 Biggest Streaming Churches And The Software They Use



Do You Qualify For a $50 Monthly Broadband Subsidy?



Clock Speed

In Linux, the governor controls the CPU clock speed and power management. A tool called auto-cpufreq switches governors automatically to optimize battery runtime and computing power.



Can Browser Extensions See My Bank Account?


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Tue 2238 05/20/2021

Boystown, dark web child abuse image website with 400,000 members, shut down by police



Better late than never, Dell fixes 12-year-old vulnerability affecting hundreds of millions of PCs

A vulnerability that's been around since 2009 has been patched by Dell  (near the end of the article is a blue link for Support Document on affect machines)



If you have a Dell computer, there’s a big security flaw you need to patch now



What’s New in Ubuntu 21.04 ‘Hirsute Hippo’



Known Issue Rollback is Microsoft's latest weapon against Windows update bugs (years overdue)



The 7 Best Smart Doorbells for Your Home



What is Cloud Computing?



My new favorite Android launcher is Lynx Launcher

Jack Wallen has discovered an Android home screen launcher that breathes a breath of GNOME-ish fresh air into your phone. Find out why Lynx Launcher has become his new favorite.



Soon, the Windows 10 Office app will actually be useful

The Office app on Windows will soon be able to open files and documents directly.



What is the Microsoft Update Catalog and How to Use it



Verizon sells media businesses including Yahoo and AOL to Apollo for $5 billion

  - Verizon will sell its media group, which includes brands from AOL and Yahoo, to private equity firm Apollo Global Management.

  - The sale signals that Verizon will focus on its internet-provider businesses as rivals continue to explore media 



How to Enable or Disable DNS over HTTPS (DoH) Secure DNS in Google Chrome (Recommended for all browser along with change of DNS servers from ISP's)



Apple Watch could get blood sugar monitoring thanks to a UK tech deal

The agreement could be a boon for people with diabetes.



iOS 14.6: A high-fidelity Apple Music plan and every other rumor we've heard so far

iOS 14.5 has finally arrived, but we're already looking ahead to the new features iOS 14.6 might bring. Here's how to download the public beta now.



Microsoft Releases a New Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack

Microsoft has just announced a new Windows Feature Experience Pack specifically aimed at insiders running Windows 10 version 21H1 preview builds.



U.S. Organizations Targeted by New Cybercrime Group With Sophisticated Malware



Get the Most Money for Your Old Laptop or Smartphone

Your used gadget is someone else's treasure



CISA Prepares to Use New Subpoena Power

Acting Director Describes Latest Steps in Battle Against Ransomware



12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on Your Chromebook



How dead celebrities tweet from the Great Beyond



Future Apple Watches May Offer Blood Sugar Monitoring

Apple and UK partner Rockley Photonics could ink a deal for diabetics.



Claims in Blue Cross class action lawsuit to be accepted through November



How to Create a Guest Mode Desktop Shortcut for Chrome or Edge



Windows Task Manager gets better Edge process classifications and new Eco mode



Google Brings Updated Search Operators to Google Drive

These updated operators will make finding files easier in your Google Drive account.



How Do I Prevent My Internet-connected Devices From Being Hijacked?



Password-stealing spyware targets Android users in the UK

The spyware tries to steal passwords and other sensitive data and accesses your contact list, warns the U.K.'s National Cyber Security Centre.



Everything you need to know to build your own NAS



Microsoft Edge Collections vs. Bookmarks – Which One Is Right for You?



About 1.5 million people still pay for AOL — but now they get tech support and identity theft services instead of dial-up internet

  - Apollo Global Management is paying $5 billion for Verizon Media Group, which houses Yahoo and AOL.

  - There are still 1.5 million people paying a monthly subscription service fee for AOL — but instead of dial-up access, these subscribers get technical support and identity theft software.

  - The number of AOL dial-up subscribers is now “in the low thousands,” according to a source 



Adjust Processor Resources for Best Performance of Programs or Background Services in Windows 10



Court says Amazon is responsible for the safety of third-party products

The company may have to change its policies.



Verizon is selling AOL, Yahoo, rest of media group for $5 billion

Private equity firm Apollo Global Management will acquire all the brands.



Windows 10 Now Installed on Over 1.3 Billion Devices

Windows 10 is now running on more than 1.3 billion devices, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, as the adoption of the operating system increased even more in the latest quarters.



High-Severity Dell Driver Vulnerabilities Impact Hundreds of Millions of Devices



10 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Computer or Laptop

Great uses for your old laptop or desktop



IRS warns university students and staff of impersonation email scam



The Benefits of BenQ's Latest Photography Monitor Are Crystal Clear



Good news: Robocalls ending!



No Luck on Newegg Shuffle? It's Probably Because You're Competing With 100K People

The electronics retailer implemented the raffle system to help address the ongoing graphics card shortage. But you may need dozens of tries to land a GPU due to massive demand.



Apple Trial Threatens to Reveal App Store's Commission Bounty



How to Quickly Locate Your Mouse Pointer on Windows 10



Photo Anonymizer: remove image metadata to improve your privacy



What Are Bone Conduction Headphones? Here Are 7 Things You Should Know

Bone conduction headphones can transmit sound to your brain by bypassing your ears. But how do they work? Here's what you need to know. 






Has Google "FLoCed" you? This website lets you know if your browser is using the new tech

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a website that "will tell you whether your Chrome browser has been turned into a guinea pig" for the Federated Learning of Cohorts.



60 Minutes' Intel CEO interview breaks down the chip shortage and global dependency on Asia

Intel's CEO exposes just how fragile a supply chain can be.



What Is CDA Section 230 and Why You Should Know About It



Apple defends App Store control in court, saying it doesn’t want to be Android

  - Epic Games argued that Apple purposely locks in its customers in the first day of a landmark trial with Apple over the rules of the App Store.

  - Apple is arguing that it built the App Store and gets to set the rules — which are designed to ensure that apps are high quality and secure.

  - On Monday, Apple’s and Epic’s lawyers both made their opening statements, and Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney testified 



How to Share Feedback from Feedback Hub in Windows 10



Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Can just ‘good’ be good enough?

This new mid-range phone is a worthy one, but I'm still not sure I'd buy it.



Ad blocking surges as millions more seek privacy, security and less annoyance

In the US, an estimated 40% of adults block online ads on PCs or phones.



Windows 10 Version 20H2 Close to Becoming the Number One Release

New data shared by AdDuplex shows that Windows 10 version 20H2, which at this point is the most recent feature update for the operating system, is very close to becoming the number one release currently on the market.



New Variant of Buer Malware Loader Written in Rust to Evade Detection



Turn an Android Phone Into an Infotainment System

Who needs an expensive system when you have an old smartphone 



Video: FBI IC3 Internet Crime Report 2020

Big tech is letting us down.



Of Course Spotify Is Trying to Undercut Apple on Podcasts



Gmail is lying to you



Microsoft Fixes Annoying Windows 10 Application Layout Bug

Ever returned to your Windows 10 PC to find all the application windows have been rearranged? It's called Rapid Hot Plug Detect and Microsoft just implemented a fix



Driving an older car? This $16 hands-free phone gadget will become your 'absolute lifesaver'



What Are Microsoft Teams Meeting Notes, and How Do You Use Them?



Sniptool version 2 brings GIF Recording mode, new editing options, and a dock mode



Delete These Windows Files and Folders to Free Up Disk Space

Need to clear disk space on your Windows computer? Here are the Windows files and folders that can be safely deleted to free up disk space.



Is There a Way to Know Where a URL-shortened URL Is Going to Take Me?



Phishing attacks target Chase Bank customers

Two email campaigns discovered by Armorblox impersonated Chase in an attempt to steal login credentials.



Samsung and Intel's partnership reveals why it's so hard for AMD to break through

While AMD processors are on the rise, the company still struggles to get its chip in laptops. It's not a conspiracy; it's just Intel does much more to help OEMs.



Should You Charge Your Smartphone Overnight?



AT&T shareholders vote against approving executive compensation

  - AT&T shareholders on Friday voted against a measure to approve executive compensation, according to preliminary voting results from the company’s annual meeting.

  - AT&T did not give a number for the opposing votes, but said preliminary results showed 49% were cast in favor of approving executive compensation.

  - In a statement following the annual meeting, AT&T said, “As we further engage with our owners on this important topic, the Board will carefully consider today’s advisory vote to ensure that our approach to compensation continues to reflect these principles. 



How to Enable or Disable New Tab Page Customization Menu version 2 in Google Chrome



The Morning After: New WiFi 6E routers are starting to go on sale

And Microsoft is fixing an annoying Windows 10 problem.



iOS 14.5's best features: 19 things to try on your iPhone ASAP

iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 are here. Don’t miss out on these killer features.



Microsoft Teams Reaches Record Number of Users

Microsoft Teams is one of the services whose adoption skyrocketed lately, and Microsoft too admitted that it was all because of the changing trend that encouraged companies and employees to switch to a hybrid work model.



Unknown Chinese APT Targets Russian Defense Sector



How a Desperate FCC Could Get You Better Internet

Crowdsourcing better information



Bring CISOs into the C-suite to bake cybersecurity into company culture (with all the security breaches including individuals data, some seem sloowww...)



Apple's M2 Chip Is Reportedly Coming Soon



This free download tells you which apps are spying on you



Teach Google Assistant How to Pronounce Your Contacts' Names

Other AI improvements include better timer context and more natural conversations.



Fact check: Hackers using visually similar characters to deceive in phishing schemes



Malicious Office 365 Apps Are the Ultimate Insiders



Distro Walk – Knoppix

Knoppix, a portable operating system and rescue disk, continues to evolve.



Are Dash Cams Worth It? Which Dash Cam Should You Get? Explained

Not sure if you need a dash cam? Here’s what you need to know, whether they’re worth it, and how to pick a good one.



What’s the Best Place to Learn About Windows 10?\


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Mon 2237 05/19/2021

How to explain to traditional people why they should upgrade their old Windows XP device?



Beware: One woman already lost $2,000 to this new Amazon scam



How to Download PDFs Instead of Previewing Them in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge



This Fix Makes Multi-Display Setups Better on Windows 10



How Secure Is a Password Manager, and Are They Safe?

Password managers like LastPass are convenient and mostly free to use. But are they safe? How do they keep you secure? 



Can Browser Extensions See My Bank Account?

Something important you need to consider for every extension you install.



A Guide to Intake/Exhaust Fans and Airflow on Your PC



Verizon agrees to sell Yahoo and AOL to private-equity firm for $5 billion

Apollo to buy Yahoo/AOL for $5B, didn't have much competition from other bidders.



Why hackers are increasingly targeting video game companies

The targets of the latest attacks are C-suite executives in the video game industry, says BlackCloak.



Microsoft has a fix for unwanted program window rearrangements on multi-display systems



Customize your Windows 10 taskbar with weather, news and more. Here's how

The latest Windows 10 feature update lets you personalize your taskbar for quick access to information like weather, sports and traffic on your Microsoft device. Here's how to do it.



How to run Linux GUI apps with WSL on Windows 10

Microsoft brings support to run Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 through WSL, and here's how.



How to Enable or Disable Color and Theme for New Tab Page Customize Menu in Google Chrome



Emotet malware nukes itself today from all infected computers worldwide



How Some States Prevent Cheap Public Broadband

Governments block local ISP 



Tablacus Explorer iconTablacus Explorer

Tabbed file manager that you can use to organize files and directories with ease, saving your settings to XML file format for later use



Scam Theater: Inside an Online Trading Crime Ring That Grifted Millions from Mom-and-Pop Investors



What is a Chromebook and why you should or shouldn't buy one

Our advice on whether to leave Windows 10 and macOS to buy a Chromebook



Microsoft is adding support for AAC Bluetooth audio in Windows 10

The company is also working on a simplified audio input selection menu.



Windows 10 trick: Smart new ways to customize your taskbar



T-Mobile Seeks to Outdo Apple's AirTag With LTE-Powered 'SyncUp Tracker'

T-Mobile's device promises to offer better real-time tracking by using the carrier's LTE network instead of Bluetooth. On the flip side, it costs more and has a much shorter battery life.



Hitting the Books: Is the hunt for technological supremacy harming our collective humanity?



How to Name Chrome Windows for Alt+Tab and the Taskbar



How Do I Install Windows 10 Without All Those Extra Updates?



The 3 Best Media Libraries on Windows 10

Got a massive media library? Use one of these tools to make it easier to manage. 



My External HDD Shows Not Formatted — But It Has All My Data!

The steps you need to carefully take next.



Air Cooling vs. Liquid Cooling: Everything You Need to Know



Disney gets special “theme park” exception to Florida’s anti-tech bill

A legal challenge to the new law seems inevitable.



How to conditionally return the last value in a column in Excel

Returning the last value based on a condition seems like a difficult problem to solve unless you try one of these easy-to-implement solutions.



Repair PDF Documents with PDF Fixer



Are Chromebooks worth it? Why I recommend them for most laptop buyers

Commentary: They do almost everything you want, but cost less.



Windows 10 build 21364: hands-on video with Linux GUI apps, Eco mode for apps, more

VIDEO: A closer look at the Linux GUI apps in WSL, Task Manager Eco mode, and other changes shipping with Windows 10 build 21364.



How to Turn On or Off Narrator in Windows 10



Passwordstate password manager hacked in supply chain attack



Why Apple’s New Tracking System Does Less Than You Think

The key is education



BurnAware Free

Lightweight program that enables you to create audio, video and data discs, generate images for later use, copy DVDs, CDs or Blu-rays and erase disc contents



Hackers Say They Stole 250GB of Internal Documents From DC Police



Best open laptop box deals in May

The best open box laptop deals you can get right now



The best webcams you can buy

Your computer’s measly built-in camera can only do so much 



Do you qualify for $50 off your internet bill? Check this list



Ransomware Group Threatens to Share Police Informant Details

The Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department computer system has been hacked 



iOS code hints at lossless Apple Music streaming



Want Google Search Results without Tracking? Use Startpage



How to Fix Your iPhone's 'App Tracking Transparency' If It's Grayed Out in iOS 14.5



What Is Windows Fast Startup? (And Why You Should Disable It)

Windows 10 fast startup is handy, but is it really necessary? 



What’s the Best Place to Learn About Windows 10?

So many places.



How to Connect an External Monitor to Your Mac



More US agencies potentially hacked, this time with Pulse Secure exploits

Zero-day vulnerability under attack has a severity rating of 10 out of 10.



How to improve performance when opening a file from a remote shared folder in Windows 10

Users can turn off the default request for detailed information about a remote computer and skip right to opening a file. But it will involve four edits of the Windows 10 Registry file.



Known Issue Rollback is Microsoft's latest weapon against Windows update bugs



Apple's Find My app can do more than locate a lost iPhone. Here's what you need to know

As more devices integrate Apple's Find 

 technology, like AirTags, you'll be able to find almost anything.



How to use Eco mode in apps to improve performance on Windows 10

Windows 10 now lets you throttle process resources with Eco mode to improve performance and energy manually, and here's how to use the feature.



How to Enable or Disable Floating Immersive Search Bar in Windows 10



Hacker leaks 20 million alleged BigBasket user records for free



Ubiquiti Promised Premium, Secure Routers; Then They Were Hacked

Cloud-based routers are convenient, but are they secure?




Save streaming video to your computer with the help of this user-friendly piece of software that enables you to effortlessly manage your downloads



Read Facebook's Internal Report on How Badly It Screwed Up Stopping 'Stop the Steal'



Apple is letting users decide if they’re monitored by apps

Apple begins to address privacy concerns



The new iMac's paltry port selection doesn't bode well for the next MacBook Pro

Perhaps those rumors of a MacBook Pro with added ports were wrong 



5 ways to keep your online searches private



Exyn's Drone Reaches New Heights of Aerial Autonomy

The company's drone achieved Level 4A autonomy, which does not require a human backup.



The best webcams you can buy



5 Tips for Optimal PC Cable Management



Grab Nvidia's Latest Drivers to Block These High-Risk Bugs



Your Phone Is Secretly Always Recording: How to Stop Google From Listening

Is Google always listening on your phone? Here are the facts and how to stop Google from listening to you. 



Mysterious health attacks like those seen in Cuba have come to DC

US security official was reportedly sickened outside the White House last year.



Zoom breaks down pandemic-imposed barriers in online meetings with Immersive View

The new feature can make it appear that up to 25 meeting participants are in the same virtual space, making online meetings feel a bit more personal.



Windows Task Manager gets better Edge process classifications and new Eco mode



iOS 14.5's best features: 19 things to try on your iPhone ASAP

iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 are here. Don’t miss out on these killer features 



How to reset WSL2 Linux distro on Windows 10

If you need to start over or have problems with a Linux distro using WSL2, you can reset it using the Settings app, and here's how 



How to Enable or Disable News and Interests on Taskbar in Windows 10



Windows 10 package manager can now remove any app from the command line



How Old Data Breaches Could Still Put You at Risk

Your data is still your data



SSD Scope

Maintain good health for Transcend SSD products, with this application that features analyzing and optimizing capabilities for SSD performance



How to Block Apps From Tracking Your Activity in iOS 14.5



Microsoft Edge gets more horsepower to speed past Chrome

The browser wars continue with Microsoft speeding up Edge



watchOS 7.4 arrives with an easier way to unlock your iPhone

Meanwhile, macOS and tvOS add support for the latest PlayStation and Xbox controllers.



5 hidden Google Nest Cam settings you need to use



Sony Wants to Double PS5 Shipments Despite Chip Shortage

Sony has shipped 7.8 million PlayStation 5 units to date, but its goal is to top 14.8 million for fiscal 2021.



If you use this popular recipe site, your private data might’ve been stolen



Linux GUI apps can now run on Windows 10 using WSL



Handy Word keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac

You can accomplish a surprising amount without moving your hands off the keyboard in the Microsoft Word app for Windows or macOS 



Why Fake Travel Sites Are Fooling More People



How Do I Remove Malware that Blocks Downloads


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Sun 2236 05/18/2021

Verizon is considering selling the remnants of AOL and Yahoo — here are the most valuable pieces

(Surprised, no.  I was surprised then they bought Yahoo and didn't ditch AOL.  I am surprised it has taken so long for this possibility. Anyone interested?)

  - Verizon is considering selling Verizon Media — what it calls the merged AOL and Yahoo entities.

  - There are several intriguing assets inside Verizon Media that could find a new home.

  - Several financial firms approached Verizon to buy an equity stake in Yahoo Finance a few years ago that would have valued it at about $2 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter  (second article down the list)



Emergency Broadband Benefit Program FAQ



Tax scammers are taking advantage of late filers by impersonating the IRS

Those emails from the IRS could be bogus



Phishing Remains the Most Common Form of Attack



Why Can’t We Use https for Everything?



NexiGo 60 FPS AutoFocus 1080P Webcam Review

Great webcam with smooth video for business meetings and chats with friends and family.



Household Items You Didn't Know You Could Control With Your Smartphone

Technology has made its way to mundane items around your home. And it’s coming to some surprises you might not think about. 



Microsoft Safety Scanner

A standalone on-demand computer scanner that performs quick, full, or custom analysis on your computer to detect potential threats



Public preview Monday for Microsoft Viva Learning

The learning module brings together content, resources and insights from the company and its partners to encourage and share training, Microsoft said.



New York requires $15 broadband for poor people, promptly gets sued by ISPs

Lobby groups for Verizon, AT&T, and other ISPs ask court to overturn state law 



FBI Warns of Ongoing Zoom-Bombing Attacks on Video Meetings



How to Enable or Disable Reduce Taskbar Updates for News and Interests in Windows 10



How to Send a Password-Protected Email for Free



Skimping on drive space means Windows 10 update woes

Too many users have encountered the dreaded “Windows needs more space” message when trying to update Windows 10. Here’s the bare minimum drive space business and IT professionals should shoot for.



Task Force Calls for Aggressive US 'Anti-Ransomware' Campaign



Here’s when you can sign up to get $50 a month from the FCC to help pay for your internet



Why Fiber Internet Expansion Is Important Right Now

More costly now, but it will last longer



T-Mobile is destroying AT&T and Verizon in 5G speed

T-Mobile wins again, especially with its higher download speeds



Was the email account of Merseyrail’s MD hacked to spread word of ransomware attack?



The best refurbished laptop deals in May 2021

Save big with a refurbished laptop deal



Why the New iPad Pro's MiniLED Display Is a Big Deal



The best way to clean all the dirt and grime off your tech



At only $18, this 'awesome' smart-home security cam has never been cheaper at Amazon



New analysis uncovers extensive SolarWinds attack infrastructure

Researchers believe the discovery will highlight new SolarWinds attack victims



Recent Phishing Scams that Managed to Bypass Email Security Filters



What Does “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” Mean, and What Should I Do?



Using the /proc Filesystem to Examine Your Linux Inner Workings



The 7 Best Android Alternatives to AirDrop

If you're an Android owner suffering from a bad case of Apple AirDrop envy, these file transfer apps are perfect for you. https://www.makeuseof.com/best-android-alternatives-to-airdrop/?utm_source=MUO-NL-RP&utm_medium=newsletter


Fort Firewall

This firewall application might not bring something new to the table per se, but it offers plenty of detailed functions as opposed to the original MS Windows ones



Apple AirDrop users reportedly vulnerable to security flaw

Someone with the right know-how can obtain your phone number and email address when you try to share a file from your iPhone, say researchers at the University of Darmstadt.



FCC reveals sign-up date and website for $50-per-month broadband subsidies

May 12 enrollment for people who have low incomes or lost income during pandemic 



Google: North Korean hackers target security researchers again



How to Manually Create a File History Backup in Windows 10



How to Turn off 5G on Android (to Save Battery Life)



With Parallels, Apple continues to make superior Windows PCs

One tester found that Windows for ARM running on an M1 Mac via Parallels Desktop was the “fastest version of Windows” they’d ever used.



BIND Vulnerabilities Expose DNS Servers to Remote Attacks



EU accuses Apple of anti-competitive behavior in Spotify antitrust case



Do We Need Net Neutrality? Experts Think So

It's the only thing keeping ISPs from controlling internet usage



iOS 14.5 app tracking option grayed out? Apple just explained why

Not everyone is able to access the new App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14.5



Update your Macs! Malware attacks can exploit critical flaws in Apple’s built-in defences



HP Chromebook x360 falls to just $280 in jaw-dropping 2-in-1 laptop deal

Snag the HP Chromebook x360 for an all-time low price



The Time Has Come for an Xbox Laptop



The best way to listen to podcasts on iPhone and Android



FCC Clears SpaceX's Plan for More Starlink Satellites, Despite Rivals' Complaints

Opponents including Amazon’s Project Kuiper, Viasat, OneWeb, and HughesNet objected to Starlink operating at lower orbits. But in the end, the FCC sided with SpaceX.



If you've updated to the latest version of Apple's iOS, 14.5, and still haven't seen any privacy pop-ups, it could be because of a setting on your iPhone



This Apple AR patent could turn any surface into a touchscreen

There’s a random household object for that



Cybercrime Skyrocketed in the US by 55%



Where Do You Get Your Answers?



How to Lock Photos and Text Messages on Android



3 Social Media Apps Without Algorithms or Ads

Social media apps that don't subject users to ads or algorithms are on the rise. Here are the best social media apps for purity of experience. 



Screen Recorder & Video Editor

Use this extension if you'd like to record clips of your browser use and yourself without having to spend hours to edit the clip



Linux 101: What is the Linux $PATH?

Jack Wallen offers up another Linux 101 tip, this time by explaining and demonstrating the Linux $PATH.



Verizon tries to sell Yahoo and AOL after spending $9 billion on fallen giants

After spending $9 billion combined, Verizon may sell units for $4 billion or so.



A ransomware gang made $260,000 in 5 days using the 7zip utility



How to Setup and Use Hyper-V in Windows 10 for OS Virtualization



How to Crop a Picture in Microsoft OneNote



Why 16 is the new 8 for Windows 10

Microsoft’s Teams collaboration platform has become something of a memory hog, meaning Windows 10 users need at least 16GB of RAM to keep things running smoothly.



Stealthy RotaJakiro Backdoor Targeting Linux Systems



Samsung might be working on an exciting new kind of foldable phone



Android 12 Could Prevent Apps From Spying on You, Experts Say

Privacy notifications are coming to Android later this year



Microsoft Edge challenges Chrome with a big productivity upgrade

Microsoft Edge is coming after Chrome with some crucial PDF reader upgrades



Talking malware party tricks and cybersecurity trends



Telegram under 'toxic' attack — new malware can steal private data and hijack your PC

Trojan malware is turning Telegram 'toxic'



AirDrop Security Flaw Exposes 1.5 Billion Apple Devices, Researchers Say



7 things to never search for on Google



Acer to Sell SSD Storage and RAM

Flash storage provider BIWIN says it struck a partnership to sell SSD and memory products in the US using the Acer and Predator brand names.



How to Tell When It's Time to Replace Your Router



Chrome OS update adds a host of small but useful features

Chrome OS 90 is powered by the recently released Chrome web browser



How Do I Search a Site That Has No Search Box?

Searching the unsearchable.



AlmaLinux vs. CentOS Comparison: Is AlmaLinux Up to the Challenge?



Mac vs. Windows: Which Is Right for You?

Choosing between a Mac or a Windows PC is a big decision. Here's a breakdown of the two platforms to help you pick a side. 



PC Remote Server

Use this comprehensive and practical tool to create a server that allows you to connect to your PC and control it using a mobile device



How to find the best email client for your Chromebook

If you're looking for a solid email client for your Chromebook, Jack Wallen has just the recommendation for you, by way of Linux.



Algorithms were under fire at a Senate hearing on social media

"Algorithms have great potential for good. They can also be misused."



Fake Microsoft DirectX 12 site pushes crypto-stealing malware



How to Enable or Disable Aero Shake in Windows 10



How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps on Your Computer or Phone



Everything you need to know about Windows 10X

Microsoft’s messaging around its upcoming Windows 10 variant has changed over time. You have questions? We have answers.



Apple Patches Security Bypass Vulnerability Impacting Macs With M1 Chip



Apple now sells refurbished Apple Watch Series 6 and SE models



Will Apple Ever Make A Convertible Mac?

Definitely maybe



Nvidia GPU owners warned about serious driver bugs — update now

If you own a Team Green GPU you need to update your driver



Received an unexpected request to “confirm your Twitter account”?

On this occasion it wasn’t a phishing attack, but an accidental email blast from Twitter.



Samsung Chromebook 4 falls to its lowest price in huge laptop deal

Save big on this ultra-portable Samsung Chromebook



The Smart Home May Finally Be Unified Under One CHIP



Change this iPhone setting now! Simple fix protects you from privacy bug



How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV

Your iOS devices are great media players, but sometimes you want to watch on a big screen. Here's how to connect your phone to your TV.



Google has new tech to track your web browsing – here’s how to stop it



Mom Charged in Deepfake Cheerleading Plot



Ready Set Go

Today's Linux systems boot faster than ever, but many users still get impatient waiting for that first glimpse of desktop. These tweaks will help you get a faster start from the bootloader and kernel.



Should Your Username be More Like a Password?


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