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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Sat 07/03/2021 N/A
Fri 07/02/2021 N/A
Thur 07/01/2021 2276
Wed 06/30/2021 2275
Tue 06/29/2021 2274
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Fri  07/02/2021


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Thur 2276 07/01/2021

(Interest in Windows 11?  There are two articles marked (a must-read for Windows 11))


Hybrid phishing and vishing attacks imitate business workflows



Microsoft’s Windows 11 blue screen of death to become black



How to Put Your Xbox Controller Into Pairing Mode



How to read a privacy policy



Why Ask Why?



Windows 11 upgrades for Windows 10 PCs won't happen until 2022

If you're desperate for a new Windows 11 PC, the quickest path will be to purchase a new Windows 11 PC this fall.



Big changes are coming to your iPhone this fall — here’s how you can test them out now

  - Apple released the public beta version for iOS 15 on Wednesday.

  - Users can now try out the new iPhone software that will be officially released in the fall. But it will be buggy, like all beta software, so proceed with caution.

  - Big changes in iOS 15 include FaceTime improvements, artificial intelligence that can decipher photos, and a feature that limits distracting notifications 



Western Digital Removed Code That Would Have Prevented Widespread Hard Drive Hacks



Windows updates: The four basic patch personalities

You can be a bleeding-edge Windows user, the cautious type, or even reboot-hesitant. But there's no getting around updates. Here's how to figure out what works best for you.



Google will warn people when search results could be unreliable

The notices will pop up during breaking news and other "rapidly evolving" situations.



Connecting to malicious Wi-Fi networks can mess with your iPhone

The world's most secure consumer OS is bitten by a garden-variety programming bug.



How to Add or Remove Pin to Start Context Menu in Windows 10



How to enable Offline Files on Windows 10

Windows 10 includes the Offline Files feature to let access files from shared folders without a network connection, and here's how to use it.



How to Change the Taskbar Size in Windows 11

Resize the Windows taskbar in a few steps



Windows 11 revamped the touch keyboard — it now features GIFs, voice typing and more



Authorities Lag Against Fast-Evolving Cyberspace Threats: Report



Windows 11 boasts new Dynamic Refresh Rate to save battery life

Windows 11 will automatically scale between 60Hz and 120Hz.



How to Recover Any Version of a File

Access to your edits in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages are just a click away.



Windows 11 Compatibility Test Confuses Users



[Fix] Blurry Text of News and Interests (Weather) in Windows 10 Taskbar



Federal judge puts Florida 'deplatforming' law on hold, citing First Amendment

Former President Donald Trump helped to inspire the law, which would impose penalties of up to $250,000 a day for a social media platform that bans a political candidate.



Was your Facebook hacked? Here’s how to check the 533 million exposed records



Scammers Distribute Crypto-Mining Malware via Cracked Games

Avast estimates that scammers have earned more than $2 million by distributing a cryptocurrency-mining piece of malware called Crackonosh via pirated games.



3 tips on how to keep passwords safe, according to cyber security experts



How to Turn a Windows Laptop Into a Desktop PC



The US government's move is changing the ransomware landscape



Why Can’t the Poor just Pirate Software?



Microsoft won't allow Windows 11 on many older Surface devices

Any Surface device that's older than three years may be in danger of not being able to upgrade to Windows 11. Blame Microsoft's new hardware requirements.



Op-ed: This week showed how the Big Tech antitrust campaign is totally misguided

  - Big Tech companies only have monopoly power if you twist and stretch the definition of relevant markets.

  - The spate of recent IPOs in the tech industry underscores the fact that innovation and opportunity are alive and well in the tech industry.

  - Antitrust is a blunt instrument meant to address major market distortions by true monopolies. To curb abuses by tech companies, lawmakers should use targeted legislation or stricter enforcement of existing laws instead.



Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PCs



Microsoft's plan to remake Windows — what that might mean

In two weeks, Microsoft, plans to unveil the "next generation" of Windows. But isn't Windows 10 supposed to be the last generation of the ubiquitous OS?



Windows 11's best new features: How to use Android apps, Snap Layouts and more

We've got instructions on how you'll use Windows 11 Android apps, widgets, Microsoft Teams and more.



Texans regret opting in to power plan that remotely raises thermostat temps

Some Texans who opted in to energy-saving plan didn't realize what they agreed to.



How to Create VHD of Windows 10 Installation and Use in Hyper-V



How to install VirtualBox on Windows 10

You can use VirtualBox to run different OSes alongside Windows 10, and in this guide, you'll learn the steps to install and configure the virtualization software.



The Next Apple Event 2021: Dates, News, Rumors, and Announcements

What to expect from the computer giant's next launch event



Windows 11 new widget design is cleaner and comes with drag and drop simplicity

Microsoft announces Windows 11 with new and improved widgets



Google Working on Patching GCP Vulnerability That Allows VM Takeover



These cracked games will infect your PC with malware that's damn hard to remove

Cryptocurrency miner gets nasty by disabling antivirus, security updates



U.S. Soldiers Accidentally Leaked Nuclear Weapons Secrets Online: Report



Being Blackmailed for Money on Facebook? Here's What to Do



[Tip] How to Enable Google Workspace Features in Your Gmail Account



Microsoft exec: Targeting of Americans’ records ‘routine’

The revelation that Trump-era Justice Department prosecutors obtained phone records of journalists and members of Congress and their staffers has sparked fresh scrutiny.



iPhone tip: 3 new iOS 14 messaging features



Microsoft Warns of Continued Attacks by the Nobelium Hacking Group

Microsoft says the Nobelium hackers who have targeted SolarWinds, USAID, and other organizations accessed information stored on one of its employee's devices.



What can hackers do with my email address? A lot. Here's how to protect your identity



When Are Integrated Graphics Good Enough on a PC?



How do you protect children from online predators?



Avoiding Tech Support Scams



7 new Windows 11 features we didn't expect

It appears that Windows 11 will have a lot to offer when it ships late this year.



Facebook is testing drastic changes to Instagram to make it more like TikTok

  - Facebook’s head of Instagram said the service plans to start showing users full-screen, recommended videos in their feeds.

  - “We’re no longer a photo-sharing app or a square photo-sharing app,” Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said.

  - Mosseri specifically highlighted TikTok as well as YouTube as serious competitors and reasons for these changes.



TPM Trouble: Which PC Enthusiasts Are Allowed to Upgrade to Windows 11?  (a must-read for Windows 11)



Why worry with Windows 11 when you've got Chromebooks (and Chrome OS)?

What does Windows 11 really bring to the table? Better security (maybe) and Android compatibility, yes. But don't Chromebooks already have that covered?



How fake reviews flood Amazon, fueled by Facebook groups like this one

Listings from top-selling Amazon brands that solicited reviews in exchange for refunds on a Facebook group have been pulled down.



CentOS replacement distro Rocky Linux’s first general release is out

CentOS co-founder Greg Kurtzer's new distro hit general availability today.



How to create a Windows 10 ISO image for clean, in-place upgrade and repair install



Check if your PC hardware is compatible with Windows 11

Not every computer will be compatible with Windows 11. You can check if your PC meets the minimum requirements with the Windows PC Health Check app.



macOS Monterey: What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the latest macOS



Windows 11 Search Bar: What changed and what didn't

Everything we know about Windows 11 Search Bar



Colombia Catches Hacker Wanted in the U.S. for 'Gozi' Virus



Why I got a smart water leak detector — and you should, too

Scared of water damage? So was I, until I got these smart water leak detectors



Have I Been Pwned Teams Up With the FBI on Password Leaks



US Seizes 30+ 'Terrorist' Iranian News Sites



[Tip] How to Get Centered Taskbar Buttons in Windows 10



Fox News agrees to $1 million fine as part of human rights investigation settlement

The city's investigation began five years ago after former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson brought sexual harassment charges against longtime Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes.



All the Apple devices you must keep away from pacemakers (full list)



Can Your PC Run Windows 11? Not if It's More Than 4 Years Old, Says Microsoft

AMD and Intel processors from before late 2017 are absent from the list. But Microsoft's CPU requirements for Windows 11 may not be as strict as they seem.



Microsoft enters the next generation with Windows 11



How to Migrate a Windows User to Different Windows 10 PC



How to reclaim your online privacy




UEFI is a replacement for the original BIOS that’s been running computers for almost a quarter of a century. UEFI allows manufacturers to take advantage of the security capabilities of the machines they produce



Windows 11: Microsoft pulls PC Health Check, eyes broader CPU support

The PC Health Check app, designed to confirm PC compatibility with Windows 11, was confusing users.



How lithium metal batteries could help bring electric planes and cars to the masses



Microsoft Introduces Windows 11: New UI, 64-Bit Only, Mandatory Accounts



It’s not me, it’s you: How to keep up with Microsoft cloud services trouble

When cloud-based apps, services and software go down, or when Windows 10 flakes out, it's good to know where to get reliable information about what's happening.



Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: Every big difference

Microsoft's Windows 11 marks the first software name change in six years. Here's what's changed from Windows 10.



Even creepier COVID tracking: Google silently pushed app to users’ phones [Updated]

Massachusetts launched a COVID tracking app, and uh, it was automatically installed?!



How to Use Microsoft Safety Scanner in Windows



Can you upgrade to Windows 11 for free? Yes, Microsoft confirms.

Microsoft will make Windows 11 a free upgrade for Windows 10 users.



How to Do Split Screen on Chromebook

Increase your productivity with side-by-side windows



Windows 11 promises longer battery life for laptops, 40% smaller updates

Windows 11 will extend the endurance of your laptop



Authentication Bypass in Adobe Experience Manager Impacts Large Organizations



Windows 11 vs macOS Monterey — 6 ways Microsoft already wins



British Cops Thought They Were Raiding a Weed Farm, But Found Bitcoin Instead



Windows 11 Moves Start Menu, Leaked Online



[Tip] How to Always Show “Downloads” Button in Mozilla Firefox Toolbar



FTC complaint against Facebook struck down in court

Facebook shares jumped nearly 5 percent after the ruling, sending its valuation above $1 trillion.



The new, convincing tactic phone scammers are using to steal your money



What Is a TPM, and Why Do I Need One for Windows 11?  (a must-read for Windows 11)

Microsoft says its upcoming Windows 11 operating system will require the presence of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which has raised a storm of doubt and uncertainty. What exactly is TPM, and does your PC already have it? Here's what you need to know.



Microsoft (MSFT) Azure Cloud Chosen by AT&T to Run 5G Network



7 Tales of Smart Homes Gone Horribly Awry

Smart-home tech makes life more convenient—but as these stories show, sometimes the price for that is pure terror.



Raspberry Pi Pico-controlled model railroad



Perform basic system checks with checksecurity

Health Check

Linux offers users a wide range of options for system configuration. With the help of the checksecurity tool collection, you can automatically monitor basic system settings.



How Do I Protect Myself from Other Computers on My Local Network?


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Wed 2275 06/30/2021

MS Windows 11 - Inside the new look & feel



Windows 11 hands-on: A cleaner OS to keep you productive



Why Does Windows 11 Need TPM 2.0?



Google wants to create a standard vocabulary for describing security vulnerabilities

Finalized vulnerability schema spec will help further secure open source projects



8 Totally Free VPN Services to Protect Your Privacy (not recommended)

Free unlimited data VPNs don't exist unless they're scams. Here are the best actually free VPNs around that you can try safely. 



Western Digital Removed Code That Would Have Prevented Widespread Hard Drive Hacks



How to tell if your PC can run Windows 11

Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for supported Windows 10 computers. Here's how to see if your PC is capable of running the upcoming version.



Microsoft unveils new app store for Windows 11 with support for more desktop applications

Featuring a new UI and focus on being an open storefront.



How to Update Your Mac Using Terminal



Windows 11 System Requirements

Windows 11 is projected to land later this year, and one of the most important tidbits is that it’ll be offered as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 devices.



Amazon and Google fake reviews to be investigated by antitrust regulator

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority is concerned the companies haven't done enough to tackle the problem.



How to Set ALT+TAB to Use Classic Icons or Thumbnails by Default in Windows



How to send tabs to other devices with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

You can now send web pages to another device directly from Microsoft Edge, and here's how.



Windows 11 Insider Previews: What’s in the latest build?

Get the latest info on new preview builds of Windows 11 as they roll out to Windows Insiders. The first Windows 11 preview is a big one, showcasing many of the new features expected to be in the final release.



Windows 10 KB5003690 Cumulative Update released with gaming fixes



5 Tips for Making a Hot Laptop Cooler

Prevent laptop damage by keeping it cool



Windows 11 Home will require a Microsoft account and an internet connection at setup

The new version will be delivered via Windows Update



This new Windows 11 feature is already making people so angry



One billion dollars lost by over-60s through online fraud in 2020, says FBI



Microsoft's zero-percent cut on Windows apps doesn't extend to games

App developers can keep 100 percent of their earnings if they use their own commerce platform.



Kim’s success secrets: 5 lessons I’ve learned and where my passion for computers started



Windows 11 May Spark Scalping for TPM2.0 Chips, a Requirement To Run the OS

The price for TPM 2.0 modules soared for two eBay listings after Microsoft disclosed the security chip is necessary to run Windows 11, which begins rolling out this holiday season.



Microsoft ramps up user security with Windows 11

Microsoft says it will make major improvements in Windows 11, launching this fall. The new operating system comes as ransomware attacks are increasing globally. CBSN technology reporter Dan Patterson discusses how Microsoft's platform will help secure users' devices around the world.



What Windows 11’s New Store Looks Like



Stalkerware cases are seeing a huge rise

More and more smartphones are being infected with stalkerware apps



The 5 Best Linux Distros for Laptops

Looking for Linux distributions to run on your laptop? Here are some great choices to breathe new life into your laptop. 



I Will Never Use a Microsoft Account to Log Into My Own PC (best start learning LInux before Windows 10 end of life)



Android: How to enable the Password Checkup feature



Microsoft details how Windows 11 is built for gamers

Auto HDR, Direct Storage, and DX12 Ultimate are all part of the package.



How to Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel for 5GHz Frequency



Windows 11 Will Be Able to Run Android Apps

There was a time when everybody was super-excited about Microsoft bringing together the worlds of Windows and Android, though, at that point, Windows 10 Mobile was the platform to win big following this integration.



Android apps and Windows 11: Here's what you should know

With help from Intel and Amazon, your favorite phone apps will have a new home.



How to Auto-Mount VHD or VHDX File at Startup in Windows 10



Microsoft Edge gets extension for quick access to Outlook mail

You can have full access to your Outlook account without leaving the tab on Microsoft Edge.



Review: 6 top videoconferencing services put to the test

We compared Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting in real-world tests to see which videoconferencing platforms perform best for business users. Here’s how they stack up.



Microsoft begins autoupdating more devices to Windows 10 21H1



What Is a Tablet?

A tablet is like a large phone and small laptop built into one



Windows 11’s news feed has built-in tipping to support local content creators

Support local news with your leftover Microsoft points



5 really exciting new features in Microsoft’s boring Windows 11 update



FIN7 hacking gang’s “pen tester” jailed for seven years by US court



Google's latest feature warns you if search results may not be reliable

If a topic is new, a box advises that "these results are changing quickly."



Change these 3 hidden Google settings to protect your privacy



Windows 11 Home Edition Requires a Microsoft Account to Complete Setup

Is this the end of local accounts on Windows PCs?



Google and Microsoft shut down six-year legal ceasefire as infighting and antitrust scrutiny intensifies



What Is Amazon Sidewalk, and Should You Disable It?



This Google Drive security update could break your file links

Prepare for a wave of new file access requests



5 Ways to Clean Up Computer Cable Clutter Under Your Desk

Cable clutter is one of technology's biggest annoyances. Here's how to organize and arrange the cables under your desk. 



New ‘Morpheus’ CPU Design Defeats Hundreds of Hackers in DARPA Tests



Android: How to use the Messages Schedule Send feature



Microsoft announces widgets for Windows 11, promising 'personalized feed powered by AI'

Windows 11 will feature widgets that app developers can use to create interactive experiences.



8 Ways to Reuse Your Old Routers



Windows 11 Will Be Offered as a Free Upgrade for Windows 10 Users

Microsoft today announced Windows 11 with much fanfare, and of course, the biggest question is who gets it and how much they have to pay for it.



Windows 11 gets official, Google puts brakes on Chrome change



How to Fix "The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in. User Profile cannot be loaded." Error in Windows 10



Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack outs for version 21H1 and 20H2

Window 10 21H1 and 20H2 get a new Feature Experience Pack (120.2212.3920.0) with improvements for existing features, and here's all you need to know.



Before we get Windows 11, can Microsoft fix Windows 10?

Later this week, Microsoft is set to talk about the future of Windows. But it still needs to fix a few things in Windows 10.



Brave launches its privacy-focused no-tracking search engine



8 Things to Do With an Old Android Tablet

Turn an old and unused Android tablet into something useful



Microsoft reveals the new Microsoft Store for Windows 11, and it has Android apps, too

Will it succeed where Windows 10’s store failed?



Apple exec says people who want this controversial feature should stop using iPhones



Disconnect your WD My Book Live from the web to avoid data deletion, says Western Digital



Western Digital blames malware for My Book Live devices being wiped remotely

It's advising owners to disconnect the device from the internet for now.



Scammed on a payment app? Tough luck



Western Digital Explains How Attackers Wiped My Book Live Devices

Two vulnerabilities were exploited to remotely wipe the data and install a trojan in some cases.



Crackonosh: How hackers are using gamers to become crypto-rich



What Is Twitter Blue, and Is It Worth $3 a Month?



Windows 11 is getting Android apps - but not from Google

Instead, you can thank...Amazon?



8 Alternative Sites Better Than Goodreads for Book Lovers

Goodreads is no longer the top dog when it comes to online book communities. Here are the best alternatives. 



Some TPM 2.0-Capable Systems Are Still Ineligible for Windows 11



Linux: How to send command output to a file



Windows 11 upgrades will be free, confirmed by system requirement checker

Upgrade time.



Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report Shows Largest Uptick



It Takes an Average of 205 Days to Fix Critical Cybersecurity Flaws

According to a new WhiteHat Security research, more than 66% of all utility programs had at least one exploitable vulnerability exposed on a yearly basis. Many of these vulnerabilities are "pedestrian," meaning they require little effort or skill to discover



Microsoft will require an internet connection and account to activate Windows 11 Home

Along with all the big changes to Windows, Microsoft is going to require users to activate their device over the internet.



How to Turn On or Off Hide Pointer While Typing in Windows



How to remove Widgets from taskbar on Windows 11

Yes, you can add or remove the Widgets button from the taskbar, and here's how on Windows 11.



The future of work is hybrid and remote

And the most agile employers will be able to attract the best staff, Dice report says. Apple, take note.



NVIDIA WHQL Drivers now officially supports Windows 10 21H1



Motherboard Drivers: What They Are and How to Identify Them

They help your system run at peak performance with all its features



Microsoft Teams will be directly integrated as part of Windows 11

Teams will be right in the taskbar



Google’s big security update for YouTube and Drive sharing will cause some problems



Smart thermostats cranked up remotely by Texas energy firms, as consumers swelter in heat wave



Watch the Windows 11 event in under 8 minutes

Get a closer look at the future of Windows.



Will Instagram become the new MySpace?



Phone Addiction Is Bad for Your Mental Health, But No One Cares

Gen Z self-reported the highest screen time in this survey from SimpleTexting, but none of the generational groups polled are doing much to break the dependency cycle.



Google's latest feature warns you if search results may not be reliable



Visual refresh of Office apps for Windows



Iran Bans Crypto Mining After Months of Blackouts



Establish an SSH connection between Windows and Linux

Use the open source tool, PuTTY to establish an SSH connection from a Windows machine to a Linux system.



Avoid ‘USPS’ Email Scam Offering Contest Rewards

The scam emails are not official correspondence from the United States Postal Service.



Experimental package management with Nix and NixOS

Brand New Package



What Is Pagefile.sys? Can I Delete It?


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Tue 2274 06/29/2021

(Windows users: I am an MS Insider who sees and can play with new versions of Windows before the public release. I have one machine that has been on Windows 10 Pro 21H2 which will likely become 2109 this Fall.  I saw a number of changes and can only recommend strongly you do a full disk image backup and know how to restore the image if things don't go well, like the last two years. A fair amount of change coming.

However, last night, my Insiders machine was upgraded to Windows 11 Pro 21H2 (the first version available for testers to see like Windows 10 in July 2015).  Boy, the articles I have posted so far are on the mark.  I have some to be posted that have some hope for those of us with machines running Windows 10 older than 4 years old.  There are indications that the TPM 2.0 requirement is in question.  Users with Windows Home edition will require MS linked account (I have a local Admin account on the test machine, but the Standard account is usually attached to MS) to allow full use of Windows and to make all changes in Settings.  There is talk support of Intel CPUs older than the 8th generation.  You will need a machine with a dual-core CPU as Windows 11 will not install on any single core computer and there will be no 32-bit OS version, just 64-bit OS.  Any 32-bit programs will still be supported and should run on Windows 11, but any programs with a new version of Windows could break, requiring an updated version when available.  This is normal and the beta/alpha testing period is the time for developers to test and make certain their programs work on the new Windows version.  This is no different this time around.  The little bit I have seen so far of Windows 11 21H2 beta is the icons centered on the taskbar (like macOS, changeable) and a very stripped-down start menu like nothing you have seen before.  My test system is an old HP Compaq 8000 Elite desktop with 8GB of memory, an SSD, the CPU is Core 2 Quad-core upgrade, discrete video card Radion HD 4600 series, and an old TPM module v1.2.  My test machine's specs show there is hope for older computers.  Seems very responsive, but like Windows 10 2109 this Fall, you need to have a full image backup and know how to restore it if needed.  A full image backup must be verified as really being good or you may find you don't have a way back. Remember, you can delay either fall upgrades to Windows for a time, but they will eventually force the upgrade when you're not really ready and without a current full image verified backup should things not go well to fall back on.  I always try out new versions on old and very limited power computers to see what works and what doesn't.

Additionally, I am already seeing on my older systems with Windows 10 20H2 ads from Microsoft for upgrading to Windows 11.  The push has begun.)


‘The next great financial crisis could come from a cyber attack:’ DFS releases report on SolarWinds Attack



Microsoft sees targeted attacks from Russia-based group



How to remove temporary files on Windows 10

Are you running out of storage space? Windows 10 has a few ways to remove those temporary files, and emptying recycle bin, wasting space on your PC 



How to delay a Scheduled Task in Windows 10 Task Scheduler



You Can Lock Your Shady Incognito Tabs With This Hidden Face ID Setting

A new, hidden Chrome setting makes it easy to keep others out of your incognito tabs.



How to get the Windows 11 beta

Make sure your PC meets the minimum hardware specifications for Windows 11, and that you're part of the Windows Insider program.



Windows 11 aims to delight users but needs to establish its purpose

Many saw Windows 10 as the last version of Windows, expecting perpetual updates. But Windows 11 is here in 2021, and upon initial analysis, the OS has something to prove: Why does it exist at all?



Windows 11 will make Microsoft Teams impossible to ignore

Windows 11 will let you launch into a Teams meeting with a single click



8 Free Alternatives to Microsoft OneNote



Senator: Is it time to treat ransomware like piracy, using military to make operators walk the plank?



Windows 11 ships with new 'Chat' app powered by Microsoft Teams

Teams is a core part of the Windows 11 experience.



How to Enable or Disable Open News and Interests on Hover in Windows 10



Intel's Bridge technology will allow Android apps to run natively on Windows 11

The tool is a runtime post-compiler for x86-based devices.



Should you buy a new Windows laptop now, or wait for Windows 11?

A new operating system always means uncertainty for hardware shoppers.



New leak claims iPhone SE with 5G still coming in early 2022



What Is a Worm and How Does It Get on Your Computer?

Peskier than a computer virus, a worm can self-replicate and cause serious damage to a vulnerable machine. 



Windows 11 name confirmed for two weeks and everyone missed it



Google will now consider letting your video, music or book app evade its 30 percent cut

From 30 percent to 15 percent



How to Install Motherboard Drivers

Install all or only individual drivers to keep your system updated



79% of Third-Party Libraries in Apps Are Never Updated

A lack of contextual information and concerns over application disruption among contributing factors.



Samsung apps could be spying on you



To Upgrade to Windows 11, Prepare to Dig Into Your PC's BIOS

After the Windows 11 reveal, PC users are learning a lot about a security chip called TPM 2.0, which is a necessary requirement to run the next-generation OS.



Windows 11 gets official, Google puts brakes on Chrome change



How to check chkdsk scan result after reboot on Windows 10

The chkdsk saves the scan results as a system log, and you can review it using the Event Viewer on Windows 10, and here's how.



How to play RTSP Stream in VLC media player



How to Stop Your Google App From Crashing on Android

A buggy update is to blame for widespread crash reports, but you can fix the issue.



How to change your display name in Gmail, Outlook and other webmail services

Changing your e-mail display name is easy, once you know where to look.



Linux: How to find details about user logins



Windows 11 system requirements are bad news for old laptops and PCs

Now 64-bit only



How to Find All Accounts Linked to Your Email Address



OIG: CMS lacks protocol to assess networked medical device cybersecurity in hospitals



Windows 11's new productivity features are supercharged to help you work

Windows makes you work better, and Microsoft details how.



How Turn On or Off OneDrive PC Folder Backup for Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders in Windows 10



Microsoft Store is getting a much-needed overhaul for Windows 11

Microsoft won't take a cut of in-app purchases if developers use their own payment systems.



Microsoft Teams is beefed up in Windows 11, and Apple's FaceTime better watch out

Microsoft improves its Teams video-calling software to better stack up against FaceTime.



This new accessory adds wireless charging to almost any laptop



Is Web Scraping Illegal?

Web scraping is the collection of data from websites, which can include personal information. So is screen scraping legal? 



New Windows 11 registry hacks to customize your device




Republicans and Democrats are having very different conversation 



Microsoft Goes All-In on Tablets With Windows 11

Gestures and widgets play a bigger role



Use a Nest thermostat? The temperature is rising



Everything You Need to Know About Windows 11

Microsoft has unveiled the next generation of its market leading desktop operating system. Here are the high points.



Microsoft Gives Windows New Design, Builds in Conferencing Tool



How to enable or disable remember window locations on Windows 11

Windows 11 can remember the window location based on the monitor connection, and here's how to enable or disable the feature.



The file or folder already exists on OneDrive



How to Fix the Mysterious iPhone Wifi Bug (and Avoid It Altogether)

An innocuous string of letters and symbols is all it takes to render an iPhone's wifi connection unusable.



Windows 11 upgrades for Windows 10 PCs won't happen until 2022

If you're desperate for a new Windows 11 PC, the quickest path will be to purchase a new Windows 11 PC this fall.



Ransomware-as-a-service business model takes a hit in the aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline attack

Cybercrime gangs are finding it harder to recruit partners for the affiliate programs that power ransomware attacks.



Opera R5 takes on Microsoft Edge with built-in video calls and more

R5 standing by



4 Easy Ways to Copy a Large Number of Files Quickly in Windows



Russian intelligence service chief says Moscow will work with US to find hackers



Before Microsoft announces Windows 11, let's rank the previous versions of Windows

Windows has seen its ups and downs over the years, and we want to know which version of the OS you like the most.



How to Check Drive Health and SMART Status in Windows 10



Android apps are coming to Windows 11

They're properly integrated into the OS, too.



Are you ready for a Pepsi in a carton?



Brave launches Google Search alternative that gives users ‘ultimate privacy’



What Is a Dashcam and Do You Need One for Your Vehicle?

You've heard about dashcams, but do you really need one in your vehicle? Here's what you should know about a dashcams. https://www.makeuseof.com/what-is-a-dashcam-and-do-you-need-one-for-your-vehicle/?utm_source=MUO-NL-RP&utm_medium=newsletter


South Korea's Nuclear Research agency hacked using VPN flaw



Google’s security changes will break old Drive and YouTube links

Old ‘unlisted’ videos are about to turn private, unless you opt-out.



How NetNewsWire 6 Could Change the Way You Read News

Death to conspiracy theories and lies



Attackers Find New Way to Exploit Google Docs for Phishing

Tactic continues recent trend by attackers to use trusted cloud services to send and host malicious content.



Can this new privacy-first search engine beat Google and DuckDuckGo?



Windows 11 Will Be a Free Upgrade, But the System Requirements Are Going Up

To run Windows 11, your PC will need a security chip called TPM 2.0 — and you'll need to make sure your machine has it turned on. Installation also requires an internet connection.



Google delays effort to phase out cookies by two years



Windows 11: hands-on with upgrade process from Windows 10

Yes, you can upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 keeping your files, settings, and apps. Here's a first look at the upgrade process.



How to use the DVAR function in Microsoft Excel



Don't Install the Leaked Windows 11 Build

Save yourself from bugs and other issues and skip the unofficial version.



Microsoft explains why you'll need a TPM for Windows 11

Microsoft is prioritizing security over the PC's tradition of lifelong hardware support.



Ear infections from earbuds are on the rise

More people are wearing wireless devices for longer periods of time since the pandemic and the rise in remote work.



Best apps to share files securely in 2021

Safe file-sharing online



5 Ways to Reveal a File Path on Mac



Apple warns of sideloading risk as lawmakers consider third-party app stores



Continue on PC is going away, but Microsoft Edge may fill the void

You may still be able to continue on PC without Continue on PC.



How to Native Boot to VHD of Hyper-V Virtual Machine



Microsoft Teams is integrated into the Windows 11 taskbar

With online communication more important than ever, Microsoft is putting Teams front and center.



This Google Chrome rival is the browser to use if you're worried about online privacy. What to know

The Brave browser focuses on stopping websites from tracking you, and is now offering its own private search engine, too.



Chrome on iOS is getting a great new feature to keep incognito tabs private



5 Ways to Manually Uninstall Windows 10 Updates

Is some recent update causing Windows 10 to crash? Here are a few ways to uninstall the Windows updates and fix your PC. 



The Week in Ransomware - June 18th 2021 - Law enforcement strikes back



The chip shortage will likely get worse before it gets better

The only real solution to the chip shortage might be time



Brave's Search Engine Is a Good Start

But it needs more work to be completely useful



74% of Q1 Malware Was Undetectable Via Signature-Based Tools

Attackers have improved on tweaking old malware to continue sneaking it past traditional threat detection controls, researchers report.



iCloud calendar full of spam? Here’s why and what to do about it



Windows 11 to Get Android Apps, Thanks to Amazon and Intel

The company is also adding Microsoft Teams and some PC gaming enhancements to Windows 11, which will start rolling out during the holidays.



Microsoft Windows 11: what to expect



Spam and phishing in Q1 2021



Multi-Factor Authentication: Headache for Cyber Actors Inspires New Attack Techniques

Two-factor or multi-factor authentication is used to secure organizations and accounts from attackers, making it a problem for malicious actors. Recent attacks show how they are attempting to bypass or avoid it completely.



10 Practical Self-Improvement Tips



GNOME 40 Available on openSUSE

The rolling release edition of openSUSE, Tumbleweed, now offers the latest version of the GNOME desktop.



Never Attribute to Malice . . .


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Mon 2273 06/28/2021

 Low Memory, Sluggish Computer (and brain)?

Yesterday I forgot where I left my phone and car keys. Perhaps if my brain had more free memory available, I would have remembered that I set them down on a messy tool bench, while searching for 1-inch screws to fix the front porch door, and umm, what was that other thing I had to do? Like your brain, a computer works better when there's plenty of memory available to process information and multi-task. So let’s see how we can address a low-memory situation before it becomes a real problem…



Microsoft signed a driver loaded with rootkit malware



How to Manage and Free up Google Photos Storage Space



Use Magic Erasers to Clean Sneakers, Grout, and Keyboards

Our favorite uses for melamine foam pads from the kitchen to the garage 



How to Enter Netflix's Secret Codes

Learn how to enter secret Netflix codes to access the streaming service's entire library of movies and TV shows. 



These are the deprecated and removed features of Windows 11



Windows evolves: Windows 11, and the future of Windows 10

Microsoft's announcement of Windows 11 makes sense of much of its evolution of the last few years, adding polish to features and improving the whole user experience.



The Microsoft Teams mobile apps just got a whole load of useful upgrades

Both iOS and Android apps get some useful Microsoft Teams additions



7 Chrome Extensions that Automate Boring Browsing Tasks



Lawsuits filed against Scripps Health following ransomware attack, data theft



New ChaChi Trojan Targeting U.S. Schools

BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence revealed Wednesday that a new ChaChi Trojan is being used as a critical component in executing ransomware operations against government organizations and U.S. schools, says ZDNet. 



How to Turn On or Off Full Screen Playback in Movies & TV app in Windows 10



How to stop Microsoft Teams running in background after close

Microsoft Teams keeps running after you close the app, but you can change the settings to fix this issue.



Microsoft Store gets an official WordPress app that's rated M for Mature

Bloggers, rejoice.



Student’s Attempt to Pirate Software Leads to Ryuk Ransomware Attack



How to Scan From Printer to Computer

Scanning made simple to your Windows or Mac device



Poland blames Russia for breach, theft of Polish officials' emails




The problem with cloud gaming is you have to think about it



Chrome on iOS is getting a great new feature to keep incognito tabs private



Microsoft unveils Windows 11, a more polished OS

It's a small step forward from Windows 10.



Watch out, Microsoft users! New scam downloads ransomware onto your computer



5 Ways Identity Theft Can Ruin Your Life

Everyone knows identity theft is a bad thing, but what exactly happens when your ID is stolen? Let us walk you through it, and provide some advice on how to protect yourself.



Websites back online after Fastly-linked glitch takes down internet



How to Use Templates for Data Types in Microsoft Excel



What's Up With Apple's New 'Private Relay'?

And is it a worthwhile replacement for paid VPN services?



How to Reconfigure Windows Defender to Better Secure Your Computer

Are you using Windows' built-in security suite to its full extent? Here's how you can configure Windows Defender and why. 



Find out if your PC is compatible with Windows 11



Remote Access Trojan now targeting schools with ransomware

Dubbed ChaChi by researchers at BlackBerry, the RAT has recently shifted its focus from government agencies to schools in the US.



The best medical alert systems and services for every budget 2021

Discover the best medical alert system for you or your loved one today



How to Uninstall Bloatware and System Apps without Root in Android



Attacks against game companies are up. But why?



New Ransomware Uses Virtual Machine to Launch Attacks

Cybercriminals are running more and more malicious payloads via Virtual Machines, according to Symantec Threat Hunter Team.



How to Backup and Restore Everything in Microsoft Edge in Windows



How to clear cache to fix problems on Microsoft Teams

You can clear the Teams app cache to resolve the most common issues, and here's how.



Microsoft says don't trust phony call centers and malicious Excel files

Cybercrime keeps getting more elaborate.



W-2 Form Office 365 Credential Scam Creatively Uses Typeform Service to Bypass Security Checks



How to Use a Camera as a Webcam

Learn how to turn a digital camera into a working webcam



Fake DarkSide gang targets energy, food industry in extortion emails



Hospitals are selling treasure troves of medical data — what could go wrong?

They don’t need patient consent to use de-identified data



A hacker tried to poison the water supply in another major US city



Google Drive security update could leave some file links broken

Google is changing the way it generates Drive file links for sharing.



How to set up a private YouTube channel to share family videos



Google Is Breaking Links to Some Old YouTube Videos, Drive Files Next Month

Google is changing the way it handles link sharing in the name of enhanced security.



Apple's 'Find My' network locates iOS 15 devices even if they're off or erased



How to Remove Tab Categories in Gmail



The Best Ways to Compress PDFs for Free

These apps and websites can shrink your PDF for free on Mac and Windows



Apple Watch Battery Draining Fast? Try This Simple Fix

This quick tip can significantly improve the battery life of your Apple Watch. 



Firefox will soon support multi-page login forms



Remote Access Trojan now targeting schools with ransomware

Dubbed ChaChi by researchers at BlackBerry, the RAT has recently shifted its focus from government agencies to schools in the US.



Launch of new SD Express cards kicks off memory card format war

Who will triumph?



How to Schedule the Blue Light Filter on an Android Device



Ignorance is not a legal excuse for paying sanctioned ransomware groups



Cybercriminals Are Now Relying on Call Centres

As ransomware attacks have become more sophisticated, Microsoft cybersecurity researchers are now on the hunt for BazarCall, cybercriminal call centers that manage to spread BazarLoader malware, according to ZDNet.



How to Enable or Disable News and Interests on Taskbar in Windows 10



Windows 11: hands-on video with new interface and features

Here's a first look at the system overhaul that Microsoft is planning for Windows 11, including the new Start menu, centered taskbar, multitasking improvements, new design style with rounded corners, and more.



Windows 11 may be enough to convert Windows 7 holdouts, says survey

Windows 11 is just around the corner, and a recent survey suggests that people are looking forward to it.



[HEADS UP] New Malware Families Found in Phishing Campaign



13 Ways to Get More RAM on Your Laptop

Best ways to free up/clear RAM on a laptop



US supermarket chain Wegmans notifies customers of data breach



Brave Search is a new alternative to Google built on its own index

The search engine is now in public beta



Google app keeps crashing on Android and taking out other apps – here’s how to fix it



Peacock is finally coming to Amazon Fire TV and tablets

Download the app on June 24th.



The Windows 10 update mistake you’re probably making



NBCUniversal's Peacock Is Now Available on Amazon Fire TV Devices

The Peacock app is compatible with Amazon's entire Fire TV lineup.



Jackware: A new type of ransomware could be 10 times as dangerous



How to Find and Delete Large Files across Google Drive, Photos, and Gmail



How to Check the Battery Health on All Your Apple Devices

Find out if your battery has gone bad before your warranty expires.



What Is IMDb TV? Here's How Can You Start Watching It

What is IMDb TV? How can you watch it? IMDb TV offers an impressive selection of free streaming content to all users! 



First Look at Hasleo Backup Suite Free, a new Windows backup software



How to use VBA to highlight duplicate values in an Excel spreadsheet

When a conditional formatting rule is overkill, use these VBA procedures to highlight duplicates and then remove the highlighting in Microsoft Excel.



Microsoft Defender for Endpoint finally gets this important feature

Should bolster corporate network security in the new hybrid workplace



5 that Will Automatically Back Up Your Photos for Free in Android



Data of 500K patients accessed, stolen after eye clinic ransomware attack



U.S. Seizes Iranian State-linked News Websites

The Justice Department announced Tuesday the seizure of several Iran's state-linked news website domains accusing them of propagating disinformation. This action appears to be a broad crackdown on Iranian media amid heightened tensions between the two countries, says CBS News. 



How to Uninstall Desktop Apps and Windows Apps in Windows 10



Windows 11: hands-on video with new install UI

Here's a first look at the new Windows 11 installation experience, including a brand-new UI for the out-of-box experience (OOBE).



Outlook extension lets you check your email without leaving Microsoft Edge

Microsoft's latest extension makes it a bit quicker to jump into your emails while browsing the web.



Why Should We Care About Personal Smishing Attacks?



How to Hide Desktop Icons

Quickly clean up your desktop clutter in Windows 10



Windows 10 KB5003690 fixes issues affecting gamers since March



How to update your PS5 controller

It’s easy until it isn’t



Rumor suggests chip shortage will not delay iPhone 13 launch



What the Supreme Court Snapchat decision means for free speech online

It's one of the first times the Supreme Court has weighed in on a case involving student speech online.



Porch pirates are sneakier than ever! How to protect your packages



Apple Issues 16-Page Document on Why It Thinks Sideloading Is Bad

The document doesn’t entertain the potential benefits to opening up the iOS ecosystem. Instead, it focuses on several examples to how sideloading could unleash scams and malware on iPhone users.



macOS Monterey will drop support for older MacBook Pro and Air models



The Cybersecurity 202: The Biden administration will prioritize cybersecurity in the distribution of $1 billion in federal IT funding



5 Proven Tips to Improve Your Writing



Microsoft Edge Coming to Linux

Microsoft is bringing it’s new Chromium-based Edge browser to Linux.



How Long Will My SSD Last?


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Sun 2272 06/27/2021

The Young Fall for Scams More Than Seniors Do. Time for a Warning.

Stop it with the ageism and delusions of invincibility. Young adults often don’t recognize the bad checks coming at them, or fake job offers, either.



Windows 11 won’t be officially supported by any Intel Mac — here’s why



Microsoft and Apple's newest updates show how the pandemic has fundamentally changed our relationship with computers



How to Set the Default Currency in Google Sheets



List of Windows 11 features: Redesigned Start, Taskbar, UI, Snap Layout, Snap Groups, etc.



Windows 11 Start menu: How to make it look like Windows 10

Although the solution takes a little fiddling in the Windows 11 registry, you'll have Windows 11 looking much more like Windows 10 in a snap.



Will you be able to upgrade to Windows 11 for free?



KDE Plasma 5.22: The best KDE to date

Jack Wallen believes the latest release from the KDE Plasma developers is the best yet. Find out what's new and why this might be your next favorite desktop.



Western Digital: Disconnect My Book Live drives immediately



How to Use the Chown Command in Linux to Change File Ownership



Microsoft fixes one of Windows 10’s most annoying bugs

Your PC will no longer scream in pain



7 Pros and Cons to Consider Before Buying an M1 Mac

Apple's M1-based Macs have lots of advantages, but they aren't perfect. Here's what to consider before buying one 



How to Turn On or Off Core Isolation Virtualization-based Security for Memory Integrity in Windows 10



How to upgrade to Windows 10 21H1, May 2021 Update

Use these steps to install Windows 10 21H1 (May 2021 Update) on a device running version 20H2, 2004, 1909, or an older release.



Apple Executive Explains Why Sideloading Apps Is Bad, Bad, Bad

Sideloading apps on Apple’s mobile platform is something the company isn’t even considering, all because of the security risks that are involved with such an approach.



Brave Search is here to battle Google while preserving privacy

Brave continues its focus on web privacy with the launch of Brave Search in beta.



Microsoft no longer offers Windows 7 drivers via Windows Update



This is one of Google’s most popular apps, but delete it if you value privacy



AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s DLSS is a promising early start

FidelityFX Super Resolution arrives today



Windows 11 will let you sideload Android apps, circumventing Amazon Appstore

Even Microsoft knows the Amazon Appstore is meh



US seizes Iranian websites over disinformation claims

It also took down three sites owned by an Iraqi-based group.



21 game and puzzle apps infected with malware – check the list



Want to Avoid Ransomware? Don't Call This Number, Microsoft Warns Office Users

An email, a fake subscription, and a fraudulent call center are being used to compromise computers.



Microsoft sent a strong signal to developers that could hurt Apple and Google



What Is Contrast Ratio?



How to increase Maximum Volume beyond 100% in Windows 10



How to securely erase your hard drive or SSD

Ensure that the data on your old drives is safe from prying eyes.



What a centered Start Menu means for users in Windows 11



How to use the Android Photos Locked Folder feature

The Google Photos Locked Folder feature has finally arrived and Jack Wallen wants to show you how to use it.



New BIOS vulnerabilities impact tens of millions of Dell computer hardware



Windows Users Tricked into Ransomware Attack at Call Centers



What Is Avast Secure Browser? Everything You Need to Know

Avast Secure Browser lets you safely surf the web. But what exactly is it, and how do you set it up?



How to Create Hardware Independent System Image for Installing Windows 10



How to fix printer spooler problems on Windows 10

When your printer refuses to print, it could be a problem preventing the print spooler from running correctly — here's how to fix the problem.



Microsoft Announces New Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack

Microsoft has recently announced a new Windows feature experience pack, this time for users who are part of the Windows Insider program and running preview builds in the Beta and Release Preview channels.



How to add a header and footer in Excel

You can add a header and footer to Excel, and in this guide, we'll show you how.



Google fixes seventh Chrome zero-day exploited in the wild this year



Windows 10 has a hidden ransomware protection feature – here’s how to use it



Three big questions about Facebook’s new VR ads

Lots of people saw this coming, but what will it look like?



1.6 million hit in possible Mercedes-Benz data breach — what you need to know

It's the second German luxury carmaker to disclose data leak this month



Apple defends the App Store ahead of antitrust debates

A 16-page letter argues its mobile marketplace must remain closed.



5 best iPhone security settings and tricks you haven’t tried yet



Brave Launches Its 'Privacy-Preserving' Search Engine

No tracking, user profiling, or reliance on other providers, and an ad-free paid search experience is planned.



Google just made a huge change to Search and we love it



PSA: You Can Color-Code Your Mac Files with Tags



Windows 11 System Requirements – Feature-wise Minimum and Recommended discussed



The best free antivirus 2021: Keep your PC safe without spending a dime

Many of the big names in antivirus offer a free version of their security suites. Here are our top five choices for free AV.



Machine Learning training begins to roll out Windows 10 updates more intelligently



Cars are packed with technology, and they can be hacked

The threat to people's lives is terrifying, so auto manufacturers need to change their old-school strategies to protect people.



‘We desperately need a director’: Cyber advocates sound off as senator delays CISA confirmation



Which Allocation Unit Size Is Best for Your Drive?



How to remove malware from your computer

A concise guide to getting rid of malware infections



The Best Dark Web Browser for Your Device

Want to access the dark web? You need to use a dark web browser that can take you there and protect your privacy too. 



How to Enable or Disable QR Code Generator in Microsoft Edge Chromium



Microsoft reveals next generation of Windows 10 is coming

Microsoft plans to unveil the next generation of Windows with the biggest changes yet during a special event very soon.



New Batch of Stolen Data Published Following Cl0p Gang Arrest

Cl0p has uploaded a new batch of sensitive data a week after Ukrainian authorities detained individuals linked with the famed Cl0p ransomware ring, according to Ars Technica.  



Recording Microsoft Teams meetings is about to get a lot easier

Starting next month, you'll be able to automatically record meetings in Microsoft Teams.



Audi, Volkswagen customer data being sold on a hacking forum



MacBook Pro and Mac mini with M1X chips coming this fall, says leaker



Apple cuts AppleCare Plus prices for M1 MacBook Air and Pro

Protect your laptop for less



Windows 11 won’t work on your PC without a TPM — how to check

How to see if your PC has a TPM chip for Windows 11



Microsoft Edge makes it easier to share webpages between devices

Microsoft starts rolling out tab sharing to some Windows 10 and macOS users.



Was your Facebook hacked? Here’s how to check the 533 million exposed records



Sabrent's Latest External SSD Drive Features 16TB of Storage

The product is now available on Amazon, but a single unit will cost you as much as a high-end desktop PC.



Apple Messages is getting a host of new sharing features



How to Stop Android Notifications from Turning on the Screen



Restyaboard is a great open source Task Management software



The Windows 11 leak is criticized as an early, incomplete build

Is what's leaked of Windows 11 truly the next generation of Microsoft's operating system? We're told there's more to come.



How to use the Windows Package Manager to update installed programs at once



How millennials and Gen Zs were impacted by the pandemic

Stress, mental health, employment, income, climate change and systematic racism are top of mind, according to a Deloitte survey.



Scammers imitate Windows logo with HTML tables to slip through email gateways



Brave Introduces Private Brave Search Engine



How to Use Your Apple watch as a Medical Alert System

The best way to make the most of the medical alert device feature on your Apple Watch.



What Are DNS Attacks and How Do You Prevent Them?

DNS attacks are one of the biggest threats to websites and online services. How can they be prevented 



How to Reset Windows Update in Windows 10




Windows Terminal can now be set as the default app on Windows 10, introduces Quake mode, and Settings UI changes with version 1.9.



Data Stolen from Ohio Medicare Provider

Medicaid's Ohio Department warned that an unknown individual accessed data in Maximus' care without authorization for two days in May. The organization apparently suffered a security incident that may have led to the theft of personal information, according to Info Security Magazine. 



Windows 11 is more than just a new Start menu

There's a lot more going on with Windows 11 than just a new Start menu – and we haven't even seen the entire plan yet.



Scammer arrested for phishing operation, sent 25,000 texts in a day



Apple Watch users keep dialing 911 in their sleep



Windows 11 leak reveals new UI, Start menu, and more

The next version of Windows has leaked online



WD My Book Live storage drives are being remotely wiped — disconnect yours now

Make sure this doesn't happen to you before it's too late



Brave's privacy-focused search engine is available in beta

You don't need the Brave browser to use it, either.



Is your smart thermostat turning down the AC as it’s getting hotter outside? Here’s why it’s happening



A $5,000 RTX Graphics Card? Sure, Why Not?

GPU vendor Colorful created a limited-edition Nvidia RTX 3090 with air and liquid cooling, plus an LCD display.



Bank fraud is on the rise — here are 4 ways to protect your account



5 Lesser Known Benefits of Online Education



How Deceptive Campaign Fund-Raising Ensnares Older People

Older Americans, a critical source of political donations, often fall victim to aggressive and misleading digital practices. A broad Times analysis points to the scope of the problem.



Watch out! Android Flubot spyware is spreading fast



Testing Waterfox, a Firefox alternative

Browsing Options

Waterfox, a fork of the Mozilla Firefox browser, is designed for greater speed and privacy, as well as compatibility with older add-ons. We consider two versions of the Waterfox browser and what they have to offer.



What is the System Idle Process and Why Is It Using Most of the CPU?


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