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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Thur 08/05/202 N/A
Wed 08/04/2021 2299
Tue 08/03/2021 2298
Mon 08/02/2021 2298
Sun 08/01/2021 2297

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Wed  2299 08/04/2021

The US is ready to pay for broadband like the essential service it is



“The 12 Million Mile Battery”



US government agencies are failing to meet even basic cybersecurity standards



Apple announces new iPhone features to detect child sex abuse



What to Do When Your Mac Won’t Turn on



Google extends Chrome support for Windows 7 until January 15, 2022



New bill strips Facebook, Twitter of Section 230 immunity for spreading vaccine falsehoods

Senators target algorithmic curation to limit spread of health misinformation.



Think you only need a VPN if you're accessing sensitive websites? Think again...

It might be time to use a traffic monitoring tool



Microsoft cheat sheets: Dive into Windows and Office apps

These guides will help you find your way around several generations of Microsoft’s Office apps for Windows — and Windows itself.



How to Protect Yourself From the New Windows 10 and 11 Security Bug

Microsoft is investigating a serious bug that could allow hackers to take control of your PC.



Kaseya ransomware attack should be a wake-up call to all of us, expert says



The 15 Best Sites to Watch TV on Your Computer Over the Internet

Thanks to streaming, there are now more ways to watch TV online. Here are the best sites to watch TV on your computer.



APT Gang Distributed Android Trojan via Syrian e-Government Platform

A cybercriminal gang associated with an advanced persistent threat (APT) has been found in connection with a new campaign that is distributing Android malware through the Syrian e-Government Web Portal, showing that the attacker has expanded his arsenal of tools for penetrating targets, according to The Hacker News. 



Adjust Processor Resources for Best Performance of Programs or Background Services in Windows 10



How to reset PC keeping personal files on Windows 11

You can quickly reset your PC running Windows 11 to factory default settings without losing your files when things are not working correctly, and here's how.



Ransomware via a call centre? BazaCall means no email attachment or link required for infection



What Does the Windows 11 Store’s 'Open Approach' Mean For Consumers?

One store vs. many



New Linux kernel bug lets you get root on most modern distros



Home Depot Wants to Sell You Tools That Require Bluetooth Activation

The move is meant to deter retail crime, but if done poorly, it might cause more problems than it solves.



How to format a hard drive for both Windows and Mac

Here's how to format your hard drive in either OS



List of Deprecated and Removed Features in Windows 11



Memory Corruption Issues Lead 2021 CWE Top 25



Digital Life Hack: Watch out for incoming calls



Update Your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch Immediately, Apple Warns

Apple has released a security update for a nasty zero-day exploit already being used to infect devices.



8 awesome Google Maps features you probably didn’t know about



How to Use Encrypted Passwords in Bash Scripts



How to disable Bing Search in Windows 10 version 2004 and newer



California’s ambitious fiber-Internet plan approved unanimously by legislature

CA to build middle-mile network open to all ISPs and give $2B in last-mile grants.



Microsoft Edge now lets you know just how great Sleeping Tabs are

Resource-saving features now advertises its brilliance



3 near-term tech advances that could change the future

The convergence of conversational computing, ambient computing, and Cloud PCs are likely to radically reshape the tech world within a decade.



What to Do Now That Those 'PrintNightmare' Windows Patches Didn't Work [Updated]

The vulnerability is still active on several versions of Windows, but turning off certain system settings may keep you safe.



Microsoft Linux is not what you thought (or hoped) it would be

Microsoft Linux has arrived, but it's not what you imagined. Jack Wallen shares his take on this new arrival called CBL-Mariner and even shows you how to build it.



How to Hide Your Private Photos on Android

Wondering how to hide photos in your Android gallery? Check out these methods to keep your secret photos safe.



Home and Office Routers are Targeted by Chinese State Hackers

French authorities  warned that a massive ongoing cyberattack on French organizations is underway targeting home and office routers, says Ars Technica. 



How to Create VHD of Windows 10 Installation and Use in Hyper-V



How to change taskbar position to top, right, left, or bottom on Windows 11

Yes, it's still possible to change the Windows 11 taskbar position, but you need to use this workaround.



Despite all the advice, 97.7% of Twitter users have still not enabled two-factor authentication



Is Sideloading Apps Really as Dangerous as Apple Claims?

The only things Apple loses are control and money



16-year-old bug in printer software gives hackers admin rights



Zoom's $85 Million Settlement Won't Change a Thing, but It Could Get You a Refund



Screen mirroring in Windows 10: How to turn your PC into a wireless display

How to turn your Windows PC into a wireless display



Everything You Want to Know About Windows 11, The Next Version



Ransomware Is Top Concern for Many Security Pros: Report

A survey of IT and security professionals also reveals COVID-19 has significantly changed the malware landscape.



The Right to Repair is heating up



These Android Apps Are the Most Vulnerable to Hacking

Worried about your Android phone's security? You might have good reason.



How remote work raises the risk of cyber and ransomware attacks



How to Quickly Add Rows and Columns to a Table in Microsoft Word



Tox is a peer-to-peer instant messaging protocol with end-to-end encryption, voice calls, video calls and file transfers



Delta stole its pilot’s messaging app, should pay $1 billion, lawsuit alleges

Pilot says he developed app on his own time with $100k of his own money.



Ransomware is affecting more businesses than ever this year

2021 is only going to get worse, it seems.



For Windows security, what we have is a failure to communicate

While we await the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft would better serve users by telling them about the security solutions we already have on our systems.



Why You Shouldn't Waste Time (or Money) Worrying About 'Battery Health'

For many devices these days, it's just not worth your attention.



How to make the most of free Google Meet features

Even with limits on time, participants and features, the free edition of Google Meet still makes a compelling choice for video conferencing



6 Reasons You Shouldn't Use Your Web Browser's Password Manager

Google Chrome, Edge, and all the other major browsers have password manager functions, but should you really use them?



Malicious NPM Package Stealing Users' Passwords

A software package available in the official NPM repository turned out to be a front for a program aimed at stealing stored credentials from the Chrome web browser, according to The Hacker News. After being reported yesterday, the malicious package was removed from the repository. 



How to Clear Clipboard Data in Windows 10



How to share internet connection through Ethernet on Windows 10

Windows 10 ships with the Internet Connection Sharing feature to quickly share the internet through other devices via Ethernet and WiFi, and here's how to set it up.



Patch your iPhones and Macs against "actively exploited" zero-day right now



Walmart’s $30 Streaming Stick Isn’t Bad for the Price

Entry level 4K streaming without all the dazzle



New MosaicLoader malware targets software pirates via online ads



Use This Tool to Check If Your Phone's Been Hacked by the NSO Group's Spyware

Now you can check whether your phone's been hacked using the notorious firm's "Pegasus" malware.



How to enter the BIOS on a Windows 10 PC

Here's how to enter the BIOS in Windows 10



[Tip] How to Remove Apps Added by PWA Install Button in Address bar of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge



Malware Infects Japanese Devices Ahead of Olympic Games

A Japanese security company reports the wiper malware searches for specific file types in a target's personal Windows folder.



Google just banned these apps with millions of downloads



Robotic Brace Could Mean the End of Knee Replacement Surgery for Some

The Ascend from Roam Robotics uses exoskeleton technology to help ease osteoarthritis knee pain and increase mobility. When it arrives this winter, 50% of its cost should be covered by Medicare.



Microsoft Exchange Used to Hack Diplomats Before 2021 Breach


How to Move the Taskbar Icons to the Left on Windows 11



A second look at VeraCrypt, an unofficial TrueCrypt successor



US cracks down on “Fulfilled by Amazon,” citing sale of 400,000+ hazardous items

Amazon shipped hair dryers with electrocution risk and CO detectors that don't work.



Intel NUC 11 Extreme ‘Beast Canyon’ could be the console killer of our dreams

Powerful hardware in a small package



The most important Chrome OS feature of 2021 isn't coming from Google

What a weird and wild twist for the ever-evolving Chromebook saga.



Don't Toss Out the Cash Hiding in Your Junk Mail

Nielsen's paid survey about your viewing habits looks a lot like junk mail.



The best browser for Linux, Windows and Mac isn't Google Chrome in 2021

Jack Wallen has finally settled on a single web browser as his default across all platforms. Find out what he considers the best browser and why he made the switch.



5 Features That Make Plex the Perfect All-In-One Media Streaming Platform

Plex is a feature rich platform that is rapidly becoming a go to for all forms of media. Here's some of its best features.



Biden to Convene Business Sector Leaders to Discuss Cybersecurity in August

President Joe Biden and senior officials of the state will meet with business sector leaders on Aug. 25 to discuss ways to improve cybersecurity, says Reuters. At this time, it is not yet known which CEOs from the business sector will attend the event. 



How to Create and Use Hyper-V Checkpoints in Windows 10



How to show hidden files on Windows 11 File Explorer

These are the two ways you can quickly show hidden files, folders, and drives in new File Explorer for Windows 11.



Fraud Family cybercrime ring under the spotlight as arrests made in the Netherlands



How to Get FaceTime on Windows

You can join a FaceTime video chat on Windows, but you can't create one



iPhone WiFi bug morphs into zero-click hacking, but there's a fix



Pro-Trump Group Files Motion Against FDA to Stop Covid-19 Vaccinations in U.S.

The group 'America's Frontline Doctors' held a press conference in July 2020 with a woman who says the world is run by secret lizard people.



How to change your password in Windows 10

Here's how to set your password in Windows 10 to keep your files and docs secure



[Tip] How to Enable Google Workspace Features in Your Gmail Account



SynSaber Launches With $2.5M to Defend Critical Infrastructure

The new company aims to develop simple, low-hardware asset and network monitoring for the industrial ecosystem.



8 biggest scams you need to watch out for



Researchers: TPMs Send BitLocker Decryption Keys in Cleartext

Dolos Group research shows that BitLocker decryption keys used to secure user data are pulled from the TPM as cleartext by default.



Intel has a plan to go beyond 3nm chips



Is voice cloning a security threat?



Will you use Windows 11's Teams Chat app?

The new Chat app brings Microsoft Teams for consumers right to the Taskbar, but will you actually use it?



5 Rust tools worth trying on the Linux command line

Try some new commands for common tasks.



The digital divide: interactions between socioeconomic disadvantage and computing education



A brain teaser game

Brain Trainer

Gbrainy can help you develop your logical thinking skills with a collection of brain teasers.



Restoring an Image Backup from One Computer to Another


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Tue 2299 08/03/2021

Microsoft silicon: Is it time for Microsoft to join Apple and Google in the chip game?

The competition isn't playing around when it comes to silicon 



Security flaws found in popular EV chargers



Why You Should Update Your Web Browser



How to Use the Hidden Search Tabs Feature in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

Getting lost in all your browser windows? Use the hidden search tab feature in your browser.



Why You Should Learn Linux on a Chromebook

Confused whether you should start learning Linux on a Chromebook? These reasons might help you in making the jump.



Ashampoo Backup 2021: free but good enough?



How to activate TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot in Windows 10

Running your Windows 10 PC with TPM and Secure Boot active is a prerequisite for Windows 11. You can activate the security protocols now with a few settings changes.



How Microsoft designed Windows 11 operating system



Patch Tuesday, 'C release' updates to continue for Windows 11

It's official: For better or worse, Windows 11 will be serviced on a monthly basis just like Windows 10.



Android Antivirus Apps Are Useless — Here’s What to Do Instead



VPNs with free trial: best options to try before you buy in 2021

Try out a fantastic VPN but without the commitment



How to Turn On or Off Hyper-V Enhanced Session Mode in Windows 10



How to access Advanced Startup Options on Windows 11

This is how you can access the Advanced Startup Options to troubleshoot and change settings on Windows 11.



Top 5 tools that creators love to use while creating video



Russian underground forums launch competitions for cryptocurrency, NFT hacks

Prizes are on offer for everything from stealing wallet funds to compromising NFTs.



Russian Cybercriminal Levashov Sentenced to Time Already Served

A Russian cybercriminal that is known worldwide as the "bot master" has been sentenced to 33 months in prison for federal crimes, according to Security Week.



Microsoft takes down domains used to scam Office 365 users



How to Connect Two Monitors to a Dell Laptop With a Docking Station

Turn your laptop into a full-featured workstation



[Tip] How to Get Centered Taskbar Buttons in Windows 10



Corning's new Gorilla Glass protects smartphone cameras while letting in more light

The glass will be available on Samsung devices first.



Windows PC just not working right? How to do a factory reset



Old Kindles Will Start Losing Internet Access in December

As 2G and 3G networks go offline, so do a number of Amazon Kindle e-readers.



5 ways to protect your devices from hackers



How to Update Google Chrome



You Can Adjust or Disable the Keyboard Backlight on Your MacBook

Too high, and it's annoying; too low, and it's useless. Here's how to change your keyboard brightness.



FaceTime Will Soon Be Available on Windows and Android

Yes, you read that right—a FaceTime web app will make the platform available to Windows and Android users.



Avast Free Antivirus - An overview of its pros and cons



How to add the mic and camera killswitches in Android 12

Android 12 adds killswitches for both the mic and camera. Jack Wallen shows you how to add them and use them.



Microsoft patches DevilsTongue vulnerability; Suggests disable Print Spooler Service for now



Getting ready for 21H2 (and maybe Windows 11)

Windows 10 21H2 will be here before you know it (as will Windows 11). So now's a good time to get a handle on how, when and whether to update.



Why Is Microsoft Launching Windows 11 Now?



Watch 1,000 illegal bitcoin rigs get smashed into bits – with a steamroller – by Malaysian police

Gamers aren't the only ones who've had it with crypto mining



Windows Subsystem for Linux - Add desktop experience to Ubuntu



How to enable spatial sound on Windows 11

You can use spatial sound for a more immersive experience on Windows 11, and here's how to enable it for your headphones.



M1 MacBook Air reports of self-destructing displays are piling up — and users are baffled

Could Apple have another displaygate on its hands?



Interpol Seizes $83 Million Headed for Online Scammers



Google Cloud Introduces Security Tools for the Public and Private Sectors

Google Cloud announced several new security features designed to assist both private and public enterprises in dealing with the dangers of today, according to Dark Reading



HelloKitty ransomware is targeting vulnerable SonicWall devices



How to Connect AirPods to an HP Laptop

And what to do if your AirPods are not connecting



[Tip] How to Always Show “Downloads” Button in Mozilla Firefox Toolbar



Kaseya deploys a master decryption key to unlock systems hit by REvil attack

It will help its customers affected by REvil's July 2nd ransomware attack.



Quiz: How to find the best laptop for you



FCC Moves to 'Clean Up' Rural Broadband Fund Following Complaints of Waste

The FCC awarded millions in broadband grants last year under former Chairman Ajit Pai, but the commission now says 'significant questions of waste' prompted it to reevaluate winning bids.



SEC Files Fraud Charges Against Florida Man in Crypto App Scam



What is a Cron Job, and How Do You Use Them? (Linux)



How to Share Your Wifi Password From Any Device

You don't always have to keep a printed copy of your wifi network credentials around.



Online Task Management Guide: 10 Tips for Choosing the Right App

If you're looking to choose a task management app to manage your projects more efficiently, here are some things to consider!



Microsoft Office 2021 for Windows and Mac will be released later this year



Ransomware attackers are growing bolder and using new extortion methods

IT and OT environments are increasing targets and threat actors are using Dark Web forums to launch cybercrimes, according to Accenture's 2021 Cyber Threat Intelligence report.



How to map WebDAV as a Network Drive in Windows 11/10



How to fix a frozen Start menu or taskbar in Windows 10

Before you restart your PC, try this.



Buyer Beware: Crypto Mining GPUs Lose 10 Percent Performance Every Year



Cybercriminals leak medical data of Humana customers online

Medical data of 6,000 plus patients has been leaked on a popular hacking forum



How to Setup and Use Hyper-V in Windows 10 for OS Virtualization



How to open File Explorer on This PC instead of Quick Access on Windows 11

If you rather open This PC than Quick Access in the Windows 11 File Explorer, then this is how you do it.



Ransomware hackers are getting greedier — here's what it costs to get your data back

Hide your phones, hide your PCs! Cybercriminals want your money



Exclusive: U.S. to give ransomware hacks similar priority as terrorism



Work from Home is To Blame for Financial Services Cyberattacks

With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate cybersecurity resilience has been challenged. Cybercriminals have targeted the financial sector on numerous occasions, and this pattern is expected to continue. 



iPhones running latest iOS hacked to deploy NSO Group spyware



How to Change Windows 11 Taskbar Alignment Without Activation

If you haven't activated, you have to edit the registry



[Tip] Enable New “Side Panel” Feature in Google Chrome



Senate bill would create exception to Section 230 to limit health misinformation

The Health Misinformation Act would make tech companies liable for misinformation during a health crisis.



6 ways to find and get rid of unnecessary files on your PC or Mac



Americans Spend Nearly 60 Billion Hours a Year on Google

Can you guess which sites round out the top 5 time-wasters?



4 ways to protect yourself from ransomware attacks



How to Filter in Google Sheets



How to Stop Videos From Autoplaying All Over the Internet

Get rid of all the annoying autoplay videos on social media and random websites.



5 Common Mistakes Slowing Down Your Windows PC (And What to Do Instead)

Is your computer running slow? You might be the cause! Here are several mistakes that slow down your PC and how to avoid them.



Custom browser protocol handlers may be used for fingerprinting



What the Linux Mint developers have pulled off is nothing short of astounding

Jack Wallen's eyes have finally been opened to how truly impressive Linux Mint is. Read on to find out why he believes the developers have perfected the desktop operating system.



Microsoft Outlook extension for Edge lets you manage emails, calendar, tasks



The most important Chrome OS feature of 2021 isn't coming from Google

What a weird and wild twist for the ever-evolving Chromebook saga.



Amsterdam Debuts World’s First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge



Microsoft Teams on mobile is finally getting this key feature

Teams apps in meetings are coming to mobile at last



How to Convert Windows 10 from Legacy BIOS to UEFI without Data Loss



How to add folders on Start next to the Power button on Windows 11

The Start menu lets you decide which folders to appear next to the Power button, and here's how to customize the experience on Windows 11.



How to repair and restore Windows 10

Here's how to repair and restore Windows 10 in a few easy steps.



Beware of Fake Authentication Apps on Google Chrome Store



New Cybersecurity Requirements for Pipeline Operators

The US Transportation Security Administration issued a regulation on Tuesday requiring oil pipeline owners to implement security measures for business and operational technology (OT) networks against ransomware and further cyber threats, according to Dark Reading. https://news.softpedia.com/news/new-cybersecurity-requirements-for-pipeline-operators-533539.shtml


Ransomware hits law firm counseling Fortune 500, Global 500 companies



How to Change the Taskbar Size in Windows 11

Resize the Windows taskbar in a few steps



[Tip] Completely Disable and Remove “News and Interests” Feature in Windows 10



Large chunks of the internet went down due to a DNS issue (the phone book to find the address where you want to go was partially down last Thursdays)

Affected services include PSN, Steam and more.



5 buried Google settings other than privacy to save time now



Swapping Nanometers for Angstroms: 4 Ways Intel's 2025 Roadmap Promises Smarter PCs

This week, Intel laid out its aggressive silicon strategy for years to come. Here's how it could lead to faster, smarter, and more efficient PCs (not to mention, a steadier supply of chips).



This is the stunning all-screen iPhone 13 everyone’s been dreaming of



How To Add Pictures To Contacts On An Android Device



Who can see your address online?



Fast Debian downloads (Linux)

Command Line – Debian Scripts

By combining a few Debian scripts, you can increase your download speed by more than 50 percent. Bruce shows you how.



How To Fix a Failed Windows 10 Update


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Mon 2298 08/02/2021

Everything You Need To Know About HDMI Cables



Don’t Want a Vaccine? Be Prepared to Pay More for Insurance.



Sorry, Microsoft says you can’t cheat to install Windows 11 on unsupported PCs



What Is DNS, and Should I Use Another DNS Server?



How I Fixed a Failed Windows 10 Update

The process to a working machine.



How to Initiate Your Alexa Routines by Using Different Phrases

You can now enable up to seven words or phrases to launch your Custom Routines.



How to Improve Your Dictation Accuracy: 6 Tips to Get Better Results

Do you have difficulty typing with your voice? Try these tips to make dictation more efficient.



Car insurance and more could get cheaper (and, a lot fairer) thanks to artificial intelligence

TomTom has partnered with AI insurance startup Loop to offer coverage that weighs driving habits over demographics.



How to create links in OneNote



For Windows security, what we have is a failure to communicate

While we await the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft would better serve users by telling them about the security solutions we already have on our systems.



FragAttacks: vulnerabilities that affect Wi-Fi devices



Backup by Google One will keep all your vital data secure in a single place

Android backups are getting an unexpected update



Hyper-V - Native Boot VHD



How to open Task Manager on Windows 11

The taskbar context menu no longer includes the option to open Task Manager, but you still have seven other ways to open the app on Windows 11.



Saudi Aramco Loses 1TB of Data Following Data Breach

The Saudi Arabian Oil Company, also known as Saudi Aramco, experienced a data breach and lost 1 TB of proprietary data. In a post on a Dark Net website, the ZeroX cybercriminal gang offer Saudi Aramco's data for a negotiable price of $5 million. 



These 10 VPN Services Are Now On Sale for an Extra 30 Percent Off This Weekend Only



How to download Windows 11 wallpapers for your desktop background

Here is how to download Windows 11 wallpapers in high-res so you can use them as your desktop background.



How to Turn Off Auto Brightness on Windows 10

Disable adaptive brightness on your computer



New Windows 10 vulnerability allows anyone to get admin privileges



[Tips] Customize or Remove “News and Interests” (Weather) Widget in Windows 10 Taskbar



Cybercriminals Rewrite Malware to Target MacOS

Researchers discover a widespread, inexpensive malware variant has been redesigned to target both macOS and Windows devices.



Delete these apps! Scanner, messaging and keyboard downloads are hiding malware



2 Smartphone Screens Crack Every Second in the US

We're keeping our phones longer, and that means more people break them.



Ransomware: What to do if hit by an attack



Restoring an Image Backup from One Computer to Another

What your backup is and isn’t for.



All the Features Worth Knowing About in the New Google Drive for Windows and Mac

Google just dropped the best Google Drive desktop app yet.



How to Sign a PDF: 6 Ways to Secure Electronic Signatures

Need to electronically sign a PDF? Here are the best ways to sign any PDF document online, including contracts, agreements, and forms.



Personal data compromises up 38%, according to new cybersecurity report

The report parses out data by industry. Overall, healthcare topped the list, followed by financial services and manufacturing and utilities.



How to use command-line version of Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant



In the fight against ransomware, Microsoft must do more

The rash of ransomware attacks that have plagued companies in recent months highlights the need for Microsoft to do more to help users avoid being hit — and recover quickly if they are.



Microsoft retires OneDrive's Fetch Files feature



Researchers discover security flaws in Telegram encryption protocol

Flaws have already been patched in the latest release of Telegram's official apps



How to Delete Boot Loader Entry on Boot Options Menu at Startup in Windows



How to enable Microsoft Edge Windows 11 visual updates

Microsoft Edge gets new IU changes to better integrate the experience with Windows 11, and here's how to enable the new elements.



Romanian Linux Cryptojacking Cybercriminals Spotted

Since at least 2020, an active threat organization based in Romania has been running a cryptojacking operation against Linux-based machines using the Golang-based SSH brute force, according to The Hacker News. The campaign's objective is to infect Linux systems with Monero mining applications.



Read the Fine Print: Sony Details PlayStation 5 SSD Upgrade Specs



How to print from a Chromebook — a simple guide for wireless and wired printing

Google Cloud Print is dead, but don't you worry, printing on a Chromebook is simple.



How to Overclock Your Intel CPU

Push your processor to its full potential



New Linux kernel bug lets you get root on most modern distros



[Tip] Enable Hidden Secret “Commander” Feature in Google Chrome



Biden Administration Responds to Geopolitical Cyber Threats

In response to growing concerns regarding the recent uptick in large-scale, nation-state-backed ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, the Biden administration is taking new action to tackle the evolving challenges posed by ransomware attacks.



Gmail is scanning your emails as you write them – unless you change this setting



You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Tiny Printed Circuit Board

Touchpad nails? Color-changing eyeshadow? Drawing on her experience with Taiwan's street fashion culture, Cornell Professor Dr. Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao is turning everyday accessories into high-tech forms of expression.



Maps gets a great new feature in iOS 15 that Apple never announced



How to Turn a PC or Tablet into an Echo Show



How Do I Move an Off-screen Window?

Using the magic of the keyboard.



11 Clever Google Maps Settings Everyone Should Be Using



Isn’t It Time to Switch to Linux? 12 Reasons to Abandon Windows

Confused whether you should switch from Windows to Linux? These reasons might help you in making the final decision.



Report: Computer vision adoption expected to grow significantly in the near future

CV has the potential to boost revenue, save time and money, improve customer experience and automate dangerous work, according to a new IDG/Insight survey.



How to open old Sound settings panel in Windows 11



Windows 365: The version of Windows that will change the PC world

Microsoft's announcement this week of Windows 365 points the way to a computing future that could look very different from what we have now. Some thoughts....



Repair PDF Documents with PDF Fixer



Google Cloud says it's becoming more secure than ever

Search giant unveils its vision for invisible security



How to Add or Remove Performance button on Toolbar in Microsoft Edge Chromium



How to change PC name on Windows 11

Windows 11 lets you change the computer name via Settings, Control Panel, PowerShell, and Command Prompt, and here's how.



Enhanced BazarBackdoor Poses New Cybersecurity Risks

A revamped BazarBackdoor was discovered that disguises the virus as an image file. The approach allows Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) to be fooled into thinking that malicious attachments are clean files, according to Cyware. 



How to Upgrade From a Smaller SSD to a Larger One



Windows PrintNightmare got patched — but Microsoft found a lingering nasty bug

This is a never-ending PrintNightmare



How to Do Split Screen on Chromebook

Increase your productivity with side-by-side windows



16-year-old bug in printer software gives hackers admin rights



How to Enable TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot to Install Windows 11?



Law Firm for Ford, Pfizer, Exxon Discloses Ransomware Attack

Campbell Conroy & O'Neil reports the attack affected personal data including Social Security numbers, passport numbers, and payment card data for some individuals.



Delete this secret ID hiding on your phone that gives away your personal details



Mozilla VPN Review

A straightforward VPN from the makers of Firefox



TikToker reveals ‘secret’ hack for blocking spam calls on an iPhone



How to Make WhatsApp Voice or Video Calls on Desktop



Which Email Service Should I Use?

You have many choices.



You Need to Update Your Apple Devices Right Now

The latest iOS/iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur updates protect against a newly-discovered bug that hackers are actively exploiting.



The Top 7 Financial Functions in Excel

Whether you are an accountant or a finance professional, you should know these Excel formulas



Windows 365 is the long-awaited Microsoft Cloud PC service

Simpler setup, simpler management and simpler pricing than the Azure Virtual Desktop service, plus full integration with existing device management tools but not (yet) a consumer option.



Fix Microsoft Solitaire Collection not connecting to Internet



Not yet running Windows 10 21H1? It’s time

If you are still running Windows 10 2004 or 20H2, it’s time to move to 21H1. Here's how to do that and what to keep in mind as we roll toward the release of Windows 11.



R-Undelete Home: recover deleted files on Windows



DuckDuckGo wants to kill off email spying for good

Keep your email inbox safe from trackers with DuckDuckGo



How to Use SyncToy for Data Backups



Windows Terminal gets new features with version 1.10

A new version of the Windows Terminal is out with various improvements, and here's all you need to know.



Cybersecurity Alliance of EU and NATO to Combat Chinese Attacks

A new NATO-led coalition is gathering members from around the world to address the emerging threat of state-sponsored Chinese hacking, according to CNBC. The new cybersecurity alliance could pave the way for future attempts to combat these types of problems. 



USB-C vs. USB 3: What’s the Difference?



Oh great! Soundmojis — another Facebook Messenger feature that only your parents will use

Seriously? Emojis that make sound? Come on, Facebook.



How to Connect a Chromebook to a Projector

Learn how to mirror your Chromebook display on a projector screen.



Fortinet fixes bug letting unauthenticated hackers run code as root



How to Check Your Computer has TPM 2.0 for Windows 11?



US Accuses China of Using Criminal Hackers in Cyber Espionage Operations

DOJ indicts four Chinese individuals for alleged role in attacks targeting intellectual property, trade secrets belonging to defense contractors, maritime companies, aircraft service firms, and others.



More printer issues for Windows? Microsoft releases another fix



You Tossed Your Cookies But They’re Still Tracking You; Here’s How to Hide Your Browser Fingerprint

Browser fingerprinting is a sneaky way advertisers and others track you online. We explain how this surveillance technique works and what you can do to protect your privacy.



Apple’s warns iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to update their software now – here’s why



Justice Dept. limits federal government's ability to obtain journalists' communications secretly

Federal agents can’t obtain reporters' calls and emails except in some cases, like when the reporter is under criminal investigation or is a foreign agent.



Apple iPhone 13: Everything you need to know about the next iPhone



Choosing the Best Distribution

Doghouse – Distributions

Which distribution is the best choice for you? It's not an easy question, but maddog offers suggestions for finding the answer.



Why Shouldn’t I Use the “Report Spam” or “Junk” Button?


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Sun 2297 08/01/2021

Chromebooks Win Buyers Ready to Live in the Cloud



Intel NUC 11 Extreme review: A tiny gaming desktop you may actually want



How Does VPN Split Tunneling Work?



Mac Data Recovery Software Disk Drill ported to Windows



How to turn your laptop into a desktop workstation

Desktop benefits, laptop portability.



How to use Avast Boot Scan to remove Malware from PC



These states saw the most hacks in 2020

A report uses FBI data to parse out state-by-state hacking data by the number of victims and total financial losses for every 100,000 residents.



How to Back Up and Restore Your PlayStation 5 Data

Back up your PS5's precious game files, screenshots, and more in case of a crash.



10 Reasons Why Windows Is Still Better Than Linux

Unless you know what you're doing, Windows is still the better operating system for most users. Here's what you need to know.



10 security tools all remote employees should have

Compromised employee personal devices and accounts can disrupt and possibly threaten business security. Getting these tools into their hands will help.



Windows 11 file explorer with tabs refresh incoming: Here's how to get it

Files is a file explorer with support for tabs, and it's about to get a big update to fit right in on Windows 11.



How to Backup and Restore Everything in Microsoft Edge in Windows



Windows 10 build 19044.1147 outs for version 21H2

Microsoft delivers the first official preview of Windows 10 21H2, and confirms that this will be a minor update for devices incompatible with Windows 11.



The best free writing software in 2021

All the free software a writer or student needs



How to split screen on a Mac in just a few clicks

Boost your productivity in MacOS Monterey with this multitasking hack. Get there even faster by creating a keyboard shortcut.



More Airline Operators are Being Targeted by Cybercriminals

According to a recent study conducted by Eurocontrol, the aviation industry has seen an uptick in cyberattacks over the past year. The analysis discovered a 530% rise in reported or detected cyberattacks by the team over the past two years, according to Travel Daily Media. 



How to Connect a Wireless Mouse to a Chromebook

It's easy, depending which mouse you have



New MosaicLoader malware targets software pirates via online ads



The Senate’s E-BIKE Act could make electric bikes a lot cheaper

Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) on the potential to democratize electric bikes



NSO Group Spyware Used On Journalists & Activists Worldwide

An investigation finds Pegasus spyware, intended for use on criminals and terrorists, has been used in targeted campaigns against others around the world.



Use Chrome on a Mac? Dangerous new malware is targeting your machine



Need a Laptop? Printer? How to Get Hard-to-Find Electronics

As you go shopping this year, you may encounter a dearth of tech supplies. But there are ways to find the devices and products you need for back-to-school season.



Biden to sign cybersecurity memo strengthening critical infrastructure protections



How to Block Facebook (or Any Distracting Website)



Google's solution to fight Google Drive Sharing Spam is inadequate



Email overload? Clean your inbox with these 5 steps

If you're always losing track of important emails, this process can help.



How to generate Truth Table in Windows 11/10



Kaseya attack shows how third-party software is the perfect delivery method for ransomware

An analysis by eSentire suggests that the latest attack is similar to one that Kaseya endured in 2018.



Are Bone Conduction Headphones Worth the Hype?

How to decide whether this technology is something you need in your life.



The Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Looking for the best free online movie streaming sites? Here's where you can watch free and legal movies at any time.



Why code reuse is still a security nightmare

Despite best efforts to track software dependencies, blind spots still exist leading to silent vulnerabilities in software.



Microsoft acknowledges Windows 11 and Windows 10 admin privileges vulnerability

Microsoft issued a security advisory regarding the recently discovered admin privileges vulnerability.



How to Check Drive Health and SMART Status in Windows 10



How to start PC in Safe Mode on Windows 11

You can start your PC in Safe Mode to troubleshoot and fix Windows 11 problems — here are four ways you can access this mode.



Web hosting sector could be facing a long wait for component deliveries

Server industry continues to face major shortages



MacOS Monterey compatibility: Which Macs can run Apple's new software update

Check if your computer is ready for the MacOS 12 public beta with this list of laptops and desktops.



IoT Attacks Increased 700% in just over Two Years

A new study by cybersecurity company Zscaler reveales a disturbing fact, namely a 700% rise of cyberattacks on IoT devices. During two weeks in December 2020, security professionals examined the traffic to determine how much of it was malicious and what it accomplished.



Chromebook Hacks to Make the Most of Your Laptop

Make your Chromebook a super computer



iPhone WiFi bug morphs into zero-click hacking, but there's a fix




How artificial intelligence and machine learning are affecting technology right now



7 Ways AI and ML Are Helping and Hurting Cybersecurity

In the right hands, artificial intelligence and machine learning can enrich our cyber defenses. In the wrong hands, they can create significant harm.



Have a Windows PC? Don’t fall for this bogus Windows Defender charge



What Is Clubhouse? The Audio-Only Chat App Explained

This audio-based app, now open for all comers, is like listening in on someone else's phone call, legally. Here's what you need to know about Clubhouse for iPhone and Android.



China’s Big Tech crackdown is about protecting the Communist Party



How to Enter Text with Your Voice on a Chromebook



NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN Comparison



How to enable XMP to run your RAM at full speed

When you buy high-performance RAM it only runs at stock speeds out of the box. Here's how to change that.



How to convert an eBook into an Audiobook in Windows 11/10



Photos: Windows 11 features you need to know



How to Listen to Lossless Audio on Apple Music

The highest possible audio quality in Apple Music is available to you at no extra charge.



Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Now Targeting Government Agencies & NGOs

There are hundreds of victims in the latest attack.



18 new cybersecurity bills introduced as US congressional interest heats up

The new bills, many with bi-partisan support, aim to increase cybersecurity funding, improve breach reporting, investigate cryptocurrencies, and more.



How to enable Secure Boot on PC to install Windows 11

Windows 11 requires Secure Boot to run, and here are the steps to check and enable the security feature on your device.



How to Enable or Disable QR Code Generator in Microsoft Edge Chromium



How to enable Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) on Windows 11

Windows 11 has a Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) feature that helps to increase battery life on laptops, and here's how to enable or disable the feature.



A lighter PS5 redesign is coming, according to this Japanese retailer listing

Sony’s big boy just lost some weight



Apple could signal new coronavirus, chip shortage troubles before iPhone 13 release

The tech giant's been uncharacteristically public about its pandemic concerns, raising alarms before most anyone else 



Israel Launches Anti-Ransomware Campaign to Prevent Cyberattacks

In order to raise awareness of the risks of ransomware attacks, and offer people and companies advice on how to protect themselves, the National Cyber Directorate in Israel launched an intensive campaign on 14 July, according to Times of Israel. 



5 Tips for Making a Hot Laptop Cooler

Prevent laptop damage by keeping it cool



Microsoft takes down domains used to scam Office 365 users



Google’s ‘about this result’ feature will now show why you got your specific search results

A look behind the curtain at how Google search works



Breaking Down the Threat of Going All-In With Microsoft Security

Limit risk by dividing responsibility for infrastructure, tools, and security.



Digital Life Hack: How to get rid of an old hard drive



Here's Why an Extended Warranty on Electronics Is a Waste of Money

Extended warranties are offered with most devices—smartphones, laptops, TVs, home appliances—but are they worth the money? Survey says: No. Here's how to protect your electronics without forking over extra cash.



The first Windows 11 ‘public’ beta is available to download



How to Create a Custom Show in Microsoft PowerPoint



Microsoft Edge 92 won't autoplay all media anymore by default



Pirate gamers, beware: This malware targets you

Bitdfender recently discovered a new family of malware it calls MosaicLoader that tries hard not to be detected and works to install all kinds of malware on your system.



USB Flash Drive Showing 0 Bytes in Windows 10



Linux 101: How to find drive space usage from the command line

If you need to know how much space remains on those drives connected to your server, the information is but a quick command away. Jack Wallen shows you how.



7 Smarter Alternatives to Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12

Forget Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack. Try these cheaper, more powerful alternatives.



How Do Websites Track Your Online Activities?

How much do websites know about your browsing habits? Here's how sites trace you and what you can do about it.



4 steps to prevent spear phishing

Your users are in the crosshairs of the best attackers out there. Follow these steps to better protect them.



Watch out for the latest Windows 11 and Windows 10 admin privileges vulnerability

Never underestimate the importance of the Windows Registry.



How to Create a System Restore Point in Windows 10



How to enable or disable Snap layouts in maximize button on Windows 11

You can now use the maximize button snap layouts to snap windows on the screen, and here's how to enable or disable the features on Windows 11.



Quantum computing and cybersecurity: friends or foes?

Quantum computing risks and rewards for cybersecurity



Why Apple doesn't get along with Google



APT Campaign by Chinese Cyberspies Targeting Asian Governments

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab have discovered a large-scale superior persistent risk (APT) marketing campaign that involved multiple victims from Southeast Asia, as well as government agencies in Myanmar and the Philippines. 



How to Connect Chromebook to Your TV

Choose between wired and wireless options



US indicts members of Chinese-backed hacking group APT40



You can now use Edge’s password manager to log in to mobile apps

Edge 92 also has a new Outlook extension



Researchers Create New Approach to Detect Brand Impersonation

A team of Microsoft researchers developed and trained a Siamese Neural Network to detect brand impersonation attacks.



Should social media be held accountable for publishing lies?



With Project Pangea, Cloudflare Wants to Bring the Internet to Everyone

Cloudflare offers free access to a variety of network services in a bid to bring underserved communities online.



7-year-old stuns mom by secretly spending $6,000 in iPad app add-ons: ‘I take responsibility’



High-tech cars and cracked windshields don't mix well

Driver-assist technologies have turned windshields into way more than a piece of glass.



Experimental package management with Nix and NixOS

Brand New Package

NixOS and the Nix package manager offer a promising new approach to the challenge of managing packages in Linux.



When Backups Might Not Save You from Ransomware


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