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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Thur 07/22/202 2292
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Thur 2292 07/22/2021

Recent Developments in Batteries: Lithium-Ion And Beyond



Geekly Update - 22 July 2021



Forget all about malware, phishing, and identity theft.



Frustrated by spam emails? 3 ways disposable email addresses can help



What Are Online “Whales?”



How to Keep Your Tech Clean With These Top Sanitation Suggestions

If your keyboard is looking crumby, your monitor is covered in splashes, or your earpods are gunky, it's time you gave them a clean. 



iPhone SE 3 release date, price, news and every leak so far

5G, OLED and more?



What does it mean when “traces” are left behind from malware removal?



Why the Pop!_OS 21.04 Linux distro is out of this world

System76 has released Pop!_OS 21.04, and Jack Wallen concludes it is one of the best Linux desktop experiences he's ever had. Find out why.



Feds arrest CA homeopath for selling COVID pellets, fake CDC vaccine cards

Homeopath: "It is like an energy medicine... made from the disease particles themselves."



Apple iPhones can be hacked with spyware even if you don’t click on a link, Amnesty International says

  - Apple iPhones can be compromised and their sensitive data stolen through hacking software that doesn’t require the target to click on a link, according to a report by Amnesty International.

  - The report said it found evidence iPhones belonging to journalists and human rights lawyers had been infected with malware from NSO Group called Pegasus as recently as this month.

  - “Attacks like the ones described are highly sophisticated, cost millions of dollars to develop, often have a short shelf life, and are used to target specific individuals,” Apple’s head of security engineering said in a statement 



Botnet attacks on APIs: Why most companies are unprepared

The use of botnets to target applications for illegal and unethical purposes is growing, yet implementation of bot detection tools and best practices lags.



What to do when your laptop is stolen (and how to prepare for it)

If your laptop is stolen, you'll need to act fast to keep your personal data secure—and actions you take before the hijacking can be crucial.




The Linux version of one of the most popular and powerful web browser products on the entire Internet, Firefox



Microsoft begins rolling out Teams Chat integration for Insiders on Windows 11

Microsoft begins previewing Teams Chat integration on Windows 11.



How to remove annoying window pixel border in Windows 11

Are you seeing an accent color pixel around the windows borders in Windows 11? Here's the fix to remove it.



Microsoft unveils Windows 11's beautiful new context menus



Microsoft 365 is bringing Clippy back as an emoji — but fans want him on Xbox, Windows 11, too

Clippy makes reappearance in Office as an emoji



How to Use an External Drive With a Chromebook

To save files locally, here's what to do



Chrome’s latest update is packed with vital new privacy features



24-inch M1 iMac buying guide: Spend a little extra to get a lot more

Here's our guide to help you buy the one you need.



DuckDuckGo launches new Email Protection service to remove trackers

This is your chance to get an ‘@duck.com’ email addres 



Hello, Is It Me You’re Phishing For: Amazon Vishing Attacks



Apple just pulled down an app that helps you spot fake Amazon reviews – after Amazon asked



Malaysian Police Crush 1,069 Bitcoin Mining Rigs Using a Steamroller

The former owners stole over $2 million of electricity.



Chrome’s latest update is packed with vital new privacy features



How to Use strace to Monitor Linux System Calls



Amazon Now Requires Police to Make Requests for Ring Footage Public

Public safety agencies need to openly ask Ring owners to send their data over.



Web hosting cybersecurity concerns

Securing your website from cyberattacks is becoming increasingly difficult



Why do some Android apps need so many permissions?



Ransomware experts urge victims not to pay, but are they listening?

The number of attacks from, and payouts to, ransomware extortionists continue to rise despite only 20% saying giving into demands is the best course, Menlo Security finds.



TSMC signals global chip crunch may be easing

Semiconductor group says carmakers can expect upturn in supplies over coming weeks.



Dish and AT&T’s new wireless partnership may foreshadow DirecTV deal

  - Dish reached a 10-year agreement to use AT&T as its primary network provider as it attempts to transition to a nationwide wireless operator.

  - AT&T replaces T-Mobile as Dish’s primary partner.

  - The pact is a potential precursor to a DirecTV-Dish merger since it brings AT&T and Dish closer together 



4 steps to prevent spear phishing

Your users are in the crosshairs of the best attackers out there. Follow these steps to better protect them.


Speed up Windows 10 for free: Tips for a faster PC

Is your Windows PC too slow? Give your PC a free performance boost.



Oracle VM VirtualBox

A family of powerful x86 virtualization products developed and maintained by Oracle



Best power supplies (PSU) 2021: For gaming, crypto mining, and overclocking



How to enable TPM and Secure Boot on VMware to install Windows 11

VMware Workstation supports TPM and Secure Boot to run Windows 11, and here's how to enable the features on a virtual machine.



Windows print nightmare continues with malicious driver packages



Windows 365 Cloud PC unveiled — and it's about to change the way you work

Windows 365 lets you stream Windows 10 and Windows 11 in a web browser on any device.



HDD vs SSD Storage

Make the right decision for your computer storage



Every single new iPhone 13 Pro color might’ve just leaked



Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.5 with app fixes, security updates

Changes to the Podcast app, bug fixes.



Banks, brokerages, PSN, the Steam Store, and more went down in massive internet outage

PSN, Steam, banks, and more



The Full Story of the Stunning RSA Hack Can Finally Be Told

In 2011, Chinese spies stole the crown jewels of cybersecurity—stripping protections from firms and government agencies worldwide. Here’s how it happened.



Find out who’s calling you from an unknown or blocked number



2 Smartphone Screens Crack Every Second in the US

We're keeping our phones longer, and that means more people break them.



Norway says cyber attack on parliament carried out from China



Can Google and Apple Remotely Install Apps on Your Phone?



How to Set Up a VPN on Your Router

VPNs improve online privacy but running a VPN on every device is a pain. Here's how to install a VPN on your router and save time!



Oil giant Saudi Aramco hit by 1TB data breach

Stolen data is being sold on the Dark Web for $5m



Do I need to be online to perform anti-malware scans or backups?



Windows 11 cheat sheet: Everything you need to know

This comprehensive guide offers details about Microsoft Windows 11, including new features, system requirements, when you can download the OS and more.



Unvaccinated health workers are “unethical and appalling”—experts want mandates

Health organizations call for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for health care workers.



YouTube to add labels to some health videos amid misinformation backlash

  - YouTube says it will try to surface more credible health information and add labels with information viewers will have to click on.

  - The measures come as the company has faced repeated criticism for hosting health misinformation amid the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines.

  - Last week, the U.S. Surgeon General blamed social media companies like YouTube for rampant misinformation that he said led to more deaths.



Botnet attacks on APIs: Why most companies are unprepared

The use of botnets to target applications for illegal and unethical purposes is growing, yet implementation of bot detection tools and best practices lags.



Stop! Why you shouldn't panic-buy a TPM for Windows 11

Don't let scalpers prey on you, especially while so much remains up in the air.




A tool that protects your computer against network traffic analysis and surveillance



MSI launches exclusive PCs with NVIDIA RTX 3080, 3070 in new U.S. store

MSI's U.S. online store is here to help you get the company's hardware easily, including exclusive PCs.



Windows 11 Home setup may let you skip internet and Microsoft account requirements

On Windows 11 Home, you may be able to disconnect from the network and click the back button to skip internet and Microsoft account requirements.



Microsoft: Israeli firm used Windows zero-days to deploy spyware



Chromebooks equipped with AMD dGPUs are apparently in the works

An AMD-powered Chromebook with Intel 10th Gen CPU may be on that way



What Is an External Hard Drive?

Understanding this external storage device



Think twice before hiking with Google Maps



Safari in iOS 15 is a self-inflicted wound but first aid may be on the way

Safari's new UI needs more than a quick fix.



Dropbox adds new file conversion tools and faster camera backups

Its password manager is also being updated to handle card details



CNA Financial Paid $40 Million in Ransom After March Cyberattack

  - Payment bigger than previously disclosed ransoms, experts say

  - Malware tied to Russian cybergang sanctioned by U.S. in 2019



How to enable celebrity voices like Shaq on your Amazon Echo



Hackers Trick Windows Hello With a Single Infrared Image

CyberArk researchers bypass Microsoft's facial-recognition system by exploiting its reliance on infrared imaging.



You Probably Haven't Tried These 9 iPhone Hacks Yet



How to Use the Analyze Data Feature in Microsoft Excel



5 Bad Security Habits That Put You at Risk of Hacks and Scams

It's easy to slip into bad security habits. Change these common behaviors and you'll secure your personal data.



Many Windows 11 PCs will ship in Dark Mode by default

Microsoft embraces the darkness



What password should I change on my router for security?



Excel on the web: Microsoft closes the gap on the desktop version

If you haven't tried Excel on the web in a while, you might be surprised by how many of your demanding spreadsheets will now run on any device with a browser.



Amazon bought Facebook’s satellite team to help build Starlink competitor

Amazon's Project Kuiper got some new employees as Facebook ended satellite project.



Amazon asked Apple to remove an app that spots fake reviews, and Apple agreed



15 signs you've been hacked—and how to fight back

Redirected internet searches, unexpected installs, rogue mouse pointers: Here's what to do when you've been 0wned.



Why Windows 11 is leaving so many PCs behind (it's not just TPM)

More subtle security improvements may be forcing their way into the limelight.



All Windows 7 Apps Should Feel Like Home on Windows 11

In theory, there shouldn’t be too many Windows 7 devices out there that are eligible for the upgrade to Windows 11 given the new OS only supports eight-generation processors or newer, but on the other hand, some organizations might indeed be planning to upgrade some of their workstations to the new operating system when it comes out.



Microsoft Teams apps for meetings now work with iOS and Android

People with Microsoft Teams on iOS and Android can have a new way to participate in meetings.



How to view WiFi or Ethernet status and properties on Windows 11

The Settings app on Windows 11 now shows network adapter real-time status and properties information, and here's how to access the data.



WooCommerce fixes vulnerability exposing 5 million sites to data theft



Google's advanced Gmail security feature helps prevent phishing scams — here's how

Google is rolling out validated logos to stop email scams in Gmail



How the M.2 SSD Will Make Your PC Even Faster

An overview of the new M.2 drive interface



New book claims Facebook fired 52 employees for spying on users



M1X, M2, M2X chips: How fast will the next Pro Macs be?

We have a good idea of what Apple's planning—and it's going to be epic.



DuckDuckGo launches new Email Protection service to remove trackers

This is your chance to get an ‘@duck.com’ email address



Daniel Kahneman: ‘Clearly AI is going to win. How people are going to adjust is a fascinating problem’



Update Chrome now! New version protects you from zero-day exploit



Microsoft Warns of Another Windows Print Spooler Vulnerability

Another security flaw has been found in the utility that allows Windows to print documents.



Second cybersecurity bill may be needed in Ohio to protect against other breaches



All Three Major U.S. Carriers and Google Adopt Rich Communication Services, But No Sign of Apple Interest



US, NATO Accuse China of Massive Microsoft Hack



Bolt-On Security the Linux Way



T-Mobile 5G home internet: Hands-on

Does T-Mobile's 5G wireless gateway offer a cheaper alternative to cable broadband? We've tested it and we like the results.



Perform basic system checks with checksecurity

Health Check

Linux offers users a wide range of options for system configuration. With the help of the checksecurity tool collection, you can automatically monitor basic system settings.



How Do I Safely Back Up an Infected Drive?


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Wed 2291 07/21/2021

U.S. Alleges China is Hiring Criminals to Hack Companies and Universities

The White House on Monday accused the Chinese government of masterminding and directing a series of widespread cyberattacks, including a massive.. 



Credential Stuffing the Financial Services Sector



Russia disconnected itself from the rest of the internet, a test of its new defense from cyber warfare, report says



How to Turn Off a Windows 10 PC



Don't worry, Microsoft DirectStorage won't be exclusive to Windows 11

It will be better than on Windows 10 though



The Do's and Don'ts of Buying a Refurbished Laptop

You can save some cash by buying an almost-new laptop—if you do it right.



5 Windows PC Maintenance Mistakes That Can Break Your Computer

Cleaning your Windows PC is important, but avoid making these common mistakes that can harm or break your computer. 



This clever Chrome collaboration tool deserves your attention

If you ever share your screen with anyone, this smart Chrome add-on will change the way you work — for the better



Why does my screen suddenly scroll to the bottom when I'm typing?



Windows 11: Understanding the system requirements and the security benefits

Security is a big part of Windows 11, but so is delivering productivity and a good experience with all the security features turned on.



Google Quietly Activates New Web Performance Metrics



Windows 11 Users Will Be Allowed to Easily Downgrade to Windows 10 for 10 Days

Windows 11 is coming later this year, and as announced already, it will be offered as a free upgrade for certain eligible Windows 10 devices.



Here’s how Zoom is helping create the new world of hybrid work

  - In the early days of the pandemic, Zoom’s daily meeting participants grew 30 times — from 10 million participants to more than 300 million.

  - Zoom is creating the next iteration of communication and collaboration tools that will help companies foster better connectivity even when workers are not all together.

  - One of the most important questions companies can ask is: What is the purpose of having people in the office?



How to enable Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) on Windows 11

Windows 11 has a Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) feature that helps to increase battery life on laptops, and here's how to enable or disable the feature.



iOS zero-day let SolarWinds hackers compromise fully updated iPhones

Flaw was exploited when government officials clicked on links in LinkedIn messages.



Linux version of HelloKitty ransomware targets VMware ESXi servers



Hackers Stole a Terabyte of Data from Oil Giant Saudi Aramco

The cybercriminals are now attempting to sell the data for millions on the dark web.



eMMC vs. SSD

Not all storage options are the same



Spike in “Chain Gang” Destructive Attacks on ATMs



What is Microsoft Teams' Walkie Talkie feature and why you want it

Microsoft Teams' Walkie Talkie feature coming to Teams phones



Biden: Facebook and other platforms are ‘killing people’ with vaccine misinformation

Facebook is facing mounting pressure to address what the Surgeon General called an 'urgent threat.'



Using AI and a lawn sprinkler to keep people out of the yard



Internet Speed World Record Obliterated by Engineers in Japan

They hit 319 terabits per second without any drop in speed over a distance of 1,865 miles.



Ransomware key to unlock customer data from REvil attack



What Is Apple’s Private Relay, and Is a VPN Better?



Best free, public DNS servers in 2021: Boost your internet speed with these services

Speed up and secure your browsing with the best DNS services



How to Fix (and Prevent) the Latest ChromeOS Bugs

Chrome OS 91's newest update is locking Chromebook users out of their devices.



5 Easy Ways to Find Out Who's Searching for You Online

Concerned that people are looking for you? Here are the online tools you can use to trace new mentions of you and find who's looking for you.



Windows 365: The version of Windows that will change the PC world

Microsoft's announcement this week of Windows 365 points the way to a computing future that could look very different from what we have now. Some thoughts....



If my router keeps losing connectivity does that mean I'm being hacked?



iOS 15: How to enable Mail Privacy Protection

If you have access to Apple's iOS 15 Developer Beta, learn how to use an important security feature called Mail Privacy Protection.



Amazon Rolls Out End-to-End Encryption for Ring Video Devices Worldwide



Windows 7 PCs Won’t Support Direct Upgrades to Windows 11

Windows 7 is no longer getting support from Microsoft, as the 2009 operating system has reached the end of life in January 2020.



Microsoft says Israeli company is behind malware that affected Windows PCs

  - Microsoft placed the blame for malware that attackers have used in recent attacks on a private-sector organization in Israel, which university researchers say is named Candiru.

  - Microsoft rolled out patches for two vulnerabilities tied to the Israeli company’s malware.



How to enable or disable remember window locations on Windows 11

Windows 11 can remember the window location based on the monitor connection, and here's how to enable or disable the feature.



SolarWinds 0-day gave Chinese hackers privileged access to customer servers

Hackers IDed as DEV-0322 have a fondness for defense contractors and software-makers.



Hands on with Windows Terminal 1.10's new and useful features



Don't Worry, Windows 11 Will Run Google’s New Android App Bundles [Updated]

Amazon announced that it's working on supporting Android's new file format.



How to Fix Printer Spooler Errors in Windows 10

Many things can cause these errors, including settings and driver issues



Kaseya Left Customer Portal Vulnerable to 2015 Flaw in its Own Software



Microsoft reveals new browser features coming to Edge — rolling out in 2021

Microsoft's feature roadmap update shows off everything planned for Edge



US Customs seized $62.6 million worth of fake AirPods and headphones since October

The popularity of Apple's AirPods seems to have caused a boom in counterfeit audio gear.



Microsoft’s PrintNightmare mess continues – Here’s what to do to keep your PC safe



How to Manage Your Google Privacy Settings

Dig into Google's account dashboard to see what the company knows about you.



What can hackers do with my email address? A lot. Here's how to protect your identity



How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux



How to improve your phone’s battery life

iPhone or Android: our top tips



What Is a 'TPM' and Why Do You Need One to Run Windows 11?

Plus, how to check if your PC already has a TPM installed.



7 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Podcast

Not only can podcasts provide you with a creative outlet, but they can also help you meet new and interesting people. 



Now that Windows is in the cloud, what about the Mac?

Windows 365 means any Mac, iPad, iPhone, or even Linux user can now run a a virtualized PC in the cloud. Can Apple do this?



Can I move Office 2010 from my old computer to my new one?



The quantum decade: IBM predicts the 2020s will see quantum begin to solve real problems

A new report from IBM posits that quantum computing is poised to take off and begin to pay off for business users.



Cybercriminals Employing Specialists To Maximize Ill-Gotten Gains



Windows 10 Home in S Mode Will Also Get the Free Windows 11 Upgrade

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 11 will be offered as a free upgrade to certain eligible Windows 10 computers, and this eligible tidbit has caused quite a lot of confusion lately.



Major Apple supplier TSMC eyes expansion in U.S., Japan to meet sustained chip demand

  - TSMC, which posted record quarterly sales, said it will expand production capacity in China and does not rule out the possibility of a “second phase” expansion at its $12 billion factory in Arizona.

  - The world’s largest contract chipmaker and a major Apple supplier also said it is currently reviewing a plan to set up a specialty technology wafer fabrication plant, or fab, in Japan.




Windows 10 21H2 is coming later this year, and it appears that Microsoft will bring some noticeable changes.



Firefox 89 delivered more speed—today’s Firefox 90 adds SmartBlock 2.0

Mozilla's browser continues ramping up its speed and blocking efforts.



BazarBackdoor sneaks in through nested RAR and ZIP archives



The Telecoms Industry Spends $320K a Day to Make Sure Your Broadband Sucks

Telecom companies lobby hard to limit the deployment of fiber optic broadband to wealthier neighborhoods because it helps them maintain their monopolies.



How to Restart the Print Spooler in Windows 10

Stop and restart the spooler to resume your print jobs again.



Another 0-Day Looms for Many Western Digital Users



AMD CEO says chip shortages will continue through 2021

AMD CEO did say the company was "bringing on more capacity every quarter"



Security researchers fool Microsoft's Windows Hello authentication system

Apparently, it could be unlocked with a single IR frame of the user's face.



Watch out for these shady online car scams



How to Connect Your Android Phone to Your TV

You can stream your Android phone or tablet screen to a TV through screen mirroring, Google Cast, a third-party app, or linking it with a cable.



Intel, TI split leaves chip outlook in doubt



So Your Mac Isn’t Getting macOS Updates, Now What?



What is 8K resolution? The next step in ultra-high resolution panels explained

8K resolution screens could soon go mainstream



How to Install Software on Linux



The 12 Best News Sites You Can Trust for Credible Stories

Want the best news sites around? Here are the top-ranked news sites that publish credible content, not fake news stories. 



Hands on with Windows 11: First impressions

A few changes may take some getting used to, but in this early release, Windows 11 has some nice interface improvements that increase efficiency.



Do Apple Computers get malware?



How legitimate security tool Cobalt Strike is being used in cyberattacks

Normally used by organizations for penetration testing, Cobalt Strike is exploited by cybercriminals to launch attacks, says Proofpoint.



Clear Linux* Delivers a Lucid if Limited Vision of Desktop Linux



Gigabyte Says Its Motherboards Are Ready for Windows 11

Gigabyte is one of the first companies to jump on the Windows 11 bandwagon, as the hardware firm announced today that its motherboards are fully prepared for Microsoft’s new operating system.



How the IRS is trying to nail crypto tax dodgers

  - The IRS treats virtual currencies like bitcoin as property, meaning that they are taxed in a manner similar to stocks or real property.

  - The agency recently ramped up efforts to subpoena centralized crypto exchanges for information about noncompliant U.S. taxpayers. 

  - President Joe Biden’s 2022 budget proposal could lead to a raft of new crypto reporting requirements.



How to enable Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) on Windows 11

Windows 11 has a Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) feature that helps to increase battery life on laptops, and here's how to enable or disable the feature.



AT&T will let unlimited-data customers pay more to avoid the slow lane

AT&T says users can soon "stay in the fast lane" on its priciest unlimited plan.



Google Chrome will add HTTPS-First Mode to keep your data safe



Amazon Cuts Off Service to NSO Spyware Firm Behind iPhone Hacks

The Israeli company has been accused of helping repressive governments hack journalists and dissidents all over the world.



How to Scan on Chromebook

Scanning to your Chrome OS laptop is possible with these simple steps



We Infiltrated a Counterfeit Check Ring! Now What?



How to set up your new Windows laptop like a pro: out-of-the-box tips

Here are some outside-the-box ideas for setting up your new Windows laptop.



California's upcoming open fiber network could make fast broadband more accessible

A newly passed bill clears the way for speedy 'middle-mile' service.



Digital Life Hack: Upgrade your TV settings



13 Ways to Tweak Your Windows 10 Taskbar

The Windows 10 Taskbar provides quick and easy access to your favorite apps, but it also offers several handy settings you can customize to improve how it works.



China rejects hacking charges, accuses US of cyberspying



The Best iPhone Transfer & Manager Software in 2021



U.S. Government Attributes ICS Attacks to Russia, China, Iran



Get the 1TB SK Hynix Gold S31 SSD for less than $90

Speed up that hard-drive based laptop on the cheap. The 1TB SK Hynix Gold S31 2.5-inch SSD is $89.24 today on Amazon.



Query your Linux operating system like a database

Use database-style queries to get system information easily.



Testing Waterfox, a Firefox alternative

Browsing Options

Waterfox, a fork of the Mozilla Firefox browser, is designed for greater speed and privacy, as well as compatibility with older add-ons. We consider two versions of the Waterfox browser and what they have to offer.



A Program Crashes and I Can’t Uninstall It, What Do I Do?


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Tue 2290 07/20/2021

Newly Discovered Function in DarkSide Ransomware Variant Targets Disk Partitions



China unveils 372 mph maglev train - state media



How to Search in All Sheets of a Spreadsheet in Google Sheets



Is it safe to look, just look, at spam?



Google Meet puts the clamps on free users, imposes 1-hour meeting limit

Google's pandemic promo let free users video chat for 24 hours, but now it's over.



How to Disable Windows 10’s Annoying Weather Widget

Bring back the clutter-free taskbar on your Windows 10 machine.



MyBook Users Urged to Unplug Devices from Internet



15 signs you've been hacked—and how to fight back

Redirected internet searches, unexpected installs, rogue mouse pointers: Here's what to do when you've been 0wned.



How to clean up your digital footprint



GM warns some Bolt EV owners: Don’t park them inside or charge them unattended overnight

  - General Motors is telling some owners of 2017-2019 Bolt EVs not to park their vehicles inside or charge them unattended overnight.

  - Two of the vehicles caught fire after they were repaired as part of a recall meant to address fire risks.

  - GM and NHTSA announced a recall of nearly 69,000 Bolt EVs from the 2017-2019 model years in November.



Nine Rogue Android Apps to Delete Right Now



How to Check if Windows PC has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Chip



How to enable TPM on Hyper-V to install Windows 11 on VM

You can use these steps to enable TPM on Hyper-V to install Windows 11 on a virtual machine.



Drone Use in Today's Society: From Analytics to Emergency Response



Get a deal on an iPhone, M1 Mac and more at Apple’s Certified Refurbished Store

Want a new Apple device but don’t want to shell out for a full-priced version? Consider a refurbished model instead.



Microsoft revealed what it’ll cost to run Windows 365 on your iPad



UN Rights Chief Alarmed by Reported Use of Powerful Spyware



Windows 10 can already run Android apps on your PC — here's how

Microsoft's Windows 11 isn't the only way to run Android apps on PC



Google: Russian SVR hackers targeted LinkedIn users with Safari zero-day



Activists, journalists and lawyers reportedly targeted by Israeli spyware



Do this or anyone can see what your security camera sees



How to Turn Off Apple's Find My App Tracking

The Find My app helps you quickly locate a lost Apple device or keep tabs on friends and family, but there are times when you need to disable it, revoke access for specific devices, or stop sharing your location.



Here are the most exciting new iOS 15 features Apple didn’t tell you about



How to See the Amazon Price History of a Product



How can I see all emails from a specific person grouped together?



Google’s new Drive app replaces Backup and Sync with Drive File Stream

The new Drive desktop app is available for Windows and Mac only.



How to Make Your iPhone or iPad Faster by Clearing Its Browser Caches

Deleting excess browsing data stored on your devices can give them a decent performance boost.



How Cyber Sleuths Cracked an ATM Shimmer Gang



Security firm COO indicted for allegedly aiding hospital's attackers: What CSOs should know

A grand jury has indicted Securolytics COO Vikas Singla for allegedly helping attackers access Gwinnett Medical Center's phone system and printers. This breach of trust presents a dilemma for CISOs.



Is Google's FLoC a solution to user privacy concerns?



Microsoft launches Windows 365 as a simpler option for cloud-based PCs

  - Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop service grew more popular with the arrival of the Covid pandemic last year.

  - Windows 365 is a new alternative that requires fewer technical skills and comes with greater controls for administrators. Pricing is also more predictable.

  - The service falls under Microsoft’s Windows segment, which can be volatile because of the timing of Windows support cycles.



Social Media 'Deplatforming' Law Struck Down



DISM - Clone and Deploy using FFU Image



How to install VirtualBox on Windows 10

You can use VirtualBox to run different OSes alongside Windows 10, and in this guide, you'll learn the steps to install and configure the virtualization software.



Researchers Find Smart Devices Ripe for Hacker Attacks



Thunderbolt adapter guide: How to connect anything to a USB-C Mac

Make room in your laptop bag or desk drawer.



Microsoft just put the full Windows experience on your iPad



Mitigating Threats to Encryption From Quantum and Bad Random



The redesigned Windows 11 Microsoft Office is here — how to test drive the new UI

Microsoft's new fluent Office design is ready for a spin around the block



SonicWall warns of 'critical' ransomware risk to EOL SMA 100 VPN appliances



Malaysian police destroy 1,069 bitcoin mining rigs with steamroller, video shows

The crackdown came after miners allegedly stole $2 million worth of electricity.



Scary new malware that live streams your screen – Here’s what to look for



Burner Accounts 101: How to Get Extra Numbers for a Smartphone

When you don't want to hand out your own phone number, don't buy a separate phone, just download one of these burner apps to your existing smartphone.



This tool tells you if NSO's Pegasus spyware targeted your phone



How to Extract Files from a VMware Disk Image on Windows for Free



Can I remove malware myself or do I need to pay someone?



FCC speed standard that Ajit Pai never updated is too slow, GAO report says

FCC raised its standard to 25/3Mbps in 2015 and hasn't changed it since.



Android Smartphone Running Slow? Try Deleting the App Cache



How Cyber Safe is Your Drinking Water Supply?



5 biggest healthcare security threats for 2021

Healthcare organizations can expect ransomware, botnets, cloud misconfigurations, web application attacks, and phishing to be their top risks.



What to do about the Kaseya and PrintNightmare vulnerabilities



Apple reportedly wants to boost iPhone production by as much as 20% after last year’s 5G super cycle

  - Apple is asking suppliers to ramp up the production of its next-generation iPhones by 20%, according to a Bloomberg News report published late Tuesday.

  - The jump from 2020 production numbers comes despite last year being what was considered to be a “super cycle,” where millions upgraded their phones to new 5G models.

  - Meanwhile, in a note to investors Wednesday, Credit Suisse analysts said 5G will continue to drive upgrades as carriers expand their footprint of the new faster networks around the world.



Judge: Facebook Not a Monopoly; Stock Skyrockets



How to Create and Use Hyper-V Checkpoints in Windows 10



How to clear cache to fix problems on Microsoft Teams

You can clear the Teams app cache to resolve the most common issues, and here's how.



SolarWinds Hackers Still Targeting Microsoft, Focus on Support Staff



This must-have app will tell you if your iPhone has been hacked



Researchers: Apple Quietly Patched 0-Click Wi-Fi Code Execution Vulnerability in iOS



Asus, Gigabyte, and more reveal devices that support Windows 11 requirements

Check if your laptop will support Microsoft's Windows 11



Detonating Ransomware on My Own Computer (Don’t Try This at Home)



Facebook says Iranian hackers used it to lure defense company employees

Facebook has notified about 200 users, most of them American, that they were targeted in the campaign.



Printer maintenance: 3 easy tasks to do now to extend the life of your printer



FCC's Definition of Broadband Is Too Slow, US Watchdog Says

The US Government Accountability Office says the FCC's definition of broadband internet, 25Mbps down and 3Mbps up, needs an update.



Dropbox makes automatic camera uploads available to all free users



How to Stop Microsoft Edge from Opening Links in New Tabs



Why didn't my anti-malware tool catch malware that was delivered when I visited an adult site?



Microsoft discovers critical SolarWinds zero-day under active attack

Flaws allow attackers to run malicious code on machines hosting Serv-U products.



The Best Features in Firefox 90 Worth Knowing About

The Firefox 90 update is all about privacy and security.



Try This One Weird Trick Russian Hackers Hate



10 things to do now to reduce the cost of your next data breach

Taking these steps will save money, time, and reputation when that next breach hits.



What is your digital footprint?



FCC finalizes program to rip and replace Huawei, ZTE telecom equipment in the U.S.

  - The FCC voted to finalize a program subsidizing costs for small telecom firms to rip and replace Huawei and ZTE equipment.

  - The U.S. government has considered the Chinese firms a national security risk.



US Seizes 30+ 'Terrorist' Iranian News Sites



How to Turn On or Off Hyper-V Enhanced Session Mode in Windows 10



How to access Advanced Startup Options on Windows 11

This is how you can access the Advanced Startup Options to troubleshoot and change settings on Windows 11.



Windows 11: The Beginning of a New PC Age



10 time-saving Mac keyboard shortcuts your fingers need to know

Venture beyond cut and paste to memorize some classic tricks you’ll use every day.



Apple just released a $99 MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 models



EXPLAINER: Target List of Israeli Hack-for-Hire Firm Widens



How To Password Protect a Folder in Windows 10

Keep your folders safe in Windows 10 with mindful password protection.



Chinese cyberspies’ wide-scale APT campaign hits Asian govt entities



Misinformation is 'serious threat to public health,' surgeon general warns

In his first advisory as the nation’s top doctor, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called on tech companies to tweak their algorithms to further demote false information.



Computer on the fritz? Diagnostic tools every PC owner should know about



States Accuse Google Play Store of Being an Illegal Monopoly

According to the lawsuit, Google has used a variety of tactics to maintain the Play Store as the dominant app distributor for Android, including quashing Samsung's own app store. Google says the suit is 'meritless.'



UPDATE 1-Consumer Reports says Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' software lacks safeguards



Nasty Linux systemd security bug revealed

Qualsys has found an ugly Linux systemd security hole that can enable any unprivileged user to crash a Linux system. The patch is available, and you should deploy it as soon as possible.



Apple Warns Against Using Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfectants on Products



Save $30 on the 'ultimate smart surge protector' we absolutely love

Kasa's HS300 smart power strip is on sale right now at close to its all-time low.



How To Kill Zombie Processes on Linux



How Do I Move Thunderbird to a New Computer?


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Mon 2289 07/19/2021

(NOTICE: if you are not one 21H1 (2104) version of Windows 10, I have not seen or experienced an issue outside of a 16-year old vulnerability in printer spooling. So I and another article suggest upgrading after you have a full verified backup and know how to restore it just in case you have an exception on your machine.)


[ETERNAL VIGILANCE] Is it Safe to Click?



Recent Developments in Batteries: Lithium-Ion And Beyond



Not yet running Windows 10 21H1? It’s time

If you are still running Windows 10 2004 or 20H2, it’s time to move to 21H1. Here's how to do that and what to keep in mind as we roll toward the release of Windows 11.



Two-for-Tuesday vulnerabilities send Windows and Linux users scrambling

Both OSes have flaws that allow attackers with a toehold to elevate access.



Constant but Camouflaged, Flurry of Cyberattacks Offer Glimpse of New Era



How to Embed a Contact Card in a Google Docs Document



Thousands of Android users scammed by fake cryptomining apps

There’s no AI for testing trust



The Best Windows 10 Dark Themes for Your Eyes

Windows 10 has its own dark theme now, but try these other Windows dark theme customizations! 



11 Clever Google Maps Settings Everyone Should Be Using



Upgrading your PC’s hardware for Windows 11

Microsoft’s stringent hardware requirements for Windows 11 have left many wondering if they can — or should — upgrade their current PCs to support the upcoming OS.



5 biggest healthcare security threats for 2021

Healthcare organizations can expect ransomware, botnets, cloud misconfigurations, web application attacks, and phishing to be their top risks.



Cyberattacks and ransomware are no longer burglary; they're home invasion, expert says

More than 3.5 million people worldwide are needed to play defense against cyberattacks.



Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is available in stores now for $99

It works with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.



Russia to Build 8-Core RISC-V CPUs for Laptops, Government Systems



Windows Subsystem for Linux - Add desktop experience to Ubuntu



How to enable spatial sound on Windows 11

You can use spatial sound for a more immersive experience on Windows 11, and here's how to enable it for your headphones 



Microsoft warns zero-day in SolarWinds Serv-U software being exploited by Chinese threat group


ASRock Reveals the List of Windows 11-Ready Motherboards

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 11 will be available not only on new PCs but also on certain eligible computers already on the market, and this week, ASRock has released a list of motherboards that are ready for the new OS version.



You Can Now Revisit the Most Popular Desktop Publishing App of the '80s in Your Browser

Dust off the dot-matrix printer and create retro-tastic birthday cards and banners at home with The Print Shop.



Macworld Podcast: What Windows 11 means for the Mac

Macworld Podcast episode 749



How to Install a Printer Driver

Get the software your computer needs to talk to its printer



New Windows 10 vulnerability allows anyone to get admin privileges



Biden: Facebook and other platforms are ‘killing people’ with vaccine misinformation

Facebook is facing mounting pressure to address what the Surgeon General called an 'urgent threat.'



Ring just made its biggest security change in years – Here’s how to enable it



Is DaaS the Killer App for Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work means the big IT nightmare: remote support. Desktop-as-a-Service vendors want to ride to the rescue, but does the tech really have what it takes?



The cyberattack of our nightmares: What if hackers target our satellites?



How to Close Firefox without the “Close Multiple Tabs” Warning



Many IT decision-makers guilty of keeping cyberattacks secret

Instead of disclosing data breach info, they sit on it



5 Ways to Fix the Windows File Explorer When It’s Slow

File Explorer is handy, but not when it runs slow. Here's how you fix it.



Delete Your Duplicate Google Contacts, Because It's Easier Than You Think

Take a few minutes to clean up your entire address book in one fell swoop.



The real reason for Windows 11

It's all about security, and it's going to be a costly upgrade — because most of us will need to buy new PCs to make it work.



10 things to do now to reduce the cost of your next data breach

Taking these steps will save money, time, and reputation when that next breach hits.



Windows 10 PowerToys: A cheat sheet

Users are always searching for ways to make their computing lives better--the Windows 10 PowerToys are made specifically for this purpose.



$11 billion in 9 days—Texas’ natural gas sellers cashed in on deep freeze

State's gas supplies halved during cold snap, but sellers made record profits.



Microsoft Brings Windows to the Cloud With Windows 365



How to Setup and Use Hyper-V in Windows 10 for OS Virtualization



How to change taskbar position to top, right, left, or bottom on Windows 11

Yes, it's still possible to change the Windows 11 taskbar position, but you need to use this workaround.



Report: Cyberattacks drive 185% spike in health care data breaches in 2021



Microsoft Says Windows 11 Upgrade for Most Eligible Devices Due in Early 2022

Windows 11 will be offered as a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 devices, and Microsoft originally said in a statement that the first computers would receive the new operating system in the last months of 2021.



7 Cool Pixel Features You Can't Get on Other Android Phones

The Pixel phones have more exclusives than you might have realized.



What Mac do you have? Here’s how to find out

Apple not assigning model numbers can frustrate quickly understanding your hardware and upgrade options, but only slightly.



Inkjet vs Laser Printers

Discover which type of printer is best for your needs



Microsoft's Windows Cloud PC service almost here - What we know so far



Amazon's Alexa voice options now include Shaq and Melissa McCarthy

You can also choose a new original voice option and wake word, too.



6 common tech myths and misbeliefs debunked



Petcube Bites 2 Lite Camera Is a More Affordable Way to Keep Tabs on Your Pets

If you can handle a plastic exterior, the Petcube Bites 2 Lite is $75 less than the standard Bites 2.



iPhone SE 3 on track for early 2022 with a faster processor and 5G



How to Update Apps and Games on Android



Kaseya ransomware attack was apparently coded to avoid Russia

But will Russia act against the cyber perps?



9 Vital Steps to Secure Your Windows 10 Computer

Lock down a Windows PC with these security measures and ensure your peace of mind. 



All the Features Worth Knowing About in the New Google Drive for Windows and Mac

Google just dropped the best Google Drive desktop app yet.



Say goodbye to all that: Microsoft ends Windows-as-a-Service

With the arrival of Windows 11, and its once-a-year update cadence, Microsoft is effectively turning its back on its Windows-as-a-service model.



Security firm COO indicted for allegedly aiding hospital's attackers: What CSOs should know

A grand jury has indicted Securolytics COO Vikas Singla for allegedly helping attackers access Gwinnett Medical Center's phone system and printers. This breach of trust presents a dilemma for CISOs.



A first look at Windows 11

The next flavor of Windows comes with design changes, a new Start menu, a tweaked taskbar, widgets, virtual desktops, snap layouts, a revamped Microsoft Store and more.



The FBI’s honeypot Pixel 4a gets detailed in new report

FBI honeypot phones are now public—and showing up on the secondary market.



DRAM Price Increases in Q3 May Be Smaller Than Expected



Hyper-V - Native Boot VHD



How to enable TPM and Secure Boot on VMware to install Windows 11

VMware Workstation supports TPM and Secure Boot to run Windows 11, and here's how to enable the features on a virtual machine.



PACS vulnerabilities, data breach spur lawsuit against radiology specialists



Microsoft Details Windows 11 Accessibility Features

Windows 11 has already been confirmed to come with plenty of big improvements, including a new Start menu, support for Android apps, and Microsoft Teams integration in the taskbar, but the new operating system actually packs so many more updates overall.



NSO Group’s Spyware Reportedly Used in Attempted and Successful Phone Hacks of Journalists and Activists

The Pegasus spyware can be activated by tricking victims into clicking a link or with no clicks at all.



How to change the window background color and image for macOS’s Terminal

Learn how to make Terminal use a user-defined background image each time you open a new window.



How to Connect a Printer to Wi-Fi

Print wirelessly via Wi-Fi



Kaseya patches VSA vulnerabilities used in REvil ransomware attack



US energy department hopes instant permits will boost rooftop solar installations

The process will make it "faster, easier and cheaper" for homeowners to go solar.



Delete this secret ID hiding on your phone that gives away your personal details



Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Publicly Backs Right to Repair

In a Cameo video, Wozniak says Apple itself wouldn't have existed without an open technology world.



Microsoft says Chinese hackers used a SolarWinds exploit to conduct attacks



How to Add Family Members to Your Microsoft 365 Plan



You can downgrade from Windows 11 to 10, but be quick

On your marks...



Scammers are Abusing Microsoft and Google's Services for Phishing Attacks

Cybercriminals are snapping up convincing-looking email addresses to enhance their phishing campaigns. 



How to Go Back to Windows 10 If You Regret Installing Windows 11

If you're unhappy with the Windows 11 beta, there are ways to return to a stable Windows 10 build.



Hands on with Windows 11: First impressions

A few changes may take some getting used to, but in this early release, Windows 11 has some nice interface improvements that increase efficiency.



Ransomware talks: How Biden could push Putin to the table

Under pressure to end the ransomware scourge, the White House faces strong headwinds. The problem: Putin has no motivation to change the status quo.



How to give users sudo privileges on Ubuntu and Red Hat-based Linux distributions



Hackers got past Windows Hello by tricking a webcam

Researchers used infrared photos and third-party hardware to best facial-recognition tech.



Microsoft Claims the Free Windows 11 Upgrade Could Be a Limited-Time Offer

Just like in the case of Windows 10, which was offered as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices, Windows 11 will be available at no cost for certain computers running Windows 10.



Feds: California Men Discussed 'Terrorist' Attacks on Twitter and Facebook, Other Targets

The accused apparently planned to target sites with explosives.



Untangling the Terminal: How to master the macOS command line interface

How-tos, tips, and tricks



How to Fix It When Your Printer Is Offline

Solutions to get your printer jobs moving again



SolarWinds patches critical Serv-U vulnerability exploited in the wild



Facebook is notifying some users whose posts were removed by automation

The test comes in response to recommendations from the Oversight Board.



This great freebie from Google stops annoying robocalls and gives you a second phone number



Machine Learning Is Now Being Used to Cheat in Multiplayer Games

Competitive play, even on consoles, is now at risk from this new technique.



Data breaches on track for record this year as Ohio bill hopes to create 'data rights'



No Wonder Why Windows 365 Is Only for Businesses—It’s Expensive



Irish hospital sued by cancer patient after ransomware attack

Ambulance chasing?



Best soundbars to improve your TV's audio

TV speakers suck, but not everyone has the room—or the budget—for an A/V receiver and six or more loudspeakers. A soundbar can fit under or in front of your TV, and a good one will knock your socks off.



Systemd Service Hardening



How Do I Permanently Close My Account?


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Sun 2288 07/18/2021

FBI spots spear-phishing posing as Truist Bank bank to deliver malware



New Jersey brothers who made 60 million robocalls to sell cesspool cleaners must pay $1.66 million penalty



How to Draw in Microsoft OneNote



What Is Windows PowerShell?

You know about Command Prompt. But what is Windows PowerShell? 



Elaborately Fake Dating Sites Are Scamming You

The scammers behind fake dating sites are doing their best to fool you, and it's working 



Someone Has My IP Address – Should I Be Scared?

What your IP address does and does not reveal, and to whom.



10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 11



Facebook catches Iranian spies catfishing US military targets

Hackers posed as recruiters, journalists, and hospitality workers to lure their victims.



Americans lost $29.8 billion to phone scams in the past year, study finds

The number of spam calls, the number of people losing money to them and the total amount of money lost In the past year are all record setting.



Gmail sign in page just made one small, but signficant change

New branding appears on Gmail sign in page



You Can Now Pre-Order a $17,500 3D Holographic Monitor, Not That You Should



How to Use SyncToy for Data Backups



How to shut down or restart Windows 11

Windows 11 might be different, but it's still easy to power down or restart the system.



Proposed law seeks to boost federal cyber workforce through apprenticeships, training




Change the system volume using the scroll wheel whenever the cursor hovers over the Taskbar, with this small, open-source utility



Windows 11 could run on Macs — What you need to know

Parallels is working on bringing Windows 11 to Macs



How to Install Android on Raspberry Pi

Things you can do with a Raspberry Pi running Android OS



GOP Cyber Committee Member Dumped Microsoft Stock Not Long Before the Pentagon Nixed JEDI Deal (I think this is called Insider Trading)



Windows 11 widgets — everything you need to know

How to use the new Windows 11 widgets to their fullest



Instagram Security Check hopes to make life harder for account hackers



Clippy will return as an emoji in some Microsoft apps

Clippy lives.



A wireless carrier was just hit by a data breach – Check your email



Neighborhood Watch Goes Rogue: The Trouble With Nextdoor and Citizen

Hyper-local apps like Nextdoor and Citizen aim to keep you apprised of what's going on in your neighborhood, but they also thrive on drama, which can be dangerous for our more vulnerable neighbors.



Chrome 94 will make sure you're connected to sites with HTTPS



What Is a Smart Power Strip?



8 DIY Projects to Turn Old Gadgets Into Future Technology

Got some old tech laying around unused? Here are eight ways to reuse your old gadgets and wow your friends and family. 



How to Disable Google Chrome's New 'Privacy Sandbox' Tracking (and Why You Want To)

Despite the name, "Privacy Sandbox" lets Google and other companies track and sell user data.



Phishing: How to Know It When You See It

How to avoid the #1 cause of compromised accounts.



How to Share Files Between Android and Windows on Your Network



Disable the Windows print spooler to prevent hacks, Microsoft tells customers

The third serious Windows print flaw in 5 weeks prompts new Microsoft warning.



Microsoft Edge: How Linux users can enable sync service



Chromebook running slow? Google’s update may be to blame

Pulling a Microsoft



TSMC Mulls On-Chip Water-Cooling for Future High-Performance Silicon



How to Backup and Restore Everything in Microsoft Edge in Windows



How to know why Windows 11 can’t run on your PC

WhyNotWin11 is better than the Microsoft PC Health Check app to tell you why your PC can't run Windows 11.



Emergency ‘PrintNightmare’ patch said to fix RCEs, but not privilege escalation on Windows servers



Intel Memory and Storage Tool

Find out more about your Intel SSD drives health and maintain it in good condition for longer using this simple and straightforward app



Opera browser now fully optimized for Chromebooks — and it comes with a free VPN and crypto wallet

Forget Edge! Chrome's got to keep an eye out for Opera



Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi

What sets these two popular boards apart?



PSA: GM Warns Bolt Owners to Avoid Unattended Charging or Parking Their EVs Inside

The warning comes after two Bolts caught fire after being serviced to address a previous recall in 2020.



Here's how the new Chrome update makes browsing more secure

Google is making security upgrades to the world’s leading web browser



FBI warns hackers are targeting cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges



Elgato's first webcam gets a lot of things right

Streamers will love being able to easily adjust the exposure and white balance.



Delete yourself from this creepy site that collects email addresses, phone numbers and much more



Dozens of Android Cryptocurrency Mining Apps Turn Out to Be Scams

According to Lookout, 25 of the programs were available on the Google Play Store, ranging in price from $10.99 to $20.99. Google has since taken them down.



Microsoft brings Windows desktop to devices via cloud



How to Stop Discord from Launching at Startup on Windows



Buying a New Hard Drive: 7 Things You Must Know

Buying a hard drive is easy if you know some basic tips. Here's a guide to understanding the most important hard drive features. 



How to Finally Delete Duplicate iCloud Contacts

Got hundreds (or thousands) of repeat entries in your iPhone's address book? Here's how to fix it quick.



How Do I Safely Back Up an Infected Drive?

Backing up is easy. It’s what happens next that matters.



11 Questions You’re Probably Asking About Windows 11



Google and Microsoft agree to start suing each other again

The tech giants end five years of quietly settling their differences.



How to create symbolic links in Linux



Best Photoshop alternatives of 2021

Free and paid alternatives to Photoshop



If You Want to Get Excited About CPUs Again, Start Creating With One



How to Check Drive Health and SMART Status in Windows 10



Microsoft Edge gets extension for quick access to Outlook mail

You can have full access to your Outlook account without leaving the tab on Microsoft Edge.



Websites repeatedly stalked by fraudulent copycats, say researchers



Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

Overclock your system with this application, created for tweak enthusiasts as well as computer experts who like to take risks now and then



Windows 11 install requires a Microsoft account — here's how to avoid it

Here's how to avoid using a Microsoft account to install Windows 11



How to Set up Raspberry Pi as a NAS Server

Access your files anywhere on your network.



Throwable Ground Vehicles Sent to Aid Rescuers at Florida Condo Collapse

The small, unmanned vehicles could help rescue teams sort through the rubble, but have important limitations.



How to sign a Word document

Find out how to sign a Word document, complete with a digital security certificate



US offers $10 million reward in hunt for state-sponsored ransomware attackers



Iranian hackers used Facebook to target US military personnel

The company believes the Tortoiseshell group was behind the malicious activity.



Don’t fall for these social media account verification scams



Facebook to Help Build a Fiber Network in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Facebook will provide funding and network planning, but Liquid will own, build, and operate the fiber network.



This Company Was Hit With a Devastating Ransomware Attack—But Instead of Giving In, It Rebuilt Everything



What Are Personalized Ads, and How Do They Work?



8 Essential Writing Tips for Microsoft Word

Learn how to use Microsoft Word effectively in order to become a professional writer. Here are a few tips for you!



10 Useful Controls Everyone Should Add to Their iPhone Control Center

Make life easier with these quick-access features on your iPhone.



A Program Crashes and I Can’t Uninstall It. What Do I Do?

Make it stop . . . or go away.



11 Fixes to Speed Up Your Computer Before Buying a New One



Hackers exploited 0-day, not 2018 bug, to mass-wipe My Book Live devices [Updated]

Western Digital removed code that would have prevented the wiping of petabytes of data.



The best browser for Linux, Windows and Mac isn't Google Chrome in 2021

Jack Wallen has finally settled on a single web browser as his default across all platforms. Find out what he considers the best browser and why he made the switch.



Redesigned Microsoft Office for Windows is now available for Insiders

A fluent design for Windows 11 and 10



Intel May Build Chip Facilities Across Europe as Part of $20B Foundry Plan



How to Turn On or Off Core Isolation Virtualization-based Security for Memory Integrity in Windows 10



How to stop Microsoft Teams running in background after close

Microsoft Teams keeps running after you close the app, but you can change the settings to fix this issue.



Why organizations keep getting hit by ransomware – and what to do about it



DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials for Firefox

Search the internet using this safety- and privacy-first extension, and avoid trackers or other online threats without actually having to do something



Windows 11 updates now reveal ETA — wait times no longer hidden

Wait times will no longer be a mystery



How to Build a Raspberry Pi Media Center

Install Kodi through OSMC and start watching now



Robinhood Ordered to Pay Millions In Restitution to Ripped Off Customers

The full $70 million fine is the largest that FINRA's ever issued.



How to reinstall Windows 10

Here’s how to reinstall Windows 10 on your device



Lazarus gang targets engineers with job offers using poisoned emails



The Morning After: Microsoft unveils Windows 365, its Windows PC in the cloud

Price TBC.



Your webcam could be listening to you and you wouldn’t even know it



This Is Who's Buying Your Social Media Data

Social networking sites and messenger services are free—but they're profiting off of you and your data.



What's a phishing scam? Cyber security experts break it down



How I helped my mom switch from Windows to Linux

With Linux, novice users will gain a smooth, polished desktop experience with a multitude of familiar applications.



Secure online communication with MOFO Linux

Speak Freely

Controls, surveillance, and censorship are increasing rapidly on the Internet. MOFO Linux lets you anonymize your communication on the web with an easy-to-use live system.



Should I Just Hire a Hacker to Recover My Account?


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