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NOTICE:If you go to a page via a link and it can't find it, try copying the article heading and doing a search on the article web site.  Sometimes they move articles after I post them which changes the link address.

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Thur 09/23/2021 2129
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Fri 2330 09/24/2021

Windows 11 setup warns that you aren’t “entitled” to updates on unsupported PCs

It's going to be at least mildly irritating to upgrade an unsupported system.



This winged microchip, smaller than an ant, is the smallest human-made flying structure



How Universities and Colleges Protect Against Cyber Attacks



Google.com’s Dark Mode Is Finally Coming to Everyone



How to lock cells in Microsoft Excel formula to protect them



The 7 Windows Command Prompt Tricks You Might Not Know Yet

The Windows Command Prompt is full of tricks that not everyone knows about. Here are a few cool tricks you can use the next time you have it open.



What’s new with the Samsung September 2021 security update?



Windows 11 cheat sheet: Everything you need to know

This comprehensive guide offers details about Microsoft Windows 11, including new features, system requirements, when you can download the OS and more.



Setting up Macrium Reflect



15 Useful Android Chrome Flags You Should Enable



Amazon is piling ads into search results and top consumer brands are paying up for prominent placement

  - Amazon is adding more sponsored product ads to the top of search results.

  - Sponsored product ads accounted for roughly 73% of retailers’ Amazon ad spend in the second quarter of 2021, according to digital marketing agency Merkle.

  - Ad prices have surged on Amazon as competition has flourished.



Google is getting caught in the antitrust net

One case in Turkey cuts to the heart of the search giant’s power.




If you plan to upgrade to Windows 11, use these tips to prepare and avoid problems during the installation.



Will Mistrust Jeopardize the Survival of Facebook?



LMT AntiMalware

Meant to be used as a second layer of defense, this app helps you prevent spyware from stealing data and information on your computer



How to Transfer Apps From Your Old Android to Your New Android

Moving apps to your new device is a snap



Biden Administration Reportedly Plans ‘Sanctions’ to Combat Crypto’s Role in Ransomware Attacks—Whatever That Means

The White House has communicated to the U.S. Treasury that it should implement a number of strategies to assist in the crackdown on criminal hackers.



Upgrade older PCs to Windows 11 at your own risk, says Microsoft

Here’s why you probably shouldn’t upgrade to Windows 11 on an older PC



watchOS 8 for Apple Watch brings Health Sharing to families/doctors, Always-On display upgrade, Mindfulness app, new watch faces, more



The Oversight Board wants Facebook to explain its controversial rules for VIPs

A recent report said Facebook had 'misled' the board about its cross check program.



12 things you should never do online



5 Easy Tips for Designing the Best Web Storefront

If you're looking to get into the e-commerce game, we've got advice covering everything from menu design to customer service implementations.



"I'm Literally Shaking," This Woman Said After Finding An AirTag On Her Car And Realizing Someone Was Tracking Her



What Is Trello, and How Do You Use It?



How to prevent users from using Zoom Apps in Windows 11/10



Clone Your Windows Into a VM With VMWare's vCenter Converter Standalone

Want a copy of Windows to tinker with without the fear of breaking something? Clone your copy of Windows into VMWare and prod away.



Germany is pushing phone makers to offer at least 7 years of updates



You can mass delete your read emails in Gmail



Creating a Backup Image Using Windows’ Built-in Backup

It’s included, it’s free, and it’s the bare minimum, but it’s much better than no backup at all.



Using du to Free Up Disk Space in Linux



Elon Musk says Tesla FSD beta can lull users into thinking their cars are driverless

  - Tesla is poised to expand its FSD Beta program that would allow customers to get new versions of the company’s software even though it hasn’t been debugged yet.

  - Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who called a previous version of FSD Beta software “not great,” cautioned Friday evening that FSD Beta now seems so good it can give drivers a false sense of security that they don’t need to drive while FSD Beta is engaged 



SpaceX’s Starlink will come out of beta next month, Elon Musk says

With 600,000 orders, SpaceX boosting dish production to (hopefully) meet demand.



How to enable HDR for apps using ICC profiles on Windows 11

Windows 11 supports HDR for apps that use ICC profiles to display colors, and here's how to enable or disable the feature on compatible applications.



Domotics Brings Home Sweet Home Automation




Scans running processes to detect in-memory code modifications, useful for spotting active malware infiltrated into your computer



How to Change Your Network From Public to Private

Switching your network profile in Windows 10



Google Is Reportedly Loading Chromecast Up With Free Channels

Free-to-stream TV channels could be the latest incentives Google uses to sweeten the deal on Chromecast and smart TVs.



More than definitions: three features every modern antivirus should have

Three features that are non-negotiable for modern antivirus solutions



iOS 15 will let you share your screen over FaceTime, but the feature isn’t live yet



US Treasury sanctions cryptocurrency exchange for aiding ransomware attacks

SUEX allegedly helped launder ill-gotten money.



9 free software copycats that work better than the real expensive programs



How to Choose the Right Desktop PC Chipset in 2021

AMD's and Intel's motherboard chipsets are among the least understood—but most crucial—bits of silicon if you're shopping for, upgrading, or building a PC. Here's everything you need to know, along with the top motherboards we've tested.



Beware of tax scams: 4 things you should know



How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone



How to adjust Webcam Brightness in Windows 11



How to Update Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers on Windows

There are three easy ways you can update your Nvidia GPU.



Microsoft is bringing support for the Open Document Format ODF 1.3 to Office (it took them a long time to get here, EU and Massachusett have been there)



How to create a hidden, nearly undeletable folder in Windows 10

It is possible to hide sensitive folders and files from prying eyes in File Explorer using a few attribute settings. We show you how to hide folders and prevent their accidental deletion.



How Do I Restore a Backup Image to a Smaller Drive?

Common when switching to an SSD, it’s not hard, but takes a little planning



How to Repair Hard Disks with fsck on macOS



The FCC is trying to stop robocalls, but the scammers won’t disappear

  - The Federal Communications Commission recently implemented a set of industry rules known as STIR/SHAKEN to help mitigate spam.

  - Experts say the standards can help block spoofing and is a good start, but scammers will find new ways to steal and cheat.

  - Third-party apps and large telephone providers like T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T currently offer spam blocking apps for customers looking to limit scammers.



Apple turns post-lawsuit tables on Epic, will block Fortnite on iOS

The ban on Epic's games could last years.



Windows 11 gets redesigned Photos app

Windows 11 is getting a new Photos app, but it's the same old app with a new interface and some new features.



Execs Fear Ransomware While Most Unprepared To Fight It



Windows 11 Compatibility Check

A simple batch script that can check whether all the hardware requirements of Windows 11 are met on your system to make sure you can upgrade to the new OS version



How to Change Folder Icons in Windows 11

Customize your folder and hard drive icons in a few clicks



Internal Facebook Documents Show How Badly It Fumbled the Fight Against Anti-Vaxxers: Report

Facebook researchers warned that anti-vaxxers were deluging comment sections with propaganda, but the company was slow to take action.



Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio release date, price, specs and design

The Surface Laptop Studio is a bold 2-in-1 with a flip-down display



Hands-on: Here’s how iPhone’s Live Text OCR works in iOS 15



Dynamic head tracking is now available in Apple Music

So long as you have iOS 15 and the right AirPods, that is.



8 hidden maps and trackers you need to switch off



Watch Out: With iPhone 13, There Are Now 5 Different iPhone Models by Country

Apple has always had different global models of the iPhone, but now there are more than ever.



Google-backed report hits Microsoft dominance



How to Create and Customize a Waterfall Chart in Microsoft Excel



Fix Hyper-V Virtual Machine stuck in Saved State



How to Solve the SmartScreen Can’t Be Reached Right Now Error

Is your Windows PC having issues reaching SmartScreen? Here's how to get it working again.



Microsoft Silverlight support ends October 12, 2021: here is what you need to know



Trend Micro's Linux Threat Report identifies the most vulnerable distributions and biggest security headaches

Analysts reviewed 13 million security incidents and found that end-of-life versions of Linux distributions were at the biggest risk.



This Doesn’t Need to Happen

Another day, another story of data loss. The frustrating thing is that it doesn't have to happen.



SSD vs. HDD vs. USB Flash Drive: Everything You Need to Know



Apple’s big iPhone update moved the Safari search bar, here’s how to change it back

  - In iOS 15, Apple’s new iPhone software, the Safari address bar where users type in websites has been moved to the bottom.

  - Apple has provided two different ways for users to revert Safari to its old user interface in the software that came out this week.



Apple rolls major Safari redesign out to Macs ahead of Monterey release

There are some big changes, but you can roll back many of them.



How to disable content adaptive brightness control (CABC) on Windows 11

You can now disable content adaptive brightness control on your display for a better color experience, and in this guide, you will learn steps to complete this task on Windows 11.



‘Shadow Code’ Creates Risk for 99% of Websites



Ghostery Dawn

A privacy-oriented browser that aims to bring all the benefits of Ghostery add-ons and combine them with the speed and ease of use of Firefox



The Fundamentals of an Ethernet LAN, Explained

Most wired networks use Ethernet technology



Microsoft Just Released Its Slick New Photos App to Windows 11 Insiders

Microsoft's revamp takes the basic Photos app from barebones to beautiful.



Windows 11 requirements — Microsoft’s Health Check App just returned

Find why your PC is, or isn't, compatible with Windows 11 now



macOS Monterey code reveals potential display resolutions for new MacBook Pro models



Google's Android Automotive OS is coming to Honda cars in 2022

“Hey Google, let’s drive.”



How to remove everything you’ve found about yourself on Google



Digital Quality of Life Improved in the US (But Still Isn't No. 1)

Speeds are better, but internet affordability and security are still issues.



Apple Wallet is getting verifiable COVID-19 vaccination cards



In blow to Apple, EU may require USB-C chargers for all smartphones



Learn everything about computers with this Raspberry Pi kit

The CrowPi is an amazing Raspberry Pi project system housed in a laptop-like body.



Decoding videos in Firefox with VA-API

Full Potential

Today's graphics cards not only specialize in quickly drawing graphics on the screen, but they can also speed up video playback, reducing the CPU's load. While Firefox supports this optimization, you must manually enable hardware acceleration to quickly decode video on the browser.



How to Move Email Messages to Another Account


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Thur 2329 09/23/2021

Thousands of Netgear routers can be hacked — here's what to do

At least 11 different Netgear Nighthawk models are vulnerable



'I think we need regulation,' House member on social media giant



Here Are the Features You Should Know About With Apple's iOS 15



Why You Should Use Multiple Web Browsers



Can I Back Up Files to a Separate Partition on the Same Hard Disk?



Android 6 and up will start stripping unused apps’ permissions

Google Play Services update will soon strip unused apps of their permissions.



Senate will grill tech execs after report that Instagram can harm teens’ mental health

  - The Senate Commerce subcommittee on consumer protection will question tech executives following a report on Facebook documents revealing its products’ impact on teens’ mental health.

  - Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., the ranking member of the subcommittee, announced the hearing in an interview on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” Friday.

  - Her staff met with a Facebook whistleblower earlier that day, she said.



Linux 101: How to create a compressed archive of a folder from the CLI with zip

Find out how easy it is to create compressed archives from the Linux command line, using zip. Jack Wallen shows you how.



Convert Your Old DVDs into Digital with Free WinX DVD Ripper

With the free WinX DVD ripper tool, you can burn you whole DVD collection into a digital format quickly and easily.



How to Check RAM Health on Windows



5 major viruses that would have been stopped by a firewall



Latest POP_OS! Release Brings COSMIC Overtones




An intuitive GUI for GREP that makes it easier to find files, Regex, XPath and text in documents, with thorough criteria to add and clever context menu integration



How to enable File Explorer Compact view on Windows 11

File Explorer now includes a new default layout experience, and you can switch to the classic layout with these steps.



Unsupported IoT Devices Are Cyber-Trouble Waiting To Happen



Biden sanctions Suex cryptocurrency exchange to stifle ransomware payments

In the wake of significant ransomware attacks, President Biden has sanctioned cryptocurrency exchange Suex in a clear attempt to prevent ransomware payments.



Apple Patches Critical Image Preview Bug



Former Employer of Memestock King 'RoaringKitty' Gets Hit With $4 Million Fine

State regulators say MassMutual failed to adequately supervise its employees for unauthorized moonlighting.



New Zloader attacks disable Windows Defender to evade detection



Safari 15 with new tab design now available for macOS Big Sur and Catalina users



The battle between the U.S. and ransomware hackers is escalating

At least 3 prominent ransomware gangs have recently begun explicitly warning their victims that they will publish their files immediately if they contact the government.



9 things you didn’t know your Chromebook could do



Microsoft Accounts No Longer Require a Password

The Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a security key, or verification code can be used instead.



Apple’s 2021 iPad mini isn’t just living, it’s thriving



How to Change Google Photos Backup Quality



Do I Need to Make a New Rescue Disc Every Time My Backup Software Updates?



Facebook forced troll farm content on over 40% of all Americans each month

Report blames Facebook’s prioritization of engagement over all else.



Apple’s next big technology was absent at the iPhone 13 launch, but Tim Cook says he’s still a fan

  - Apple released new products on Tuesday but did not reveal a “next big thing.”

  - Apple has emphasized augmented reality in previous years, but the technology only made a brief appearance at the launch presentation.

  - But CEO Tim Cook is still bullish. In an interview published after the event, he said he is “AR fan No. 1.”



How to use Replace to remove or add hard returns in a Word document

Too many or too few hard returns can ruin an otherwise professional looking Microsoft Word document. Fortunately, it's easy to add and replace those hard returns using Word's Replace feature.



How to Use Snap Layouts in Windows 11

It's time to get to grips with one of Windows 11's top productivity boosters.



9 of the Best Video Call Apps for Mobile Users



What’s the difference between a firewall and a VPN?



The Irony of Facebook’s VR Collaboration Debacle




A fast and secure open-source backup/restore software solution that helps you take filesystem snapshots and save them to a remote storage



How to configure SMB compression for faster network file transfers on Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with SMB compression to speed up and reduce bandwidth during network file transfers.



Tech Weapons We Need To Combat Global Warming



7 unexpected ransomware costs

Indirect costs related to a ransomware attack can add up over time. These are the expenses and financial risks that CISOs should be aware of.



Mozilla, Microsoft in Browser Dispute



The FTC Wants to Rein in Your Health App's Privacy Problems

If they don't comply, the Commission warns that they could face more than $40,000 in fines per day.



Google patches 10th Chrome zero-day exploited in the wild this year (be sure to update your browser)



Apple adds support for storing COVID-19 vaccination cards in Wallet with iOS 15.1



One to charge them all: E.U. demands single plug for phones

The E.U. Commission proposed legislation Thursday that would mandate USB-C cables for charging, technology that many device makers have already adopted.



Sick of spotty internet? The best Wi-Fi extenders and where to place them



Report: Comcast Prepares to Launch Its Own Smart TVs

The company is expected to offer two models manufactured by Hisense and using XClass TV branding.



Beware of tax scams: 4 things you should know



Hackers Are Already Tricking Apple’s iPhone Photo Scanner



How Do I Transfer My System to a Replacement Drive?



Telegram emerges as new dark web for cyber criminals

Growing network of hackers sharing data leaks on encrypted messaging app.



FTC signals a focus on noncompetes and reporting loopholes after study of tech mergers

  - The Federal Trade Commission signaled greater scrutiny of merger reporting requirement loopholes and non-competes at its open meeting Wednesday.

  - The agency released findings from its study of unreported mergers by five Big Tech companies: Google-owner Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

  - The five tech firms made 616 non-reportable transactions of more than $1 million between the beginning of 2010 and end of 2019.



How to use the ChromeOS Diagnostics tool



How to Bring Back the Old Right-Click Context Menu on Windows 11

Are you not a fan of Windows 11's new context menu? Here's how to turn it back into Windows 10's version.



How to Fix the “Scratch Disks Are Full” Error in Photoshop



Avast joins the Tracking-free Ads Coalition



The Endless Possibilities of Robotic Process Automation



Filelist Creator

Lightweight application which enables you to create lists based on the contents of particular directories, and save them to the hard drive



Windows 11 Subsystem for Android appears as an app in the Store

Microsoft quietly publishes the Windows Subsystem for Android in the Store, revealing more details about the support.



Adobe’s Frame.io Buy Answers Video Collaboration Needs



Russia is fully capable of shutting down cybercrime

With internet blocks and high-profile arrests, Russia shows it can crack down on cybercrime when properly motivated. New analysis suggests the Biden administration’s sanctions may be providing some motivation.



MS Office, Internet Explorer Form Zero Day Attack



The Subscription-Less Version of Office 2021 Launches Oct. 5

If you don't have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you'll finally be able to use Office 2021 on Oct. 5.



Firefox now bypasses Windows 11's messy default browser settings



Roundup: Here’s everything new in the Apple Music app with iOS 15



Other than prison, electronic monitoring is 'the most restrictive form' of control, research finds

“This is a form of incarceration that happens outside of prison walls,” said one expert.



Save space and boost productivity with this simple monitor trick



Microsoft Patches Windows 10 Zero-Day Exploit Triggered by Website Visit, Office Documents

Internet Explorer, Office 2019, and Office 365 users are at risk until the patch is installed.



Microsoft reveals its Surface Laptop Studio — its most powerful Surface ever



How to Use Conditional Formatting to Find Duplicate Data in Excel



How to Protect Your Computer from Natural Disasters



Office 2021 will be available for non-Microsoft 365 subscribers on October 5

New release won't get new features like the subscription versions of Office.



House Democrats’ plan would close tax loophole used by crypto investors

  - House Democrats proposed a bill Monday that would impose “wash sale” rules on commodities, currencies and digital assets.

  - Bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and other crypto would be subject to the anti-abuse rules, just like stocks, bonds and other securities.

  - Currently, crypto investors have a dual benefit: They can claim a tax loss and quickly buy back the asset they sold to capture any upswing in price.



It's time to retire the Social Security number

With 40 million people having their SSN exposed during the T-Mobile hack, it's time to reconsider the usefulness of the Social Security number.



Will Your Windows 10 Apps Work on Windows 11?

Will your beloved Windows 10 apps make the transition to Windows 11? Things look optimistic, and here's why.



8 Reasons to Switch from Windows to Linux



Internet price discrimination: Urban myth or the invisible hand?



Half of IT Pros Say Remote Workers Dodging Security Precautions



This Little App Helps Figure Out If Your PC Can Run Windows 11 or Not

Windows 11 is just around the corner, and as many users figured out the hard way, the updated system requirements have caused quite a massive confusion for some of those who aren’t sure if their devices can run the OS or not.




You can upgrade an incompatible computer to Windows 11 at your own risk, and here are two methods to complete the task.



Lenovo Steps Forward With a Vision To Redefine Personal Computing



How APTs become long-term lurkers: Tools and techniques of a targeted attack

A new McAfee report details the tools and techniques an APT group used to go undetected on a client network for over a year.



New Zloader attacks disable Windows Defender to evade detection



Phones May Get Updates For Seven Years



A Wifi Network Can Be Used to Accurately Count How Many People Are in a Room Based on Their Fidgeting

Off-the-shelf wifi hardware could easily become a useful tool for managing crowd sizes during the pandemic.



FTC warns of extortionists targeting LGBTQ+ community on dating apps



With iPhone 13 reviews out, here’s everything you need to know about trade ins



WhatsApp, social posts helped lead Haitian migrants to Texas

Migrants are using social media to share information that can get distorted as it speeds through immigrant communities, directing migration flows.



Security tip: 3 dumb mistakes putting you at risk online



Using Google Chrome? Install the Latest Security Update Now

Attackers can exploit a flaw in the browser to take over target systems.



Huge leak says Samsung’s Galaxy Note is coming back – with a twist



Apple Issues Critical New Security Patches

You should update your iPhone, Watch, or Mac immediately



How to use BusyBox on Linux

BusyBox is an open source (GPL) project providing simple implementations of nearly 400 common commands.



[Tip] Enable New WebUI Branding Update Design in Google Chrome Settings Page



Secure decoupled messaging with DANE and the TLSA resource record

Decoupled and Secure

Decoupled application design gets in the way of secure communication, but a little known feature of DNS can provide message security.



How to Get Rid of Spam Emails


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Wed 2328 09/22/2021

FBI warns of OnePercent ransomware gang – what you need to know



How to carry your vaccine card on your phone so you can leave it at home



How to Use the fsck Command on Linux



Are Deleted Files also Deleted from Backups?



5 Best Free Driver Updaters for Windows

Misconfigured and old drivers are a major cause of Windows crashes. Why not get a driver updater for Windows and take the stress off your shoulders?



How to Find and Delete All Your Old, Unused Accounts

Don't ignore your old accounts just because they're a pain to delete.



How to List All Logged-in Users on Your Linux Computer



Amazon plans to hire another 125,000 employees, paying them an average of $18 per hour

  - The roles come in addition to the 40,000 corporate and tech jobs the company said it was hiring for earlier this month.

  - Since the pandemic began, Amazon says it has hired 450,000 workers nationwide.



Android 12: How to add the mic and camera kill switches



Alphabet’s laser-Internet system has sent 700TB of data with 99.9% uptime

Alphabet is bridging the Congo River with a 20Gbps laser beam.



Apple Watch Series 8 Could Let Users Measure the Body Temperature

Apple is getting ready to launch a new-generation Apple Watch, with the official unveiling to take place as soon as the next week, but as it turns out, there are bigger upgrades planned for the 2022 model.



Amazon, AWS Trumpet Free Cybersecurity Initiatives



Can I install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware? Yes, using ISO or Media Creation Tool

Microsoft won't block you from installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware, but it won't officially recommend or support this method.



Steer clear of social media quizzes



Hacker-made Linux Cobalt Strike beacon used in ongoing attacks



[Tip] How to Change Background Color of Tab bar or Title bar in Mozilla Firefox



Court Tells Bolsonaro He Can't Force Social Media Companies to Leave Up His Posts

Brazil's Senate and Supreme Court have both blocked an order that would prevent tech firms from deleting his hoax claims of voter fraud.



Here are some of the best apps with XL widgets to check out for iPadOS 15 (Updated)



Apple Offers Settlement in App Store Dispute



From China, through Telegram: Fake Covid vaccination card market booms

Some sellers are now asking for hundreds of dollars for a card. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it has intercepted thousands of packages of the fake cards.



International cybercriminals have a new type of ransomware



Intuit to Buy Mailchimp for $12 Billion

Intuit agrees to acquire the email marketing platform for $12 billion in cash and stock.



Do this before iOS 15 is released to stop Apple from scanning your private photos



How to Hear Who’s Calling Your Android Phone



How Do I Back Up My Computer?

Backing up your computer is critical to avoiding data loss. I'll look at what it means and give a suggestion for typical users.



6 Android Apps That Really Clean Up Your Device (No Placebos!)

These phone cleaner apps for Android help you clear out junk files taking up space on your device.



Every Multitasking Feature in iPadOS 15 Worth Knowing About (and How to Use Them)

iPadOS 15 enhances the multitasking system with new visual features. Here's how to use them.



What is H.266 and Why Is It Better than H.265?



Intuit to buy email marketing company Mailchimp for $12 billion in cash and stock

  - Intuit said it will use the acquisition to accelerate growth among small business clients.

  - MailChimp was initially founded in Atlanta in 2001. Shares of Intuit were flat in after-hours trading following the announcement.



How to protect your T-Mobile account in light of the latest data breach

In response to a breach that compromised the personal data of millions of subscribers, T-Mobile customers should change their password and PIN and set up two-step verification.



US hospitals buckling under delta surge: 25% of ICUs are over 95% full

The burden on hospital ICUs has more than doubled since June.



Facelifted Windows 11 Photos App Starts Rolling Out

Microsoft has started rolling out a new Photos app to users enrolled in the Windows Insider program and running Windows 11 preview build.



Study Warns Easy Access to Cloud Apps Putting Business Data at Risk



How to install Windows 11 with a local account

If you don't want to use a Microsoft account, Windows 11 lets you set up a new installation with a local account, and here's how to do it.



Wrap-up: What does the internet know about us?



BlackMatter ransomware hits medical technology giant Olympus



[Tip] Force WhatsApp to Always Send and Share Your High Quality Photos in Original Resolution



Uber Sued for Failing to Deactivate Mass Shooter Prior to Kalamazoo Rampage

A passenger who claims that he was kidnapped prior to the shooting says he was unable to reach Uber's report line.



Here are the best new Safari extensions to download for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 (Updated)



Windows 11 Release Date Revealed



One U.S. state stands out in restricting corporate use of biometrics: Illinois

Privacy advocates warn that the swift, largely unchecked growth of tracking technologies has outpaced existing laws in most states, leaving individuals vulnerable.



Digital Life Hack: Telltale signs that your computer’s hard drive is failing



How to Start Your Own Online Business

If National Small Business Week has given you the entrepreneurial bug, it's never been easier to make that dream a reality. But before you make the leap, here's what you need to consider.



Every iPhone user should learn these 8 time-saving tricks



How to Number or Label Equations in Microsoft Word



How to Back Up Windows 10



How to Transfer Files From PC to iPhone and iPad (And Vice Versa)

Need to quickly move files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad? Or the other way around? Here's how using FileApp.



11 Wonderful Waze Settings Everyone Should Be Using

If Google Maps had a personality, it would be Waze.



12 Things that Bing Does Better than Google



Analysts explain how the Apple-Epic court ruling could affect Google

  - Last week, a court ruled that Apple’s App Store must allow developers to use alternate means of payment.

  - Wall Street analysts are examining how it will affect the biggest tech names, including Google.

  - Epic Games, which has also sued Google, brought similar allegations against the search giant that will also go to trial 



Cutefish: This Linux desktop environment could make a big splash



The iPhone 13 is thicker and heavier than the iPhone 12

Plus, more new details revealed by Apple's website.



The Three New Features in the Latest Windows 11 Preview Build

Microsoft has recently released a new Windows 11 build, and this time, there are three important changes that are included in the new feature category.



Protecting the Power Grid: Building Resiliency Into Essential Systems



How to delete files oder than X days automatically using PowerShell

You can use PowerShell to free up space and keep things organized by only deleting files that are older than a certain number of days in any folder — here's how to do it on Windows 10.



Back-to-school tips for distance learning



Windows 11 Android support spotted online ahead of launch



[Tip] How to Enable Passwordless Login in Your Microsoft Account



Ebola Can Hide in Humans for Years Before Killing Again, New Research Finds

A new Ebola outbreak this February was traced back to the epidemic that ended five years ago.



Fantastical takes advantage of new iOS 15 features in latest update



Windows 11 Compatibility Still An Issue



It's not just you: Emergency software patches are on the rise

Apple's iMessage flaw offers a warning: Zero-day flaws have become more common. But there's good reason for people not to worry — as long as they update their devices.



This scam turns you into a porn star



Amazon One Palm Scanning Is Being Used for Contactless Entry to Concerts

Digital ticketing company AXS now accepts palm scans as admission at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.



Apple's Epic Loss Could Be A Game Changer For Spotify



You Can Get This Aukey Mechanical Keyboard for Only $40



This Is Why I Back Up

Here's another example of why going digital enables a level of backup safety that single originals simply can't achieve.



Why Charging Your Phone Overnight Is Bad

Charging your smartphone overnight can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. Here's everything you need to know.



How to Finally Organize Your Random iPhone Notes

iOS 15's new tagging system makes keeping track of your random lists and musings much easier.



15 Useful Android Chrome Flags You Should Enable



Cyber arms dealer exploits new Apple iPhone software vulnerability that affects most versions, watchdog group says

  - A cyber surveillance company based in Israel developed a tool to break into Apple iPhones with a never-before-seen technique that has been in use since at least February, internet security watchdog group Citizen Lab said on Monday.

  - The discovery is important because of the critical nature of the vulnerability, which requires no user interaction and affects all versions of Apple’s iOS, OSX, and watchOS, except for those updated on Monday.

  - The tool developed by the Israeli firm, named NSO Group, defeats security systems designed by Apple in recent years.



How to use fields to create a conditional header or footer in a Word document

If you run into a conditional header or footer request that you can't handle, take a look at Word fields. They're not magic, but it kind of feels like magic when they do what you want.



Walmart to begin driverless deliveries with Ford and Argo AI

Deliveries will begin in Austin, Miami, and Washington, DC, later in 2021.



Few iPhone Users Actually Plan to Get an iPhone 13

Apple is getting ready to launch the iPhone 13, and without a doubt, the new models will come with substantial improvements in terms of features and under the hood.



Half of IT Pros Say Remote Workers Dodging Security Precautions



How to use Robocopy to transfer files super-fast over the network on Windows 10

Windows 10 has a hidden tool called Robocopy to copy files very fast between computers over the network — here's how to use it.



FTC issues first ban ever on a stalkerware company



Windows MSHTML zero-day exploits shared on hacking forums



Microsoft Office 2021 Releasing on October 5, 2021 for Windows and Mac



Razer's Huntsman V2 Is One of the Quietest, Softest Mechanical Gaming Keyboards I've Ever Used

It's still a massive full-size keyboard, but at least it doesn't sound like I'm jack-hammering every time I write an email.



Apple says it will update iPhone 13 with option to disable automatic macro photography switching



Samsung TV Block Feature Prompts Debate



Update your iPhone: Spyware company using 'terrifying' hack, researchers say

A cybersecurity lab found a new exploit on a Saudi dissident's phone from a well-known spyware company that has spurred Apple to push an urgent software update.



Digital Life Hack: Turn your gadgets into motion-activated cameras



AMD's Latest Drivers Give Older Graphics Cards a Performance Boost

Enjoy up to 15% extra performance in games if you have the right hardware.



Major study finds AI is at an "inflection point"



Microsoft warns of a Windows zero-day security hole that is being actively exploited



Find files and directories on Linux with the find command

There are many reasons to learn find, so download our free find cheat sheet to help you learn more about the command.



How to Get Rid of Spam Emails

Managing the flood.



The Environmental Cost of Broken Technology and the Need for the Right to Repair



Outdated Linux Versions, Misconfigurations Triggering Cloud Attacks: Report



Reconsidering TweetDeck

An Alternative Twitter Interface

Once a problem child on Linux, the Twitter client TweetDeck now installs easily, offering unrivaled features. However, potential changes in the updated beta version raise potential concerns for its future as an alternative Linux-based Twitter interface.



My Keyboard Won’t Work after Windows Update, How Do I Fix It?


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Tue 2327 09\21//2021

'I think we need regulation,' House member on social media giant (This, like other government actions, is way past due to consider)

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., weighs in on a new report's findings about Instagram's harmful effects on teenage girls as well as on the fight over Democrats' reconciliation bill.



China develops machines that can track data sent abroad by cars



How to Use Touch-screen Gestures on a Chromebook Tablet



Windows 11 Demo Runs in Browser



8 Free Photoshop Alternatives Worth Using Instead

When it comes to photo editing, Photoshop isn't your only option. These tools are just as good, and best of all, free!



You Should Definitely Be Using 'Smart Lists' on Your iPhone

With new features like tags and smart lists, the humble Reminders app on the iPhone is growing up.



How to configure SSH access through Webmin

Looking for an easier way to configure SSH on your data center servers? How about Webmin? Jack Wallen walks you through some of the options for better SSH security using this web-based GUI.



Recent Ebola outbreak emerged from someone infected 5 years earlier

We knew the virus could go dormant but not that it could do so for five years.



Zoom talks up a video-centric workplace

At this week's Zoomtopia event, the company rolled out plans for video call centers, better transcription and translation features, integrated whiteboards, and hot-desking options for the hybrid workplace.



DC attorney general goes after Amazon’s first-party business in amended antitrust complaint

  - D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine filed an amended complaint against Amazon, broadening the scope of his investigation to target the company’s relationships with first-party sellers.

  - Racine sued Amazon in May over allegations that the company illegally maintained monopoly power through its pricing contracts with third-party sellers. 



Why is Backing Up Your First Recommendation for Everything?



How to Enable or Disable Legacy F8 Advanced Boot Options in Windows 10



Perform clean install Windows 10 on SSD from USB, ISO, boot, recovery image

Do you need to reinstall or set up Windows 10 on a new PC? Check out these six different ways to complete the task.



How to Convert Ubuntu Into Regolith Linux



MyRepublic discloses data breach exposing government ID cards



Why Internet Shutdowns Are a Growing Problem

Governments are cracking down



TikTok Bans Videos on ‘Devious Licks’ of School Property, Which Apparently Refers to Stealing Things (this issue and most stupid dares should never be allowed)

The latest trend on TikTok involves students reportedly stealing everything from projectors and microscopes to plastic spoons and paper towel holders 



Chinese Company Goes to Court to Stop iPhone Production

Apple being sued by various companies across the world is nothing new, but this time, a Chinese artificial intelligence firm has decided to go to court in an attempt to stop the production of the iPhone and therefore prevent the device from staying on sale across the country.



Credit Union's Legal Battle With Tech Giant Fiserv Rumbles On



It's not just you: Emergency software patches are on the rise

Apple's iMessage flaw offers a warning: Zero-day flaws have become more common. But there's good reason for people not to worry — as long as they update their devices.



A new scam targeting Gmail and Outlook users



Update Now: Apple Patches iOS, Mac Attack That Uses Malicious PDFs to Hack Devices

The bug, dubbed ForcedEntry, could lead to remote code execution. Apple also patches an iOS flaw that leverages maliciously crafted web content to trigger remote code execution.



LG's 325-inch Direct View LED TV is an answer to Samsung's The Wall



How to Count Colored Cells in Microsoft Excel



Vaccine Article Tops Facebook 'Most Viewed' List



What Is a Worx Landroid and What Does It Do?

We have robotic vacuum cleaners, so why not a robotic lawnmower to cut down on the chores?



How to Complain to Customer Service (and Actually Get What You Want)

There are right—and wrong—ways to make a consumer complaint.



EcoQoS gives Windows 11 apps better battery life

On newer processors, Windows can tune where and how fast code runs for power savings; here's where you will see that show up.



Anonymous leaks gigabytes of data from alt-right web host Epik include 8chan, Parler, and Gab, among others.



Windows 11: Just say no

In a few weeks, Windows 11 will arrive. Should you upgrade to it? Let me answer with a question: "Should you stop hitting your head against the wall?"



Facebook’s Bosworth says glasses with cameras will be the norm in 10 years

  - Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, Facebook’s head of hardware, said Friday that the ability to take pictures will be a standard feature for glasses in a decade.

  - Facebook on Thursday launched Ray-Ban Stories, a smart glasses collaboration with Luxottica.

  - “I think in 10 years it’ll be like, ‘Of course. Why don’t your glasses take pictures? That’s just weird,’” Bosworth said 



Will a Scheduled Backup Wake My Machine Up If It’s Sleeping?



How to Download and Install Microsoft PowerToys in Windows 10



How to disable Xbox app automatic startup on Windows 11

If the Xbox app keeps taking over the screen on startup, you can control this behavior from its settings page – here's how.



Chrome Settings 101: How to Customize Google Chrome



Microsoft fixes bug letting hackers take over Azure containers



Apple’s New and Improved iPad mini Is Out Next Week

Order it today, starting at $499



App Annie Fined $10 Million in Case That Is the Future of Insider Trading

The scheme involves people's private data, some secret algorithms, and a lot of apps.



Windows 11 to Come with Massively Overhauled Photos App

Windows 11 will launch next month, and part of the refresh will also be a new Photos app that comes not necessarily with new capabilities but with a major facelift in the first place.



AMD Chipset Driver Vulnerability Can Allow Hackers to Obtain Sensitive Data



3 former U.S. intelligence operatives to pay over $1.6 million to resolve mercenary hacking charges

The men worked for the United Arab Emirates and faced federal charges of conspiring to violate hacking laws, the Justice Department said Tuesday.



Check your phone for these dangerous spy apps



Facebook's XCheck Program Reportedly Gives 'Elite' Users Special Treatment

Millions of public figures are said to be exempt from the company's policies.



Israeli firm hacks Apple iPhones, say researchers



How to Type With Your Voice in Windows 10



Recent Update Glitches Windows 'Alt-Tab' Shortcut



The 7 Best Wireless HDMI Transmitters for Your Home



The Most Common Email Keywords That Everyone Should Know to Avoid Phishing Scams

Another thing to add to your email scam-spotting checklist.



Expert: Cyberattacks in the energy sector put lives in danger

Zero-trust is a good way to prevent hackers from gaining control of our infrastructure and energy industries, expert says.



Microsoft accounts can go passwordless, making “password123” a thing of the past

Passwordless accounts rely on MS Authenticator or a security key for login.



The rise of tablets: Why we don't need laptops or phones anymore

We may want them, but we don’t actually need them. Here’s why tablets can replace everything now.



Apple vs. Epic ruling reveals 70% of App Store revenue comes from a small fraction of customers playing games

  - Apple’s App Store revenue is made up almost entirely of users playing games, according to a court ruling released Friday that concluded Epic Games failed to prove the iPhone maker is a monopolist.

  - According to the ruling, gaming apps account for approximately 70% of all App Store revenue.

  - That 70% is generated by less than 10% of all App Store consumers, the court said 



Can I Rely on My Online Service Provider’s Backups?



How to Add Advanced User Accounts to Control Panel in Windows 7, 8, and 10



How to enable Previous Versions to recover files on Windows 10

Yes, you can recover deleted and lost files using Previous Versions with File Explorer, and in this guide, you'll learn the steps to set it up.



SSD vs. HDD vs. USB Flash Drive: Everything You Need to Know



Yandex is battling the largest DDoS in Russian Internet history



Zoom Announces Several Updates Including Live Translations

Also coming are new whiteboard features and a Zoom widget



Microsoft Kicks Off Its Vision for a Password-Free Future

You can now log into your Microsoft account without a password 



Microsoft Shows Why Windows 11 Is So Much Faster than Windows 10

With Windows 11 just around the corner, it makes for Microsoft to begin the marketing offensive for the new operating system, and this week, the company has rolled out a video to discuss how it substantially improved the performance versus Windows 10.



Operator of 'DownThem' DDoS Attack Service Convicted



Hackers are leaking children’s data — and there’s little parents can do

NBC News collected and analyzed school files from dark web pages and found they’re littered with personal information of children.



Why you should save your driver's license to your iPhone



Zoom to Add Real-Time Translation for 12 Languages Next Year

Zoom is also expanding its automated transcription service to 30 other languages.



The New Apple Watch Is Big Enough To Type On



What Is a Retina Display?



Internet Explorer Finally Heading for Exit



The 7 Best 3-in-1 Apple Charging Stations



Can ISPs, Websites, and Your Boss Tell If You're Using a VPN?

Short answer: Yes. But there might not be anything to worry about.



Zero-trust security is a great preventer of cyberattacks, expert says



In a first, New York passes law banning new fossil fuel vehicle sales after 2034

State agencies have to create a market-development strategy by end of 2022.



Apple hits the alarm with multi-OS emergency update to patch zero-click flaw

The company on Monday pushed out emergency security updates for iOS, macOS, and its other operating systems to plug a hole that threatened security on a range of devices.



Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone will be next CEO of Yahoo following Apollo acquisition

  - Investment firm Apollo named Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone as the new chief of Yahoo.

  - Apollo closed its acquisition of Yahoo from Verizon on Sept. 1.

  - Yahoo’s current CEO, Guru Gowrappan, will serve as an advisor to the company.



Back Up Smartphone Photos Using Dropbox



Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders



How to move shared folder to another drive on Windows 10

Yes, it's possible to move a shared folder to another driver on the same computer without permissions reconfigurations – here are two ways to complete the task.



Get a eufy Security Solo IndoorCam 2-Cam Kit for Under $80



GitHub finds 7 code execution vulnerabilities in 'tar' and npm CLI



Why I Want Bose’s New Smart Soundbar 900

Turn the volume up



The New iPad Mini Makes Me Want a Pocketable Android Tablet, Not Another Folding Phone

I hope Microsoft takes a page from Apple for its rumored Surface Duo 2.



Few People Actually Use Apple Pay in the US, It Seems

Apple brags about Apple Pay on every single occasion, and while no official adoption figures are available, it’s believed the global pandemic has completely changed the way people pay for goods, with more and more users switching to digital wallets.



Pakistani Man Involved in AT&T Hacking Scheme Sentenced to Prison in U.S.



Tech companies meet with FDA to discuss how to curb sale of opioids online

It was the third in a series of Online Opioid Summits hosted by the FDA, which started in 2018 and have brought together social media platforms, academics and law enforcement.



Digital Life Hack: How to password-protect photos



Firefox Now Uses a One-Click Process to Become Default Browser

Mozilla quietly reverse engineers Microsoft's single-click method of making Edge the default browser 



You can now stream Xbox Series X/S games to your PC



How are camera sensors still improving?

It's tough to capture light in a fraction of a second.



Twitter Road-Tests New Tool Against Misinformation



Score Acer's touch-friendly convertible Chromebook for just $155

Walmart is selling the Acer Spin 311 with a MediaTek processor for $155.



SPDX Becomes New Standard for Open-Source Software, Security



Smartphone-based two-factor authentication

Double Your Security

Protect your system from unwanted visitors with two-factor authentication.



How Do I Determine a Shortlink Destination?


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Mon 2326  09/20/2021

You may still use Disk Cleanup on Windows 11 (even though Microsoft does not want you to)



Governments around the globe are limiting online services, content and access



How to Import Different File Types into Google Sheets



How to Use 'Live Text,' the Best New Feature in iOS 15

Live Text will let you scan and copy text from photos and your iPhone camera, even if it's handwritten.



What Is a Firmware Update and Why Does Your Device Need One?

Almost every bit of hardware has firmware, but what is it and why might you need to update it?



Ukrainian extradited for selling 2,000 stolen logins per week



Facebook just announced its new Ray-Ban glasses — I’ve been using them for a couple of days, here’s what they’re like

  - Facebook unveiled its long-awaited collaboration with Luxottica: Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. 

  - The Ray-Ban glasses come with Facebook-developed technology that allows users to take photos and record videos with voice commands or by pressing a button on the right temple of the glasses.

  - The glasses might make for a cool birthday or holiday present for a loved one, but for now, they aren’t much more than a fashionable toy.



Microsoft OneDrive cheat sheet

If you have Windows 10, you have OneDrive. With this quick guide, you can learn how to back up, sync, and share files in OneDrive.



Firefox 91 Circumvents Windows Browser Default Protections



Apple Officially Announces iPhone 13 Launch Event for September 14

Apple has finally confirmed that it’s holding its typical iPhone launch event on September 14, with the company using the “California streaming” tagline as a hint of the upcoming venue.



How to Change Default Action of Mouse Wheel for Photos app in Windows 10



How to set up network file sharing on Windows 10

Windows 10 lets you quickly share files with other users over a network — here are three ways to do it.



iOS 15 brings new FaceTime and AI features on September 20

iOS and iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8 are coming September 20.



Trial Ends in Guilty Verdict for DDoS-for-Hire Boss



Bose Unveils Its New Smart Soundbar 900

It's set to be the new flagship product



Free decryptor for past REvil ransomware victims released



Florida Man Used a Stolen Disney iPad With VIP App to Let Tour Group Skip the Long Lines, Police Say

The best way to enjoy Disney's parks might be to break the law.



Mirai Botnet Starts Exploiting OMIGOD Flaw as Microsoft Issues More Guidance



Microsoft's Arc, our favorite portable mouse, has never been cheaper

Get a fantastic mouse at an even more fantastic price.



One U.S. state stands out in restricting corporate use of biometrics: Illinois

Privacy advocates warn that the swift, largely unchecked growth of tracking technologies has outpaced existing laws in most states, leaving individuals vulnerable.



Digital Life Hack: Find Facebook's hidden message folder



Malware Finds a New Place to Hide: Graphics Cards

A proof-of-concept technique for executing malicious code on a GPU is out in the wild.



Algoriddim's djay iOS app uses Shazam to recognize and sync with live music



How to Group and Ungroup Shapes and Objects in Microsoft Word



How to Quickly Switch Your Safari Browsing to Private in iOS 15

iOS 15 hides the Private Browsing Mode feature—but there is a shortcut.



How to Easily Find Apps for Linux

Searching for new apps using the Linux command line is tough. These four websites will help you find new Linux apps easily.



Zoho patches actively exploited critical ADSelfService Plus bug



California Senate passes landmark bill taking aim at Amazon’s labor practices

  - California lawmakers late Wednesday passed a landmark bill aimed at curbing Amazon’s use of productivity quotas in warehouses.

  - The bill would require employers to disclose productivity quotas to employees and government agencies, among other provisions.

  - Amazon warehouse workers and advocacy groups have argued the company’s productivity quotas lead to workplace injuries and unfair disciplinary measures.



Planning to update to Windows 11? A checklist before you do

With the Oct. 5 launch date less than a month away, it's time to think about when Windows users should move from 10 to 11. (Helpful hint: Don't rush.)



Intel Wants to Enable UEFI Updates Without Reboots



Despite Market Share Drop, Windows Still Top OS Ahead of Windows 11 Launch

Microsoft is getting ready to launch Windows 11 to the first wave of eligible devices, and the release of the operating system certainly comes just at the right time.



How to Add Secure Delete to Recycle Bin Context Menu in Windows 10



How to enable Previous Versions to recover files on Windows 10

Yes, you can recover deleted and lost files using Previous Versions with File Explorer, and in this guide, you'll learn the steps to set it up.



The redesigned $499 iPad mini finally catches up with the times

New, pricier refresh borrows heavily from recent iPad Air and iPad Pro tablets.



Customer Care Giant TTEC Hit By Ransomware



Why Google Is Blocking Apps on Old Android Phones

It’s not as nefarious as you might think



Smashing Security podcast #243: Breaking news, Apple zero-clicks, and bad blood

Industry veterans, chatting about computer security and online privacy.



DOJ: Former NSA Operatives Worked as Cyber-Mercenaries, Helping Hack U.S. Systems

Members of the U.S. intelligence community and military have reached a deferred prosecution agreement over their role in an overseas cyber-mercenary business.



German Election Authority Confirms Likely Cyber Attack



Best Buy slashes $360 off the Surface Pro 7 with a refresh in sight

Take advantage of this shelf-clearing deal on the best Windows 2-in-1 tablet around.



From China, through Telegram: Fake Covid vaccination card market booms

Some sellers are now asking for hundreds of dollars for a card. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it has intercepted thousands of packages of the fake cards.



Digital Life Hack: How to tell if someone has gone through your phone



11 Essential Apps for Ironclad Online Privacy

Another day, another data breach. Sidestepping trackers and protecting your personal information might seem like a hopeless task, but these top privacy apps can really make a difference.



Walmart's $155 Chromebook is the best student laptop deal I've seen all year



What’s New in elementary OS 6 “Odin”



How to Restore an iPhone Without the Password

If you forget your iPhone's password, there's only one course of action.



Is a Smartphone Gimbal Worth It?

Using a smartphone gimbal can stabilize your videos. But do you really need one?



Hackers leak passwords for 500,000 Fortinet VPN accounts



Tech giants are rushing to develop their own chips — here’s why

  - Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla and Baidu are all shunning established chip firms and bringing certain aspects of chip development in-house, according to company announcements and media reports.

  - At this stage, none of the tech giants are looking to do all the chip development themselves.

  - Setting up an advanced chip factory, or foundry, like TSMC’s in Taiwan, costs around $10 billion and takes several years.



Triggered by email? Some thoughts on how to stay safe

When even previewing an email can let attackers gain access to your system, it pays to be cautious.



Samsung Blames Pandemic for Bait-and-Switching Customers



Ron's HTML Cleaner

Clean HTML content online or from a local source by relying on this lightweight, handy application that comes with a simple user interface



How to Clear and Reset the Thumbnail Cache in Windows 10



How to enable ‘Enhance audio’ on Windows 11

This is how you can enhance the audio output experience on Windows 11.



Apple refreshes entry-level $329 iPad with faster chip, 64GB of storage

New model has True Tone support, an A13 chip, and an upgraded front camera.



Microsoft Patch Tuesday, September 2021 Edition



How to Fix Printer Spooler Errors in Windows 11

Troubleshooting common issues with the printer spooler



If you contact the police, we *will* leak your data – warns Ragnar Locker ransomware gang



You'll Be Able to Upgrade to iOS 15 On Sept. 20

The most hotly anticipated software release of the year is almost upon us.



U.S. Agencies Warn of APTs Exploiting Recent ADSelfService Plus Zero-Day



Get a 15.6-inch HP laptop with a 1080p screen for just $300

Walmart is selling an HP laptop with a 15.6-inch full-HD display, a Ryzen 3 processor, and a roomy 1TB HDD for $50 off the MSRP.



'Good to Know’ headlines: Instagram’s new ‘favorites’ feature and Apple’s emergency software update

NBC News' Vicky Nguyen reports on Instagram’s new “favorites” feature, Apple issues an emergency software update, and Amazon is set to hold its first ever holiday beauty haul event in October. 



Tech pro tip: Recovering data from an external hard drive



10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Check out these quick tips to boost your wireless signal from your router, extend and optimize your Wi-Fi coverage, and speed up your surfing.



Cyber arms dealer exploits new iPhone software vulnerability, affecting most versions, say researchers



Can I Use iCloud Drive for Time Machine Backups?



The Most Helpful Google Search Modifiers Everyone Should Be Using

You can use hidden search modifiers to find better results a lot faster.



How to Scan Documents on Android Using 2 Easy Methods

We explain how to scan documents on Android using either Google Drive or Microsoft Lens, letting you digitize receipts, photos, and more.



Howard University shuts down network after ransomware attack



QAnon and anti-vaxxers brainwashed kids stuck at home — now teachers have to deprogram them

  - The children of QAnon conspiracy followers are using digital tools to help the detox process.

  - Some 15 percent of Americans believe QAnon conspiracy theories, according to a May report from non-profit groups Public Religion Research Institute and Interfaith Youth Core.

  - Checkology is designed to teach people how to sift through the myriad of misinformation and conspiracy theories found on social media apps.



What is Windows Hello? Microsoft’s biometrics security system explained

Windows Hello gives Windows users an alternate way to log into their devices and applications using a fingerprint, iris scan or facial recognition. Here’s what the technology does, who uses it and the hardware required.



Google Will Soon Let You Place Calls Via Gmail



VideoPad Video Editor

Edit videos, sound, animated images, and other video recordings, add and edit video subtitles, merge or split video recording, make minimal color corrections, and more, with a lightweight video editor



How to Turn On or Off AutoSwitch for Wireless Network Connection in Windows 10



How to enable Print key to take screenshot with Snipping Tool on Windows 11

Instead of using the keyboard shortcut, you can configure Snipping Tool to use the Print key to take screenshots, and here's how on Windows 11.



Apple patches “FORCEDENTRY” zero-day exploited by Pegasus spyware

Zero-click flaw has been exploited by NSO since at least February 2021



KrebsOnSecurity Hit By Huge New IoT Botnet “Meris”



How to Control the CPU Fan on Windows 11

Access fan settings and gain speed control for better performance



Priti Patel backs ad campaign that criticises Facebook’s stance on end-to-end encryption



Anonymous Claims to Have Stolen Huge Trove of Data From Epik, the Right-Wing’s Favorite Web Host

The controversial domain registrar, which has been known to host Nazis and other unfortunate groups, apparently just had all of its data boosted.



Court Rejects Lawsuit Against NSA on "State Secrets" Grounds



This $279 laptop has features you don't usually see in budget notebooks

Walmart is selling a Gateway laptop with a 1080p display, a fingerprint scanner, and an "Ice Lake" Core i3 processor.



Facebook to crack down on coordinated groups that break its rules

The new approach could have major implications for how the social media giant handles political and other coordinated movements that break its rules.



12 smart tricks for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Google Chat



Exploding Phones: Why It Happens, How to Prevent It

The average smartphone is unlikely to explode, but it happens. There's not much you can do if shoddy hardware is to blame, but these tips may help prevent your phone from going up in smoke.



Homewood teacher dies after months-long battle with COVID



Windows 11 is getting a refreshed Photos app, and here's the first look

The Photos app on Windows 10 hasn't been great, but it's getting an overhaul for Windows 11.



Facebook Thinks Buzzfeed-Style Quizzes Will Solve Its Climate Misinformation Problem

The company said it will improve climate fact-checking, but a new report shows just how inadequate the platform’s misinformation policies are.



SK Hynix Gold P31 SSD review: The first 128-layer NAND drive is fast and affordable too

This affordable drive is the first out of the gates with 128-layer TLC.



Workers Say Apple Laptop Repair Facility a ‘Sweatshop’



Seven cord-cutting misconceptions cleared up

The concerns you have about dropping cable TV are probably overblown.



Perform basic system checks with checksecurity

Health Check

Linux offers users a wide range of options for system configuration. With the help of the checksecurity tool collection, you can automatically monitor basic system settings.



Can I Just Unplug My Computer to Shut It Down?


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Sun 2325 09/19/2021


FBI and CISA warn that cybercriminals don’t take holidays



Sony will finally unlock the PS5's SSD slot for everyone tomorrow



How to Add or Subtract Times in Microsoft Excel



How to Check If Your State Owes You Unclaimed Money

You can find out if you have abandoned cash or property floating around, waiting to be reclaimed 



You can still upgrade Windows 7 and 8.1 systems to Windows 10 for free



How Do I Access the Computer of Someone Who’s Passed Away?

How to hack a Windows computer.



How to Delete Files from Google Drive on Mobile and PC



Security researchers at Wiz discover another major Azure vulnerability

A little-known management service handed unauthenticated attackers root access.



Hackers are getting better at their jobs, but people are getting better at prevention (on the later, think of COVID-19 vaccination status)

Expert says people are becoming smarter about the links they click on and noticing the ones they shouldn't, giving hope for the future of cybersecurity.



Windows 11 superguide: News, tips, reviews and more

This is your one-stop shop for all of our Windows 11 information.



[Tip] How to Change Background Color of Tab bar or Title bar in Mozilla Firefox



How to Add Safe Mode to Boot Options in Windows 10



How to enable Super Duper Secure Mode on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is working on a new feature to make Edge even a more secure experience, and here's how to enable it.



'Microsoft Start' is a new personalized news and interests feed that launches today

Microsoft News is now Microsoft Start — a fresh way to have your news, weather, and interests curated with AI and machine learning, coupled with human moderation.



How to Install Windows 11 Home With a Local Account



PC Health Check

Check if your PC is compatible with the soon-to-be-released Windows 11 with the help of this straightforward official Microsoft app



Microsoft: Attackers Exploiting Windows Zero-Day Flaw



REvil ransomware's servers mysteriously come back online



How to Enable the Touchscreen in Windows 11

If you disabled it, you can turn it on in a few steps



Amazon's Palm Reader Launches at First Non-Amazon Venue in Sneak Peek of Our Biometric-Based Future



How to scan a QR code on your Android (no apps required)



Help, My Laptop Battery Is Swollen! Now What?

Laptops are lasting longer than ever, and as a result, batteries swelling from age and overuse are an increasingly common problem. If you're dealing with a bulging battery, here's help.



Apple says its security flaw was fixed. Cyber analysts warn zero-click threats will persist.



More Ransomware Gangs Are Exploiting PrintNightmare to Attack Windows PCs



How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Free High-Res Webcam

Your iPhone can double as a quality webcam for your Mac or Windows PC.



Log all DNS activity on your Windows PCs with DNSLookupView



How to Move Email Messages to Another Account

Make moving less of a pain.



How to Repair Hard Disks with fsck on macOS



Big ISPs fight to save exclusive wiring deals that limit choice in apartments

Exclusive deals boost competition by forcing ISPs to install newer wiring, NCTA claims.



How to enable Focus follows cursor in Chrome OS

Chrome OS has a hidden feature, inspired by the Linux desktop, that can make your work on the Chromebook a bit more efficient.



Your big-screen laptop may be smaller than you think

How we measure laptop screens needs to change.



[Tip] Enable New HTTPS Connection Security Indicator Icon in Chrome Address bar



How to Change Maximum Storage Size for Recycle Bin in Windows 10



Windows 11 Home: hands-on video with new clean install process

This is how the clean installation process of Windows 11 Home looks like.



No one is going to go buy a new PC just for Windows 11

Microsoft doesn't need Windows 11 to convince you to buy a new PC. That's already happening.



Apple Forced to Open App Store to Other Payment Methods



Microsoft Teams

Effortlessly chat, collaborate on projects, and transfer files within a business-like environment by employing this Microsoft-vetted application



“FudCo” Spam Empire Tied to Pakistani Software Firm



McDonald's leaks password for Monopoly VIP database to winners



How to Disable the Touchscreen in Windows 11

Avoid accidental clicks and taps by turning off the touchscreen



Google Is Phasing Out the Android Auto App, but the Alternative Is Pretty Good

If you have a dumb car but use the Android Auto app on your phone, here's what you need to know.



Old printer not cutting it? Here’s why it’s time to upgrade



Testing At Home: Alternative Docking Solutions from HP and OWC

When you've got a work laptop but prefer multiple monitors, you need a dock that can handle it. Here's the scoop on a couple I've been living with.



Apple Watch will now detect biking workouts, falls from bike when riding



How to Mirror Your Android Display on a Windows Computer



How to Tell If a CPU Is Actually Worth the Upgrade

People hype up cores and multithreading, but there's a lot more to CPU appraisal.



What’s new with the Samsung September 2021 security update?



Why Am I Still Getting Updates for Windows 7?

Updates are updates except when they’re not, and the difference matters.



Microsoft’s Default Apps Lead to Windows 11 Unresponsiveness



Point-to-point Wi-Fi bridging between buildings—the cheap and easy way

It cost us ~$100 to wirelessly connect two buildings across a small wooded area.



The evolution of Linux on the desktop: Distributions are so much better today

Jack Wallen harkens back to the early days of the Linux desktop and how it has changed over the years, bringing the cool he so longed for.



The Windows 11 hardware fiasco keeps getting worse

If Microsoft's intent was to confuse and anger its customers, it's achieving that.



[Tip] Enable New WebUI Branding Update Design in Google Chrome Settings Page



How to Enable or Disable TRIM Support for Solid State Drives (SSD) in Windows 10




When you have to copy a large number of files to another drive, Robocopy can significantly speed the process with its multi-threaded feature — here's how to use it.



Microsoft has acquired Clipchamp, may fix Windows' and Xbox's terrible video editing tools



Scientists Use Lasers to See Inside a Locked Room




Advanced network protocol analyzer made to intercept traffic, monitor sent/received data packets, investigate network issues and suspicious activity, generate statistics, featuring color-coded packet types



Gift Card Gang Extracts Cash From 100k Inboxes Daily



Ransomware gang threatens to leak data if victim contacts FBI, police



How to Install USB 3.0 Drivers on Windows 11

And where to get Win 11 USB 3 drivers



Report: Facebook Has a VIP Program That Basically Allows Celebs to Avoid Moderation

The social media giant apparently has a secret program that allows America's rich and famous to flout its rule system.



Security tip: The right way to clean out your smartphone apps



Judge: Apple Must Let iOS Apps Include Third-Party Payment Options

The injunction, which takes effect in 90 days, threatens to upend Apple’s control over the iOS ecosystem.



Cybercriminals use pandemic to attack schools and colleges



What Is a NAS (Network Attached Storage)?



10 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Most Common Mic Issues

Here's where to look when no one can hear you on video calls.



Mozilla reverse engineers Microsoft Edge's default browser setting behavior



When Is “www” Needed and Why?

Some sites need it, most sites ignore it.



How to Mount Your iPhone as an External Drive in Ubuntu



Intel provides more details on its Arc GPUs, which will be made by TSMC

Still light on details, but the Arc GPUs will be a big step up from integrated.



Education and research sector hit by highest number of cyberattacks in July

Facilities in the sector saw an average of 1,739 attacks per organization each week last month, according to Check Point Research.



Windows 11 FAQ: Answers to your most burning Windows 11 questions

Get up to speed on Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 11.



[Software Update] Microsoft PowerToys 0.45.0 Now Available for Windows 10



How to create a Windows 10 ISO image for clean, in-place upgrade and repair install



How to use Robocopy to transfer files super-fast over the network on Windows 10

Windows 10 has a hidden tool called Robocopy to copy files very fast between computers over the network — here's how to use it.



Valorant to enforce TPM requirement on Windows 11 to combat cheaters and hackers

Valorant may be among the first games to use TPM to combat cheating (have seen a second game developer doing the same)



Myst-y Business: AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution Takes on Nvidia’s DLSS



Free Hulu Download

A movie, TV show and clip downloader for the Hulu streaming service that you can use to create an offline collection of your favorites



15-Year-Old Malware Proxy Network VIP72 Goes Dark



New Chainsaw tool helps IR teams analyze Windows event logs



How to Use a Mac Magic Keyboard on a Windows PC

And tips for mapping the keys to your preferences



Zoom Is Getting Ready for the Dystopian Hellscape of Working in the Metaverse

You'll be able to take Zoom calls with avatars of your colleagues in your Facebook VR headset while the whole meeting is transcribed live.



Set up your financial accounts like you’re going to be hacked



Corsair's Latest NVME SSD Can Reach 7,100MBps Read Speeds

The MP600 PRO XT M.2 NVMe SSD is available on Corsair's website starting at $199 for the 1TB model.



Apple's supercharged iPad Mini is just a big, glorified iPhone



One Year Later, a Look Back at Zerologon

The critical vulnerability did not initially receive much fanfare but was quickly weaponized in APT attacks and became the focus of government alerts.



E-Waste From a Single Bitcoin Transaction Is Like Throwing Away Two iPhone 12 Minis

Yearly, the amount of e-waste produced by the entire bitcoin network is comparable to that produced by a country like the Netherlands.



HP LaserJet MFP M234dwe Printer review

This black-and-white laser printer is all about ergonomic efficiency



4 alternatives to cron in Linux

There are a few other open source projects out there that can be used either in conjunction with cron or instead of cron.



How to Check Battery Status Using Linux Command Line



How Do I Change My Microsoft Account Phone Number?


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