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Help page for Google CCS Weekly News & Tips search

Weekly News & Tips Index

 and Weekly News & Tips Page


A new Google Search feature has been added to the

“Weekly News & Tips Index” page.

On the "Weekly News & Tips Index page", you have a listing of all the "Weekly News & Tips” pages

You will notice a new search box called “Google CCS Weekly News & Tips search”

By entering a search field of say “VPN”, in the Google search box, the search will look at all the Weekly News & Tips” pages and tell you what weekly page “VPN”, has been found on. You then can select one of the weekly pages to do a search on an individual "Weekly News & Tips" page using the same search parameter in the weekly page to find all the entries on that individual weekly page using the FIND Command.

The example below shows the steps on how a new Google search is done to all the "Weekly News & Tips” pages and then the

individual Weekly News & Tip" page

Comment: In order to keep the search information separatefrom new web pages, all new web pages should be opened up in a new tab


Step 1a on weekly News & Tips Index page

By entering a search field of say “VPN”, in the Google search box, the search will look at all the weekly “News & Tips” weekly pages and

tell you what weekly pages “VPN”, was found on.

Listed below are 3 of XX weekly pages that had information on VPN’s.



Feb 5, 2017 ... If you aren't paying for it, don't expect a real VPN. Not by corporate definitions anyway. "Free VPN" usually only means an "anonymizing ...



Feb 9, 2017 ... Don't bother with this or any "free VPN" -- they are all useless and actually make your privacy less secure. This is one place where you get what ...



Sep 25, 2016 ... Opera's free and unlimited VPN is now available on desktop ... Opera's Free VPN Takes On Internet Privacy Challenge.

Step 1b on Weekly News & Tips Index page

You know have a listing of all the search items found

Let's put the search items found in date sequence

In the upper right hand corner of the page is a box Sort by: Relevance

Select the drop down box and select Date

All the selected transactions will now be in date order




Step 1c


If you would like to search for a topic without going through the website first, you can search directly from Google, Bing or any search

Type your search term, then the word "site:" (take note of the colon) no space and "ccs.org" This will search for all occurrences of the term on the
 Chicago Computer Society website.
You may occasionally get other locations on our site but for the most part you'll see a nice collection of items from the Weekly News & Tips page.

Here's an example:

VPN site:ccs.org
Using this search, you will not be able to sort the results by by date


Step 2 Weekly News & Tips page


Right click on the page Ex: “NT20170129” and select open in a new tab. This will open the Weekly News & Tips page

NT20170129 in a new tab and retain the current page with all the other pages returned in your Google CCS News & Tips search.


Step 3 Weekly News & Tips page

Once on the weekly News and Tips page, do the following using the "Find Command" discussed below to located all the articles in the

weekly page that has your search field.

In this example “VPN”, was used.

Open each article by doing a right click on the URL and select open in a new tab. Once done with the article, close the article and return

back to the weekly page and select the next article that was found.

Once done with all the articles on the weekly page, close the last weekly page and select the next weekly page returned from the

Google CCS News & Tips search.

In this example, it would be “NT20170205”.

Find Command

In both Firefox and Chrome, there is a search facility.

In the current weekly News/Tips page, select in the upper right hand corner the following image  or    or   , then select find




Using the search parameter that was used in the Google CCS News & Tips search, the find bar will locate all entries in the weekly web page.

The following steps apply to Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, but also works in Firefox and Edge browsers.

On your computer, open Chrome.

At the top right, click More .

Select Find.

In the find bar at the top right, type your search parameter that was used in the Google CCS News & Tips search

Press Enter to search the page.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + f (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and + f (Mac) to quickly open the find bar.

Google Chrome automatically searches the page as you type, highlighting potential matches in yellow. You can also quickly see where all the matches are located on a webpage, using the yellow markers on the scrollbar.)

Remember, when you open the individual links to the article, you right click on the link to open in a new tab.



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